Stop Court-Ordered Domestic Violence

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Tatiana Pauwels Nine Initiatives For State Legislatures To End Court-Ordered Domestic Violence By The U.S. Family Court System:

1. Require judges, childrens attorneys, mediators, law enforcement and other professionals to receive certified training in recognizing domestic violence, gender bias, and the effects of domestic violence on children

2. Screen for domestic violence in custody case initiation

3. Ban Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) and other unscientific theories

4. Repeal laws and practices regarding Friendly Parent and Joint Custody

5. Allow children to speak and testify before a judge

6. Hold judges accountable for their decisions by eradicating the use of domestic violence gag orders imposed upon protective mothers and their support teams

7. Require child protective agencies to consult and partner with domestic violence advocates when domestic violence is suspected

8. Correct past mistakes: Revoke joint/shared custody decrees where there is evidence of abuse in the childs environment

9. Abuser must pass the Assessing Change in Batterers" by Lundy Bancroft and Jay G. Silverman, before he/she may have any contact with the person he/she abused.

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Let me first say that I believe this petition has its merits. I am all for the protection of victims. Ive been a victim of Domestic Violence myself; my first husband having thrown a barstool at me, his security belt with LOADED gun on it, and finally throwing me around while threatening to rip my arms out of their sockets when I refused to look at him (leaving finger-shaped bruises all over my arms) and then punching me in the face so hard he broke my orbital (the hardest bone in your face). I got out that day, pressed charges, got a restraining order, and the rest is history. Victims need to be protected.

That being said, Meghan M. from Clay, NY is NO victim. Meghan Eileen ONeill Muriel is a criminal. She is touting about what a victim she is and what an abusive husband she had, but none of it is true. Meghan illegally accessed her husband (at the time)s e-mail accounts and computer and stole media files and e-mails. This is a felony crime for which she will be facing prosecution. When she found what she thought was evidence of him having been less than faithful, she started gathering all the info she could to use against him because hes in the military where extra-marital anything is frowned upon and prosecuted. Meghan always told Juan that if he ever left her, she would destroy his career and he would never see his children again. When Juan caught Meghan in his office, where shed been snooping, she started screaming and yelling at him. When he asked what was wrong, she hit him. He grabbed her and tried to remove her from his office; she fought the whole time. When he gave up trying to calm her down, he went to the bathroom. Meghan took their two minor children and went to the police department. While there, Meghan filed a false report stating that shed been kicked bloody all over her body, had plastic hangers broken over her head, had been pulled around by her hair and that she had chunks falling out, that she had been a victim of abuse from November of 2001 to that day in May 2012, and that her husband had just sent her a text saying shed destroyed his career, that he had guns, and would be ready for the police if they came. Sounds like a Lifetime Movie, right? Well, in reality, Meghan never produced the txt because it didnt exist; there wasnt a mark, scratch, lump or bump on her head, neck, shoulders, or arms. Her hair was perfectly slicked back in place, the only blood was one nick on her finger where she scratched herself on her 2 karat diamond ring, there were very tiny, light bruises on her shins from her gardening, and one bruise on her Irish thigh, and this is a woman who bruises easily. So, no, Meghan O. Muriel at 510 and over 150lbs. was not a victim of her 511 180lb. husbands abuse.

