First Do No Harm: The DEA targets Physicians who treat their patients pain.

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I am 57 yrs old and have been in pain management for 5 yrs now. My doctors is now telling me due to new regulations he will have to cut my pain medication in half. Im going to go into withdraw and I have a heart condition that it may aggravate. Mabey im better off dead because ill no longer be able to move or get out of bed. Why are they doing this, is this the genocide that everyone is talking about. My doctor says he is very sorry he has to do this but he has no choice because I do not have cancer. If I knew someone that had cancer mabey somehow I could contract it from them so I will not have to go thru the horror I know that is coming. Cutting my pain meds may kill me, Can my wife and kids sue if it does ? Im afraid and don't know what to do. God help us all.
I am 57 yrs old and have been in pain management for 5 yrs now. My doctors is now telling me due to new regulations he will have to cut my pain medication in half. Im going to go into withdraw and I have a heart condition that it may aggravate. Mabey im better off dead because ill no longer be able to move or get out of bed. Why are they doing this, is this the genocide that everyone is talking about. My doctor says he is very sorry he has to do this but he has no choice because I do not have cancer. If I knew someone that had cancer mabey somehow I could contract it from them so I will not have to go thru the horror I know that is coming. Cutting my pain meds may kill me, Can my wife and kids sue if it does ? Im afraid and don't know what to do. God help us all.
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Chronic pain patients will take back
our rights!!
There are million of us and united we
we can do this!!!
If you do not suffer on a daily basis, 24/7 from chronic pain of any kind then you have no right to tell me or my doctor what I need to use to reduce my pain in order to have some semblance of a life. Each person whose suffers from chronic pain is different and we all need different medications to help us. I really wonder how anyone one the DEA, CDC and Government think they know anything about any of us whose lives have been changed so drastically by chronic pain which none of us asked for and wants. Do you people honestly think we want to be on all these meds for the rest of our lives? NO WE DO NOT!!!! But we have no choice! Instead of wasting all the money on going after our doctors who are helping us, spend it on research to find cures for us and give us hope instead of the devastation you are putting on us.
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At the age of 52 I am a semi-invalid, due to a rapidly degenerative form of arthritis. I've been on many types of pain-control protocols, both opiod and non-opiod. But regardless of what I was prescribed, I used it as directed, and kept in close touch with my doctors regarding pain control, side-effects, etc. My great-grandfather, his son and grandson were all pharmacists and owned a family pharmacy for 80 years, so this knowledge was learned from little on up. I didn't ask for the medical conditions I've been living with, but I've dealt with them the best I can. And I frankly thank God for the opiods that relieved my pain, and actually let me resume activities that I had to stop due to the round-the-clock pain. A combination of upper-level anti-inflammatories and an opiod have kept me from becoming a shut-in. I can walk short distances before needing to sit down, get in and out of cars and chairs, and even receive hugs without the pain that would usually keep me in the house. Understand - I have pain, even with the medication. As time passes, I will have more, but with the medication, I can control it to a great extent. Now, I am sorry - and mystified - at the minority of people in our country who misuse, abuse and sell the prescription medication they obtain. But surely there must be a better way to enforce the laws they're breaking besides making those of us who need these medications feel - and are treated by the DEA, pharmacies and doctors - like criminals and junkies. Worse than having to make too few pills last a month because "the DEA will flag us if we prescribe too much/too early/too often" is the self-doubt and outright guilt I feel when nurses and pharmacy techs demand, "WHY are you out so early?" It's not because I'm misusing them. Its because my doctor has to carefully regulate the amount of medication I receive in a time period, or HE will face "flagging" by the DEA. So, enlighten me - How does persecuting the majority of people who use pain medication correctly and for legitimate medical conditions stop the minority of people who obtain them for abuse or resale? That minority will do anything to get those meds, and most of their methods are much easier for them than going through a doctor. I am asking that the DEA look into other options, ones that do not victimize patients who take these medications for relief, not kicks.
I just had my 36th birthday. I have always been an outgoing, driven, and ambitious, artist, model, musician, fashion designer and general maker of things. I also happen to have a degenerative spine, joint and skin condition that has left me unable to get out of bed to use the toilet. I am federally disabled from this condition. Having opiate pain relief (and trust me we tried EVERYTHING) was the only thing that brought some value and dignity back to my life. I am not able to run, or dance or walk up a flight of stairs, but I am able to have friends, paint, sew, go for short walks, even make and enjoy dinner with my partner. And the most important -I can use the restroom on my own. I have peed in every cup, never taken more than prescribed (in 10 years!), I don't drink alcohol, I've bled in every needle and jumped through every hoop just to have some semblance of dignity and value to my life, even in such a limited fashion. Now that the new laws and regulations are in place my partner, my first love since we were teenagers, has to change my diapers. He has to live a life of caring for a fully bed ridden disabled woman who daily asks him to end it for her. I urge you to do some research and see that for some young (voting) Americans opiate pain relief really is the best most humane option.
