First Do No Harm: The DEA targets Physicians who treat their patients pain.

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I suffer from MS and Chronic Migraines it been 2 weeks and i haven't gotten my meds leaving me bed ridden. I'm a human with feelings this is not fair to let me live in pain when its not necessary.
I suffer from long term chronic pain in my back, which was broken in a car accident, and my hips and sciatica. Doctors need to remember that we are human too.I have been treated like a drug user.
This is in response to the entry below this write. It's not just pain care we are being deprived of. For some, they are refusing most to treat those of us who are in pain, diabetis, thyroid, blood pressure, and yes even cancer. I have witnessed this personally. It's nothing less than genoside in this country. Sounds like sci-fic , Wish I was wrong on this one. To those in the Capital . There is one person that's going to kick your butt that you are evidently not aware of in your great wisdom. You can't harm me anymore than you have. Do what you have to do!. : Two can play this game
I have been diagnosed with Lupus, Fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, and numerous other illnesses. I was told in the very beginning that I would suffer from chronic pain the rest of my life. There is no cure for what I have, I've been diagnosed since 2007 and have had something malfunction in my body seemingly every three months .Right now I have gone thru heart problems that I had to have an arterial stynt put in, the lining of my heart was damaged when I was first diagnosed, Im currently going thru a l hip replacement, when it heals they want to do the r but in the mean time I have pinched nerves in the back of my neck in the vertebrae, that my body is going numb, I can barely feel my r) foot and in pain continuely .I have been on pain medication from the very and has increased over the years . I never asked for any of this I asked the doctors to fix me , what ever the problem was , unfortunately they advised me it could'nt be so here we are in 2015 and they have refused to write my script, My ins dropped my pain specialist and my primary office could'nt seem to find me a new one in a timely matter so he cut my script in half (dosage) and amount. they finally send me to a pain spec. and he refuse to treat me because of my dosage. Now at this point I RETURN TO MY PRIMARY AND HE FLAT OUT REFUSE TO WRITE MY SCRIPT. So here I am without a doctor and or any medication. My hands are tied and I get to sit here until my pain get so great that my Chest will hurt, my body will start locking up, and I will be in so much pain and vomiting and diarrhea all I will be able to do is lye here. I don't believe this is the kind of care was intened for human beings.
hello, it Has been over 6 weeks & have been waiting for a doctor to call. no blood pressure, meds or pain meds. never been in trouble! a drunk driver did this to me. & the doctors are discriminating hundreds of people in mich! where are the Lawyers? How much Longer will we human beings will be treated like animals! by over paid doctors!
i have been a chronic pain sufferer since 2005, and have also seen the decline of quality care since Obamacare took effect. I don't even have Medicaid, but Obamacare has certainly affected my private coverage. But that isn't what this is about. This is about the DEA mettling in doctor/patient privacy. I also know what is really going on. I have read the Report from Iron Mountain, and I am an activist against UN Agenda 21 - both of which blatently propose that quality medical care is unsustainable - and the American people do not deserve quality care. And that is the reason DEA has targeted pain sufferers. I also know about the 'depopulation' plan. If the UN, the globalists, the maltheusian alpha maggots want to cull the herd, why not leave pain patients alone? I know it is because they believe that people who are chronic pain sufferers are not a benefit to the 'collective'. And without proper medical care, and taking away pain medication which improves their quality of life - without it, most will either turn to street use or just commit suicide. This needs to be repealed. It is unfair to the doctors who took an oath to 'do no harm' - and this re-scheduling of opiate pain relievers is doing just that - harm to the patient. I know the globalists don't care, that is why they banned nutrients - making them illegal (CODEX Alementarius). Their depopulation plan is already well under way, and it is time the rest of the world know what is really happening to all of us. I do know as well many of us 'cattle' are waking up as well. Repeal this thing - if stupid people want to abuse it by taking too many at once, or by mixing it with other narcotics and alcohol, I say let them. They are actually doing the globalists a favor. Please get the DEA out of my medical records and off my doctor's back. It isn't working. Why are good citizens being criminalized and criminals being praised? Why have our values gone backwards? Evil is good, good is evil, up is down, down is sideways - this is our corrupt society now. If we have to go socialist, why not do what socialist Europe has done? They have made it legal to do drugs - and it has worked! --please read this article. Anyway, why don't we get back to basics? Why don't we get our country back? Why don't we fight the robber barons who want us all dead? And why don't you elected officials do your job and represent us? You swore to uphold and protect the Constitution. I realize that statement puts me on the red list, but I was already on that list so it doesn't matter to me. Please do this one thing, and get this Orwellian law of taking pain medications away from pain patients - they are not the criminals. The criminals are the DEA - so why go along with them? This is only enabling the illegal drug trade, because anyone with 1/2 a brain knows - chronic pain patients are going to turn to the streets for help if their do
Did you know in Europe you can walk into a store and buy certain pain medication over the counter. I am NOT a second class or a sub class citizen because need pain meds to function. Doctors are AFRAID now because of our so called uncaring government. '
I know that I don't count as a human being anymore in the United States because I no longer have a job and I can't get one. I have submitted over 1 thousand applications and resumes over the last 3 years, however, I suffer from advanced rheumatoid arthritis and am very limited in what I can and can not do. My main problem is that I am not receiving adequate care from my doctor now that I'm a Medicaid patient. I have been on pain medication for years and my last doctor visit (last week) was a scheduled routine visit and I was informed that my pain medication and my antidepressant /anxiety medications were being cut by 3/4. Next month on my scheduled visit I fully expect to be cut off from all medication that my doctor deemed helpful. I need the pain medication to function on a somewhat normal basis. I knew they wouldn't increase it but I did not expect to be knocked down then kicked with the information that I will no longer get the medication that I need. I asked about an appointment for a rheumatologist but there is a one year wait then you get put on a waiting list. Well, it's been over a year and I haven't even made the waiting list. My doctor will not prescribe the medications designated for rheumatoid arthritis and now will not prescribe pain medication that at least helps me function. The DEA has criminalized pain medications thus labeling those of us that are in legitimate need of medication abusers/addicts. We can't go to another doctor because that is labeled doctor shopping and you will be refused treatment and receive even worse treatment than you do now. It is not legitimate patients fault that the DEA is inept and can not stem the tide of illegal drugs in this country. By enacting their policies and rescheduling pain medications and bullying doctors and dictating treatment of patients they are criminalizing people and severely diminishing our quality of life. These new laws go against the Hippocratic oath and patients deserve to be treated humanely and given the opportunity to a decent quality of life. My pain is only going to get worse, that's the nature of the disease. However, I should not receive less treatment or be labeled an addict or drug seeker because I ask for the same pain medication that worked for me in the past. There are so many other people that have the same problem that I do and we are being ignored. I would wager a guess that the criminal element in our society is not writing you to tell you that they need help so they can sell more illegally gotten prescription drugs on the street! You are only making the legitimate patients suffer. This will inevitably lead honest people to alternative treatments. Whether that be alcohol, illegal drugs (because those won't go away) and eventually suicide. Mark my words, you will see an increase in suicide in the elderly and the chronically ill because as the law stands we can not get the help that we need or deserve even though we have the Right to it. Plea
My husband has severe Rheumatoid Arthritis he lost his job and had to get medicaid insurance there is a waiting list for new medicaid patients to see a Rheumatologist, so long that it's been a year and he hasn't made the waiting list yet. our dr. refuses to treat it saying she doesn't want to be responsible for the side effects. if we look for a new dr. he becomes labeled as dr. shopping. so it continues to get worse. she refuses to give him more than 325 mg norco once a day for pain. my husband is in so much pain that he doesn't leave the house he can't work and he's become severely depressed. He is a 45 year old man who has given up on life.
