PARDON Bradley Manning - dismiss all charges.

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Bradley Manning should be pardoned and all charges dismissed because he was already judged guilty by his Commander-in-Chief without having his day in court. Manning had not yet had his day in court or the opportunity to declare his innocence in front of a military courtroom and present his case, yet his Commander-in-Chief prematurely pronounced him guilty by proclaiming "he broke the law".

Manning had been denied his constitutional right for a fair trial, he was held in confinement under extreme, harsh conditions amounting to torture of an American citizen, and a military court could not possibly render a fair judgement having already been instructed by their Commander-in-Chief that "he broke the law".


1. President Barack Obama pronounces Bradley Manning guilty before trial - "he broke the law", the President said, even before having the case heard in court or Manning making a plea of guilty or not guilty to the charges.

2. Michael Ratner explains the extreme, harsh conditions amounting to the torture of an American citizen held in military custody awaiting trial - Bradley Manning.

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Manning is a hero to Humanity for exposing war crimes. He should NOT be punished for doing what was morally right and just.
When I stop and look at Manning's case I actually can see myself standing in his shoes. As an incredible bit of coincidence, Manning and I actually have quite a few things in common. We're both about the same height (he's 5 feet 2 inches and I'm 5 feet), we're both the same age, he's gay and I'm bisexual, and if I were in Manning's position and had access to the information he had I'd have done the same damn thing! That could just as easily be ME on trial right now!
Pardon this hero, what he did was for the greater good of humanity, and if our government and been doing it's job right there would have been nothing to leak. He had no choice but to leak it to the press if he wanted change, we all know if he had gone through his chain of command it would have been swept under the rug, and he would have faced brutal retaliation.
This brave young man has given us the opportunity to restore our moral integrity. He is a hero... his story a lesson for our children.
US law provides the following protections which had not been afforded to Bradley Manning: a person is considered Innocent until proven guilty;
[a person shall not] be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law; the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial;[a person shall not have] cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.
I do not recognize you stance on this matter Mr. Obama, and further more, people will not stop petitioning, or setting up rally's until you free this innocent man.