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President Obama, Senator Menendez, Senator Booker,

The hell I have been in suffering from debilitating incurable conditions for years and doing everything I can to lessen the pain and have a QUALITY OF LIFE,, is not only exhausting physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. If you do not suffer from intractable pain, you will never understand the hardships a chronic intractable pain sufferer goes thru. People who you thought were your friends, wind up no longer calling or inviting you out to eat or to see a movie, they get fed up with hearing you are in to much pain to leave the house. Family members such as siblings who you think you can count on to not pass judgement on you because you require opiod medication to lessen the pain, believe more in the propaganda ******** and hysteria the government, CDC, FDA, DEA,AND PROP continue to feed the public, rather than believing in their own family member, and degrade you and call you horrible names such as a f***ing drug addict, and turn thier back on you. Where does that leave the chronic pain person!?! ALL ALONE!! It's a difficult enough challenge just trying to get thru the day, we are not proud that our lifesaving medication happens to be opiods, we do not enjoy taking these med and we sure as hell do not get any euphoria or "high" from these medications, we get much needed pain relief. Opiods have been around for thousands of years, and helping the chronically ill to have some semblance of a QUALITY OF LIFE. In steps the corrupt government and your sidekicks the DEA, CDC, FDA AND PROP, and in a matter of one dr visit your QUALITY OF LIFE is taken away,WHY!? WHY ARE YOU CONTINUING THIS WITCHHUNT, WHEN YOU ALL KNOW DAM WELL THERE IS NO OPIOD EPIDEMIC!?!? You have turned family against the person who is suffering, You have forced innocent law abiding chronically ill citizens to turn to the streets for relief or worse SUICIDE! How many drug addicts have you saved by targeting our doctors, our Vets, who by the way, fight for your freedoms, our senior citizens who are living with crippling pain, people of all walks of life who are diagnosed with debilitating incurable conditions that cause severe pain!? The DEA has absolutely NO RIGHT to come between a patients care and the doctors who treat us, they have no medical degree, they have never once examined a patient, they sure as hell have no right to invade our privacy either, remember the HIPPA laws!? How about the ADA laws!? Everyday many more lives are lost to suicide from legitimate pain pts who were NEGLECTED, ABUSED, MISTREATED, DEGRADED AND DISCRIMINATED AGAINST, WHO HAVE HAD THIER LIFESAVING PAIN MEDICINE EITHER LOWERED TO INEFFECTIVE DOSES OR ABRUPLTY STOPPED AND THE PATIENT DISCHARGED THRU NO FAULT OF THEIR OWN. Do any of you know what it's like to feel hopeless and abandoned, not only by the medical community but by our very own families!? Those suffering from debilitating incurable conditions have a right to be treated with dignity
I live with Scott who had 5 foot surgeries, a severed nerve, and he's also had s stroke, and cannot get pain meds. The dr's cannot operate. I'm seeking an Amputation & prosthetic, but Obamacare should find a way not to cover it, or a dr. Will be too afraid to do it. DEA should look at Portugal & how they do not have a drug problem , also Switzerland. It's a patients privacy right & a dr's professional opinion that matters. TRUMP is right: We are truly a country of very hardworking people led by very stupid people (DEA). They go into pain clinics & dr.offices with those black bulletproof vests and guns, but won't stop the drugs at Mexican & Canadian borders. Too scared? Yes. The cartels make the trade deficit pale in comparison because they don't have the balls to go after the heroin & cocaine that pours into the US everyday.
Like so many with chronic pain due to multiple diagnoses stemming from Levaquin poisoning to several pelvic pain disorders as well as neuropathy from high corticosteroid treatments, my quality of life has diminished from wrongful and SUDDEN termination of opioid treatment. I can no longer function as I once have and have lost EVERYTHING. The medication gave me the ability to be independent as a home business owner, care for my children, provide a beautiful home life for my family. Now? My husband takes care of ME in our in-law's home. My life is totally dependant upon his help, including painful trips to use the bathroom because I can not walk from severe joint/nerve/arthritic pain throughout my body.
I went through unnecessary withdrawals when my opioid meds were abruptly stopped and have been through hell trying to find a pain management doctor to take me. My insurance company has even given me carte Blanche for ANY pain dr to give me the same treatment I was taking to help get my life back.
