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If anyone is in the NJ area or close to it, tomorrow at Monmouth Univ in Long Branch there is going to be a conference starting at 8am regarding heroin and the so called (non existent) opiod epidemic. The anti opiod clan being lead by none other than Kolodny himself, will be enlightening the audience with his lies, made up statistics brought to you by the CDC, more trash talk about how our LIFE SAVING meds are nothing more than heroin and those of us suffering in severe pain who DEPEND on opiods for a QUALITY OF LIFE and our pain lessened are all addicts. The drugfree campaign out of NJ has many billboards on our roads showing kids being hurt or dental work done with the caption "woukd you give your kid heroin". How utterly disgusting and disgraceful to the thousands and thousands of those of us in severe pain who use opiods on a daily basis just to plant our feet on the floor. Shame on you congress, shame on all of you for turning your backs on the suffering and continuing on with your propaganda ********. You are forcing INNOCENT LAW ABIDING CITIZENS WHO ARE SUFFERING IN SEVERE PAIN TO THE STREETS FOR RELIEF OR WORSE KILLING THEMSELVES DUE TO INADEQUATE PAIN RELIEF! I'd like to know how one guy, by the name of Kolodny, has soo much power to continue with his charade of BS and congress bows to every word he says. He stands to gain a fortune when LEGITIMATE chronic pain patients loose their LIFE SAVING MEDS, throwing them into severe withdrawal and many to their deaths. It's all about the $$$, By stripping us of LIFE SAVING MEDS, His beds at the Phoenix Houses will fill up, raking in the big bucks for Kolodny. So b/c his kid overdosed by CHOOSING TO ABUSE ILLEGAL street drugs, the millions of us with DEBILITATING CONDITIONS are the traget of his human torture! WHY IS IT THAT SAVING LIVES OF THOSE WHO BREAK THE LAW, WHO CHOOSE TO ABUSE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN SAVING THE LIVES OF THE CHRONICALLY ILL!? I worked all my life until the pain became overbearing. I paid my fair share of taxes. I follow the rules and did what the medical community told me to do, such as YEARS of PT, massage,chiro,accupuncture,epidurals, SCS, facet injections, trigger point injections, nerve blocks, steriod injections, nerve burming, discographies, two FAILED SPINAL FUSIONS THAT LEFT ME WITH SEVERE NERVE DAMAGE, water therapy, TENS, ALL OTC AND NSAIDS THAT TORE MY LIVER AND STOMACH UP! Opiods were my LAST RESORT and My pain was finally at a MANAGED /TOLERABLE LEVEL. WHAT IS THE POINT OF HERDING US ALL INTO PAIN CLINICS WHERE WE GET TREATED LIKE ADDICTS, NEGLECTED, ABUSED, MISTREATED, DEGRADED, DISCRIMINATED AGAINST, FORCED TO HAVE INJECTIONS IN ORDER TO GET THE MINIMAL DOSE OF PAIN MEDICINE. I have been with the same neurologist for the past four to five years. He sees me monthly and the pain I am in and yet continues to ignore it. I've heard that the only drs that will be allowed to write scripts for narcotics are PM drs. What kind of BS is that!? Pain management is nothin
It has been crazy what the D.E.A is doing!There are people who suffer from chronic pain and cant find a DR. who will prescribe for them anymore,that is patients with legitimate problems.They just totaly cut you off.what happend to the doctors code of ethics,on top off that pain management drs.are just as bad whats there point of bieng one. THIS STINKS
I have 7 bad disks, osteoarthritis of the spine, ankolosing spondylitis, and facet disease, etc. I'm doing everything they tell me, injections in spine and neck, physical therapy (when the pain is a little better I can do a little), 2 1/2 hour infusions of proteins from mouse and human tissue with ghastly side effects, and on and on. My pain doc gives me minimal narcotic meds admittedly because he doesn't want to do more paperwork, although he realizes and comments often on how much I am suffering. I'm still in awful pain and seem to be getting so rapidly worse month to month, in spite of or because of all these treatments, I'm not sure. Pain patients should not be made to suffer because of someone else's lawbreaking behavior. Looking forward to a lifetime of horrible pain with no relief in sight - I've gotten little relief in spite of spending enough money to buy a Mercedes in the last year - is enough to make anyone contemplate suicide. If I were an animal, I would be humanely put to death and not allowed to suffer day after day, yet, I don't even have that option, as my condition isn't terminal and I could linger on another 30 years like this. YES let's keep the government out of the relationship between a doctor and his patient. If a doctor's over-prescribing here in southern California is "overlooked" until she kills 3 patients, in spite of the scrutiny and hell we patients have to go through with drug testing and pharmacies double checking and counting our pills to the very day, I'd have to say the problem is at the top and it stinks to high heaven. DO PEOPLE REALIZE WHAT THIS IS GOING TO DO TO MEDICARE AND STATE MEDICAID PROGRAMS? My guess is it will single-handedly bankrupt the whole system in short time. Just this month close to $36,000 and the month is half over! Just a urinalysis? $611. One pain management visit? $390. And I'm not even adding the Rheumatologist this month yet. And yet, practically no pain relief. I could have saved the government all that money and myself all that extra suffering with a $30 rx of narcotics. I think I could have a paid for one drug abuser's rehab in a beach front Malibu establishment, just in April alone. What a stupid stupid idea this was. Wrong on so very many levels. WAKE UP AMERICA! These kids will move to heroin now, or the look alike Norcos filled with Fentanyl at fatal doses. If you want to reduce drug overdoses how about spending more on treatment of mental illness like Bipolar Disorder found in 60% of addicts/alcoholics?? i really think this will go down in history as the worst decision the government has ever made.
Witches, Communists, Zero Tolerance.....I.e, The Salem Witch Trials, McCarthyism, and the DEA
Witches, Communists, Zero Tolerance.....
You people who poor your hearts here, the government or President do not care about you.
We live in a corrupt society where the rise of heroine on the streets coincided with the DEA's constant pressure on MD's not to prescribe.
I wonder how so much heroine came to our streets and where all that $ is going?
Anyone else smell a rat?
And you know all those politicians get whatever meds they want, legal or not!
Sad times! I see this so clearly and even work inside a hospital where post surgical patients are made to feel bad for needing anything stronger than ibuprofen! You know something is really rotten!!!!!
