First Do No Harm: The DEA targets Physicians who treat their patients pain.

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my neurologist referred me out to a pin clinic to advise how to treat my pain caused by multiple sclerosis pain compounded by arthritis of the spine and herniated disc. Most pain from MS though because arthritis and herniated disc didn't show up until years later after the pain started. The pain office did test whereby needles were put into the areas that hurt while I was attached to a machine. They were somehow able to determine where and how much pain I was in that way. After years of treating my pain, the neurologist sent me back to pain management. This is b/c the rules were changing and now I would have to go once a month, sign a pain contrat, get urine analysis, random pill counts, etc. I was with same pain clinic for about 7 years when my doctor had to take prolonged leave. He had a covering doctor there; a new one almost every month. Most of them had no problem writing my rx after examining me and seeing my history. One doctor decreased me to only allow me to take my rx every 4 hours instead of every 3 which was the way it was prescribed to me for years b/c my pain spikes up after 3 hours. I had to learn to live with some extra pain but didn't have a choice. Last month I found out my original doctor is not coming back for 5 years. The new doctor that was there who I only had just met and saw for about 5 minutes, saw what I was taking and referred me out for a second opinion to Kessler rehabilitation center. He said in all honestly he had been accused of over-prescribing in the past and would not give me my rx again without the pain doctor at the rehab center agreeing to what I was taking to cover his you know what. Why would he send me to a rehab for a second opinion and what rehab center is going to agree to give me a narcotic? I never asked to be put on narcotics and after years of trial and error with things that didn't work or had bad side effects, I finally found a doctor to give me something in a high enough dose to get back my quality of life back. The last 7 years have been a blessing compared to life prior. Even with the narcotics the neurologist was giving me, the dose wasn't high enough to give me QOL. I am not sure what I will do if they take my pain medication away. If they have an alternative that works that doesn't require a narcotic I am all ears but I have been told my pain is from the cns and no needles in the back/or PT or exercise will fix that. I know, these things I tried first. I tried chiropractic, massage therapy and sports injury doctors in the beginning. I found no relief there. I was flat out told by my neurologist and the pain management doctor that narcotic therapy was my only recourse of action for any kind of Q.O.L. and that I could expect to take them for the rest of my life. Basically, the doctors made my body "dependant" (meaning I will withdraw if just pulled off or decreased quickly) on narcotics that DO work for me as a legitimate sick person with a disease. And now, the doctors do not want to prescr
For the last 4 years I have been seen by one of the most compassionate doctors I've had the pleasure of being treated by. He Remembers your children's names, your pets names, your conversations from your last visit, of course all your health concerns and on top of that he was ready for all the DEA protocol roll outs far in advance of the deadlines. What happens to this great doctor? Based on 2 fraudulent tips ( he recently fired two rude employees ) and I'm sure the other tip was from a friend or relative of there's yet he wasn't allowed to know why they came to inspect him. Well the inspection was just an excuse for a raid. They found nothing suspicious yet still took his records, his DEA license to fill pain meds yet let him keep his general practice, and see those patients and prescribe their meds. This is another case of the DEA ACTING LIKE THE GESTAPO AND Discriminating against chronic pain suffers and good doctors! ALL I CAN HOPE IS THAT SOME DAY THEY ALL SUFFER PAIN LIKE US...... but then again it's the DEA they get there drugs off the criminals they steal them from. It's not a coincidence that there's a crackdown on pain meds and our troops are guarding poppy fields in Afghanistan. Google some info on our troops and poppy fields. It's Iran-Contra all over again. This time they are going to take away our pain meds, hope we turn to heroin, then fill the privatized prisons with slave labor! And no I'm not crazy...there's plenty of info on the Internet!
Can't type well due to arthritis in hands (and knees and hips). Have a long story with multiple conditions and full disability. Same dose of meds for over 3 years which has lost effectiveness due to tolerance. MD suggests $100,000 surgery, which I have no means to pay for...meanwhile I am losing what little mobility I still have. This is inhumane.
This is Barbaric!
(See Dr. Marcola article: Anti-inflammatory causes inflation! ) I've suffered greatly for no good reason! And have had my kidneys shut down. MD stands for moral degenerate!
PLEASE PLEASE RETHINK AND REDO this insane restriction for people who REALLY LEGITIMATELY NEED pain management. My elderly mom has to live with a cracked spine because there is NOTHING they can do. Are you mean absolutely inhumane people to do this to doctors and patients just trying to get thru life because of the people who took advantage????? Find a better more humane effective way to deal with the problem but how can this department be so cruel to the people who ACTUALLY LIVE IN PAIN????
Our way of life has been compromised. Freedom is an illusion. We need to wake up and RISE!!!