We NEED help NOW. We are PATIENTS NOT ADDICTS. I am not looking to a high just relief. I want my life back. I want my business back. I want my husband to go back to his career. I want to live on our own again. I want to be treated humanely and given the proper medications to end this pain prison and stop living on ice packs and walk again unassisted. Please listen. Please open your eyes and see that we need help.
I'm tired of begging for pain relief. I was poisoned by Levaquin 13 years ago. There isn't a joint or nerve that doesn't scream every time I have to move. I have no balance and fall constantly, gaining broken bones, concussions and seizures. Before this I was a perfectly healthy active mom.
I consider euthanasia weekly and where I can buy those meds my MD acts like he personally squeezes through his urethra individually. I've had all the injections, surgeries, humiliation, scoffing and patronization I can endure. If your goal is to fund a study in 20 years asking why middle aged Americans are killing themselves, I can save you some time. You took away my barely adequate hydrocodone, low dose to achieve activities of daily living and replaced it with meloxicam, ibuprofen and other super ineffective NDAIDS. Please, be kind to the sick and hurting. Give us back our medication for pain that has been proven effective and used for thousands of years.
No one including Congress is a Dr and should be able to dictate what course of treatment is the right treatment for someone...I wouldn't be able to work if it weren't for the meds for the nerve damage I'm left with after a cervical discectomy and fusion...I would be on permanent disability instead...guess Congress thinks that would be a better idea...and apparently has no one in their family or circle of friend that suffer from chronic dibilatating pain!!!
The CDC , DEA , pharmacist politicians for anyone else should not have the right to dictate our quality of life I should be able to have the best life possible, living in chronic pain effects every aspect of Our Lives but now I think of suicide everyday since my medicine have been cut in half and will more than likely be completely taken away I have been on pain medication for 17 years and never once have I abused them yet they want to keep saying there's no evidence opioids work for long-term chronic pain. I'm tired of being treated like a criminal or a low-life being talked down and even yelled at by Dr because they're afraid to prescribe them anymore and what they all need to realise is it can happen to anyone including them !
Dear lord please give me the strength to cope with this pain because it is unbearable
I am a complete paraplegic & had 2 failed spinal fusions. I've tried countless other treatments with no luck. My Dr. Has cut my pain meds twice which seems cruel because the quality of life I had then was much better. It is so important that I'm not bedridden because that leads to pressure sores. I abide by the laws but feel like the chronic pain community is punshished for the actions of addicts. There will always be addicts and treatment should be the first option over being jailed. #PainPatientsNotAddicts deserve compassionate pain control we want to stay involved with family & friends which is difficult when the pain is under treated. Please untie our Dr.s hands and allow them to practice medicine they devoted many yrs to learn & it is a injustice to them as well. The CDC & DEA have No reason to be involved in our Dr.s appts. Stop the lies on the "Hyped up Epedemic" The leading cause of death is still car accidents, but every time the Gov. needs a distraction they invent a new "Epedemic" come on we are not that stupid. The special committee that pass this legislation get huge donations from drug companies how ironic??? Easy to find just follow the special lobby groups and money trial. Super pacs have a agenda to fill the pockets of politicians. Keeping the Rich even Richer nothing to do with saving lives..Fed up with over paid big shots playing God with our lives. Nov. can't get here quick enough so many need to be given a pink slip. We will be voting....
As a senior citizen being denied proper pain relief is not fair. After raising two children, working over 35 years and being in the operating room 15 times I am forced to live my golden years in chronic pain. I only have one kidney due to cancer and found out the hard way I almost shut my kidney down from anti-inflammatory drugs. I took the same dosage for 14 years--hardly the sign of an addict. Let me live my life pain free!!
I have been taking opiods for a total of 60 years. For the last 16 years it has been on a daily basis. I worked over 30 years as a teacher, volunteered in my community (firefighter, EMT, foster parent), and owned small businesses. I tried everything my doctors suggested. I was a model patient, but was cut off my pain meds and now I don't do anything. My family takes care of me. I used to do very well when the opiods cut my pain to a 4-5, but now it is at an 8-9 and I can't cope. Why are people like me made to suffer this torture when help is available? What law have I broken, that I shoild be inhumaneky punished?
It's time to end this witch hunt and let good doctors treat their patients humanely without fear of prosecution and get rid of the cowardly ones who go along and keep life saving medication from innocent people in pain--medicine that's been around for millennia not big pharma concoctions that cause more pain and worse side effects. Enough cronyism.
