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Walgreens told me they only provide opiates to cancer patients. I have been a chronic pain patient for 7 years. They told me to go to another pharmacy the mom and pop pharmacy charge $8.00 per pill, the medication i used to be able to get at chain pharmacy cost about .50 cents a pill. Is this legal? what do i do?
It is wrong to label chronic pain patients as drug abusers, Doctors are afraid to prescribe treatment that works for their patients. This needs to change.
It's ridiculous! Doctors move out from this area, so you have to find another doctor, and they can only take so many patients. If you had chronic pain, you would change your thinking! You think I signed up for pain?
I have fibromyalgia and a year ago was injured at a water park while attempting to sit in a chair the back snapped off and I landed on my head and then flipped over twisting my neck and shoulder. Even though I have been on tramadol for more then 5 years my doctor is now trying to reduce my medications even though I'm now injured in my cervical spine and my pain is far worse then it ever was. I also spent 4 weeks covered head to toe with hives and suffered anaphylactic shock 3 times rushed to ER only to find out that I am now allergic to NSAIDS. To make matters worse the tramadol does not even reduce my pain to a 7 on the 0-10 pain scale without the NSAIDS. And because of government interference I am unable to get help for my pain I am 36 years old with 4 teens (13-18 years old) and most days I spend laying flat on my back staring at the ceiling because my doctor won't prescribe me pain medication so that I am able to sit up in bed let alone perform parental or spousal duties and care for my family. And the government that I spent years putting money into for disability won't approve me because they say at my age I should be able to find gainful employment. What job can I perform on my back other then a whore even then our government would find a way to take that away. When people are suffering in severe pain every day of their lives and doing EVERYTHING the doctors want PT/OT pain injections and trying all other types of medications and they still won't prescribe a pain medication to improve your quality of life what the hell is the point! These drugs are manufactured for a reason to relieve people of their pain but apparently u have to be a celebrity, politician or have cancer to get any ****ing help.
I think the government needs to stay out of anything that is related to medical care. I believe they have made the drug issues worse. They are just pushing more people to do heroin!

