Repeal The DREAM Immigration Act And Deport ALL Illegal Immigrants

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To The Honorable United States Government Leaders,

We the undersigned ask that the United States Government Leaders completely repeal and permanently ban and DREAM Immigration Policy, terminate ANY and ALL aspects of it already in place, and tell ALL illegal immigrants in or coming to America illegally is a Federal Offense and that they are subject to immediate deportation.

The U. S. Government said it would work to create effective legislation to deal with illegal immigrants. Now the DREAM Act which allows illegal aliens under 30 to stay in America as long as they have committed no serious crimes, graduated from a U. S. high school, and have been here for at least 5 years has been passed.

These illegal immigrants can acquire work permits, acquire drivers licenses, improve their education, and even join the military. This is absolutely incorrect as legal residency status inevitably is a step toward citizenship which they do not deserve. They already have committed a serious crime by coming to America illegally. This encourages their family members and friends to do the same without fear of deportation leading to further illegal immigrants and making a mockery of U. S. Immigration Laws. They gain benefits true U. S. citizens need desperately in this struggling economy. All this hurts the Middle Class because they face higher taxes to pay for these benefits.

These benefits need to go to true American citizens who already have enough problems with poverty, homelessness, and the growing lack of jobs and benefits. We should not and cannot add further competition to that. Foreigners coming to the United States must go through the legal, full process channels to apply for residency, work permits, and citizenship. If they DO NOT come here legally they DO NOT gain anything.

Therefore we the undersigned ask you, the United States Government Leaders, to immediately do right for TRUE American citizens by passing legislation that completely repeals the DREAM Immigration Policy and ALL its aspects already in place, makes it a Federal Felony to provide any jobs, benefits, or privileges to illegal immigrants, specifically states that entering the U. S. illegally is a Federal Felony and ALL immigrants who did or will come to America illegally in the future will be immediately deported, and which focuses on locating and deporting ALL illegal immigrants, Thank you for hearing our comments.

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They are illegal and.dont work and.take.advantage of our government
Our goverment is a joke. They do not and will not listen to the citizens of the United States. We need to yell this out on every social media site. These leaches of society need to be abolished from our great country.
What is it about the world "illegal" that seems to some people so difficult to understand?

Illegal immigrants "broke our laws" and "we must never ever allow them amnesty now or at any point".
Illegal dont belong
What can I say that others have not? But I'm going to give it a shot anyway: the illegal aliens are bleeding our country dry, taking jobs from Americans, and bringing their crime to our country.

I support legal immigration for people that want to learn our language, learn our culture, and be one of us -- when they want to be an American.

These illegals do not want to learn our language. They don't want to learn about our way of life. They don't want to be American -- they just want to bring their problems, their crimes, here for us to live with.

Enough is enough, start deporting them. Start repealing the dream act. Stop giving citizenship to illegal aliens children that are not American, they were just born here. Give a free plane ticket to those children, even if they are now adults... if they want to be with their families so much, then they can leave with their illegal parents and family.

The American government needs to start taking care of AMERICANS FIRST! We have AMERICANS that need AMERICA'S HELP! Why are they ignored and discarded in favor of some criminal that knowingly breaks and continues to break the law? They are not just illegal aliens, they are criminals and invaders. Our law says that criminals need to be punished, not rewarded... although that seems to be in contrary to America's "justice" system now.
Well they are illefal so therefore against the law and there should be consiquences not privileges.What about the Americans we work hard and what do we.have to show nothing and.the illegals have everything food clothes and the programs we have they are on everyone.Its not right at all .And we have all.all these programs to help them find jobs homes and even get scholarships but for Americans we get the cold shoulder.Also when they THEY SHOW PRIDE FOR MEXICO then why dont they go back AND.IT MUST be horrible when PEOPLE AT WAR COME BACK to see what ILLEFALS on land were fighting to protect NOT RIGHT and see is MEXICO MEXICO no ITS AMERICA .
The American people, majority, are against Amnesty and rights for illegal immigrants. This is not good for America and will never be good for America...I was a Democrat, those days are over. Start deportation today, think of our children first.
America worked hard to become what it is today, we refuse to throw it away on illegals.