I'm in chronic pain. You went TOO FAR and now those of us who depend on opioid pain medication cannot get it! I have discharge papers that say to take it as needed for pain, but no one will prescribe it for me!!! I'm suffering terribly and in agony so much that I am unable to leave my bed.
I am a 50 year old woman who has lived with severe degerative disk disease, spinal stenosis, osteoarthritis and a variety of other ailments in my neck and back for 9 years now. I had to stop working part time last year because I absolutely could not take the pain anymore even on the 5mg/325 hydrocodone (twice per day) I was taking but at least at home I could do dishes, make dinner etc. I recently switched to a doctor closer to my home so I would not have to drive anymore. My first visit to her office for a consult and not more than 2 sentences later she says right out..I am NOT giving you pain killers. We hadn't even discussed my health yet nor anything else before this blunt (and I thought rude and offensive) comment. Needless to say I was cut off cold turkey from them (although I dont think my dosage was high enough to warrant any withdrawel symptoms, so that was not an issue). But since this medicine was stopped, not only am I in excruciating pain constantly...I cannot even get off the couch to do any meaningful thing in my house. My life is over...I no longer even leave to go out with friends, family etc. I cannot take my own depression and pain...why exploit others to it. My pain medicine was a way to function (be it ever so little since it just managed to take the edge off) but at least then I was managing it. Now it manages me. Plain and simple. Like many others, I pray to God to take me early as we all know this is not living a life, but mearly taking up space in it. I am sure I am on my way to many other ailments as taking a half bottle of advil and tylenol a day will eventually do me in. I just wanted to share my story with others and know that I empathize with each and every one of you. I am not a drug addict but no matter where you go to try to get help...this is how you will be treated even with MRI's and xrays in hand showing a broken body and pinched nerves. It's funny that the people on the street selling them are the reason we cant get them, but the doctors refusing to help you are the reason people go to the street to get them. What a funny and ironic world. Well that's my story...
My message was cut off below -

Since my meds have been lowered, some taken away and new ones added monthly, meds that I have already tried over the years and DID NOT WORK and gave me horrible side effects, my health has deteriorated RAPIDLY. I was on the SAME DOSE for YEARS and had my pain at a tolerable level. Then in steps the CDC, DEA and the corrupt government, scum that know NOTHING about me or the MULTIPLE DEBILITATING conditions I live with daily, and you take my meds away along with my QUALITY OF LIFE!! I am not the reason for those who CHOOSE TO ABUSE so why in hell am I paying the price with my health b/c of others actions! Newsflash *** LEGITIMATE CHRONIC INTRACTABLE PAIN PATIENTS ARE NOT ADDICTS, WE ARE NOT THE REASON FOR THE DEA'S FAILED WAR ON DRUGS!! I had a life, one I had somewhat enjoyment when my pain was MANAGED! I was able to care for myself and kids, cook for them, do laundry, food shop..YOU MR. PRESIDENT AND YOUR NAZI REGIME HAVE TAKEN IT ALL AWAY!! I sit here day in and day out in tears from excruciating pain, I contemplate suicide to escape the overbearing crushing feeling on my spine, the razor sharp piercing, lightening bolt shocks going down my legs, and then I stare at the pictures of my son and daughter who are my world, and it would be selfish of me to end my life and cause them great pain. SUICIDE SHOULD NEVER BE ANYBODYS OPTION!! SO WHY IN HELL ARE THE CDC, FDA, DEA AND THE GOVERNMENT SENDING LEGITIMATE PAIN PATIENTS TO THEIR DEATHS!! YOU ALL HAVE BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS FROM THE MANY LIVES LOST TO SUICIDE TO END THE PAIN! NONE OF YOU ARE GOD! YOU CANNOT FEEL WHAT ANOTHER FEELS, BOY DO I WISH YOU COULD FOR A. MONTH FEEL WHAT I FEEL! You corrupt pen pushers sit behind a desk signing this law and that, ABUSING YOUR POWER, RESTRICTING MEDICAL TREATMENT FROM THE CHRONICALLY ILL! The CDC, DEA and FDA are just as corrupt! CDC admits to LYING ABOUT THE OVERDOSE DEATHRATE, ADMITS TO USING FALSE DATA TO RECORD THE OVERDOSE DEATHRATE, THE DEA, FDA AND YOU HYPOCRITS IN CONGRESS RUN WITH IT, CREATE MASS HYSTERIA ABOUT OPIODS, TO COVER THE DEA'S FAILURE AT STOPPING THE HEROIN FROM ENTERING OUR BORDERS, the propaganda ******** you sell to the public is disgusting! When more and more people become victims of chronic pain and are on the other side, it won't take long before they realize the stigma the government has put on legit patients backs, THE NEGLECT, ABUSE, MISTREATMENT, DISCRIMINATION AND THE DEGRADING A LEGIT PAIN PT RECEIVES FROM DRS, NURSES, PHARMACIES, AND SOCIETY, IS ENOUGH TO PUSH A LEGIT PT TO SUICIDE. Those CDC guidelines need to be BURNED!! You are sending people to their deaths by denying them/me OUR LIFESAVING MEDICATIONS!! I have a right to pursue happiness and YOU ALL ARE VIOLATING THAT RIGHT, AS WELL AS MY RIGHT TO PRIVACY, REMEMBER THAT LAW CALLED HIPPA!?!? THE ONE YOU CORRUPT KILLERS ARE OVERSTEPPING AND INVADING!?!? The United Nations are well aware of the TORTURE and genocide you are committing as well as the ACLU.
Hey everyone...let me let you in on a little secret....The local government and the national government,and most doctors,Law Enforcement..."They really DO NOT give 1 single******about Chronic Pain patients at all...we are all just lower class addicts to them...seriously..its sad,but true"
I live in horrible pain everyday and finding the right treatment is nearly impossible please don't take away chronic pain patients life line.