And, when someone gets into some type of medical assisted program, they are labeled and looked down on. I have a family member that has experienced being treated like a criminal when they mention they are on suboxone to get off opiates. I don't understand how people can be so judgmental.
I was in a car accident (as a passenger) two years ago. The car hit a tree after flipping over 7 times and first spun out of control at 120mph. I was sent immediately to the E.R. which was then followed by immediately being sent to a neurosurgeon. My neurosurgeon, being a "specialist", gave me 60 Vicodin 5mg for the pain after he told me that I would more than likely have pain for the rest of my life since my neck was fractured between C4 and C5 as well as a few other fractures (ribs, fingers, and skull). Yes he gave me pain meds, BUT those 60 pills were supposed to last 6 months as prescribed?!? What the hell is wrong with that picture? When I ran out after the 2 month and 2nd week, I asked him if he could prescribe me more due to the amount of pain I could t make them last that long. He then immediately labelled me as a drug seeker. I cannot even go to the hospital and get pain meds after surgery, which just happened 2 days ago. This is just damn rediculous in my opinion. I now have lifelong pain and I also was cut into by a doctor, followed by discharge instructions stating to use ibuprofen or Tylenol. My neck hurts so badly at work, which is construction, that I can't even hold a job longer than 2 months. I live in Washington state and the laws about pain management are more strict than any other state, as told by many doctors. This pain management stuff has gone too far and this highly needs to be looked at by the government and changed immediately! I'm only 24 years old and having life long pain sucks. My medical history was totally clean up until the car crash and the visit with the "specialist" and being treated the way I do everytime I see any doctor is just so horrible that I try to stay away from doctors as much as I can. Every time I go to a new doctor the first thing they tell me is "We don't prescribe pain meds here or make referrals to pain clinics." And the other half of the time when trying to find a doctor that won't incriminate me I get "We don't accept patients with existing nerve or bone damage. So if you having pain ever since your car accident then I'm sorry, but we cannot accept you." Yup, I'm pretty much screwed for the rest of my life unless I go find it on the streets, forced by the doctors to do so.
I agree that the government has no business interfering in a doctor/patient relationship. People that have chronic pain need some relief in order to get through each day. Everyone shouldn't have to suffer pain because of the few that abuse pain medications.
The government has NO business interfering within relationships between a doctor and his/her patients no matter what!
It's time to stand for the physician patient relationship.
A "fantasy" ending to this retched Unconstitutional assault on pain patients is the following: Eric Holder would contract the most horrible chronic pain disease possile. Then, of course, he would be forced to live with the policy HE envisioned and manipulated through the FDA/DEA. I am someone who has suffered pain and wretched treatment as a result of the actions of the following: 1) Obama administration agency head stooges, 2) federal agency bureaucrat "drones", 3) uninformed, alarmist state politicians, 4) boutique lobbying groups, 5) unethical physicians and the medical clinics or "groups" they hide behind, 6) disinterested pharmacies, 7) temporarily confused (nevertheless, predatory) drug companies, and 8) any U.S. citizen who feels that so-called "drug addicts"--AKA "IRRESPONSIBLE PARTY FIENDS"--lives are more "precious" than the lives of chronic pain sufferers. Chronic pain suferers use prescription medication RESPONSIBLY. Perhaps Items #1 and #8 are the most damaging. NO, the lives of IRRESPONSIBLE PARTIERS, young or otherwise, are NOT more precious than the lives of chronic-pain sufferers. If those PARTIERS are young, that is, in a sense, tragic. However, if PARTIERS don't kill themselves off with drug overdoses, they will find other methods...automobiles, falls, fights...the list goes on. Irresponsible partiers will find a way to kill themselves off. Responsible chronic-pain patients should not have to suffer and be denied merciful medication, just because irresponsible drug ABUSERS lives should be considered more "percious". Gag!
I have two kids and can't walk without my medicine. And absolutely no one will fill them. Every day there is pain.
My mom is almost 80ty years old
has been in pain for years
she still get meds and medical from workers compensation for damage to her hands and arms
now she can't get the pain meds
WHY because of a bunch of drug addicts have messed it up for the honest people
so just like everything that's happening today we all suffer for the criminals, drug dealers.
We are treated like childern, No rights
Rite Aid treated my mother so disrespectful.
Really Rite Aid..You lost bussnsess
I will have pain for the rest of my life. Please don't make it any harder on me. Even if you aren't prescribed any narcotics in the slightest, the DEA turns doctors into witch hunters which dehumanize us patients who need help. I am a human.
Sick and suffering people should not have to suffer for the actions of criminals. This is a travesty of justice.
I had a rare cyst on my spinal cord. It had been there so long nerves from spinal cord escaped and got in to the sheaths. I have severe nerve damage. I live in pain. I have worked to lower the doses which leave me down for part of the day. Please remember most of us have rare diseases. All of us would rather be healthy. I'd much rather be normal and not go through this. Thank you for reading my storey.

Best Regards, NKB
I have long term physical pain problems. Some have been repaired surgically. Some I hope to have repaired when I can afford it. These problems started over 15 years ago. They aren't going away with policy changes or threatening doctors and pharmacies for treating patients.

My last surgery was billed at over $100,000 (USD). I paid my part. I pay for my insurance. I have put my part into the system. I've paid more into insurance premiums over the years than I've ever used.

Recently, I was refused my pain meds refilled by a pharmacist at Walgreens. In his opinion, I didn't "need" them, and shouldn't take them.

I went to my (spine) doctor about this. They were surprised that I was able to get there on my own. Calling the pharmacy and speaking with that pharamacist, they were told that he doesn't care. They advised him of my problems. They warned of the risk of fatal withdrawals from a patient just stopping their pain meds. Still the pharmacist doesn't care. I guess if I die, then he doesn't have to deal with me any more.

I have multiple problems with my spine. Any one of them is enough to make someone cry. It has given me a high pain threshold. I'm still in a lot of pain, I just don't show it often. The best I can relate is if you've been hit with a baseball bat, or stabbed. Those don't hurt as much. It's not a physical something hitting me. It's the nerves sending impulses of the worst possible pains for no reason.

My primary care doctor, although he does have a DEA number, cannot prescribe pain drugs to me because it will risk his license. I carefully explain all of my prescriptions to both my primary care and spine doctors, so they both know exactly what and when each other prescribe. I pay careful attention to what they prescribe me to ensure there are no unwanted interactions, and that I am taking the minimum required to maintain a somewhat "normal" quality of life.

