First Do No Harm: The DEA targets Physicians who treat their patients pain.

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Carol D from MI, I am all for it!! Been saying it for awhile now, We need to stand as one and get a lawfirm to do class action suit agsinst the cdc, dea and the government too. they are INTENTIONALLY CAUSING PAIN, SUFFERING AND HARM TO THE CHRONICALLY ILL LEGIT PATIENTS. OUR RIGHTS ARE VIOLATED EVERY DAY! I woukd also think that they are violating HIPPA AND THE ADA LAWS THAT WERE PUT IN PLACE TO PROTECT US. Not only the pain and suffering they are causing but the ABUSE, NEGLECT, MISTREATMENT, AND DISCRIMINATION WE ARE GIVEN. YOUR DAM RIGHT ITS TIME FOR A FIGHT! The government thinks we will all just back down, let them control our lives when they ARE NOT DOCTORS, KNOW NOTHING ABOUT US OR OUR CONDITIONS, KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THE EXCRUCIATING PAIN WE ARE FORCED TO LIVE IN!! ITS LIVING HELL! MY QUALITY OF LIFE HAS BEEN TAKEN FROM ME AND I AM FURIOUS! They are nothing but a bunch of lying*****terrorists running this country and if it's a fight they want, than that's what we will give them! I think its time we protested at the foot of the White House. there are over 100million people who suffer with chronic pain, Imagine millions taking a stand together as one!!! Ive been looking up lawyers as well for a class action lawsuit. Theres a lawyer/firm out there who will take them on. SHAME ON OUR GOVERNMENT, TREATING LEGIT PATIENTS LIKE WE ARE SOME BURDEN ON SOCIETY, KILLING IS OFF ONE BY ONE, YOUR FALSIFIED OVERDOSE STATISTICS TO CREATE HYSTERIA THRUOUT THIS COUNTRY IS MADE TO FIT YOUR AGENDA. HOW MANY OF THE OVERDOSES WERE LEGIT PATIENTS WHO WERE DENIED THEIR MEDICATIONS!?!?
Its time we FIGHT back. I have had 6 surgeries so far. They LIE when they say people are still abusing. How is that? They cross reference all, the doctors are watched. NOPE. I for one want to start a class action against the DEA for discrimination of the disabled. Any Civil rights lawyer takers? This will be a HUGE case. A winner because there targeting ONLY legitimate pain suffers now. The fakers are all gone.
If you don't want to be a doctor and address all of a patients illnesses , you should not be practicing .
And as for politicians they get treated I'm sure because they put them selves above us when they are less than one of us .
Please call and write your state and federal congressman and senators about this issue ASAP
My doctor has to go check to see that she won't get in trouble. Now I am without any meds. Sure legalize pot but keep us hurting. Not fair. my daughter may as well forget sports cause I cant go anywhere for her. The family gets punished too'
It is very frustrating to know that the medicine exists to ease my pain, and allow me to live the kind of life most other people without chronic pain can enjoy, but my doctor is unwilling or afraid to prescribe due to government pressure vis a vie the DEA. It is not FAIR to have to live in a day and age when medicine is available to allow me to live a productive and happy life, but it is always a arms length reach away. It almost torture knowing this and unable to get the proper help.
continued: the simple fact I worked all my quality years two and sometimes three jobs and even though my injury while not sustained on the job happened in route to my job and the person did not have coverage on their vehicle so I was placed in a position where there was little help for me and since then I have lost my life now they are telling me sorry but it appears we can no longer help you live in pain the rest of your life deal with it so sorry too bad,,, I will not get into the fact that this is affecting our soldiers as well our veterans who supported our cause and laid their lives on the lines for this once "great" country and now i am sure they wish they had died .. since their own government is denying them any quality to the rest of their lives. For shame.. health care is no longer found in the US of America.. and united we fall..
my plight and now my fight began in 1995 when my car was hit head on while I was stopped to make a turn into dun-kin donuts to get my morning coffee for a new job. a car ran into me at over 40 mph while I was at a stand still. my car was totaled and I was at the time thinking I was lucky the car was a loss but I was alive, only to find out over time my back suffered from this and the damage manifested over time leading me to two surgeries several years later. the surgery was successful, yet several more years I developed scar tissue and the pain returned with intensity and magnitudes beyond my understanding. I do tend to handle pain levels very well my entire family does, but this sort of pain was unbearable. I was placed on lortabs hydrocodone Vicodin among-st a wide range of labels for 7 years until my stomach began to become a victim to the harsh chemicals contained in the pills. I moved to Florida thinking the warmer climate and access to a pool would be helpful, while there I was told to get a job even though my ability to work was limited to office or clerical forms of work and i was unskilled in this type of profession I had been a single mother and resorted to manual labor even working in a steel mill until it affected my health as well. while employed i was placed on fentynal and managed to stick it out for 6 months until my immune system began to fail due to chronic Lyme disease. I was forced out of work and filed for disability, which took 7 years fighting for a alj hearing and I was awarded since I have epilepsy, copd, chronic lower back pain resulting from scar tissue on my L1S5 and also a double fusion in my neck c 3 -5. also I suffered several mild heart attacks at the age of 42. I have been on fentynal since 2006, while I was on 75 mcg every two days I elected to lower the dosage to 50 mcg every two days since I was having issues keeping the prescription filled and constantly was subjected to withdrawal for extended periods of time while awaiting prior authorizations and what not. Unnecessary inconvenience and very traumatizing. I asked about bu tran and suboxone and I was told no my medicare does not cover them they are far more expensive than fentynal SO I am now being weaned off my current low dose of fentynal when i was at the point where I was in enough pain to ask for an increase to handle the break through pain instead I was forced to cut back to less than half of what I had been on reduced to 25 mcg every three days. upon my visit to the dr today I was told I have no options this is a government forced withdrawal and there is little that can be done he offered to give me an otc medication (Advil)and when I asked him will that upset my stomach lining? he ripped up the paper and said there is nothing more I can do for you I am sorry.
