First Do No Harm: The DEA targets Physicians who treat their patients pain.

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They look should be forced to "walk a mile in my shoes", face criminal charges for harm to patients for lack of care and indifference to human suffering and then see if they are still singing the same assinine tune.
Got sick of seeing drugees get pain pills for stupid crap pain, and me who has been ****ed up by surgeons not wanting to try just ONE MORE TEST, to to find a REAL CAUSE, so I have screws and rodsin my spine because of a disc that shouldn't have come out because chart stated ABNORMAL AORTA FOR PERSON OF THIS AGE...was 36... Then having dr Gregory Boone put 2sheets of mesh over a BIFEMORAL BYPASS and 8 days later having the mesh removed in emergency surgery along with what flesh and muscle it was touching....I give up on trying to get things for pain, was given morphinethat didn't work I DON'T BOTHER ANYONE ANYMORE..... MORE RESPONSIBILTY PUT ON SURGEONS THAT DO THE DAMAGE THAT CAUSES THE PAIN WE HAVE......
As someone who has been in pain since I was a teenager and broke my lower back, I am so frustrated at the hoops I have to jump through to get prescriptions filled. People who haven't dealt with pain every single day for years have no idea how soul-crushing and life destroying pain can be. Then add being treated like a criminal or drug addict at the pharmacy and doctors office, it's easy to see why the suicide rate is so high for chronic pain sufferers.
Pain is the big money maker. I've met two doctors who truly tried to help in 4 1/2 years. I was given up to 8 Prrcocet per day plus 50 to 75 mg Fentynol w/o anyone trying to see why I was in pain. I had to request withdrawal and succeeded until 4 1/2mos later when part of reason for pain returned. I'm too proud to stoop so low as to ask for meds because I look like a druggie. My pain was caused by doctors who got away with butchering me and filling me with mesh.
"Making it tougher for patients to obtain their prescriptions is not going to stop addicts from getting high. People abusing drugs are already breaking the law and it they want to get high they will find a way to do it. All these regulations do is make it tougher for responsible people to obtain the drugs they need while drug addicts continue to find new ways of getting what they want. They are already partaking in an illegal lifestyle enforcing stricter rules is something they were never worried about following to being with."
I am 31 and have dealt with chronic pain since I was 10, due to spinal and bodily injuries in gymnastics, sports and genetics. I have an extra bone in both my feet that rub my Achilles against them and cause inflammation, pain and cripples me at times. I have osteoarthritis, degenerative discs, fibromyalgia, a bulging disc thay pinches my sciatic nerve, nerve damage in my ankles, legs, lower/upper back and neck, hip pain/frozen hip, a tailbone that goes 45 degrees the wrong way, and many unknowns I haven't been able to afford with trying to treat my currently known issues. After 20 years of coping and non opiate treatments that didn't really help, I decided to go to a pain management doctor after every doctor I met treated me like I was too young and didn't need anything to get me out of severe chronic pain that disabled me at times and constantly made me consider ending my pain. You are treated like you are a second rate human and that you should just suck it up, as if the doctors would just suck it up in your position. I have never abused my meds and because of all this nonsense with the dea playing god and intimidating doctors and pharmacists, I still can't get decent meds to relieve my pain. I am treated like a liar or I have to meet this exact criteria to receive opiates, which are the only medication known to work in taking pain away. Nsaids are a joke. When you have no idea how to truly rate your pain because you are always in extreme pain all the time and it varies throughout your entire body, you shouldn't have to constantly prove your need and endure endless humiliating judgement, interrogations, looks of derision because you look healthy and are young. The epidemic here is not a war on drugs, but control over who deserves them. The dea are NOT doctors, as they said when I spoke with them regarding a pharmacist refusing to full my meds all of a sudden after 5 years with them and one visit from the dea threatening to close them down. You will never ever understand chronic pain and what it does to that person until you have experienced it, even if someone close to you has. I have been told it's illegal to prescribe opiates for fibromyalgia, that they only prescribe hydrocodone 10mg, which is like baby asperin sometimes, except to people with cancer, that I have to constantly get MRIs every year or so to prove I still need pain meds, even though they know what I have will never go away and the damage is permanent, and that u have to pay $180 every month to get my same meds I've been on for 2 years, even though by law they could make it ever 3 months and save me lots of money I could put to other health needs. Thanks to the dea, these pain docs rape their own patients and can't really help many of them, so they don't even listen or care about the welfare of the patients they swore an oath to have their best interest in and treat to the best of their abilities and cause no harm. It's a sick game you're forced to play and life is already
Do No Harm. By not treating chronic pain medically is surely like writing a prescription to disaster even suicide. Who are the real pushers? Could it possibly be the Doctor who refuses to treat with pain management, pushing chronic pain sufferer's to the streets?