I have lived with chronic intractable pain for 16 years. Hell would be a walk in the park. The DEA has created the great medicine show for all of us living in Pain . They believe every one taking pain medication is a criminal. We can follow all the rules, but still they will not even imagine that there are people living in pain that use the medication as prescribed! For pain!

My quality of life diminishes, my dignity is stripped away a little more every day.

I am at a loss. The agency that was created to watch out for us wants us to crawl away and just die! That is how I feel. The war on Drugs has turned out to be a war on Americans people.We need to fix this travesty of justice and humanity.
I am a third generation of women with chronic pain in the sacrum. As a teenager my horse and I tumbled into a deep gulch. I was involved in two auto accidents where all autos were totaled. My pelvis was broken in two places, ribs torn from my sternum 3 times and I have also had four spinal surgeries. When I tell my doctor that I had to take my pain medication sooner than prescribed, though she had told me at my last appointment she was not worried at the amount I had taken, she became angry. Instead of finding out what was going on she accused me of "violating my contract". Every doctor I have encountered has been terrified of having his/her license revoked if the medications exceeded what the DEA had deemed correct. I know it's wrong to wish harm to other people, but at times I wish the people who make these regulations hurt as much as I do. I was referred to a pain clinic, but they refuse to return my calls when I tell them I am 80 years old and suffer constant spinal pain. I don't know what to do next.
DEA is killing older people cause they can't get pain meds
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I was in a car accident in 2006, treated my two ruptured disks conservatively until March of 2008 when the pain was so great I gave in to surgery to fuse L4-L5 L5-S1. And after a year of healing the surgery failed, hence the need for long term pain management - I started my quest in Sarasota FL & had a great relationship with my Dr. However in 2013 we had to move to S.Cal. When I finally found a specialist he right away went into his speech of how I'm taking too many meds, so reluctantly I let him ween me of to about 1/3, now in 2015 we had to move to Oregon and the dr said in the very first visit how much medication i am on... WTF. 1st off the weather is so different here and I'm in a******ton more pain here and was asking for more meds when he wanted to cut all my meds in half... Please please please there has to be a better way - it horrifying enough to have to pee in a cup every 3 months, they see I never drive -my husband drives me everywhere. And then the crown jewel to take the dreaded trip the pharmacy - this I swear is worse than the DMV I kid you not and they know we are stuck because we have signed a contract to refill our Rx's by this pharmacy something has to change, pain relief is medicine - walk a day in our shoes 👠 I believe now we can walk together 👣 to fix this !!!
Have mercy on us
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I have lived in chronic pain for over 10 years and never have taken more meds than was given to me in a script. i think it is so wrong to classify people in chronic pain with people who are drug seekers to get high. that is like saying apples and oranges are the same. Is the DEA that stupid to say these kind of things and not fully looking into it before judging it the same.
I quite like cooking Buy Cheap Lotrisone Don Light, a Harvard professor who is a long-time critic of the drugs industry, is more blunt. He says companies are deliberately clinging to the notion of huge research costs despite the advantages of smaller trials in cancer.
I've never has used drugs and suffers from degenerated arthritis and sometimes at the local hospital the ER doctors turns me away, why are the doctors are able to do this to a non-drug users ?
Hey Gary x, Do you know what planet your on?. Oh, forgive me, you are from the planet Malcom. Darryl k, Are you gay along with some of the others? Most MEN don't read womans mags. Walker p, Your spelling cannot be corrected due to your brain damage. Check in to the clinic. I will be a witness you as an idiot. Shane o, I would not trust the news from you if you were the last man on earth!. Rufus x..... Your just plain crazy dude! And the person that gave you that name. But we both know that's not your name don't we. And Dorian t. and the other idiots that have no school education , Show these pages to your doctors and you win a biga prize! You get to wear white suits for long, long time. Your welcome for the help.
We moved grandma 750 miles closer to help her stay independent. In doing so she had to quickly (under 30 days) find and get appointments with new doctors who are willing to prescribe her the pain medication that she needs to be able to do daily tasks such as taking care of herself. She has been handicapped and on pain medications for 40 years. Its been 6 months since her move and its still a 20 day at a time adventure including transporting a handicapped woman to the doctors office then to the pharmacy in person. The present doc will write a 20 day at a time prescription. We have tried appointments with 2 of the Cleveland Pain Clinics to no avail (rehab/OTC supplements like Cumin). We know that her condition cannot be improved but with pain medication she is able to be up out of bed and have some quality of life. With all the other medical issues typical of any senior especially a handicapped one not having your primary doctor be willing to prescribe long term pain management medication is quite scary.