The medical field is forced to become hypocrites to the Hippocratic oath to do no harm as a direct result of the government interfering on a local level in areas they have no underst
The DEA is crooked. I think they would rather see heroin use rise, which it is due to what they are doing to legitimate doctors and pharmacists. They get to keep cash they confiscate as well as property from the dealers they bust. Illegal drugs are big business and the DEA is full of crooks and druggies. It would not surprise me if they were in cohoots with the cartels. Just a couple of years ago the U.S. government got caught shipping guns to the cartels and had some dumb excuse about labelig the guns so they could track where they were going. That is a lame excuse that is insulting to our intelligence. The DEA need to let doctors do the job they have been trained to do. Pain patients already live a life that is hell on earth and we are being caught in the middle and punished. Junkies will get drugs no matter what the government does. Pain patients end up doing without the treatments we need. Some honest hurting people will end up on illegal drugs. What a shame. The DEA has too much power. They are the ones who should be investigated. It is a shame our congress people don't do something to protect the vulnerable and sick. We are citizens and taxpayers who vote. Our ancestors have died for this country, too. You are throwing the baby out with the bathwater by letting these crooked bullies run over us, our doctors and our pharmacists. The DEA is crooked and has too much power. War on drugs, what a bunch of baloney and taxpayer waste. It's expensive and not working! It is war on sick people when you bully the medical profession and stupid as well.
My dear friend suffers from chronic back pain due do several years of hard labor employment. His back diagnoses are irreversible. He is no longer am prescribed pain medication due to the DEA & the doctors "fears" of appropriately managing my pain. If a pain medication doctor walked in his shoes for 24 hours, he would probably have an IV pain drip.

I am a Christian & believe in God. I know he understands all your anger, frustration & resentment. In His 2nd glorious coming, when Christ judges the living & dead, Lord have mercy on these doctors in-compassionate sinful souls.
I'm a God fearing man . At the risk of offending my beloved creator of all that is good , I wish with all my heart and sole the people who are responsible for not taking mercy on me and others with chronic pain become stricken with the same conditions and suffer the unstople pain and not get relief , and or their loved ones and watch as they suffer and be called drug addicts .
Have been taking hydrocodone for years for my degenerative disc disease, also for spinal stenosis.
Without it, I can't sleep, exercise or have any kind of good quality of life.
Can't find a doctor to prescribe it any more.they don't even help you to taper off.
What can I say?people have a way of doing what they have to do, in order to survive.
Never thought I would live to see the day, that drug dealers would become (the good guys)!
I'm 73 and I am seeing the day.Ö
Chronic pain is a public health issue in that increased suicide is the result of undertreatment.

Do not punish compliant patients for the actions of those that rob pharmacies.
The pain is real. The suffering is real. Not all Chronic Pain patients are addicts. A lot of the pain is caused by treating doctors. And the Medical Professions answer to that is "oh well there are no guarantees for the outcomes of Medical procedures" It is time to hear the pain, the suffering, the agony, the loss of life and yet to still be alive. STOP BLAMING THE VICTIM. Start advocating for the voters, the citizens, the tax payers, the laborers,teachers who are suffereing and being humiliated by DEA policy, ER's that put pain as a low priority, Medical opinion that pain patients are malingerers. Some of us love to work, have college degrees, have Graduate degrees, have contributed to our society in a myriad of ways and PAIN has cut us down. STOP BLAMING THE VICTIM.Take a walk with yourself be silent and listen to your soul, your conscience and think about what your actions are doing to so many people. Ask yourself is this really what you want to accomplish. Are you really proud of doing this ?Who are you really helping?
, I was up all night again with pain. It wakes me up, can't get comfortable, etc. I have been calling my Neurologist since 10/27, then 11/2, and then today, and they still have not got back with me. My Doctor says I need to have a Discography. Got (3) herniated discs in my lower back (one is L5S1 that has caused changes in my urine flow, along with pain in back, top of thighs, and I can't walk for more that 10 minutes because my legs get so weak). I also have cervical radiculapathy, constant muscle spasms on my upper left side, and and a few other diagnosis's. I have been seeing these doctors for 17 years, have had many many procedures. Nothing has worked, or only lasts a couple weeks. They cut my dosages. The meds don't work anymore. And I am just plain tired of trying to deal with my condition along with this DEA crap. I give up. Our voices are not gonna get heard. HOW? I was listening to talk radio at 3:15 this morning, and they were talking about the DEA. I called in hoping someone would listen, but this is the second time they did not take my call. Everything is getting so expensive. The frustration and stress makes most peoples condition worse. I just can't take it anymore. Not sure what to do...I just know that we are not gonna get any help. God Bless Yall. I'm trying to put every bit of Faith I have into Him. This is way too much.
It is NOT our fault we were in a car accident or whatever...But we sure are being put to death for trying to have some kind of Quality of Life. The news said today that suicides are up. I think alot of these deaths are also Overdoses of herion. Alot of chronic pain patients have had to turn to herion because they can't afford all this B.S. Obama is literally trying to kill us. Pretty much like Hitler did to disabled people. And that is so True. Our dead bodies (from making us live this way) is on Obama's Hands. LET OUR DOCTORS DO THEIR JOBS. THEY KNOW BEST...NOT SOME POLITICIANS.
I just want to say the fight that has been waged to prevent drug addiction is only harming real pain patients and isn't doing much to stop drug addicts because even if you removed every narcotic pain medication on the planet drug addicts will still be addicts and will just simple find something else like glue, aerosol air fresheners, paint, bath salts,etc....and thats just a few of the regular household products they use not to count meth, cocaine, heroin, and all the other illegal drugs they use. Pain patients are being lumped in with these people first and foremost pain patients don't get high addicts do, pain patients take what are prescribed the way they are prescribed drug addicts don't, pain patients take narcotic pain meds to relieve pain that is debilitating so they aren't suffering so they can have a quality of life so they can get out of bed and function without being a total burden on family and friends. Addicts take narcotics of all types to get high,so they don't have to deal with life, and they become a burden to family and friends, Pain patients even on what is considered extremely high doses function normally why because the medicine works differently on someone in pain then an addict. The pain patients receive pain relief so they can function normally. A drug addict doesn't they get high because they don't have pain they are not suffering so their bodies respond differently and they get high from it. So yes please First Do No Harm. The reason for the Pain Patients Bill of Rights these things are not said for the sake of saying it. The reason for the First Do No Harm is exactly that its not complicated. Hence the reason doctors all over the country and world have gone into pain management because they understand that chronic pain patients are suffering needlessly when they don't need to be because of fear and ignorance on narcotic pain medications. Because of the few addicts that abuse everything and anything they can get their hands on. But no one brings to light the benefits to all of the pain patients that are living functioning in ways that was impossible before because of these pain medications and without them will be forced back into their beds. No longer able to function the quality of their and their families lives will go to zero and worse they will commit suicide because the pain is too much and the destruction of the family because of the bed ridden family member that just suffers is too hard to watch too much of a burden to take care of. So the family dissolves and the pain patient left alone will commit suicide sadly it is not uncommon. So all I am asking is that if a pain patient is functioning well on pain medications the family is happy and doing well then why take it away because of the one that are abusing? Its like saying well we better take away cars because people drive drunk and hurt and kill people. It doesn't work because not everyone drinks and drives so you are making an entire class of people suffer
I'm being stigmatized because I have several chronic pain my medication has been cut in half now it's being cut in half again because some lawmakers who have never experience pain are trying to make drug laws that screw around with people that are in immense pain by cutting their medications down to 120 milligrams a day I'm sorry but when you have no choice but to take pain medications or be in severe pain constantly you choose to take the pain medications. Then when those medications are taking away from you because some*******in Washington can't or won't find illegitimate way to cut back on the people who abuse the prescription medications or crack down on the doctors that prescribe them just for the money all it does is put people like me between being in pain all the time or contemplating suicide because your choice of being in severe pain all the time and living with the pain is too much to deal with the government needs to stay out of these decisions and leave it up to the doctors that have the medical degrees and known the patience.
