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My neck was broken and sawing through my spinal cord. For 36 years. I went to a pain clinic for 3 years. I complained and complained. They did nothing.
My low back needed an implant and fusion. I went for the presurgery MRI . It was then that my broken neck was found.
3/4 of my neck is donated deceased people's bones and titanium screws. My spinal cord is permanently damaged.
The screws that are lodged in my hip bones cause constant pain.
I have degenerative disc disease.
Last year I had congestive heart disease, liver failure, lung failure all from pneumonia.
I've had 4 molars pulled because I fractured them grinding my teeth in pain.
I had a stroke that went untreated for more than 4 hours.
The horrific thing is...I was in ICU when it hit.
Not to mention my nurse was standing literally 2 feet from me. I told her several times I was having a stroke. She ignored me and left my room.
The drug addicts will continue to get their drugs.
All this is doing is making the lives of LEGITIMATE chronic pain patients more impossible.
Reverse this "LAW" .
People will get the medicine illegally regardless of regulations that they put on the drugs. I am in cronic pain and require it to perform daily tasks. This is illegal and has not been passed by congress. DEA has too much control over regulations. It is not a democracy but a dictatorship.
After reading all the material below it saddens me as an American. The DEA new change with Hydrocodone has affected so many Patients, Distributors, Manufactures, Retailers & Doctors. The DEA is fully aware that a drug addict will do what ever it takes to get high no matter what the drug is, they think by limiting or rescheduling hydrocodone is going to reduce or eliminate someone from overdosing they should really think again, abusers will find anything to get high. I truly believe these people with chronic pain are just trying to live a quality life which you took away from them. This will make matter worst for the true chronic patients. I am not a chronic pain patient but I can truly feel all of your pain in these letters. I hope that the DEA will see how many Americans are be turned away in order for them to live the quality of life. I pray they change it back since there are so many software programs monitoring this stuff anyway. Each Pharmacy knows their customers especially after many years of doing business with them. May God Bless you All.
This is a new development! This is a big move on the part of Minor & James Clinic; they are kicking all pain patience out and suggesting we go to a Pain Clinic.

I was seeing my Rheumatologist from early 90's until he retired 3 years ago. Dr Scott Pollock was a great Dr., we tried everything before he put me on a narcotic drugs. He diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia. During this time I was involved with the U of W pain study for over a year. The list of things to do to help with pain that are listed in any Pain Clinic was tried by me; they did not help.

When my doctor retired he gave me 3 choices for Dr's and I chose one (will not name names yet). The new Dr didn't bother to read my history and noted that I was on pain medication. If the new Dr. read my notes he would not have wondered if I was a drug chaser or whatever they call people with addictions. I had to prove myself all over again with him. in 2001 we moved away from Seattle to Northern Idaho, I found that no Dr. wanted to take a "Pain" patient in Northern Idaho! It was so hard for me to even get a GP to care for me; it was shocking. I stayed with Minor & James but started to get worried about why Dr's would not help people in chronic pain. I had no choice but to stay with my Clinic in Seattle. I had to go quarterly and that was 800 miles round trip and the cost of gas.
This second Dr. did follow Dr. Pollock’s plan I was on and it was working well. I stayed on the same dose of pain medication for all those years. Three months ago when I saw this Dr. he told me he was going to Overlake Hospital, I asked if I could see him there and he said that Overlake did not take Pain patient. I don't know if this is true but I do know that he left in order to get rid of pain patients that he inherited when Dr. Pollock retired.

So I had to see a 3rd Dr., he gave me the name of another Rheumatologist and I saw her last Friday Nov. 7th. This Dr. quickly told me she would not prescribe my medicine and I would have to leave Minor & James Clinic. I then understood that Minor & James were kicking all pain patience out of their clinic. Adding the Drs remark about Overlake Clinic not accepting pain patience it suddenly occurred to me that all the clinics around the US were probably going to do the same thing. Think about this, don’t you see a large number of “Pain Clinics” going up everywhere?