I have been on a opioid since 2007. last week my dr. said the d.e.a. is prohibiting any and all narcotics from being written by his office. I was referred to a pain management dr who took all of 3 minutes to say sorry guy, I cant help you, GOOD LUCK!?!?!??!? so now I have no way to receive the medication that has been working flawlessly for 8 years. I don't know if I will be able to continue working? I might understand the d.e.a. restricting new patients, but 8 years strong with no miss haps??? I do not think so. I hope we can ban together to make things right!!!
I an 56 and have had osteoarthritis in my spine since I was 16. Since then it has gotten progressively worse and the back pain also affects my legs. I suffered for years on otc meds and finally around 2001 I found a warm and compassionate Dr who listened and cared. She not only experimented with many different combinations of meds to help me, but she also diagnosed me with fibromyalgia.Unfortunatly,after being with her about 15 yrs, a few years ago she went into a boutique type of practice that I couldn't afford and had to find a new Dr, What a nightmare!! At this point I was also diagnosed with rheumatoid arth, and my back has progressed to degenerative disc desease. This new Dr started out filling my scripts, that I was on for years. Then the hammer came down on my entire life...THE DEA! All of a sudden after a year with her, she and her rude and disrespectful nurse, who intrcepts all ability to speak to the Dr, decide to fabricate a reason to terminate me from the practice! I couldn't even do anything to defend myself. I was also red flagged throughout the entire network of Drs. I had to find another Dr that right away said she was going to wean me over a few months off of the pain patch I was on. Now that Im almost weaned, in agony beyond words, cant get out of bed,and my ability to be a semi productive disabled housewife, no longer exists. When I asked her now that Im almost weaned off of the patch that she didn't like, what she was going to switch me to......she said oh no, I don't prescribe pain meds!!! Now all I can do is cry in pain, and also because I don't think theres anyone out there to help me out of this hell.....thanks to the DEA....
This very serious problem that legitimate pain patients endure in not being able to reliably obtain necessary medicines prescribed to them by highly qualified physicians. Being a young chronic pain patient has brought many huddles in my every day life. Not only do I seek a physician who will treat me as a person but also help me figure out to treat or at least control my condition. I have lived in chronic pain since the age of 18yrs old. After I went under my first major spinal cord surgery. Today I have had surgery three times and only getting worst. The aftermath of these surgeries have only added more pain and disability. Please Senate, Congress, DEA help us legitimate chronic pain patients and physicians find a happy medium!
Very well said and this petition covers just about all of the points of this very serious problem that legitimate pain patients endure in not being able to reliably obtain necessary medicines prescribed to them by highly qualified medical doctors. No one, not even a pharmacist, is able to determine what kind of medical condition a person has just by looking at or profiling them. Doctors, pharmacists and patients need to work together. It is mind boggling that our government will spend millions of dollars on the upkeep and care of deliberate drug addicts while legitimate patients are abandoned by the country they have served and paid taxes to all of their functional lives. To force people that already have surmounted unimaginable physical and emotional damage to live in pain and to be made to feel ashamed for their conditions is an outright crime.
hello, doctors in mich are refusing to see me because I take narco? that was prescribed! for over 20 years due to a severe auto they are afraid of losing there jobs? what about the disabled?? I am scared of the withdraws & pain. nobody cares any more. Thanks dea!
I am 68 yrs old with no criminal record..not even a traffic violation, yet I'm treated like a criminal because of chronic's a long list, all spinal issues. The pain is real and completely debilitating, yet my medicine has been cut by over half. I'm ready to go..tired of this hell every minute of my life. Thanks, DEA
Who is profiting from this insane law? Get the government OFF MY BODY!
I am a chronic pain patient, My Dr does a pretty decent job at trying to treat my pain. However he is afraid to give me more pain meds because of the DEA and insurance companies. I was hurt on the job and Sedgwick claims told my Drs to stop prescribing me Oxycontin because they didn't believe that I needed it, so my Dr said that he needed to start weening me off it. I said to him what am I going to do for pain? He said I don't know but that what the insurance company wants, I asked him are they Drs? seriously are they the ones that are treating me, I said to him do you think I need my medication and he said yes I do, he says you are in pain! All of my medical evidence points to me needing to be treated for my chronic pain. And I am not saying that I can't be treated for something else besides oxycontin but for and insurance company to be telling Dr how to treat their patients is crazy! And Dr said DEA is also cracking down Drs as well and I said I understand that but you can't leave patients in pain. My Dr did not listen to Sedgwick claims and did fill my script and medicare is covering my medication which I have a $120.00 co-pay.
I am 43 years old and injured my back in 2005. I have been in chronic pain ever since. Due to New laws from DEA it is hurting Ppl like me who do not abuse my pain meds or been addicted. Without the pain meds I could not even get out of bed. Something needs to be done to help us instead of hurting US bc other drug addicts abuse the system and make us the chronic pain suffers pay for their actions,.
