First Do No Harm: The DEA targets Physicians who treat their patients pain.

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A month ago I was totally degraded, disrespected, and treated absolutely horrible by a PM Nurse Practitioner. I had my pain medicine cut to practically nothing and was accused of being an addict. This has happened to a number of people I have spoken to as well. Those of us who live with chronic pain simply have NO voice! This abuse of patients by doctors MUST cease!
My brother is a war veteran who goes through intense pain every day due to his hardships from being in Iraq. I am appalled to know how difficult it is for him to see a military doctor. He ended up having to see civilian doctors who took him off of his medication. The way we treat our veterans makes me sad and sick.
My France's appointment for pain management has been canceled. They will see him but no doctor there will write his hydrocodone prescription that he has been taking since he was hurt at work in 2009 and was diagnosed with a chronic pain condition called RSD (CRPS). They told him that his best bet is to go to a drug addiction clinic to be taken off hydrocodone. Basically saying that he's a drug addict.
Pain meds are needed for certain conditions.
Refusing surgery as the pain after could be worse
This is population control for our government to kill off people with disabilities. They know what their doing don't worry I'm sure nobody in congress or government have any problem getting these medications. And the rich can just buy what they want. It's not we the people it's where's the money!!!!!
I have been on the same medications for the past 10 years. All of the sudden the doctor wants me to take a urine test. so i do. then says i cannot prescribe me any medications because i have T.H.C in my system. Well they prescribed me marinol which is synthetic T.H.C I only take medications prescribed by my doctor. but now due to federal regulations I am no longer able to get the medication that i need to lead a normal life. Now that my meds have been cut I cannot work i cannot do most daily activity's. How is this helping anyone? It is making people with chronic pain miserable.
I just have seen a new phycatrist thats degrading me and humiliating treating like the scum at the bottom of a trash bucket!?that wrong I have been hit with a machetty at age of 14just before graduating8grade I could not walk but I forced my family to guided me.then because of that very bad situation and being rsped young male only 14 ' but I have been on the most effective medication most help full happens to be a long termmedicstion known as kelatopine.2nd problem was a very bad on they change meds around 5days later off kalatopins I feel sobad about being me and felt hate so I took a 20 gaugde buck shot rifle to my he was in comma and on a respirator close to six mouths well a lot more has happed be 40soon my phycatrist actually needs one pill fer herself to calm down she's taking the only medication that stopped me from thinking I'm no good I'm losing my mind and this lady is Martha Ruth she is going to mess my 14years of feeling actually like a humen being again I was seeing a understanding phyc. But he left leaving me with a old groumpy lady thats taking me off the l meds i want her in my shoes for l f....en day she will then understand my pain and if I die because of her misstreatment my dad will make sure she pays but I don't want that
The use of the drug statute (or better said Misuse) with its draconian penalties against doctors who are not profiting through the outright sal of drugs or prescriptions has forced many doctors away from the treatment of chronic pain patients and exposed the few remaining to the whim of prosecutors and DEA Agents who are not the people who should be making the decision. Our Veterans are suffering, or elderly are suffering and men and women who have dedicated their lives to caring for others are suffering too. I am defending a number of doctors and pharmacists who are charged for running "pill mills". The Government agrees they were not doing it for profit, however the sentencing structure is so henious that these people risk tens of years in jail. Patients are protected by med mal insurance and by licensing boards. Many of these cases are "battles of experts" no one sees the patient. Part of this kind of treament relies on the patient's self report of the pain they are in. Doctors are not lie detectors. They can examine, they can drop patients when they see issues but these doctors are asked to be mind readers. Let 's not forget even drug abusers have pain. Doctors need greater protections and a better statute than 21 USC 821.
I suffered a .45 caliber gunshot wound to the face in January of 2009. Last year I started with intense facial pain. It took many doctors until I finally was able to reach a surgeon that was able to treat me. After two failed surgeries, my pain remains. I am now trying to find a pain management physician who may be able to help. The first thing he did was pull up my prescription history and tell me how he will not prescribe any narcotics because the DEA monitors everyone so closely. What he did not know is that I also has three surgeries within the last year (5 total) due to 3 separate rectal abscesses. I needed up at urgent care multiple times. Also, after surgeries residents of my surgeon were prescribing the medication. On paper it looks bad. I do not enjoy taking narcotic pain medication, but it provides significant relief for my condition. It helps bring my quality of life back. Now with these new horrible regulations, patients in TRUE pain are being treated unfairly. The DEA should have a better system to where doctors can treat legitimate pain, while tracking those people who are seeking drugs. These people are literally destroying the quality of life of legitimate people in pain. This is a big issue to those of us who suffer everyday. The DEA should not be scaring physicians. Doctors are here to help people and now they are scared to prescribe certain medications.
