First Do No Harm: The DEA targets Physicians who treat their patients pain.

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The DEA needs to back off and let the Pain Management Doctors treat their Chronic Pain patients as they deem medically necessary. Leave these legitimate Care Providers alone, and go after the actual drug dealers you allow in the country to run a muck each and every day.
I sure would like to know what a person is supposed to do when all the doctors turn you down because they don't want to take you on as a new patient? My boyfriend is a chronic pain patient, he was dumped by his doctor two years ago and still has not been able to find a doctor because they all keep turning him down and don't want to take him on as a new patient. So he has been suffering in horrible pain for the past two years now. Whatever happened to the days when you went to see a doctor you got to be seen by a doctor? Now they just pick and choose and if your a chronic pain patient they want nothing to do with you because were all a bunch of drug addicts seeking pills and Dr. shopping according to them. This is total ********! Nobody should have to suffer in pain like this if you need to be seen by a doctor you should be able to be treated by a doctor no matter what your medical condition is. The CDC, FDA , and all the pen pushers needs to take their guidelines and shove them up their ass. I would love to see them suffer a day in pain without any pain meds. There are more alcohol related deaths a year then there are opiate overdoses but I don't see them doing anything about that, all they want to do is go after the pain patients. I could keep going on and on but I don't have time.
Life becomes a struggle when you live in constant pain.
I have to go 75 mile for a visit to the Doctor office to renew my perception.I'm 70 years of age American! Now I am treated like a CRIMINAL.The D E A is a failure.As a law biding Citizen I demand this nonsense stops
I I'm a severely disabled paraplegic with chronic degenerative spine and joint disease I have recently been told that my medications will be reduced and stopped... This is the most ridiculous case of throwing out the baby with the bathwater. people who need opoid medications should have access to them
Why do we have to suffer?
I have a bulging disc it's horrible!
Most of the Doctors I run in to are horrific.
When exactly did living in severe pain and having life altering injuries become illegal
I'm a Chronic pain Sufferer who has to jump through hoops just to get any pain meds. My urine had been clean in a drug screen and you would think that's a good thing showing your not out doing all kinds of drugs but then they think your selling it! You gotta be kidding me! If you have MRI's., xrays, and have procedures done for an obvious reason, then obviously you shouldn't be automatically judged and called a drug addict or seller. What happened to our freedom? We can put whatever we want to in OUR own bodies. Stop this unneeded suffering.
You are clearly targeting the wrong group of people.Wake up! There will be more deaths when chronic pain patients are forced to get relief outside of doctor's offices instead of receiving it from a reliable source. I'm near the end of my own rope.I have had brain surgery twice in my life and have recurring head pain from it. The only medicine to date that has helped me have a better quality of life are opiates. I do not abuse them, I don't get high from them either. It helps by relieving 70% of my pain so I can enjoy a better day.When that is taken away from me I am done.I will have no choice but something illegal or something more drastic: suicide.You are the ones responsible.My family will know that it was because I was denied the care I needed that did me in.I won't be alone, others will do the same.It's like science fiction, the government has found a way to rid themselves of 100 million citizens that can't produce because of pain.The sad part is that we do function when we are allowed access to these drugs.It's not addiction,which is a disease,it's called pain management. I'm talking to a wall.
Pain is ruining my life and im 70 doc will not give me enough meds to get thru t day or even have a life
I have been blessed to receive the care that I have, up to this point. I'm feeling like I am on this locomotive bearaling down a track taking me to a place fabricated by government regulators who are determined to undermine my medical care. This reeks of politics. We MUST respond as a group or we will just become some tragic statistic!
