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We have a huge deficit in America, yet the average pay for a preacher is no less than $200,000 a year with all expenses, car, and home all paid for. We the people was NOT built on the fears of religion and it is time to move forward to stop this abuse, fraud and lies set about by money hungry organizations using religion to HIDE MONEY! Many businesses use the church as an excuse to have tax free purchases put on their tax forms to SCAM THE IRS.
The FIRST AMENDMENT is FREEDOM of RELIGION, not FREEDOM TO SCAM THE COUNTRY THANKS TO RELIGION! It is not protecting anyone who is not pushing agendas and lies that cause harm and suffrage upon so many! It doesn't allow anyone who is non religious the same benefits as those who will fraud their communities and then ask for money to only use on buying airplanes and fur coats.

We need to look at the serious actions that the churches have done in the past and realize that this means of worship is not LOVE oriented nor is it HELPING THE COUNTRY, rather it is bias, abusive, more and more aggressive and it incites anger, hate and murder every single day. WHY do we not TAX the churches income, the buildings property and those employed by the church as we would any mechanic? At least a mechanic actually gets you moving in a REAL and PROFITABLE (you can get to work and feed your kids if you have a working car) manner!

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Churches are bringing their religious agenda into politics. The 1st amendment clearly says that the people in this country have the freedom whether or not to worship any religion. When they bring their religion into politics, they are simply trying to dictate us with their propaganda. As a result, they should not be exempt from any taxes.
It is time to end the tax deduction. Churches are a business and political. The make millions and pay nothing. The enjoy living in America but get a free ride. Do they help the homeless really? No. Our nation debt could be paid off if they were taxed. It is time to stop them from taking advantage. The mega churches make millions and pay nothing in tax. It is time for a change.
They do not deserve any tax exempt status for simply being a religious organization. Other things may qualify some of them, but it should not be a default state for any church.
Churches should be held to the same standard as other charitable organizations and be required to follow the same laws (ie: reporting their income and usage of said income) as the rest of us. Failure to do this should cost the churches refusing to be taxed.
there is NO reason churches should not pay taxes. Especially the ones raking in millions per year!
Churches will never pay taxes yet will continue to be active in politics. Corporations will always get kick backs amounting to free money while advocating for citizens to pay more. Politicians will always get tons of perks while removing perks for average people. Police will always harm and murder while other police say and do nothing. Religion will always feel the need to help God by giving him a tax break while trying to pass religious laws. Yay America....we're number one.