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I took our child and left our home because of abuse by my husband of both our child and myself and because I found out that my husband had kept a secret from me, that he is a child sex offender. I trusted that the system would protect us. Instead, the family court nightmare that we suffered was something that I never could have imagined! After over 15 years of fighting to protect our child from an abusive father, a family court judge awarded this child sex offender father cusody on a false allegation against the mother that had already been ruled by a prior family court judge as "no finding of abuse or neglect by the mother". Something needs to be done to fix this "very broken system". as we hear it referred to time and time again with no efforts made to correct it. Children are being placed in harm's way, and the claim of the family court to serve to "the best interests of the children" is seriously lacking to say the least. Also, the treatment of abused women and children in South Carolina family court is deplorable!
This is a serious crisis where the children of our country are slipping through the cracks and no one will help them. Please help where you can - even by forwarding this link to your email contacts so that their little voices will be heard.
As I have been learning more an more, I have realized that not only did I not get told or allowed any of my rights to,either be notified of certain actions in which to intervene , or even given any kind of a chance to be reunited with my child Someone tell me how in the matter of a couple hours .. By the actions of all involved besides me THE MOTHER, And with one action and not being notified of such action.. that led to me losen custody of my then 3yr.old.. Of all the laws I and statues and stes that are to be followed , none were followed , ignored , And I never got one chance to no what the intial allegation was or to respond r resolve .....My case does not involve my batterer it involes a third party , another county, my pfa was used when it fit te courts needs but ignored when it could benefit me.. ( ignoring my exclusive temporary custody of my daughter ) That i was there to witness when i was finnally told of the granting of emergency custody , @8 pm. fri night and told I was to be at a hearing the following tues, I was told over the phone by my oldest daughter who petitioned the court., And as I learn more and more about what is to take place, and didn,t . and the people involved.. ( an aunt of hers who works at the courthouse as a judicial secretary and had a copy of my pfa and order in her HOME SAFE... I realize that i never had a chance.withalot of legal dancing and juggleing they made sure of it....
A South Carolina Family Court judge granted custody of my minor child to his REGISTERED CHILD SEX OFFENDER AND CONVICTED ABUSER father after the father made a false allegation against me, the mother, to gain custody (of which a family court judge found me NOT GUILTY and another judge granted him custody anyway.) I have done nothing wrong unless trying to protect my child is a crime, that of which I would surely plead "guilty". I fought all the way to South Carolina Supreme Court, only to be told that SC Supreme Court refused to hear our case with no reason given. I will not stop fighting for a law against such blatant child endangerment until a law is passed against REGISTERED CHILD SEX OFFENDERS being granted custody of minor children in South Carolina. Hopefully other states either already have this law in place or will follow suit. Why make a CHILD SEX OFFENDER register and then place a minor child in his care? I fought for 15 years only toward the protection of our child, and I have been lied about, slandered and dragged through court to the point of financial ruin only trying to do what is right for our child and other children of our state. I don't want my case to be the open door for other innocent children to be placed in harm's way by a system that is supposed to be in place to protect the innocent. Please raise your voices over this failure by the system to protect OUR CHILDREN from such thieves of innocence! It is the duty of each parent and each state to protect our children, and if there is any doubt to ERR ON THE SIDE OF CAUTION...FOR THE CHILDREN!
I have started to cahnge(failure to report) to a felony.Please help Aarika my daughter and I PASS this must needed law.Thank you.
Survivor of domestic violence
Its about time!!!!!!
Please support this petition! It's time to protect America's children better!
I left my abusive husband and trusted the court system to protect my baby and I from his abuse. I found out that not only was my husband abusive to our child and myself, but he had sexually abused his stepdaughter from his prior marriage and had been convicted of it, yet he had kept this a secret from me. I fought in family court for 15 years for my child's protection and best interests only to be crucified in court for even bringing up his child sex offense and eventually losing custody of my child to this REGISTERED CHILD SEX OFFENDER due to false allegations made by him against me. The court documents even stated that this REGISTERED CHILD SEX OFFENDER father would be "an excellent role model" for our child. I fought all the way to Supreme Court, but as my husband's attorney twisted things to make me appear to be the bad parent (which I am not) Supreme Court refused to even hear the case. My child is growing up in the home of a REGISTERED CHILD SEX OFFENDER, and I continue to plead for help for my child who has suffered immensely, as have I. I also don't want my case to be the open door for other REGISTERED CHILD SEX OFFENDERS to be granted custody of helpless children. Even politicians have referred to our present family court system as "a very broken system", so my question is WHAT IS BEING DONE TO FIX IT?
Men are victims, too!!
family court has become nothing but a big joke. They took children away from a wonderful mother and gave them to someone that abuses women. What has Family Services come to? Nothing to look up to, thats for sure.
As being abused in the past by my daughter's father I am for this 120%.
In Remembrance of Vince, 9 and his sister Julia Marasco, 8, whose lives were taken by their father during a court approved visitation.
My Children and self have become victim to the crisis of Family Courts .
This issue is becoming way to common and it must be stopped. Our children are being placed into the abusers hands and being forever separated from the protective parent by the family court system. When did money become more important than the child? Shame on us!!
Dear President Obama,

I thought that my idea of developing Law-Programmed Computer that will replace judicial benches and courthouses can save over $7.3 billion in 2012.

As you probably know of WEBBOB that predicted the future events with the accuracy of 99%, computer programs are more accurate than humanís brain. If WEBBOB can predict future events, law-programmed computers can predict the outcome of judgment based upon evidence presented.