I am in the advanced stages of Spinal Adhesive Arachnoidits, I have two failed Charite Discs in my lower spine that have already destroyed my facet joints and that are crushing my endplate, constantly cause fissure fractures, I have permanent and incomplete nerve damage that causes intermittent epileptic type seizures in my arms and legs.....but the intractable pain it causes is so severe, that Oxycodone and the extended release version OxyContin, have been the ONLY medications that take away my pain and have given me most of my quality of life back. I hate having to beg for these medications and I hate more what the media does to Demonize them without having the facts!! Morphine, Fentanyl, Dilaudid and other opiates are ALL derived from the same Poppy, have the same chemical makeup and therefore are all structurally the same as herion.....and this info has been around for the past 50 years. Less than 10% of people prescribed these meds by doctors for legitimate needs become "addicted"'s the addicts from the stress who are the issue and mainly the ones dying. But for me, I no longer tell anyone about my spine or my meds, as I'm automatically viewed with major bias and skepticism and it's only added to my already stressful life dealing with a horrible debilitating disease so painful, it's referred to by doctors as, "Having to live a life with end stage bone cancer ......without the benefit of death." That pretty much sums it up.
The DEA sucks*****and so does this fake , propaganda machine of a government we have here in the the grand ol USA. Makes me sick.
Control everything you do with your life and so many individuals in the country think they live in a free country. They control wether you are going to suffer in pain or not. You have to love a government who lies horribly to its citizens daily and controls everything you see and hear via
the media , which of course is controlled and used against us by the governing idiots in DC and the wealthiest families in the world. Keep on watching your CNN and believe everything you see and hear. Controlling your pain relief is just another
brick in the wall. That wall is getting really big too.
Shortly after the two pill mill Doctors (Schneider Clinic) in Haysville Ks were busted for running a "pill mill" all the other Dr's were then afraid to prescribe pain meds, even to their patients who have been diagnosed with chronic pain. I am one of those casualties whose Dr's treats them like common criminals, regardless of the supporting tests like X-Rays, MRIs, Cat Scans. I have been on Hydrocodone 10 (generic Lortab) 4X daily due to fluid on my spinal cord. I am in wrenching pain every day and have intervals of excruciating spasms in my back, seeking relief with Chiropractors since in my early 20's until a neurosurgeon diagnosed me with Syringomyelia. Now that obamacare has kicked in, my insurance (employer) increased 3 times what it was, I was forced into an inferior program that presented me with a huge deductible. Also, now I Pay $60/120 qty, per month for the same prescription I was paying $7. per month. The pain has now spread to my budget! I can't afford to quit my job, but may be forced into early retirement due to my debilitating condition. My Neurosurgeon told me not to let anyone do surgery to remove the fluid, leaving me at the mercy of my pain management Doctor. Physical Therapy is not an option as it only aggravated my condition, causing extreme pleurisy pain the next day. I called a lot of Doctors who turned me down at the mention of pain management. I finally begged a Doctor who didn't normally take PM patients, however because of my MRI and the fact that my neurosurgeon is in the same medical network, he reluctantly agreed. (Other doctors in the same network said NO). I signed a PM contract and began my journey as a medical inmate. At first my Dr. called in the prescription, then he said the law changed and now I have to drive 40 miles through heavy city traffic to pick up the paper prescription and drop it off at my appointed pharmacy. Since I work nights I sent my husband to pick it up and told them he was coming. They said fine and he needs to produce his ID...Fine! But the next time he went to pick it up they made him have me call up to announce who would be picking it up EACH time. They did not tell me this and when they did the nurse was so condescendingly rude. Again making me feel like a prisoner rather than a patient. I always thought the Doctor was MY employee, but no longer. Now that obamacare has sunken its teeth into us, we are ALL screwed. We have been left at the mercy of the health care industry, and they know it! Shame on our Government for turning to socialized medicine! It has caused more harm than good for the working class.
I moved from. georgia to alabama lee county. i cannot finnd a family doctor i get refused evrytime i call. i took pain pills in my paecause of back problems and have antenity problems this gives them no right not to see have a lot of medical problems
I have been in pain management for 4 yrs now. My pm doctor just cut my drugs due to prescribing laws being changed in Tennessee. Now I am going thru horrible withdraw and I also have a heart condition. I just hope im able to make it till tomarrow. No sleep, no appitite,, skin feels like its on fire. Mabey I should search for some heroine so I can at least die comfortably.
I have lived with chronic pain for 5 years and the hoops I have to jump through, along with the scrutiny of some doctors and pharmacists is ridiculous. There are many times I have gone without narcotic medication due to doctors not wanting to be under the DEA microscope. Just last month, I went 5 days without my prescribed narcotic medication, not from taking improperly, but from a change in insurance and my primary care physician not prescribing narcotics due to the DEA. This 5 days was excruciating, waiting for the referral to my long time pain doctor, and due to the DEA intervening in legal medical affairs, my primary care physician could do nothing.

I have only used ONE pharmacy, ONE pain specialist and ONE course of treatment over the past few years, with documentation of the same medicines being taken correctly. Even when I "do it right", I am scrutinized and made to wait, in pain, because of the DEA's shotgun approach to minimize illegal narcotic usage ... well, it's extremely poor aim, as the blast is hitting chronic pain suffers too.
