First Do No Harm: The DEA targets Physicians who treat their patients pain.

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The DEA has no right to make chronic pain victims to decrees or even stop pain medication. In fact it isn't even a Law. If we don't stand up for ourselves the will continue to take our rights away.
Please let us tell our side of the story! From our own personal chronic pain hell!
Most of our politicians are lawyers. The DEA is a law enforcement agency. Neither are trained in medicine. Please leave the practice of medicine to Doctors.
Then give them Marijuana which is not addicting but will help the pain
so glad i found this website. the media is only reporting the war on pain meds, i'd like to see a story on how many millions of people can't function or have some quality of life because the DEA cut off the physicians balls.
Pain patients will have no semblance of life. Your first mistake with these 18 bills is that they are going to affect those who truly need medications the most! There is a civil lawsuit being put together as this letter is being sent. Every American has the right to proper pain management. What has happened to our constitutional rights? What has happened to this Country, and exactly how many people die from alcohol related accidents per year, yet nothing is done about that!
It's time to file a civil rights lawsuit! As a chronic pain patient, I will be left with no alternatives! How many suicides will be on your hands?!? Stop lumping those of us who need pain medications with those who use and abuse! Let good doctors do their jobs and treat their patients accordingly!
Thanks to the drug addicts, DEA and NYS I am now with out a pain management doctor! I have RA, Lupus, Polymyomiosits, etc. And I'm in alot of painost of the time. My pain management doctor is under indictment for treating his patients with narcotics. He has been nothing but helpfull! Perscribes just enough to keep me comfortable and uses injections. He is so kind and caring. Now I can not find a doctor to take me. I hate all those involved in causing this mess here in NY and all overy this county.
I have Trigeminal Neuralgia Type 2. I take a myriad of medications including anti-convulsants, anti-depressants and opiod pain medication. Fortunately, I am in a remission period and have chosen, on my own, to no longer take opiods. The other medications I take require regular monitoring of my liver and kidneys, memory loss and a never-ending tired- I won't ever be able to stop taking those medications as they are now my only defense against a relapse of pain. Opiods sometimes equated to the difference between just living and really living and participating in my life. I have lived in fear of being labelled an "addict." I signed a contract, take random drug tests, have been treated poorly by nurses, doctors and in-laws. I have had my integrity questioned all because of a medication I take to have a sembelance of quality in my life. I'm thankful I won't have to suffer all of this anymore but I am terrified of the day when my pain comes back and I am left without ALL of the treatment options available to me. Please consider the heartfelt words of the thousands of people who will suffer at the hands of those who have chosen to abuse a medication and have sentenced those who truly need it to a life of continued suffering and relentless pain. As I write this, I fear that all of us will be labelled as "addicts" for simply expressing our wish to have some sort of "quality of life."
I live in chronic pain to severe TMJ and multiple surgeries. The only way I function is with the help of medication through my local pain physician. I believe treating a patient is between the physician and the patient. Once the government gets involved it's called socialized medicine. Many articles I have read show that chronic pain patients are not the problem. So, please don't punish patients who hurt because there are people who abuse. In cities where guns are taken away, the criminals still find a way to get weapons. The same will happen with medications. Those who abuse will find a way. They will most likely go to drugs like heroine that are very dangerous. There myst be a better way to help the population that is abusing these meds.
I have CMT (Charcot Marie Tooth Disease) Arthritis in my back and bulging discs in my neck.. I don't know what I would do without my pain meds... They are barely enough to manage my pain.. If they took them away I don't know how I would be able to cope..
I have CMT (Charcot Marie Tooth Disease) Arthritis in my back and bulging discs in my neck.. I don't know what I would do without my pain meds... They are barely enough to manage my pain.. If they took them away I don't know how I would be able to cope..
I too have Fibromylagia, PSTD, anxiety, depression , curved shined, arthritis in back, bulging discs. I have already had my meds brought to a level that barely touches the pain. Now I am moving to a different state! I spent the whole day on the phone just trying to get a primary care dr to no avail. They are not taking anyone new. I am a 58 yr old woman who has suffered this for almost 30 yrs. did I mention migraines too? I don't want cannbus, I have enough going on. I have to drive myself to the Drs, shopping, and soon I don't see that happening!
I'm 30 years old. I've been drunk maybe twice my entire life, and had anything to drink at all literally no more than a dozen. I've tried pot twice in my teenage years, but it was one puff both times, and it literally made me sick that I was betraying myself, my morals, and my family. I've always been honest about everything with my doctors. I have 17 major problems in my back, and need two whole knee replacements, as well as repairs to multiple tears. This doesn't even include the pain from daily migraines, shoulders that pop out on a weekly basis, that I can't lift without aid above my head, tennis elbow in both elbows, both osteoarthritis and r.a. in every joint, but especially in my hands, multiple spurs, fluid buildup causing pressure in my spine and brain, and more. The pain I'm in is so bad that even with the daily amount of pain meds (oxycodone 25mg a day!!) I have to take all at once if I'm doing anything productive like clean, or cook, or go to docs, ect. I don't date, I don't hang out with friends, I don't do anything but go to doctors or go to my mothers. It's so bad that suicide has been a major consideration for the past four or five years. All of my problems are well documented. I've never had any slight chance of being addicted. In fact every month, I go one day (planned ahead bc I can't get out of bed bc of the pain, and need help just to go to the bathroom) or two without pain meds so not only am I making sure there's no dependantcy but, I'm also making the medication I'm on work better for the next month. I've said from day one that I wasn't on enough, I know my body well. I have to have 12 numbing injections at the dentist to numb my mouth, and it still hurts a little bit. I woke up, at 8 years old (never had a pain med in my life at that point) in the middle of my appendectomy after they had already given me twice the adult dosage of medication bc my mom warned them that our family needed stronger medication ( I think it's the Irish in me or something). They were shocked that I could wake up. I was so awake I sat up and saw myself ope , my appendix on the table next to me, and tried to take off the mask. And, after, they gave me the medication to make a person forget surgery and, I remember it with perfect clarity. I'm sick of being treated this way. I've never lied about my medication, ever. I've never had a problem except that the dose wasn't strong enough. Before medication, an ambulance woukd have to get me, take me to the e.r. to either get pain meds or to get an injection just so I actually could go to my doctors appts. I couldn't even get out of bed except with help to go to the bathroom only. I gained 25lbs being completely immobile. I will literally kill myself before I go through that again. And the doctors know that. But they're all residents being overseen by a teaching doctor. So, they're literally being indoctrinated into not only believing it's better I kill myself, less "drug seekers"
I have been fighting chronic pain due to Chiari Malformation, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Occipital Neuralgia, Myofacial Neuralgia, as well as severe depression and anxiety, IBS-D, I also have several other conditions that are not pain or medication related.

