VETO the National Defense Authorization Act

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In this petition,I am addressing the National Defense Authorization Act,which specifically designates the entire world,including the USA as a battlefield and will subject all American citizens to possible military controlled indefinite detention (imprisonment) without due process and the benefit of a fair trial. This is a blatant violation of numerous parts of the constitution and the citizen's rights to due process and a fair trial before imprisonment for accusations of criminal intent or activity that have not taken place.

This specific law will make everyone in the United States blacklisted as a potential terrorist because of numerous unrealistic characteristics and demands. These characteristics are,but are not limited to... Keeping more than 1 week's worth of food in your household,owning any type of gun or ammunition,paying in cash,physical disablements and disabilities,disagreement with government policies,opposition of 1 world government,opposition of the UN and agenda 21,opposition of the Federal reserve,living off the grid,being a prepper for disaster situations,growing your own food supply,etc... The list of characteristics set forth to designate a citizen as a potential terrorist are numerous and unrealistic.

The United States is rapidly becoming a communist police state under the under left wing extremists with the honest,law abiding American citizens being the ones who will suffer. The NDAA will finish off what's left of this country and our freedoms and it must be stopped. We,the citizens of America are demanding that the NDAA be vetoed and become null and void in it's entirety,OR, that section 1031 of the NDAA be amended with the Udall amendment to exempt American citizens from not just military detainment,but all levels of law enforcement detainment. We also demand that in section 1032,that you eliminate the vagueness in description of exemption referring to citizen military detention exemption. This is a loophole that can allow citizens to be detained by other law enforcement agencies other than the military. If making amendments will not be considered,we move to have section 1031 be completely nullified as this section is extremely harmful to the citizens of this country and counterproductive America itself.

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The money spent on the military is obscene!!!!
By reducing the BAH of married service members, you are reducing the incentive for good officers and NCOs to continue to serve. These men and women work tirelessly for this country. Why would you steal from them?
President Obama, do the right thing regarding Guantanamo Bay. Veto the National Defense Bill.
The American people are exhausted by banker's wars and do not want to spend money on guns and military action when we could be feeding and clothing the homeless. Enough is enough!