Our government is putting so much pressure on Dr's now whole clinics are throwing us out and we have nowhere to go except those pain clinics After studying what these clinics are all about I found that there philosophy is to get you off pain meds. If you haven’t already done so read the list of things they think we should do. I will be shocked if they continue my pain medications; no doctor has an alternative. They recommend things like exercise, good diet, cognitive thinking, biofeedback and a shrink! None of those things take away pain and it is a general statement used because aga
Hi I am writing on behalf of my mother who has a fracquet in her spine,spondylitis and disc herniation.
We have never had problems with being stigmatized pain seekers. Since the inception of this bill my mother's ablity to do modest routine chores has diminished two fold. Now everday dignifying abilities. Like dressing and moving around in
the supermarket has been detrimentaly reduced.
please repel this because it will create more health issues with the reduced activity. It pains me to see my mom in this state please correct or redefine this process in a way that doesn't har patients.
REPEAL the DEA ruling on HCPs! This is hurting more people than it's helping. Drug seekers/abusers will FIND a way to continue. Dealers will just raise the price a bit more. Patients WILL find ways too (heroin or blackmarket HCPs) and then these gov't agency will have more blood on their hands, but then all they do is deny, deny, deny.
NFL physicians have been sued because of illegal activity with HCPs, the players who sued knew it was illegal too, punish them. NOT patients with legally confirmed, pathology that causes pain and is something they will have to live with the rest of their lives; which will be shortened because they wont have available, legal, relief). It will affect quality of life, morale, family, they will withdraw from friends and society altogether because of the pain. Many will commit suicide just to not have to deal with their debilitating pain.
The DEA, HHS, FDA should neither interfere nor dictate patient care. That's why we have Medical Boards. Take care of the illegal activity instead of interjecting your "my way or the highway" attitudes into people's lives and medical treatment. REPEAL this ruling. Help chronic pain patients live a productive life because as of now doctors have QUIT prescribing any HCPs due to fear of prosecution from the DEA. Legitimate patients are being harmed as we speak because these gov't agencies are failing in there intended purpose and taking it out on innocent people by make asinine decisions they have no business in making. Yes, if illegal activity is occurring, more power to you, but because patients want relief or people are killing themselves by MIXING other drugs with HCPs is not reason enough to interfere with patient nor their doctors. IF people want to harm themselves, WHO THE HELL are you to get in the way. The only reason I see for doing that is because the failures that have occurred with the "war on drugs", DEA can't win it so they target the hundreds of millions of legitimate pain patients and the doctors who CAN treat them but drs fear losing what they've worked so hard for. When was the last time, if ever, anyone at the DEA, HHS or FDA seen and treated a patient? Do you know what living with chronic pain feels like? Do your intended jobs, and realize when you've failed, but leave US alone.
REPEAL, REPEAL, REPEAL this absurd ruling handed down by these incompetent agencies.

My prayer is that someone capable of guiding us through a class action lawsuit will read these petition comments and make a Public Service Announcement available for all to see ( not on some govt website that only receives 573 comments and/or letters.
How tragic it must be for doctors to watch their long standing patients suffer in pain and frustration while their hands are tied - incredibly inhumane. Get out of the WAY, DEA. Help the doctors uphold their oath of DO NO HARM!!!
Repeal FDA/DEA rules on HCP's