this is so unfair, if we complain he will be labeled a drug seeker. please help us.
I have contaplated suicide myself with 24/7 pain and now they will try to make a vet live with it, makes you ashamed that you did your duty.jerry
I have suffered about 4 yrs with what came to be spinal stenosis and spondylitis. I finally had to go seek help from a Dr. I wanted a life back so I could enjoy my new grandbaby, but that hope was soon dashed when I went to my first pain clinic.
I was handed a "packet" as they called it. It turned out to be a contract, where I had to sign my dignity and rights away, if I wanted treatment. The Dr wasn't even prescribing me an opioid and demanded a drug test, that I would have to pay for. To make it short, I refused and told them "I will NOT let you treat me like this" and promptly left.
I will suffer until I can't anymore, then who knows, but I'll not let these people take what self-respect I have left.
I have pain, I live in America and they could care less that they have people suffering here. This alone, is cruel and unusual punishment, just because my body is broken and the DEA has stepped between the Dr-Patient relationship I and others have to sacrifice quality and quantity of life.
All hope is gone in my life, to be able to run and play with my granddaughter, is only a dream that I will never be able to fulfill. Thank you for taking my life, hopes and dreams away.
This change only keeps the medications from chronic sufferers, OVERDOSES ARE THOSE WHO CANT GET DUE TO NO PAIN, my husband is 49 with a condition they compare to pain from bone cancer and his doctor is reducing his pain medication. AND PLEASE NOTE HIS DOSE PER DAY (24 HOURS) WAS 2- 15 MG LONG ACTING AND 2- 10MG STANDART. Our daughter is 7 REALLY GOOD PLAN
I would love to be a part of a committee for change. There has to be another way to control teenagers and folks that use recreational and then turn into abusers. I'm a young 54 on all accounts except for my back that is a mess according to the surgeon. I finally bit the bullet and visited a surgeon and will most likely go through with it but very frightened. I have waited for The cutting edge to come through. I have been on something for the pain for 24 years now. I've never taken more than 5 in one day. Never! When I'm setting at my pain management doc we all have little conversations. I'm on something mild compared to what so many are on. That's because I care about what happens to me. It is embarrassing to me for anyone to find out I take something for my pain. As I haven't went ahead and pushed for more I have gotten to the point where I have no quality to life. I took methadone for over a year and only had to take 1 20 mg pill a day and I could make it through most of the day. Now I have to take my Norco 10/300 4-5 times a day and wait for awhile. Get up and do what I have to and then go at it for a few hours and then pray to be somewhere that I can put my feet up to take pressure off. I found out last week that not only do I have 7 herniated disc but several beyond that called Jelly Donuts. I have nerves that are effecting my bowels but I have maintained staying strong but now I am faced with a big decision. Having my spine tampered with and taking a big risk or just keep dealing with my day to day, trying to manage with the help of Norco and just recently adding a patch that's very frustrating to keep on for 3 days ( I try to stretch to 5 days ) and have to pay my pain management doctor $200.00 every 30 days because primary doctors aren't allowed. Then trying to get your prescription filled. Very embarrassing. I am fighting for a change. Please fix leave it up to us private citizens to take care of ourselves and make parents take control over their children. I know it's difficult because I had my own to make sure they made it to adulthood and they did, after they sowed their oats. At the end of the day if you don't have a quality to life, there are many of us that just make it through the day and hope tomorrow is a better day. Let the physicians do their work and tell the pharmacist that they are there to fill the prescription and consult the consumer.
Thank you
Today I was forced out of my doctors office, as I was walking out my doc wasaid screaming "I REFUSE TO EVER SEE YOU AGAIN!! Do not come back" I'm 22 years old with SEVERE & CRONIN back pain, I was put on Norco a VERY strong norco, I went back to the doctor to simply ask her to lower my dose because it was Making me sick to take. She then proceeded to tell me "Your just an addict I bet you've just already taken all your pills and are wanting more" I have a WHOLE bottle of pain medication left still, I just cannot take it due to it Making me sick, I burst into tears as she told me "I used to work in a methadone clinic for years, and I would see girls like you come in all the time" I was in total shock as I listened to what she was telling me, being alone and without my mom there I was completeyounger ambushed and had no energy to defend myself. I left in tears as she was screaming at me the whole way out the front of the office. All I wanted was for her to simply cut my pain medication & MGS in half. I AM 22 YEARS OLD, recently married to a deployed sailor, and we are trying all we can to ha email our first child and just want to be able to fix my back problem before I carry a child for 9 months. I wasn't given even a Second to tell her "Hi how are you!?" She simply closed the door sat down and said "I'm not giving you anything. So why are you here!?" I honestly do not know what to do, or how to make the pain go away, she couldn't even talk with me to see if she could help me.. please someone help me, I need answers as what to do & how to tell a doctor I just want something to make this go away. I've got a really bad vertebrate & acute scoliosis, I can live with it, I just can't live with this pain. What do I do and how do I get help!? Please someone help me, I'm desperate & in need of help from anyone!!!
While I know this is a pain petition. I won't be posting anymore its very sad what this country has came to.Cancer patients suffering.And some conditions cause worse pain than cancers.We have a some rights left for now however .If president Obama appoints a new supreme court justice we will likely lose are rights to bear arms also. The second amendment.As chronic pain sufferers we are treated like the blacks where in the 50s Also in Canada pain management is so out of wack patients are treated with iv apap ketamine nortripaline gabapentin just to keep from giving someone an opiate. The media has twisted so many minds the majority of Americans and Canadians are against. opiates because of media propaganda.And as Walter Concrite all ways said that's the way it is.The last jornalist worth believing .
Some groups of pain sufferers are now petitioning the United nations for suffering that has been brought upon us.I believe the Canadians all ready addressed the UN. about the suffering of pain patients.If your brave enough go to national pain report some are going to complain to the un. about the DEA. and our country making peoples suffer
DEA, and refusal of meds, I am very ashamed of how you allow your doctors to treat people, like cattle! Not even telling the truth about what is wrong, continual procedures, for what isn't even wrong, criminal procedures, knowing damn well nothing will be done, letting people cripple more, I have a 4.0 , im in therapy, chiropractor, physical therapy, the regular specialist, regular doc, im compliant, probably the most compliant patient/person YOU will meet, yet YOU and bands of these doctors will let not me, but suffering Americans sit in pain, untolerable amounts, untolerable surgeries for taxpayers to pay? Then look at us with discontent, and ridicule, make people feel ashamed, and unjust about pain? SHAME ON YOU!!!! People's past DO not define today, and proper medical care should NEVER be denied weither it is pain medicine or the truth for PROPER medical care!!!! HOW dare you sit and judge, YOU wipe your*****with toilet paper too, eat, sleep, love, remorse. Change this sad America.
The government needs to maintain the infrastructure , provide other publics services like a clean food and water supply, emergency services. It has no place in my medicine cabinet.
Our so called president needs to stop supporting the illegal street drugs and start to support the pharmaceutical companies who provide medications for pain. Pain causes hypertension, and hypertension leads to kidney diseases. I recognize all the bureaucracy our government is playing in. Government officials should stay out of the business as something so sensitive as the peoples health and allow the doctors to take care of their business. Who are the clowns that made up these regulations anyway??? Fire them, They don't seem to be doing their job at all.
The ones with the power only care about money, not people dying or people in pain... so here's one for you: If you continue to target people who are in pain, they will be less functional to society, therefore will either work less jobs, or not work at all and will not be able to pay the tax dollars to support the DEA. Come on... support the people that support you DEA.