There is a way to utilize this remarkable achievement of computer technology in judicial systems. If you have to consider the most proper subject in which you could use computer is LAW. Law already consists of the codes of sections and rules which do not change by the mood of the day. This fact makes ultimately and the most efficiently possible to computerize in judging the case.

Apart from the fact that there are millions of officially reported complaints and corruptions wasting thousands dollars of labors who receive those reports only to deny, there are millions of unreported judicial corruptions involving bribe especially in family law only because litigants are frustrated by the poor responses from authorities who neglect their duties.

Judicial Corruption is the result of Humanís Uncontrollable Greed, Laziness, Prejudice, Conceit, Mental Illness which was not diagnosed at that time of judicial appointment or developed after judicial appointment.

Apart from the above intended error, there is also unintended Administrative Errors that resulted in unfair, inaccurate, erroneous judgments.

Those all errors can be eliminated by the computer program that could replace the judges, commissioners, juries, clerks, and other court employees.

Computer program itself is created by the logical thinking process. If WEBBOB can predict future, law-programmed computer can predict the outcome of judgment based upon evidence produced. This can be tested with the disposed appeal cases for sure. You may even practice this program with small claim or traffic law cases.

Litigants can scan their evidences (material facts), sections codes, rules, into the scanners or upload their files into computer program. This process is called ďfilingĒ in the present time.

Only the litigants, who believe that the judgment produced by the computer program is wrong, can appeal. This will save million dollars per year.

Anyone who is not represented by counsels should have the equal right to access laws which are made for fulfilling JUTICE which cannot be purchased by money.

Therefore, the relevant section codes and cases of the law in which litigants are involved must be delivered to those litigants who have never been to law schools.

If litigants always lose because they donít know the applicable laws or because they cannot afford to hire a lawyer, this does not fulfill the justice at all especially when the involved law such as Family Law does not offer public defenders. There is no meaning to
My children and i were and stilll are revictimized by a system that does not care about any child's best interest or they would listen to the children about the abuse they have suffered through . They would actually take the time to look at evidence and do all in their power to make sure thr victims are safe but they do not. Look uo the statistics of how many woman and children are killed by their spouse because the courts did nothing to help victims. Top Priority to us is our children and there needs to be a congressional hearing with families testify Laws on Domestic Violence to protect victims need to change.
Happy 10th Bithday son. Nothing can seperate the love we have for you! You are Always in my heart and in the hands of God.
+Mom +brother
We need to keep working at keeipng our children safe and to give them the best chance in life!

I would like to share the news of my appellate case with people who are abused in the similar ways. Right after I mailed my complaints to Marjorie Steinberg regarding Patricia Ito along with my appellate case number, the appellate court without seriously reviewing all evidences, it simply affirmed Patricia Ito's judgment. I think CJP and supervising judges share our complaints with appellate courts once we mentioned that we appealed from corrupt judges or commissioners. I want you to be careful about what you send to CJP and to supervising judges as they immediately attack you using their coworkers in appellate courts to make you totally powerless. This corruption will never end until the legal system is reconstructed.
If you are looking for a case that should make the headlines of any Sunday morning paper, than this is the case for you. It involves conspiracy at it's finest, it involves direct under the cover of law Violation of the "Keeping Children Save Act", "Simulated Legal Process" on the part of professional and public servants including several judges,it involves perjury, forging of documents, unlawful seizure and change of custody of children, violaion of the 1st, 4th, 5th 6th 9th and 14th ammendments, violations of well known statuatory case law that set a presidence in this country, such as Morris vs. Dearborn (5th Cir 1999), "Troxel vs.Granville", 530 U.S. 57 (2000) "Apontematos vs Toledo Davilla" (1st Cir 1998) and many other case laws. The accusations alledged against these public servants can not only be argued but also proven, because such information has been revieled through their own notes. for more information regarding this matter please contact myself Darion L. Smith either by email or my # 773-571-9256
There are numerous evidences to prove the court corruptions but there are no organizations who ever seriously investigate the evidences. CJP or supervising judges or bar association are shields to protect those corrupt judges or commissioners or attorneys wasting time of reporters. This procedure is a waste of government fund. Those employees of above organizations do not deserve salary which come from tax payers.

Corrupt minor's counsels co-work with corrupt judges and commissioners. However, it is irony that the motion to disqualify those corrupt counsels are heard in front of corrupt judges and commissioners who will dismiss or deny the motion automatically.

I read Metropolitan News about 107 commissioners (LA county, CA) who received a note of lay off plan. This is a shame as there are corrupt commissioners among those but will receive the compensation (6 months salary) under the condition to return to the court in 3 years.

Patricia M. Ito, who takes orders from a corrupt minor's counsel, Kenneth P. Sherman who illegally creates Court Order by himself or never files Order After Hearing when those Orders are not favorable to his client who is illegally paying to him out of the court, should never receive the compensation and should never return to the court.

There are hundreds of reports in regard to the corruption of Patricia M. Ito and Kenneth P. Sherman posted in the website by hundreds of parents and those were also mailed to above organizations. The conclusion of above corrupt organizations who protect her is to give her chance to return or remain.

Corrupt organizations such as CJP or supervising judges will never see "corruption" in corrupt judges or comissioners or attorneys. Their job seems to protect corruption so that they can get paid for continous complaints.

It is a big shame that US government is not doing anything to protect families from this corruption. Money seems to have much more value than Law in the US courts.

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