This is a petition asking specifically to REPEAL, please go sign that one too. It's on this website too. PLEASE!
Since the DEA has decided to ruin what functional capacity I had, maybe they'd like to wake up tomorrow in my shoes. But before that, let's drug test them, and no "fixes in," to have them show, "clean." On top of that, repeated lie detector tests-weekly, done by an independent,non-corruptable company. Impossible. From what I understand, the DEA is involved in what fuels the economy-heroin. Yes, I suggest watching>> Mike Ruppert on 911
I have been seeing a pain management physician for around 3 years now. In this time frame I have been receiving good care and the pain level has been mitigated well with hydrocodone as of this new DEA infringement on my right to live a full semi-pain free life! This statue will add new stress levels on top of my existing pain tolerance, that will be counter productetive to my life & The future well-being of my all around helth...
My husband is a pain management physician that practices in Southern Indiana and Louisville, KY. He is presently being targeted by the DEA. He is one of the few physicians that practice within practical and ethical guidelines while taking care of patients that have no other place to go. He is usually their last effort for seeking relief after they have been shuffled through all the physicians, procedures and operations. He cares for chronic pain patients and the DEA doesn't seem to understand what chronic means or have any idea what the life is for a pain patient on a daily basis. Their tactics are absurd. I have to say the the medical students are not taught to scrutinize pain medication. Fear of losing your license to practice medicine along with fear of going to jail with charges of (unwarranted) manslaughter along with conspiracy to deal drugs is the problem.
Its a sad day when people with chronic illnesses or pain can't receive the care anx medications to obtain relief. After 14 years of being on the same dosage one of mine was decreased. I suffer from RLS as well as many other issues and have bern suicidal mant times until I was treated correctly. Now my sx breakthrough constantly and I have to live like this looking like a freak jerking and twitching. DEAR GOD, DON'T YOU HAVE A CONSCIOUS. NO MERCY FOR US.I CRY DAILY FROM THIS AND I PRAY THAT NONE OF YOU ENDURE THIS PAIN, ALTHOUGH IF THAT'S WHAT IT TAKES SO BE IT. MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOUR SOULS..
i think elderly patients that have taken been prescribed same drug for many years by same Doctor, should not be told to visit monthly in order to get a simple refilll, especially if drug is not pain opiate. The Doctor should know the patient well enough by now to refill without fear, but cut patient's off unless they show up for a medicare paid visit. Warning "do not stop taking without Doctor's advice" means nothing? Seniors with no record or history of substance abuse abuse should be spared the extra hassle for a damn Soma.
Ok. I don't understand. Why are they NOW doing what they should've been doing all along? This especially should've been done BEFORE the rescheduling the drug. Seems backwards to me, but then it is the DEA (DO EVERYTHING A##BACKWARDS). Go figure.
DEA performs NFL painkiller sweep

This Story is on right now!!! 11/16/2014 10:31 pm CST.
Start a class action suit now !
Do not lump me in with drug seeking junkies because of my absolute need for strong pain meds. For over 20 years I have suffered but only in the past few years I have been belittled, called a drug seeker & have with zero logical reason have had to suffer the agony of forced detox. I would love to give these med watchdogs the pain I live with for just 5 seconds & they would understand but that is fantasy. Instead they point fingers & beat their chests about the great job they are doing to lower opioid use in Florida or whatever self righteous state those suffering on a minute by minute basis live in, especially the ones that still condemn marijuana which helps some of us tremendously.
I am a chronic pain patient caught in this nightmare. I have severe (bone on bone) arthritis in both knees an the pain is exacerbated by long term Fibromyalgia. I used to be a full time carpenter and then had my own landscaping / gardening company. Now I hardly leave my home because I can barely walk because of the pain. And all because the law makers want to protect the drug addicts from overdosing themselves??? The addicts will continue to get their drugs from the they always have. These laws will only affect the people who already abide by them....meaning the people who are suffering with legitimate, documented pain!
Four decades a chronic pain patient - I've posted my story so many times - here's one back in 2013 directed to AG Bondi's lies back then - this week I will have to video my 30 year pharmacy Walgreen's to document telling me they CAN'T/WON'T fill my "MEDICALLY NECESSARY" prescriptions. I don't care who knows my name - I have nothing to hide. My medical history has been with the government through SSD since the late 70's and I haven't stopped seeing doctors since 1970.

Making a public statement - due to government's Federal and state's Drug Diversion actions, I am currently suffering severe withdrawals because my medications have been "diverted". I'm on Day 5 so like so many other who have legitimate health conditions & suffer daily severe chronic pain have been ignored in this criminal process and tortious interference by the DOJ, DEA, FDA, NIDA AHCA FDLE, the CSA, ARCOS, NABP, Florida's Governor Rick Scott; and to quote Florida’s own Attorney General who failed in accomplishing this statement:
“we must still ensure that people legitimately suffering from chronic pain, crippling anxiety or other debilitating illnesses, can get the relief they need. We are challenged, therefore, to facilitate greater access to pain-relieving medicines, while simultaneously expanding the capacity to monitor and dispense these potent pain-relievers under sound medical supervision.” By Florida’s State Attorney, Pam Bondi, April 2, 2012 re: PDMP.