Secondly, If people want to OD on pharmaceuticals, it's their choice. If they aren't contributing to society or paying taxes anyway, why not let them... The ones who take medications correctly are the ones who are much more likely to contribute because they will be able to work because of not being crippled with pain. Therefore you would be killing two birds with one stone; getting rid of the dead weight, and helping the ones that can help you. See, it's a Win-Win.

If you actually cared about people's well being, you would STOP eliminating much safer drugs and stop driving people to street drugs to manage pain or addiction. Street drugs take more lives than legitimate medications that has gone through thorough testing and has been meant for consumption.

And what about tobacco and alcohol that can be freely purchased? Both are deadly, yet still legal... Why are they legal? Because people are, and should be free to choose what they put in their bodies. They are ultimately the ones to face the consequences for their actions. Right?

It's only logical...

But let's just say you actually sincerely cared about people's well being, how about removing the toxic Tylenol that's mixed into narcotics? It's not rocket science..

Someone needs to raid the DEA and clean house to get rid of all the narrow minded, ignorant, irrational, self-righteous idiots that want to infringe their beliefs on everyone else. Just because you have a job working for the DEA doesn't mean you are right, and it doesn't mean you know any more than the next person. That's where society has been severely mislead.

We the people are not stupid. We know the difference between right and wrong, we also know a lot more than you think... and the DEA is DEAD WRONG!
.Look how drug use declined when they decriminalized drugs in Portugal...