I am a vet.I am shocked at the treatment I receive at pharmacy
My wife has chronic pain and they're cuting her meds in half. They started her on physical therapy and she would hurt worse. Now she can't sleep can't do any activities and is going into depression. I feel helpless and think that she may have to leave Elise pain clinic to go to methadone clinic where they give her twice what she was taking. She went to the pain clinic and asked to be given 8 instead of 12 now they want to take her to 2 or 3 a day shame on them.I don't see how they live with themselves
I have been a chronic pain patient for over 30 yrs. among Lupus and chronic pancreatitis , I am also in remission from a blood disease called TTP. I was hit head on by a semi- tractor trailer in 1999 and sustained life threatening injuries ie; coma, virtually every bone on the left side of my body. Since the new laws in indiana have passed on narcotic prescriptions, I have been turned down by every pain management facility available in my area. I have never denied my opioid dependence , however I'm treated like dirt by every doc I see. Now I recently received information that I have been reported to the DEA as a possible drug abuser or "doctor/hospital " doctor shopping. This couldn't be further from the truth. If I never receive a narcotic pain killer(schedule 2) it will be too soon. I Believe I will be too afraid to fill it and I'm NOT DOING ANYTHING WRONG!! I could possibly be arrested for this. How does the DEA ARREST CHRONIC PAIN PATIENTS, some who can't even walk. I for one am fed up and will be contacting the ACLU and any other agency that can serve as an advocate for me. It's none of the governments' business if one decides to commit suicide due to chronic pain, depression, anxiety, mental illness, or any other chronic illness. Living with chronic pain everyday of your life is no life. These new laws have done nothing but harm patients and destroy any kind of quality of life they may be able to enjoy. What about grandma who is too sick to play with her grandchildren ? What about the girl who was hit by a semi at 34 yrs old and never experienced any quality of life .
Thereafter??15 yrs in physical therapy
I have been a chronic pain patient for over 30 yrs. among Lupus and chronic pancreatitis , I am also in remission from a blood disease called TTP. I was hit head on by a semi- tractor trailer in 1999 and sustained life threatening injuries ie; coma, virtually every bone on the left side of my body. Since the new laws in indiana have passed on narcotic prescriptions, I have been turned down by every pain management facility available in my area. I have never denied my opioid dependence , however I'm treated like dirt by every doc I see. Now I recently received information that I have been reported to the DEA as a possible drug abuser or "doctor/hospital " doctor shopping. This couldn't be further from the truth. If I never receive a narcotic pain killer(schedule 2) it will be too soon. I Believe I will be too afraid to fill it and I'm NOT DOING ANYTHING WRONG!! I could possibly be arrested for this. How does the DEA ARREST CHRONIC PAIN PATIENTS, some who can't even walk. I for one am fed up and will be contacting the ACLU and any other agency that can serve as an advocate for me. It's none of the governments' business if one decides to commit suicide due to chronic pain, depression, anxiety, mental illness, or any other chronic illness. Living with chronic pain everyday of your life is no life. These new laws have done nothing but harm patients and destroy any kind of quality of life they may be able to enjoy. What about grandma who is too sick to play with her grandchildren ? What about the girl who was hit by a semi at 34 yrs old and never experienced any quality of life .
Thereafter??15 yrs in physical therapy
I am a recovering opiate addict, who was Valedictorian, have a Bachelor of Science degree until I had medical issues and then denied my medication as described above. Now I am considered a "derelict" in my community. My addiction began as a medical issue. And I am currently having medical issues and the local medical community is treating me like I don't deserve the same treatment as everyone else unless I am absolutely dying and that may be a possibility but they want proof. I think that's why Oregon passed the Death with Dignity Act.
10 years of chronic pain. 14 compression fractures in the spine called lumbago kyphosis. Have lost almost 5 inches of height from this. I am 40 now and my pain management doc was shut down. I now have been rejected from being treated with opiates because of the fear the DEA has put out. I am now in fear for my quality of life! How is all of this going to play out? I am very concerned.....
This is an order to the DEA to cease and desist the actions immediately!! Under comon law, I have no business or contract with you, I did not give you the authority to represent me, as a Native Born of the land of America, I me myself and I, have the right to seek medical help from medical professionals. This order is to Cease and Desist IMMEDIATELY!!!!
This is an order to the DEA to cease and desist the actions immediately!! Under comon law, I have no business or contract with you, I did not give you the authority to represent me, as a Native Born of the land of America, I me myself and I, have the right to seek medical help from medical professionals. This order is to Cease and Desist IMMEDIATELY!!!!
My son suffers from degenerative disc disease. There is no cure for this disease and fusions are the only option. This does not cure the pain; however, and he has no quality of life. I want to thank the idiots who are controlling the medications that he needs to control his pain so he can have some quality of life. I hope you develop a disease such as this and we will see how much you will suffer and whether or not your idiotic decision will change.
I was born with a very thin cervical spine. I have had 2 neck surgeries, the first one failed, and I'm still recovering from the second one. I'm still in a lot of pain, & bedridden. the DEA closed the clinic down. I found another Dr, he basically cut meds ,when I went to fill a VALID prescription, the DEA limited the amount of pills the pharmacy could order, therefore making me wait even longer. ER Dr's actually scold you, my primary Dr was to afraid to help. I hurt so bad, I can't do ANYTHING any more. I think the hardest part about being in so much pain is, you don't have a voice, and your so emotionally drained you don't have any fight in you. I don't want meds, I want to get better. So DEA, for all the people you think your helping, your hurting just as many, and shame on you, for not have something in place for people, who need help so badly. I thought I had the right to not suffer. I'm over 50 I know the risk, why do I have to suffer, because of others.
