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We have a huge deficit in America, yet the average pay for a preacher is no less than $200,000 a year with all expenses, car, and home all paid for. We the people was NOT built on the fears of religion and it is time to move forward to stop this abuse, fraud and lies set about by money hungry organizations using religion to HIDE MONEY! Many businesses use the church as an excuse to have tax free purchases put on their tax forms to SCAM THE IRS.
The FIRST AMENDMENT is FREEDOM of RELIGION, not FREEDOM TO SCAM THE COUNTRY THANKS TO RELIGION! It is not protecting anyone who is not pushing agendas and lies that cause harm and suffrage upon so many! It doesn't allow anyone who is non religious the same benefits as those who will fraud their communities and then ask for money to only use on buying airplanes and fur coats.

We need to look at the serious actions that the churches have done in the past and realize that this means of worship is not LOVE oriented nor is it HELPING THE COUNTRY, rather it is bias, abusive, more and more aggressive and it incites anger, hate and murder every single day. WHY do we not TAX the churches income, the buildings property and those employed by the church as we would any mechanic? At least a mechanic actually gets you moving in a REAL and PROFITABLE (you can get to work and feed your kids if you have a working car) manner!

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Everyone should pay taxes. Period.
It's time to end nonprofit tax breaks for churches, yes, but in general. It's too easy for these funds to be used for unsavory and untraceable activities.
We need separation of church and state! religions should not get special privileges. 1/4 of Americans including myself so not believe in any religion
Separation of church and state. Tax churches theybare businesses. They should pay property tax as well.
Not only are they buying up millions of tax exempt properties, but they are preaching politics and the IRS does nothing!
The only thing that should be tax exempt is the property the church sits on and real charity work, period!
It should be noted that non religious 501(c)3 organizations are subject to far more regulation, audit, and reporting requirements. Non profits are required to operate within the mission of the organization which is meant to provide a public benefit. If they do not, their tax exempt status will be revoked. Religion is exempt from these rules and is allowed to do as they wish with the funds. Clearly the government is granting special privilege to religion which is a constitutional violation.
we won't be free of religion until our money is used to pay for churches and pastors/priests. If money is involved is called a business.
Religious institutions are endowed with special rights over and above those of other nonprofits. This is not consistent with separation of church and state. There is inadequate oversight and no requirement to disclose their financial records. This is wrong and must stop.
The (up to) $85B in tax revenue from churches would cure disease and feed everyone on food stamps. If your church has a new high-def projector in a mega auditorium, you may want to question things.