Reform Act for Polical Campaign Financing and Lobbying

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WE the people of United States request that no funds be allowed to support any political candidate for public office other than those funds provided by the Federal Government.

1. There will be funds derived from any source, PAC, corporation, organization for use expressly for one particular candidate.

2. All funds will be distributed in equal set amounts for all candidates of all parties including independent and any other party.

3. Lobbyists will no longer be allowed to buy favor with politicians through gifts, future employment, trips, board appointments, rewards or remuneration of any kind.

4. Media time either by radio or television will be freely provided as part of the FCC licensing agreement of cable, network broadcasting companies, to establish regular debates throughout the campaign.

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Should be an extra section stating that they can only use the funds provided for them by the government to advertise, otherwise the wealthiest will be the only ones who win the race.
When your median wage is $50,000 (as of 2010), a $38,000 per plate fund raiser is absolutely unconscionable. This is out of hand and no government can function when half the year public officials are raising money and the other half campaigning. When the devil do you work?!?
.... ****. I wish i knew if there was something more i can do
.... ****. I wish i knew if there was something more i can do
Please read the Declaration of Independence written by our Third President Thomas Jefferson. Also Read the Writting of Thomas Paine. I'm going back to Our Revolutionary War 1776.
Please make this a priority! To save our country.