Oh yeah, and check out how greedy and narrow minded our DEA agents are.

... and check out where the DEA is spending our hard earned tax dollars now:

Talk about narcissistic...

The DEA might be helping a few people, but they are hurting more then they are helping.
The medication I had to take just to make it through the day is crippling just like my illness. i don't want a "Pain Clinic". I would have to travel to get to one, traveling helps pain right? I'm in a wheelchair and we can't afford the travel in our small car (can't afford a van either). My pour husband takes it apart for the truck and reassembles it when we travel. I only go to my doctor and home once a month. Traveling hurts! I don't want "stronger meds" although what I take just barely got me through. I didn't ask for Multiple Sclerosis or to need surgeries in every region of my spine. I didn't ask for higher milligrams either! I was prescribed 10/325mg of Norco. I didn't ask to become addicted. I've been taking this since 2005. I also refused Percocet in the hospital after low back fusion. I don't want to live in a "fog" I just want to enjoy taking a deep breathe without pain, go camping and enjoy nature (I used to love doing this with my son). I remember I used to think about how beautiful things were. I'd tell my son how our Lord Jesus made the evening sky more beautiful than a priceless painting. I remember I wasn't always this cripple who doesn't care what it looks like outside. Sometimes I'm in excruciating pain, I wanted NOT to become "one of those people". I felt guilty for hurting because of foolish "labels" tossed around like things aren't hard enough or painful enough for US PEOPLE anyway! I know there are exceptions BUT doctors should try to offer help. I'll say this: if someone is not in pain and they're addicted they WILL get it anyway. Unless they want to get it under control and admit there's a problem, that they are addicted and want help. They may not have physical pain but there must be an underlying cause to want to live in a "fog". Why not help them? I think there's someone you know that has addiction of some kind right now. They're probably AFRAID to admit they need help because of becoming "one of those people"! My brother has stolen my medicine before and he has a bad MEDICAL CONDITION called addiction. He won't get help! He denies his problem because he's afraid he'll be "labeled" and someone he knows will find out he's Sub-Human! I am ashamed of how "us people " get treated. I am ashamed of those who have made this Scarlet Letter that "we" who are suffering unable to walk or talk plain, Unable to hide at pharmacies when the neighbors come in. We go through shame, pain, mentally, emotionally, and physically, Please readers insert your symptoms and pain/Neuralgia . Not everyone who has Chronic pain has became hooked/addicted to their med (s), they have to live with the pain and side effects for NEEDING to have hope and keep going. The "brain fog" is BAD! The occasional or more often vomiting. I remember I used to love nature and was in awe at what the Lord can do. I don't remember when I stopped caring if my roses bloomed in the growled up garden I used to was supposed to be scheduled to see
every member of the DEA and every doctor should be forced to be in severe pain for at least a year before being given their position. they need to know what chronic pain is in order to help patients in chronic pain.
After 12 years on small dose opioids that have made my daily life totally livable, the VA has decided that I can no longer get pain medication. So VA, when my pain is finally to the point when I can't take it anymore, maybe another year or two, your employees will be cleaning my brains off your lobby ceiling.
This is getting ridiculous. We have pain and the invention of pain medicine. Yet we can't use the pain medicine to treat our pain. This is so unfair. The VA is even worse they are NAZIS with the pain medicine. People who have served and got hurt, been awarded disability (you acknowledge our pain) yet won't do any thing about it. Sure the pill mills got out of control but why are the true suffers suffering in so many ways? I walk into my pcp and I couldn't even tell you what color his eyes are. He stares at a screen and the screen tells him how I feel and what he should do for me. The fact I urinated on myself bc the pain caused me to collapse to the floor on the way to the rest room means nothing to him! And my poor granny...had a stroke 20 years again and had been in a hospital bed from that day to this very day watching TBN every waking moment. They took away her pain meds! The only thing she had to look forward to. A little ole lady who CARES if she gets a little high she's just laying there at least the pain is gone!! It's not like she's going to go rob a home in the 'burbs to get money to get her fix. Only difference taking away her pain meds made is now she's in pain. Way to go. How do you people sleep at night? You need another solution bc this one isn't it. Ask an addict if they're addicted what will they say? NO. Ask a person truly not addicted whether they are addicted what will they say? NO. How will you tell the difference? The bad guys will just go to the streets or maybe upgrade to heroin. What are us good guys to do? You're not fixing jack, you're creating a much bigger problem. How's that working out for you?
Please bear with my writing mistakes as I am in a lot of pain 24/7. I have been suffering with degenerative back disease for over 10 years. I have had 2 extreme back surgeries, several epidurals, and now have so much scar material built up on my lower spine that I have been warned by specialist at UCLA that further surgery in that area may lead to permanent paralysis. My MRI shows I need to have more disks in my lower back fussed, surgery to my upper spine and neck. This may help with some of my pain or not. All this to say that my pain doctor in Newport Beach who helped all the chronic pain surfers, that other doctors would not, lost his license. My doctor not only prescribed meds, but offered a series of expensive injections monthly. He often wrote off the charges not covered by insurance. When he left he told me he was more worried about his patients then himself. Last I heard of him he had suffered a heart attack. Finding a new doctor that is willing to prescribe Oxy. is difficult. I finally got a name of my new doctor from a pain doctor who no longer prescribes any pain medication. My new doctor has cut my pain medicine by 50%. He has been advised by the FDA of a maximum amount that he can prescribe. He is expecting this advise to become mandatory anytime. When it does, he will have to cut my meds again. None of the doctors despite that I am in severe pain, nor do they have any other options for me to follow. Before my back failed I was very active. I scuba dived, mountain climbed, played softball, snow and water skied, traveled, and worked. Now I can do none of these. I don't drink, or use any drugs that my doctor does not prescribe. The only pain relief I currently have is when I sleep, in which I do as much as possible. I don't know what I will do when he cuts it more. Please help me.
Just more government bs that harms people living by the law and forcing them to go to the black market for relief. Thanks DEA, Dumb Arrogant*****Holes!
Everyone on the other site stated all.
Adding this, hydro has a low addiction rate. U ruin kidneys if overused. Spoke to my wonderful pharmacist and scientifically oxy and hydro NOT SAME category.