Taking pain pills away from chronically ill
people is unethical. I understand abuse.
There is a grey area. People with diseases
that depend on these drugs, myself for 20
years is only going to cause a mass suicide.
You need to listen. Give doctors the right to
treat each patient individually. I HATE taking
pain Meds. I don't have a choice. Before you
Create another problem deal with this one
Correctly. We have a heroin problem not an
Opiate problem.
I had my entire abdominal muscles cut out down to the pubic bone because of cancer tumors and a big piece of mesh to hold my organs in now just skin and mesh. I have 2 young children as well. I live in chronic pain. I can't take anti-inflamatories because 14 years before I had gastric bypass and with that you can't take them or you get ulcers of which I had. I can't take oxy anything because that too gave me an ulcer. I dont doctor shop, I follow all rules, lock up my medication, only use one pharmacy, and pass all my surprise UAs. Have been a ginnea pig for several drugs including NSAIDS that I wasnt supposed to take, got sick from them followed by additional pain from ulcers, or had my stools turn almost white from tramadol from liver issues. Finally found a regimine that worked and was stable for 2 yrs. Still had a level 3-4 on pain scale daily or higher if I was active most the day. But I managed and learned to balance my routine not to increase dosage. Now I have been cut drastically and my bed is once again my only comfort zone. Right when my kids are out of school. Too young to venture on their own and because I can't be that "super mom" other school mom's judge us and leave my kids out of playdates etc. This has affected all of us. I still have a crappy quality of life and so does my family because of me. Now once again I spend my summer in bed and kids with having to be isolated because of me. I didn't ask to get a rare cancer no doubt from the toxic chemicals in all that we eat, drink or breathe thanks to goverment who allows poision in everything but I deserve treatment since there is no other surgery or means to fix my pain unless technology can grow new muscle with nerve endings or turn me into the bionic woman. Walk a mile in my shoes. I want to see you cry in pain as I cant even walk a mile.
I have continuous acute pancreatitis and sphincter of oddi dysfunction- IT CAUSES A PAIN WORSE THAN EVEN CANCER (Dr David Whitcomb, UPMC-Pittsburgh, PA). If you think us suffering with this pain from our own organ actually eating itself alive, is something totally controllable, YOU TRY IT FOR JUST AN HOUR!!! I guarantee that you would be screaming in agony! Many already do commit suicide JUST DUE TO THE PAIN!!! If you take away the only option we have, we are dead in the water!!!!!! The only other option we have is a 33% success rate, VERY CONTROVERSIAL surgery called THE TP/AIT, which ONLY A FEW ARE CANDIDATES and, it, THE TP/AIT, is a total pancreatectomy with auto islet transplant, so they remove your pancreas, DO NOT GIVE YOU ANOTHER ONE- YOU ARE INSTANTLY MADE A BRITTLE DIABETIC, they melt down your pancreas, then extract islet cells from it, amd inject that into your liver duct... CREATING ANOTHER POSSIBLE ISSUE!!! And, it takes an entire year (IF you are one of the LUCKY ONES, altho many are made EVEN WORSE OFF Y THIS LAST DITCH ATTEMPT)... So you go an entire year trying to regain some semblance of your life POSTOP... A year... just to recover from this ATTEMPT AT LIFE... And, that is "IF" it even works,... And "IF" its even successful for any real amount of time at all), because for many, their issues can come back after only a very short time after having this horrifying procedure. Children have pancreatitis also. Some go to the ER and their parents are told that their child must be an alcoholic in order to be siffering from this disease... BECAUSE WE HAVE SO FEW KNOWLEDGABLE PANCREATIC DRS!!! We have to constantly beg for help at facilities all across this nation!!! I dont know how foreigners deal with this, as there are only 12 major pancreatic ctrs worldwide-with 10 of them being located here in the USA!
We, the legitimate pain patients that are monitored monthly, need our medication to have some quality of life. Think about how many suicides there will be when you take them off their medications that are giving them - and their families quality of life. Imagine waking up every day feeling like you just had surgery- imagine this happening to a person in your family or worse- you. I wish you could spend one day in my body. I have CRPS- I'm sure you don't even know what it is. I have it systemically- meaning throughout my my nervous system. Please think before acting like we all are street drug abusers or pill poppers- no one I know wants to be on opioids , we just want quality of life!