There are NO medicines available to chronic pain sufferers and they allowed us to be harmed as well as all the law-abiding physicians who try to help them live life as best they can. The government/pharmacies have decided to make it so difficult; causing pharmacies to refuse "legitimate" prescribed C-II pain medications to even long-term members. This includes people just out of surgery, in need of surgery or injured, the elderly who have severe pain issues, and so many like me who are actually “statistics for the USA – chronic back pain, diabetes, auto accidents, diseases that cause pain like cancer. As medically documented, I now have INCREASED pain due to sudden withdrawal from my pain medication which I have been on over 40 years. I know I’m addicted but in my case, it is ‘MEDICALLY NECESSARY”. Patients like me don’t CHOOSE to take pain meds – in fact, we’d give anything to

Signing & researching/contacting lawyers to file a class action suit against all agencies and pharmacies for tortious interference with my health & well-being, my civil rights, undue pain & suffering, etc., discrimination, etc. WHO'S ON BOARD? See - very sad stories (mothers, brothers, sisters, friends are suffering terribly right now.

Facebook by me: 6/1/2013 9:10 PM
Read it and Weep.
Folks, We are fighting a losing battle. Read the following carefully and keep your eyes to the Federal Registry starting NOW. I had no idea this thing existed, probably because I was too busy living paycheck to paycheck.

The DEA received 573 comments on the proposed rule to reschedule HCPs. Fifty-two percent (52%) (298 comments) supported, or supported with qualification, controlling HCPs in schedule II of the CSA. Forty-one percent (41%) (235 comments) opposed rescheduling HCPs into schedule II. Seven percent (7%) (40 comments) did not take a definitive position regarding rescheduling.

The DEA received two comments requesting that the DEA reopen the period for public comment. One of the commenters specifically requested that the comment period be reopened for a minimum of 180 days. The stated justification of one of the commenters was that “[t]he current period is utterly inadequate to large segments of the population who have had no meaningful notice, have extremely limited internet access in small time periods through use of computers at public libraries and are particularly at risk from harm if this rule is adopted.”

DEA response: The Administrative Procedure Act does not set a minimum length of time for public comment
The DEA published in the Federal Register the NPRM proposing to reschedule HCPs into schedule II of the CSA on February 27, 2014.

DEA response: The Administrative Procedure Act does not set a minimum length of time for public comment. 21 U.S.C. 553; Phillips Petroleum Co. v. U.S. E.P.A., 803 F.2d 545, 558-59 (10th Cir. 1986) (upholding the EPA's refusal to extend the 45-day comment period on an NPRM, noting that courts have uniformly upheld comment periods of 45 days or less) (internal citations omitted). However, both Executive Orders 12866 and 13563 provide that agencies should afford the public a comment period of at least 60 days.