I suffer from ongoing pain since 90s, then 2 illnesses at same time from a tick and mosquito in 06.

2012 while in hospital, after collapsed at my dr, office to sign papers , I collapsed. My left leg had started to hurt . Since then, my dr told me call 911 aging because of unbearable pain
Y dr is not a drug dealer. He had to recite a Govt mandated paragraph. He wouldn't even look me in eye
In fact my pain, 2012 blood work showed rheumatoid arthritis in severe stage among other diseases cause severe pain.
My dr decided to prescribe oxy 4 hi pain days and hydro for everyday
Well I fell down steps. Made apt. Ask dr 4 refill. He thought he gave me hydro ( he uses old fashion notes) no he has only one choice now since the drugs are considered same
I am on disability many years . Endured mental health evaluation, pain clinics, etc finally Rec my disability.
I am worse not better
next, I have insurance but it's 20.a visit
these clinics are rackets.
Remember the supreme court ruling abt job drug tests? Drug test centers grew like ants.
mistakes were made. No I never had to go to one of those
I have known this dr. Since my early 20s. He knows I don't abuse my meds. Yes they are meds
Lastly studies show those in pain well the brain work different ly than an abuser.
My dr didn't mean to make me feel like a common criminal.
I have to rely on my bfrd for rides, and he pays copay men's
Now a frigging pain center
I know the physical therapy routine. When pain control I can keep it down w the exercises.
I stated the Govt has taken away Dr's rts to treat patients. The Dr's are scared to write a script for anything.

Oh usa has, worse pain control in 1st world countries.
Been there done it.. plus my immune system I don't like gpin to Hosp, clinics, etc
Mw my nurse advocate advised see ra dr pronto. I'm Allergic to nsaids. Cancer runs in my family I'm prone to rashes. The side effects of ra drugs, are scary.
Fda OKs agent orange spray on Monsanto crops. Beaurocrats and torturers to the many disabled people
My dr had to read something that was insulting and not true .
Living in fear of the Ss gestapo fda.
I use same dr, same wonderful pharmacy. Fyi I didn't ask for pain treatment it was advised . On meds 30 yrs approx. Did not even use everyday
Oh and I get horrible headaches.thats for starters
U can bet an fda Dea official has pain he or she will beg for relief
God Bless All.
REPAIR THIS Non Scientific Load .
As others said people are gonna die. Resort to street drugs such as heroin.
A frd was put on meds for people with mental problems. She has none til she took med. In fact she, was lied to, I informed her it was not diazpam . It's for treatment of a mental illness, I believe bipolar disorder. She is not bipo
I'm baffled by the lack of care for the result and damage to your body that comes from taking meds the dr says you need and help, not even a taper process. Nothing because of fear of what happens if they actually help peoples conditions. It's also unbelievable that the govt is even still able to overthrow us without massive backlash by the people. They are only holding so much power because of the amount of cowards that don't stand up and say it's enough. Anyway, it's all about big pharma, we all should know this. Not a thing to do with addiction because the drug dealer will be making more now than they ever have and will still be supplied what's needed to make more. This is about making those who need it suffer while they come up with some new cure all even more addictive med they can sell and have more people on their last limb running to get in line than ever before bc they created desperation. Wake up please. This is the most openly stupid thing I've seen passed. At least be honest about the reasons and intentions and my pretend you didn't just make the street value huge its the supply and demand basics. That's the govt for you. Don't be surprised it's only starting because big pharma is going to get what they want when they want it.
At times I have 'phantom' pain anywhere. That's not a problem. The problem is when this 'phantom' pain lasts for days without relief. Xrays and MRI's show nothing wrong, so my doc implies I'm drug seeking. I've had multilevel major surgeries and have never taken pain meds beyond the reasonable 2 to 3 weeks post surgery.
It's unreasonable to treat chronic pain individuals like they don't have a choice but to wake up and feel their pain becoming worse throughout the day and can't do anything about it.

Thank you,
Carmelita Wilson
I have multiple sclerosis and extreme pain 24/7. There are NO pain medications to be obtained with a VALID, LEGAL prescription from a licensed physician due to the DEA NOT permitting said medications to be supplied to the pharmacies in the state of Florida.

