First Do No Harm: The DEA targets Physicians who treat their patients pain.

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EVERYONE deserves to be treated with dignity. Just because a person uses narcotics does not make him/her an addict, an abuser of meds or wrong to take pain meds. Do not assume we are "bad" folks.
Im ready to give up and Die, than live in constant pain. Its free and i dont need a Drs script for this!
It is not only pain medication, but it is also anti anxiety medications. Doctors will prescribe anything BUT what was designed for anxiety as they are benzophobic, knowing full and well what they are prescribing will not work. I have suffered for YEARS with no relief. I have nearly taken my own life several times because I can't take it anymore. Then when I finally do reach out, every time I am treated like a drug seeker and treated like I am scum of the earth. I have been yelled at, labeled and this is cruel and abusive medicine. If I wanted to get high, there is a bar down the street! This is so I can function, not because I want to get high. It is a broken system and doctors need to be more compassionate. I seriously struggle to make it through one more day... each and every day. When you go to a doctors office they ask "Are you a victim of abuse" in their surveys and it is all I can do to not say "Yes, at your hands". It is barbaric what is going on in the medical profession.
Please! Help those of us with chronic pain. All these regulations are hurting us, legitimate users of pain medication. The drug addicts never have a problem getting there's.
The war on drugs is basically wasting taxpayer money. Go after the smugglers!
I suffer from chronic pain and it is still unfounded by doctors to find out why. After 2 1/2 years I have lived in pain to the point of not being able to work, not qualifying for ss benefits and trying to live on a meager allowance. Not everyone enjoys taking medications, but some people need them to have some sort of life.
I just found this site after searching for the last week and a half. I have a very good friend who is a physician and the wonderful DEA, Medical Board, and Pharmaceutical board apparently investigated this physician and decided because he was prescribing pain medications (controlled substances) to his patients he was running a "pill mill." I had no clue until this what a "pill mill" was. Now I do, and my personal opinion is this: As both a patient and professional nurse, this has gone beyond ridiculous. A perfectly good doctor is suspended based on some less than credible sources that accused this physician of prescribing too many controlled substances. I, personally do not use pain medications although I do have severe scoliosis as well as arthritis in my spine. However, as a nurse I have seen many patients/individuals who suffer and I believe that it is not fair to cart off doctors (especially when there are plenty of illegal drugs being used on the street that is causing MAJOR problems). I firmly believe that physicians have the expertise to make decisions as to whether their patient(s) need pain medications.
I just want to say that I am PRO LIFE. I do not like the comparison to abortion clinics, However I do not like the government interfering in my health care much more. I am sending this petition to all I know.
I can't believe how much I could relate to this article. I have been misunderstood and mistreated by doctors and pharmacists when I live every minute in pain. How many pain illnesses do I have to have to be treated? How many medicines do I have to try (and have adverse side effects to) before getting help with pain? Why is it that the doctors are no longer treating the whole patient? Great question! I have to see a different doctor for each symptom and none of them work together in my care. It is not only the elderly that consider suicide due to low quality of life and lack of medical attention.
I am no longer considered a "pain patient." I still have the pain (I have a very painful condition). The pain did not magically disappear. No, no. You see, because of government interference, my doctor turned on me, took me off the medication which allowed me to function (note: I did not say function better -- I mean FUNCTION, period) labeled me, and treated me as if I was an abuser WHICH I AM NOT, AND NEVER HAVE BEEN. No, I am no longer a pain patient -- I am back to being a bed-ridden PAIN SUFFERER. Stop this cruelty NOW.
We are not the one's breaking the law by having our pain meds prescribed its all the other people who doctor shop that makes it hard for the ones who really need the pain meds to get them
I'm severely allergic too Lyrica & gabbapentine. My "doctor", after 6 years of CONFIRMED CRPS, decided to "wake up" my body by decreasing my pain medication. I was lucky enough to also be under the care of another chronic pain professional who reported my "marked deterioration in daily living activities". After 3 months my medication was reinstated...however the harm inflicted upon myself & my family are insurmountable. All in the name of the "war on drugs".