Why we must end the war on cannabis and fully allow people to grow their own meds. Yes, they lost the war on drugs. Because people have risen up and said enough to prohibition.
Why is nothing being done about this nazi like useless failure of a terrorist group known as the DEA? Funnel 100% of their funding into education. It'll do an infinite more good than the DEA has ever done in it's entirety. Vote for only people who is against the DEA so it can be part of their campaigns.
If I were to let my dog suffer for one day , I could face some hefty fines, not to speak of jail time these days. how do you justify this?. Are you saying we are less than an animal?. You are not God!. Or do you need some counciling
I have been in that cold dark silence with enough pain to want to just end it and take my chances. To those in the position to do anything more than the average citizen, Please Wake UP!. What is it going to take?
They are the ones that need counciling Rebbeca!. Not you. Something is going to change soon.
I had spinal cancer in 1993 and have suffer with much pain for years..chronic debilitating pain..I have jump through many hoops that my pain manager doctor has put me through and now she is detaining that I see a councilors at my existence.
I just want to end my life that I have struggled so hard to keep.
Go St.Louis!. Trying to get a 10 sec spot on the locals through a donation with the big wigs. Problem is they are bombarded with the scams we get on our telecoms. A few sec on the air with someone who cares will bring the higher powers to lack some sleep as we do. We get worse every year w/o treatment. have to try while can still manage. Am bugging the hell out of bill gates!. He get no sleep till I get an answer. Get more than a few thousand signs on a commercial. But I know he will just up it to 250,000 in 15 days.
DEA lost the war on Street Drugs. So it turns its angry, defeated head towards good physicians and helpless chronic pain patients, bullying the hard working decent doctors with fear tactics, and causing the legitimate chronic pain sufferers to live in a horrible world where pain and hopelessness is a way of life, all because they have no idea how differentiate between the drug seekers and sellers, from those who truly benefit and get much needed relief from pain medicines.
Please, come up with a viable way to care for the sick and pain suffering patients, while focusing on those who truly abuse the system. It takes intelligence, patience, and care, yes, but our society isn't one of barbarians where the sick, young, old, and weak are thrown to the side as in days gone by.
No policing of our doctors and professionals is needed unless a crime has been committed, and what the DEA is doing is NOTHING but simple *harassment* of good people, good doctors and suffering patients.
We need voices to stand up and stop such victimization when no one has done anything wrong, and we should NEVER stand for the infringement of our Constitutional rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness by allowing a medically untrained organization bully and harass the well trained professionals in the medical community by telling them how to treat patients, whether it's a matter of pain, cancer, or plain principle
They did not put dogs to sleep without suffering the dog until recently. The vets used a chem that stopped there heart and let the dog suffer agonizing pain of a heart attack. Per vets own words, you would be better taking a 45 cal and ending it. The 2 shots in one are still up for debate. I suppose the veterinarians are in question now. Keep it up DEA. Live by the sword....die by it!.