I was going to a pain management doctor who prescribed Percocet for me and I never took more than prescribed nor did I ever feel any "euphoria" when I took them. I received 90 pills per month. Then new laws started and I had to sign a contract, random drug testing and all the sudden my doctor refused to refill the prescription. I was not tapered off an opioid I had been on for 3 years. Since then my pain has caused my depression to become so bad some days I can't function, I have planned my own death more times than I can count because I can't deal with the pain. My Pain management doctor cut me loose because she knows that there are no treatments other than opioids to control my pain. I've tried them all and still do many of them to help myself! I am allowed 15 total Lortab pills per month! Because of YOUR laws, I would like to see any one of you live for one week in the pain I do with no pain control, that's what these laws are doing to all of us. Doctors are scared to prescribe the medication they know we need, pharmacists are refusing to fill prescriptions because the are scared of being put in prison! It's time for government to get out of the doctors office!
I am a 38 year old mother of three, one of which is my autistic son, and two two year Olds that I sit for everyday. You can imagine how busy my days are. My pain started in my twenties when I was diagnosed with Grave's disease. I had to have my thyroid killed off with radiation. At my sickest I lost 80 pounds within literally a few months, my teeth started rotting and falling out, everyone of my joints ached excruciatingly. Not once did I ever seek any kind of pain relief until I fell down the stairs at my apartment at the time. I injured my neck and back, still not once did I seek any kind of pain relief.
I suffered like this until two babies later. Yeah, imagine carrying a child while in the worst pain of your life. After my two youngest were born, I still chugged along. Suffering. Until I fell in my kitchen and landed legs up on my tail bone. I was convinced I had broken my cocyx. I didn't but now the pain I was already in became too unbearable to just chug along anymore so I went to see my regular MD to see what could be done. I had x-rays and mri's. I was given every drug under the sun. I figured that this was it. I was destined to be in pain forever. Depression set in and then my MD referred me to the first of many pain mg Dr's. I went through the anti-inflammatories, which didn't do much, the shots, which for the cost aren't worth the money to me. Then I was prescribed hydrocodone/apap and it took my mind off of the pain enough so I could live a little.
Here I am a little over ten years later and at my third pain mg dr. I was on morphine er and ir for the b/t for almost ten years. Then my insurance company decides to remove all er pain meds from their formulary. So now I can either just take the ir's or spend the ridiculous amount for the er's. So basically choose between feeding my children or get a little pain relief. Well, needless to say, I dropped my er script and just stayed with the few ir's that the pharmacy will allow me to fill.
My Dr changed me from morphine to oxycodone to see if it would work a little better because we are given very few options now. After driving around and getting the door slammed in my face, I'm faced with going back to what's not working anymore because of the "new rules" for how many of this or that that a pharmacy can order or carry. So basically if you aren't lucky enough to get to the pharmacy at just the right time, you're screwed. So, the lucky few can get filled and f*ck the rest of us. I was in tears today trying to figure out what to do. And also now that the pharmacies have this 29 day policy, this leaves us having to make multiple trips to drs, then the pharmacy, if not 20 or 30 pharmacies. Every month it's one more day further from my appt that I can get my script filled. These new policies that ate being implemented are not stopping abuse but abusing the sufferers. I guess I just need to go "score" some smack. Which since the mess the DEA has made and refuses to fix, is coming back in a b
I was just told today that my doctor, in order to comply with this new edict from congress to reduce patients medication, was taking me off one third of my pain medication! I have been on this medication since 2007. I certainly didn't ask for this pain, and I don't even fully understand why I have it. It is called central pain syndrome and I'm told it originates in the brain. I'm fully convinced that this is the worst pain known to man. My bones hurt. My muscles hurt, My skin hurts. I have peripheral neuropathy of all four extremities. It is quite severe. I also have post polio syndrome and sometimes the muscle fatigue hurts so bad I collapse in a heap. I have broken my wrist, my foot and multiple ribs from falling. My legs can hurt so badly that I can't walk at times. The pain of just putting pressure on my feet is unbearable. My muscles feel like they are tearing and twisting. All my joints ache and ache all the time. My knees give out on me from the pain, and, again, I fall. My spine hurts from top to bottom as well as the supporting muscles. I get such spasms sometimes that you would think I have epilepsy the way my arms swing out of control. My skin burns like its on fire. I can't even stand to touch my own legs or arms. That is how much I hurt. My skin hurts and the muscles underneath hurt. When I am off my medication, or have missed a few doses because I have been too sick to get out of bed say when I get my blinding migraines, then my internal trunk burns. The are between my pelvis and my shoulders. It burns, like its on fire on the inside of me. Its like I'm a big furnace of pain. The pain has attributes of pulling, tearing, pounding in the bones, deep pain in the bones with the pounding. And the pain inside me means I am one blob of pain. Everywhere. When