Based on the following considerations, the DEA declines to reopen the period for additional public comment.
I suffer from Lupus MS Sciatica chronic pain. As a human being I also relay on my pain medicine to function my daily life shower cook clean if I don't have my pain medicine I flare my chest angina pains attacks me just alone lupus attacks my own body . I depend on my medicine to help me instead of suffering from the madness of pain .
As a long term sufferer of chronic, dibilitating pain, i can attest to the wrongs that are done in the health care system... from nurses to doctors to pharmacists and beyond. we are treated as second class citizens, or worse, as drug addicts and criminals. this MUST stop! i suffer from major depressive disorder, in part due to the treatment, or lack there of that i receive as a chronic pain patient. I am not receiving adequate relief and when i request it, i am faced with the possibility of not receiving ANY medication at all because i dare to ask for more effective medicine. What do we have to do? I feel like if i lay down in the street that i would finally get the treatment i need, altho probably not in the way i wish it to be. Things need to change. this is why i am signing this petition
I think the way society, and physcians treat dibilitating and chronic diseases should start taking notice of how they alienate so many people with their uncaring attitudes is breaking the Hippocratic Oath they take to become doctors, Change is needed now!
i suffer from chronic pain due to ra, oa, and fibromylagia, it is unfair that ppl who are in pain cannot ger adequate pain relief, we are drugged out, we are not drug seekers we are seeking relief from physical pain,
I am in a pain relief nightmare...for the past 4 years...I need hear me...PLEASE
Those of us who are in chronic mind numbing pain (24/7) should not be treated as drug addicts. Until the past month, I was functioning as well as I could. After a diagnosis of COPD, last month, I am even less able to function without help. My husband had to take time from work to take care of me. So, in addition to being tied to my oxygen tank, I require pain medications just to make it through the day and night. I am fortunate enough to have my husband here to help. Without pain medications, I would be in terrible shape. I have my first appointment with my pain management doctor since the new laws went into effect and I have no idea what to expect. Will I have the medications needed to make it through to the next month? I have no problem following the laws as long as they are equitable and meet my needs for pain medication? Up until this point, everything has run smoothly but extremely painfully. Not only am I scared to find out what is next, I have to worry about medication discrimination. Hopefully, everything will run smoothly albeit painfully. I can deal with that as long as the DEA, pharmacists and pain management doctors all work in conjunction with each other. Please allow me to remain on my medications and give the doctor, the latitude he requires to meet my needs and those of all of the other people who are on narcotic pain medication. Speaking for myself and all of the other chronic pain sufferers, I ask that we all work together. We are not addicts but decent law abiding people who want an even playing field. Thank you for listening.
I am in a pain relief nightmare...for the past 4 years...I need hear me...PLEASE
Action is needed. Please WAKE UP. People are dying unnecessarily. The numbers will increase until this situation is taken seriously.
There is something wrong with a society that penalizes doctors for helping patients in pain. This is a national crisis and someone has to listen to those of us who have suffered long enough or there will be many more suicides because pain kills, too. The sick, the ill, the disabled are NOT being listened to. Instead they and their doctors and their pharmacists are being treated like criminals. Stop the DEA and this crazy, ill-informed war on pain medication NOW!
My father in law's dr. After 40 years of treatment of this 87 year old man, who has survived 4 hip replacements and multiple skin cancer operations, the last one completely removing the right ear is refusing to rx tramadol. He takes allopurinol for a remote history of gout and he tells him this is his pain medication. I am appalled by this, he even has stopped rx meclizine for vertigo and told him the ENT dr can rx these. He takes BP meds , so you might just as well see a cardiologist and for the blood thinners go see the hemotologist, the dr has no business being in practice if he won't treat the patient or are these results of obamacare knowing the decrease in payment to PCP from medicare or a combination of the increase to low cost insurance coverage and the increase of indignant care. I have my suspensions. No way is it ethically acceptable to treat the elderly is such a manor. Discussted.
I have chronic pain and this is discrimination to me. Hell I would rather eat marijuana or use CBD oil but it's not legal where I live.
I have chronic pain. To me this is discrimination. We go through alot with chronic pain and deserve to be treated like anybody else.
chronic pain takes joy out of your life. I cannot afford to hire people to do the things I can no longer do. I cannot work in my garden which I used to love to do. I cannot go out and do the things I used to enjoy doing. My medical care should be between my doctor and myself not the DEA. I resent them collecting information on me without my permission. I am with that person that said we should start a class action suit.
I am also a care giver for a spouse that has stage 4 cancer who has a hard time getting pain meds from the oncologist. She does not abuse them she has asked for pain meds twice in two years hardly an addict. This is so wrong on so many levels. We must fight the fight. Should we get the ACLU involved?
People who suffer from chronic pain are not drug addicts. Yes, they may become physically addicted, but they are NOT addicts! We use pain medication because nothing else even comes close to working and, in most cases, all it does is take the edge off so we can function on a semi normal level. Severe chronic pain causes the person to withdraw from life. They stop doing the things they enjoy. They stop going to family functions. They stop working. They die inside because they have no hope.

Why punish the person who is already suffering physically and mentally? Is it really going to keep drugs out of the hands of drug dealers and real addicts by making it where a doctor can't treat their patient? NO! And the truth of the matter is, this is the fault of doctors. The doctors who over medicate their patients and hand out pills like they are candy. And, not just pain meds. Benzodiazipin, proven to kill you from withdrawal, is handed out like Halloween candy. Why isn't it on the DEA's hit list? Yes, people suffer from anxiety. However, there are proven, natural ways to treat it. I have never found a natural "remedy" to treat severe chronic, life long, pain. Exercise, yoga, meditation, hot baths, ice packs, the list is endless. Yet, we can't do those things at work. We have to wait until we get home to baby our screaming bodies.