We have got to stop this insanity right now before the DEA, CDC and AMA causes 100 million Americans to start using illegal drugs! It is clear to me that these doctors are misinformed of there boundaries about prescription medications. Everything that I have read coming from the CDC and PROP indicates that the intent is not to turn patients away but to use judgement. These doctors are lazy they don't want to do the required paperwork, UA testing and counseling required to allow pain patients to continue their medications. Why is it that these doctors can take you in the office, counsel you as a new pain patient and when you come back for a second appointment refuse to medicate you! Not only that they are forcing us to take spinal injections that are expensive, require us to take DNA testing or salvia testing. Not a problem with the test but the cost associated with it! Come on Washington is it going to take a class action law suit to stop this abuse? Or maybe you need suicide blood on your hands because a doctor has forced a patient into withdrawals? Are you going to pay attention when it's your own mother, sister, daughter or maybe yourself? There are a handful of people respectively speaking that are mis-using medications. I want the abuse that I have personally experienced to stop!
Free the chronic pain suffering citizens. We are those living in daily pain, living life barely at all. The times have gone backwards in recent years. We should be given back our rights as written in the constitution "to be free from pain and suffering." Instead, many of us struggle daily, doctors know that your pain is legitimate, but are too afraid of the DEA to provide the adequate pain relief...many of us turn to multiple resources, as a single doctor is not willing to provide enough pain relief. The pharmacist takes great delight in policing our usage...happy to cut your medicine off if they think you're "getting too much", a measure that only the individual pain sufferer can measure. We are human beings struggling, wanting to live life and be productive. But we are imprisoned in our homes and inside our own bodies, which have failed us. We contemplate suicide, sometimes become disparate, running to multiple doctors, begging for help. The greater our desperation, the greater chance we are to receive help. We are not criminals, not out to hurt anyone. We just want to live, free and productive, and can only do so if free from suffering.
I have had it with this system. I have chronic pancreatitus and they can not fix it and plus I'm among the 3% that they don't know why I have it. So the only answer for me to have a regularish kind of life is to be on pain meds. Now 10 years later I've dealt with people that have attitudes that I can't stand because they look at everyone as an addict no questions first. I've dealt with alot of different meds and alot of bad side effects ranging from constipation to withdrawal and depression and I must say they all suck and if I could get away with not taking these drugs I would but unfortunately I live in a state that thinks marijuana is not good for medicinal use. No one has ever overdosed on marijuana but tons of people are dieing from pain meds, and most of them are not the people who are chronic pain management patients so why are we getting screwed in this whole deal. They just came up on my last appt. and said that the family doctor I've been seeing for the past 5 years or so can no longer prescribe me pain meds and that I have to go to a pain management facility and so I started the whole process of doing that now and they're telling me that I'm probably gonna have to go through withdrawal because it may be some time before they can prescribe me any medication. I am so fed up with the whole process, I didn't ask to be sick and require the meds and if I could live with out them I would because I hate them, they help with pain but have they're own problems that they come with. All I can say is the system has failed the people.
I have been treated for over 4 years for Lumbar Spinal Stenosis and Degenerative Disc Disease. I have been doing everything I can to stay pain free. Some days are worse than others but when those bad days hit, they are horrible. I have been trough Physical therapy, injections, failed surgery, inversion therapy, and of course pain meds to help when it's all too much.

I have run the course lately of having to have a Neurosurgeon, Ortho, Physical Therapist and Pain management physician to treat my back.
I have done what is asked of me and have no problem counting pills, urine tests, etc. (being made to feel like a criminal)..... I have no concerns because I am NOT abusing the system but it is getting to the point where I can not even get an appointment with a family physician because they are "scared" I may ask for pain meds!" Who am I to see when I am sick with the flu or Bronchitis?

All this is doing is driving good people nuts and leaving us with little options. You will likely find that death rates from suicide go up because of this. We are being turned away and denied the medication we rely on daily to help us get through work or life in general. You are going to drive good people to seek meds on the street (unregulated and illegal) because they can not get them or worse yet give up and kill ourselves because we can not take the pain. You need to wake up and realize the "war on drugs" has NEVER been successful and it NEVER will be! You are only hurting those of us who are NOT abusing the system.
I was in two car accidents that messed up my back and now I live with several discs that are degenerated and bulging and pinching nerves. I have sciatica pain in my hips and down both legs. I have severe neck pain and have trouble turning my head in both directions. I have numb areas in my shoulders. My hips are hurting terribly. My knees are beginning to get bad. I have been on a cane for around 13 years. I am now getting feet issues. I have plantar fasciitis and have developed a bone spur on one foot and have walked on the ball of my foot for over a year.And my feet , yes both of them are numb. I fell out of my bed and hurt my shoulder and it is all messed up and in pain everyday on top of these other issues. I have fibromyalgia. I suffer from severe debilitating migraines that I have had since puberty. I have high blood pressure and diabetes. I have never taken any opioid pain medication. I have suffer for many years.I have lost all semblance of a normal life and all interaction with family and friends.I am an intelligent and artistic woman that loves life but I am depressed and don't know how much longer I can hang on without some relief from my PAIN.It is Horrible what you are doing to all of us and not even blinking an eye. Innocent people are losing years of their precious short lives due to your ignorance. I used to have a life that I enjoyed. I went places and had fun and I worked. Now I sit in a chair and lie in a bed and I am just 55 years old and this has been my life for the past 13 years.My Dr. just cites the laws and says she won't do anything for my pain except for Lyrica. I suffer several side effects from this drug but its all I have and i continue to take it. Maybe thats wrong but what else can I do. I try to take ibuprofen but it messes with my stomach..I have taken it for years..I probably have ulcers from taking so much of it. I am in agony and no one cares. I leave my Drs office often in tears. Don't you care what you are doing to the millions of us good people. I just know you wouldn't suffer like this if it was you..oh surely would not..Its unjust.I can't even shop hardly anymore for my own food or play with my grandchildren they way i want to.. It breaks my heart. I would be better off dead than to live life like this.I can't take it much longer. Hear our voices..Please!