I have been taking opiods for a total of 60 years. For the last 16 years it has been on a daily basis. I worked over 30 years as a teacher, volunteered in my community (firefighter, EMT, foster parent), and owned small businesses. I tried everything my doctors suggested. I was a model patient, but was cut off my pain meds and now I don't do anything. My family takes care of me. I used to do very well when the opiods cut my pain to a 4-5, but now it is at an 8-9 and I can't cope. Why are people like me made to suffer this torture when help is available? What law have I broken, that I shoild be inhumaneky punished?
I have had two back surgeries, 1 failed fusion and 2nd surgery to remove hardware and have a laminectomy that the 1st surgeon missed. I have been forced to have epidural steroid injections, that are dangerous and do not work for me. I have done EVERYTHING my doctors have recommended, never abused my meds in over 16 years! Now I find myself having my meds reduced for no other reason, than my doctor is afraid the DEA will show up on his doorstep. He is reducing ALL his patients meds, and will drop me another 15 mg. a day at my next appt. as well! I follow my pain contract to the letter, am subjected to frequent UA tests, only allowed to fill at ONE pharmacy. My dr. is doing his job to keep his patients accountable...can someone please tell me why a physician who is this responsible, could possibly be at risk for prescribing life giving meds to his patients???? My life will be changing dramatically in the next few weeks again, as I am forced to live on less than a therapeutic dose of my medications. The majority of CPP's take their meds responsibly. We will be forced to the streets to find relief, destroy our livers taking OTC meds in a desperate search for relief, and will more than likely commit suicide or have a life altering medical emergency from being abruptly cut off our meds. I am all for weeding out the addicts, as long as those of us who follow the rules arent left out in the cold to suffer needlessly. Animals are treated better than chronic pain patients. The powers that be, are banking on the fact that we aren't healthy or mobile enough to come stand outside a gov't bldg all day to protest. This is just so very wrong on ALL levels.
I do not have chronic pain or take any pain med. I read these comments and cried. I thought of my 94 year old best friend's mother with arthritis. My cousin whose leg was crushed by a car wreck he did not cause. Many others. The REASON for the political push to curb pain killers was promoted hard by FOR PROFIT Rehab owners. Rehabs are gold mines. The founder of Convenent House in Ohio is the prime mover. Imagine having University Hospital and The Cleveland Clinic feeding you daily customers rather than curing pain! Then a new percocet antidote is introduced oddly at the same time the stop pain meds movement began at the DEA. Big Phama means big lobbying bucks. It's crooked as hell. People already suffering get to suffer more. Where do I sign? What can I do?
This is malpractice on a nationwide scale. The CDC had a group of physchiatrists vote whether those who need opioid pain management are patients or just addicts. With a one vote margin these insane uncaring barbaric people voted to include us as addicts along with heroin addicts. Then they send out new prescription guidelines that the DEA NOW USES TO THREATEN DOCTORS LIKE THE GOOD COMMUNISTS THEY ARE. My doctor informed me my last visit that the DEA showed up two weeks earlier and threatened him to detox all his patients to a maximum of 50 mg./equivalent a day. That is insanity and will not be nearly adequate for severe Permanant chronic pain. But doesn't the CDC website say they don't diagnose or treat patients? THAT'S EXACLTY WHAT THEY DID FOR ALL OF US. THE DEA has never looked at my MRI or case history yet they are mandating prescription amounts to doctors. where did these agents go to med school? Wait, they didn't. Folks, we are all suffering now and MUST fight back as one voice. This mandate by the government is akin to torturing American citizens, plain and simple. We are already suffering, handicapped, disabled from working etc... This is as heartless as it gets. My 13 yr. old daughter and my wife already see me lying down more than half or more of the day. Soon I won't be able to leave the bed. YOU MUST GO ON FACEBOOK, TWITTER AND INSTAGRAM AND SEND THEM TO THIS SITE TO SIGN. PRESIDENT OBAMA, WE ARE NOT CRIMINALS AND YOU HAVE THE POWER TO STOP THIS INSANITY. Sir, what would you do if your lovely wife or one of your beloved daughters had a condition where the only relief came from opioid pain medication? Would you let this happen then?