doctors ask me what hurts I say everything. I don't think they know what to make of that. But the truth is this: everything does hurt.I was told in my 40s that I have advanced arthritis. It explained a lot at the time. I've already had knee surgery, (not a knee replacement), a total hip replacement, and a bone removed out of my left hand all due to arthritis. I'm now in my 60s I can't live with this pain. If I am told I can no longer receive meds or it gets to the point where the pain is too much, I already have plans to commit suicide. There is no way anyone, I don't care how tough you think you are, no one can withstand this type of pain. I'm not some 20 year old kid that is looking to get high. In fact, in the nearly ten years I've been on morphine, I have never once felt the euphoria that I hear is supposed to be associated with opiate use. I've never once taken extra pills. I take it exactly as its ordered by my doctor. Now I'm going to immediately go back to being in awful pain. I don't know what I'm going to do. I'm so scared. Nothing scares me more than the potential my body has for pain. Having medication has been the biggest bless
If the government continues on this course they will force law-abiding citizens to take to the streets to buy drugs which are likely unsafe. These people, who suffer daily with chronic pain, are only trying to find enough relief to get through their day. What would we have them do? I am a Registered Nurse, we finally got doctors and hospitals to recognize our patients pain and for the past many years we have viewed pain as the 5th vital sign, accessing our patient's pain every 4 hours as we do their blood pressure, temp, etc. How can we be taking such giant leaps backward? Every human being has a right to pain control! No one else has a right to judge another's pain. Take away these peoples grasp on having a some what normal life by taking away their pain medication and you will be asking for them to commit one of the only two crimes you leave them with, to buy street drugs such as heroin or to commit suicide so as to end their suffering. Do any of these options make more sense? These people ARE NOT CRIMINALS!!!
No patient who has Severe Chronic Pain should have to be turned away from any Dr. and it's inhumane to do so. Especially when a patient has been on meds for years and then a crisis occurs and the patients who have this Severe Chronic Pain can suddenly no longer get the Pain Meds they've been getting for several years, and they have to suffer with their Chronic Pain/Withdrawals from quitting Cold Turkey/Major Nausea/Sever Pain in their Stomach from the Pain and Not knowing where to turn and unable to concentrate on anything because their Severe Pain/Withdrawals that go along with this. Until you or a Family Member is in Severe Chronic Pain and you or they have no life because of this Constant Pain they live with on a daily basis you have NO Business changing the Medications they take and Need for their Pain. Again, it is INHUMANE AND NO CARING DR. WOULD KEEP THEIR PATIENTS IN SUCH SEVERE PAIN, BUT INSTEAD THEY'D HELP THESE PATIENTS. These people NEVER asked to be in such Severe Pain. They are just trying to live a Productive Life and in order to do so, they MUST often take Medication to help control their Severe Pain. Stop messing with the lives of these patients and their families who suffer right a long with them.
11 years with no prob at same pain clinic until I'm having a prob with paying for my visits, so, discharged with no prescriptions. Only doc I can barely afford reads my mri from 8 years ago and acts like it was taken that morning and says no pain meds for me. Shows me a letter saying my amount of meds is dangerous and has the nerve to bring up Primces death which hasn't even been proven yet! The meds he prescribed, well obviously they're making me worse, my depression is now full blown, and I'd rather be dead than all this pain and discomfort. I used to have relatively pain free life. ....
After 10 jaw surgeries which included the cutting of nerves in my face, I am in CONSTANT PAIN. It doesn't take a break or a day off. On a good day with my meds my pain level is still pretty close to a 7 out of 10. I have been known to tell my Amazing Doctor that my pain has been up around 15 on more than one occasion, unfortunately. I am not a drug addict I am a person dealing with pain EVERYDAY. If you have never had pain you won't understand, if you have, I'm sorry for your pain.
Stop drug abuse but have compassion to those in chronic pain. What we need is research for pain and alternatives. Addiction is generally not from chronic pain patients but from others who get them from their elderly family members or illegally.
I am suffering from chronic pain resulting from c spine fusions and lumbar fusions both multiple levels and while I am lucky enough to walk I can do little else and suffer extreme pain daily. Every day I thank God and Dr's for what I have but I think the Government is taking away a Dr's ability to treat their patients.
I suffer from Lumbar Spondylosis, my lower spine nerves and sciatic on both legs cause intractable debilitating pain. The pain is not relieved in any position. Now every doctor is scared to help patients. Since when were drug administrations and the medical community decided what and how to care for patients. Not politics or popular vote such as medicinal Marijuana. People can smoke pot, but can not access pain medications. This is a sick joke and you should be ashamed for those suffering due to bad politics. Screw Obama, he snorted his coke and cheated on his wife in the White House. White House used to stand for "We the People.." " Pursuit of happiness..." unless you are in pain.
Tbone in Dayton OH still believe in America the free.
I am not a opiod drug addict .I also take them as prescribed and legit.Use them to make it through the day without to severe of pain because of meds.