When you live in chronic pain every day and need help off the toilet and dressed sometimes you would understand why it is important for me and all the chronic pain suffers!
They're prescribed for a reason and I don't abuse them, and If my pain medicine stops I would suicide thoughts like I had off and on when my doctor that did my surgery 5 months ago cut me off of my muscle relaxer from failed fusion spine surgery! Now I nerve damage, walk with a walker, fall a lot because I am loosing leg muscles and now I am being told I might had stroke during surgery or had MS. Most people that are on pain medicine is because they had surgery and was told the pain would go away! Well that is lie I was told if I had the surgery right away the pain would go away and go back to my job. It's been 5 months since I had my surgery and it made my spine hurt worst! I also use tens unit, icy hot so I am not dependent on my pills but I still need them! I cannot leave my house to go anywhere if I do no take my medicine.
Leave my medications alone! They're prescribed for a reason and I don't abuse them, therefore, I shouldn't be punished! Try living with my pain for one day and then tell me you would still take these meds away!
Let the pain management drs treat their pain, not the government who decides who suffers! We are not addicts, only people like you, that are in pain each and every day without hope. Some will commit suicide others will turn to heroin, which btw, have you looked at the staistics? Heroing us and suicides are up! Why? Because we no lobger have any access to meds that help us function and be part of our familes. If anything look at the booze that is legal and can be had anywhere anytime which causes more problems along the board than legitimate chronic pain sufferers! Let the drs do their job and the government do theirs, like, balancing the budget and stop stealing money we put in for our later years! Wrong! But of course you will not listen, and be swayed by big pharma and their monies.
Recite this prayer each day.

In the Name of God, the Name above all other names, the Name as it was given to Jesus and to me as an adopted son, I take all the pain of the innocent; pain caused directly by drug-enforcement policy, and I give it to DEA workers, so that they might suffer in abject misery until suicide mercifully claims them. As it is done in Heaven, so let it be done on earth. In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the holy Spirit, AMEN!
Everything stated in the posting was SPOT ON with my personal experience and its continuing today and I dont have any care. Ive been through so many doctors trying to get help and nobody is willing to help me despite the fact that I have MULTIPLE REAL conditions that I have been offered surgery for! I have just wanted to do a good round of PT with pain mgmt but Im not "allowed" that option. Everywhere I turn I am told I am a drug abuser now because the hospital put it in my chart from a misunderstanding and the fact that I CANT take nsaids due to a vascular disease and its snowballed out of control! I have NO quality of life and even vomiting bile and the loss of feeling in my leg from the pain and now nerve damage means nothing to these doctors and the ER staff. I keep looking for someone to help me clean up my charts and get me back on track with my life for my young kids (now 5 and 8) who have lived this with me, going to nearly ALL of my appts, ER visits at 2 AM, etc, but I am giving up. They deserve a better life, a solid stable foundation and I can barely give them that and the doctors dont even care about that. This was not my choice but the result of a car accident at fault of another driver 2 years ago and I am a victim all around. Finding strength daily is not easy but the only thing keeping me going are my kids.
The people involved in making the new laws concerning pain medications obiously have not suffered. But what goes around comes around.
The actions of the DEA, CDC and others fighting to keep necessary pain meds helping so many to just function on a daily basis out of nearly EVERYONE'S hands are leaving legit chronic pain suffers like me -- and millions of others like me who are in need of opoids to survive with no options and no quality of life no more options. We've tried the (non-opioid) meds and other options offered or available and have suffered the horrible side effects with no relief. With no other viable options, trying opiates is our last and only hope.. And FINALLY... at least SOME relief!! I could function more, do simple things like shower daily instead of 2-3x/week or do laundry or go grocery shopping instead of being in too much pain to even get out of bed, no less be productive or hold down a job. My Dr was bullied into NO LONGER being able to write me an Rx for the (weak but mildly helpful) VicodinES that was helping me get through the day because the State of Florida/Gov't/DEA/etc. now threaten to take away his medical licence if he writes ANYONE an Rx for ANY narcotic (opioid) pain med... Unless they have end-stage cancer!?! It's been nearly a year since my pain meds were taken away... Since my pain is debilitating and makes everyday "normal" tasks impossible, I've all but withdrawn from friends, family and the outside world -- unwillingly -- and I've become very depressed and just feel hopeless. I have NO job, NO insurance and with NO income, I dont even qualify for Obamacare!! I now live with my 72-yr-old Mom who needs my help due to her own health issues, and we try to survive on HER monthly Social Security and we dont know how much longer we can continue like this without my being able to contribute. She could lose her house -- a house she owns and has lived in for 47yrs! -- unless something changes for me, allowing me to again contribute monetarily. I've been denied disability numerous times so I am "stuck" to only see my current doctor, who is amazing... The dr that (finally) diagnosed me 3+ yrs ago with Fibromyalgia and CFS, among other serious maladies I suffer from 24/7... and a Dr who works (full time) at a local community health center (where what patients pay for a visit or other services is determined by a "sliding scale") so I can't go to see a Specialist like a legit Pain Mgmt doc or Neurologist or Rhuemotologist who MIGHT be able to help me... Because I can't afford it! Taking meds away from people like us who are in legitimate need of them and don't overuse or abuse them is JUST PLAIN WRONG and TOTALLY INHUMANE! What meds I need and take should only be between ME and MY DOCTOR... NOT the DEA, CDC, Government, State or any others fighting to keep these meds out of the hands of people who depend on them to just survive, if not thrive. Don't I deserve quality of life??? I didnt ask for these conditions or to be in constant pain. I also didn't ask to be on opioids, but that was the only thing giving me relief or hope! But because right now all I do
Why is it that the DEA uses scare tactics, that lead to confusion for patients. Why not educate the public, truthfully. I am beginning to think that government is too big, waste of money and yes, too many cooks coming up with their own interpretations on pain, Doctors and patients should do. Educate Doctors correctly and let them help their patients Weeding out the wrong Doctors will show up faster if done correctly. Letting ill/in pain patients fall through the cracks, esp if the can not afford pain management is just, "wrong". Glad it is time to rethink vote.