Why remove a drug, that has minimal side effects and allows a person to have some type of life, from the people who truly need it? Makes no sense to me.

Now, let me tell you my story. For 15 years I had a doctor that handed pills out like they were candy. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, an anxiety disorder, and depression because I had severe leg pain. I was on darvicet, loricet, ativan (8 mg a day), flexeril, soma, and 2 antidepressants. I took my meds as they were prescribed - 4 times a day. I never filled them early, I never sought out a drug dealer. After 15 years, I came very close to killing myself, on purpose, because I couldn't live like I was any longer. I checked myself into rehab. Not because of the pain meds, but because there was not a safe way for me to stop taking the ativan. It was the best thing I ever did. That was 8 years ago. I have had to take pain med off and on since then for various health and dental reasons. Now here's the kicker... When I'm not in excruciating pain, I DON'T TAKE THEM! I don't need them. Even after all those years of being on them, I am NOT a drug addict. See, there's the difference. A switch didn't flip that caused me to crave narcotics or other drugs. Currently, I suffer from degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, and SI joint dysfunction. I work, I do what I can with my family and it's because I take 1-3 hydrocodone 10 mg a day (on a good day I don't take any). See the difference here? When I'm not in debilitating pain I don't take them.

The majority of chronic pain sufferers are the same way. When they aren't in pain, they don't take them. Yet, the DEA, is goi
I have chronic pain due to sacral nerve scarring (probably due to lifting patients during my years as an occupational therapist; my pain management physician believes a leaking intravertebral disk caused the scarring) and interstitial cystitis. The pain is constant, 24 hours per day burning as if someone was holding fire to my vulva. My bladder feels as if I am being scraped internally with sharp knives. I know this sounds impossible, but this is the most accurate way I can describe my pain. Neuropathic pain ("nerves gone wild" is the way I describe it to my friends, my humorous riff on "girls gone wild"--ya gotta laugh!) is the most unimaginable, nightmare pain, like Hell. I sometimes wonder if I'm really in Hell, paying for something horrible I did in another life, because I've been such a good person in this life. Anyway, I could not survive without my narcotic pain medications combined with neuropathic pain meds: Opana 30 mg XR twice a day with 10mg 3 times a day immediate release as needed, plus Topamax and Lyrica (meds for neuropathic pain) This combination does not make me "high" at all, just tired, but it enables me to work full time! Without it, I would be dead. I could not survive my pain without these medications. I just can't believe that the DEA is trying to interfer in the doctor/patient relationship and stop physicians from prescribing! My pain management physician hgas been treating me for four years and knows me very, very well. He has tried three blocks, two of which did nothing; the last one made my pain much worse. I have Googled blocks and found that my experience is VERY common. Blocks don't work! I have also Google spinal nerve stimulators, and theyonly work for 50% of paitents and only for the first year, after which they stop working and start causing autoimmune problems. And patients can't find any surgeons to take the stimulators out at that time. Congress, please stand up to the DEA. The DEA is "cops gone wild"--too much power, not enough knowledge. Stop the DEA! Empower the doctor -patient relationship.
I have documents to prove what's wrong with me I have been put on a list for no reason at all and I would like this stuff removed off of my medical records because I am suffering from a joint disease my body is being put back together about him for reconstruction of the back my toe my neck now my hands what am I supposed to do to keep the pain under control I was in a pain control clinic and all they want to do is offer you medical marijuana shots if you don't take the shots you don't get your pain control and that said that we have to suffer because somebody else's stupid things to do you want to do with their medicine every time I get a urine test all my medicine that I was giving was in the air right now I am suffering because I have been on put on a these people are being put in databases database and it's sad to be in a database because all you doing is trying to get help I had to find a spinal care doctor to help me and that's sad that we cannot live my life in peace and go hang free they want to spend billions and billions of dollars all on these research is but we can't get the help that we need that's very sad I rather die than be in pain everyday
The pain management doctor I have been seeing for more than one year refuses to continue treating me. He has told me that I should find another doctor. On my last visit he cut my medication. I have Lupus, RA,osteoporosis, spinal stenosis and many other conditions cause me to suffer from cronic pain
DEA's Rannazzisi acknowledged that no one knows how rescheduling hydrocodone-containing products would ultimately affect patients.
Nevertheless, he said, "we don't believe that there's going to be an issue with the patients getting those drugs." - See more at:

REALLY? Just read the previous postings you've received for this petition. 100% of eligible patients with confirmed pathology causing chronic, long term pain have been CUT OFF from the medications that helped prior to this rescheduling. Doctors STOPPED entertaining the idea of pain meds for fear of DEA prosecution.
Please REPEAL this decision NOW!
I have a lot of pain in my muscules and nerves because of CFS. Also I have arthritis and bone spurs and degenerating disks in my neck and back, but I have to take ibuprofen because Drs. are afraid to give pain meds. The ibuprofen is often not enough for my pain levels.
Something has to change.
I was told to take an anti-inflammatory for pain when my Doc refused to fill my ultram prescription, so I took one aleve, even I stated I was allergic, they didnt care, I had a severe allergic reaction at work, my Boss wanted to call 911, instead i left and got benedryl, just in time, cuz my throat was closing up, I reported it to my Doc at my visit, he still injected me with cortisone, Thank God I had benedryl on me I had to take it on the way home, I had a butterfly rash across my face for three days, The Doc obviously thought I was lying about the allergy, and almost killed me, all because he was afraid of the FDA new Rules, I still suffer everyday in chronic pain, and Im not a Drug Addict, But Im treated like one, This has To STOP.
I am lying here with chronic back pain, after moving around for a few hours. Today it has been 8 days that I have been unable to have my medication filled. We have cowards and judge mental know it all in charge are our lives. I refuse to accept this. Americans need to stand together and win this battle over pain medication Government control. Accidents, illnesses, surgery, etc., can happen to anyone at anytime. We must take back our rights and our freedom of choice and control.
In the DEA summary written back in 2013 to justify the reclassification of hydrocodone to C-II drug they quoted statistics dating back to 1950; when they say HCPs started being abused. If that isn't a waste of money funding this agency I don't know what is. This agency has been failing since back then, plus the so called "war on drugs" is, was and will continue to be a failure under the direction of the DEA. But, unbeknownst to many, they still operate without any checks and balances. Where and when will these failed policies by a failed agency END?
REPEAL this recent drug schedule change by the failed DEA......NOW!!
it is unfair for a person that has severe pain for reconstruction of the back to prosthetic kneecaps to cervical neck surgeries and they cannot get the pain control of the day need to live a decent life that's horrible never used tcocaine that's what the doctors are labeling people and I think that's unfair to people that uses their controlled substance
Chronic pain sufferer
My fiance's dr has told him no more pain pills after being treated for 3 years with the same dosage. No increase, no addiction, just management of some severe injuries from a fall. No his dr. says he doesn't need pills. Yet, his dr referred him to a pain specialist. What a bunch of BS. My fiancee wakes up at night screaming from the pain in his body. I didn't know fake pain could be so dramatic. That seems like a lot of effort to prove your in pain. So in addition to severe, chronic pain, he is now sleep deprived. He is becoming more depressed and his dr. is more worried about his license then he is his patients. Great Job to our gov't for being so ready to save 22000 people from dying from overdose, but not concerned about the increase in suicide from pain. What a bunch of morons.
I am a sixty yr.old man who has severe work- related injuries that were worsened by an incompetent surgeon.I am unable to walk (or sleep) without my pain medication(without which I have been for over a week now!!)I have slept only 3 hours this week!Severe muscle spasms wrack my body whenever I almost drift off into sleep.My coordination has deteriorated, resulting in 2 falls this week.My blood pressure medication (also mysteriously 'unfillable')hasn't been able to do its job,& my now dangerously high-I am left wondering if now, after a lifetime of working & paying taxes, the USA govt.& its regulatory drug agencies are trying to kill me(& others like me?)I am, after all, one of those troublesome Baby Boomers who hasn't had the decency to croak yet!
The Feds are punishing the innocent rather than prosecuting the criminals who abuse the system for profit. Repeal the current federal restriction on hydrocodone and encourage punishment of those who violate existing laws related to prescription abuse. Chronic pain is real and patient have the right to be relieved of their pain.
I am am 29 year old female from Washington state who has degenerative disk disease, asthma, subluxation, TMJ, facial nerve damage and fibromyalgia and is also allergic deathly to antibiotics, corticosteroids and pharmaceutical opioids. My constant pain and unbearable suffering prevents me from being a complete person or even a half functional wife and mother to my husband and four year old son for even one day out of a year. He has never seen his mother not in all consuming pain, instead of him knowing a normal happy childhood he is unable to enjoy his days because of my constant suffering. He tries with all his little heart to help me feel better, he draws me flowers and pretty pictures and spends all his days searching for something, ANYTHING that will help mommy stop crying and feeling so sad from her pain all the time. Worrying about his mother's health or how much worse her pain will be every new day has come to be all that he thinks about now. Now this sweet little boy who's only just turned four, all he wanted to get me for my birthday the first time he went shopping with daddy when he was big enough was something to stop his mommies pain. My suffering is ruining my sons childhood and slowly isolating him from meeting and playing with other children. My husband has to take care of all the running around and errands. I cannot socialize outside of my home or even go shopping or enjoy any possible aspect of life. When my degenerative disk arthritis flares up I cannot dress myself, bathe myself or even have someone else brush my hair. Its like my neck is broken and i cannot even get up to use the bathroom. When my TMJ flairs up I crack and break my teeth from my jaw clenching from the blinding skull crushing pain, it is unlike any pain i have ever felt like a white hot iron on my face burning through my upper jaw, it is not uncommon for me to pass out from the pain of my TMJ. My immune system has become extremely weak and compromised from the stress of the combined years of enduring this constant agony without any relief time in between symptoms that has been preventing any rest or sleep for months at a time. My skin tears like crepe paper when I get bruised or even bump into something, I also suffer from constant abscesses and dermatitis from a severe allergy to tide, soy protien, bounce and harsh detergents and chemical additivities, just going through the detergent aisle, hugging a friend who used tide or bounce on their cloths or walking past a dryer vent causes my entire body to be covered in blisters, hives, boils and abscesses that are sometimes the size of golf balls. If I go into my local ER if they become infected and the pain becomes unbearable (usually late at night) and they treat me like an worthless animal, some sort of loathsome junky just looking for narcotics, not someone who is afraid of dying from infection or the shock from the pain and genuinely seeking emergency medical help. When they look up my medical history and see
Dear Sirs,