To the *******s who continue to spam this petition, grow the **** up! Take your******elsewhere. Do you have any idea what your doing to the thousands upon thousands of legit patients who are being forced to live in excruciating pain??? Your bs posts are pathetic! Patricia, Imfest, Duncan, Darnell, Hailey, Camila, Cleveland, Joseph, Seth, Shawn, Robin, Clement, Floyd, Rocco,Rodney, Fernando, Dominic, and the rest of the idiots who are trying to disrupt a very important issue, get the hell off this sight. If you have nothing of value to contribute then please go elsewhere. Living in excruciating pain everyday is no joke. In fact people are KILLING themselves due to inadequate pain relief.
this may be you one day, Karmas a *****, and when she comes for you, you will beg god to take you as the pain is to much. SHAME ON YOU! Nothing better to do with your time? You find enjoyment in spamming an issue that may very well affect you or your loved ones, disgraceful! Get a life! If you think living in excruciating pain every day is something to joke about, let me go ake a baseball bat to your back a few hundred times, then lets see how funny it iS. Grow the hell up *******s!
I treated my chronic pain with ibuprofen and Tylenol till I was close to overdose levels of each and was not receiving any relief I am now finally going to a pain clinic and am at a point to where I am not hurting hardly at all except for when I wake up after sleeping over 12 hours straight which I can finally do with the assistance of my medication.
I have been in PM for almost 20 years now with spinal stenosis, failed surgery, arthritis, neuropathy, permanent nerve damage, etc....and it gets harder every year. I've seen kids who were prescribed 180-30 mg oxycodones per month with nothing wrong with them. I'm 57 and have to fight for the 60-40 mg oxycontins with nothing for break through pain. Every month I wonder if it'll be the last because the DEA is threatening everyone. It doesn't make sense. Do they seriously think that no one has pain other than terminal cancer patients? There are some days (cold, wet, windy mostly) that I can barely move. I have a home to take care of and a wife who does not deserve to live with a hopeless old man who is miserable all the time. My tolerance is not my fault. For 5-7 years I took one or less 5 mg Percocet a day. After a failed surgery and several years of damaging the nerves in my back my pain has increased tenfold and my tolerance to the pain meds has increased with it. I can't walk, sit or stand for more than 15-30 minutes at a time. I'm disabled now and there's nothing left for me but suicide or heroin. I won't take heroin because that will just make me more miserable. I am s pain sufferer. So sorry world! Have some compassion. I hurt no one. Why can't I have a little quality of life with what little bit is left?
Without meds. I am unable to move.
I am 47. I have chronic pain due to a car accident 11 years ago. For 3 years after tthaty I pretty much hoped to die due to the lousy help I got. Finally found a doc but it 300$ a month. Put me on Subuxone. Gave me my life back to.some degree. Got kicked out of that clinic because I could not come up with the money. Now my doc who I must pay 180$ a month to wants to taper me off because "pain medicine is for an acute injury or dying of cancer' Ummmm you knew I was a chronic pain sufferer. If I have to go without my.meds I will kill myself. I cannot and will not live like that again. Please someone do something to help us legit pain sufferers. I have C456 fused,DDD,fibromyalgia,sciatica and chronic migraines. Please please help
I am 63 years old, divorced 20 years, live alone, and been permanently disabled since 2009. Spinal stenosis and back and neck injuries from accidents which give such severe and crippling pain, if it were not for the opiate medications, I could not survive and take care of myself. I could no longer afford living in one stated and moved to PA. I have been trying for almost three months to transition from my original state doc to a doc in PA. So far it has been a living hell. Nobody wants to treat with opiate medicationseven with referral letter from a doctor that cared for me for over a decade and monitored my usage on a monthly basis. I recently got injured because I lose balance easily and fall frequently. I had a bad fall in Sept. and injured a knee. So far, regular physician ordered tests.blood work, x-ray, sonogram, PAP smear and mammogramI guess that was supposed to help my knee? I was referred to a Pain Clinic since the reg doc tossed my medication bottle across the examination table and curtly stated, "Well, I'm not dealing with this." And was referred to THEIR choice of Pain Clinic.