I have been unable to fill my prescriptions since April. Yes, suicide is almost my only option at this point. Why? Because of my own government!
I sometimes think they want us to just end our life so their life can be easier. Hard to believe. Back and fibro.
I have been a victim of total discrimination by my doc over this and it is unacceptable
I have been on pain medication for twenty years..working is a factory and lifting weights severely messed my back up. I have fibromyalgia and kidney problems also. Last month my doctor went on maternity leave so they switched me to another doctor...last month he cut my prescription by a third and told me the physical therapy should help. It doesn't help it aggravates my pain. Well I went today and he is now going to try to cut me 60 more (which is down to two a day). I have pain all over and emotional and psychiatric problems and I feel like there is no way out. I do not have it in me to wake up and suffer everyday while trying to even get my kids fed and taken care of. I am at the end of my rope and I am going to look for another doctor. But in the meantime I guess I am left up to suffer and he suggested ibuprofen which as we all know ibuprofen does not touch chronic pain. I feel lost and hopeless like what can I do about all twenty years I have had three medication increases..I have seen other patients come in crying and one lady even crawled to the seat trying to get more medication. I just want to be able to function a bit I still have pain after I take my medication but it is less severe...I wish everyone luck and today the woman in front of me (a much older person) was upset because the doctor who I see cut her off completely and told her physical therapy will be enough. This woman was elderly and it upset me and I knew it wasn't gonna be a good appt..I wish everyone the best something needs to be done or there will be people who chose suicide instead of just get sick and tired of being sick and tired :(
Undertreatment for pain is unethical and immoral
Chronic pain sufferer
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chronic pain sufferer
Signing for my mother I watch her suffer every day . I've signed more than one petition this morning . I just came across this site . It's unreal how many rights are being violated & people who are suffering because our officials only care about the money . In our area if you have money & come from a " good " family you can get away with just about anything . You pay upfront & get whatever you need & if you're not able well then you're suffering because you can't afford medical treatment or you're in jail . There are signs at most offices in large print that say " No pain patients " you're redirected to a clinic ( if you have the money ) and they run you through like an animal . Not to mention the various HIPPA violations that everyone is to scared to report because if they did where would they go ? It's very known not to " make trouble " for any clinic or any person in a position of " power " I've heard various people make comments about how they can't wait for the FBI to come in & clean our town up . How very little it would actually take is sad . Schools almost over I plan on taking my kids out of here regardless . Every town has problems I understand . Our local hospital refused to treat me ( labeled as drug seeking ) it ended up with emergency surgery between my brain & skull at a bigger hospital . 12 weeks of home health care & life long complications . The mix between basic neglect & being scared of handing out pain meds resulted in me fighting for my life . That was 10 years ago !! Now I see my mother going through it . I hope she will decide to go with me & get better treatment .
I have been treated by the same Dr for 15 years, give or take a few, and when the government stepped in years ago and told my Dr he could not give me the amount of a certain medicine, he did what they said even though he is the Dr and disagreed, and then more years later the said oh you have to give urine test every visit regardless of any thing, he did what he was told, but he is still arrested,, the government is now our Dr and this is how they are going to lower the population, killing us one at a time!!
I have been treated for pain due to many problems causing long term, debilitating pain for many years. Now that my Doctor has been indicted on drug charges I've been left to suffer. I've tried to seek treatment elsewhere since this witch hunt but I'm treated like a criminal, like a junkie off the streets and it's caused me a great deal of stress, feeling ashamed for being in excruciating pain even though my recent MRI report shows several debilitating problems. I am not a criminal! I've worked as a legal assistant for many years, I was a Sunday School teacher before I was unable to continue due to my pain. My Doctor gave me back my sense of well being and quality of life. I don't like to be dependent on medications and injections but I didn't choose this. I have never been dishonest, never abused medications or anything to that effect. I don't even drink alcohol. I'm a legitimate pain sufferer and now I've been really suffering due to the madness that's going on here with DEA, FBI, Etc. Since my Doctor is gone, no others want to accept his patients and if they do, they won't give prescriptions that these patients/victims have taken for a long time just to be able to get up every day and have some quality of life. I've met a few of the poor patients left behind, lost after all of this. I met two other women who were obviously suffering, I hugged them tightly and prayed, cried and suffered in fear with them not knowing what was going to happen. I continue to pray for all of the patients, even the Doctors who helped us for so long. I'm sure that there are many drug seekers around but why punish the legitimate sufferers of chronic pain? This is WRONG! Thank God I usually had medication left over each month since I only took the bare minimum, it's gotten me by even though I've had to tremendously cut my dose, I've been stuck in bed in the worst pain imaginable and now I'm going to be out of all medications probably by tomorrow. I've been unable to continue working due to this. I'm terrified! I'm already unable to get around, my family is affected, my entire life is affected... I wonder if I'll die, I've never been through this...I never imagined I'd be forced to. I wonder if someone will see that patients who really need help are seriously suffering? Will someone have MERCY and help us as we writhe in agony? Is there a good Doctor who hasn't been scared away that'll treat us like human beings? I pray that these patients/victims have strength to hold on. Some have said they pray for death, some have said they'll have to turn to the this what they wanted when this started? I've kept in contact with one of the ladies I met from the Doctors office who had major surgeries recently, I check on her & pray with her as we're left in the dark, labeled as "Druggies" because we went to this Pain Mgmt Doctor...these people have no right! I've never wished pain on anyone as I consider myself a Christian, especially not pain like mine although I have b