Right now, my quality of life is "pain".

If this does reach Congress, my patient records can be available to them. They can see that everything I'm describing is true.

Walgreens is literally the only location in the area that stocks hydrocodone. They may stock them just because I have been receiving them from that location for a long time.

Watching the last of my prescription run out, I went to two dozen pharmacies. All the CVS stores told me "We're out, but our shipment will come in [various days]". Returning on that day, they'd tell me the same thing with a different day. I was later informed that they only order a small amount, so they will "run out" quickly. Most Walmart pharmacies all say they simply don't stock them. Target, Publix, and others don't stock them. Small one-location pharmacies have been trying to order, but their suppliers keep telling them that they are backordered.

After two weeks, I found a smaller Walmart location 20 miles away that did have some in stock.

I'm again out
I've been on pain management since 1982 after fracturing my spine and shattering my pelvis in a 30 ft fall. It worsened as I aged, as arthritis developed and spread and I was later in an auto accident causing damage to another portion of my spine.
I lost my job and insurance from the car accident , and since I could no longer afford the new drug test requirements every 2 months, I couldn't keep getting pain medication. This resulted in me being unable to work or function normally at all. I've now been housebound for the past 5 years due to the amount of pain I'm in and my entire savings is gone.
I did get approved for SSDI, but there is still another 2 year wait for Medicare. While I"m looking forward to getting pain management treatment again, I don't know if I'll be even able to fill my prescriptions as many pharmacies are not carrying or filling opiates any more.

Needless to say, if these over the top regulations hadn't gone into effect in the first place, I would have had something resembling a life for the past 5 years, instead of suffering in pain and depression from the pain and contemplating suicide nearly every day to escape it.
(and no, my state didn't expand Medicaid)
These medicines made me functional. Now they took them away, I'm stuck in bed. I have children who need me!
Sick and tired of being treated like******by all healthcare professionals.
100 million Americans suffer a pain that lasts longer than one month, and seek treatment for it. Tens of thousands commit suicide annually, because their pain will not resolve.

Senator Joe Manchin, for reasons that are completely unfathomable, makes the absurd claim that the Clinton-Bush policy of making pain medication less accessible, which actually motivates sick people to kill themselves because their pain is intolerable without medication to relieve it, has somehow prevented more suicides.

The method by which Senator Manchin arrives at this absurd conclusion is simple: Every time a patient uses the last of their pain medication in a suicide attempt, he labels the suicide as an "opioid-related death" and not as a suicide.

This is how a poiicy that causes suicide, blames the suicicde-prevention drugs for the suicides that the poicy caused.

Please let 100 million Americans get access to their safe and legal medications for pain, and stop threatening us that those medicines may be cut off becau
this is ridiculous I've been on pain medicine for eight years with same doctor and never had any problems and all of a sudden I'm told she can't give to me anymore Bc of state and now no other doctors will take me Bc either they don't do it or don't have the room I have 3 young kids and I can't even do anything with them Bc I hurt so bad
You should know these policies effect far more than just drug perscriptions,

Doctors will tend to do a poor job diagnosing a patient if they fit this absurd profile that lists things chronic pain patients who have been undertrated or not diagnosed suffer from like bad hygiene, crying often at a doctor's visit, shabby clothing, etc as signs of addiction when they are also clearly signs of someone who may have gone years without even a diagnosis for their life wrecking pain condition.

This is literally an insane situation. It took myself 8 years to get a diagnosis even let alone proper medical care because due to my very young age I was profiled by the doctors, which made them slack hard on even trying to figure out my condition.