So far, two visits down the road - one a consult with an assistant to the MD, and the second another test to see my "physical endurance, and flexibility" and not even met with the doctor yet. Notices all over the office of no pain medications dispense on first visits, or until after tests completed. Each now scheduled two weeks apart. My last prescription filled from original state doc was in first week of Sept. I have been using sparingly to last this long when it was meant to last for only one month. I am literally using my cane and dragging one leg behind me to make it to all these damn tests for three months now. I cannot get past all these arbitrary tests and half-bait lectures. The pain clinic has not slated me to even lay eyes on this doctor until the first week of Dec. I am at my end of the rope and nobody cares. I am looked at as a complaining nuisance and drug seeker. Damn right I am seeking drugs because I do not want to be in pain or prematurely wind up in a nursing home to have somebody care for me!! Damn it, they are stealing my dignity and my right to live my own life!
I am FURIOUS that the elderly in pain are discriminated against, bullied and controlled by fearful doctors milking us with capricious tests, and allowed to torture us with painful injections that simply do not work or last. I want to curse the DEA and all these people associated with this bandwagon of torture with the exact sort of pain we all have been living with, because until they feel it , they will show no compassion or sympathy to those who suffer! Why must the elderly suffer because these kids abuse these drugs??? Why dont we just shoot the bank tellers too when the robbers steal all the cash from the bank? It is ridiculous, unreasonable, irrational, and unfair not only to us but the compassionate doctors who really try to help us. It is a diabolical ploy by the gov
It is inhumane to al low the chronically ill to suffer so much! We are NOT addicted, rather dependant on pain medication to function, I am so tired of being treated l ike a dirt bag because I NEED pain meds. To test us for anything other than the meds we are prescribed is ridiculous, I so hope one of you get to feel what its like to live in pain
Due to a head/neck fusion from a semi-truck accident, I have chronic migraines and stiff shrugged shoulders/muscle spasms since I cannot turn my head left or right for the rest of my life.
SEVERAL function tests claimed, as well as other examinations by specialists and doctors, that I will be on SOME TYPE of PAIN/NARCOTIC medications the remainder of my life; I am now 47.
Without these, all I can do is lie in bed, dark/quiet room. Before I was put on a WORKING pain medication regimen, that's ALL I did; NO SOCIAL LIFE and family interaction!
Now, last month, my pain management doctor in Oklahoma tells me the policies on dosage for Opiates has been lowered; UNLESS the patient has cancer! They cut my meds way down, to different extended release meds, and I have bee BACK in MAJOR PAIN AGAIN. I live in room and have NO SOCIAL LIFE WHATSOEVER!
On the higher dosage, I just took WHAT WAS PRESCRIBED, I've NEVER been lethargic, had slurred words, nor dozed at inappropriate times; in FACT, I STILL had/have insomnia from my PTSD, Anxiety, and Depression.
My tolerance is HIGH and I am being HURT due to these ridiculous laws that have a LINE that should go with each doctor/patient!
EVERY PERSON IS DIFFERENT! No two people react the same with higher/lower dosages!
My physician even told me he did NOT agree that a base dosage should be given to ALL people!
IF we are following ALL RULES, take random UA's, and pass, only go to ONE PHYSICIAN and ONE PHARMACY I feel that it should be up to the physicians discretion on what he/she prescribes.
You have taken, not only us patients rights away and created MORE PAIN so we have NO QUALITY OF LIFE, but you've also taken away the physicians RIGHTS to treat as he sees fit! MANY doctors HATE what the government is doing to their patients!!!!!!
Majority of people on narcotics NEED THEM! Weed out the ones that don't, but DON'T punish us ALL and treat us like we have the plague just because we were UNFORTUNATE enough to become inflicted with LIFE-LONG CHRONIC PAIN which opiate narcotics will only help us be pain free enough to have SOME TYPE OF LIFE!!!!
We just want to live as pain free as we can! Since changed me in September, with MULTIPLE CHANGES trying get right med, BUT, dosage too low to find one, that I'm in CONSTANT MIGRAINE POUNDING PAIN!!!!
THIS IS UNJUST AND UNFAIR to us law-abiding citizens who worked our WHOLE LIVES for what we have up until we were hurt!!! Don't take our rights away and take the ONLY POSITIVE chance have at QUALITY-PAIN FREE LIFE!!!!!
Ever since the beginning of the year, my once treating neurologist has stopped listening to me. And making adjustments as I need them. I am not a drug addict. I am a chronic pain suffered who developes tolerances to all medications at the 4 month mark usually. This requires me to have to often change/tweek my regimen. And I rotate medications too. But after the first of this year. My dr stopped listening to me. And has left me stuck with one of the lesser potent synthetic opiates (nucynta). Nucynta has quit working. I get no relief from it anymore. But I have no choice right now but to suffer life in bed, wrapped in heating pads and electric blankets, trying to deal with the pain best I can. How can this be fair? I was evaluated by an addiction psychiatrist (at my request) because in the beginning, I didn't understand the difference between an addict and someone with a chemical dependency. The addiction psychiatrist said I had NO addictive tendencies. Even the SSA evaluated me to see if I had an addiction problem. And the SSA concluded that I DO NOT have an addiction problem. I have a severe chronic pain issue that requires some pretty tough medications in order for me to have any kind of life. But, instead of my dr still trusting me when I say my tolerance is built to my current medication and switching me to something else, he keeps writing my prescriptions for the same darn thing. I might as well be taking aspirin for nerve pain. Sure wish I could find a way to get help.