I am 65 yrs old, like the rest of you I also suffer with chronic pain, 24 hrs a day, everyday. I read the same story on almost every social media and news source, law-biding citizens are no longer receiving their perscription pain medication. I have found in most cities large groups of sick patients are forced to live with debilitating pain. Their doctor's and most HMO's refuse to refill past prescriptions for pain medicine. We now live with pain so intense, we will to do most anything to ease our pain. Our voices are being heard, but only as background chatter. Not long ago, investment bankers put our nation, thes financial system. and citizens in harms way. When their squandering lead to bank closures, pension looted, housing foreclosure, and people losing everything, our government came to the rescue of the banker's, not the citizens. A group of people and friends came together and a new action committee was formed. When more people and groups kept joining in, a united front was formed, and they shut down Wall Street.These people became known as the 99%er's. They came together as a united front and they made a difference, all over the world people began to make a difference. This action can work for us, we just need to start with social media and let people know what going on. send email, get on the phone, yell from your window. whatever it takes to get people envolved. Congress authorized a big chunk of taxpayer money to kick off this folly, it's an election year and should be interesting to see what congress will look like in the light of day.
My wife suffers from Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome, which has been categorized as a autoimmune disorder in the last few years. For 12 years, she's been with this condition. With the help of her pain doctor, she has had the pain under control until last year. Phizer Pharmaceutical company discontinued making Avinza because of forced actions by our wonderful government to cut down on opiates. That was the only form of an opiate that helped her with her pain so she could tolerate having a somewhat normal life. Since the summer of 2015 she has been mainly i the bed crying, day after day, wishing and praying that it would just go away. Her doctor has tried a few different pain medications and that has only made matters worse. I work in the addiction field and know that many people abuse drugs of ALL kinds. I'm also mindful enough to realize that not everyone that takes these medications is an addict. My wife is not an addict. She has a chronic pain issue, that this country has no cure for and had a relief until recently when the DEA and FDA decided to get their hands in the mix by forcing the Pharmaceutical company to quit making the medication that helped her get up and enjoy her life. I have a question for you.. What if it was your wife, husband, loved one that is going through what my wife is? Would you think any different? My heart goes out to the numbers of people that will suffer if this continues. Please, for the love of God and the people in this country who suffer without these medications, reverse your roles and re-think your strategies before more suffer or even kill themselves.
I went through several pain clinics before I found one I trusted to help me. After years of spinal procedures and medication I am finally able to get up each day and function at some level. A good day for me means I get up, bathe and dress myself and feed me without help. If I miss one medication the pain has me bedridden. Please make sure we get the meds we need to live a life. New normal!
I have MS and my pcp retired last month tried to send me to pain clinic and she told me she would not treat me that i didn't need what I was taking and then lied and reported back that I walked out. She told me she had MS patients and she knew what I should feel and what pain I should have. I have had no medicine for 2 week and no one cares. MS is already taken my life. People dont realize what it does to a person's body mind, and everyday living and don't care. Now all I get from my own family is I'm sorry and lazy and just a pillhead. Everyone lables you because you want to live what life you have left with some normalcy.
I am a HOSPITAL EMPLOYEE. I had severe Hip Pain for some time, which my DR. had Prescribed Hydrocodone for me which 60 pills lasted always 4/5/6 Months I do not abuse( ONLY USED as NEEDED! . I had My Hip Replaced . I still work at the Hospital I recently Fractured My L1 in my Spine (very severe pain)My Dr. has told me he can Not Prescribe me Pain Pills again Now for FEAR of Losing his License , So I have to suffer because of Druggies and people who abuse. You should look to see how often or for what reasons Drs. are Prescribing Meds. for their Patients. Some of us need them. Sorry DEA & Govt. are idiots.