I too have had this issue. Me and my mom both a retired nurses. When I ask for anything to help with the pain I get looked at and treated like a junkie! My coccyx has been broken several times and I am unable to sit for long periods of time but my doctor just refuses to help until I get to a pain specialist. Even tagged me a negative label just because I asked for relief. This is bull and driving people to the streets to seek out relief. They need to research who's actually abusing it instead of making people like us suffer
I had two failed back surgeries and there are days that I am not be able move or get up from my recliner or bed because the pain is so excruciating. The pain medication helps me with the back pain and to be able to walk. Without pain medication I will be in constant pain and in a wheelchair or not able to get out of bed. I hope you never feel this constant pain that is usually 8 and above, I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy yet I have run out of options and the only way to alleviate my pain is not ibeuprofin, I strongly ask you to look at each case differently. The disabled and people in chronic pain need pain medication in order to survive!! Please rethink this carefully!!!
Well let's hope they can experience pain and not be treated
Doctors seem to no longer care about managing pain and will often tell the patient to take ibuprofen. Even though ibuprofen usually doesn't work for chronic pain, it is by far, harder on the body and causes many more complications than most narcotics. The doctor ha been scared into leaving the patients in horrible pain to satisfy the DEA. In the long run it will lead to more drug abuse and deaths as patients attempt to self medicate to ease their chronic pain using sedatives,otc drugs and other legal and possibly illegal drugs. You can only live in chronic pain for so long before it takes a tole on you mind and many will decide that life is no longer worth living.
With out the relief of my pain meds I would not survive. Some days I can't move even with them. If you take them away I will be in a wheelchair and completely house bound.
Please please stop the discrimination against the disabled that require narcotics to leave the bed as I do. I have never been arrested and hate the discrimination that I face daily because of my diseases. How can the DEA determine how much medication I require? It's been 8 years of being disabled and looking at the same bedroom wallpaper. I pray daily for relief from the pain that the narcotics don't ease. I would love just to go to Wal-Mart but can't walk that far. I so appreciate your help and information. Your support has been priceless and such a blessing. Thank you.
I'm 46 and have had scoliosis since I was a teenager. I had surgery at 17 with a Herrington rod installed in the length of my back and spinal fusion, I only have three moveable vertabre. I have worked hard all my life, self managing pain with nothing or Tylenol for over twenty years. Now for the last half dozen years my pain has skyrocketed due to degeneration and still having a twisted spine. (Only partially straightened). I've had spinal shots with minimal results, I've had a spinal cord stimulator installed, which helps some, and have been on relatively strong pain medication which keeps my pain level at about 60% on average, hardly a good life but at least I can move around some.
NOW the DEA is constantly harassing doctors and I can't get adequate medical treatment. My first pain management doctor suddenly quit treating patients as chronic and started cutting medication down. After MONTHS I finally got settled into a new pain management doctor, now he has closed up shop due to some harassment, he had three offices, all his patients hanging in the wind either finding an emergency clinic or winding up in the emergency room with no medication. I went to an emergency doctors clinic and they helped with medications and a referral for a new doctor. You can't even see most doctors anymore without a referral and a minimum of THREE WEEKS just to get an office visit. He is helping temporarily but is getting out of pain managment . he is referring me to yet another doctor and at the same time drastically cutting my medication, leaving me where most days making it to the kitchen for a cup of coffee is my limit.

This path and stance that the DEA is taking leads to insanity and death for honest, law abiding citizens that have worked hard all their lives and are now being treated as sub standard human beings for political posturing and making the budget from fines slapped on doctors. Its bad enough its hard enough to find a doctor that actually understands chronic pain and doesn't treat you like a criminal even though you have xrays and mri's showing your problems, but now the good doctors can't, or won't do their job for fear of being fined, arrested or God knows what. ALL my doctors were careful of who they treated, randomly drug tested patients (sad its come to this) and carefully track where they fill their prescriptions and when.
At this point I have completely lost faith in our system and our political representation to support and work for and with the people. PLEASE redress this travesty on humanity in America.
Pain treatments have kept me working for an extra 5 years. I could have given up and went on dis ability, but I found a great Doctor and because of his treatment regimen I still work with my severe back pain manageable. I understand there are people who are abusing pain meds why I don't know. They coat the receptors in the brain to block nerve pain. They are the ones that need to be dealt with. I would ask you take another look at this situation after all we are hard working Americans who have worked hard all our lives. Stop the abusers.
This doesn't just happen with chronic pain. I have a definitive diagnosis that, under normal circumstances before this year, would have been a legitimate reason to prescribe pain medication. But because my first pain clinic made a mistake, something I can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt was a mistake, I can't get into any other clinics and my doctor is too afraid to prescribe me pain meds himself.