I have chronic pain and my doctor got caught up in some kind of prescription thing, not sure what that was all about, I have no one to write my pain meds. I have had a total knee and total hip replacement and have have been told not candidate for back surgery. The doctors are AFRAID to write pain meds even tho they know you have been on them and you need them to control the pain. What do you do?
I experience chronic/constant pain as a result of work injuries and several surgeries. Otc pain medications do not help the pain. I have to go to a pain clinic instead of my family doctor. The pain clinic decides how much pain you are in, apparently. I have increasing pain, but the dosage is decreased. I understand that someone has the idea that there are less suicides from over-dosing on pain meds. What about the people whose pain isn't adequately controlled----they don't commit suicide?
Pain clinics are few and far between where I live. It isn't fair , on many levels, that pain sufferers are treated like second class citizens. Furthermore, I feel, that if you complain about pain to the clinic, they may cut your meds further or dismiss you!
I'm on SSI, I have real pain everyday. I had to go to a lower dose of pain medication because of the government. stop this madness of control on people who have REAL pain!! Let our doctors do there job!
My doctor is being pressured to lower my dos of pain medication when in fact I have been on pain meds for almost 20 years and cant exist without the partial relief I get from the meds. I have never abused the meds in any way ever, but I am being pushed into failure and will end up loosing what is left of my life a lot sooner unless I can at least stay on the current dose I have been on for years. I am a 3 time cancer patient who received too much radiation even to the point of causing me to have to get a quad by-pass. and they my doctor is letting the DEA control the amount of pain medication I am ALLOWED to have? Now I understand why people commit suicide or break the law to just try to survive? either way none of those negative things would be happening from the TRUE chronic pain patients if they where getting the meds they need so they can have a somewhat normal chance to live a real life.
They ..... are only trying to discredit this site. 10 year old kids with brain damage and still sucking there thumb. Hired by your best guess. Someone don't like this site. Makes them nervous I suppose.
To whom it may concern;
I live in Colorado and suffer with constant severe pain everyday and only my medication with my doctors help gets me through. My mother who lives in Washington also suffers with the same problems perhaps it's genetic. But over the years I have seen the government try to stop in and interfere with patients and doctors treatment programs that have been on for years when new rules come into place. The truth is you should just be sold over the counter and the government and put their hands on the taxes, instead you make many of us go to the black market or suffer and become extremely depressed and severe anxiety not knowing if the government is going to change the rules the next time you step into the doctor's office. Please stop interfering with doctors who are only trying to help.
All you idiots spamming this petition, get off. Your comments make no sense. This petition is important to the legit chronic intractable pain sufferers, not meant for your bs. Go somewhere else with it. It's bad enough our government is forcing the sick to live in excruciating pain, probably not even taking this petition seriously. The last thing we need are people coming on here spamming it with your bs. We are in for the fight of our lives here. The comments you post don't even make sense. This petition is not the place for it!
I'm a 56 year old woman who has almost every bone broken, herniated discs, diabetes, wounds that won't heal, ulcers and a cancer scare. The DEA is not helping at all by scaring Pharmacists and Doctors.
I was recently given surgery to remove a bad gallbladder. When I told the doctor I could not take anti-inflammatory drugs due to crohns disease and that I was currently with Palliative care and was being treated for chronic pain they refused to treat my pain for the new surgery claiming that the drugs for my chronic pain should be able to cover both and that even though I was also prescribed breakthrough pain medication they would not allow this to be given either. I was treated like a pain med seeker and told that i was misusing drugs to get high and that I needed to learn how to deal with the pain of Crohns Disease and to get over it! I was treated with disregard and humiliated in the hospital. I finally had to leave the hospital to treat my own pain with the few drugs I had left from my own pain management supply at home to treat not only my underlying pain condition but also an even more excruciating painful procedure of having my gall bladder removed and having the stint removed without any extra pain relief and was forced to sign out of the hospital recommendations relinquishing any course of seeking help if I ran into infection or possibly death due to their unwillingness to treat me. I have been a very conscientious user of pain management and have done the most I an to remain on the lowest dose possible to treat my chronic pain. I feel like I am being treated like a second class citizen because I need help to just live a decent life. Before getting help with pain medications I was existing on the couch curled up in a fetal position every day due to pain. After treatment I was at least able to go to the market some days, work with plants on my back porch and crochet blankets for family and friends because I could concentrate, actually count rows, and be able to make beautiful blankets for families and also make blankets to help keep the homeless in Columbus warm during the cold winter months. I had closed my business down because I could not work with my condition but at least I was starting to rebuild a life of some type of normalcy. Now I feel like I am being stigmatized through no fault of my own. I did nothing to bring this disease upon myself it is a genetic condition.