I am 43 years old and injured my back in 2005. I have been in chronic pain ever since. Due to New laws from DEA it is hurting Ppl like me who do not abuse my pain meds or been addicted. Without the pain meds I could not even get out of bed. Something needs to be done to help us instead of hurting US bc other drug addicts abuse the system and make us the chronic pain suffers pay for their actions,.
I'm a 56 year old disabled nurse due to failed back surgery . Just 6 years ago I was working and looking forward to my"golden years". It now causes pain just to shower. My pain management doctor is doing the best he can to help me with procedures (none have provided relief) and opioid medications which, due to restrictions, are not enough to allow me to do very much. I would neverseek medications elsewhere and would rather be in pain. I have thought that perhaps I would no longer suffer if I weren't alive but would never commit suicide due to my beliefs. Please help me to get the relief that I need. My pain is so severe that opioids and heating pad are the only things that help. Thank you very much.
Stop taking away my quality of life! Stop offering me medications and procedures that are more dangerous & costly than the simple pain meds that DO work. Stop making me worry that I won't be able to work until retirement. Stop making it difficult for me to bathe myself, dress myself, prepare a simple meal, clean my home, etc. Stop opening doors to pain mgmt. clinics who are there to humiliate me and treat me like a drug seeker. I am not a LTDU - I am a chronic pain sufferer, and I did NOT ask for this to happen. I was obeying the law, and my husband was practicing safe driving habits when we were rear-ended by a driver who told the police she wasn't watching traffic. I didn't want 3 surgeries in less than 3 years, with the last 2 happening in 2014, rendering me in more pain than ever. Stop allowing pain management to treat me like they treat non-compliant patients and make them treat ME and not go by a chart that says if I have this disease give this certain drug. MAKE THEM TREAT US AS INDIVIDUALS AND GIVE US BACK OUR SAY IN OUR CARE - AND REMEMBER WHO SAYS ADEQUATE TREATMENT FOR PAIN IS A BASIC HUMAN RIGHT.
There are legitimate people living everyday in this country with chronic pain and I am one of
them. Not everyone gets addicted to pain medications and for the few that have, they do not outweigh the people who live with chronic pain and you really do need these medications to
live a normal life, pain free. Please stop tying the hands of our doctors and our pharmacists by telling them not to prescribe or fill our pain
medications. Also please stop profiling people at
the Pharmacies when they show up with the
prescriptions for pain medication. Thank you.
Folks, don't be fooled. These people making the decisions WILL get their pain medications. They have name recognition OR an employee badge with their name and govt agency name on it. Don't think for one second they will suffer if they are ever in need of pain relief. These posts go to YOUR respective senator and the POTUS. They care not what inconvenience they cause for they will not go without. That's why it's so easy for them to make blanket decisions based on 576 letters. Even 100,000 drug overdoses pales in comparison to the 100 + millions of chronic pain sufferers that this is affecting. In the grand scheme of things...we matter not.
I too, live in pain and have found relief with pain medication. It has allowed me to take care of my daily responsibilities that I know I would not be able to do without pain relief. I am not a criminal or drug addict, I am a human being. It is cruel and demeaning to judge others when you don't know their pain and suffering.
I feel victimized as a disabled person that also has severe pain. Am now required to visit the dr. every month for the one pain medicine I receive ($65.00 each visit), pay for each month instead of every 3 months delivered through the mail ($$ adding up) and given drug tests at the doctors office each time I go in. Excuse me, but I believe that I am not a criminal and yet am treated like one and paying for being treated like this also. This is discrimination of the disabled and chronic pain suffers. No one else is subjected to this type of treatment. Now along with all the other diseases I suffer, I'm also getting an anxiety disorder because of this. DEA needs to let the doctors treat us and not have us subjected to a classification of drug dealers, drug abusers, etc. The laws need to change for our betterment, doctors & patients!!
I have done Auto Body work all my life, a rough job and it take a toll on my body and lungs,I have severe chronic back pain,Toxic neuropathy from painting cars and breathing body filler plastic for 50 years but yet I'm treated like a drug addict and have a hard time getting my pain under control.I'm an American Grandpa and suicide is not an option !
i'm 55yrs old i have had manual labor hard working jobs my whole life. people tell me i work like a man. i am female and weigh 110lbs . i have 3 herniated disks in my lower back both knees bone on bone, both hands have ganglia cysts from osteo arthritis, hips and shoulders are really starting to go. i've been on hydrocodone10mg for years, taken as directed. i asked my dr. who's a pretty good guy, if i could have something stronger. i could tell he was nervous and said he didn't want me to become addicted. i'm like what? these letters have helped me and i'm sick of being treated like an addict as well can't smoke pot because it's illegal in n.y. and so i get drug tested even though my dr. doesn't care if i do for pain.this whole thing sucks!