Thank You for letting me have my say.
I find it sickening that the DEA is in our personally health business and trying to scare our Painmangment doctors. You all should be ashamed of yourself and stay out of my private health.
This is so awful!
I've been living on narcotic pain meds for the last 12 years. I've always seen the same doctors. I recently moved to Florida (big mistake) and had to go to five doctors before I found one comfortable writing the meds I was on from my NY doctor. LSS, I entered the dreaded Donut Hole and had to stop taking my 60mg OxyContin 3x day due to cost. My pain doctor prescribed 60 mg MS Contin 2x day. This is no where near as effective in mananging my pain. I am dealing with a great Walgreens here in town, but I find that they always buy the cheapest drugs they can find. And guess what. The cheapest generics SUCK. I am so fed up. I cried the day they told me they reformulated OxyContin due to abuse. Is this my fault. The new version was NO WHERE NEAR as effective as the old version. If you ask me, the entire pharma industry, including the FDA are a bunch of crooks. I hope everyone of their parents suffer from debilitating pain in the near future. I had a part time job, I had a good quality of life. Now, I spend two to three days in bed due to the pain. This must stop.
I am a Physician (Internal Medicine, Nephrology & Hypertension); I am a recovering alcoholic (sober since 2001).
I was involved in a major traumatic event when a deck collapse fractured 60% of my back bones, my sacrum, and sacro-iliac joint (SI Joint). I was treated, appropriately, with opiod analgesics for 6 months while my body healed to the best of its ability; however, despite getting excellent medical care, I have been left with chronic pain 24/7 which requires continual pain medication. Despite the medications, I still have daily pain and cannot practice medicine (there goes 13 years of post-highschool education and about $95K in school loans). Our practice purchased a long-term disability insurance as part of the normal compensation; GLIC forced me to apply for Medicare Disability so that they can pay the least amount possible. . . the total of which is about 1/6th of my salary at the time of my accident ($140,000.00 for the record - the most I had ever made in my life).

I am treated like a street-addict when I go to my monthly appointments to plead with a Nurse Practitioner who has the DEA-Flowsheet for chronic pain management in hand and is simply "following the recipe" imposed by the DEA and my state. It feels more like a parole officer visit (given, I don't have any direct experience)!
Now, remember, I am a Physician and a Recovering Alcoholic! I was a proponent for responsible prescribing practices and aggresive treatment of deadly addictions here in my community; clean & sober for years. I have direct experience dealing with drug-seeking, Rx addicted patients for over 15 years prior to my untimely retirement! SO, if you are still reading, THIS IS MY TAKE:
1) Rx abuse/addiction/deaths are a problem
2) There is NO CURRENT PROCESS, TEST, OR OTHER MECHANISM in existence that can distinguish an Addict/Drug-Seeker from a patient in chronic pain who is afraid of more suffering (So called Pseudo-Addicts)! NONE!
3) The current standards, laws and governmental screening requirements are actually VERY EFFECTIVE for preventing true medicine diversion, over-prescribing, and assorted ILLEGALITIES;
4) BUT, THEY HAVE UNFAIRLY MARGINALIZED THOSE PATIENT(S) WITH TRULY CHRONIC PAIN, who need()s CHRONIC PAIN MEDICATION(S), who may even BE ADDICTS (either active or recovering - Opiods are among the most highly addictive substances known to man, after all), AND HAVE ESSENTIALLY CREATED A MEDICALLY AND LEGALLY DISENFRANCHISED MINORITY!!!!

It is difficult to manage this patient population, whom I have unexpectedly joined, but physicians are highly trained after all, now aren't they! Legislators, Adjudicators, Executives and Government Agents, not so much?!?!


If you are one of the drug-seeking addicts - seek help! If you sel
It is sickening to go to a pain management doctor get the prescriptions and have to shop everywhere to get them filled.I have been terminated as a patient from my family doctor because I needed to know what to do to obtain the medicine I needed. So much corruption in the DEA and in the Politicians in Florida and in Washington DC. I hope they all are hurt in the Revolution that will come about and they receive No meds for their pain. People coming out of surgery getting sent home and finding out that they cannot get the pain medicine that is needed.
I know through my pain management office that here have been overdoses on heroin, and now a big wave of suicides because of other doctors not treating pain! Along with our limitation of pain medicine access that makes all of us look like junkies scrambling to get them filled! This is descrimination of all ages of pain patients and it's making me very unpatriotic!
My wife (late) suffered from migraines since the age of 18. She was treated by her GP for them which included beta blockers in addition to injections of Demerol and meperghan plus Vicodin pills as needed. If the GP office was closed she would go to the ER to receive the same injections. Sometimes it took 2 days to alleviate the HA.She had her upper teeth extracted and full hysterectomy. At age 39 she entered full blown menopause and could not take meds to compensate for it whcih caused more migraine problems. By age 48 she encountered her first spinal fracture from weak bones and had 8-9 fractures in total within 8 years. She had to switch from vicodin to norco for pain control and within 13 years from the 1st fracture she was put on hospice weighing 67 pounds. Three years later at age 62 she passed away. She spent 13 years under a GP carefully managed pain control. Don't EVEV tell me she didn't need care by a GP = one who helped her live 4 years longer than he anticipated!
Its unfair nothing been done to help those with for ever pain, better quality of life. Not taking medical history in consideration nor present issues which are more important. Should we not live, its not far to live with serious pain and humiliate people. Thank you doctors who are trying but DEA is making those suffer. And doctor working to make only money shame on you.
Do not punish the chronically ill because of the stupid actions of others. I feel that this is a push by the insurance industry to stop payments to treatments that work for many. If a patient signs a contract with a doctor to use drugs as prescribed and in accordance with the manufacturer, the Doctor should not be held liable of any misuse. Doctors are being frightened into not prescribing drugs that work and this must stop. Let the doctor practice medicine. Any laws that restrict a doctor from doing something is a law that practices medicine without a license.