I've been unable to work for 2 months, I had to hire a lawyer to help me fight for FMLA and STD, despite clear medical evidence supporting those, and still haven't gotten those. The depression my situation has caused me has gotten bad enough that I have been suicidal on several occasions. I'm not an addict. But I'm dangerously close to becoming a casualty in your war on prescription drugs.
I suffer from chronic pain due to a biological condition and a bad surgeon. I have had dark thoughts more times than I can count. Worse, my family suffers as I do because many times they don't have their father, due to the extreme debilitating pain. The sad truth is that most people do not know what real pain is, but they think they do because they suffer from minor aches and pains caused by adding or had a simple headache.
I hurt every day and have for years, I do not go to doctors as most will do nothing for the pain yet charge a arm and a leg. I try and work some but then the days I do not work I cannot move, I do not go out much as I pay for it later, I can not sit for any length of time so I avoid places where I have to sit. the DEA needs to let patients be treated with meds that help them period.
People who have no pain have no way to understand chronic pain. I have been on pain meds for several years and only take them when needed. My doctor knows my needs and addresses them. That's his job not the DEA..
No one should ever ever have to feel like a criminal in any sense of the word because they have a debilitating disorder that causes great pain and with some f us that is just one f many symptoms we have to deal with. The condition alone has wrecked our lives and then to add true insult to injury we as patients are treated as criminals when any number of things that are in NO way related to medication can cause addiction. It is not unfair it is inhuman and MUST!! STOP!!
Legitimate pain patients that can't get help seek out drug dealers. It's wrong to label people who suffer and creates more problems un society and desperation & depression.
Pain management is vital for many people to live a worthwhile life or at least be able to care for themselves!
I have herniated L 5 disc, sciatica from that, fibromyalgia . I am an RN and dont want to takenarcotic meds. I had a tens unit which helped vry much but I have a birthmark on my lower back where the electrodes must be placed and my skin breaks down, preventing its use. I have been taking tramadol for over 12 yrs. which allows me to work. I am still in pain every day. My primary doctor says the govt watches him prescribing it and wants me to go to a pain mgmt doctor. I have been trying for a week to find one. Many have left my state, the others are not accepting new patients. Our legitimate doctors are scared to give long time patients medications they need for documented medical problems. Peop l e are going to begin commiting suicide like in the days of Dr. Kervorkian.. That was the reason pain mgmt. as a specialty came into being. What is going to happen is anyones guess. Congress will have to rein in the DEA and set up guidelines, where doctors can be free to provide medical care to their patients.
I've watched my husband who was crippled in a fall off a roof putting up shingles and since 2004 has needed pain medication for the nerve pain in his legs and from a broken femur and torso. he was only 30 at the time and he was given adequate opiate pain-killing medication to take 3 times a day until 2012 when his regular pharmacy refused to fill an order for meds he'd taken for almost 10 years. He was taking 10mg/500mg hydrocodone/acetaminophen every 8 hours for which was increased as his pain increased from 5mg in 2003 to 10 mg in 2008 and he had been on it regularly and could function. The medication did not make him sleepy or dizzy because it was acting on REAL PAIN and there was no abuse of it. If he waited longer than 8 hours to take his meds the pain would become intolerable to the point that his legs cramped so badly he needed to go to the ER and got a shot of Dilaudid !2mg! to stop the pain! after that he stuck to his regimen like clockwork and didn't need any increase since 2008. He has suffered from ulcers due to stress so he can't take Aspirin, Motrin, or Aleve without GI bleeding. In 2013 his doctor told him that he was not able to give him prescriptions for pain anymore unless he visited a pain management doctor. My husband already saw a neurologist who validated that in 2008 the need for an increase in pain medication was needed, but the "pain doctor" said my husband needed to begin taking a prescription for Ibuprofen instead of his regular meds. His hydroconone was hard enough on his stomach that he had to take it with milk or food, but Motrin was out of the question. When my husband asked for his regular medication the doctor instead tried to get him to take shots of lidocaine instead. My husband agreed to the shots but insisted on his regular pain killers fearing another trip to the ER and feeling the same pain he had in his legs and torso. The pain "doctor" accused my husband of being an addict and loudly told him to get out of his office. My husband returned to his primary doctor and told him about the incident and was told that he should have taken the lidocaine shots and Motrin as he was told to do, knowing full well my husband could not take the Motrin with gastritis and GI ulcers. My husband left without pain meds. I drove him to the neurologist the next week and that was his last day of medication. The neurologist wrote the script after asking my husband to submit to a urine drug test which he did out of desperation. He went back to the Neurologist and was seen by another neurologist who worked with his neurologist who told him he needed to take Motrin. When my husband explained he could not he was told to take Extra Strength Tylenol and to go to pain management if he still needed THAT type of opiate pain killer because he was not able to write a script for that. My husband demanded to see his regular neurologist and was told by a secretary that his doctor was not there ALL that day, yet in passing the lounge for the fac
The DEA should never focus on a physician! Unless the agent has been trained (as a neurologist, orthopedic surgeon, anesthesiologist, or similar) how could he/she possibly assess the pain level of any particular patient or condition!