I am not a criminal, but paiin management and dea sure treat me like one. They don't get problem fixed, yet won't provide pain relief. Had 2 rods, ten screws inserted in neck to fuse 5 vertebrae, lower back been fractured 3 times (WAS horse trainer). Neck fusion 2 yrs ago, still very painful...been tellin pain mngmt for 2 yrs back is worse each month. They STILL have done nothin. I am so saddened by our so called wonderful government, how they treat people like us who r in too much pain to function. Maybe we could be out in work force contributing to their salaries with our taxes...but they prevent us from being able to do so. Hang in there folks, something has to crack eventually...maybe when the government fools can't get pain relief due to their own idiot rules, maybe then someone somewhere will listen. The rest of us are just screwed cuz no one hears us. WE ARE NOT CRIMINALS! Dogs get treated better...if you let your pet suffer pain you get prosecuted! Why are our elderly made to suffer? Why are we? Please help
I am a mother of 5, My son Devin was diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia last year, He is dying from this disease which works like cancer on the blood. My seventeen year old is very young and deserves to have his comfort level met. Dignity when you die....Animals are treated with more dignity. God didn't have plants grow to make medicine for us to outlaw it. God have mercy on everyone that is treated less than a animal.
I have had multiple abdominal surgeries with large positions of intestines removed, 2 herniated disk with double scoliosis, plus massive OBGYN issues that cannot be surgically resolved due to scar tissue. I was cut off of pain meds... NOW What?
I have been in a pain management program for over 10 years, walgreens decided just the other day, they didn't feel like filling my meds..What happens when I start withdrawls??
I have 2 terminal illness that I will die from plus severe spinal issues.we need to file our own lawsuits against who ever is responsible for this ....I was taking 120 mg oxycotin an oxycodone 3 times a day an with no warning they cut me down to 90 twice a day .I am still withdrawing and its been 1 month what don't you understand about me dying when I first started opiod drugs the doctor gave me a choice to live pain free and be able to walk shower even sit on the shitter but you will be addicted to pain meds most likely I went home and looked up opiate addiction symptoms well I made my choice since I am going to die anyway I would like to be able to have some sort of life besides being bed ridden shitting my pants not being able to move without all the pain.i have 26 years of documentation. on all my medical conditions and I just want to throw in the towel give up end it I cant live like this.there is no question I am going to die from my med problems.does anyone got a classaction lawsuite going please help I have all my files
Yea I live with lot of pain due to back injuries and think this******with our goverment taking away our rights and telling us what we can and can not do and telling us what we can and can not take or put in our bodies has got to stop. I hope people start an uprising like has never been seen if our sorry*****goverment continues to take away our rights or going against the constituion .it will one day turn into a cival war against our goverment and I would like to be here to see it happen in my life to finially see people put our goverment bak in there place. And to do what they was hired to do to start with.
Since I first signed this, I notice a sharp increase in the mention & contemplating of suicides by those signing. Is this your plan DEA & Congress, to "cull the population?" Hey, it doesn't look like you need to do it this way. Just instruct the doctors to offer assisted suicide along with their refusal to treat severe pain, now including post-operative pain! I know I and many, from reading these signatories to this petition, would gladly take it! Shame on you all! And you sit wondering why the youth of America are going to join up with Isis or other terrorist groups to fight their own country! They see what kind of life there isn't for them here, not anymore. It's disgusting to see the rest of the world hate us & now increasing numbers of our own. They see the nothing that exists for their future, should they get sick or injured. Like many others, I no longer say "I wouldn't wish my pain on anyone" as I now do wish it on all who are leaving people to suffer, to enrich their own wallets when other countries less than half our size know how to govern, not destroy.If America falls, I won't be surprised. You have hearings where mommies are crying their "little boy" got hooked, delve deeper to find that "little boy" was 35!! years old! I didn't have a parent alive at age 21. I went to work, didn't get high or hooked on anything to come crying to mommie about & have her blame a doctor. That doctor didn't get that 35 yr old "little boy" hooked, he did it himself. This craziness has to stop. Even though I have good insurance, I fear going to a doctor for anything, and why bother? No treatment available, whether it involves pain or otherwise. If a treatment is suggested, it'll likely make one sicker. America??
Let Doctors treat their patients. Stop the DEA from focusing on easy targets, like sick people. Many more people kill themselves from chronic pain than abusers. When you have a statistic about death from an Opiate Abuse DO NOT INCLUDE the people with multiple drugs in their system.
I simply can not find any scientific evidence that suggests our Dr.s and us, the patients who will never again have any decent quality of life, as long as DEA FDA and HHR and other departments continue to punish the innocent.