This is unacceptable,
Causing pain and suffering so wrong I am in legitimate pain. Y do you make the meds if u won't help me
I stand with Daniel T from NY. Whoevers remains out of these genosidal trials may..... may get treated. Comes with a heavy price on yours to pay. What's the next med you going to pull to weed out the idiots?. You tried to pull simple meds such as ibuprofen and Tylenol a short time back. Thank you fox news!. Just one question I ask. Was you born this way or did you have to join a cult to kill ?. They say when you have no remorse over hurting people it means your are ............ Your own teachings say that!Mr. Dea.,Govt or what evil is behind this monstrosity of watching innocent people endure pain to make your life a downhill ride. My door is always open. Is yours?. It's true what is said about these times. What is good is evil and what is evil is good. That come from someone far more of a man than I.
I have several severe debilitating neuropathic and orthopaedic conditions that lower my quality of life to next to nothing.
The DEA, in an effort to curb drug abuse and sales - but without an easy method of doing so - is instead turning to criminalizing patients with chronic pain due to injuries, nerve damage, and many other conditions.

These patients NEED narcotic medication in order to function adequately and to not have to suffer anguish every moment of their lives. But the DEA does not consider the welfare of human lives, but instead considers what is the easiest method to be able to make their own job easier.

Instead of being a criminal justice responsibility, they are simply trying to cut off the availability for patients who are suffering horrible pain and genuinely need these medicines.

The DEA is committing horrible atrocities against humanity and nothing less than this. They are detached and disinterested and indifferent to the suffering experienced by millions of human beings, but want to avoid the extremely difficult challenge of finding and prosecuting the actual criminals. Instead, it is easier for them to simply criminalize the entire system and exert a choke-hold on doctors, patients and pharmacies alike.

The end result is they are committing horrible atrocities and it should not be allowed to continue. Patients give up and commit suicide because of this. There is no humanity left in such a system.