I've been on pain meds ever since I lost my leg in the gulf war. Why are we treated like criminals? I just want to go to work and live a pain free life. I feel like my doctor is more concerned about losing her license then prescribing me the proper pain medication. Even if I do get an RX now I have to deal with the stupid pharmacists who have there own set of rules and get out their calculators and tell me when I can and can't fill a prescription. This is madness folks. Insurance is the icing on the cake limiting amounts. Let doctors treat the patient please. Pain is very subjective. My body may need 10 times what someone else can get by on. There are so many issues that absolutely drive me crazy I can write a book on it. The real sad part is that I have buddies from my platoon that are in far worse shape than me, and they end up buying on the street because they can't get a prescription from a doctor. The DEA is misguided in their qwest to further control these life saving substances. I'm at the point where moving to Amsterdam is looking like it may happen. Thanks for taking such good care of your vets DEA
Daily pain is emotionally and mentally devastating and can cause horrific results people have the right to live without daily pain it is cruel unfair policies not to medicate the pain
I have fibromyalgia and degenerative disk disease in my entire spine and lithesis in my neck. Now I have been tested positive for ANA, which could be further indication of a reason for my pain. My doctor just fired me from being a patient because I asked for pain medication. I was crying, I hurt so badly. I have comptemplated suicide because I cannot imagine a life like this. Due to my insurance, I cannot get another primary care physician for a month. I cry every day. I take Cymbalta and Celebrex but they barely let me move. Some years back a pain management doctor prescribed a 5 mg opioid, which I have been taking sparingly for 8 months. I use them on the days I need to work in the house or yard. On those days I still hurt but it is not debilitating. On the days I don't take them, I just sit all day. Some days I cry, like today. I don't barely move my neck. I can't stand to put 2 dishes in the dishwasher or go get a cup of coffee. This is cruel and demeaning, as if my life is meaningless to the doctor. I want to go on walks in the park with my dog and friends. I was to paint the bathroom. Simple things that normal people take for granted. I can't get started before I am exhausted from the pain. When that pain medicine is gone, I will have no reprieve from this hellish existence.
I have been suffering from Fiber Myalgia and i have had three disc and a steel cage in my lower spine I have a total knee replacement that was poorly done I have severe arthritis in both shoulder and elbows plus diabetic neuropathy in both hands and feet plus multiple major surgeries in the 6 years and now my Pain specialist is going to wean me off my meds. I have tired every treatment that is available to treat pain and nothing works for my pain but the medication that I finally agreed to take after years of fighting it and now the government wants to take away the one thing that allows me to be able to get out of bed I would like to know where you got your medical degrees from because you defiantly didn't pay attention in class.
i am 70 yrs.old been on opioids 7 yrs for back,neck,problems. it getting harder every month to get my rx filled like 5 days then i start to go into withdrews i have high BP it goes up,weak,dizzy, i am so scarded plzzz help.
my doctor cares more about controll than me.
She spent all her time testing for drugs. MAKES ME FEEL LIKE CRIMINAL
Science must be respected.
I believe now patients are more aware of the risks and should be given the option to take opioids or not. I have 2 family members who are chronic pain patients and probably could not work and support their families if they didnt have access to pain medication. There needs to be more education, not less medication. Dont make honest, hard working people take their money to the streets to buy medication they should be able to get from their doctor because thats where it will go. People will find a way to treat pain with or without you, Congress. Dont make things worse by making laws people cant abide by!
I have had Chronic Pain since 2001 following an auto accident. Each and every day I struggle to do even the most mundane tasks that people who do not suffer severe continuous pain take for granted. Law makers are not the appropriate people to be making MEDICAL decisions and forcing them on the doctors thereby denying the patient who is suffering from medication that they require to function on the most basic of levels. I am truly outraged to see this kind of action being implemented in our country. You are punishing the very patients that those medications were made for. It's simply asinine! Whoever came up with the idea of taking PAIN medications AWAY from PAIN patients is a real moron!! This kind of action is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of people who can no longer stand being in constant severe pain and can see no other alternative than suicide to end their suffering! Way to go guys and gals! Every last one of you who voted for this action should be removed from your duties! When are you politicians going to realize that "We The People" are the ones who are not only responsible for you being in your current positions but also are the very people who pay your salaries? This madness has to stop! We are red-blooded Americans who just happen to be in pain and our lives and quality of life matter!!
From what I see of the Game Plan of the CDC, DEA, AND FDA, they have NO plans of stopping this madness! Unless we have our voices made clear and loud and fight this, we are all faced with a lifetime of pain and misery. This has to be IN THE NEWS, on YV, and major papers.we HAVE to get some members of Congress on our side! This is an important election year, lets get our officials up for election hear and understand our pain! More than a class action suit petition on paper, we need top layers and judges to put our case in the public eye, and fight for a PAIN FREE LIFE. We cannot let the Government walk all over us in the name of an exagerated and inflated war on opiods.
As a patient, I am being forced to live in a horribly painful body because of the new restrictions. I have complex regional pain syndrome and ehlers danlos syndrome. These are two of the most painful conditions known in science. I urge you to help us before we run out if time and die. I don't want my family to be without me, but my heart cannot support the stress my body is enduring much longer. I have already had to give up working due to this issue. There will be a huge economic crisis due to this if you don't stop it in its tracks. The treatment we are getting is inhumane and needs to be reversed.