I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2009, two full years after testing began. I was tried on all of the protocol medications for treating Fibromyalgia and learned very quickly that I have horrific psycological reactions (suicide and psychotic break) and could not take these maintenance medications. My physician started me on an opioid regimen whoch was 10 mgs hydrocodone every 4 to 6 hours as needed for pain. This coupled with a muscle relaxer helped me manage my pain tremendously and I rarely took a full does daily. In 2013, Indiana passed the country's most strict opioid law in the governor's fight against opioids. After that I was cut to 15 mgs hydrocodone daily and no more than 60 pills per month. This is the state maximum unless the prescription writer goes through a laundry list of things with the patient....pulling 10 years of records, counseling, signing contracts, random pill counts and urine tests and much more. If the physician missed one of these requirements, he/she loses their license. (The threatening language is written right into the law.) Most physicians are sticking to the 15 MME/60 pills per month policy as they are afraid of losing their practice and their license. Those who do not are just waiting in line for a raid. All of the opioid stats being shared are extremely deceiving, stating 80's of addicts start out on prescription opioids but what ISN'T told to the general public is that 75% of those people start on prescription opioids THAT ARE NOT THEIRS!!!! We pain patients are the ones being put through the ringer. As the addicts simply and easily move on to the next street drug to get high, we are here, abiding by our doctors wishes and suffering, barely able to function day to day. We just want to feel better....we don;t want street drugs!! So we suffer as the addicts get the attention, THEY are important to this country, their health and well being is all that is discussed while chronic pain patients on opioid therapy are being thrown aside. We are seen as addicts, pill seekers and scum by just speaking out on wanting and needing our life saving medications. This needs to stop and the government need to open their eyes and realize YOU ARE NOT DOCTORS and WE ARE NOT ADDICTS. The solution for us is EASY......simply EXEMPT. Exempt those who have been on opioid therapy for years and have shown no signs of drug seeking, doctor shopping etc. Exclude those with Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, catastrophic injuries, MS as those using opioid therapies are having success with their medication. You are making it more difficult than it actually is. Let the doctors do their jobs and allow them to treat their pain patients as they deem fit. My life is falling apart because of your paranoia and your wanting to play doctor. Please see me as a patient and not an addict! Thank you!
I was diagnosed w/lumbar radiculopathy in 2012, but not before an AZ nurse practitioner decided using me as'a test-rat; prescribing me amptytriptyline instead of 15-more Oxycondone 5/325 pills that actually helped the pain; hold me til' longawaited neurologist appt. to find-out what was wrong. Amptytriptyline landed me in hospital's ER w/180-heart-rate, as it was better killing me then helping ease the pain?? Anyway, we fled to Cali, especially w/nurse denying me after-care that hospital clearly advised me; primary Dr's responsible for any addt'l care til' 2wk-follow-up appt, but denied me instead; making me wait 2wks w/chest-pain. Fortunate, finding better Dr. in Cali, who I was cared for w/my disability for 3.5yrs, b4 relocating back to 1st our Arizona house where I was cared for by an internal-medicine Dr. based-on my medical-records, before ultimately being forced back to east-coast due suffering severe hayfever attacks atop disability difficulty that were not ceasing in Arizona. I never knew how bad it was on east-coast. I felt safe, provided I had@.that time 3.5yrs worth of medical-record proof, along w/an MRI. I also felt safe, since I'd been cared for w/pain medication that Dr's couldn't just not toss me out on my face to possibly go into a stroke from sudden cold-turkey withdrawal, cause country I also thought I lived in ensures Dr's help slowly wean their patients when/if they're better/healed, let alone still w/disability in-pain, but no wrong again; silly me. My stepmom referred me to their family Dr, who also oversees care of my own daughter. He kept me on my 15mg Ocycondone until my husband secured employment then medical benefits; soonas he did, Dr. increased me to 20mg Oxycontin [always swore I'd never consume] 3xs day & 10mg Oxycondone; 3xs day for breakthrough pain, as Dr. didn't like IR {instant release & DE law only allows Dr's prescribe 100-CT/monthly, so my Oxycondone 15mg/5xs day, as taken previous 2.5yrs wasn't gonna do it. Beginning Nov. 20, 2015 just b4 Thanksgiving, my husband's then employer, Amazon stopped direct-depositing him a paycheck, which was supposed 2b getting corrected. After 2mos of taking from our bill & xmas monies so he could get to/from work; helping Amazon make money. He contacted Delaware's labor dept. of which has done no better & left him hanging ever since December 2015; just as Amazon did & both are getting away w/it! Anyhow, cause of Amazon's incompetent wage-theft, my husband's medical-insurance, BCBS wad unable collecting their payments, since he was denied a paycheck for working, which not only messed-up being able afford the ER Dr. increased me to, but when called his office from pharmacy, after learning about insurance, asking for his help; prescribing me the 15mgs again until husband & Delaware's labor dept. could get to bottom of Amazon; fixing both paychecks & insurance, instead of acknowledging my call for help to be able afford filling my monthly prescription; ignored me instead. 3-days
There have been studies that show that prescription painkillers work differently on the brains of chronic pain patients & that the risk of addiction for these patients is very very low.