It is ridiculous to go through what you have to so you don't have to be in pain. Doctors treat you like drug dealers not patience.
There are so many on this petition and on multiple other petitions I have come across that are pleading to our government, the ones on the receiving end of these letters, the ones who were VOTED into congress by the PEOPLE YOU ARE TO SERVE AND PROTECT!! So tell me, why is it that our government, the DEA, CDC, PROP, and the FDA are reigning terror into every doctor across this country, why are all of you INTENTIONALLY CAUSING PAIN AND SUFFERING onto us chronic intractable (PAIN THAT WILL NEVER GO AWAY) pain patients who are LEGITIMATE PATIENTS WITH DEBILITATING CONDITIONS, WITH MEDICAL RECORDS TO BACK IT UP! What our leaders are doing is cruel, inhumane and unethical!! There were so many things I once enjoyed doing, since my medications were reduced, I have zero quality of life. My dr conti ues to give me all these different, horrible medications that do not work for me, he continues to inject me with steriod injections EVERY MONTH! It's all I can do to walk to my car after he's done, I get in and break down in tears for the hell I'm being forced to live. I never wanted to have to rely on medications to ease the pain. But after years of therapy, surgeries, epidurals, steriod injections, massage, discograms, discectomies, after tears of being given all different kinds of meds to find what worked for MY BODY, NOT YOURS, I was finally given a muscle relaxer, soma, one at night and for the first time I was able to get a good night sleep as the tension and spasms in my back eased up. That was taken from me almost a year ago. I was also given the correct dose of an extended release medication and the correct dose of the immediate release medication. THAT HAS BEEN TAKEN FROM ME EIGHT MONTHS AGO!!! Since then Ive been given lower doses, and different meds once again to try, something I've been thru years ago with no success. For the first time in four years my dr made me feel like some dam addict because I asked, pleaded to be put back on what works. MY BODY, NOT YOURS, IS PHYSICALLY , MENTALLY AND EMOTIONALLY EXHAUSTED!! I want to so badly give my dr a good piece of my mind, if I do that I risk the good ole 'your discharged, or I can't help you no more" ********! And I know there will be NO FINDING ANOTHER DR BECAUSE THEY ARE TURNING THEIR BACKS ON THOSE WHO ARE LEGIT CHRONIC PAIN SUFFERERS!! I've calked Sen. Menendez's office every day this past week, EVERY DAY, only to get the voicemail, of which I've left plenty of messages. NOONE RETURNED MY CALLS! YOUR CONTINUED NEGLECT, ABUSE, MISTREATMENT, AND DISCRIMINATION AGAINST LEGIT PATIENTS WILL BITE YOUR*****HARD ONE DAY. You have THOUSANDS OF DEATHS ON YOUR HANDS, NOT OVERDOSE DEATH BY SOME ADDICT, OVERDOSES FROM LEGIT PATIENTS WHO REC'D INADEQUATE PAIN CARE! KARMA IS COMING!
My wife is disabled. After 30 years as a nurse she was forced to have orthopedic surgery that was unsuccessful and left her in constant pain and unable to continue working. When her pain medication, hydrocodone, became a schedule 2 drug, prescribed in triplicate or whatever, her physician ceased her pain medication and she's been without since. Her doctors constantly want to inject her with cortisone shots and other similar treatments none of which have been effective for her and which are very costly even with insurance. She managed her pain well with hydrocodone and carisopridol (sp). Now she just has the muscle relaxer and the occasional ibuprofen and it limits her greatly in her daily life. We know she responds well to the hydrocodone/muscle relaxer combo. She can almost function semi normally around the house with her pain managed by this time tested, economical and effective painkiller. She didn't take them daily, only when she needed to function semi normally for typical grandma type stuff. We so wish our government and physicians would cease causing her to go untreated because of the abuse of painkillers by some. She's a 30 year veteran of the medical profession. She doesn't drink or do drugs. She isn't in any danger of becoming an addict. But it would be nice to see her in less pain and able to do more with the grandbabies without being labeled a "drug seeker".
Don't know why our government is restricting people from getting pain relief. It is wrong to keep people who have chronic pain in that condition.
I still maintain my license as a RN, BSN despite the fact that I was struck by a semi in 2004 leaving me disabled with chronic back pain. My back is worse and I have MRIs to prove this. I have disc herniations throughout my back, now stenosis and scoliosis have presented. I had a lumbar discectomy. As my back is worse and age is against me as I am now 50 years old, my pain medication has been decreased dramatically where I don't have quality of life. I have a teenage son and I need to be there for him emotionally and physically. The war on drugs should not include chronic pain patients requiring opiods but rather heroin. I thought about just asking my pain specialist to include me on the addiction list so I could get suboxone for pain. It is easier to get if you are a drug addict who never had pain in the first place. Seriously, chronic pain patients do get a physical dependency, however, they do not become addicted. The reason being is when one is truly in chronic pain it only blocks the pain receptors and there is no, "High." It would be like someone taking aspirin for a headache.
I'm a cancer survivor. I should have kept the cancer! I look and feel like I was attacked by a chainsaw-wielding maniac, but it was just an oncologists or three. The cancer might have killed me...probably not, but possibly...but I wouldn't have to look forward to spending the rest of my life in severe, chronic pain. I do though, because doctors are peeing in their panties with fear of doing their jobs. Look, if I worked at McDonalds and a guy came in and ordered 3 big Macs every day for lunch, it doesn't mean I don't have to do my frikken job and serve him the big macs, even if I suspect he might be becoming addicted to them, and even if I notice some weight gain going on. If doctors are too afraid of the DEA to do their jobs they should find another line of work. It's ridiculous, not to mention unethical and cruel. Thanks DEA. Thanks for letting cancer survivors suffer just to keep a pill away from a junkie...who will find some other way to get high anyway, just give 'em a minute. I should show them a picture of the carnage I'm living with under this shirt and see if they think Advil is gonna do the job.I'd prefer performing mastectomies or other amputations on them and telling them to take ibuprofen and see what they think of that. Any volunteers, any doctors or DEA agents want me to cut something off of them so they can test they're philosophy on pain management firsthand? Didn't think so. But if anyone has a "come to Jesus moment" I'll gladly perform your surgery. I'll be here. Not like I'm going anywhere since everything HURTS. And of course, performing chainsaw surgery on these unethical creatures is physically impossible for me, but none of them were ever going to become all noble and martyr themselves by volunteering to go through what they allow ppl to suffer through every day. Yikes, the karma that's gonna smack these ppl upside their unethical little noggins is some mean stuff. Wouldn't want to be them!