It is no fault of ours that street criminals give good and helpful medicine, a bad name. It is no fault of ours that parents neglect to actually "Parent" their teens. It is no fault of ours that unscrupulous people Dr. shop.

I beg you to look at how people with chronic pain live . We do not have lives without the wonder of pain medication that Scientists and Dr.s have devised hundreds of years ago.

As something like marijuana becomes a novelty all over the country ... we, the innocent, are being left to a life in bed or worse, check into the suicide rate. Pain is a killer. Do you understand? Pain is a killer just as alcoholism and diabetes.

You must open your minds on this, and discover that patients who may have their much needed pain medications, stay OFF disability, they work, they pay taxes, they participate in life.

You will burden society by continuing these archaic and hysterical freak-out sessions simply because a few hundred low educated populace are angry their kids or spouses misused medicine meant and intended to treat and provide good quality life to those who will otherwise become non contributing members of society without the struggle not will to wake up anymore.

How can ANYONE do this to these poor souls is beyond comprehension.

PS Ankylosing Spondylitis, Fibromyalgia and something I do not want to mention. We are already hurting enough with stigma! Everyday is unpredictable. And if I have my medication, I can be useful. I can donate my time to animal rescue. I can paint for auctions. I can maintain my marriage.

Please. Do not punish us. Two months ago my own Dr. was forced to reduce my meds. Now ... I have to pick one battle per day. Will it be the kitchen? Will it be the laundry? Should I file disability now? What about MY rights? Why am I not important? How do a few hundred people gather to dictate the lives of millions of people who TRY to live productive lives with chronic pain? It has no substance in reality and only in hysteria.

