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Dear Members of Congress,

After the assault at Sandy Hook we realized that it has gone too far. We think that people should not be able to buy assault weapons designed to kill many people at once. When the 2nd Amendment was passed, saying people had the right to bear arms, it was meant for self defense. The modern assault weapons did not exist in 1791 when this law was adopted. We are representing the children of the United States who do not want to wake up every morning with a thought that someone close to us, or even ourselves, might die that day. We do not want to see our friends or loved ones die in schools or movie theaters or malls any more.

Gun-related deaths in US are 5 times higher than in Norway (which suffered terrible tragedy in 2011), 36 times higher than in Great Britain and 131 times higher than in Japan. We do not understand how having higher rate of gun-related deaths can be a good thing for our country and our future. We also dont understand how can anyone argue against Gun Control laws that were enacted in European Union and other countries and which are clearly keeping their citizens safer than us here.

Please help us stop the killings and the murders and the massacres by enacting legislation that will ban assault weapons and require a special license, a strict application process with a background investigation and a mental check for every person wanting to acquire a gun.

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Congress knows why the 2nd Amendment does not protect your right to bear a machine gun. They know it does not say that Congress shall not pass laws regulating gun ownership. Assault rifles belong in the same illegal category as machine guns. Congress should stop taking bribes from the NRA.
This law was written in days where one shot might have taken close to one minute; not in a time with multiple shots in one second. Automatic rifels should not be included in THIS constitutional right.
Guns make cowards of us all.
Dont forget you represent what the majority of people want
We can't allow that politics continue doing what they want instead what people want and what our country needs. Sign it !