I am horrified by the current state we are in. Stop playing with people's lives and treat us humanely.
Drug dealers will still get what they want while people, like me, with chronic extreme pain have to suffer.
So some person with a two year criminal justice degree from a community college thinks he knows better than my doctor as far as prescribing medications that HELP! All these idiots are doing is creating more street drug addicts for if the doctor controlled medications aren't available, they will surely go to the street for relief!
The government screws everything they touch up! It's time for Revolution Part 2!
Everyone in my chronic pain supports groups are freaking out. Some are considering suicide. They are taking away what little mobility, and life, we have left.
My doctor thinks i am a drug addict and now causing me humiliation, not only that for the past 8 years he has been my only pain doctor and i have no choice but to see him because all other pain clients are too far away for me to drive. When i first saw him when i was 22 years old, he gave me 80mg oxycottin time released 3 times a day for 2 years and now said he never gave that to me, which i still have the bottles. The reason i am bringing this up is, who gives a 22 year old 80mg Oxycotton's 3x a day for joint pain then lies 8 years later and said he never gave it to me. That caused me a lot of problems with me and my family, i also hurt someone very badly because of the effects of these strong drugs, and now he doesn't want to give me anything and blames me by saying i am seeing two different doctors for pain medication, which i wasn't. i just couldn't make it to his office because he moved 30 miles away so instead of seeing him to refill and pay $170 for a 5 minute visit i went to a GP doctor so he could give me medication just over the weekend until i could see my other doctor, and i phoned in and spoke to my other doctor and they said it was ok, but when it came time to show up the next week, they treated me like trash, forced me to take a drug test when in the past entire 8 years he has never done and they even lied about that saying i had taken many, which is bull sh&t, and the doctor stated he couldn't give me the same amount of pain medication that he normally did because i went to another doctor. So instead of my normal dose of 3 pills a day he took it down to 1 pill a day of methadose for chronic pain. Also to add i have UC, and AR. combined with a broken back after falling down the stairs. So what am i to do now?? I feel like trash because of the way the entire doctors office treated me, and im not trash, i own half of a company, that i work for but that doesn't matter. If you take pain medication you are automatically a drug addict now days.
What do people do that are not using pot for pain, but for stomach and anxiety issues? Cut off pain meds and have no regard for the individual patients needs.
My daughter has suffered because she was diagnosed several years ago with bipolar disorder. Because her doctor could not find the direct cause for her symptoms, he refuses to treat her and has basically told her it's all in her head. Now! When she goes to the doctor trying to get help for these same symptoms, they refuse to treat her. I personally, have seen the proof of her illness. Her illness is visible and her hearth declines. She has never been involved with drugs ever. She is not wanting pain medication, she just wants some test run to find out why she continues to run a fever and have swollen lymph nodes, or why she cannot have bowl movements. Do any of you have an answer for this? What makes all of you qualified to determine and diagnose someone's health, and decide whether or not they need treatment. Are all of you doctors? Why is is ok for a regular PCP to diagnose and determine a mental disorder and refuse treatment to a patient based on her mental health? Isn't this considered patient profiling? Do I sound angry? You damn right I am! I have witnessed my daughter decline in health because of this. Do I have to get an attorney and Sue for malpractice or for denying medical treatment based on my daughters mental illness? I guess sone.
The DEA is a corrupt institution and serves no function. They are one of the biggest parts of the problem they claim to act in opposition of.
Please go to:
Read the article by Pat Anson, Editor
You can find a link there to copy the letter I received from Dr. Houry at the CDC who oversaw
the development of "CDC Guideline for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain - United States, 2016" Take a copy of it to your physician, pain mgt. physician, and any one else you can think of. Send a copy to your state and federal representatives. To the media. To the insurance companies. Anyone and everyone. It is a breakthrough letter. It dispels much of the misrepresentation, misinterpretation, and outright lies perpetrated by the politicians, the media, and insurance companies. My physician was ecstatic about it. He said he and his colleagues can use it to rebut any questions about
their judgement in opioid prescribing.
Please don't take our meds away as I will then have no life.
Pain Management? The current system does not work! Patients are not getting the medication they need! Please fix this.