As a chronic pain patient myself it is difficult enough to get my medication Due to state laws and the way the Pharmacists and doctors treat you. I can't even schedule a vacation Without checking to see when my medication will need to be filled because I cannot get it filled even one day early due to the state law and the way that the pharmacist is. I have asked if I had my doctor call the pharmacist could i get it filled early, which state law does allow, and the pharmacist refused. I was told by pharmacy that i could take the script with me to have it filled while away but most of the states (ALL the states near me) will not fill an out of state script for controlled substances. I can't even change pharmacies because I've had to sign a medication contract with my doctor And if I do go to another Pharmacy that will void the contract and I will no longer be able to get my medications. We need to do something to protect the rights og chronic pain patients. There should be exceptions to the stricter state controlled substance prescribing laws for those of us who can not function/live without these meds. We should NOT be treated like drug addicts!
I have supported chronic neuropathic pain patients as a volunteer, author, webmaster and peer to peer site developer for 20 years. I communicate daily with over 12,000 pain patients and family members in groups on Facebook. These people tell me that restrictive policies on prescription of opioids are driving pain management doctors out of practice and thousands of patients into agony.

Most ironic of all, as recently explained in Scientific American by neuroscience journalist Maia Szalavitz , "Opioid Addiction is a Huge Problem, but Pain Prescriptions Are Not the Cause." There is ample evidence that risk of new addiction among patients properly screened for previous drug problems, is on the order of 1%.

It is time to put an end to the war on chronic pain patients. We cannot reduce thousands of opioid drug overdose deaths by condemning millions of people to agony.
New drug laws have forced suicides not from drug addiction but realization living with untreated pain is impossible especially for self but family too. All friends spouse an family have grown to resent me and cut me loose My days are over. Totally bedridden due to two crushed vevertebrae, crohn's disease, and R.A. amongst other auto immune conditions. I live in ohio. It feels like Kasichs law is designed to kill people like me to save money. I used to be a fan. I detoxed completly. Had virtually 0 withdrawl effects after 12 yrs of opiod therapy. Also cursed with a natural tolerance not aquired. All is documunted in records and docs wont even look at it. There's plenty more. I dont want to take my life and im sick of being treated like a criminal even when suffering from life theatning complications. So many im lucky to be alive. In retrospect I wish I would have died to avoid this suffering. My pain has cost me my wife and virtually all friends. I cannot even watch tv. I lay in bed all day trying not to scream staring at the wall. Changes needed made but its gone to far and people are dieing. Those numbers are being ignored. There are plenty of other issues that are killing more people than opiod addicts not being treated for pain. Not to mention new laws are creating heroin epidemic there all whining about. Its that or suicide for many.
As a chronic pain patient it has been a horrible nightmare seeing doctors for help. U get treated like a dog and labeled as a drug user. Just recently my meds got cut and now they hav me on a medicine that makes me vomit and they will not restore meds that helped me. Living with Sle Lupus and fybromagalia along with bulding disc in lower back is very hard. I am a single mother as well. Now i have a great fear of even going to see a doc. Also i think about wanting to die because of the great pain i have. Getting very desperate for help. Have heard many others say they want to die or even go to street drugs. All i want is a quality of life so I can enjoy my family. They can not stand to be around me because of how I get. I pray that people like me can get help without all the discimination. In a few years u will see the suicides go up and people seeking help off the streets and then there will be a great epidemic of drug users. As long as people comply to their pain contracts there is no need in all these stricter laws. God help this country. Where has the human compassion gone.
I'm a patient not a addict, I have crps2 due to my job and I've been fighting everyone ssi insurance and doctors.but I don't take med for my crps2 because I lost my insurance and now called the working poor so help from state dr.drew is no help he never will be until it happens to him.I too a lot of med had to withdraw from them all because 400.00 to stop the pain can't pay for that and 300.00 to breath nope no I sit here today in fire pain and ready to give up on life,I wake up to see if anyone read their history books and will step up and stop this other countries have free health care for anyone.yet the USA nope about the money.I want to be me again and not wanting to die.
My disgust is beyond words as to what has happened to the Chronic Pain Community at the hands of these 'guidelines'. We are being held hostage by Government & the Medical Community. Our dignity has been ripped away along with our right to lead a normal, pain-free life. Haven't we suffered enough???
That's right .... The right to bear arms is specifically one of our righst under our constitution .... but it appears that those of us in pain are being made to suffer because others make poor choices!

PLEASE remembe,r when you make someone suffer the rest of their days that you are taking. away people's life and there way to live in a dignified manner!
Has society learned nothing over time? The problem is not the medication, it's the person that abuses it. Are we going to outlaw anything that is harmful? Then outlaw baseball bats, screwdrivers, pocket knives, etc... Anything can be abused or on the other hand can be beneficial when used correctly!
IV had chronic pain and have been suffering from it for over half my life. I thought this feeling of pain was normal until I broke my ankle and foot. At this point a doctor prescribed me pain meds and for the first time I was in more severe pain but at the same time I had the least amount of pain because taking medication made the discomfort in my joints that I thought was normal went away. I explained my pain to my doctor and found out this wasn't normal and was finally treated for my underlying illness that kept me from living a healthy lifestyle. But now my new doctor clams that I don't need this medication? Why don't I need it? Because he doesn't want to get involved with the DEA and get in trouble. So **** me the patient! That's what I'm currently going through. Send me to a pain clinic so they can taper me off because he refuses to fill anything next month. Noeci have to deal with "specialist" that know my body and it's pain better than I know myself.I feel I understand why people have depression and anxiety disorders now because I've become both of them. I see why so many people end there lives by there own hand, they can't handle the situation they've been placed in. Not only there underlying illness but dealing with withdraw symptoms then dealing with the pain with nothing but aspirin? This America is broken..
