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While members of Congress receive excellent pay,health care, and expensive perks and benefits, they target the needy and want to make devastating cuts to programs like SNAP (food stamps), and "Meals On Wheels", that millions of citizens depend upon to put food on the table. They also want to make cuts to Social Security and Medicare, that we have paid for out of every paycheck.

They want to make budget cuts that will hurt the most needy individuals, yet they do not go without. Most Americans have experienced pay cuts. Members of Congress and the Senate should also give themselves a paycut, be forced to change health care benefits, and receive the same benefits under the Affordable Health Care Act as everyone else. They should be forced to forfeit pensions, and eliminate, or make cuts to perks and other benefits they reap, if they are truly concerned with saving the government money, and decreasing the deficit.

Here is a list of the perks and benefits they receive:

1. Free parking spaces at the airport in Washington, D.C.

2. A generous pension, which is guaranteed to all members of Congress and the Senate if they have held office for 5 years or more. They also are entitled to Social Security benefits. They should be forced to forfeit this pension, and receive only Social Security benefits like everyone else!

In addition to this pension, Speaker of the House John Boehner will receive an additional $1 million per year, for up to 5 years, after he leaves office, "to facilitate the administration, settlement and conclusion of matters, pertaining to, or arising out of" his tenure as Speaker of the House. This provision will also allow him to rack up huge bills, to "archive" and document materials related to his time in office.

3. Senators get to shop at the equivalent of Congress' IKEA, furniture supplied through the Architect of the Capitol. Every senator gets $40,000, and potentially more, for furniture in their home-state offices.

4. Members of Congress can deduct up to $3,000 for expenses while outside their home districts or states.

Taxpayers are paying for all of this! Time for Congress and the Senate to make cuts to their own salaries and benefits, to decrease government spending and the deficit!

I demand that my elected officials in the Senate and Congress look elsewhere to make budget cuts, starting with their own paycheck, health insurance and other perks and benefits they receive, instead of targeting the poor, elderly and disabled. If they expect others to go without, it's time they did also!

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This is total ******** that they get all this and still want to cut the little man down this is what is wrong with todays gov
And illegals are eligible for earned income tax credit and get a check from the gov't. for not having enough money. Only in America can you dump on your own citizens and reward people who break the law! Thanks BHO, you're the worse thing to happen to this country...ever!
As long as Congress receives perks, they will never see themselves in the same light as the average American citizen. They believe they are royalty and should be treated as such. And you are beneath them.Serving one term and they are set for life! You try that. Self-preserving hypocrites.Their only concern is to be re-elected.
What's wrong with these guys--lining their own pockets while people go hungry?
Can't believe senators & congressmen we voted into office can do this to the people who put you there. What in the hell happened to this government that is supposed for the people instead of against the people, remember what goes around comes around.
How can you cut senior pension that is all we get to live on each month to pay our bills.we did not send you to washington dc so you can screw us and you filled your pocket with oir know impeachment os not.only.for.the president os also for comgress and the senate
Congress will not fight for us till they become one of us !!!!
Their 'service' to our country is merely self serving greed and power. Most do not work for 'We the people' ......THEY WILL NOT FIGHT FOR US TILL THEY BECOME ONE OF US
If senators are going to be paid by tax payers, they should get exactly what tax payers get. If the government wants to pay for their housing, then they shouldn't get a mansion. If it is just the senator and spouse, a 2 bedroom house is all that is needed. The cuts from these pays could go back into the important stuff like schooling and veterans.
The Congress has taken more time off than they have worked! When they are in session they do not get any of the people's s business done because they are too busy infighting. They work for us, the American people and I say they should get a hefty pay cut until they start getting some work done by working together. They should also be required to work a mandatory number of days each year.
All who serve should receive medical benefits from the Affordable Care Act. If they elect to hold different coverage, they should be responsible for their own coverage, as we are subject to.

I also believe that there should be a 401k for retirement rather than a defined benefit plan.

As for the "legacy" monies alloted, this funding should come from private sources rather than government coffers.
There should be a question while voting as if they should get a cut in their pay. Not have them put a cut in their pay. It is a joke to expect them to correct what would effect them. They only care for themselves.