Someone please help us. Please,
I suffer from Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), which is a chronic Neurological syndrome. I suffer from SEVERE PAIN which manifests as an extreme burning all over my skin causing pain and extreme sensitivity to touch of bed sheets, clothing and especially touch from a Person. I am warm which causes sweating, and there are times when I have areas on my skin which are ice cold( these changes are caused by increases/ deceases of blood to the skin) as a result I have discoloration of my skin, swelling is another symptom, other symptoms include dry mouth and eyes, weakness of my extremities, I am unable to care for myself on a daily basis-

I'm in bed all day except when going to the Doctor... I need constant assistance which I obtain from my elderly Parents, I AM IN CONSTANT SEVERE PAIN as are others which are Diagnosed with this painful Syndrome. For the past several months, I have been to Physicians' which REFUSE to prescribe the pain Medication which I have been on since Diagnosed FIVE YEARS AGO.

I have been to 9 PHYSICIANS in ONE MONTH that refuse to prescribe the Medication in the State of NEW JERSEY. Imagine the pain I MUST DEAL WITH, WITHOUT ASSISTANCE from these Doctor. I have been told by one Practitioner, " the DEA is really coming down on Doctors in this State, I hope you have a plan B". Not even the ER Practitioner would help because of the laws in this State. These Physician's are aware of how painful this SYNDROME is and DISPITE THE OATH which Physician's must take "...DO NO HARM...", this is exactly what my Doctors and many other Doctors are doing.

The Pain that I deal with 24/7 is so terribly painful that many times I have thought that perhaps DEATH would be the only thing that would put an end to my pain and ONLY because Practitioners that could MAKE ME COMFORTABLE while suffer with this CHRONIC PAIN which there IS NOT A CURE FOR.