Addiction can and will happen. The answer to this problem is to destigmatize addiction and provide easy to access programs. Addictions can be horrible on the individuals, the families and communities. However, many people who never take a prescription narcotic end up with addiction issues.

I believe the DEA should focus on the tunnels that bring drugs across the border from Mexico everyday. Or perhaps the people without medical degree. Or better still perhaps not the patients with legitimate needs for pain medication. Because the result of today's strategy is only resulting in fearful doctors who do not treat chronic pain patients with the appropriate level of care.

And the illegal drug trade goes on everyday... unlicensed, uneducated, and untaxed. For the DEA to focus anywhere but within this demographic is ridiculous.
I don't think its fair that those of us that have chronic pain should be without or medicines. Taking those away may harm all of us then do good. Many of us would be in the ER and no one will be able to help us because its a chronic pain issue. I think the whole government needs to relook at things before making it into a law or anything else they are trying to do. I am a suffer from chronic pain and its not easy living with this everyday and wonder how long the pain will last will I be able to get up in the morning and be a productive citizen not if they take away pain meds. None of us would be happy if you choose to follow this regulation. Please look out for the citezens with chronic pain.
The DEA keeps justifying it's existence by waging war on the powerless chronic pain patient. I have chronic abdominal pain from Crohn's disease. I was forced to seek out a Suboxone clinic after my doctor would no longer prescribe opioids. Now I exist on a combination of Subutex and Tramadol. That's all I can get. Together they work to make the pain level bearable. But now my Tramadol script I fear will be cut. My PCP had no problem prescribing 240 50 mg tablets per month. But now since the new law has scheduled Tramadol, I know trouble is coming. Who creates these new barriers ? Certainly no one who has had real pain for any length of time. I read that only 3 people out of 100,000 have trouble with tramadol every year. (overdose and addiction) Is that reason enough to make life more difficult for the 99,997 people who use the drug properly ? Since when does a tiny minority dictate policy to the majority ? I know it's the norm for pain politics, but this has to change. My story is minor compared to what many of you are going through. Therefore I wish every one of you, less pain and Doctors who will live up to the Hippocratic Oath and treat the needs of the patient. I also hope and pray the DEA will be dismantled. They serve no useful purpose. They only cause misery for pain patients, their families, doctors, and pharmacies. The legal system has no right to dictate and interfere with medical policy.
The DEA needs to focus more on drug dealers than those of us that live with chronic pain daily!! If they walked a day in my shoes they would definitely would have a different view on this!!
So now I'm a criminal because I have chronic pain? This is just great.
You mother ****ers!!! How dare you bully physicians who are only trying to help ppl with REAL chronic pain issues. You have NO RIGHT to dictate how a physicians treat their patients. I suffer every single day from your bullying & it's not at all fair or just. The Constitution states that you do not have the right to dictate what a person puts in their own body. I have a very limited quality of life because of you ****s, & I'm sick of it! We are not criminals or animals. We are human beings who suffer every single day because of your ********! Stay the hell out of people's life, & allow us to be treated as human beings who deserve to live pain free.
Not everyone who takes pain medication does so out of addiction or to get high. I have suffered from spinal cord damage (which shows up on every MRI I have ) for the past 9 years which causes unbearable burning pain in my hands, neck and upper back, as well as weakness. I was afraid of getting dependent on pain medication not afraid of addiction as I actually hate the hazy feeling it causes but physical dependency which I have never experienced. The result, I have spent most of my days lying on the sofa watching TV. I thought I was doing well by making 30 pain pills last 6 months taking them only when I literally could not take it anymore. I had tried anti-seizure medications which are often prescribed for chronic nerve pain but found I couldn't think at all, my husband thought I was getting Alzheimers because I repeatedly asked the same questions all day long, day after day. I had anaphylaxis (life threatening allergic reaction) to an non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication and was told to never take any related medications again even aspirin. So opiate pain medicationss were my only choice which as I said I thought I was doing my self a favor by only occasionally taking one. Well I caused myself far more damage than the pain medication ever would have. Because my life was so sedentary, spending most of the time lying on the sofa, over the past 9 years I gained over 60 pounds and now find myself with wide spread vascular disease, very high cholesterol, high blood pressure, severe swelling of hands and feet,and shortness of breath, I am out of breath just going the few feet from the living room to the bathroom. Now what am I supposed to do, exercise? The severe pain and cardiovascular symptoms now make that impossible. Think twice before you try and scare a person with true, provable pain into not taking narcotics for severe pain even when other methods have failed. I have no doubt that my life expectancy has been shortened by living with poorly controlled pain, not to mention that I have not been able to enjoy my life these past years.