I hope someone will listen. My pursuit of happiness has been stolen from me. Years ago I used to Lorcet 10/650 4 times a day. I saw the same doctor, I have the same pharmacy for over 25 years. I am a law abiding citizen, always have been, always will be. Perhaps for those of us with chronic conditions with no cures with a good record of responsible medication can be given pain relief. I do not feel the effects except the pain is lessened. I worked, raised 3 daughters, took care of my parents and volunteered at an animal shelter. Now I sit in my home incapacitated while those around me are living. I am only 54 years old. Please do something for those of us that are being punished for Criminal's behavior. I have told my husband that when I die from taking to many OTC maybe someone will sit up and take notice. I could be a productive member of society if given the formula that worked for me for years before the Witch Hunt started. Other opioids my doctor tried me on never worked (either too strong or not strong enough). Together, we worked to see what medicine would work. I did not want to get high and I just wanted the pain to go away. I found the relief until my physician of many years moved to another state. Resistance from every doctor, I have completed every pain management technique without drugs to no avail. The PM says there is nothing left to do. I am begging you to reconsider. I heard on CSPAN the other day that more people are on disability than ever. Could this be the reason? If I were a dog they would mercifully put me to sleep. As a Human Being I deserve to live my life pain free.
White house raises the mandatory looksy at petitions from 25,000 to 100,000 in 30 days a couple years ago. Almost as though he new we coming. Along with the other wrongs being done. The State still receives them here at least. Will start a new petition that requires WH to lower the limits to a fair level. After all, we want to be fair. We don't have the speed and money to get an impossible amount of sigs in that time. I like transparency.
As a patient who has suffered from chronic pain for over 7 years, I personally have experienced every kind of discrimination, judgement and unfair practice discharge that is mentioned above. Never mind I am a licensed RN who is well aware of the meds and possible consequences, I still am judged by pharmacists, questioned by every physical and worst of all forced to take my medications "exactly" as written, regardless of my level of pain. I broke my foot 4 days ago, waited till the weekend was over to seek care so that I could contact my "pain management doctor" and ask permission to go to the ER. Went to the ER today, was scoffed at when I told the Dr my "normal" pain meds were not working and I tried taking a double dose without relief. I am an RN and I knew my foot was broken, the Dr told me it was severely broken and referred me to a podiatrist for further treatment as he said "I will give you meds if that's what you want, but I can't treat you." When I got a Rx for stronger pain meds, I took them to the pharmacy, the pharmacist told me "you have pain meds, you need to take those, I cannot fill this till next month if you want to wait till then." Really?!?? Since when does the pharmacy get to decide what is best for me? I broke my foot!
Why do I have to go to four pharmacies to get my pain meds filled?
I love my life in hell because of you bastards. i seriously hope all of you who put this law into place burn in hell.
I have Fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. They are testing now for another form of arthritis. My dr can't call in my refills, I have to see him to get them, but as he is a specialist, I have to get permission from insurance to see him. Then if I am having a high pain day, I have to get someone to take me to the office. I stretch my meds out as far as possible, even knowing that if I took all I were allowed I would function with a lot less pain. Properly prescribed drugs, without the guilt trip for needing them, improves quality of life.
It doesn't make since does it. All know they are not stupid. And they are not. Not by no means!. What human being would let this happen that has any kind of morals. Would you, speaking of us here ,let your neighbor suffer in pain and not go all out and try to get them treatment?. I doubt it for most of us. The overdose thing was made up by dea to keep the public on their side. Prior to 2009 it was not even hardly mentioned. New president I presume. How many drug addicts made the local news that were legit?. I speak of myself now as honest as I can so help me god. I took 3 pills every day no more no less. It worked only on the pain. Did not get me " high " in no form . I was just able to have a life with some respect. Not waiting for a good day to come along etc. I felt less dependent on others. Not a burdon on people. I was a non drinker of alcohol until this dictatorship came in. I went with severe pain for several months and the survival instints we all have kicked in. It helps but its a sad way of surviving. Many and most here did no wrong other than sneeze wrong and they declared you a pill popper. There is no med reason not give us meds that have never have no death wish and want to be independent. They should be in respect of our human nature. There is no harm in the meds for most all. NATURE OF THE BEAST I suspect. Those with wisdom will understand. To those who don't, be happy because it frightens me what the world has come to. To those who are in severe pain as I write, I do know the pain and hope you will get relief soon. Don't give the AH the satisfaction. They are not human!.