Well I am sol! My dr. Fired me after 15 years. Where do I go now? I know it's because she's afraid ,intimidated by the dea. She even said it on several occasions. The dea is tightening up on us. I feel the Dea thinks they are doing the right thing. Obviously they are not. 15 years with same Dr. Does that make sense to anyone? She fired me I think because I went in 3 days early twice in the last 7 months and because I had to stay on her office for a PA. Form after paying for meds could not afford any longer. Also something is very wrong with these new norcos. Wth? I have been retired to my sofa in pain so long now . I cry some days all day because I can not take the pain any longer. I would rather die than live like this the rest of my life. This is not living it is merely existing. I have been on my pain meds for nearly 30 years. I haven't od yet. I use to be able to at least walk the dog , at times even ride my bike. Life is over. Please fix t.his. We are begging you. I had 4 drs before this last one. We're they all wrong with their Mri s and diagnosis? All the sudden it's a miracle I don't need my meds. When an entity has so much power that a 30 year diagnosis can be thrown out with scare tactics it is either about money or power or both. Either way it's dangerous and critical to the suffering multitudes. All I can see coming are more street users. Maybe that's your goal. More profitable. Cut out the middle man. The MDs. My last visit with my dr she said you are addicted. F@34 yes I'm addicted I have been on pain meds for nearly 30 years and my condition worsens every day. Do you think a person can take these med s without becoming addicted? It takes 21 days to develop a habit. You need to go back to your drawing board. I pray you and none of your people need these meds to survive. You will be SOL too.
To the DEA, WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!!!! To tell me an AMERICAN CITIZEN, that I can not live a normal and productive life and be pain free? HUH? You have no right to tell me or my Doctor that took an OATH to help me "the patient" live a normal and productive PAIN FREE life, to go to work, pay taxes, support my family. Who the **** ARE YOU TO DENY ME THIS RIGHT TO NOT SUFFER PAIN!! Bastards!!!!!
I have no idea what you people are thinking or if you are thinking. I can guarantee all of you this. You just opened Pandora's box. People are going to find ways to treat their pain and those with other physical or mental issues will too. Decriminalize medical marijuana and all drugs. They were legal for years until immigrants other than Puritans came here. History repeats itself. Y'all just messed up.
I have been suffering from chronic pain for the last decade. I have tried many (countless) different medications to treat my pain. Most medications either over sedate me or flat out don't work at all. I was prescribed Norco (hydrocodone) and this type of medication is the only medication that keeps my pain under control enabling me to have a good quality of life. I realize that I will most likely have chronic pain the rest of my life but I should be able to keep my pain under control.
This year no doctor will perscribe me the medication that I need to keep my pain under control. They tell me the reason why is because of the regulation changes. All I want to do is have my pain under control so I can work so I can support and enjoy my 3 children.
My friend Shandie Ingrao is in chronic pain!!! She is waiting on a surgery that we are hoping will relieve some of the pain but in the meantime she needs something to help her!!! She is only existing not living!!! Its not fair to her nor her son!!!
I'm a 33 year old male that has suffered from RA since the age of 33 y.o I have had to have both my knees replaced both my ankles fuzed and both my feet fuzed and then fuzed feet to my fuzed ankles.i am going to have my wrists and several fingers fuzed.this disiese has destroyed my skeleton that's what it does.all the damage and artificial and metal parts it's impossible to be without severe pain.I have the right to live as any healthy person.people like me should not have to suffer.If I can take a few pain killers and live a productive life my dr should be able to perscribe them to me without being afraid of the dea takeing his license.without them it's to painful to do anything but sit on the couch that's not living that's just surviveing and it's just not worth it,who wants to just survive.
My daughter is a dwarf and had back surgery at the age of 19. Now at 37 she needs something done with her back. Doctors are afraid to operate because of scar tissue from the 1st surgery. She has crushed discs. MRI'S prove this. But she is labeled as a drug seeker. STUPID. Try living in her shoes. I live 3,000 miles away from her and cannot be her advocate. Her name is Shandiemarie Ingrao and she has signed and commented on this too. Doctors are supposed to help & if they can't help. They have no business making her feel as if she is at fault when this is what she was born with. She has a 12 yr old son that she needs to take care of. Come on people get with it.
I'm going paralyzed with deteriorating spine and crushed discs. I have pinched nerves so bad I can't bend with out screaming. My blood pressure is always high due to pain. But I'm always told I'm a pill seeker. Help!!
The article is my life. My painful painful life.
This is craziness. Dictors making judgement calls who should live in pain for fear they might become addicted... Making this call when people are on pain and denying them relief of some sort is in humane. There should be protocol for conditions and allow the prescribed protocol medication atleast. Then if they believe someone is addicted refer them, what is happening is many many people who can take prescribed meds responsibly are being tortured basically by denying them first.
I'm only a 26 year old, but after 3 car accident including one on the highway going 70 mph, smacking into 2 concrete walls my lower back and hips hurt me everyday of my life. But due to my age and being documented as allergic to Anti inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen, and others, I have been denied relief. I've done physical therapy, it made it worse. I was recently diagnosed with Adult Degenerative Scoliosis from my accidents. With all the new regulations I can not find a doctor to help me. All they have done is label me. Being a transgender women probably has not helped either.
