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Scott Davis is a good and wonderful teacher, a peacemaker, a brilliant writer of essays and other literature, a freedom activist, a friend to all, and an unsurpassed writer of beautiful music.
He is also a law-abiding citizen who was maliciously prosecuted and victimized by repeated unlawful Government-initiated takings, in Pennsylvania. In 2005, after more than ten years of harsh attacks by City Hall in Philadelphia, the Philadelphia home of Scott Davis was unlawfully broken into, entered and looted as a result of the corrupt NTI program of mayor John F. Street. In 2009, Scott Davis was arrested on the basis of a false charging document (which the State itself has since backed away from) in a frameup and malicious prosecution which resembles the horror stories of Franz Kafka, and the order for this false arrest (which State officials KNOW is a mistake, and are trying to cover up) came from the office of none other than Tom Corbett, the Constitution-shredding governor (and then AG) of Pennsylvania - the same Tom Corbett who footdragged for years over the arrest of a truly harmful individual, moved unhesitatingly by contrast, to destroy the life of this innocent man, Scott Davis. Finally, the latest gambit of corrupt Pennsylvania government, after first imposing harsh conditions of parole for a non-existent crime, then destroying his business and totally destroying all the great music of Scott Davis that they could get their hands on - and destroying this man's reputation unjustly and without foundation in fact, destroying him financially, and forcing him into a situation which resulted in the tragic unauthorized and illegal entry into and loss of his home - is to threaten to imprison Scott Davis over a phony, manufactured issue - wherein corrupt local Pennsylvania authorities ordered all his automobiles seized as "abandoned" (they weren't) at a time when the vehicles were insured, legally registered to Scott Davis, and in legally operable conditions. So after STEALING all his cars, the Government now wants to imprison the victim because he cannot pay what this corrupt local Government (most likely acting as an ancillary result of the Corbett-driven initial prosecution) demands! Moreover, Scott Davis through all this has taken care of a severely ill and handicapped individual who thrives under his care, and who suffered greatly and nearly to the point of death in the involuntary absences illegally inflicted twice by the State.
Scott Davis has clearly conveyed his plight to many members of Congress, and has been not only coldly ignored, but dismissively handled in violation of the Oaths of Office taken by members of Congress. It is time for Congress to pass special legislation to assist a great and good man - a national cultural treasure whose artistry has been Talibanned by corrupt Government in Pennsyvlania, and who is absolutely innocent of ANY wrongdoing and harm, and the victim of horrible prosecutorial defamation - and it is also ti

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Official CORRUPTION is RAMPID !! It is everywhere. This must stop. We need to slow down , back up & look around. help the WRONGFULLY CONVICTED .
Absolutely horrible that the United States Government would be so unjustified in their actions against an innocent man.
Time to end the Shameful acts of Injustice everywhere.
Time to end the Shameful acts of Injustice everywhere.
Time to end the Shameful acts of Injustice everywhere.
They have defiled this Great Country and Tormented our citizens! Shame lays at their feet!