I am allergic to aspirin and all anti-inflammatory meds. Wish I weren't but it's so. I am disabled with several very painful and lifelong conditions. I actually can't take most pain meds either. But would if I could. I have to take a benzo for pain, which is also controlled. Meds like these should be controlled but chronic pain patients should not suffer for the illegal and harmful actions of some people who aren't in pain. And people who abuse drugs because of emotional pain, should be ordered to rehab and therapy, not jail. Only drug dealers should go to jail.
Alcohol is legal, guns are legal. Let's all get drunk and blow our brains out and leave a note stating that we couldn't take the PAIN anymore!!!!!!!!
Alcohol is legal, guns are legal. Let's all get drunk and blow our brains out and leave a note stating that we couldn't take the PAIN anymore!!!!!!!!
I am one of those patients who cannot tolerate anti-inflammatory medication and only recently learned this was a "flag" Geesh! I have an auto-immune disease that left neuropathy pain, chronic fatigue and a failed back surgery. After relocating from NC to FL, I now know what it is like to be treated as if an addict. I spend 90% of my life, in bed, laying on my right side, enduring has taken 9 mos to finally get the medication I was taking prior to the relocation that gave me some quality of life. Starting all over to work back to where I was physically prior to move. This has got to stop!
500,000 people die every year from Tobacco Use
88,000 people die from Alcohol Overdoes
16,000 people die from NSAIDS (over the counter medications used in place of Opiates)
I could go on but the point is that there is a hysteria about Pain Medication use that has gotten completely out of hand. By using Statewide pharmacy monitoring programs and properly educating physicians in the use of pain medication the problem would be magnitudes smaller than other existing issues. With a half a million people dying every year from Tobacco it almost seems silly that people are now dying from pain because of Doctor's fear to prescribe. We now live in a society where it is easier to buy Heroin than it is to get necessary pain medication. In fact, Heroin deaths are escalating because the people that were abusing pain medication are now abusing it. The new laws regulating opiates are like spraying for cockroaches; the problem just moves next door. Heroin, Benzodiazapene, and Alcohol deaths will simply replace the Opiate overdoses.
It is humiliating to have to sign a document stating that you won't misuse or abuse your pain medications then take a urine test or, even more silly, bring in your pill bottle so your Doctor can count your remaining pills. What's magnitudes worse is the increasing lack of physicians that will even prescribe needed medication even when it is obvious the patient is in dire need.
For those people that have lost loved ones to drug overdoses my heart goes out to you. Your pain is real. So is mine. Your pain will lessen with time, mine won't. Does the enactment of legislation that has paralyzed the pain management system make you feel any better? Other advanced countries deal with this problem with education. Talking about drug use and abuse is far more effective than legislating it.
"A Camel is a horse designed by committee" Between the DEA, the FDA, and the various legislatures, we now have a Camel for a Pain Management symbol. Yet another embarrassment for America.
It's great idea for the atty. But I had called at least 6 of them throughout the state and not one will touch it. It is my understanding and could be wrong but the govt gave all attys a warning to stay out of this. The same way pn clinics and doctors are doing now. This was done in mid 2009. On c-span tv live, a congressman was helping his orthopedic surgeon ,his neighbor get his home and all belongings back that was seized by govt all because the surgeon refused to not pull pain meds away from his patients. Never found out the outcome. But one thing comes to mind is that if we could get everyone of these complaints on file to give 10 bucks or whatever , that is 150,000. Send to a perry mason type of atty that would go against them. Each of us send money to atty only so no mistrust. Also he would:or she: sorry.,have his clients all in front of him. I'm just looking at all options. Pardon me if it appears silly. Yes im least until tonight where I have to rely on the booze to rid pain. And it has a whole lot more side effects than any narc.