The author of this article clearly understands the gravity of this deplorable situation that chronic pain patients are experiencing on a daily basis. Myself and others have been scorned by medical staff both in clinics, urgent care facilities, and emergency rooms throughout the United States. The DEA has targeted the wrong population. As taxpayers, we are essentially paying their salary and funding their witch hunt

Presently, the situation is grave. Withdrawal is not only dangerous, it can be deadly. Every individual has the right to life. What we have been given is a life sentence of uncontrollable pain, loss of family support, and sadly for others dying alone.
The author of this article clearly understands the gravity of this deplorable situation that chronic pain patients are experiencing on a daily basis. Myself and others have been scorned by medical staff both in clinics, urgent care facilities, and emergency rooms throughout the United States. The DEA has targeted the wrong population. As taxpayers, we are essentially paying their salary and funding their witch hunt

Presently, the situation is grave. Withdrawal is not only dangerous, it can be deadly. Every individual has the right to life. What we have been given is a life sentence of uncontrollable pain, loss of family support, and sadly for others dying alone.
It's ********, the Government wants to get control how the Doctors are doing their jobs! Why the hell aren't the Doctors Fighting this CRAP if it's such a big deal!! They obviously don't give a******either.
Have suffered with chronic pain for the last 10+ years. Had a drug program that was working for me. Did not eliminate all the pain but the pain was tolerable and I could function. Now the DEA has made it so difficult for me to get the drugs I need. Doctors are afraid of losing their licenses that they will just tell you too bad can't help you. I go to a pain clinic but now they are also falling under the DEA's cuts. I wish these people who are supposed to be watching out for us would have to suffer the pain I do. I guarantee that things would change. When did we become so uncaring in the country that we let people suffer to the point of just wanting to kill themselves to end the pain. This needs to stop!! I am sorry that there are those that abuse these drugs. Those people will abuse something, I guarantee. So, I must pay the price for those who just want to get high. Shame on you DEA
I would like to say as a chronic pain patient with 4 bulging disk in my back and and 2 disk's have 2 degenerative disk's in my lower back and 2 bulging in my neck with bone spurs. And I can't get the pain meds I need anymore so that leaves me with no life but lots of pain and it's not far that people with ligitment pain with mri's can't get there pain meds and now they have the drug mortering system it should make things easyer buy the DAMN DEA needs to but out of this so people with legitimate pain can live a some what decent life. The dea needs to deal with real drug dealers and leave us alone but it to bad they have bullied all the pharmacy's but it needs to be fixed soon and people need to do a class action lawsuit to tell DEA.
Make the decision for yourselves and your health, not mine or others.
Ive been strong most of my life.Worked since i was 13yrs old. College educated. I became ill when i was workin.Rheomtoid,Diabetes, degenerative disc, ended up getting fired for calling in sick.I applied for SS and i retired. I was put on many steriods and pain pills. It helped my life tremendously.I could walk again and be with my children n grandchildren.I had a life and i was happy. Now I got cut off my pain medicines.Its been 7 Months now and no doctor will even give me Tylenol or ibuprofen!I'm back in isolation in bed. I can walk or do normal stuff like hold a coffe cup.Type hurts my fingers. I'm treated like my pain is a lie. even though I've been diagnosed . I want to die or hope to die to end this excruciating pain.
Im a 55 yr.old conic pain patient.I've had ,9 (nine) total hip replacement s!
I was ran over @ 15 yrs of age.
We don't choose this type of life.
We just try to make the best of it. The label we receive at times are not
Fair.just like the label we reciprocate ya'll with! We're not the bad guys. Just
the hurt one's.
The medication that I was taking is suddenly unavailable to me,it was cut in half.I was on same dose for twelve to fifteen years.