Three days in pain with infection of the arm and no pharmacy, went to 3 has Norco or has a good reason why they do not.. I understand the change to get the RX but what good is it once you get it?
I was injured back in 2010 fighting a house fire when I went in to save a dog. I saved the dog but couldn't save myself whole roof collapsed on me and pinning me under 4 ft. Of rubble now I have a bad neck and back for saving this families loved one and I end up suffering at doctors now cause they accused me of dr. Shopping the dr a pain specialist tried to force me in saying I'm addicted to pain medication I was only taking ultram 50MG 4 times daily yes I would go to hospital cause pain was unbearable. I was told to go to hospital if after hours in a emergency what was I suppose to do if my meds wasn't helping shoot herion snort cocane no I try to do the right thing with a paper trail and I get in trouble for making it known these new laws make it hard on everybody with chronic issues let them take medications to ease the pain instead of finding alternate sources it's no longer land of the free it's land of thousands of laws protecting laws thinking there helping people when all reality they are harming families and lives that deal with this day in night non stop. If they want to force pain surgery on me I deny I no first hand back and neck surgery is only 30 % successful let us be mostly pain free instead of a botched up peace of hamburger with pain still change the law
the Street drug pushers are the only ones benefiting from DEA and their policies.I thought we pay the DEA to stop crime not make it more profitable for cartels and street thugs trust me it is a hayday for illegal drug pushers
if my pain medications stop, I'll move to a state that legalizes marijuana. That is the ONLY drug that reduces my pain to zero
The added stress of worrying about whether you can get your pain medications every month is nothing short of cruel. Many of us have followed all the laws, but we are treated like criminals because we take pain medication. We should not be made to suffer simply because there are people who choose to abuse the medication that allows true pain patients to simply live their daily lives. I take only long acting medication and no one even has a clue that I use the medication unless I tell them. Let doctors be doctors and stop using regulation and intimidation to make legitimate doctors afraid to prescribe medication that they believe is the best choice for the patient.
I've had a liver transplant and then a stroke caused by a medical error. I cannot take otc pain medicines for my chronic pain. Everything was fine until 2013 when the VA suddenly cut me off my pain medicine. They said they had to because of death and FDA pressure. I went to a private pain specialist who treated me shabbily. Now I'm weaning myself of my medicine and suffering a huge loss of quality of daily life and feeling abandoned by the medical community. Sometimes suicidal or wanting to "strike back" at my "tormentors" a lousy way to live. I can buy buy alcohol or tobacco, but not opioid pain relief. I am a veteran.
Use of the term"addiction" is a judgement of the patient. There is international debate about this very matter. "Am I addicted to psych meds (SSRI's etc), because when I stop taking them I don't feel normal or well? " "No" they reply, " you are demonstrating Medication Cessation Syndrome" or some such nonsense. They will say anything to dismiss or belittle the debate on legitimate use of pain medication, if you can get them to stay with you long enough to have this discussion.
Vote you out Gov Scott and Pam Bondi FL corrupt money sucking pigs.
Chronic pain from multiple conditions including degenerative disk and joint disease for 30 years and counting…one bone on bone and joint replaced. More in the future I am sure… as the cushioning materials continues to evaporate away. Herniated disk with sciatica. Systemic disease causing pain all throughout. Botched pelvic implant creating massive scar tissue and nerve damage. Neurological pain with it's horrible burning. I am a 56-year-old diabetic with a history of specialists and tests and procedures and surgeries for these awful conditions. And two years ago, was diagnosed with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis. The average life expectancy for this fatal and relentless disease is 2-5 years from diagnosis. So far.. I am holding my own. But since there is no cure other than a lung transplant, it is progressive and always fatal… and this ALSO causes muscle and joint pain. But whether I have another year. or two… or even more… I am fated to suffer the rest of my life in pain and quality of life will completely disappear. Because last week my pain specialist of nearly five years, whom I saw regularly and had a good relationship with, just dumped me. He had been acting very tense and strange over the last few months. Exceptionally crabby and unsympathetic and angry. I had no idea why, until now. All the nurse would say was "it isn't you, but the doctor is eliminating many patients and you will need to seek treatment elsewhere." I am assuming this includes anyone who requires more than the very minimum doses of medication. All patients being treated for severe chronic pain with no cure have to hit the highway. And I wasn't even close to what many people with my conditions take. No Oxycontin or Morphine or anything like that. Just Norco and a smaller script for Percocet when the pain hit level ten. Have developed a tolerance after no dosage change in five years and when I mentioned this…. that might have been the trigger? I don't know. But better to have something that works a little bit, than to have absolutely no relief at all. I can no longer take NSAIDs because I burned my stomach with them before finally admitting I needed something stronger. And allergic to gabapenten and lyrica so no help for nerve pain. But now… no help at all. So, I gathered records and went to another dr. who advertised online not just medication management, but promising non-narcotic alernative treatments that I was excited to try. Anything is worth a try when the pain gets so bad you want to run away, but there is nowhere to go. Trapped inside your own personal hell. But the minute he saw I had used narcotics, I was treated like an addict and he refused to take over my pain management. I have a strong suspicion searching elsewhere will have the same effect. Doctors are afraid. And patients who have chronic lifelong pain and have taken daily pain medication for years, suddenly find themselves, like me, facing horrible withdrawal symptoms.. not because we are addicts or junkies