I am a disabled vet. Have been since 19/20. But I didn't ask for anything stronger than ibu. I also have endometriosis and very painful disease. I have had several surgeries. I also had the lupron injection given to me. I have osteopenia, degenerative disc disease , my bones and joints in severe pain. I actually can understand what bone gnawing pain is. I also had a bone tumor removed. The removal caused horrible nerve damage. I have back and feet and hands/fingers/wrist pain. It took me years of using gabapentin /lyrica and tons of ibu. I have actually been told no more NSAIDs. But I use with the opioids so I can get up out of bed. Take care of my 2 special needs kids. I am a military wife meaning my husband deploys often. I hire people to do the yard work and to help with housework. I can't vacuum. It took me years to start opioids other than surgery pain. Due to basic training and endometriosis and the bone tumor. I have had 10 surgeries. Please stop treating is chronic pain patients like addicts. I'm not an addict
My husband is a veteran who has suffered with chronic migraines and fibromyalgia for at least the past 18 years; he has significant chemical sensitivities as well and has endured many adverse reactions to medications in the course of treatment. He has also been berated, insulted, abused, verbally assaulted, and judged unfairly repeatedly. It is absolutely atrocious and wrong beyond words; he does not deserve to be punished because he is suffering and in pain. He's had people accuse him of lying, accuse him of "drug seeking," while he goes home suffering in unending pain feeling hopeless and infuriated at the lack of compassion and respect shown toward him by physicians. He has ZERO history of substance abuse and yet he gets treated like a criminal; he is dehumanized by the very people who he turns to for help. It is sickening that this kind of behavior goes on unchecked! All he wants is to have a quality of life worth living. This MUST change before more people in a similar position just can't handle living where every day is agony and every doctor neglects or abuses them. We must put an end to this insidious form of malpractice.
I have a loved one living with me because she's disabled. She has had 3 back surgeries a stimulator put in her back and nothing has worked. She had pain shots done in her back also. All this in 8 years. After her first surgery she was in pain for almost 2 years. The doctor wanted to put larger screws and remove the smaller ones. As soon as the doctor cut her open he saw that one of her screws had broke she never fail or was in a car accident so we don't know how titanium screws could have broken so she still has the broken screw inside her the doctor could not take it out it would do more damage if he did, but he replaced all the other six screws. She goes through all this to get relief she complains she wants to get off the pain pills but she needs them to physically function if not she cannot move she cannot take a shower she cannot do anything. And a week ago she goes to her doctors appointment and he tells her that he will not be giving her pain pills anymore that he will be lowering them every month. Ever since she's heard this she's been crying she says I don't know what I'm going to do without my pills. She said she was against suicide but when you have this pain and it's so bad you think about it. It scares me when she talks like this I can't believe who's ever making these laws and scaring doctors to stop helping their patients pain will not be giving them their relief because they are being told not to give patients no more pain pills. She has four children and I am scared what will happen when she has no more. Do you people understand how many people will be taking their own life's not because they want to they will have no choice. I see the pain she's in every day and the crying why would you let a person live like this. Are you trying to kill off people? this is plan evil to leave people in tremendous pain and scaring doctors to treat patients who really need their medication. please don't keep doing this to good people that depend on their medication . Please think about all the dealth that's coming. I don't want children to lose parents because of not having the relief they get and should have.
Overreacting laws like this only ever hurt the innocent. Sufferers of pain are already in bad enough shape. Forcing them to live in pain and making them feel like junkies is malpractice. First Do No Harm. Part of the Hippocratic Oath. Did you take the oath? No? Have a PhD in medical practice? No? Get away from doctors, pharmacists and the patients they treat.
I was on the other side of the fence until,I developed severe pain after cancer surgeries. Now I have legitimate pain and cannot get pain medication for anything. All the doctors have done a complete 180.
It's time to fight!
Stop refusing service to trans and nonbinary gendered people now! Stop refusing service to patients for who they r! This is not fair! I was in a hospital for suicide attempts and reaction to meds. The other time i was in a hospital for unknown reason as a kid. Stop restraining patients in regular hospitals now unless psych wards do so! Save the patients before death! Don't let patients die off!
To the poster from Erie, Pa, that is total ******** what they did to you. That's what all the doctors are doing to us chronic pain patients or they're saying we need to go into rehab because were addicted to our pain pills. My doctor is going to start sending me to physical therapy and put me on nonnarcotic pain meds, she told me the non-narcotics are just as effective as the opiates. Wrong! Something needs to be done about the way they're treating all of us.
I was told today that my pain management tend not to prescribe opiates to 28 year olds. So I am put into a box and stereotyped off the bat. I brought in a letter describing all things in my life I can no longer do. I was told I am depressed and should go to be psychiactricallly evaluated. Then my family and I explained how I am in chronic pain and desperately needed some kind of relief then my Dr said that I am trying to intimidate her and asked us to leave. I feel I was a victim of patient profiling.
Why are those in chronic pain being treated like criminals? We have lives and family who depend on us to be able to function. I don't understand.
I am 69 yrs old and despite severe daily pain from muscularskelatel disorders, and now screaming nerve and bone from osteoarthritis pain--After decades of migranes brought on by vascular muscle spasms -- wth fibromyalgia since '95 and before that undiagnosed to 5 migraines a month --oh I cant even talk abt it. Its 3:45 and as usual I am still chair bound. Only after 2nd dose does my medicine 1 morphine tablet which I half becaz its a knock u down drug-- I cant get up and WORK--yes I was a workaholic--so sorryand over achiever ( like thats a bad thing) and basically its my fault im sick) through all that I sold 2 novels, am a certified teacher in Classical Piano, all my children are Dentists and becaz of age gap, I'm talking 8 consecutive years of of college followed by post graduate in a field widely known to be insufficient time and more difficult than becoming an M.D., and during which time I lost my only grandson at 3 mo old --guess that was the over-the-top final stressor -fibromyalgia/cfids -- my old family doctor was finally the one who saved me from some of that pain than I became crippled with back, in a wheelchair for 14 months--EXACTLY AS I PREDICTED WHEN SUFFICIENT PAIN CONTROL GOT SCACER BY THE YR. I had rehabilitated my entire body wth drugs and a great Phical Therapist and building a swimming I could ill afford. DO I SOUND LIKE A POTENTIAL DRUG ABUSER? LIKE I NEED THAT TOO? Now I have been slumped in a chair since my other dr suddenly announced through his front desk receptionist that he was no longer giving pain medicine. They had tried everything--I knew what worked and carefully, frightened to show a PREFERENCE DRUG and get flagged some secret system...went thru HELL...even methadone (for me, the drug from hell, altho my sister (also disabled) could not walk at all without it. So I went through the hellish experiments ONLY to end up on the simple old-time and proven drugs I already knew worked but couldnt say for the very reason related above abt Signs Drs shld be WARY of-- guess what? I thot I must be the only human who couldn't take high doses of anti-inflammatory drugs! I itch inside like crazy and cannot sleep at all. I am absolutely Done. I HAVE A RIGHT TO LIFE!! THAT'S THE ANSWER TO THE HERIONE PROMBLEM --UNDER-- UNDER--UNDERMEDICATION!! STUPID people in high pkaces must go. A copy of all these posts and my letter is going individually to texas senators and representatives WHO AEE RIGHT NOW TRYING TO RELEASE REAL DRUG OFFENDER/ILLEGAL ALLIENS back into the US Public. Goigle it to find petitions.