I have had four major spine surgeries and I cannot stand or walk/failed surgeries over 40 years.i was an athlete,no drugs and my spine is destroyed.
My wife and son have abandoned me.So I live alone in a condo with my dog and pay people to grocery shop,walk my dog.
I was a successful investment broker and near Olympic type boxer,weightlifter,a Horatio Alger story.
Without 3-5 pills a day taken away in an America that I do not recognize.
If my beloved Father were here he would tell you...."Danny does not care for any pills."
This is ridiculous that the DEA has control, I agree it is none of their business and for when I go in to talk to the doctor and be labeled behind my back, PLEASE You try going through the pain as much as I put up with it, what happened to doctors treating patients right! This right here isn't, like I always say I have a lot more better things to do in my day then to go see the doctor, if you think if something that I already have like ibuprofen, Morton worked for me I sure in the hell wouldn't go see the doctor! I know my body, I know how much pain i can handle, but when I go in to go get help and finally now from a surgeon agrees with me, i understand that their are people out there too look out for, but if you had to go through the pain I deal with everyday you would agree with me that it affects the daily activity's and that label would change, just know that most people including me out there shouldn't have to have labels be put on us. It's not right, we never asked to have back problems, or knee pains that will affect most of us for the rest of our life. We need a change specially for the ones who suffer Real joint, knee ect... Pains. I don't ever encourage pain medicine use or any other medicines but now that I experience it, I know how it feels to suffer from knee pain and have the same go on with my other knee and have to live with that for the rest of my life.
I've had three back surgery's and the pain before during and for a time after, the pain was unbearable. If these people want to put pressure of doctors who help chronic pain patients, I pray to God that they have to endure the same pain but with nothing to control the pain. Let them see what's going on. You can't play God and expect that what you put out won't come back around.
Im am a nurse in california. I am appalled at the DEA and am super mad that they have any rights to your medical records at your own dr office and pharmacy. Pain is the 5th vital sign. It is none of there business what u take or why you take whatever you have been prescribed. Americans must stand up and fight for their right to pain control. Thwy are not professionals in the healthcare field and as such should have no say or access to your records. If you are in pain you deserve relief and if your doctor is trained to control your pain then thats his job. This must come to an end. Frustrated and mad. Where is our privacy
Doctors who ignore or turn their backs on patients with chronic pain, push us into an unbearable corner. I have personal experience of being turned away and made to feel like a drug seeker as opposed to a patient seeking pain relief! It drives the patient deeper into depression. I've isolated myself all summer. My house, family,friends, finances & marriage are falling apart. I was successful in my career prior to my back injury. I never did drugs before in my life until my failed back surgery. I was prescribed better pain medications when I only had 1 bulged disc. After surgery, I leaked CSF fluid for 24 days before the surgeon agreed to schedule an MRI. Every call I made to him complaining of the typical spinal headache and increased pain, made me feel like a drug seeker. Since the botched surgery, I now have 3 herniated discs, one of which is broken and pinching L5 sI nerve. I feel like my chart is flagged that I am nothing but a drug seeker. My surgeon, family doctor and physical therapist all feel I need pain management doctor. My pm doctor told me I need to learn how to deal with my pain and move on with my life. So, I lay in my bed and cry. I can see why people turn to drug dealers on the street. And...I'm close to calling my ex-brother in law and asking HIM for help. Atleast I know I wont be turned away.
This country is not about freedoms it is about small but powerful elitists who think they can decide what is best for us we are able to and should be allowed to go to a dr and not have to beg for pain medications if there is documented proof and evidence just remember the universe will decide the fate of egotistical cowardly individuals.
I was told in 1994 I had severe scoliosis & sciatica & after a # of years chronic lumbar sacro with osteoarthritis I'm not an addict so I'm rarely proscribed any pain pills or take any pain pills ever I took 1 whole or 1/2 nor co for 2 weeks cause now I have AS spondylitis & Dr. says I he can't give me pain pills cause their addicting .The pain is unbearable mostly at night .I know my symptoms cause me to think of surgery now often.I think cause my body can't deliver nutrients it needs so I'm going bald now .
There are no words available from yours truly to describe this DEA situation.
America is no longer a free country.
With pain meds,I could walk short distances,without the dose I was taking I am housebound,worthless.
Tried to relocate to Arizona and it is even worse.
Why not arrest and imprison people who steal meds.become high,resell them and so forth.
However,treat persons who are in genuine chronic debilitating 24/7 hell.

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