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Thank you for your time in advance. I am asking you to please make it mandatory in your state to educate and train our local police to handle our domestic animals in a non-lethal manner. The abuse and killing of thousands of loving family pets a year due to lack of education and training of our local police departments is going unpunished and ignored by our legal system. Our families once honored and respected police to serve and protect us but the abuse of power and brutal murder of our family pets is going unheard and children, the future adults, are the very ones who are being affected the most by the actions of police.

Our poor animals are inhumanely handled and killed every day by police and our children especially do not understand this brutal crime. Animals did not ask for this cruel ending for acting like animals and we the people are being betrayed by government paid employees, that we once trusted to serve and protect our families. If every state would come together and make this training a law, the honor and respect for our local police could be restored as we the people could again unite to support and honor our once heroes.

"Evil only prevails when good men do nothing." Please hear our voices and help us save our family pets and educate government workers so we as citizens of our states may stand united together to serve and protect each other and support the local police departments.

Thank you again for hearing our concerns. We are the voices of the voiceless, our children and our pets that we love as our family members.

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I have read about this soo many times that i would hesitate allowing my dogs anywhere near a police officer. I respect the fact that they are trying to do a job to protect everyone but killing family pets is not protecting us. Please, we need proper training for these officer to recognize the difference between an aggressive dog or a dog doing its natural thing, protecting its family. Our dogs are our family and this needs to STOP!!!!
This inhumane, violent psychopathic behavior must stop. Police have become the most dangerous and worst enemy we have. Do not force us to begin treating you in kind, because we will.
Stop killing our pets.
Egomaniac law enforcement are killing our pets due to ignorance and inept at best training and information. THIS HAS GOT TO STOP.
This is one of the worst epidemics I have ever seen, and if something as simply as training can help lower the numbers of pets murdered than I honestly think this is something that everyone should stand behind. Be the voice the helps end the senseless killings.
I just read about a service man that had his heart borken by a cop killing his dog. This man did his duty, served his country and this is hoe he is re paid. He was having a hard time integrating back into his family and society. His "best friend" was a great source of comfort. He trusts know one anymore. This mans story is more than heartbreaking as is so very many other stories. Law inforcement today, their own magazine tell police chiefs to train their cops to stop or risk being sued.
I don't trust law enforcement or the justice system with our furry family members. This killing of our family members by cops is out of control. Stop allowing these thugs with a badge to get away with it. ENOUGH. Protect our pets. More training on how to read an animal's body language and make the punishment fit the crime. No more slap on the wrist ********.
As an ex-Detroit police officer I am very happy to sign this petition.
This is absolutely outrageous that the people who are supposed to protect and serve are instead murdering our family members in cold blood. Please put an end to this immediately, and make sure that these officers are charged for their crimes!
This kind of behavior is completely unnecessary, and officers should be better trained for these situations. Of course a dog is going to bark at anyone they don't know coming on to their property! That's what dogs do. To just automatically pull out your weapon and gun down should not be acceptable.