I am tired of people who are truly in pain and need pain medication can never get treated with out hassle or not at all. Yet the drug addicts can get it no problem or can just say hey I am a drug addict and get methadone ( which is still a pain medication ) no problem, no questions asked. You are targeting the wrong people and we are tired of suffering because of it. My mother had 2 back operation with fusions. That is fusing your spine together and it can no longer move there. The second operation the doctor admitted he messed up and now she is disabled. First she had to fight to get disability. Yet again someone can say hey I am a drug addict and can not keep a job because I am a druggie or even the drunks and again, they get the disability no problem and right away. These people choose to take these drugs or drink. You dint choose to have a disability!! You are a druggie because you wanted or want to be. Yet people like us who choose not to do drugs but now have gotten hurt or sick can not get medication or disability with out fighting tooth and nail for it. You people are so backwards. My mothers doctor just retired and he gave her, her pain meds. She went to a new pcp and was told oh no i cant give you anything you have to got a pain doctor. The doctor handed her a number and said call here. She calls and its a damn drug rehab! She went to a pain clinic in the hospital, she took all of the documents saying ahe is disabled, took her mri and they told her oh she dont need pain med!!! She cant even walk with out crying and if she does go anywhere like the zoo with her grandson, she has to use a wheelchair!! WHo are you to tell disabled, TRULY DISABLED people that they dont need pain medicine when they are in constant pain!! Go after the drug addicts. So what if people may have to be on them for the rest of their lives. They at least can live a life with out horrible pain. They are not worried about getting addicted, They are worried about trying to live their life with out wanting to die because the pain is so bad. Put your effort towards stopping the Drug addicts and not the people who dont ask to be in pain all the time.
Some one always abuse something but that doesn't mean everyone does. Their are lots of patients I know who need their pain relieved.
Congress please listen as I tell you the story of a Mother of a Disabled Veteran.
Imagine if you will, your small child crying out in the night to you for help while in the throws of a don't reply. You do not go to them immediately to help calm and assist him.
You are not allowed even go to them.
This is how I feel every month when my daughter calls me from the VA Hospital in tears because a doctor refuses to understand her
pain and despair. She can't make them understand what she is going through. The four crushed vertebrae in her neck have left her unable to live a normal life. She never knows what to expect when her primary doctor treats her like a second hand citizen and a low life.
And refuses to give her more than a weeks supply of pain medication. Please reconsider using this generation of Veterans as scapegoats in your battle against drug abuse.
There are other ways and there are other options. Thank You.
Not everyone abuses medicine that's why they call it medicine not drugs
This is ridiculous! Even the CDC states on their website that painkiller prescribing has leveled off since 2010 and we've seen a decline in related deaths over the last decade! That current initiatives are helping, yet they want to make it so true chronic pain sufferers, most of whom have tried everything conceivable prior to opioid usage, remain in agony?! They've already taken appropriate measures to weed out "pill-seekers", this is going overboard! The government is overstepping and getting too involved in what should be an extremely personal relationship: Doctor/Patient. Especially when alcohol is far more detrimental to the public, causing many more deaths per year. I am truly sorry for those who have lost loved ones to addiction, but that does not make us addicts! And let's not forget the severe consequences, even death, of stopping opioid use cold turkey or drastically changing doseage, something the FDA guidelines advise against, which the CDC seems to want to force chronic pain sufferers to go through! This is between a Doctor and their patient, NOT the government! And why in the world does the CDC have any say in this matter? Chronic pain is NOT a disease (the root cause of said pain may be, but just because we require pain medication as treatment does NOT make us addicts), addiction, yes, but not chronic pain! Quit acting as if they are one and the same! They have already implemented a system to reduce people simply getting opioids for recreational use, and as I mentioned above, they state on their website it is working! This is plain discrimination against chronic pain sufferers. Haven't we been discriminated against enough already?!
Doctors have an obligation to treat their patients' pain without government interference. Pain patients have the right to be treated with dignity. We are not drug addicts. Addicts will find a way to abuse substances. We patients do not take illegal avenues to obtain medication.
The "opioid crisis" is not created by pain management patients and their medication - it s a heroin crisis and it's been going on for many, many years.
Substance abusers begin their long road to addiction by first drinking/abusing alcohol. Alcohol is the problem and gateway drug.
I was taken off my meds with no help for withdrawl they just don't care period!
This concerns absolutely EVERYONE in America who labors under the belief that they will receive opiate based PAIN RELIEF, as an ACUTE EMERGENCY PATIENT- that the DEA may NOT STOP at shutting ONLY the PAIN MANAGEMENT doctors, doctors who empathize with their chronic pain patients and the physicians who decided AGAINST turning their opiate DEPENDENT(not ADDICTED) patients into Suboxone ADDICTS, the DEA and our government has passed SO MANY LAWS RESTRICTING THE PRESCRIBING OF PAIN MEDICATION, the American people WILL BE LUCKY if they find an ER doc to give pain meds out IN THE ER WITHOUT BEING HARRASSED!!!
And they aren't stopping with pain medicine....
My doctor just explained to me that within a couple years they will not be allowed to prescribe pain killers. He hopes a new president will address both the ever increasing cost of prescription meds and ridiculous limitations being imposed by the FDA.
PART 2 OF MY COMMENT! When it comes to money/cost, itís $85. Mth for me to suffer much less, or $350. To $500. Mth For that plus other methods Iíd LOVE to be doing. And how about when we want to take a trip? We now have to arrange the whole trip around filling pain medicine IN our county, IN TIME for the trip. Iíve had to leave days behind others to wait. Jesus much are you putting us through to stop a FEW street dealers because lets face it, what your doing isnít working. You want to stop the crooked Drís...get under covers to go into THEIR offices and investigate THEM. Instead of targeting EVERY Dr, Pharmacist and EVERY patient out here!