Shattered my femur after falling off a ladder. Had surgery that put a rod and pins in my leg to fix the non-fixable broken bone. When the anesthesia wore off I went through the most unbearable pain I've ever had. They had me hooked up to an IV morphine pump but didn't give me enough morphine to have a therapeutic had no effect. Then a nurse from hell came in and said I had to stand on my leg, there is nothing wrong with my leg...the surgery fixed that and I should have no problem standing on it???? You gotta be shittin' me. I ran here out of my room and demanded to be transferred to another care facility which they did. Still never got enough meds to control the severe pain. I'm now scared. I'm almost 60 and live in fear of ever having to go to the hospital again.
I am reading all of these comments and it is like reliving the events of the past few months and especially the past week. My pain management doctor of over four years just abruptly had his assistant inform me he would no longer see me. I had already called another pain doctor, good thing.. I thought at the time. Until I got there are found he would not treat me either. I have multiple pain conditions producing pain of varying degrees and types from burning hot nerve pain, numbness and tingling, to the moderate, but annoying, distracting, unpredictable, confusing and maddening pain of fibromyalgia, to the moderate to severe pain caused by an allergic foreign body reaction to two defective polypropylene implants that have created an increasingly severe chronic autoimmune systemic disease process where my immune system, after trying to expel the implant and failing, began to destroy and erode the tissue around it and when that failed, became confused and began randomly attacking my own body… creating all sorts of health issues as well as pain. It took three surgeries to remove these implants which had melded with my own tissues, and wrapped around nerves, organs and arteries. The surgeons report BEFORE the last surgery indicated massive scarring throughout my entire pelvis, four separate areas of erosion, including two on my internal organs, and severe tissue damage to my urethra and other areas. That surgeon required over FIVE hours of pelvic dissection… chopping and cutting through my tissues, organs and nerves and ligaments to get the implants out because they had literally melded with my muscle and nerves…. so when the implants came out, so did huge chunks of me. And left me with even more massive amounts of scar tissue, nerve and organ damage, and chronic pain. Not to mention the degenerative disc disease causing pain throughout my entire spine with the worst of it being CONSTANT and severe lower back pain. Let't not forget the herniated disk that sends shooting pains through my hip and down my leg. The same hip that was damaged during the initial implant and has pinched and burned every since. created sharp pains that make me shout out, scream in shocked pain and unable to move until the pain subsides. There is also degenerative joint disease… started way back in my 20's and I never even took an aspirin for it until it got so intense I couldn't stand it. The first time I took narcotics for it? When I had burned my stomach to bits from years of using ibuprofen, the pain continued to get worse as the disease progressed and had I no choice. It destroyed my thumb joint and that had to be removed because the cushioning between joints was literally eaten away and it was just bone rubbing on bone every time I used my hand. But even before replacing it, I had a cortisone shot which kept me going…. for a few years! Still no narcotics. But after a while that wore off or no longer was sufficient and they removed the CVC thumb joint, took some of my own
I am a 53 year old female. I am diabetic. I had a heart attack 2 years ago. I have been seeing the same orthopedic doctor for 6 years. One knee is bone on bone and they other the acl and meniscus tore and required surgery. I have constant bursitis in my shoulders and hips. Because of my heart condition I can not take NSAIDS due to my endless list of medications. The only thing that has made life bearable and allowed me with all this to keep working is Norco. With the recent re-classification of this medication, it has become a nightmare to get a prescription. I have to drive 80 miles round trip to get a prescription. I was told I was going to be taking off the only medication that has given me relief. So I guess I am supposed to live without pain relief and have no quality of life. Congress needs to fix this. I am not a drug addict, I do not doctor shop nor do I over indulge my medication for fun. Thank you for reading.
I am being victimized at this very moment.
After a horrible accident in 2010, I have had chronic pain, and according to my MRI,,,,It have been told it is an uncommon injury, in an area Doctors do not want to touch due to too many vital organs and such in that area,, I have had numerous injections that last 2-3weeks and the pain comes back. Pain Management Dr dropped me due to inability to afford insurance Obama care gave me an exemption number?? I have completely gone off of one medication (suffering horrible withdrawls), the pain is so bad I don't know where to turn. Carelink gave me a month of insurance and said they would review my eligibility . Been to the Dr, said couldn't see me until my Pain management Dr sent my chart.she assured me that when it came in,to come in and she would get me in ASAP. I did so..she said she couldn't see me for 4 more day's . I was so worn out and in so much pain the office manager said he would put me in with another Dr. In the same office (I was relieved , I figured she could discuss my situation with my Dr.), INSTEAD the other Doctor accused me of "Dr. Hopping"!?!? I asked her if she could send me for a MRI, She said no. I seriously don't know where to turn Quality of life is almost non existent . I try to care for my elderly parents (mother 85, Father 88). They have been Amazing).
I can not get any help or benefits without a note from my Doctor, but as of March 4, I will be without any Carelink , and they cannot interview me until March 15, with No Guarantee. Something has to give here. Prayers can only help me so much. Thank You for your time.
Once you've seen your doctor for pain and they stop treating you, you can't get treated anywhere else. I have been made to feel like a criminal, I feel that my life is not worth living and I hate them for not giving me a chance to have some semblance of a normal life. Not adequately treating pain should be a crime. No wonder it's called the suicide disease. And normal law abiding citizens have to consider illegal means to control their pain.

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