I have tried almost if not all treatments for chronic pain. The day over ten years ago that I received my first course of opioid medicine was a godsend. Allowed me to go back to work, be productive without side effects. Now, the many responsible people who need these medicines not because they want them but because they are the only avenue that works are told to get off. I see only one eventual method of pain relief "Suicide" God help the unthinking and uncaring people who have now place eternal suffering on so many law abiding citizens. Shame on you and I can only wish that you or one of your family suffers some day from chronic pain so that you can understand the horrible mistake you have made.
I've had numerous surgeries on my hips and have had both of them replaced. I am on Warfarin and can't take anti-inflammatories anymore. I have to go to a pain clinic where they treat everyone with disrespect. It's sick the way my regular doctor can't treat me anymore. I can't hardly stand to live this way any more.
I have permanent nerve damage to my Pancreas. Due to Doctors refusin to think outside the box when I am in so much pain. 6 GI doctor's later and one finally thinks maybe it's the Spinkter of Oddie that may be blocked. WELL MY WAS A 100 % BLOCKED OFF. BUT BECAUSE IT TOOK 5 YEARS FOR THE DOCS TO FIND IT. NOW THE DAMAGE IS DONE. I am in constant pain and pain meds barely mask the pain, and now the Government is planning on taking the only small relief I get away. For those who abuse the pain meds shame on you , because now those of us who really need the help you have caused us to lose the only help we were getting. Please someone realize for those of us who aren't faking pain for a high, Think twice . FOR SOME DAY, IT MIGHT BE YOU WHO CAN'T GET IT WHEN YOU'RE IN REAL NEED OF PAIN MEDS. May you never have to live like this.
I went through the process of getting non narcotic drugs for ten or so years I've dealt with the pain.I started going to a pain clinic eventually. I finally was able to at least deal with the pain but now some*****that never worked a hard day's labor like I have all my life and now that I hurt constantly. You want me to take meds that don't work. I hope you-all get hurt have the surgery I have then have to deal with it.
Abruptly taking away a person's pain medication will cause severe withdrawals. I have severe arthritis, spinal stenosis, auto immune disease & more. With out my pain medication I will die. All the doctors are allowed to keep 24% of there patients on pain meds, so if you're kicked off you'll know why. We're not important.
I have had foot pain for about 13 years. I've been to numerous doctors and physical therapy, and no one has a clue what's causing it or how to treat it. It's bad enough that I can't concentrate on anything else, and the only thing that helps is 10mg tablets of Percoset. I need 5 to 6 tablets a day but my family physician is too scared of losing his license to prescribe me any more than 4 per day. Then I run out early and have to just suffer until my insurance co. will pay for a refill. Sometimes up to a week! No matter how I explain my situation to him, he still refuses to give me one more pill per day. It's beyond infuriating!! My wife is dealing with something similar, so we're BOTH miserable! And trying to raise two children on top of it all.
Quality of LIFE MATTERS!
I have had 3 significant spinal surgeries all within 6 months of each other. The last surgery I had was an incision and drainage because the 2nd surgery I developed an almost deadly form of infection on my spine. I have severe and most of the time debilitating pain. After the initial surgery I was referred to a "Pain Clinic". Since going there the government has mandated the doctors more and more over the past 5 years of seeing them to prescribe very little relief by pain medication and more on getting people OFF the medication!! This makes me extremely angry because now I have two options. Try to exsit with debilitating pain or kill myself because I just can't tolorate living in this kind of pain. My pain clinic doctors themselves are to blame as they use the government as an excuse to provide inaduquate pain relief. My Pain Management is saying they are going to get me off my really "High" doses of narcotics starting now. I told them my only alternative is herion or death and that I will choose death. They said your not going to black mail me to prescribe your medications and I said I'm not that I was being totally honest with them. So long story short I don't think any healthcare staff gives a damn about how much your life sucks and how miserable your life is daily that you would rather take your life than live in excruciating pain daily. They just use the goverment and also say opiods aren't a treatment for chronic pain! What a bunch of garbage if you ask me.
Government needs to stay out of the doctors business and let them do what is wright for each individual patient. It isnt fair to the good people of this world who actually need the medication and who actually take as prescribed. Pain suffers are being grouped in the same category as junkies and its degrading and deminishing the quality of life. This needs to be overturned. Government shouldn't be hurting its own people.....
PTSD, Anxiety, Pain; Blaming the Victim- How dare you.
I have bulging discs, arthritis and disc degeneration in my back. Without pain killers I would be virtually disabled.
A government big enough to provide everything is also big enough to take everything...remember that! This is just another show of who is in sure as heck ain't us.
I have RSD from multiple surgeries on my legs that had been broken in a car accident. I now have horrible nerve damage that makes putting a pair of socks on feel like sandpaper over an open wound. Inside is hardware ,screws ,rods, that feel like freezing burning ice. It hurts even with medication but I am able to tolerate somewhat of a life not laying still. You will never know how it feels till it happends to you. As long as patients follow instructions they should be allowed to continue treatment. I also deal with severe depression, and aniexty. Everyday I awake during the night from pain, so bad sometimes I vomit. Oh and let's not forget the insanely painful migraines that make you want to find a hole and get in it. I probably speak words of millions of chronic pain suffers. And the government provides narcan for the herione addict. I worked thirty years on my bad legs and can't do it anymore. If I am given Tylenol for pains that are not controlled by it what would you do? Doctors are trained to help and alleviate pain, suffering. Now they are scared to lose their licence and do anything. The next epidemic I see coming is suicide. No one wants to I've in constant pain and pure misery. I want to see and hold my first grandchild some day.