Ihave suffered with chronic pain from Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis since I was 39 years old, I am now 61. Because of DEA I have to drive 70 miles per month just to get my pain medication. I am very careful with my medications and would never over take them. Due to all the unnecessary regulations when I have to have surgery, etc I cannot be given any different pain medication since I have pain medication already. . The problem with this is that my body is tolerant to what I take regularly. Therefore I just have to suffer when anything new happens. I believe this is inhumane and should be examined in a case by case basis. My doctors cannot do that. It's quite an overreach for the government to stand between my doctor and his patient.
Whoever in the DEA is responsible for trying to regulate Doctors has never seen a patient in chronic pain. I have lived watching my spouse hurt all the time and have to fight and soft step the topic of pain medication and muscle relaxers with her doctors. It is a sad commentary that she has to always worry if she is going to get what she needs. Please let the doctors do their job, since that is what they are trained to do.
OxyContin is the plague, yet the fentanyl patch is no problem. There will always be abusers, but do not allow the very ones in need to be penalized for limited number of bad eggs.
I've been seeing the same PCP for years. Been on Percocet for 5 years. Went to a dentist for oral surgery and was prescribed penicillin and hydrocodone. Been Flagged by my doctor 2 weeks ago. Staff completely acts like they don't know me anymore. Been unfairly drug tested, asked a million times if I'm using morphine etc. etc. my test results don't even show it. What's going on??
My friend was just cut off her pain medication and she don't know what she will do . I have sciatica , spinal stenois , something wrong with my neck , and chronic pain. I so far am still getting my pain pills, but not many . I can't live with this type of pain, I would start drinking or buying heroin if I can't get my medication. Is that what you want , you jerks that are going after these doctors ? Shall I go to a methadone clinic just to get out of pain ? Heroin use is up by a lot in this country and my friend is having to turn to that and as I said, I would too if I lose my script . It's not fair to treat people like this . I hope all of you that make these policies know what it's like to suffer in pain . Imagine you are trying to go through your day to day life but there's a needle stabbing you constantly. Can you enjoy life in that condition ? I think not . Thank you federal government for pushing more people to heroin use. I hope you are proud of yourselves.
My pain clinic comprehensive pain management in Clarksville TN is just horrible I have a lot of back problems 3 wks ago I was in a car wreck my back was broken they set me a appointment for Friday November 13 2015 at 1045 am well I get there and they tell me I'm late it was at 10am and that is not true the office was empty no one in the waiting room they told me they would not see me I had to reschedule for Monday now I'm sitting here with no pain meds with a broken back on top of my normal pain now I have been on pain meds since 2006 I feel like I'm dien can someone please tell me if this is legal
This article is so true. I am made to feel like "trash" when I am a good person who has chronic pain syndrome, I am tired of pharmacy clerks talking down to me when I pick up my medication. I thought my medical records was supposed to be confidential. I am also tired of doctors advertising that they are accepting new patients but when you try to make an appointment, they tell me they are not accepting new Pain Management patients. Sounds like false advertising to me.
Govt. Should not be involved with patient treatment. Do we limit people food if they have diabetes, chloresteral, heart problems. It's discrimination. I'm infuriated. And sick of being demonized.
My friend was injured at work. She is going to kill herself because her doctor has cut her pain medication. She can not stand the intense pain anymore.
Stop punishing chronic pain suffers for the acts of criminals. Doctors should have the rights they deserve and have deserved for generations. The Hippocratic oath supersedes any excuse a government agency has for it's ineffectiveness and impotence.
Chronic pain patients will take back
our rights!!
There are million of us and united we
we can do this!!!
Chronic pain patients will take back
our rights!!
There are million of us and united we
we can do this!!!
The technology is there use it !
As a chronic pain suffer I know how it feels to live life everyday in pain... I suffer from chronic pancreatitis and have had this disease for 9yrs... I've heard of other people's horror stories about how they've been treated in the ER by doctors or how they've been treated by their doctors but had never had my own experience until one day I had to go to the ER bc I was having a flare up and wasn't able to keep my meds down... Most if the time I take care of my flare ups at home until I get to the point of not being able to keep my pain medication down or the pain is so bad I can't take it anymore... While I was in the ER the PA that was taking care of me was very rude towards me and just acted like I was waiting his time... When I did finally ask for something for pain he responded to me and said that was the only reason I was there was to get pain medication... Now trust me going to the ER is the last thing I want to do... I have pain medication at home so if I wanted to get high I could of stayed home and done that, and that's exactly what I told him... The laws today are making so hard for our doctors to be able to take care of us... And it's not just the laws but it's the actual drug seekers too, but people like me are the one who are being punished everyday and it's not fair... I want each and everyone of you reading this to think back to a time to when you where really sick... Remember how bad you felt? Now imagine feeling like that everyday and not being able to take anything to make it better... I know if it came down to it I would do what I had to in order to survive and live my life to where I could be as pain free as I could be everyday... That's what you politicians just don't understand bc it's not happening to you... So please stand up for us and fight for us please!