Why should people with chronic pain from a tumor have to suffer? Drug addicts will always find a way. Don't punish us......we don't want this pain!!! And I'll gladly trade my tumor for a pain free life. .......but no.....some ******* is trying to regulate and control my body!!
Sometimes there are life changing events beyond the patients control that make some medications unsafe to take for fear of further organ damage. The patient did everything right but nature was in control. Then when trying to get pain relief they are treated like narcotic seekers, and the doctors refuse to treat the patient, and is rude and hurtful, and judgmental in their interactions. This sometimes causes the person to wish the did not survive the life changing event that was beyond their control. They begin to feel hopeless which increases their pain. Just because one doctor says you have to take a certain med and another doctor states a list of meds to avoid to prevent further damage. Then the pain management doctor that is supposed to help ends up making the person's situation worse.
The doctors should be outraged that they went to school and paid lots of student loans to be told how to treat people but they aren't. They are just as "to Blame" as the Government and Ins. companies that have dictated our healthcare for far too long. Being treated like a drug abuser instead of a medication user caused me to ultimately make the choice to remove the opiates from my pain management. Doctors are "trapped" by the new laws meant to keep them from over prescribing addictive medicines, however this is not fixing the problem of addiction. It is creating a position of everyday people who are in serious pain to break the law and find the relief they need outside of the medical doctors. Seems to be counter productive. We need to take the power out of the government and insurance providers hands and back on the doctors and patients. Drug addicts will always find thier drugs no matter how many LAWS we put out there. Stop punishing the innocent.
I am 59 years of age. I was hit and run by a drunk driver right after my second birth of my second son. Life had so much to offer. My husband was stationed at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. I remember auto insurance was very high.
In that moment that I was hit my car was forced into oncoming car's because his old tank of a car was hugh compared to my Mazda Rx 4.I had just secured a job at a restaurant and was going to get my uniforms. I didn't know how badly that car wreak would change my life and my children's !
I have lost job after job because of the pain I've been in ever since that horrible day. It won't do any good to try to explain what all the damage to my body, because I doubt anyone will read this. I can tell you I believe in this country and I keep the Whitehouse number in my phone because I believe in our country period.
Please congress help! This is outrageous. Third world countries that we help are treated very well to the best of our countries abilities, as it should be.
Please Congress don't let the problems of the poor, weak, needy and frail be the victims of the over zealous who have alittle to much power over the disabilities of many. I am speaking of the DEA. I pray they really understand the pain and suffering they are causing. Thank You FOR YOUR Time.
Yours truly,
Brenda Flores
Michigan is terrible. I live with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Plantar Fasciitis, Hip Inpingement and depression. I live a life of pain and suffering because my doctor and the specialists se send me to treat me as a drug user when I have never had this problem. And to top it off, they won't help me with disability.
Here is the thing. I am a pain patient of 17 years. I have never had a problem until moving to TX. After 2 years of trying to get my medication and failing I have been forced out of the state. I own a home here and the only family I have is here bit I can no longer afford the monthly trip to San Francisco from Houston to get my care. I have done a ton of research into the problem. I even took it to the DEA and have spoken to them several times about it. There is no law, n9ne, that prevents doctors from prescribing anything. We have to hold the doctors accountable. Do I think the DEA could do more to help us? Yes. But I blame the doctors for not standing up for their patients. That all being said I am in full support of getting our government involved. If they are aware of the problem they could certainly do something to help us.
Why doesn't the DEA just flex all their muscles and outlaw the production of ANY pain medications? It would be much easier. That way, those of us in chronic, severe pain will know that death will be our only option out of a living hell.
I know the government knows what's best for me. They've told me enough times. Suicide clinics will be cheaper and easier than allowing a disabled person the ability to have somewhat of a quality of life.
This is the way the government is going isn't it? It sure looks like it.
Please help me, please help all of us in pain. If not now, then when? I suffer from Chronic Pain. My entire neck and back has nuts, bolts and plates. 2 failed lowered back surgeries. Plate on my clavicle and wrist. Nerve damage. MS. Permanent Brian Damage. Permantley disabled. Addison's Disease which JFK also had and lived a life in chronic pain behind closed doors as he took his pain medication. My meds have been lowered because the DEA only wants doctors to write a certain amount. My doctors are Angels who care about me. The Mayo Clinic cares about me and my family cares about me. The Pharmacists are scared of me because they whisper to me and try not to make eye contact or are they scared for their jobs? Walgreens now wants my medical records to fill a muscle relaxer that the Mayo Clinic approved, they told me the DEA wants these records on file. Is that a private rights violation? I don't know anymore... I feel violated each month after going to 10 or more pharmacies and had a pharmacist tell me I need a Anti Depression pill instead. Guess what? I take 3, did she mean 1 more? I don't know what has happened to my rights, to your rights, to our rights. I did not ask for this accident or this disease but God has a different plan. But should I suffer as well? How can this be humane to us? I could not stand to see a child or animal suffer, could you? Could you let your mother, father, spouse suffer? If not, please think about us when you look into their eyes and remember our suffering and by not doing anything to stop this inhumanity you are allowing the suffering. Please I beg you, I beg for us, keep the DEA out of my Medicare, out of my office visit and out of the pharmacy. Cut back on their budget and put it to good use such as research for chronic pain. Pain does not discriminate but I and us are being discrimated. The DEA has gone to far, the pendulum has swung to far, but you can change it. It is no longer a War on Drugs but a War on Pain. Please help us and in turn you will help yourself, your family, your community, your country.