Iíve left many pharmacies in tears, FEELING like a street junkie! Gone to up to 13 in a day to try to fill it. MISSED work. (PAIN) I have NEVER taken more than prescribed, do NOT take for a high, do NOT abuse them. I DO recall first starting pain meds and feeling the amazing feeling of the terrible pain slowly fading to DOABLE within an hour. The gnawing, throbbing pain that ruled every minute of my day, lessening, going away. Then thinking what an idiot I was to not get help sooner. AS I have always helped addicts, street people, etc.........I KNOW all the DEA is doing is raising street prices, causing normal, NON law breaking people to desperately seek illegal drugs, help (I DO NOT), depression and suicide increasing at frightening rates. Let alone, those on these meds daily will develop PHYSICAL dependency, MUST wean off when stopping. PHYSICAL dependancy is NOT ADDICTION. NO different than weaning off of anti-depressants or other medicines. These actions, laws are TERRIBLY hurting many, even KILLING them, the INNOCENT patients. SO the abusers, the law breakers, the MAGGOTS that are making OUR lifeís hell, are affected LESS than us and albeit THEY may deserve it all, WE DO NOT.

IT IS NO BUSINESS OF THE DEA OR GOVERNMENT HOW I GET HELP WITH MY PAIN AND PHYSICAL PROBLEMS!!! I am STILL uninsured after Obamacare, I own a few things, so NEVER qualify for assistance. I can NOT afford other treatments NOR work at my pain levels WITHOUT pain relief, am at risk of losing what I have worked so hard for from working much less and NOW being denied help and treated like a dam criminal. It is UNJUST and UNCONSTITUTIONAL and I say we ALL start a lawsuit for the damages caused by these laws. Physical, mentally AND emotionally.

And BTW....what the hell is HIPA for??? To keep you people OUT of my health records, problems, PRIVATE matters!

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I will NOT be treated disrespectfully ANYMORE, I will NOT tolerate it anymore. I, as MANY, DO NOT deserve it.
I WORK hard, have ALL my life. Raised 3 sons alone, done the work of men and destroyed my back! Iím a VERY proud, respectful, high morals woman. Donít drink, donít even smoke pot (THO would try for pain IF allowed here!) Iíve rescued animals for YEARS, I help the homeless, take food to people sleeping in a park, I am insanely busy.......yet now spending hours a mth to fill a prescription and being treated like a street junkie, disrespectfully, embarrassingly.
Iíve lived Ďhealthyí all my life, yoga, healthy food, NO junk food, etc. It took me YEARS of suffering to finally get help with severe chronic pain. I've been ANTI drug all my life, HELPED drug addicts get help, HELPED fight the abuse of drugs. THAT is what hindered me in getting help once I developed chronic pain. My family, friends stepped in, sending pages of the damages of chronic pain on a person. I'd leave work, bend over, sit in my car and cry, break down. DAYS crawling into bed, normally VERY active, lying to people ĎI was busyí as I didnít want anyone to know the truth, MY health problems. I HATED the thought of using medicine, but also HATED what the pain was doing to my life. It was/is controlling my life. It is hard enough, depressing enough to deal with it all, but now to be treated like a street junkie is HORRIFIC. My Dr is great, the pharmacist have been 90% rude, judgmental (I fortunately don't 'look' crippled, bent over, YET), won't fill them and so on. I had a PUBLIX pharmacist (Ocala, Fla, Churchhill Square) tell me "you can't be in much pain as your not taking high blood pressure pills!" Does HE know I have a defective heart valve? That my BP has ALWAYS ran LOW, now it's 'normal', higher? BETTER YET, IS IT HIS JOB TO DECIDE WHAT I SHOULD BE ON? My Dr was furious with some pharmacist. The Publix at View Park Commons, that I asked for consultation 2 days ago, blew me off the SECOND I said Lortab (LORTAB, not even the higher strength drugs). Walgreens (Ocala at 36th & Maricamp) DROPPED me after yrs there last Oct, when laws change. NEVER filling early, NO Ďflagsí, I look and act like a business woman (no offense, donít Ďlookí like a druggie). I now drive by SEVEN pharmacies, across town to a Publix where the pharmacist, Roger, Cindy, Justin treated me like a human being, a patient, WITH respect! It took OVER 15 pharmacies to find them, just a place to treat me normal, respectfully. UNDERSTAND the effects, hardship being put on us (AND them) trying to get medicine.
I had even taken my MRIís to some, records of chemotherapy, ETC trying to get ONE to treat me as a PATIENT! How ABSURD is this for us, the TRUE patients? The MILLIONS not in it for Ďfuní, addiction, abuse. The MILLIONS trying to work, reclaim or maintain some normalcy once pain rules your life. Being uninsured, Iíd take, LOVE, chiropractic care, acupuncture, even surgery so hey about offering us THAT kind of help? When it comes to money/cost, itís $85. Mth for me to suffer much less,
The actions of the DEA AND GDNA have caused countless deaths and inhumane suffering to legitimate pain patients . This is clearly human rights violations of chronic pain patients. We are being treated like drug addicts and criminals by a society that is supposed to be enlightened and compassionate . It is not our faults that people are abusing these drugs and the way that these institutions are handling this is , as always , absolutely wrong! The DEA , CDC and the GDNA are the very ones that have caused the demand on the back market for these meds because now these piece of crap drug dealers can charge outrageous prices because they now the pain patients can't get their meds. The irony of this is that this has not kept people from dieing in fact it has caused heroine use and deaths to sky rocket NY about 1500% because people cannot take the relentless, terrible, horror movie pain 24 hours a day , 7 days a week , 365 days a year! Chronic pain is a very real condition that affects over 100 million people in America, so why in this age of modern medicine and enlightenment are legitimate pain patients being treated so poorly? Also the DEA AND GDNA go in and threaten doctors and pharmacist and tell them to not write pain med prescriptions or they will pull their license!!! What gives them the right or the qualifications to do this!!?? Do they let doctors tell them how to breach a house when they are taking down criminals !!?? NO!! These institutions are acting like the new gestapo ...speak up America and all of you Doctors and pharmacist train your staff and you yourselves start taking videos with your phones and CCTV when these people come in and threaten you and violate your and your patients rights and pots them on youtube. This is the only way we can show America how our rights are being violated.