It's time for it to be put to a stop NOW, so that we do not find ourselves looking back years from now and wondering "why didn't anyone come to their senses?"
I have an injured spine. This condition arose from being a conscientious, hard worker. 7 days a week, 24 hours of every day is filled with extreme pain and my primary and pain management physicians are afraid to provide useful pain medication. Please help me!
I live in horrible amounts of pain from inflammation soft tissues aAll my joints I have RA
Carpal tunnel fibromyalgia and borderline lupus all while I raise my 3 small children I need pain meds to due that!! Do I like the fact I have to take medicine to function no I don't but I have to just to function please realize by doing all this divide and illegal drug abuse and deaths will dramatically increase!!
I was ran over by a drunk driver and left a quadriplegic. Coupled with Ankylosing Spondylitis, my pain is chronic and severe. Through no fault of my own, I lost my job, my insurance, my wife's job and insurance. Should I suffer for the rest of my life too? I believe that being out of pain is a basic human right!
I'm paralyzed now and am in severe pain and can't get a doctor to give me anything but the Dr will give my 25 yr old Daughter- in-Law Oxycotin and Oxycodone for a pulled muscle in her back and she just had her 2nd baby!!
I'm paralyzed from the waist down and live in a wheelchair. After 24 years of doing transfers my rotator cuffs in my shoulders are worn out. I cannot have surgery to fix them because I would not be able to transfer for weeks. My doctor prescribes Vicoprofen for me. I don't know what I would do without having that to help with my pain. I would just lay in bed 24/7 and slowly die.
I had a back injury two years ago. I was given a pain block then put in physical therapy where I destroyed myself without knowing because I could feel no pain. This is the standard practice. Pain block them then put them in therapy. My Nero surgeon said the damage was monumental compared to what he had seen on the MRI. In fact the disc was so compressed it blew up on the table and they spent more time cleaning up the broken pieces. Now I walk with a cane because my perfectly good right leg suffered nerve damage from it all and I'm a fall risk now. Pain management has been nothing but a circle jerk where my doctor has been traded out without even informing me and the office uses a call service where you can never get anyone on the phone for help. I find it odd also that after we sent troops into Afghanistan the illegal opium trade is once again booming and suddenly the brakes are put on prescribed pain medication in all western nations. So I have to wonder if governments and big pharma are looking out for us or the cartels?
Got abruptly cutoff a low dosage of hydrocodone which I had been taking for 5 years and never asked for more or an increase in dosage. I was the model patient and adhered to my pain contract to the letter. I was told by my doctor they no longer consider opioids an effective treatment for chronic pain. Instead of the typical 60 pills for 30-45 days, I was sent home with 15 and told they will refuse all further requests and to look into other options, which included everything I've tried already. I am getting by, by with each passing day, life gets a little more miserable.
My 92yr old grandmother was forced to sign a "pain contract" and be urine tested for tramadol. 1/2 a pill morning and night. This should never happen. It is no wonder heroin use/deaths keeps rising -- when the government won't allow doctors to do their job then people in pain will look elsewhere.
I nearly died from MRSA sepsis following a minor injury to my right calf. The cascade of nearly fatal complications left my body weak and scarred. I sought care but was no taken seriously despite the three months on an iv and kidney failure.Two years later the infection returned in my spine. Dr. Reddy of Health Partners did not believe me as I sought care for the crippling pain. 4 months later it was too late. My t7,8,and 9 are fused and two discs dissolved. It cannot be corrected surgically. I am in horrific pain each day. The doctor who didn't believe me labeled me a drug seeker-behavior that I have never had. In fact, I avoid taking most medications. With my spine the way it is now, and the complicating pain of a genetic disease (EDS) I need to be able to remain on pain medications. Rather than being allowed to do this, I am in a methadone clinic to treat my pain. My general care doctors, fearing arrest for prescribing to a now labeled drug seeker, told me that I belong there. The Methadone clinic does not want me due to my poor health and lack of need for addiction care. When I tried to look at different pain clinics, I was again called a drug seeker for looking for a doctor who was not afraid to prescribe pain drugs to people who needed them. I was immediately told that I must be lying about my pain and referred to a therapist. (Filed another complaint) This is insanity. Doctors should not be afraid to treat patients. I am often told, "I'm sorry, but we are too scared and you are a liability to us. You'll find someone eventually but it's not me." This has to end. I am literally looking to move out of my home state to be able to have medical care in a location that isn't obsessed with finding drug addicts in pain patients and drug dealers in doctors who treat them.
I am a 65 year old married man with a married daughter and three grandchildren. I have been suffering with peripheral neuropathy over 90% of my body for the last four years. It came upon me in one day when I was suddenly barely able to move my legs and was so tired I could hardly move at all. I was helped to my car and my wife drove us home. I got to bed and awoke a few hours later in extreme pain with burning all over my body, inside my nose and down my throat into my lungs. Even my eyeballs burned! I went to a clinic to see if they could figure out what happened and was told I had peripheral neuropathy (PN). I was told to take Tylenol for the pain but there was no treatment or cure only pain management.
After a day of too much Tylenol and absolutely no relief I went to the emergency room and had testing done which confirmed I had PN caused by undiagnosed diabetes with a 7.1 A1C, the bare minimum for a diabetes diagnosis.
I remembered that just a few days before I got sick I had sprayed a lot of things on my yard to kill mites. I told the ER doctor about my concern and he told me "Only diabetes causes PN" and while I was asking him more questions he just ignored me and walked out of the room. (Typical doctor, ignore the patient and give inaccurate information to the patient.)
He was less than generous with the hydrocodone giving me only five 5/500 pills. I asked if I could get more as that would probably only last a day and a half and he said "NO! Go find a primary care physician and they will provide them but the hospital would not. So I had a day to find a PCP that would prescribe hydrocodone. (Aren't emergency room doctors concerned with their patient's well being?)
I was lucky and found a clinic near me that actually did provide me with hydrocodone and the prescription back then lasted three months before I had to see the doctor again. He was cautious and only gave me two 5/500 pills per day so I would take one before bed and half when I woke up and the other half after dinner. The entire day I was in bed curled up in pain.
I was a teacher for the University of Phoenix at the time but found that I was unable to keep up with the minimum workload of facilitating 40 students so I stopped teaching until I could do my job. There went my retirement savings. So I filed for disability. Denied, their doctor only checks for large fiber neuropathy and the psychologist never let me speak as she told me all about how successful her and her family was. The SS Administration told me that the denial was based upon how attentive a listener I was for the 40 minutes I sat and listed to the psychologist rambled on about her family. ( I would have interrupted her to explain why I was disabled but she was over 80 and reminded me of my mother.)
Having a condition that is progressive, degenerative, incurable and untreatable only made my mental state worse each day. The lack of adequate palliative care only made it worse. It seemed they did not care how much
I have been with a pain management doctor in Dallas, TX for several years. After a badly botched root canal, two surgeries to fix that. Then for a decade multiple surgeries for TMJ. I have titanium jaws joints. Therefore, I am in pain a LOT. I know what the weather will do before it happens. I have debilitating migraines for ove half of almost every month.
My Doctor who has been treating me had me on medication is now having to take the main medicine that works for me because another patient shot himself. While I am truly sorry that he killed himself I find it VERY a WRONG that now my medicine that worked is being taken away.
I do not enjoy taking medication but it gives me some quality of life. Now, I am just spiraling back before we figured out what worked for me.