Its terrible when u have cancer and have chronic after pain that pain mgmt. Is forcing dilaudid morphone on me instead oxy . I dont have terminal cancer n was get so sick vomitting n feeling like I no longer wanted to live cause I cant get oxy to be able to live pain free n feel normal. I have to lay around on dilaudid waiting n wanting to die from affects of morphine that I dont need. Im not terminally ill just want to feel normal no pain
I take care of a woman who has been shipped from doctor to doctor trying to get medication she needs for a heredity back disease and cancer. How she has been treated is more than wrong and it pains me to see the pain she goes through day to day and knowing it will never go away is worse. Something needs to be done about this. I can see where someone would kill themselves to be rid of the pain and it just makes me angry.
Shame on anyone that takes pain medication away from a person in chronic pain! Let people manage their own lives and stop making them feel like criminals. Asking for and receiving medication to help them ease the pain and live a normal life is only humane. My uncle killed himself because he couldn't get relief from his pain. We can't allow this ridiculous treatment of chronic pain sufferers to go on!
Don't let suicide be the result of your inaction.
Doctors must be able to help patients in great pain.
I have no quality of life thanks to being made to feel like a drug addict, and I am only 31 years old suffering with debilitating rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia. I went through all the other medications for the pain to no avail. Now I am terrified to have an open conversation with my doctor in fear she will just take away what I already have been prescribed. This whole mess needs to come to a stop. Chronic pain patients are not the problem, so quit making us suffer.
I have been treated like the worst person alive. Doctors have caused me to loose everything. Especially my mind.
Unfortunately, we have the same problem in Michigan... Husband has spinal cord nerve damage plus a heart condition. Suffering from the pain is causing more heart damage. Quality of life for both of us has dropped dramatically. This is a night mare...............
I am a Retired War Veteran and also Retired VA Employee that has relocated after my two sons graduated from college to Florida "So I can put my feet in sand while I Can". I am a Spinal Cord Injury patient that is not paralyzed yet but will be in future and that is why I wanted to feel sand between my toes, What I did not know before relocating two years ago was the nightmare of finding a FLORIDA PAIN MD to continue my current dosage of pain medications and decreasing my dosage so low that I could not function ,also would not review my medical records of failed pain interventions, failed procedures,failed surgeries etc. Until last month I was traveling back and forth from my pain Doctor of over 5 years to get my pain medications and continuity of care so I could function almost like a human again. Yes, every other month traveling back to TN and Florida was not only "hard to travel 11 hours in my car" but financially hard due to travel costs but loss of 1/4 of wife's income cause she had to go from full time to PRN status as a RN. My wife had to travel with me because of my injuries so she to had to change her job status to work as needed based upon my 5 day trip to TN every other month. Also, the FL pain clinic who cut my scripts over half could not tell me which pharmacy would fill my scripts and take insurance. Retired Veterans have awesome medical insurance meaning script co pays are very low costs. So after spending five hours on road to find one Ma and Pa Pharmacy to fill scipt that day but I had to pay out of my pocket 600 dollars for one script cause they don't take insurance, First of April my wife stated we were going to try Tampa General ER to have me admitted so I could obtain FL Pain MD thru them and then be able to get scripts thru their hospital pharmacy. I was hospitalized over 7 days and when discharged I learned they would not honor no MD out of Tampa General but Tampa General do not have Chronic Pain Clinics so I am out of mess now waiting to go back to TN so I can get good pain management for a legitimate diagnosis, get pain Medes with insurance and most of all I can live life like a human again, I have more to my story about Fl Pain MD and pharmacies that you would be more outraged to know but need more time to write my book, Please help cause I am causing my family pain by having to see me sit on couch all day, loss of my memory, and exacerbation of my PTSD cause of increase pain that I don't want to lose my wife. I served my country for 18 years and then helped Nash VA Veterans and this is how a Vet should be treated along with others who suffer from neurological trauma etc. My other story is about why I don't go to VA hospital! Trust me VA had me committed cause I could not get any help and my wife is a very skilled RN told them I was going thru DT,s and my HTN out of range plus pain exacerbated my PTSD and I did not need To be committed but admitted and then got discharged with no pay disorder and eve
I am a Retired War Veteran and also Retired VA Employee that has relocated after my two sons graduated from college to Florida "So I can put my feet in sand while I Can". I am a Spinal Cord Injury patient that is not paralyzed yet but will be in future and that is why I wanted to feel sand between my toes, What I did not know before relocating two years ago was the nightmare of finding a FLORIDA PAIN MD to continue my current dosage of pain medications and decreasing my dosage so low that I could not function ,also would not review my medical records of failed pain interventions, failed procedures,failed surgeries etc. Until last month I was traveling back and forth from my pain Doctor of over 5 years to get my pain medications and continuity of care so I could function almost like a human again. Yes, every other month traveling back to TN and Florida was not only "hard to travel 11 hours in my car" but financially hard due to travel costs but loss of 1/4 of wife's income cause she had to go from full time to PRN status as a RN. My wife had to travel with me because of my injuries so she to had to change her job status to work as needed based upon my 5 day trip to TN every other month. Also, the FL pain clinic who cut my scripts over half could not tell me which pharmacy would fill my scripts and take insurance. Retired Veterans have awesome medical insurance meaning script co pays are very low costs. So after spending five hours on road to find one Ma and Pa Pharmacy to fill scipt that day but I had to pay out of my pocket 600 dollars for one script cause they don't take insurance, First of April my wife stated we were going to try Tampa General ER to have me admitted so I could obtain FL Pain MD thru them and then be able to get scripts thru their hospital pharmacy. I was hospitalized over 7 days and when discharged I learned they would not honor no MD out of Tampa General but Tampa General do not have Chronic Pain Clinics so I am out of mess now waiting to go back to TN so I can get good pain management for a legitimate diagnosis, get pain Medes with insurance and most of all I can live life like a human again, I have more to my story about Fl Pain MD and pharmacies that you would be more outraged to know but need more time to write my book, Please help cause I am causing my family pain by having to see me sit on couch all day, loss of my memory, and exacerbation of my PTSD cause of increase pain that I don't want to lose my wife. I served my country for 18 years and then helped Nash VA Veterans and this is how a Vet should be treated along with others who suffer from neurological trauma etc. My other story is about why I don't go to VA hospital! Trust me VA had me committed cause I could not get any help and my wife is a very skilled RN told them I was going thru DT,s and my HTN out of range plus pain exacerbated my PTSD and I did not need To be committed but admitted and then got discharged with no pay disorder and eve
I am waiting on surgery, of which it was to be done on April 5th, but my blood work showed low plateletts 72 was the reading. Your website mission statement speaks exactly what has been my experience. This will be my 4th lower back surgery. So of course they have spoken just what your site describes, about being called a pain pill seeker. In that they are correct because the pain is very very difficult to endure, Please help me. I await your your response, will answer more questions then.
