Abolish The Federal Reserve System

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The Primary Owners of the Federal Reserve Bank are:

1. Rothschild's of London and Berlin
2. Lazard Brothers of Paris
3. Israel Moses Seaf of Italy
4. Kuhn, Loeb & Co. of Germany and New York
5. Warburg & Company of Hamburg, Germany
6. Lehman Brothers of New York
7. Goldman, Sachs of New York
8. Rockefeller Brothers of New York
All the primary owners are branches of European establishments..

"We have in this Country one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever known. I refer to the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve Banks, hereinafter called the Fed. The Fed has cheated the Government of these United States and the people of the United States out of enough money to pay the Nation's debt. The depredations and iniquities of the Fed has cost enough money to pay the National debt several times over..

This evil institution has impoverished and ruined the people of these United States, has bankrupted itself, and has practically bankrupted our Government. It has done this through the defects of the law under which it operates, through the maladministration of that law by The Fed and through the corrupt practices of the moneyed vultures who control it".. -

Congressman McFadden on the Federal Reserve Corporation Remarks in Congress, 1934 - Floor of the House of Representatives by the Honorable Louis T. McFadden of Pennsylvania..read more


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If you love the United States, then allow Congress to issue debt-free currency. Dismantle the IRS today.
Every president that has stood up against the federal reserve, or the rothschilds, has had an attempt on their life. Im almosy scared to petition this corrupt system. Please stand up to the inequity that continues to grow between us and the elite families.
Spread the truth about how the Federal Reserve is privately run and bankrupting this nation.
We need to spread the word folks and educate others that don't know!
We need to spread the word folks and educate others that don't know!
Everyone needs to educate themselves about what is really going on. QUESTION EVERYTHING!!