I would also like to know why Marijuana has been on the Earth since forever. Why can Texas not make it legal? I personally don't think it should just be for medical use but in my case, it would prove to help a great deal.

So, what am I suppose to do for my pain since my pain doctor is basically giving the meds that didn't work years ago? I just turned 50, I do not believe that Congress has a right to keep me from medication that works or making marijuana legal.

Lord knows alcohol is available everywhere you turn. Unfortunately, that only gives me a migraine.

I need help & in the NEAR FUTURE.
ENDOMETRIOSIS is a brutal physical torture. This is a genetic debilitating disease that robs us of living a functional and productive life. We are born with it. It's genetic. We didn't ask for it and we don't deserve to be forced to suffer. MORE NEEDS TO BE DONE REGARDING ENDOMETRIOSIS AND PAIN THAT CAN ONLY BE DESCRIBED AS THE MOST BRUTAL PHYSICAL TORTURE. Giving birth without an epidural twice was not nearly as painful as Endometriosis. Endometriosis is tiny tumor-like masses that grow ANYWHERE in the body. It is NOT caused by periods. And it's not the same pathological material as is found in the uterus/ endometreum. These tumor-like masses behave much like cancer. Spreading all throughout the body. Eyes, brain, skin, arms, legs, intestines, bladder, liver, ANYWHERE. The tumor-like masses invade various organs and structures causing those organs and structures to become inflamed and bleed. The body's natural response to this is to form sticky glue-like scar tissue (adhesions) which bind/ glue the organs and structures to each other. Also, YES Endometriosis can be FATAL. But doctors do not seem to care about patients who have Endometriosis. There is NO CURE. At the least, please help me with the pain!!!! No one should be forced to suffer. And people who have Endometriosis did NOTHING to cause it. We are victims of this horrible disease and we also being victimized by doctors and a healthcare system who refuse to do their jobs. Whatever happened to ETHICS and DO NO HARM. Forcing people to suffer with this disease for DECADES IS HARMFUL. Too many people with Endometriosis have had to end their own lives because undereducated doctors refuse to help and are not up-to-date with the facts about this disease. Brushing us off and forcing us to suffer in isolation until we cannot bear to live any longer. SICKENING!!! This is not a 3rd World Country. America CAN and Should be doing better for Endometriosis patients of ALL AGES. Pregnancy is not a cure. Hysterectomy is not a cure. These are documented facts easily found in government medical publications.
I was looking for a new doctor after moving to a new state. On the phone with one clinic the girl says, "are you in pain? Because we arent seeing any patients who are in pain." Huh?!
I would like to add that each patient should be considered on their own unique situations and not just lump all sufferers into the same box. This is why meds can be Rxed for off label uses, because most recommendations for treatment are just guidlines for the treatment of the majority, not every individual.
I,am a pain patient i have degenerative arthritis & fibromyalgia. I am a Stna, & have to work very hard & long hours, because I do not have an option, I have to work pain , or not. And because of the DEA's rules, I have to drive an hour each way, just to see a Pain Doctor, because the Primary care Doctors are afraid & refuse to treat Pain at all. My husband is disabled, so its up to me to work these long hard hours, to help be able to pay the bills. Please expain to me why I have to go through this, just to be able able to get the minimal help I get. I am not a Drug Addict, and I Do Not sell my medication. The DEA should not have the right to decide what kind of care I am allowed to receive.
Now when I take my scripts to the Pharmacy, I am looked at & treated like a addict, or a criminal by the Pharmacist. This is wrong ! SO AS MY CONGRESSMEN, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT THE DOCTORS, DEA & PHARMACIST , treating legitiment chronic Pain patients this way. Because it is mentally & physically horrible to have to live this way, & be treated this way, just to have a decent quality of life. So Mr Congressman, what are you going to do ?? If you had to walk 1 week in my body, lets see how you would do !
EVERY DOCTOR who refuses to treat true pain is going against the Hippacatic oath that they signed agreeing not to harm their patients. As a true chronic pain God is my witness, untreated pain leads to my harm in many ways. My mental health , my physical decline, my not being a wife to my husband (close to divorce) ,my not being available to my kids (family problems) my not being a very good grandparent (guilt). You are harming me, by not helping me function like the rest of society and then punishing me for my illnesses. How is that right? It isn't. I won't back down..I will fight for myself and my new friends on here lol. Nobody deseves to live this way. Would you do this to your own family?? No you wouldn't. Have a damn heart! You will be judged accordingly, please keep that in mind.