I have a bulged disc and arthritis is lower back and on SS disability. .My orthopedic DR was giving me a script for 60 Hydrocodone that I would make last between 5-6 months, now I can't get that.
Due to an auto accident in 2006, my life consist of daily pain, I have a Syrinx in my spine, I spend every day trying to keep my pain under control...The accident was not my fault, I did not choice this kind of life. I was told when the Doctors found my problem, that it caused sever nerve pain, and I WOULD HAVE TO BE ON PAIN MEDS THE REST OF MY LIFE...I do not abuse them. I think it is VERY WRONG for the Goverment to say what I need medically, they need to stick to politics and stay out of my personnel life....My doctor is slowing taking me off pain meds, I don't know what I will do, I suffer on them, but they do at times make it bareable....Please don't make everyone suffer due to the abuse of a few!!!!
Its so extremely frustrating to listen to the DEA and especially the Allen County Health commisioner here in Fort Wayne speak of the "Do No Harm" oath all doctors must pledge to,and then hear of all of the countless amounts of people pleading for help because of the extreme misery and suffering everyone is going through because so many peoples Dr's being shut down,and my point is I have seen Law Enforcement and elected officials cause soooo much m9re harm and misery than all of these Dr's combined? What kind of logic is that? And then you go online or to the evening news etc to get and idea of were they can go for help next and 1 example is with the Allen County Health Commisioner,Dr Deborah Mcmahan only shrugging her shoulders saying there will be no help offered except for giving them a phone # for a rehab center? Seriously? What has everyone done to deserve such cold hearted treatment....we are human beings,what have we done to deserve that? She has no clue,she thinks we are ALL just perfectly healthy pill junkies? We need to remember that these people are elected....and it may take a little while but I promise,what goes around comes around....The most shocking lesson lately I have learned that there always people in every city,some more than others,that the elected officials of that city just simply DO NOT care about at all,and that just means if you need help,you better figure a way to help yourself because they couldnt care less....
I found out this week from my doctor who did 3 failed back surgeries that the government wants him to stop giving me pain pills. My doctor, Yash Pannu said he will start slow and then what? I'm in severe pain every day I lay in bed every day I am 42 years old I have four children I don't smoke I don't drink I don't know what I will do without pain pills I do not want to take street drugs but the pain is so bad what will I do
I FORMALLY REQUEST,a total of 20 human beings,5 relatives of people who have had to loose loved ones because their loved one has choosen death as there only means of stopping their physical pain,due to your forced restriction,10,chronic PHYSICAL pain human beings,&5 of our doctors,,experts in the field of pain management,TO GET A ALL EXPENSE PAID TRIP To WASHINGTON TO MAKE ALL AGENCY;S INVOLVED IN TAKING AWAY OUR MEDICINES EXPERT KNOWLEDGE ON WHAT IT MEANS TO BE A HUMAN BEING LIVING IN PHYSICAL PAIN EVERY SECOUND OF EVERY DAY,,,TO EDUCATED THEE OBVIOUSLY UNEDUCATED ON THE TORTURE,INHUMANE,AND WILLFULL DEATH ARE GOVERNMENT HAS CAUSED..Again,,U GUYS STARTED THIS WHOLE MESS,,,THE o.d.,'s,THE HEROIN EPIDIMIC,,FALSE FENTYLN PILLS,,U ARE ALLL TO BLAME..U BULLIED YOUR WAY INTO OUR PRIVATE MEDICAL AFFAIRS BACK IN 2000,,,U SAW HOW MANY PEOPLE WERE USING MEDICINES,LAWFULLY SCIENTIFICULLY DESIGNED MEDICINES ,,NOT DRUGS,,,BUT U SAW HOW MANY HUMAN BEINGS WERE TAKING NEEDED MEDICINE AND U IGNORANTLY ,WITH NO RESEARCH,,THOUGHT IN YOUR IGNORANT HEAD ,,,OMG THEIR TAKING TOOOO MANY,,,'' A LIE,, A DELUSION,,BUT NONE THE LESS U FREAKED MR.GOVERNMANT,,,,FALSELY BELIEVE THERE WERE TOOO MANY OF US ON MEDICINES,,not even acknowledging with medicine advancing they are now able to find new illness thru imagery,I WATCH ON CNN AS THE SENATORE FROM W.V. SAID THE WORD EPEIDEMIC TO HIM ,,MEANT THE GOVERNMENT WAS NOT IN CONTROL,,,ITS IS ABOUT CONTROL TO U,,,AND THAT IS EXACTLY THE MOMENT U FAILLED US MR,PRESEDENT,,BECAUSE FOR THE MEDICALLY ILL WITH PAINFUL MEDICAL CONDITIONS,,IT NOT ABOUT FORCED CONTROL,,,IT ABOUT FORCED SUFFERING,,TO US ITS ABOUT HUMAN SUFFERING YOU HAVE WILLFULLY CREATED,FALSE DATA BEING USED TO LITERALLY KILL US,,,SOO U FALSELY ACCUSED OUR DOCTORS,,U LET THE DEA GOT UNLAWFULLY NUTS ON HONEST,EDUCATED DOCTORS,,AND INTURN DOCTORS STARTED DROPPING LEGITIMATE PHYSICAL ILL HUMAN BEINGS BY THE 1000'S.Now here is were u all failed us,,,instead of see us as human beings in physical pain,,who have now lost our only MEDICINES,, that made our lives bareble,,u approached this like a politician,not a human being in physical pain.Tell me Mr.Ron Kind,,,what do u do,,when u break a limb,,or u Tammy,,what do u do when u break a bone,,or u Mr.Obama,,as a normal humanbeing u seek any means possible to stop the physical pain from your painful MEDICAL CONDITION,,,ALLL NORMAL HUMAN BEINGS DO THAT,, but u all FAILED to see us as humans,,,u saw us as numbers to be controlled,,to be lessene'd,,,didn't u??!!!!!U r lessening us alright ,,by torture ,then death,,,wth is wrong w/u people??!!Sooo now u have 1000's who have been forcible dropped by there doctors for legitimate pain full medical conditions,,,what do u think there gonna doo???AS NORMNAL HUMAN BEING THEY ARE GOING TO TRY AND STOP THEIR PHYSICAL PAIN FROM LEGITMATE MEDICAL CONDITION BY ''ANY MEANS POSSIBLE,''' HEROIN,,FAKE FENTLYN PILLS,DEATH ETC....U MR..GOVERNMENT HAS CREATED THIS WHIOLE MESS,,AND KILLED GOO
I h@ve heard horror stories how people with pain are being treated for their pain. For anyone who commits suicide their blood is on the dea!!!!!!!!!!!. Shame on the sea for doing a poor job on the fight against. They are over correcting the problem. And force doctors to do harm to patients. Its ironic I see so many commercials for bad drugs and not one of them is an opiate. Its all these newer drugs with worse side effects that what's its originally prescribed for. Then another channel at the same time have lawyers offering compensation to ones who have trusted in the newer medications and now either have passed away or a member of their family has. Doctors and the drug enforcement administration know opiets have less side effects than many of the newer drugs and anti inflammatory medications do. When will the drug enforcement administration do the right thing and educate parents, children. Instead of sayin no no no pain relief for you today. I wouldn't wish my pain on anyone. But if for one for one hour they need to walk in our shoes they need to feel what its like getting out of bed in the morning barely being able to walk!!!!!!!!!!!! We didn't ask for this!!!!! I doubt if anything changes all we can do right now is have a voice. Thank you.