This letter pretty much says it all. Fortunately I am currently being treated @ a pain clinic where I must be honest & have had only positive experiences. They are working with me to determine the source of chronic pain (which is a few). However, the clinic before this one treated me like a "drug seeker" without much concern. I never was evaluated by the supervising doctor. I felt this clinic was pretty much a "legal drug dealer". I do wish it were more simple without seeing yet another health care provider. My wallet sure would be thankful.
paralyzed from stroke and pushed to a BAD pain clinic..given 30 days worth and then scheduled for next appt 34 days later...what a joke..these guys are not in it to help the patient but to help their pocketbook... more bad govt BS
Its horrible how the government has come between doctors and their patents. The "war on drugs" had been lost. Its one thing to target drugs coming from other countries, but to target law abiding citizens, treating them like criminals is immoral and just plain wrong!
Google National pain report.To find out who's behind the lies.Who's handing out money.why your voice isn't being heard. And maybe change the 2016 Presidential election.Or at least get those in power to take a better look at LTCPS.
Sooner or later everyone needs pain relief. If you think it won't happen to you? You have not lived long enough.
The mistreatment of chonic pain patients over the use of opioid medications is horrible and unfair!! I have been a sufferer of severe neuropathy caused by a frostbite injury... Both feet were frozen. I have dramatically decreased circulation due to the damage and excruciating nerve pain! The best way to describe the sensation in my feet is like the sensation one has after burning themselves on a red hot stove element or from touching a fully hot wood stove. It is when the sensation of pain surges back to the burned spot a few moments afterwards... that is the sensation in my feet but it's all over the bottom and doesn't go away!! I have been mistreated by doctors and pharmacist because of the ignorance about chronic nerve pain. I am now at risk of not being able to obtain the only medicine that has proven to give some relief... a med I have been on a stable and unchanged dose for over 5 years. Now I may not be able to get the meds and I will have no way to survive! This treatment of legitimate pain patients is cruel and mental torture on a scale that most people cannot comprehend.
This is so sad that it's come to this . People that have pain like this should not be made to feel like drug addicts when they need this med to function from the pain . It should be left up to the doctor if someone needs this med.
In 1986 I sustained traumatic TMJD for which I was prescribed a variety of physical therapies and rxs like vycodin and clonopin and robaxin. In 2003 I fell and completely messed up my left arm's radial and ulnar nerves, had to have surgery on each nerve and a steroid shot that caused necrosis on my wrist for years thereafter. My diagnoses are RSD/CRPS and TMJD. Not only had I managed to stay on pretty much the same dosages (8x19mg mthadone, xoy prn), recently I had asked my prior doctor if I could try backing of the methadone by one pill to see how it worked for me. It didn't work. I had hoped medical marijuana would take the place of the methadone, but the amount of medical marijuana I can afford will not replace the methadone or oxycodone. Btw, I do not get high off my methadone or oxycodone. I simply hurt less. Just as the medical marijuana doesn't remove the pain, the mmj doesn't either. But it does seem to make me mellower and more able to DEAL with the pain. But none of this works anymore. Since Dr. Jane Haveline took me OFF my methadone overnight (despite me having tolerated it properly for 12 years) I am now in a great deal of pain. I have had to add supplements like tumeric, valerian and black cohosh just to help take the edge off. I am NOT better off now. I am only more in pain and miserable. I was fully functional (albeit somewhat limited in scope due to my injuries) on those meds. I could do most my shopping and a good deal of my housework and take pretty good care of myself on them. I never lost them or misplaced them or fooled around with my doc, none of that. I was a good patient,am still, and I need medical help.
In 1986 I sustained traumatic TMJD for which I was prescribed a variety of physical therapies and rxs like vycodin and clonopin and robaxin. In 2003 I fell and completely messed up my left arm's radial and ulnar nerves, had to have surgery on each nerve and a steroid shot that caused necrosis on my wrist for years thereafter. My diagnoses are RSD/CRPS and TMJD. Not only had I managed to stay on pretty much the same dosages (8x19mg mthadone, xoy prn), recently I had asked my prior doctor if I could try backing of the methadone by one pill to see how it worked for me. It didn't work. I had hoped medical marijuana would take the place of the methadone, but the amount of medical marijuana I can afford will not replace the methadone or oxycodone. Btw, I do not get high off my methadone or oxycodone. I simply hurt less. Just as the medical marijuana doesn't remove the pain, the mmj doesn't either. But it does seem to make me mellower and more able to DEAL with the pain. But none of this works anymore. Since Dr. Jane Haveline took me OFF my methadone overnight (despite me having tolerated it properly for 12 years) I am now in a great deal of pain. I have had to add supplements like tumeric, valerian and black cohosh just to help take the edge off. I am NOT better off now. I am only more in pain and miserable. I was fully functional (albeit somewhat limited in scope due to my injuries) on those meds. I could do most my shopping and a good deal of my housework and take pretty good care of myself on them. I never lost them or misplaced them or fooled around with my doc, none of that. I was a good patient,am still, and I need medical help.
I am 46 years old thru my life due to surgeries : back rotor cuff gallbladder removal I was on pain medications and gotten off when I no longer needed them.Until the last 6 years of my life after getting my gallbladder removed I was diagnosed with spnincter oddi and pancrese divisum. 75 visits to the ER I have had many ERCP s cutting my sphincter muscle and stents placed in my duct 2 spncter plasty surgeries endless counts of bouts of pancreatitis.i do take pain medication. Soon as I am able I lower my dose I do not abuse my pain medications I never ever ask for a increase until last month because my last major surgery did not work scare tissue is my issue. Each time I go to pain mng dr I see people who are abusers. I heard one guy when I was signing in say he had his toes crushed years ago when I went to sit in the room were he was he had work boots on, I even saw a lady slumped over and when she did talk her speech was slured. When I have to go to the ER they know I am not a abuser and treat me with respect because of my condition and take care of my needs. I don't know about any one else but I take my medication as prescribed I do not abuse it. I can only speak for my self but living with pancrese pain is not fun. You need food to eat yet food causes pain.I do understand those who abused the system effected those who need the system. It starts from the doctor who proscribes it,then the place who fills it. I go to the same doctor and the same pharmacy .BUT I AM NOT A DRUG ADDICT PLEASE DO NOT TREAT ME LIKE ONE! If you have proof that there is a need to be placed on long term narcotics there should be no issues.