Chronic pain is no joke! Don't violate my human rights & civil liberties!
I want the right, not to suffer.
Please give me my dependence not addicted drug back so I can function again with 8 chronic illnesses to raise my family
It truly isn't fair that we are being denied treatment because of drug addicts; most of whom use heroin which is an opioid and has always been illegal and the DEA hasn't put a dent into. Yet law-abiding pain management patients are being punished for what's being called an "opioid epidemic" We have a right to humane, proven treatment. Diabetics must inject insulin with syringes yet common sense says they're not the reason for IV drug abusers and having treatment withheld. This has to stop before more are driven to suicide because they can't perform basic everyday ADLs. This has to stop; it's becoming worse than treatment in third world countries.
I have been labeled a drug seeker for no reason and have since not had a day of relief. I am in constant pain and don't want to live like this. this is going to push those who just want a normal life pain free to street drugs or death. Stop teaching our doctors how to not treat a patient this is getting ridiculous. Our Dr are supposed to help us not abandon us.
Our pain medication patients are being shoved to the streets. With 12 yrs of records, MRI's, injections, procedures, etc. and the doctor turns a blind eye, to it, due to pressures from DEA, and CDC, etc. Let the man do his job, without interference, by those that do not know, what a person deals with. To many, this act will send them straight to heroin, or anything else that will allow one to have a moveable/mobile existence. Being in bed, all the time, is no way to live. Please act, and help. Thank you. MO-SIGNED
I am a pain patient. I have dealt with several compression fractures, Osteoarthritis, and depression. I have had 1 doctor actually back me out of all I have seen, But he retired. Now I cannot find anyone that will take me. I have even been told "I hurt too much for the problems I have or that I have no pain tolerance." That was said in one sentence by a UAB neurologist!!! I can't find a pain doctor that takes my insurance, and I cannot afford to private pay.
I am now writing a book about my 25 year battle with RSD/CRPS and the stigmas attached to an otherwise healthy successful person.
You cleaned out the pill mills and the few corrupt doctors but now you are hurting real patients real doctors real families that are all just trying to get & give good medical care for those suffering in pain everyday every night of every month year after year to the point it makes you wish for death. So please let us have our doctors that actually care to lessen our suffering so we can stop wishing for death stop killing ourselves because every access to pain medications is being cut off. Look at the increased drug use on the streets the increase of chronic pain patients dying of heart attacks & strokes from unrelieved pain. Those that are & will continue to find pain relief in death by suicide. Stop the unnecessary death we want to live but so many left without relief just can't. Is there no empathy no compassion left in anyone anymore? That you would continue to target the weakest unable to fight back of patients & their needed doctors? Stop the Heroin stop Chinas Lethal Fentynal that arrived just in time for prohibition on opioid pain medications entering the country.
Yes I think it's messed up. I see my partner struggle every day because she is in pain and doctors don't want to do anything or prescribed anything stronger for her because they don't want there license revoked but yet they should have it revoked since there harming people
Tens of thousands will die if you do not drop this ******** war against pain patients. Each of you should be brought up on murder charges for taking away quality of life from those who want to live. Screw your war on drugs...IT HAS NEVER WORKED.
I used to love to watch my husband work. He could do anything: fix a CB radio, work on a car, construction, plumbing, electrical.... When my oldest daughter was born, we didn't have cell phones. We had a car CB and he Gerry rigged a home CB out of a mobile CB and a makita battery charger so I could get ahold of him when he wasn't home.