Methadone is safe. There's always going to be people who are either very very stupid in their use of drugs (any drug) or who are beyond help abuse wise. The rest should not be denied but because of them. Doctors don't have crystal balls and shouldn't have to pay for some idiots unwillingness or inability for what ever reason to follow doctors prescribing orders. Methadone imo is the safest because it comes on slow and is steady, doesn't incapacitate you...

* Excellent absorption - Bio-availability 41% to 90%
* No known active metabolites
* High potency and lipid solubility
* Long administration intervals 24hrs
* Less tolerance with repeated dosing than other opiates
* Cost - methadone costs $40 -80 a month for 40-80mg (clinics $400 month)
* Less psychotropic effects, minimum abuse
* Incomplete cross tolerance
* Antagonist of NMDA - useful in neuropathic pain
* No histamine release

* Social stigma (most common)
* Withdrawal (my problem, not yours)
"Methadone treatment has no adverse effects on intelligence, mental capability, or employability. Methadone treated patients are comparable to non-patients in reaction time, in ability to learn, focus, and make complex judgments. Methadone treated patients do well in a wide array of vocational endeavors, including professional positions, service occupations, and skilled, technical and support jobs. Methadone patients are lawyers, engineers, secretaries, truck or taxi drivers, roofers, gardeners, teachers, salespersons, architects, computer programmers, etc. One recent study tested methadone patient's cognition, perceptual and motor functioning, reaction time, and attention, as well as performance of automobile driving behavior. It was concluded, confirming previous findings, that methadone maintenance treatment does not impair functional capacity."
I have been left to fend for myself. My pain clinic found an old opioid in my urinalysis. It was a mistake BUT the prescription was in my name. I was forthwith and my honesty got me kicked put of every health care system.
We are treated like criminals. I have proven, for years, that I was taking my opioids as prescribed. I accidentally took the old medication and I was kicked out and referred back to my PCP. which the clinic knew I no longer had, and was actively looking for a new PCP!
This is a true case of harming the patient. To leave your patient without the medication they need to lead a half decent daily life is more than just inhumane. I've read many comments on our animal treatment. The fact is, most animals are harmed by the lower dosage of meds we, as humans take.
The doctors who over prescribed should have been held responsible. We, the patients, rely on these meds to get out of bed with less pain.
I have also read many comments of others turning to suicide. Sure, I get it. Especially the elderly. They live in such pain they don't leave their home because the pain is unbearable and they choose murder/suicide because the pain is too much to bear. .
Many of us have more issues. Disease that has no cure. Many of us cannot take NSAIDS, yet this is the number one flag or prescribers....this is a joke.
I have great faith in God,but I have been where these people are...suicidal thoughts are sure to enter the mind when one lays in bed or on the sofa in such debilitating pain, rejected by the very doctors they have trusted, they see no other way out of the daily nightmare, we, as chronic pain patients feel.
I can't express enough how the government needs to re-evaluate the doctor patient relationship and the pain of the patient. I had a doctor change because my doctor didn't want to lose his license. The new doctor added a 4th pill to my regimen without instruction or physical exam! I am currently taking this med because I was honest but the monopoly on pain clinics needs to change. The owner of these facilities have a turnover rate of office staff that proves they most certainly a doing wrong and HARM to the patient.
If a patient is with a clinic for little more than one year, they are booted out the door. Anyone else experience this?
I am a chronic pain patient. I have several diseases that do and do not have to do with pain meds. I will be fighting my case all the way to the Capitol if it gets me the help I need, the help we all deserve. There needs to be systems in place for those of us who need and rely on these meds. Identify and provide them with a cardifferent carrying member ID,so they can move on when they feel they are treated unfairly and choose their own next caregiver. Pain clinics don't examine us. They toss a script at you and treat you like a criminal. When they decide they can no,longer make money from you, they drop you, rudely and level you in harm's way. It's clinics like this that need
Are the kids from Flint going to be called drug addicts and made to suffer from the pains from lead poisoning ? Many environmental hazards and diseases cause chronic pain, are you doctors ? You judge trail and jury don't we in pain have rights for due process? You accuse us of being addicts because of an illness . How is one even a doctor to determine end of life ? Many of my loved ones in my family have died early , I too am now at that time , will I live or die are you a doctor? Can even a doctor tell me when my time is near ? I have no doctor because they aren't allowed to treat my illness Chronic pain because of you . You have no claim on my body yet you deny me medical intervention as you force me to have mandatory health care insurance . This is unjust treatment of the chronicly I'll, untreated chronic pain is torture like it or not you are abusing us , you are profiling us you are wrong .
First Off,,''amen,'' freehold n.j.,2nd,,god rest his soul,,North Pole Alaske,3'rd,,r.i.p. Angelo,from Michigan.