I have been in chronic pain for over seven yrs. now. I used to be able to work with my Dr. or any Dr. for that matter until 2011. A Dr. in my states son was a junkie robbed a pharmacy and killed himself. Now Rod Portman in order to secure more votes is on the bandwagon. It is people like him that make me vomit. Another vote and damn with sick people. YA! I know, I get it. You clowns in D.C. or state legislators have no business between a Dr. and his or her patient. I am in sever pain, no know cure, and even though my life may be shorter, I sure would like to spend what time I have on my feet than in bed. I am sorry I sound so brash, but it is the nature of the beast. pain makes you grumpy and sever pain makes you real grumpy. Please get out of my business.
Sincerely Me.
I'd like to know why an addict is not required to bring their medical and pharmacy records when they go to a detox dr or ctr for help!?!? I know there are MANY addicts/abusers that go see a detox dr and lie and say that got hooked from a dr prescribing it. Many addicts get away with this lie, afraid to take accountability for the bad CHOICES THEY MADE and place the blame where it belongs. on themselves!! Had addicts been required to show their past history and pharmacy records, I bet close to 80% of these abusers DID NOT GET HOOKED BY A DR, but by getting illegal drugs off the street. A chronic pain patient is put thru living hell just to get into a PM dr, we are required to bring pharmacy records, going back.a year or more and medical records, we are treated horribly if we even get into a dr. Innocent law abiding citizens who are chronically ill are killing themselves to escape the pain! The media continues to add more fuel to the propaganda ******** fire, leaving out millions of legitimate pain pts who are being FORCED BY THE GOVERNMENT to endure SEVERE NEVER ENDING PAIN! How do you people sleep at night knowing you have blood on your hands!? Are any of you corrupt pen pushers touched by someone who is suffering from chronic pai!? Surely some of you must have experienced or been around a loved one who exists in severe pain!!! This is GENOCIDE, CPP ARE NEGLECTED,ABUSED, MISTREATED, UNDER MEDICATED, DEGRADED, AND DISCRIMINATED AGAINST. HOW MANY MORE SUICIDES WILL IT TAKE!? SUICDE SHOULD NOT BE AN OPTION FOR ANYONE, BUT NONE OF YOU CARE. POPULATION CONTROL!! GIVE US BACK OUR RIGHT TO TREAT OUR PAIN WITH DIGNITY AND RESPECT
I am a 44 yr old, law abiding wife, mother of 3 whi has multiple chronic, progressive, incurable, pain conditions/diseases that leaves me unable to fulfill my duties and responsibilities as a mother, among other things. One of these conditions causes me to have allergic reactions to many medicines, including NSAIDS and every non-narcotic pain relieving med on the market (which I discovered by trying them all). This leaves me with opiates as one of the few classes of drugs that I can take without getting terribly ill. These help me to have a very limited quality of life, where I can take care of most of my own personal needs, like showering & feeding myself, and help my spouse with the kids with whatever I can manage. Without these meds (that I hate needing), I would likely need to be in a nursing home because I couldn't manage to do anything independently, and my spouse could not handle the additional burden. Honestly, I would rather die before that happens. Without the little relief from the 24/7/365 pain that the opiate meds provide, I would be begging for death anyway. The blame would be on the hands of a government that has no business being my doctor, or influencing my doctors' decisions in any way. Is this truly a genocide project - to get rid of the weakest citizens and chronically ill? Are you ready for the suicide crisis that this legislation will create?
The media has destroyed public perception of pain meds in order generate exciting and politically correct stories. I personally know quite a few in the media. All of them use or have used pain meds. Hypocrites!
I have chronic pain. I had a bad flare up that took me to ER. They refused to treat my pain. Dr. Ballou asked if i was looking for my next fix.
Why can't lawmakers target the problem, instead of trying to practise medicine. Resourses should be spent on pill mills, fake pharmacies, etc..., and treatment, (something the government is well practised at ignoring!). That does not pretend they are doctors, doctors can again treat the whole patient, not just the parts the government has decided to allow. If we still have a huge problem after you follow through then we can talk about your medical opinions.
ps the only ulcers i ever got came from nsaids, both times. So when the endoscope shows lesions in your stomach thats a sure sign of an addict. just as stupid as labeling a CPer an addict for imparting this knowledge to the doc, who can look it up.
I have Chiari Malformation and EDS (a nasty connective tissue disorder. There is no cure for either yet I have been left on my own for pain control. I do revive alternative methods and "choose" not to take narcotics everyday but now I am concidered a junkie if I need them from time to time. Recently I had a bad fall and dislocated my shoulder, my hip and a few ribs. I was offered nothing for pain even when they had to manually pop my hip back into place. The fall sparked off nerve pain in my entire spine that is not being treated. I have MCAS so I'm ellergic to many medications. The EDS has trashed my stomach and intestines so bleeding is an issue for a lot of the non narcotics. I get the nerves burned off of my spine every six months so that I can take care of the two kids that I passed these lovely genetic conditions down to! But when that isn't enough I need extra help! There are just as many people who need and don't abuse these drugs as those that don't and do! There has to be a compromise!
My doctor too, after having a gallbladder removed, and an umbilical hernia repaired will not prescribe me any more than 20 7.5s hydros for my recovery. they didn't touch the pain in the first place, and when asked the doctor would not prescribe anything more for the 5 holes he cut into my abdomen. these laws are hurting people and they need to be changed so a doctor can actually treat their patients. i never would've let someone cut me open had i known i would be forced to suffer bc of a scared doctor and stupid laws
My doctor too, after having a gallbladder removed, and an umbilical hernia repaired will not prescribe me any more than 20 7.5s hydros for my recovery. they didn't touch the pain in the first place, and when asked the doctor would not prescribe anything more for the 5 holes he cut into my abdomen. these laws are hurting people and they need to be changed so a doctor can actually treat their patients. i never would've let someone cut me open had i known i would be forced to suffer bc of a scared doctor and stupid laws
Where do we go from here.
