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Thank you for your time in advance. I am asking you to please make it mandatory in your state to educate and train our local police to handle our domestic animals in a non-lethal manner. The abuse and killing of thousands of loving family pets a year due to lack of education and training of our local police departments is going unpunished and ignored by our legal system. Our families once honored and respected police to serve and protect us but the abuse of power and brutal murder of our family pets is going unheard and children, the future adults, are the very ones who are being affected the most by the actions of police.

Our poor animals are inhumanely handled and killed every day by police and our children especially do not understand this brutal crime. Animals did not ask for this cruel ending for acting like animals and we the people are being betrayed by government paid employees, that we once trusted to serve and protect our families. If every state would come together and make this training a law, the honor and respect for our local police could be restored as we the people could again unite to support and honor our once heroes.

"Evil only prevails when good men do nothing." Please hear our voices and help us save our family pets and educate government workers so we as citizens of our states may stand united together to serve and protect each other and support the local police departments.

Thank you again for hearing our concerns. We are the voices of the voiceless, our children and our pets that we love as our family members.

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Sue the bastards until they're broke!
They need to stop killing our animals for no reason at all. They should be held accountable for their actions.
any government official who proceeds to show little violence towards family pet should be punished in a court of law for animal cruelty and sentenced time in jail or prison. This cannot continue to happen. If the police, of whom we are paying to do so and are not, going to stand up for our rights, we need to.
These animals are pets, some considered family members. Animals don't understand the stress, fright of a police situation. Give them the benefits of the doubt. I'm not saying be open to an attack,bim saying you can still protect yourself and the situation in a way that will not CAUSE harm, instead keep CONTROL.