Chronic pain is real, and it is painful. Please save our lives, the lives that want to live.

Thank you and I truly believe someone or some group will help this situation get better and we will feel better.
I just finished 2 weeks of withdrawals, after 15 years of pain management. I never lost my meds asked for extra, nor wanted anything stronger.My doctor convinced years ago I needed to choose quality over quantity in my life & to take these meds, because my whole family was suffering along with me because of my pain. Now here I am in horrible pain again & refused treatment. I just moved to Washington state & made an appointment with Seamar medical for pain management,which they said they would do. They were about the 60th office I called. I waited 6 weeks with only a portion of my meds waiting for that appointment only to be told we don't manage pain anymore. 6 weeks waisted time I could have been continuing my search. Finally I got into a pain clinic yesterday 2 & a half hours from my home, to be told they don't give out meds the first visit & I would have to live my life in pain & mysery for 1 more month.
People who knowingly leave their animals in pain & suffering & do nothing are fined, denied their right to take care of other animals in the future, & sometimes given jail time. Why have all my rights been taken away along with my dignity? To be hurded thru pain clinics like cattle & treated like felons on parole is horrific. Let me also mention they are filthy whole in the wall clinics always to busy to really give you the care you deserve.
I would really like to understand how honest people who are suffering from this abuse is helping their cause. From what I have heard they are sending people into dangerous situations to medicate themselves. As the report of heroine abuse is on the rise, along with theft of pharmacies. Who is actually creating this problem?
When will I be given back my rights. Being in bed & in pain is a huge setback to my health & a burden on my family. This is a huge case of neglect & abuse.
Prescription abuse is definately an issue which we shouldn't overlook, but by torturing millions in our country in this way to stop a few is just wrong in so many ways. I'm not sure what the answer is & how stop so many people from being drug abusers but I'm sure I & so many others like me should not be the ones paying the price.
I suffer from MS and Chronic Migraines it been 2 weeks and i haven't gotten my meds leaving me bed ridden. I'm a human with feelings this is not fair to let me live in pain when its not necessary.
I suffer from long term chronic pain in my back, which was broken in a car accident, and my hips and sciatica. Doctors need to remember that we are human too.I have been treated like a drug user.
This is in response to the entry below this write. It's not just pain care we are being deprived of. For some, they are refusing most to treat those of us who are in pain, diabetis, thyroid, blood pressure, and yes even cancer. I have witnessed this personally. It's nothing less than genoside in this country. Sounds like sci-fic , Wish I was wrong on this one. To those in the Capital . There is one person that's going to kick your butt that you are evidently not aware of in your great wisdom. You can't harm me anymore than you have. Do what you have to do!. : Two can play this game
I have been diagnosed with Lupus, Fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, and numerous other illnesses. I was told in the very beginning that I would suffer from chronic pain the rest of my life. There is no cure for what I have, I've been diagnosed since 2007 and have had something malfunction in my body seemingly every three months .Right now I have gone thru heart problems that I had to have an arterial stynt put in, the lining of my heart was damaged when I was first diagnosed, Im currently going thru a l hip replacement, when it heals they want to do the r but in the mean time I have pinched nerves in the back of my neck in the vertebrae, that my body is going numb, I can barely feel my r) foot and in pain continuely .I have been on pain medication from the very and has increased over the years . I never asked for any of this I asked the doctors to fix me , what ever the problem was , unfortunately they advised me it could'nt be so here we are in 2015 and they have refused to write my script, My ins dropped my pain specialist and my primary office could'nt seem to find me a new one in a timely matter so he cut my script in half (dosage) and amount. they finally send me to a pain spec. and he refuse to treat me because of my dosage. Now at this point I RETURN TO MY PRIMARY AND HE FLAT OUT REFUSE TO WRITE MY SCRIPT. So here I am without a doctor and or any medication. My hands are tied and I get to sit here until my pain get so great that my Chest will hurt, my body will start locking up, and I will be in so much pain and vomiting and diarrhea all I will be able to do is lye here. I don't believe this is the kind of care was intened for human beings.
hello, it Has been over 6 weeks & have been waiting for a doctor to call. no blood pressure, meds or pain meds. never been in trouble! a drunk driver did this to me. & the doctors are discriminating hundreds of people in mich! where are the Lawyers? How much Longer will we human beings will be treated like animals! by over paid doctors!