A future where pain management is non existent and many who need adequate pain management are considered addicts.
It would be nice if we could file a class action law suit against these crazy law makers who please themselves in watching the least of these suffer in pain and then call us the drug addicted. There is a 100% difference between addiction and pain management. Suboxine is one of the most used drug by addicts in the world. So why put pain patients on suboxine? Possibly the payoff that two main pharmaceutical companies will drastically profit from providing it to pain patients. After all it is one of the most addictive drugs on the market. I am not taking it. Sadly I have been given the boot. Dropping my medication 5 pills at a time. I know that science has already studied the difference between pain patients and drug addicts. I don't crave or seek a high off of the pain medication prescribed. Drug addicts want a high, the fix that they chase until they finally go in for help. My low dose medication helped me get up in the morning and live my life with some dignity. We don't go after people who need their heart meds or diabetic meds. Don't go after pain patients. Go after drug addicts. Open the doors of wisdom. When uncontrollable pain is now considered a weakness- then we need people to come in and straighten out this mess. Stand together and allow patient and doctor relationships to continue. Chronic pain is real. Why throw the baby out with the dish water. I feel my right to have relief of pain has been taken away from those of us who suffer with it everyday. Let us stand together and not let this fly by us as if They Win...Nobody wins when pain management is not going to be addressed logically and adequately anymore.
GENOCIDE at the hands of the corrupt government and their sidekicks DEA, CDC and the FDA! Who the hell are any of you to dictate to millions of innocent law abiding citizens who are crippled in severe pain what we can have to treat our pain!? The CDC guidelines were based off FALSE data. made up studies and whatever the hell they want to claim to demonize the chronic pain community and our LIFE SAVING MEDS! I watched parts of the CNN special with Dr. Drew and Dr. Gupta, what a one sided show that was.They allowed ONE chronic pain pt to speak and cut her off no less. The media, government, CDC and the DEA are intentionally creating mass hysteria, the propaganda ******** just keeps on coming, Opiods/pain MEDICATION were made to help the SUFFERING and to give them some QUALITY OF LIFE! I get it, it's election year and its all about the $$$. You murderers don't care about saving lives, YOU ARE ALL RESPONSIBLE FOR THE MANY SUICIDES FROM LEGITIMATE PAIN PTS WHO TOOK THEIR LIVES DUE TO INADEQUATE PAIN RELIEF! You all have went way to far with your addiction driven agenda, leaving the legitimate pain pts to take the brunt of your wrath, stripping us of our LIFE SAVING MEDS, FORCING US INTO DEADLY WITHDRAWAL, LEAVING US TWO OPTIONS: TURN TO THE STREETS FOR RELIEF OR JUST END OUR F***** LIVES! WE ARE NOT ADDICTS! I am a 50yr old Mom of two, My kids deserve a Mom who can sit at the dam dinner table with them, a Mom who can cook them a meal, or do their laundry, a Mom who can be at their games, A Mom who can attend their school functions, a Mom who can smile and have some enjoyment out of life, a Mom who can walk the dam dog, A Mom who can attend family gatherings,.Instead they have a Mother who is HOUSE BOUND WITH ZERO QUALITY OF LIFE! I am on the couch all day, crying in agony, BEGGING GOD TO TAKE ME!! My kids deserve better but no thanks to the corrupt government , the corrupt DEA, corrupt CDC and the corrupt FDA, my LIFE SAVING MEDICATIONS, NOT ILLEGAL DRUGS FROM THE STREETS, LEGAL MEDICATIONS THAT WORKED TO EAZE MY PAIN FOR EIGHT F***** YEARS HAS BEEN LOWERED TO INEFFECTIVE DOSES THAT LEAVE ME IN AGONY! YOU ALL ARE VIOLATING THE RIGHTS OF THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS, IF NOT MILLIONS, OF LEGITIMATE PAIN PTS!! YOU ALL WILL NOT GET AWAY WITH THE INTENTIONAL HARM, PAIN AND SUFFERING YOU ARE INFLICTING UPON THE CP COMMUNITY! THERE IS NO OPIOD EPIDEMIC! DO YOU MURDERERS THINK WE ARE THAT STUPID!? COME ON NOW, THE CDC ADMITS TO MISCLASSIFYING MANY MANY HEROIN AND FENTANYL DEATHS, LABELING THEM AS A PRESCRIPTION PILL DEATH, WHEN IN FACT THOSE DRUGS CAME FROM THE STREETS NOT FROM OUR DOCTORS!! THE CDC ALSO USED FALSE DATA WHEN THEY RECORDED THE OVERDOSE DEATHRATE, doubling & tripling one persons death, suicides from legit pain pts who took their life to escape the pain were labeled as a overdose, if alcohol played a part, the CDC looked the other way and labeled the death as an overdose. "WE THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE" DEMAND all of you corrupt murderers to make
My ins. Comp. gave me over 15 pain docs to call. Every single one asked are you from dr gosys? I got to the point were I said no, but the questions they just started asking more. Then they said well if you are not from gosys why are you seeking another provider, until so many questions I finally had to say yes I was from gosys. I called my ins back to ask for more numbers cuz all 15 either said we are closing , not accepting new patients, or you will be seen after a waiting list! Really!!!! When my ins said that was all the numbers they had I asked them then why aren't you dropping all these other pain doctors who are not doing what's in the contract by helping. These insurance companies should be dropping these pm docs for not helping and being lazy