The new CDC guidelines are painfully misleading. Just because there haven't been enough studies to show the efficacy of opiates for chronic pain long-term doesn't mean that the government should just abruptly recommend stopping their use. How about conducting retroactive studies on the last hundred years worth of data? This is clearly a government agenda to appease those who are upset with the opiate epidemic, and while I feel sorry for drug addicts - I really do - it is because of them that we are all now suffering, and we don't deserve it. Punishing hundreds of millions of innocent people who are already being punished every day by chronic pain isn't the answer to the drug overdose problem. In fact, almost 88% of drug addicts never even had a valid prescription for medicine in the first place. I'm sitting here right now almost in tears because I can't get strong enough medication for my pain. No doctor will give it to me, and they cite the new CDC guidelines as the reason. There are many more like me who will eventually just give up and commit suicide. We are people with jobs, with homes, with families we love, and we are hurting. You must stop treating innocent people like criminals - we are already in so much pain, we suffer enough. This is criminal, just criminal of the government to do to so many people. How many will kill themselves before you change your recommendations? Do the suicides have to surpass the overdoses before you will do something to end the suffering? There has to be another way - this isn't it! - Sincerely, an RN with a compassionate heart, who also happens to live with severe chronic back pain - who is writing this nearly in TEARS!
The way the DEA is handling the Poor doctors that are in Pain management are out control ..People with chronic pain are being treated like drug addicts don't you people relisle that chronic pain is no way to live and lots people have killed their self cause they can't take the way DEA is making doctors scared to write pain meds this has to stop it's hurting more than helping ...most Doctors are scared so what's a person to do ...please help us Chronic pain sufferers once and for all let the Doctors to treat the Patient please
My father is 78 years old and has had a bad back for years. He can barely walk and get out of bed sometimes because of the pain. He has had surgery, shots and pain therapy; none of this has helped with his chronic pain. He has done everything the doctors have recommended. Now, he cannot get his doctor to prescribe pain medicine. I don't understand why the medical profession and congress are allowing this to happen. He is 78 years old - he does not need to be in pain at this time of his life. My mother is his care giver and dealing with this nonsense doesn't help the situation.

Just because some doctors and individuals have abused the system, does not mean that everyone should be punished, especially people in chronic pain. Lets prosecute the doctors who have the pill mills - not innocent people who just want to have quality of life.

Thank you - Colette M
Placing opiate pain relievers, October 2014, in a class II schedule has had devastating effects on chronic pain patients. We are being treated like criminals and can not get our medications filled in a timely manner and sometimes not at all . We have been forced into acute withdrawal along with disruption to our medical care. Our quality of life should not be taken away due to people who abuse these medications and die. Washington DC needs to start dealing with the real issue and that is the illegal market of opiates such as heroin, synthetic phentynol, which is killing people faster than heroin. Over regulation from DC, the DEA, and the FDA have taken away our basic human right to have quality of life and continuity of care under our physicians. This needs to change. We, chronic pain patients, have rights too! Drug addicted individuals need treatment for their addiction. Chronic pain patients need treatment for their life long illnesses and injuries. I do not want the federal government and law enforcement agencies involved in my private medical care between my physician and myself. There has been a terrible injustice done to a relatively small demographic of citizens. Many of us are still fighting for our health, despite this tremendous roadblock. Many of us still want to live and have productive lives. Our pain medications along with other modalities and treatments make that possible. These latest changes in regulations and drug class have created a Draconian effect on many people who are not the problem. It's called "Throwing the baby out with the bathwater." However, in this case, the baby (chronic pain patient) has not only been thrown out....but thrown over the cliff as well. We need changes to our laws that do not discriminate against people who, under the direct care of their doctor, use pain medication responsibly for their very legitimate health issues.
I cant have Ibuprophen cause of Kidney disease in family and I take 4 hydrocodones 10/325 a day but its getting to the point that's not helping
The new DEA law forces me to live in chronic pain! Im an elderly woman with previous back surgery. The pain becomes so severe that suicide crosses my mind. 😢
This phenomena in the medical community of downsizing your medications by sending you to pain control center only to push you into having costly procedures that still leaves you in lots of pain and financially stressed do not serve the general public at all both of us and chronic pain need help are doctors should be able to determine what type of help we need without fear of Retribution either someone is trying to increase the number of illegal drug buys by forcing chronic pain patients to buy illegal drugs to subsidize so they don't go crazy from the pain or someone wants a society full of fools because they have gone crazy from the pain

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