i have been a chronic pain sufferer since 2005, and have also seen the decline of quality care since Obamacare took effect. I don't even have Medicaid, but Obamacare has certainly affected my private coverage. But that isn't what this is about. This is about the DEA mettling in doctor/patient privacy. I also know what is really going on. I have read the Report from Iron Mountain, and I am an activist against UN Agenda 21 - both of which blatently propose that quality medical care is unsustainable - and the American people do not deserve quality care. And that is the reason DEA has targeted pain sufferers. I also know about the 'depopulation' plan. If the UN, the globalists, the maltheusian alpha maggots want to cull the herd, why not leave pain patients alone? I know it is because they believe that people who are chronic pain sufferers are not a benefit to the 'collective'. And without proper medical care, and taking away pain medication which improves their quality of life - without it, most will either turn to street use or just commit suicide. This needs to be repealed. It is unfair to the doctors who took an oath to 'do no harm' - and this re-scheduling of opiate pain relievers is doing just that - harm to the patient. I know the globalists don't care, that is why they banned nutrients - making them illegal (CODEX Alementarius). Their depopulation plan is already well under way, and it is time the rest of the world know what is really happening to all of us. I do know as well many of us 'cattle' are waking up as well. Repeal this thing - if stupid people want to abuse it by taking too many at once, or by mixing it with other narcotics and alcohol, I say let them. They are actually doing the globalists a favor. Please get the DEA out of my medical records and off my doctor's back. It isn't working. Why are good citizens being criminalized and criminals being praised? Why have our values gone backwards? Evil is good, good is evil, up is down, down is sideways - this is our corrupt society now. If we have to go socialist, why not do what socialist Europe has done? They have made it legal to do drugs - and it has worked! --please read this article. Anyway, why don't we get back to basics? Why don't we get our country back? Why don't we fight the robber barons who want us all dead? And why don't you elected officials do your job and represent us? You swore to uphold and protect the Constitution. I realize that statement puts me on the red list, but I was already on that list so it doesn't matter to me. Please do this one thing, and get this Orwellian law of taking pain medications away from pain patients - they are not the criminals. The criminals are the DEA - so why go along with them? This is only enabling the illegal drug trade, because anyone with 1/2 a brain knows - chronic pain patients are going to turn to the streets for help if their do
Did you know in Europe you can walk into a store and buy certain pain medication over the counter. I am NOT a second class or a sub class citizen because need pain meds to function. Doctors are AFRAID now because of our so called uncaring government. '
I know that I don't count as a human being anymore in the United States because I no longer have a job and I can't get one. I have submitted over 1 thousand applications and resumes over the last 3 years, however, I suffer from advanced rheumatoid arthritis and am very limited in what I can and can not do. My main problem is that I am not receiving adequate care from my doctor now that I'm a Medicaid patient. I have been on pain medication for years and my last doctor visit (last week) was a scheduled routine visit and I was informed that my pain medication and my antidepressant /anxiety medications were being cut by 3/4. Next month on my scheduled visit I fully expect to be cut off from all medication that my doctor deemed helpful. I need the pain medication to function on a somewhat normal basis. I knew they wouldn't increase it but I did not expect to be knocked down then kicked with the information that I will no longer get the medication that I need. I asked about an appointment for a rheumatologist but there is a one year wait then you get put on a waiting list. Well, it's been over a year and I haven't even made the waiting list. My doctor will not prescribe the medications designated for rheumatoid arthritis and now will not prescribe pain medication that at least helps me function. The DEA has criminalized pain medications thus labeling those of us that are in legitimate need of medication abusers/addicts. We can't go to another doctor because that is labeled doctor shopping and you will be refused treatment and receive even worse treatment than you do now. It is not legitimate patients fault that the DEA is inept and can not stem the tide of illegal drugs in this country. By enacting their policies and rescheduling pain medications and bullying doctors and dictating treatment of patients they are criminalizing people and severely diminishing our quality of life. These new laws go against the Hippocratic oath and patients deserve to be treated humanely and given the opportunity to a decent quality of life. My pain is only going to get worse, that's the nature of the disease. However, I should not receive less treatment or be labeled an addict or drug seeker because I ask for the same pain medication that worked for me in the past. There are so many other people that have the same problem that I do and we are being ignored. I would wager a guess that the criminal element in our society is not writing you to tell you that they need help so they can sell more illegally gotten prescription drugs on the street! You are only making the legitimate patients suffer. This will inevitably lead honest people to alternative treatments. Whether that be alcohol, illegal drugs (because those won't go away) and eventually suicide. Mark my words, you will see an increase in suicide in the elderly and the chronically ill because as the law stands we can not get the help that we need or deserve even though we have the Right to it. Plea
My husband has severe Rheumatoid Arthritis he lost his job and had to get medicaid insurance there is a waiting list for new medicaid patients to see a Rheumatologist, so long that it's been a year and he hasn't made the waiting list yet. our dr. refuses to treat it saying she doesn't want to be responsible for the side effects. if we look for a new dr. he becomes labeled as dr. shopping. so it continues to get worse. she refuses to give him more than 325 mg norco once a day for pain. my husband is in so much pain that he doesn't leave the house he can't work and he's become severely depressed. He is a 45 year old man who has given up on life.
this is so unfair, if we complain he will be labeled a drug seeker. please help us.
I have contaplated suicide myself with 24/7 pain and now they will try to make a vet live with it, makes you ashamed that you did your duty.jerry
I have suffered about 4 yrs with what came to be spinal stenosis and spondylitis. I finally had to go seek help from a Dr. I wanted a life back so I could enjoy my new grandbaby, but that hope was soon dashed when I went to my first pain clinic.
I was handed a "packet" as they called it. It turned out to be a contract, where I had to sign my dignity and rights away, if I wanted treatment. The Dr wasn't even prescribing me an opioid and demanded a drug test, that I would have to pay for. To make it short, I refused and told them "I will NOT let you treat me like this" and promptly left.
