Stop the FDA Practice of Withholding Material Medical Information From Mammogram Reports

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The FDA has failed to adequately implement and enforce the patient notification amendment of the Mammogram Quality Standards Act, which requires that women receive mammogram results directly in "terms easily understood by a layperson." Material medical information is systematially withheld from these mammogram results. Because this information is withheld, women are denied the right to make informed medical decisions regarding their own health. This practice also results in the preventable deaths of 10,000 women every year.

We are asking members of Congress to hold a Congressional hearing on this issue to detemine what steps must be taken to stop this practice, which is a violation of the federal statute, as well as the ethical guidelines of the AMA ("Withholding medical information from a patient without his or her knowledge or consent is ethically unacceptable." Opinion 8.082)

For years, peer reviewed studies have demonstrated that mammograms are ineffective screening tools for the 40% of women with dense breast tissue, missing an average of 50% to 75% of cancers. Despite this, if a woman with dense breast tissue obtains a mammogram in which no cancer is detected, she is informed that her results are "normal."

Information about her breast density and the ability of the mammogram to detect cancer is systematically withheld from the report, meaning that most women do not seek out additional screening which has been proven to increase cancer detection to above 95%.

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Its applauding that the CMA concurs with Gov. Brown....Its Outrages!!!, for god's sake sign the bill and save 1,000;s of women's lives!!!! URGENT !! This a WOMAN;S RIGHT TO KNOW!!!!
Urgent! There are so many women's lives depending on this information.
This information is VITAL and can save lives !
I have a right to know all information from my mammogram including breast density number so I can make an inform decision about additional testing for cancer I recently had a mammogram the report said they saw no cancer and that my breast tissue is dense I need additional testing
As a citizen of Connecticut, the first state in the United States to enact the "woman's right to know her breast density", I can assure you I follow up on all measures to detect breast cancer in my extremely dense breast tissue. After learning I had dense breasts after the law was passed, I can assure you I did not become a "hysterical woman", but an informed one as any woman with this issue has a right to be.