I called Senator Booker and Senator Menendez yesterday, both were conveniently out of the office. Spoke to two people who I gave an earfull to. Are you people in congress ignoring the pleas, the heartbreaking stories, the petitions, and this is not the only one. Stop ****ing hurting those who are living in severe pain. Let our doctors treat our pain any way they see fit! ADDICTION AND CHRONIC PAIN HAVE NO ****ING BUSINESS EVEN BEING IN THE SAME SENTENCE !! The stigma all of you have created on the chronically ill, labeling us all as addicts and pill seekers is a travesty ! WE ARE NOT ****ING ADDICTS! WE MAY BE DEPENDENT ON OUR MEDS, MEDS WE HAVE BEEN ON FOR MANY YEARS, MEDS THAT HELPED TO RELIEVE THE EXCRUCIATING PAIN WE LIVE IN AND GAVE US SOME QUALITY OF LIFE. THERE IS A HUGE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN AN ADDICT, WHICH IS SOMEONE WHO WILL DO ANYTHING TO CHASE THEIR HIGH, SOMEONE WHO IS DEPENDENT DOESN'T CHASE ANY HIGH, IN FACT WE DO NOT EVEN GET HIGH, WE GET RELIEF. You all may find yourselves thrown horrific curveballs that leave you in unbearable pain, I wonder if you would get the treatment and meds you need so you can continue to work, continue to have a quality of life..I find it very hard to believe that you all are in such perfect health..Just how many of you have pain meds in your cabinets at home??? I BET MANY OF YOU DO!! The DEA, CDC and all of you in government need to get the hell out of my healthcare. i can not live with this pain much longer. God forbid something should happen to me, Ill make sure my family knows that my cause of death was due to the mistreatment, abuse, neglect, discrimination brought on by our government. You get people in the CDC and those in PROP tooting their loudmouths about addiction and lumping us all into that category. SHAME THE **** ON YOU! I am so dam mad right now, everyday is a struggle to plant my feet on the ground after only having two hours sleep. There are many on this petition who say they wouldnt wish their pain on any of you. Me, I am the exact opposite ~ I WANT YOU TO FEEL WHAT I FEEL EVERYDAY, I WANT YOU TO KNOW WHAT ITS LIKE TO HAVE YOU WHOLE BACK FEEL LIKE ITS BEING CRUSHED BY A STEAM TRUCK ROLLER, MAKING IT IMPOSSIBLE TO STAND UP OR STRAIGHTEN UP, I WANT YOU ALL TO KNOW WHAT ITS LIKE TO HAVE YOUR HIPS BEING SCRAPED ALONGSIDE THE CONCRETE AND TO HAVE ELECTRIC LIKE SHOCKS RUNNING DOWN YOUR LEGS INTO YOUR FEET. I WANT YOU ALL TO KNOW WHAT ITS LIKE TO HAVE YOUR BRAIN FEEL LIKE IT IS SQUEEZING THRU YOUR SKULL, MAKING YOU VOMIT AND LIGHT AND NOISE INTENSIFIES THAT PAIN..I WANT YOU ALL TO KNOW WHAT ITS LIKE TO BE TREATED LIKE AN ADDICT AND A CRIMINAL! I HOPE THAT DAY COMES SOON TOO. BACK OFF AND LET OUR DOCTORS GIVE US THE MEDS WE NEED. THIS WAS ON LEGIT PATIENTS NEEDS TO STOP. THE CHRONIC PAINERS ARE NOT BACKING DOWN, WE WILL UNITE AS ONE AND BE BRINGING OUR VOICES TO THE FOOT OF THE WHITE HOUSE DOORS. WE ARE ANGRY, WE ARE IN FOR THE FIGHT OF OUR LIVES AND WE ARE NOT GOING TO STOP UNTIL YOU BACK O
My doctor which is a pain management doctor told his patience that he could no longer treat them because the FDA was coming down on him for doing his job and caring for his patients making sure that they were comforpatientsdealing with their pain, he wasnt over medicating but he could no longer deal with pressure from the FDA. So i had to leave him after seeing him for 10 years, only to get a doctor that told me the his office would not prescribe the medication that i was on and that i had to find another doctor that would. So, i want to find a doctor that i didnt know if he would help me or not only to be told that im fat and that was that problem even after he looked at my MRI and saw the i have 4 bulging disc as well as a degenerative disc disease and pinched nerve he still wouldnt prescribe the medication that i need he cut my medication down to almost nothing and said to start physical therapy 3 times a week. How a i suppose to even get out of bed i was having bad days and hard times with the medication that i was getting before but i could at least get out of bed and clean my home. The pain is like being stabbed in the back and goes down my legs.
These doctors are not trying to do anything but HELP their patients make it through the day without wanting to die, were DOES the FDA get off telling the doctors that they are not to prescribe medication to a patient when they have NO IDEA WHO the PERSON is or their medical history.
The best doctor i ever had that actually cared about his patients has cut his practice down to almost nothing because the FDA wouldn't leave him alone.
I dont want someone who knows nothing about me making medical decision for me what the FDA is doing is wrong they want to stop street drug users but by them making doctors afraid to do their job its only making people look for other options i'll die before i start using street drugs and i dont care if marijuana is pushed to be legal im still not using that crap my doctor, Dr. Harb is the best doctor in my opinion and would like to go back to him but the FDA won't leave him alone and thats wrong he only wants to help his patients.
Sheryl Montana from las vegas, nv.
This law is ridiculous, I would like any of these politician try to live in my shoes with the chronic pain I'm in day in a day out!! I've been working as a mason for 30yrs now I hurt my back and was in so much pain I couldn't even sleep I was prescribe 5 milligram perks for the pain which gave me an ability to keep working and providing for my family the doctor prescribe to me for 6 months before I even got an MRI to diagnose the problem which was a bulging disc and degenerate disc disease which will NEVER go away so after the doctor gets me addicted to these pain killers he says I must take a urine test ....I asked him how that would help treat my back problem since I still didn't get any kind of treatment for it ,he says it to make sure I'm taking my medication which was almost laughable when I can't even get out of bed without them so I felt it was a violation of my rights of privacy I was there to get treatment for pain for an injury and a spinal disease not to be treated like some kind of a drug dealer so he says he can no longer help me with the treatment of the constant pain I'm in..... not to mention I will no longer have the ability to go to work and provide for my family which I find a appalling I'm not a criminal I have never been arrested.... not even for a speeding now not only am I in constant pain I go through severe withdrawal symptoms when I stop taking them which I was not told how addictive these things were so I'm worse off then when I started seeing the doctor would actually be easier for me to buy them on the streets then is to get them from my doctor so the laws having the opposite affect then what these politicians want I don't take them to party ....I don't sell them to make money ...I take them so I can simply keep working and provide for my much for going to the doctor for help!!
Change this stupid war on drugs in NC. You are hurting law abiding citizens that you were hired by and paid by to take care of.You want anyone who is in pain to suffer and be treated like cattle .leave medicine to doctors and not the DEA. Stop putting g doctors in a position to hurt people.

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