Now I get to watch him cry in pain nightly, bouncing his legs non stop, hitting his thighs and hips, unable to sleep for 2-3 nights because pain won't let him, some days barely able to dress himself with assistance. I get to hear his cries of, " this is too much. This is just too much. I can't bare it any more, I need to end it all." I get to watch as he is treated like a drug addict and worse. I get to hear the unkind comments people feel they have the right to say to someone suffering, especially a man. I get to see my husband go from a strong, vibrant man to a crumpled, hopeless, shell just holding on so he won't leave me alone in this world.

Doctors don't see this. They only see him for 15-20 minutes each month. Nurses don't see it. Pharmacists don't see it. Politicians, rehab "specialists", drug companies, all those with their own agendas, they don't see the day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute torment my husband and, yes, myself, by extension, live with.

I watch those commercials about animal cruelty and save the animals and look over at my husband with tears streaming down his face. Where are the commercials for treating humans with humanity and compassion?
I am a chronic pain patient, and I have tried a wide variety of therapies for my pain, including injections, acupuncture, acupressure, massage therapy, physical therapy, exercise, diet changes, NSAIDs, anti-depressants, and other medications, and nothing else works for me but opioids.

Doctors go to school for at least 12 years to earn their medical degrees, plus they often receive additional years of training to become specialists (like pain management doctors). I believe this extensive training and the life experience they gain from working in their field and networking with their colleagues makes them far more qualified than any member of the government to decide what's best for their patients. How a doctor treats a pain patient should be private, and kept between patient and doctor. It should be my decision to put a medication into my body or not, no one else's.

I understand the risks of taking opioid medications, but I also understand the far greater risks of taking NSAIDs, anti-depressants, and getting spinal injections (look up arachnoiditis if you don't already know). It is not my fault as a patient that other people become addicted to these substances, abuse them, or distribute them illegally on the street. Addicts are not more important than chronic pain patients, and to restrict our access to these medications for the benefit of drug addicts is a blatant and offensive human rights violation.

I also don't understand why opiates are suddenly such a large concern for law enforcement and government officials. Yes, they have the potential to be addictive and create dependency, but so does alcohol, tobacco, anti-depressants, anti-anxiety medications, sugar, caffeine, etc. There are many substances in this world that can cause addiction, and people can even become addicted to gambling, which doesn't even involve chemicals or drugs of any kind. People with a predisposition to addiction will not be magically cured or kept clean by any number of strict new laws or crackdowns. The only people you are hurting by doing this are chronic pain patients like myself, and you are helping no one. Addicts will still find a way to get their fix, while those in need of relief will continue to suffer.

Yes, opiates can be taken in a high enough dose to kill a human, but so can alcohol, so can NSAIDs, so can benzodiazepines, so can caffeine, and these are all completely legal. Everything I've just listed, with the exception of the benzos, are over the counter. There's not even an age restriction on NSAIDs and caffeine! Children can buy a case of Red Bull, drink it all, and die, but no one's waging a war on energy drinks. Please, I implore you to see reason. Anyone with the power to make decisions on these matters, please, consider chronic pain patients. We are human beings, and we deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, not as common criminals and drug addicts.

Even if all of your peers are pushing you to continue this unfair treatmen
As a sufferer from CRPS, I hope my physician is able, and allowed, to treat my pain. Without pain relief, I will die from lack of sleep because the pain is that intense. CRPS is real. Pain is real. Those of us that suffer need to know that we can, and will, be taken care of by our physician(s).
I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 23 years ago and managed to work s full time job and live a fairly productive life without pain management with opioids. Two years ago, I was diagnosed with CRPS and everything changed. This is the most painful syndrome known to man. I tried sympathetic nerve blocks and they did not last. I had a SCS implanted to block the pain signals to my brain. This is not a cure and only reduces my pain by about 50%. For the breakthrough pain, I do take an opioid. I can no longer work, and I have worked since the age of 14. No one wants this life. We do deserve some kind of relief without feeling like drug seekers or psychologically impaired because our pain is unbearable.
I am early into my Chronic pain journey of 10 years, where I managed my fibromyalgia mindfully and without utilizing a pain management system. it wasn't until 3 years ago I now had a failed back surgery, Intractable pain, degenerative disc disease etc., that I have discovered I have been naive in my belief that pain management was health 'care,' and I was viewed as a patient. Was I ever wrong. I discovered this by attempting to move my pain management closer to my work for convenience. Without counsel neither practitioner explained the 'rules.' The new pain management doctor abandoned me forcing me to a Same Day Care facility as he wouldn't cover any of my medications.. he wouldn't even provide anything for the pending withdrawal. I am now in between doctors and having to travel over 2 1/2 hours to find quality care. I have no control over what has happened to me, yet I am treated as if I do. I am forced to provide UAs when I have never broken any contract and pay for them myself. I am forced to be seen monthly for the needed prescriptions, and to pay for each of those visits as well. I don't dare ask a medical question or have a concern about the continued unmanaged pain without being seen as a 'drug seeker.' It took 3 months of request to finally get someone to do another MRI to see if something has changed so I could maybe seek a cure? I could go on and on about my disgust in the medical system, and the torture by my own government. Without my medications, I will be forced on disability from a job of 23 ears, as I cannot walk across a room let alone get out of bed. My pain is blinding unmedicated.

