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Etowahchutke Tribe, Florida Allotments of native american burial ground act

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Dear Mr President Barack Obama,

That I, Elizabeth L Gaskins chiefist elder sovereign native american private citizen, support's our president for this day our lord and savior to all native ancestor this year of Nov 25,2011. the native american (indian) Appropriation Act of March 3rd,1871

National Native American Heritage Month
a day in history what a great birthday gift,

Nov 24,2011

Thanksgiving Day

Gaskins Settelment
Allotments (narratio)
Historical Foundations of the Common Law 28(1969)

Etowahchutke Tribe, Florida
Cherokee Shawnee Republic of America

The first known residents date to the 1780s when the village of Toadchudka was settled by Eufala Seminoles. They arrived in Florida from Eufala, Ala., in 1767 and later settled what was also called Etowahchutka. It was abandoned about 1836, presumably because of the start of the First Second Seminole War "Mudered"

The Toadchudka Seminole Village was located just east of Gaskins/Williams Cemetery on Williams Cemetery Road, west of today?s Prospect Road.

Williams Cemetery is the resting ground of many of the early settlers in the Pasadena area, as well as the nearby community of Prospect.

The cemetery was started by the Gaskins/Williams family, who deeded acres. An additional acres was bought from the Gaskin family.

The story has it that the Gaskins Settlement family allowed a group of travelers to camp on the hillside and, upon returning home from a trip,a Gaskin found by the visitors had been killed, possibly by a war with the first Native American Indians. The visitors were buried in a mass grave that never has been located. Each time a new grave is dug in the cemetery, evidence of that early mass grave is sought.

The Williams Cemetery Association was organized in the early 1900s and owns the property west of Prospect Road. Tombstones in the oldest part of the cemetery have been weathered to the point the writing is obliterated. The cemetery includes four and five generations of families including ,Gaskins,Knapp, Osburn, Williamson and Wells, Anderson, Cripe, Dew,
old indian fields native american grounds.

Cherokee Shawnee Republic of America


Thank You" WADO"

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October 22, 2016
Willow G. from Savanna, IL writes:
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a ni gi lo hi (Long Hair) a ni sa ho ni (Blue) a ni wa ya (Wolf) , a ni go te ge wi (Wild Potato) , a ni a wi (Deer) a ni tsi s qua (Bird) and a ni wo di (Paint) TREATY OF JUSTICE LETTER OF DEMAND
7 months ago
Someone from Orange Springs, FL signed.
September 28, 2015
Someone from Pensacola, FL signed.
April 3, 2015
Someone from Fort Mc Coy, FL writes:
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4th Great Grandfathers were Lewis Gaskin & Jacob Wells ..
February 22, 2015
Someone from Memphis, TN signed.
February 22, 2015
Someone from Vicksburg, MS signed.
2 years ago
Someone from Holly Ridge, NC signed.
August 4, 2014
Someone from Travelers Rest, SC writes:
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There is a Gaskin Cemetery in Kershaw, SC. My Gaskin's. we have native Americans on 3 sides of my family, We are the true Americans
March 12, 2013
Someone from Spring Hill, FL signed.
November 10, 2012
Someone from North Hollywood, CA writes:
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America STOLE America there is something wrong with that