I was at a stoplight when a truck slammed into my vehicle from behind...I suffered a severe whiplash injury that caused bulging discs in my cervical spine. This led to bone spurring, degenerative disc disease and eventually fibromyalgia. The pressure from the injured discs and muscle spasms has led to nerve damage. I spend every single moment of my life with pain in various parts of my body. By the time I saw my third pain management doctor I had been berated and made to feel like I was a junkie looking for a fix. And I still have not gotten the pain relief that I need to function properly in my daily life. I'm 38 years old and have two young children that need me to be active in their lives. I think someone from the the DEA should come and explain to my 4 year old why mommy can't get up off the couch right now and to my 7 year old why mommy can't come outside and play catch. I didn't ask for this. I was minding my own business and following all traffic laws when I was injured and now have to live with the fact that my health and my quality of life has been negatively and permanently altered. I just want to be able to function so I can take care of my kids.
We need action now!
It's not just the loved one that suffers, it affects the entire family. I watch my wife struggle everyday just so she can do something with her kids. All she wants is quality of life at the age of 35. Why is it up to the DEA, doctors and anyone that doesn't understand people in pain. We even have ways and means that help test treat and possibly in the near future reverse the effects of pain, or pain itself. We need to show that we can help those that that need our help without reject. Take this as a plea to help us that need it. Thank you for taking your time to read this and God bless.
I am a 35 y/o chronic pain patient. I have been diagnosed with DDD(back and neck), OA, fibromyalgia, chronic costochondritis, adenomyosis, PCOS and peripheral neuropathy. My PCP is afraid to help me get on a pain control regimen that would allow me to get a job and get off of social security. I have seen pain management doctors as well. They want to do expensive procedures that will only be effective for short term,yet they want me off of the only medication that has restored functionality to my life BECAUSE ITS AN OPIOID. Not because it is not helping. It is. Not because it is causing damage. Its not. I also have a therapist as part of pain management. He also works with substance abuse and is willing to back me up because, in his own words, he "Sees absolutely NO signs of addiction" in me. My PCP recently threatened to red flag me. Not because she thinks I need it, but but because she might get in trouble. All because I asked for an increase in the medication because it is not working for me. I can't even tell my doctor that I need a dosage increase or I am threatened. I want to know how my doctor or anyone else for that matter, could possibly know how much pain I am in, unless I come right out with it. I just want to be able to get a job and get off of social security. It would also be nice to be able to spend time with my kids before they grow up and move on. Why is that so hard? I deserve quality of life. I deserve an equal shot at the happiness that would come with being able to function EVERY DAY. I pray that none of those of you that are making it harder for us chronic pain patients to get the meds we need to function, ever have to go through what we do every minute of every day. You get up and go to the fridge, get in the shower, take a walk, watch a movie, brush tour own hair, get dressed, etc. and think nothing of it. We have to plan our days around what you take for granted. You also have the power to STOP THIS. We urge you to do so. We are not "throwaways". We are not junkies(most of us). We are not crazy or attention seeking. We are chronic pain patients. All we want is a life.
Politicians and Government agencies need to GET out OF PAIN CARE!! Leave patient care to doctors ONLY! Our WAR Veterans are being left to suffer after standing in the way of bombs and bullets! There are hundreds of legitimate reasons why Americans have chronic pain. Politicians and DEA have no education in health care. PERIOD!
I am 25 to struggling with chronic bowel and bladder issues as well as pain from several car accidents. I was refused treatment and told that I was just " looking for something to be wrong".

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