Meghan took their children to NY and hasnt allowed Juan to see or talk to their children since. Meghan, however, was arrested for continuously harassing Juan and his new wife and communicating death threats from July 2012 to Ja
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The victim, who was in his 20s, was found lying unconscious on the pavement, Snapp said. Paramedics began administering first aid before the man was transported to the hospital, where he died. His name was not immediately released.
I am currently in Sheri Deans court and she blatantly disregards evidence of abuse. She is ordering children into situations where they are abused. My son has been abused for 2 years due to Sheri Dean in the 309th court!!!
Houston Judge Sheri Dean is currently putting my sister and her two young children thru unimaginable pain. Siding for these little children to be taken from a wonderful mother to a father who cares little to none for them. He keeps them in daycare open to close Mon-Fri. My six year old niece should be in school (1st grade) while with her dad, instead she's in daycare! Both these children are fearful of their father and scream bloody murder when they have to go to him. This judge signs orders to take these kids from their amazing mother and also signs an order to jail their mom!!!! Judge Sheri Dean has a vendetta against mothers and their babies. She does not look deep into the case and has no true concern for what's best for these babies. This judge is rotten and seems to thrive off of destroying what is good. She needs to be investigated and judged for her cruel acts and dicrimination agaisnt mothers and children.
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my grand daughter was sent to her abuser by this judge because the abuser has money please help
Judge Sheri dean is a biased corrupt person tearing family apart and abusing little kids. When is someone gonna have the guts and integrity to stop her!! If it was your child you would fight !!
At a General Court-Martial Feb. 23, 2013, my ex-husband, Capt. Juan Muriel of Headquarters and Headquarters Troop, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, was found guilty of Disobeying a Superior Commissioned Officer (for violating a No Contact order/harassing me), Conduct Unbecoming of an Officer and a Gentleman (for adultery, soliciting group sex over the internet, participating in group sex acts, and indecent exposure over the internet), and Assault Consummated by Battery (one count, out of 11 years-worth of domestic violence; the one with the police report). An officer panel sentenced him to confinement for six months at Ft. Leavenworth high-security penitentiary, and forfeiture of all pay and allowances. My ex-husband was represented by none other than John P. Galligan, the same attorney who originally represented Army Psychiatrist and terrorist Nadal Malik Hassan, the Ft. Hood Shooter . . . because this is about power, control, and domination to him: bullying. Terrorism. And now, my ex-husband is out of Leavenworth, and pursuing me through the civil courts . . . why? Because I had the chutzpah to flee him, 11 years-worth of domestic violence, and narrowly escape bondage into sex slavery. He is the epitome of a domestic terrorist, a champion manipulator, and the law is a weapon in his hands. He is also into the occult and lives the BDSM lifestyle (Bondage/Discipline, Dominance/Submission, Sadism & Masochism). He tortures women. He and his contracted BDSM sex slave/submissive, whom he entered into a bigamous marriage with on Sept. 19, 2013, while still legally married to me (until Dec. 23, 2013), are using the civil courts to terrorize me and my two young daughters, and attempt to kidnap them . . . THROUGH the system, legally! It's not about the children at all with them. This chase-and-persuit through the law gets them off. They are a torture team. It's to punish me, whom they view as their ultimate prey, "their" submissive (I am not and never will be). They are sadists. Fortunately, my children and I currently have great attorneys. But all of the tactics (and more) mentioned in this petition my ex-husband has used or is using. THIS is the reason why DV and sexual assault go so underreported. After years of abuse and/or being raped by your own husband, you are abused and gang-raped by the American justice system. The system is far too often a tool in abuser's hands.
I'm also going through cps my ex fiance and I got into an argument June 13 2014 during the incident my three year old was accidentally hit by him ..police came I made a report ...then July 1 2014 I get a call from cps investigator stating he needs to meet with my kids and I and my ex fiance to assure out safety I agreed but my ex fiance he refused so the cps met my children and I at our home walks in and states he is conducting an investigation and has to do an assessment because of some allergation claimin they have concerns and ask several questions were being asked he had a written safety plan that my ex fiance no longer have zero contact with neither child he then drug test me my drug came back negative then he says he's recommending voluntary family based services being I was a victim of domestic violence and that they have concerns feeling they may have a chance my ex fiance may still be involved or around the home he said voluntary I said no then he back door and says if I refuse I'll be taking to court and being even the.allergatiins where ruled out that they can be used against me so then I say okay I'll accept family base ...these ppl still ends up sending my case to a judge to review they won't answer my calls to tell me what services or classes I have to take for family base still confused being I was the victim and that there main concerns was my ex fiance which is no longer around so what possible could they still have when the source is no longer in the home I just cry and cry because this is to much to handle (a mother's cry for help)