I've watched my brother suffer excruciating pain from a rare bone disease most of his adult life. Countless times he has fought off the desire to commit suicide to end his suffering once and for all. Doctors and other medical staff continually treat him like a back alley junkie - until they see his MRI. Then they can't believe he hasn't passed out from the pain. But even then, they offer him some miniscule dose of a mild prescription pain med, because they're afraid of getting in trouble with the DEA.
The government is directly responsible for his years of misery. Politicians and government agencies have no business whatsoever interfering with a doctor trying to appropriately treat a patient.
It's time to stop this harassment and the infliction of suffering now.
I am a Chronic Pain Patient and 2 years ago after 14 years of being on a medication treatment that gave me my life back at 24 years old my Pain Mgt Dr told me that I was no longer going to be prescribed the medication I had been on for 5 years and that I would have to be tapered down to 1/15 of the dosage that was therapeutically working for my pain.
In 2001 when I was 23 I was skateboarding and crashed on a ramp and had a compression fracture of my T7 vertebrae.
That injury healed in about 6 months but I started having sciatic pain in my right hip that none of the Primary care Doctors would take serious.
They all told me I was too young to have back problems and was just seeking pain meds.
I told every Doctor, my primary, different Dr's from same day appointments that I did not want any pain meds and I just wanted then to figure out what the problem was so I could walk without having searing nerve pain from the top of my hip to the tip of my toes every time I took a step.
I would have this pain for months and sometimes I would turn around to back my truck out of a parking space and I could feel the disk that was slipped out of place pop back in and the pain would go away for a while.
After 15 different Dr appointments and just X-rays taken I was walking down the stairs of my Apt and the Sciatic pain came on on the second to the top step and I fell down a whole flight of stairs.
Luckily I had my laptop backpack on and it protected my spin and I went to the ER and the ER Doctor actually listened to me and scheduled me a referral for Physical Medicine and an MRI.
My physical medicine Dr read my MRI Results and basically said I had the spine of a 70 year old.
The MRI showed Spinal Stenosis, three degenerated and one bulging disk and one of the disks was slipping out and pinching my sciatic nerve.
He gave me Vicodin and referred me to pain management and from there I was put through PT, Pain classes and every other day appointments with my new pain management Dr.
After I graduated the pain class I told my Pain Mgt Dr that I was now waking up after a couple hours of sleep and it felt like my whole spine was on fire and it hurt to breathe.
he kept me on as his patient for over a year and a half and after many Epidurals that did nothing for the pain he had me get three MRI's with different contrasts because I had mentioned my mother had Reiter syndrome a form of RA.
He checked me for the gene that is linked and sure enough I had it the HLA-B27 gene and with the MRI's he consulted two infectious disease Dr's and diagnosed me with ankylosing spondylitis.
He said that my spine would fuse together and my hips were starting to dislocate in my sleep and he said I needed a hip replacement.
I never was given a surgical consult and was handed to my primary care doctor for continued Opiate treatment to have some quality of life.
I remember one of the first appointments after the diagnosis before I went to my PCP Dr with my pain management Dr and
My doctor was arrested today for prescribing pain meds to pt without pain. This is absolutly crazy, he only takes patients who have a referral, and only gives low doses. This needs to stop. Just this year there have been raids at around 25 clinics in this area. Guess what, there are none left. What are people supposed to do for pain? This is exactly what you want, these people will now become abusers of street drugs, then u can arrest them and take their money and ruin their lives even more then u already have by taking their doctors. This is "the people's" country, not yours, and we will take it back one way or another.
DEA is bullying doctors not to prescribe needed pain medication with threat of license suspension. Seniors who most need these pain medications are to be subjected to urine testing to determine if these drugs are in their system, and not sold to others. Patient records must be made available if necessary to DEA agents. Another move by the Obama administration to come between you and your doctor. What about HIPPA rules? How about subpoenas to access patient records? As a senior, I find this new requirement humiliating, damaging to doctor-patient relationships, and overly expensive when performed on millions of people. Then again, when was this administration ever concerned about costs. They will just raise your healthcare premiums to cover it.
As a long term pain patient with a painful and dibilating disease I have experienced the doubt, judgement and worse when I should have received compassionate care instead and I know I'm not the only one. There is no need to be treated like a criminal at pharmacies when I have a valid RX in hand either. I would like for my doctor to be able to treat me in the way we agree not based on what the DEA limits us to.
It's not fair to label and make chronic pain patients suffer so bad when they are truly in pain ! Everyone suffers differently and someone who follows all the rules and guidelines needs to not be punished ! I have suffered with chronic pain since I was hit by a drunk driver I didn't ask for this life of pain but I deserve quality of life and to be able to function for my daughter and family ! If they would stop giving to people that abuse it and to the ones who are suffering we wouldn't have this problem ! It's not fair ! If you never dr. shop shop should not be punished for others wrong doing!

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