As an Ambassador for the US Pain Foundation, and chronic pain sufferer myself, I could write a novel on the injustices perpetrated upon people who already suffer extensive physical and psychological agony, by the medical community. Please go back to the time when a doctor could actually treat their patients and patients do not have to feel like criminals for being ill.
I have been denied my medication after 20 years. I have had 23 surgeries and in pain 24/7 I can have some type of normal life on the meds. Please every one sign it.
I am a mom of 3 have had back pain for years, my doctor started cutting my medicine off, also I have not been able to get my anti anxiety med for years just started getting it, the nurse told me the reason i couldnt get xanax which helped with my anxiety in the past is because ohio is cracking down on it. For what?! I can not even leave home! This is ridiculous, also I have tons of broken teeth they won't even give me anything for my dental pain at any dentist office, they said after my surgery, which they cant do until September
I am a sufferer from chronic widespread active S.L.E ( Lupus ) and fibromyalgia, also chronic migraines, arthritis, severe widespread nerve pain, muscle pain and spasms, severe bone pain. I spent the last 20 years with this and did all natural approaches to alleviate pain now. The last few years my pain is so severe my only option is narcotic pain medications and muscle relaxants. I am and now in late stages and all my specialist feel it is only a matter of time before I die. Yet, still I am treated as a drug addict and or my specialists can not prescribe some of my medications in fear of the Drug Enforcement Agency "DEA". And are talking about stopping my narcotic paid meds too; even though I pass all required narcotic drug screening with flying colors. Telling me the stretch. And take more predizone which had cause my new bone pain.
I am a Mother of six and stuck in bed. I feel my Rights are being rejected and violatied!!!
We have the right to be pain free when we are knocking on Heaven's Door.
Please, let us citizens who are suffering at the hands of our own government be heard and the changes to this heinous crimes against us legal patients be corrected swiftly.
I Sincerely Thank you with my deepest gratitude. AG
The dea has no place in the doctors office. The dea is circumventing our 4th amendment rights by strong arming doctors. These pain contracts make doctors appointments adversarial. Lets get the dea out of the doctors office.
My girlfriend and I are suffering from many orthopedic problems. I use to get 30 hydrocodone I would sometimes go 90-120 days on 30. If the terrible government had to walk around with what feels like a bullet in my body, they would stop letting the masked gunman storm the pain clinics and our family doctors.( DEA Agents) Our government needs to concentrate on what they are going to do about ISIS. Those guys are gaining strength due to stupid Governing. Oh! by the way if someone wants to jump off a building, let them do it. In other words, if over 16,000 people are dying do to pain meds, let them. The government is not GOD. 100,s of thousands of people are dying monthly because we invaded Iraq. I thought they were doing a good job of fighting Iran for over 2,000 years. I hope our Disabled Vets are not suffering from chronic pain because of our ignorant government. My doctor told me "I cant give you hydrodone any more because the DEA is tough on us". All I could say to my doctor was " The House and Senate members better straighten up or they may be looking for new jobs". Legalize Marijuana and all drugs with a 30% Tax, If people die, they shouldn't have jumped off the building. In other words, drug use in moderation is not a killer. But people who think they can play GODS role, are KILLERS. Please look at your Politicians opinion on this issue and get them out of office if they believe its ok to stop people like me, from getting the little amount of pain medication that I need to be a continued asset to society. Thanks to them, I am a couch potatoe because it hurts to walk, talk, laugh and breathe. 1000's of miligrams of Acetominophen is worse on your liver than 1 pain pill a week!!!! Its a crying shame that we have Americans joining ISIS! Could this be one of the reasons why they are joining them. I certainly hope not!!!!!!!
I have fybromyalgia, osteoarthritis, nerve a bone pain ,degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, spondylolthesis. I had been on pain meds since 2008. I asked for doc to wean me off cuz I wasn't getting helped but judged or I'm sorry. Now I don't have a right to have a quality of life ? Instead I am in bed most of the time .
i think it's outrageous that I as a person with Lupus-SLE and Fibromyalgia and Sciatic Nerve Problems And Discs In My Back That Are Rubbing Bone To Bone Can NOT get a Dr to write me a Prescription for Pain Meds Because The DEA Has Intimated and Threatened The Drs in My Town To Not Write Pain Pill Prescriptions! I Am In Horrific Pain 24/7 !! This Is Not Fair To Me Or The Other True Suffering People! I Have Had Lupus-SLE For 20+ Years And More Things Keep Getting Added On! I Have NEVER Abused Or Been Addicted To Pain Pills. Until Recently I Have Always Been Able To Get Pain Meds For My Diseases! Do You Know What It Is Likr To Wake Up In So Much Pain You Can Barely Make It From Your Bed To The Sofa With Out Crying?? This Needs To Be Changed And The Drs Not Be Intimadated To Write Pain Meds To Their Patients That Have Chronic Daily Pain! I Am Sure If It Was You Or Your Loved Ones You Would Expect Them To Be Able To Get The Pain Meds Immediately And Not Watch Them Suffering Day By Day!! This Needs To Be Changed Immediately!! It Is a Complete Outrage!!
being in chronic pain is the worse thing that could ever have happened to me. My whole existence has changed. I've withdrawn, I'm afraid of doing anything when I'm not in pain, bc I'm afraid it will cause pain, and I have nothing that will help it. It's excruciating. I can't play or be active with my children who are 5 and 20mos. It's ridiculous!
I was a Soldier 22 years. Injured as an MP and in combat. I was treated for back and shoulder issues with surgies. I was on pain medication. Now that I am out I can't find a Dr who will treat me nor can I get the VA to treat my pain and ailments. Thanks for nothing.

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