I think we must all stick together on this problem. I watched my uncle slowly suffer and die because the doctors were afraid to give him something to help with the pain.That was about 20 years ago. Then everything changed for a short period and every time I would go to my regular doctor for some type of pain they would give me a narcotic.Back then I wasn't very smart when it came to pills and I trusted my doctor to know what was best for me so I took the medicine without question. Before I understood what was happening I was on a treatment using a narcotic. Then the government starts on the general practitioner to stop writing the narcotics and start using non-narcotic drugs. Well for starters they knew there would be withdrawals not to mention the side effects of most of the new medications that has came out is worse than the narcotic I was on and they were much more expensive which made the insurance companies start with what they wanted to cover. Then if I complained about the withdrawal symptoms I was looked at like trash because now I was considered a addict. I think the doctors forget that they made us like this and now because they may have a new contract with the pharmaceutical company to promote their new non-narcotic pain drug I get tossed aside either to a rehab center or to a pain clinic. So again I do as I'm told and start a pain clinic where the doctors are supposed to be licenced to handle this problem. I follow all the rules. I put up with the harassment from other doctors if I have to go to the hospital or to a specialist. Everybody's seems to be so nice until I give them my medication paper and then I get the looks. Or hear the whispers, another one looking for more pain medication. Then now, the DEA, which the last I checked are not licenced doctors, wants to start on the pain doctors about what they can prescribe for pain. So it would seem that now most of these doctors are backing down in order to keep their practice open. To me this is no different than what the tobacco companies did before they put warnings on their products, or people that have medical problems now due to negligence in the past of warning people about the future results from using their products like asbestos. We need to come together and find a lawyer with a backbone and put a stop to the discrimination we are putting up with because of what medicines we take and sue whoever needs to be sued for getting us on these medicines in the first place and now that we are on these medicines that they cannot force us to change just because of somebody's opinion. The risks should be our choice to make with our treatment and the doctors taking care of us needs to be left alone other than given some praise and thank you's for caring about their patients. If new restrictions need to be enforced, then start at the bottom with new patients before they fall into this trap like I have. But the ones that are already on the medicines need to be left alone or if we do need t
Something has to be done to stop the chastising of patients who are legitimately prescribed narcotic pain medication. Not being able to fill these prescriptions and having to take time off work to find a pharmacy to fill the script is punishing the patient. It just is ridiculous.
I had a doc in new Hampshire..very nice guy who didny care about the gov...i had to move to michigan and found that moving here must be a crime cause ive been treated like can clearly see by looking at me that i wouls be in pain..was sent to physical therapy..but i have no stomache muscles!!! Wtf??? I really think someone high up must want all chronic pain victims to just die off...after all if they want to kill our planet for profit why wouldn't they choose to get rid of us for profit...there has to be something we can do besides signing a piece of paper that we all know will be ignored!!
if you have the medical evidence, why shouldn't your primary care physician be allowed to treat you? much better than the so-called pain clinics that shove excessive amounts at you, while treating you like an addict. i finally said no to the pain clinics, choosing rather to suffer the chronic pain than to be subjected to sub-human treatment...a shame i even had to make that choice!
I was with a chronic pain dDr for 16 yrs.Never had one problem,I did everything I was supposed to took my urine day I go in and find out they are getting rid of 2,000 patients becauseo f staff ddecrease they said,theyt old me it had nothing to dowith me,I got a great recommendation but can't find a Dr because drs are so scared of the government,oh by the way the Dr lied to me they werebeing investigated for month'sif you have real debilitating medical problems and no Dr will helpthere'ss something wrong.The government is making people with chronic problems think suicide because they can't sleep eat enjoy any aspect of their lives because of chronic pain.I have no Dr for three months now because of my previous Dr whichi was a model patient I feel like I'm taintedb y what they did.if chronic pain suicide death tolls rise I'm leaving in my will,it's going to be laid where the blame is the government.You have honest drs that are petrified to help patients.I crawl to the bathroom cause I can' walk do u kknowh ow degrading that is in front if your child.
The 60% increase in complaints on the activity meter below the submit button somehow don't work now. I did keep a pix of the rapid rise of denials of treatment. I'm already half dead from pain. I can't even speak w/o making a growl sound. But I do have it together enough to give you an UNFAIR fight against the defenseless. That's how you work isn't it . " to those who read at the other end ". Being polite here I hope you know. Ladys present. . You have my address.
