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Please stop the messing with our schedules. It's an antiquated practice that only aggravates people. As it is Arizona, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, the Virgina Islands, and America Samoa do not participate in this practice.

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I totally agree with your proposal as it will eliminate the need to change our clocks, including in our computers, twice a year for no good reason also it will mean that it will stay light longer in the evening resulting in more time for people to stop and shop on their way home, thus more sales.
I also propose another simple change and that is go to the 24:00 system as is already in use by most of the rest of the world. One advantage to this is when someone says 2 o"clock everyone will know you're talking about in the morning and if you say 14:00 everyone will know your referring about the afternoon.
A second advantage is that there will no longer be a need for a 3rd. field for AM or PM in today
today's electronic clock digital displays and will simplify the computer program that generates the time display.
A third advantage is when the time or date:time information in any file and a need to sort, including the time, no problem.
With regard to the date sort routine there is a problem here with the present date format of month/day/year such as 03/27/2015 for today.
A fourth simple change will fix this problem and eliminate the need for a special sort routine needed for this format. That is to change to a year/month/day format then any already existing numeric sort program will work without any changes. Even as a kid having the big number on the wrong end didn't make seance to me but that's what they taught us so that's what I used. Then s ome 40 years ago as I was setting up a database at work I needed to be able to sort by date which would require writing a special routine just to do this but I quickly realized that just putting the year in front eliminated the need for a special routine and an ordinary number sort will work so I changed the date to a YY/MM/DD format which solved the problem in seconds and I've been using that format ever since anywhere I need to note the date. Example: today's date is 15/03/25. I don't bother with the 20 because it's going to be another 85 years before I will need to differentiate between 2099/12/15 and 2101/01/15. I've recently been informed that this format is already in use in a number of other countries so we would just be joining the rest of the world.
I have another idea about using this new date format in another application but I've gone on long enough. If interested, just let me know.

H.B. Corcorran - W5BYG
714 557-6230
We are effectively causing jet lag for everyone. We know better about the health effects and economic impacts of such time-zone distortions now than we did when they were first instituted. Longevity or 'tradition' is no excuse to continue such an inefficient, ineffective, and unduly costly practice.
End the time change and stay on day light saving time.
I grew up in Indiana that did not have daylight savings growing up. Then I joined the Army and learned how terrible it is. Luckily I live in AZ now where it's not an issue, but it's still completely useless. And I have to remember if it's a 2hr or 3hr time difference when calling family back home.
Studies have shown that DST actually INCREASES energy costs, not to mention the increase in auto accidents and health problems immediately following the time change. Why are we still doing this?!
DST has always been a failed experiment, it never did "save daylight". If you want a "longer" afternoon then get up an hour earlier and let the rest of us sleep in! Just STOP IT NOW and do everyone a favor. And, for those of us with computers using local time, it creates an unnecessary problem twice a year that using standard time year round would fix.
Recent studies have shown DST does not provide any significant benefit. It only serves to cause disruption and problems.