52 very wise men,men of high moral character,who understood,,There are somethings mankind has no moral,humane right to decide,such as how much any human being is to suffer in physical pain,,but u Mr.President,U mr.senators,u Mr.dea,,U mr.lunatic cdc employee,, seem to think u have some divine righ to decide who is to suffer in physical pain and for how long..Do u not realize it is literally IMPOSSIBLE,,,IMPOSSIBLE,,TO PHYSICALLY FEEL THE PHYSICAL PAIN OF ANOTHER!!!,,, yet,,again u believe some lunatic,a 37 year old lunastic from the cdc,who is incapable of compassion,emphathy or humane treatment.Exactly the type of so-called man who ran Eugenic, and Pennhurst.,
As I mentioned earlier,52 MEN OF HIGH MORAL CHARACTER,,WROTE,,'''When ANY form of government becomes destructive with their ,''just powers,''it is the right,the duty of ,''we the people,'' to alter or abiolish it..U,,Mr cdc,dea,hhs,,has broken that law our founding fathers of high moral character,who literaly fought for our country and DIED, establish laws our ,''elected,'' politicians were suppose to follow in order to maintain a humane,lawful government,U dea,cdc,hhs,,have abused your ,''just powers,'' and have literally WILLFULLY killed people,,I say willfully because the physically ill WARNED U,,YEARS AGO,,not to restrict our doctors and our medicines or u will be harming and killing the physically ill,,but u did it anyways with NO REGARD FOR HGUMAN LIFE!!!!! U ALONE HAVE CREATED THIS WHOLE MESS,, by willfully taking medicines away from the legitimately physical ill,u have created this heroin mess,the ,''fake'' pill mess,,this alledged ,''addiction,'' mess,'' if that is even a real issue,,,or just another deluision of your lunatic cdc man,,,By not understanding what it means to be a HUMAN BEING in physical pain,,u have created this whole mess yourselfs..let my tell u ,,any NORMAL HUMAN BEING,,,WHO IS IN PHYSICAL PAIN WANTS TO STOP SAID PHYSICA;L PAIN,DAHHHHH,,ANY NORMAL HUMAN BEING WILL TRY ANYTHING TO STOP THEIR PHYSICAL PAIN,,DAHH,,,IE,,,HEROIN,FAKE FENTANYL PILLS,,
My wife's Dr. has just begun the process of lowering her pain meds. At this time We don't know what is going to happen but I do know that my wife who has several incurable diseases cannot live without pain medication. All the things pain clinics do does not help. She's tried everything! Even with her pain meds she still has pain but it's tolerable.
As I sit here in tears from overbearing pain, no sleep all night, im watching my local news and just heard lawmakers are trying to get medical marijuana approved for f***** menstrual cramps!! WTF!!! I exist in severe debilitating pain from MULTIPLE conditions there is NO CURE FOR but b/c I'm not on my deathbed yet my conditions don't qualify. MENSTRUAL CRAMPS....REALLY!!!! While I know they can be very painful, they do not last but a week long maybe a little longer. What about people like me who have diseases that cause severe debilitating pain and it never goes away!?!? Conditions like DDD, severe stenosis, cervical disc degeneration, fibromyalgia, three herniated discs, osteoarthritis, complex regional pain syndrome/RSD aka the SUICIDE DISEASE, pancreatitis, cholecystitis, migraines, two FAILED spinal fusions that left me with severe nerve damage, radiculopathy, neuropathy, ..Each condition alone causes severe pain..The CDC GUIDELINES, THEY ARE NOT LAW, NEED TO BE BURNED! I have heard of 15 suicides in the past four days from LEGITIMATE chronic intractable pain patients who had their meds lowered to INEFFECTIVE DOSES or totally stripped of them causing them to go into severe withdrawal and they took their life. IS THAT THE ANSWER TO YOUR HEROIN PROBLEM..TO KILL US OFF ONE BY ONE!? I have been permanently disabled since 2008, Is forcing LEGITIMATE pain patients to the streets for relief, getting god knows what, or worse KILLING THEMSELVES DUE TO INADEQUATE PAIN RELIEF your plan to fix social security!? I URGE MY FELLOW PAIN WARRIORS TO JOIN OUR FIGHT AGAINST THIS INHUMANE MISTREATMENT, THE ABUSE, NEGLECT, DEGRADING AND DISCRIMINATION AGAINST INNOCENT LAW ABIDING CITIZENS WHO ARE EXISTING IN SEVERE PAIN! or on facebook chronic pain rights support
Also might i add i was beat by a man from age 15 to 20 yrs old. He continuously beat me raped me controlled my whole life for 5 yrs n in those 5 yrs i was rapidly punched in my head. Hit in my head n back with broom sticks metal rods. I was strangled many times n thought i was dead. I was punched kicked stabbed n endured many broken bones black eyes bruises over my entire body. Forced to give birth to 2 of my children in a motel room alone cause he took phone cord locked me inside room while i screamed n yelled n pleaded for help after birthing my babies he then call someone who he new wouldnt help me to take me to ER n threaten my n my childs life if i said a word and all the abuse n pain i indured for them 5 yrs no one once helped when i screamed for help no one once noticed my bruses n scars or the fear in my face or my voice. So i no alot of pain n health problems i now have at 30 yrs old still exsist from 15yrs ago n with age gets worst
Its a shame i have server chronic back pain from a bone disorder in my back. I have a disease called hydroidnysist which cause my glands in my arms and my inner thighs were they dont work i get huge knots that are exstreamly painful to the touch and i cant walk when my legs swell they swell to the size of golf ball knots after days sometimes a couple weeks they bust and drain infection ive had 6+ surgeries in 4 yrs and i suffer from server depression n anxiety as well due to my back pain plus all the operations within the 4 yrs i was taking a good bit of meds only because each surgery i conducted MRSA which is contagious n can be fetal now after 6 yrs of continuous medication i no longer have a doctor and having an exstreamly hard time finding one. Im tired of living in pain n fear of one day not veing able to deal with my pain. Im sick of being judged by me needing meds for my disorders
I was hit by a drunk driver breaking my seat of the track. I split my face open, fractured teeth, smashed knee caps. Since Then I have been in severe pain. Neck surgeries, immune system problems and now viral infection of the spine so severe I can't sit and yet I am being denied the medicine to make life bearable. The addicts will always find a way to abuse, but the rest of us are just in severe pain without proper help. I can guarantee that the people that need the help like myself would rather be doing anything but using pain meds. It is unbearable and not healthy for me to suffer in this much pain. PLEASE HELP US!

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