I do hope the few doctors that are intelligent to know that these are guidelines not mandates will hang in there with us, providing compassionate care and guidance. Thank you
I was dictating my letter in some sentences it refers to DEA and oranges it should have said the DEA has lost the was on drugs. Another part has the word meat it was to have read the doctor has cut me down to an eighth of what i was prescribed. In addition, what kind of care do these elected officials get when they hurt. You know for a fact it's not an and slollipop.
I'm a chronic pain sufferer, not an addict. I have CRPS, complex regional pain syndrome. There is no cure for CRPS. Without my medication I would not be able to get out of bed. I have pain 24/7. On a scale of 0-10 it's usually at 11. If you don't let my doctor treat me with my medication I won't be able to try to function, to try to take care of my family the way they deserve to be taken care of . I've had sympathetic blocks, radio frequency ablation, cuff shots.....nothing has given me any relief.
Please don't take away the one thing that gives me a slight chance to be normal
The shame of it all is that doctors are no longer interested in caring for the patient. The DEA has been bullying doctors who treat pain patients as criminals themselves I am in constant pain and sense being changed to another doctor, they send me to a doctor who cuts meat in an eighth of what I've had prior I can no longer sit stand or sleep so what soon follows after that, is depression. There are so many more ways the dollars that are given to the DEA could be spent. All the DEA is doing is bullying doctors that are trying to help patients. If they think they have beaten the orange they are deeply mistaken. Yes there are those that have used these drugs but for people like myself and people that are suffering from chronic pain they help us live and at least participate in some activity. I can't afford to have people do maintenance on my home so I have to do it myself so I suffer even longer after I've had to you then redo my roof on my house paint the trim on my house or do any other strenuous actions or activities. Congress should take a long look at the Hippocratic Oath and read each word over and over again. They are making the medical field of pain reduction a crime.
I've suffered in chronic pain for 20 years.. prior to that horrible incident that led to my injury, I struggled with endometriosis since my first menstrual cycle. Surgeries and hormones and injections were only band aids. In 2010 I found a real caring physician. . After a thorough medical review and MRIs and cat scans... I was given the lowest does of vicodin. I was able to provide attention to my children, keep my job and actually smile.
Fast forward to NOW... I have been transferred to hawaii, (medical care is in the dark ages here) I am limited to only a couple physicians and they consider the opioid war a war on them. My new doctor has now given me tylenol 3 instead. .
Let me break it down for you idiots... I have SEVERE endometriosis, Fibromyalgia , lupus and scoliosis. I am in pain. I have to work... rent is 3000 dollars a month here and I make 18 dollars an hour. I don't have the luxury of calling in sick with excruciating pain every other day. ALL PHARMACIES HERE ON THIS GOD FORSAKEN ISLAND play judge and jury... even with tylenol 3. Pull your heads out of your asses and realize that this "great plan" to stop drug abuse/misuse is failing us.. the true victims of your ********.
Don't punish chronic pain patients or the doctors who treat them. Is our quality of life not important? I've had a ten-level spinal fusion and have pseudoarthrosis, severe degenerative disc disease, scoliosis (65̊*) with kyphosis-lordosis deformity, sciatica, spondylolisthesis, stenosis, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, and neuropathy, just to name a few. I'm allergic to every NSAID I've tried (I guess I must be a drug-seeking addict), as well as morphine and gabapentin, so unless I can take opioids, I'm pretty much screwed. Please allow my doctors to treat me, not government bureaucrats.

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