This is also true for patients that have acute pain that normally don't take pain medicine. I had an acute flare up of thumb and hand arthritis, usually with no pain, but this was debilitating to me. I had an appointment with my hand surgeon (in a city of greater distance) in 5 days and wanted to have something to hold me over. I was refused pain medication, told to go to a pain clinic. I was not only in pain, but highly insulted! I have been with this clinic for 4 years for all of my medical care, they knew I didn't abuse drugs. I am also very, very angry.
I'm getting so anxious about getting my meds.
I have an ulcer from taking nsaid's for severe chronic back pain. Doctor states, "I do not prescribe anything else". Went to pain clinic and got tramadol. It is a pretty good pain reliever and doesn't leave you vomiting all day. I read the dea recently made it a controlled substance.
The state is getting the petitions. At least here anyway. Look at the activity report button under the submit button on main page. Huge climb in complaints in the recent months.
If we all got together cant we sue the dea for theyre involvement?...this has gone long enough..there has to be something we can do besides suffer in silence
I was in a horrifying accident on 11/11/98 I should have never survived the accident but I did and its been hell for 16 and a half years I've got over 10,000 pinpoint jections my body that are just horrifying as hell they seem to do more damage than I do good I've had to paint punched in and even with my neurosurgeon telling them not to put the pump in which they wanted to paralyzed me for life that was a big mistake specially this last time.. I've been to Some ER.'s and some dr that is labeled me a drug addict partially by they look at me because I have a long hair which is part of my Native American heritage and my religion and beliefs they say the long hair they label me a drug attic which is wrong.... in the state of Missouri the pain management doctors here are very bad along with a lot of other doctors I just had the pain pump taken out for the second time on the 20th of this month.. the neurosurgeon that took it out told me that he would take care of all my pain meds and make sure that I did not go into withdrawals corse he lied to me as as usual and he doesn't want to give me anything to get me through til I see a pain management doctor I have found one it does a lot of good things I can't see you until October very late after which is ridiculous there's no way I can live between 12 and now and then I can't believe the way I've been treated the way a lot of people have from reading the things they've been through I've been out of the ER the past 3 weeks I have to go again tomorrow because I can't seem to get anyone to help its like dr have lost everything that they're supposed to do what about the Hippocratic oath and ethics thetthat dr have to live by.. .. I fought so hard and 17 years to keep what health I have and now it seems I'm back to not walking again, and living without any quality of life I just told somebody can do something to stop the DA from all this crap they're doing don't they have drugs another lawful things to really do what the hell is their problem???? I'm not in any way ready to die now but nobody seems to care after 17 years of hell you think somebody would be there to help you???? I joined every Pain Foundation that there is I also joined the ad a American Disability Association which is part of the United States government and I had all my Med login with the DEA. So that I or my doctors wouldn't have this kind of ridiculous problem something needs to be done in this country to stop this I don't know about you but I don't know how much more I can handle this I've come to my end.... I hope that all of us can find some help and get the government off our backs that's all they seem to do what to do anymore what happened to the United States Constitution and our Bill of Rights they throw it out the window one thing stupid why are all politicians lawyers who trusts a lawyer that's a rhetorical ignorant statement I hope you all get well Soon..
this petition will be 4 years old in September.

No one is listening!
I'm tired of being left in pain due to an overzealous DEA
People who have chronic pain truly need these meds. Addiction is secondary, or even lower on the rung of concerns. Esp. when the patient is older. End the war on drugs.
There's no oversight or review.
Doctors can't see pain therefore most profile patients. Pain doctors observe, they lack ability to diagnose having spent all their time just putting people asleep in the OR.
Why hasn't this issue taken to court, it would be a huge class action as rights violation.
While there are people who abuse pain medicines, a very large majority of the people who use pain meds, have a very real and legit reason for and need them. The DEA needs to STOP it's harassment of both the doctors who prescribe them, and of the patients who need and use them.

And the doctors who look at and treat EVERYBODY who comes in seeking relief for their as an addict, need to take a look at themselves, and stop judging and pre-judging everybody. You doctors are not "gods", and for most of you, are not even as intelligent as I am.