Pay attention to what happens when a doctor stops treating the patient. Spouse from Denair, CA, is a prime example of what alternatives patients will seek once under treatment occurs, they turn to heroin. This is exactly what the petition is URGING you to avoid by REPEALING the current rescheduling hydrocodone decision. Lest you get more letters from worried spouses who've waited a LONG time to ask for help.
Frustrated beyond believe my spouse has been on pain pill for 4 1/2 years after back operation has abused them from the get go used heroin when younger now is total addicted has lost all touch with real reality walk out of the house a month ago filed restraining order divorce what can be done about pain doctor giving way to meany pills help
I am a victim. I stay home every day in pain without treatment. My Dr. told me her licence to practice medicine was more important to her and refereed me to a pain clinic. She stated the DEA was watching closely to Drs. who prescribe opiates and was not going to take the chance. I stay at home in pain. I refuse to go to a pain clinic and be humiliated anymore. I give up.
First marijuana isn't an option for alternative pain relief because it's illegal to possess it in Florida. Now the VA is telling me they will not treat my service connected chronic shoulder pain unless I elect to have surgery to try to 'fix' a possible labrum tear...HOW IS THIS ETHICAL?!

This war on patients needs to end. I can't take a month or longer off from work to recuperate and I have three children (one infant) at home -- it's so wrong to leave me to significant pain without proper treatment options, stop this witch hunt at VA facilities that are targeting people that are abusing their medications, don't sure street drugs...including marijuana because it's illegal, and have documented injuries that result in chronic pain. Please care about us!

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