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On May 9th, the House voted to no longer fund the American Community Survey. The results of this survey are used to make informed decisions about policies that impact the future of the United States.

Rep. Norman Dicks (Washington), Member of the Appropriations Committee, commented that the ACS was first administered in 2005 under President Bush and includes questions that were part of the long form Census and have been asked since the time of Thomas Jefferson. Information from this study are used to establish policies about how to distribute over $800 million in federal funds, including Medicaid benefits.

Please vote to continue funding for the ACS so the goverment has the information it needs to make informed policy decisions about how to allocate monies and help America grow.

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As an economist, I use the ACS to inform my everyday decisions!!
I use the ACS data each week as do students in my graduate class. I've recently received and am completing the ACS as a participant. This information is critical to public policy makers at all levels of government!
I work at a private sector small business that regularly makes use of the ACS in support of our expert opinons. It is a vital research tool.
These data are critical to understanding the impacts of public policy. The small budget savings from cutting them would be trivial compared to the resulting inefficiencies in government expenditures.
Dear Republicans: you're losing us moderates with dumb moves like this. Support economic growth, not ignorance!
Please continue to support the thoughtful use of data to inform policy decisions. Democracy requires a nation of informed citizens (and lawmakers).
Come on - I can see cutting welfare, social services and medicare - that's just people. But ACS is core to making business decisions. Where are your priorities Republicans?