I have been seeing a very legitimate pain management practice (requires a special license in Georgia). I have multiple issues in my lumbar spine, and have had no less than 21 painful injections. The last was a series of RF ablations (inserting 16 gauge, 5" long needles next to each side of three lumbar vertebrae) and then introducing RF energy to kill the nerves that control pain. It is a PAINFUL procedure and does have side effects (for me, very acute muscle spasms in my back on the right side). Insurance will pay for these every 6 months. At my visit, I was about 20 days from being able to have the injections done again so I could get off narcotics again. At almost each visit, my pain doctor (an anesthesiologist, certified in pain management) has continually CUT my Vicodin dosage (currently it is 1/2 the daily amount recommended in the PDR). This is at a time when my nerves are regenerating and the pain is becoming increasingly intolerable each day. I made it clear that I felt she was underprescribing (which can lead to disciplinary action by the GA State Composite Medical Board). Her response, she really wanted to cut it some more, and could give me NO medical rationale for reducing my dosage at a time when my pain was increasing. From the outset of the appointment I made it clear I wanted the RF ablation redone ASAP (as soon as insurance would pay-6 months; which was 11 days away). Her response, basically, was ok, I won't cut it back and I will discuss your behavior with our "head doctor" and he will probably kick you out of the program. Congress NEEDS to hold Congressional Hearings to get the DEA OFF of the backs of certified pain management physicians. I have been drug tested several times with no problems. Putting Vicodin at Schedule II from Schedule III was UNCALLED for an not supported by medical evidence. The DEA, a bunch of morons in my estimation, need to get out of the practice of medicine. The ONLY ones suffering are those like me with chronic pain who can no longer get the pain medication they need. The DEA is running rampant-I am ALL for drug testing to make sure I am not getting the Rx and then not taking the drug and diverting it. But making doctors so afraid to Rx ANYTHING in Schedule II (and particularly putting Vicodin in Schedule II) is just plain governmental law enforcement intrusion into legitimate medical practice. REIGN IN THE DEA; have them concentrate on thefts from wholesalers, retail drug store holdups/break-ins and known pushers. They are cops, NOT DOCTORS!!!!!
Dear DEA: Chronic pain patients are NOT criminals!!!
I am on hydrocodone and have been for 6 years due to neuropathy and severe pain caused from high doses of chemotherapy and having to take cancer medications (for life) . My husband and my one enjoyment was traveling for 3 months in our,RV. It is the,only way I can travel as I have to lie dow,a lot and thus the only way we can visit our children and grandchildren in different western states. Since I can no longer refill my prescriptions when away from Florida, our 40 foot motorhome has sat in our driveway for 2 years. Before, I could go to any Walgreens and my doctor would fax a prescription. Now, we are considering selling our coach and resigning ourselves that we may never see our family members again.
I'm 56 and have RA since 17. At 40 I had both knees replaced at 50 I had left hip replaced. I need both shoulders redone and both knees done again. Plus other surgeries. I had a script taken away from me in janurary, by my RA Dr. Since the early 90's I had meds so I could get out of bed. Now I have nothing I have to suffer with RA and now with fybromialga. Why do I have to suffer for the fkn DEA or my Dr so much? If someone can help me I want go against them my Dr. and whoever else who stopped my little quality of life with lesser pain I had. This is pain beyond suicide for what a fkn law?
I was denied to have my pain medication transfered from one Riteaide to a different one because of a emergency move out of my entire Apt. Complex. I was told my Dr. Would only have to send an ESCRIPT through. Well didn't happen. So very Sick. To the ER with withdraws. and they said. No to giving me pain medication or anything to help me . Sent me home. Next day. I went by ambulance with seizures due to the withdrawels. CatScan showed bleeding on my brain because of all of this. I'm still sick and numbness on n my entire left side. And In the hospital for 3 days. I almost died. And it's not over yet. 4 cervical surgerys because doctors keep sewing up. I'm only 54 years old. What am I suppose to do? Still in severe pain.

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