I was a patient of dr rand in reno nv. who has been taken to court so he is closed. I cannot find any dr. to continue my meds that worked just gr8 and had NO side effects. I had an accident in 98 and alot of drs. wont except records if not faxed. some facilitetie dont even exist anymore. and dr rands office refuses to fax. I have called over 100 drs and NO ONE will take you in! The news shows an elder woman on the floor surrounded by pills? they say all of his 1000 are out on the streets looking for heroin? Well that nevr entered my mind at all. We may be addicted but also we are in severe pain for life! We are guilty till proven innnocent. Instead of looking for street drugs like recreational users may do, we are having withdrawals that can KILL YOU! thats what they should look for especially the elderly that cant go through withdrawals home alone like me! They are not to stop meds without consulting a dr. all bottle lables say this!. Opiods have been used succesfully for decades and the few that abuse them are getting us KILLED by lack of medication! I went through withdrawals alone. Now I need my siezure meds asap or I will go through them alone. I was even told by a practitioner to drive myself to the er!? thats not possible. Do no harm? they are going to have many lawsuits! Every dr that has refused to treat rands patients will be sued for non treatment or tappering off. So lawsuits and death by withdrawal even suicides can and will occur. This makes NO sense for people just trying to function! I cant get recrords faxed since my accident was in 98! these places are closed. I have my own records but they wont except anything but faxes from facilities..recent mris..i cant have an mri i have metal plates! Since my accident I have fallen through the cracks of the system. 17 yrs later I finally get relief..ow this? I can DIE in here alone so Im writing down all drs who refused to help 1000 patients so my family can later sue them for accusing us all in pain from hardworking industrial accidents as being drug addicts! Too many alternative drugs have horrible side effects so I dont want them. You see ads for meds that say pills for pain may cause suicidal thoughts meds for insomnia may cause insomnia. its ridiculous this is MY body and I know what works and doest after all these yrs! I see another comment that sys there is a new class for dr on how NOT to treat patients? This is MURDEROUS for those who dont abuse sell or overtake or get not one side effect but relief! I see this is happening now in all states. Is it genocide? this must stop! people are being villified for being able to function? WE ARENT CRIMINALS or recreational users I never ever got any high from these pills. ever! I dont have opiod constipation I dont except any new prescriptions that drs tried to push i am fine with pain and siezure anxiety meds. My own mother is in pain and has nothing. but she stopped taking potassium pills against the directions..and nearly died from stoppi
I have been in agony for years due to severe degenerative disc disease and sacrilitis and migraines. Without my prescription id rather die. I have never misused drugs. I do not drink alcohol. Have commited no crimes. I am 62 years old and living on disability. My meds allow me to bathe myself, feed myself, and bear to walk and talk with others. Without them i lie in bed crying and need constant help and care. I am no addict. I just want what time i have left in this world to be without unnecessary grinding pain.
Never imagined this would be my life.
I am in chronic pain because of misdiagnosis.
Knew nothing about pain meds & did everything in my power to remain off narcotic therapy.
Now with RA,Sjogrens, Fibro, Neuropathy, DDD, muscle damage along with damaged/herniated discs not only do I have to worry about attempting to live in unimaginable pain but constantly being treated like a drug seeking addict. Judged by the very medical community that left me in this condition. Pharmacists now have a say so in my treatment & can deny me my meds based on what?
Never broke one rule in PM.
Animals are more protected. We do not allow them to be mistreated or suffer but humans can? Because of those who choose to abuse? The rich & famous that can buy doctors?
I've been beyond humiliated by pharmacists to the point of fear & depression. Simply because I do not want to suffer. Pain that leaves me unable to use hands, feet or to even talk.
It's about quality of life here. People in CP should not be punished for acts beyond their control.
So I've heard CP is not life threatening. Tell that to those with vitals all over the charts, or heart attacks, uncontrollable BP, suicide......
Where is that oath of DO NO HARM?
I'm blessed with a good PM but remain in fear with what ifs? Pharmacies will not fill my scripts leaving me with pain..chest pain.. Withdrawl..
My HIPPAs been violated by these same Pharmacist but who cares? After all I must be an addict right? Im a mom, wife, grandmother, sister, friend who just wants some normal & quality..
I'll always live in pain even with treatment but at least it's livable. Walk a mile in my shoes & then tell me what you think. That would include holding parts of your body over a blow torch..receiving needles in your spine. Watching your joints & body slowly go...
What would you do? We just want to live without fear of being left to suffer.
Addicts will always find away just as those without permits end up with guns. Don't punish the rest of us. I know I cannot live in this pain if not treated.
It's simply inhumane.
We need to stand united on this or risk the unimaginable.
I had been on chronic opioid drugs for 17 years. After recently moving to another state I have not been able to find a pain management doctor to accept me as a patient. What now a methadone or suboxone clinic?
My wife has fibromyalgia and other problems and all she does is getting maintenance medicine so she can live a half decent life Anna Duggar are getting scared because of all that here about what's going on with the DEA and when they cut her medicines or tell her they're going to give her something totally different that doesn't help she cannot function what kind of life is that for anybody and just think of all the people that need medications that this is hurting and if they don't have a loved one to watch over and care for them they become suicidal because I figured nobody cares I love my wife and I care and worry and pray that the right things will be done

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