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We, The Wolf Army, feel that trapping has no place in todays United States. While we are currently running a campaign to ban trapping in all public and federally owned lands we believe that HR 2657 is a large step in the right direction.

Trapping is cruel and inhumane from start to finish. First there are, for the lack of a better term, mechanical landmines are placed randomly throughout the landscape. Not only do these traps cause pain and suffering to any animal that unfortunately gets caught in them they are indiscriminate and will trap anything that comes into contact with it (quite often called unintended victims or unintended captures). These unintended victims can be anything from other animals, endangered species, children, or even pets (who are highly susceptible to these traps).

The trapped animal is then stuck exposed to the elements, with no protection, quite often for days with no access to food or water.

When the trapper arrives is has been documented that some like to torment the animal while it is trapped and then they will brutally kill the animal (quite often by drowning, strangulation, beating, the trapper will stand on the animal so it cant breathe, the animal thrust against trees or other rocks, or any other method the trapper prefers.

If anyone did this to someones pet they would be put in jail in most states and it is unclear why pets are protected like this but wildlife is not.

The Wildlife Refuge system was created as a safe haven for wildlife and it should be but with hunting and trapping allowed it is clearly not a safe haven for wildlife nor is it safe for the people who wish to enjoy natures beauty.
Thanking You!

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Wolves are a VERY important part of our eco system. If you kill them, you kill us!
Trapping is outdated, barbaric, and cruel.
It has no place on this Earth in our modern
era and it should be outlawed altogether!!
Trapping is extremely inhumane and traps used in the US have been banned in many countries worldwide. Additionally, decimation of America's predator population by trapping and hunting facilitate the spead of disease, which predators hold in check, but human hunters do not. A good example of this is chronic wasting disease, a prion illness similar to Mad Cow disease, resulting in spongiform encephalopathy, which is slowly spreading throughout the US and Canada.
It is cruel beyond belief, Barbaric as in prehistoric hunters! and unforgiveable for all of us to let this go on! This has got to be addressed immediately and get these death traps and snares out of our beautiful land of the free the USA and eventually the world! Now! We need it now! Thank you!
Ban trapping. Cruel and dangerous!!!!
The traps catch birds and other wild life that might also be endangered. It is cruel and dangerous to other inhabitants of the natural lands.
inhumane & cruel,must make it illegal!
Trapping is so cruel and torturous on these intelligent ancestors of our dogs. Please act to stop this horrible practice.
Thank you,
Craig Hiler