I will suffer until I can't anymore, then who knows, but I'll not let these people take what self-respect I have left.
I have pain, I live in America and they could care less that they have people suffering here. This alone, is cruel and unusual punishment, just because my body is broken and the DEA has stepped between the Dr-Patient relationship I and others have to sacrifice quality and quantity of life.
All hope is gone in my life, to be able to run and play with my granddaughter, is only a dream that I will never be able to fulfill. Thank you for taking my life, hopes and dreams away.
This change only keeps the medications from chronic sufferers, OVERDOSES ARE THOSE WHO CANT GET DUE TO NO PAIN, my husband is 49 with a condition they compare to pain from bone cancer and his doctor is reducing his pain medication. AND PLEASE NOTE HIS DOSE PER DAY (24 HOURS) WAS 2- 15 MG LONG ACTING AND 2- 10MG STANDART. Our daughter is 7 REALLY GOOD PLAN
I would love to be a part of a committee for change. There has to be another way to control teenagers and folks that use recreational and then turn into abusers. I'm a young 54 on all accounts except for my back that is a mess according to the surgeon. I finally bit the bullet and visited a surgeon and will most likely go through with it but very frightened. I have waited for The cutting edge to come through. I have been on something for the pain for 24 years now. I've never taken more than 5 in one day. Never! When I'm setting at my pain management doc we all have little conversations. I'm on something mild compared to what so many are on. That's because I care about what happens to me. It is embarrassing to me for anyone to find out I take something for my pain. As I haven't went ahead and pushed for more I have gotten to the point where I have no quality to life. I took methadone for over a year and only had to take 1 20 mg pill a day and I could make it through most of the day. Now I have to take my Norco 10/300 4-5 times a day and wait for awhile. Get up and do what I have to and then go at it for a few hours and then pray to be somewhere that I can put my feet up to take pressure off. I found out last week that not only do I have 7 herniated disc but several beyond that called Jelly Donuts. I have nerves that are effecting my bowels but I have maintained staying strong but now I am faced with a big decision. Having my spine tampered with and taking a big risk or just keep dealing with my day to day, trying to manage with the help of Norco and just recently adding a patch that's very frustrating to keep on for 3 days ( I try to stretch to 5 days ) and have to pay my pain management doctor $200.00 every 30 days because primary doctors aren't allowed. Then trying to get your prescription filled. Very embarrassing. I am fighting for a change. Please fix leave it up to us private citizens to take care of ourselves and make parents take control over their children. I know it's difficult because I had my own to make sure they made it to adulthood and they did, after they sowed their oats. At the end of the day if you don't have a quality to life, there are many of us that just make it through the day and hope tomorrow is a better day. Let the physicians do their work and tell the pharmacist that they are there to fill the prescription and consult the consumer.
Thank you
Today I was forced out of my doctors office, as I was walking out my doc wasaid screaming "I REFUSE TO EVER SEE YOU AGAIN!! Do not come back" I'm 22 years old with SEVERE & CRONIN back pain, I was put on Norco a VERY strong norco, I went back to the doctor to simply ask her to lower my dose because it was Making me sick to take. She then proceeded to tell me "Your just an addict I bet you've just already taken all your pills and are wanting more" I have a WHOLE bottle of pain medication left still, I just cannot take it due to it Making me sick, I burst into tears as she told me "I used to work in a methadone clinic for years, and I would see girls like you come in all the time" I was in total shock as I listened to what she was telling me, being alone and without my mom there I was completeyounger ambushed and had no energy to defend myself. I left in tears as she was screaming at me the whole way out the front of the office. All I wanted was for her to simply cut my pain medication & MGS in half. I AM 22 YEARS OLD, recently married to a deployed sailor, and we are trying all we can to ha email our first child and just want to be able to fix my back problem before I carry a child for 9 months. I wasn't given even a Second to tell her "Hi how are you!?" She simply closed the door sat down and said "I'm not giving you anything. So why are you here!?" I honestly do not know what to do, or how to make the pain go away, she couldn't even talk with me to see if she could help me.. please someone help me, I need answers as what to do & how to tell a doctor I just want something to make this go away. I've got a really bad vertebrate & acute scoliosis, I can live with it, I just can't live with this pain. What do I do and how do I get help!? Please someone help me, I'm desperate & in need of help from anyone!!!
While I know this is a pain petition. I won't be posting anymore its very sad what this country has came to.Cancer patients suffering.And some conditions cause worse pain than cancers.We have a some rights left for now however .If president Obama appoints a new supreme court justice we will likely lose are rights to bear arms also. The second amendment.As chronic pain sufferers we are treated like the blacks where in the 50s Also in Canada pain management is so out of wack patients are treated with iv apap ketamine nortripaline gabapentin just to keep from giving someone an opiate. The media has twisted so many minds the majority of Americans and Canadians are against. opiates because of media propaganda.And as Walter Concrite all ways said that's the way it is.The last jornalist worth believing .
Some groups of pain sufferers are now petitioning the United nations for suffering that has been brought upon us.I believe the Canadians all ready addressed the UN. about the suffering of pain patients.If your brave enough go to national pain report some are going to complain to the un. about the DEA. and our country making peoples suffer

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