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In anticipation of President Obama's re-election through vote fraud, frivolous litigation and media complicity in covering up his scandalous malfeasance, a litany of which is found in Tom Tancredo's article at WND:, this petition to Congress is uttered and published to demand the passage of articles of impeachment and prosecution by the Senate.

In the event of a vote turnout sufficient to overcome President Obama's best tactics and the election of Willard Romney, this petition devolves to a demand for thorough, complete and public investigation and revelation of all elements of the Benghazi treason & cover-up by a joint committee.

Whereas the President, Vice President, Secretary of Defense, Director of the Central Intelligence Agency and Secretary of State, in the face of clear evidence and early warning of impending danger, refused to enhance security at the Mission in Benghazi and

Whereas when the inevitable attack came, they rejected urgent pleas for assistance from the Mission staff in Benghazi and

Whereas during the the attack, they directed two CIA operatives with Navy Seal experience to "stand down", neglecting urgent pleas for help and

Whereas, after the attack they dishonestly blamed the attack on an irrelevant YouTube video and denied the obvious connection to Islamic terrorism and

Whereas they ran advertisements in Pakistan falsely assigning blame to the video and by so doing, roused the rabble to riot and

Whereas they sacked military officers who made preparations to answer the call of duty and rescue those in mortal danger and

Whereas they continue to lie, dissemble withhold information and stonewall investigations so as to push them back beyond the election,

Now, by God, I disrespectfully demand that bills of impeachment be introduced, debated and passed in the House of Representatives and timely trials be held in the Senate and the above listed officers derelicts, malfeasors & traitors. be convicted and removed from office in the matter of the negligent homicides of Ambassador Stevens and his staff.

In token of my anger, disgust and outrage over this treasonous manslaugter and the obvious fact that either the Mission was supplying weapons to our enemies in Syria or the attack was deliberately staged as part of a politically motivated scheme to exchange Omar Abdel Rahman, death & damnation be upon him, for our Ambassador taken hostage:

I here and now pledge my vote for your opponent in the primary and general elections of your next election cycle if you do not vote in the House for impeachment or in the Senate for conviction of the malfeasors & traitors. I further swear that my votes will be the same if bills of impeachment are not introduced before the end of January 2013. No other issue is more important than our national security and I will not be dissuaded or distracted from my mission to bring about the replacement of those who fail t

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The president has aided and abetted known illegal alien criminals, circumvented Congress to act unilaterally on amnesty, lied about Benghazi, done nothing about the IRS scandal, and is guilty of seditious conspiracy for not enforcing federal immigration laws. It's time he left office.
According to the standards of the Founding Fathers' concept of High Crimes and Misdemeanors, President Barack Hussein Obama has more than met measuring stick to be impeached!
Let's just get this done, obama has done nothing in the enterest of the United States, It has all been for the Muslims... they want to kill Americans, and our way of life.... They bring the Muslims into the United States, and all they do, is bring, what is happening over there here!!! Then make us pay with American tax dollars, to help them do it.... There are to many American with out jobs as it is, more Americans now are homeless, without food themselves. We can't afford to take care of the Muslims too, they are going to do nothing but start a Civil War, right here in the United States....
If Obama has done nothing else for America as a Muslim and
representative of Islam he has shown us that they don't serve
the one and only true God aka Jesus Christ. With this being
said, it tells us Muslims are serving Satan since there is only
One True God. Bible Prophecy tells us in the End Days the
anti-Christ will rule all nations (United Nations).

To sum it up, you can't get any more anti-Christ than a
Muslim, they hate Jesus Christ and Christians. With all
the Immorality, Lies and Deception Obama has used
against America it tells us all we need to know. He's Not
serving God but Satan.

Armageddon is here, the End Times War between Good and
Evil and I'm hear to say that Obama represents Evil and that
time is at hand and the worst is yet to come.

When Obama uses executive action on illegal immigration the People should Unite and LYNCH HIM. We've had far too much Lawlessness from this Traitor against America. United We Stand Divided We Fall so let's Stand Together and Just Do It. That's what Obama has been doing to us and Payback is on the way. He is Not Our Leader but Our Demise if we allow him to stay. If you want to continue living then We have No Other Choice.



I hate Obama. he has done nothing but bring destruction to our once great nation. I want him impeached.
The tremendous damage caused to America by this president will be everlasting, we can't afford not to impeach him, when will this nation stand up an demand the damage stop & not just go with the flow?
A waste of Presidential office. A danger to America.
This President is a disgrace to the Nation that our Founding Father's Proudly put in place. Millions of men, women, and children have died so that we could live proudly under God's Grace and Protection!!!!