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Please stop the messing with our schedules. It's an antiquated practice that only aggravates people. As it is Arizona, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, the Virgina Islands, and America Samoa do not participate in this practice.

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I have found it so difficult to adjust to the shift in time, especially when we spring forward. It takes me weeks to accustom to the change. I don't think this practice is of any benefit to society and request that we move to dismantle this archaic practice. Studies indicate that these is no significant benefit or savings in energy; and some studies have indicated the converse.
Daylight savings time is pointless and extremely disruptive to everyone's schedule. Please end this practice and do as Arizona, Hawaii and a few others have done.
Naturally, day light savings makes it darker an hour earlier. That is one hour less of sun exposure, which may be contributing to incidence rate of seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a type of depression related to sun exposure. SAD is a contributor to missed work days due to the malaise/amotivation and fatigue symptom of depression, as well as decreased immune function making individual more susceptible to illness- which in turn increases healthcare costs as evidenced by the high rate of primary care appointments for cold and flu. The hour of sunlight lost also contributes to individuals and families engaging less in outdoor activities and drive indoor home activities- therefore, increasing consumer electric and energy consumption in the home. It is possible the additional hour of sunlight may also yield, in this consumer driven market, extending activity and shopping. We see an increase market trend due to holiday shopping naturally, we may see an increase in this trend if the day were indeed longer, further promoting the economy. With these personal health and wellbeing, arguably increasing quality of life, as well as the fiscal repercussions, I propose that an investigation quantifying these factors be conducted to analyze the data and determine the cost/benefit of the practice of daylight savings time. It may be of note to analyze pre-post data from Indiana who began participating in daylight savings relatively recently- comparing incidents of primary care visits, electricity/energy consumption, consumer purchasing, and sick days by workers and factor out or adjust for national trend. For example, if consumer purchases increased in neighboring states or national average, statistically adjust this out so that a closer to true data may be achieved. If the entire country had a wave or increase in primary care visits for cold/flu we would expect an increase despite daylight savings time, but the increase in surrounding regions could be obtained and factored out. For gross example, if neighboring states had a 5% increase, but Indiana faced 8% then we would not attribute daylight savings to 8% increase but closer to 3%. Daylight savings is generally disruptive and warrants this analysis to justify the continued practice. Thank you for your time.
I think it's about time to kill daylight savings time.
No one needs it especially not the farmers. They work from daylight the dark anyways.
And besides no one wants to kids going to the bus stop in the dark.
So let's just get rid of daylight savings time and get it up or went.
This is one Executive Order I wouldn't mind Obama creating.
Daylight savings is Ghey and you're ghey if you support this garbage #ghey
This is a ridiculous practices that helps few and hinders many. Think of the school kids who don't get to see the sun because you changed the time so it rises at 6 am! No one needs that!
Please stop this ridiculous practice! Then when we go back to the right time we're thrown into darkness,
Instead of a gradual change. It has no effect on my electric bill. All this does is mess up my inner clock. Also, this day light savings time is lasting longer and longer each year. PLEASE leave time alone. NO MORE DAY LIGHT SAVINGS TIME. .....PLEASE!