Stop Court-Ordered Domestic Violence

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Stop Court-Ordered Domestic Violence
Tatiana Pauwels’ Nine Initiatives For State Legislatures To End Court-Ordered Domestic Violence By The U.S. Family Court System:

1. Require judges, children’s attorneys, mediators, law enforcement and other professionals to receive certified training in recognizing domestic violence, gender bias, and the effects of domestic violence on children

2. Screen for domestic violence in custody case initiation

3. Ban Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) and other unscientific theories

4. Repeal laws and practices regarding “Friendly Parent” and Joint Custody

5. Allow children to speak and testify before a judge

6. Hold judges accountable for their decisions by eradicating the use of domestic violence gag orders imposed upon protective mothers and their support teams

7. Require child protective agencies to consult and partner with domestic violence advocates when domestic violence is suspected

8. Correct past mistakes: Revoke joint/shared custody decrees where there is evidence of abuse in the child’s environment

9. Abuser must pass the “Assessing Change in Batterers" by Lundy Bancroft and Jay G. Silverman, before he/she may have any contact with the person he/she abused.

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My fellow.Texans the time is now. If your amicus is engaging in misconduct and violating the law file a grievance. Bartering children, taking bribes, and destroying the innocence. VOICE
My fellow.Texans the time is now. If your amicus is engaging in misconduct and violating the law file a grievance. Bartering children, taking bribes, and destroying the innocence. VOICE
Louisiana in Parish of Concordia. Judges and attroneies Da and court appointed attorney for the children they all work together. I was treated like a piece of trash bc my daughter was physically abused and her father admired to doing the abuse and admitted to drug use. Failed his drug test and I passed a hair test. I was accused of making my child say it happened and there was proof her admitted to causing the harm but not intending to do such damage. My ex abused me for 9 years and then I left the relationship and he abused my child. I was said to be unfit bc I just up and left my home with nothing and was looked down on bc I had taken two jobs (the only two I could find) and that was used against me bc they said it was an all black club and I was workin on purpose not to make enough money. His family had never had anything to do with our child during the relationship bc they said she was a sin born out of marriage. The father and my child's court appointed attorney were cousins and they also interview my child in back chambers only asking her who my best friend was which was black someone of a different race. I was on the stand for a total of 8 hours closed court session and nothing is on record. The evidence of my child of the wound when I report the abuse on December 18 2011 which was a video tape of it and all the notes and documents all came up missing the day of the last court hearing. Both officers who interview my daughter and said this is child abuse and ordered me not to send her back to her father suddenly got on stand and testified nothing was wrong with my daughter when asked then where was the documentation by the judge they both stated they didn't know where it was. The judge said OK NO MORE QUESTIONS. my daughters attorney asked me questions about the domestic volience for about 45 minutes and then asked about Chloe's school. She said that I should of left long ago and I said I finally did and she said well if it was that bad why didn't you call the police. I said I did I have 6 police reports and fathers attorney and daughters attorney wouldn't allow them bc they said it had nothing to do with the case. Point being they allowed her father to have more custody and put me on supervised vistion for only 3 hours at a time I was ordered to be mentally evaluated and I was told be the judge I was immature bc of all of this. My child's father was behind 6 months of child support admit to the harm admit to drug use around Chloe and selling drugs failed his drug test and he walked away clean free. After the finally hearing my attorney then says well that's it. It could have been worst. I was order only to live with my mother. They found me to be unstable and I couldn't support my child as her father. His child support was cut to a third of what he was making even w him making more than the firs order. You tell me who is what?!? Concordia Parish! Louisiana
I see first hand the treatment of my friend going through a divorce in Austin, Tx.
is being bullied by the court system itself and the greed of the scandalous attorneys and judges disgusts me to no end.. The system is victimizing the victim and it must change!
Canales is NOT about "the best interest of the child", unqualified, does not investigate, incompetent and more. She affected my son's life forever. Knowing I was a victim of domestic violence.

PAS is REAL! It affects children and the damage is real.

Amicus/Ad Litem can be disciplined by the bar. Let's stand together to stop her from harming our children and future forever as she has done to mine. 40 minutes with me and hours and hours with my ex and his witnesses that lied knowing he was verbally and physically abusive to me with police reports. The witnesses, now his wife, lied and my ex even abused her and her children while Canales' interviews was going on! Canales would not even return my phone calls, read my emails, nor talk to my witnesses until right before mediation (a whole 30 minutes for both witnesses). She blasted me in mediation for asking for prayers for my son's dysplastic nevi (29 removed and 70% abnormal; ex's family has a history of skin cancers) that was a result of many sunburns in my ex's care. This injustice with her was a few years ago but an incident this week compelled me to speak out.

Custody battle ensued as he didn't want to pay me code child support (from $500 per month to $1750) and he had my son convinced that I was trying to keep him from him although I gave him and his extended family extra time. Who lets a 12 year old read court documents that they don't understand! Was it not enough that I walked from a million dollars of assets with permanent damage from physical abuse my son witnessed?

During the custody battle Canales was standing there with my attorney, my ex's attorney Kay Polk, my ex, and my child when my ex was standing over my son in front of MY ATTORNEY and said 'remember what we talked about so you can tell the judge' (not verbatim since I declined to attend and put my child in that position and I knew that Judge York would not interview my son in chambers as they (Kay Polk) filed this 2nd emergency hearing to talk to my son after the Judge said NO the first time; and notified my attorney via fax after hours the evening before the hearing as a plan for him not to know nor attend the next morning!

Let's stand together to stop her.

Review AVVO ratings, lawyerratingz, hope4kidz, and more.

SECTION 1.05. Subchapter A, Chapter 107, Family Code, is amended by adding Section 107.0045 to read as follows:
An attorney ad litem who fails to perform the duties required by Sections 107.003 and 107.004 is subject to disciplinary action under Subchapter E, Chapter 81, Government Code.


Must reads:(They're on Facebook and online sites)
Barbara C. Johnson's book Behind the Black Robes Failed Justice.

Amy J.L. Baker, Adult Children of Parental Alienation Syndrome; for kids "I Don't Want to Choose" I tried to give her a copy but she wouldn't take it

Dr. Richard A Warshak, Divorce Po
Taylor makes a mockery of state board of Texas. She is a disgrace to legal profession. She has no respect for Code of Conduct. Lawyers wonder why they dont make money. Because the unethical have ruined the profession. Judges Beware the federal USA's are watching.
Terisa Taylor is a hick with unwashed neck. How could you expect her to know what is good for your child if God decided she was not to have any of her own. Truly repulsive money grubbing hick.
Terisa Taylor is biased towards fathers, unfair to mothers, let my grandchild go to father and his parents who sexually abuse her,
It is about time there is justice!
Judge Sheri Dean is the bully. Nobody run against her. On top of that, she is one shameless bully bc she contempts anyone who cannot pay her buddies court-appointed fees. One insatiable pig who gets watched by court-watched.