First Do No Harm: The DEA targets Physicians who treat their patients pain.

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I have chronic pain and this is discrimination to me. Hell I would rather eat marijuana or use CBD oil but it's not legal where I live.
I have chronic pain. To me this is discrimination. We go through alot with chronic pain and deserve to be treated like anybody else.
chronic pain takes joy out of your life. I cannot afford to hire people to do the things I can no longer do. I cannot work in my garden which I used to love to do. I cannot go out and do the things I used to enjoy doing. My medical care should be between my doctor and myself not the DEA. I resent them collecting information on me without my permission. I am with that person that said we should start a class action suit.
I am also a care giver for a spouse that has stage 4 cancer who has a hard time getting pain meds from the oncologist. She does not abuse them she has asked for pain meds twice in two years hardly an addict. This is so wrong on so many levels. We must fight the fight. Should we get the ACLU involved?
People who suffer from chronic pain are not drug addicts. Yes, they may become physically addicted, but they are NOT addicts! We use pain medication because nothing else even comes close to working and, in most cases, all it does is take the edge off so we can function on a semi normal level. Severe chronic pain causes the person to withdraw from life. They stop doing the things they enjoy. They stop going to family functions. They stop working. They die inside because they have no hope.

Why punish the person who is already suffering physically and mentally? Is it really going to keep drugs out of the hands of drug dealers and real addicts by making it where a doctor can't treat their patient? NO! And the truth of the matter is, this is the fault of doctors. The doctors who over medicate their patients and hand out pills like they are candy. And, not just pain meds. Benzodiazipin, proven to kill you from withdrawal, is handed out like Halloween candy. Why isn't it on the DEA's hit list? Yes, people suffer from anxiety. However, there are proven, natural ways to treat it. I have never found a natural "remedy" to treat severe chronic, life long, pain. Exercise, yoga, meditation, hot baths, ice packs, the list is endless. Yet, we can't do those things at work. We have to wait until we get home to baby our screaming bodies.

Why remove a drug, that has minimal side effects and allows a person to have some type of life, from the people who truly need it? Makes no sense to me.

Now, let me tell you my story. For 15 years I had a doctor that handed pills out like they were candy. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, an anxiety disorder, and depression because I had severe leg pain. I was on darvicet, loricet, ativan (8 mg a day), flexeril, soma, and 2 antidepressants. I took my meds as they were prescribed - 4 times a day. I never filled them early, I never sought out a drug dealer. After 15 years, I came very close to killing myself, on purpose, because I couldn't live like I was any longer. I checked myself into rehab. Not because of the pain meds, but because there was not a safe way for me to stop taking the ativan. It was the best thing I ever did. That was 8 years ago. I have had to take pain med off and on since then for various health and dental reasons. Now here's the kicker... When I'm not in excruciating pain, I DON'T TAKE THEM! I don't need them. Even after all those years of being on them, I am NOT a drug addict. See, there's the difference. A switch didn't flip that caused me to crave narcotics or other drugs. Currently, I suffer from degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, and SI joint dysfunction. I work, I do what I can with my family and it's because I take 1-3 hydrocodone 10 mg a day (on a good day I don't take any). See the difference here? When I'm not in debilitating pain I don't take them.

The majority of chronic pain sufferers are the same way. When they aren't in pain, they don't take them. Yet, the DEA, is goi
I have chronic pain due to sacral nerve scarring (probably due to lifting patients during my years as an occupational therapist; my pain management physician believes a leaking intravertebral disk caused the scarring) and interstitial cystitis. The pain is constant, 24 hours per day burning as if someone was holding fire to my vulva. My bladder feels as if I am being scraped internally with sharp knives. I know this sounds impossible, but this is the most accurate way I can describe my pain. Neuropathic pain ("nerves gone wild" is the way I describe it to my friends, my humorous riff on "girls gone wild"--ya gotta laugh!) is the most unimaginable, nightmare pain, like Hell. I sometimes wonder if I'm really in Hell, paying for something horrible I did in another life, because I've been such a good person in this life. Anyway, I could not survive without my narcotic pain medications combined with neuropathic pain meds: Opana 30 mg XR twice a day with 10mg 3 times a day immediate release as needed, plus Topamax and Lyrica (meds for neuropathic pain) This combination does not make me "high" at all, just tired, but it enables me to work full time! Without it, I would be dead. I could not survive my pain without these medications. I just can't believe that the DEA is trying to interfer in the doctor/patient relationship and stop physicians from prescribing! My pain management physician hgas been treating me for four years and knows me very, very well. He has tried three blocks, two of which did nothing; the last one made my pain much worse. I have Googled blocks and found that my experience is VERY common. Blocks don't work! I have also Google spinal nerve stimulators, and theyonly work for 50% of paitents and only for the first year, after which they stop working and start causing autoimmune problems. And patients can't find any surgeons to take the stimulators out at that time. Congress, please stand up to the DEA. The DEA is "cops gone wild"--too much power, not enough knowledge. Stop the DEA! Empower the doctor -patient relationship.
I have documents to prove what's wrong with me I have been put on a list for no reason at all and I would like this stuff removed off of my medical records because I am suffering from a joint disease my body is being put back together about him for reconstruction of the back my toe my neck now my hands what am I supposed to do to keep the pain under control I was in a pain control clinic and all they want to do is offer you medical marijuana shots if you don't take the shots you don't get your pain control and that said that we have to suffer because somebody else's stupid things to do you want to do with their medicine every time I get a urine test all my medicine that I was giving was in the air right now I am suffering because I have been on put on a these people are being put in databases database and it's sad to be in a database because all you doing is trying to get help I had to find a spinal care doctor to help me and that's sad that we cannot live my life in peace and go hang free they want to spend billions and billions of dollars all on these research is but we can't get the help that we need that's very sad I rather die than be in pain everyday
The pain management doctor I have been seeing for more than one year refuses to continue treating me. He has told me that I should find another doctor. On my last visit he cut my medication. I have Lupus, RA,osteoporosis, spinal stenosis and many other conditions cause me to suffer from cronic pain
DEA's Rannazzisi acknowledged that no one knows how rescheduling hydrocodone-containing products would ultimately affect patients.
Nevertheless, he said, "we don't believe that there's going to be an issue with the patients getting those drugs." - See more at:

REALLY? Just read the previous postings you've received for this petition. 100% of eligible patients with confirmed pathology causing chronic, long term pain have been CUT OFF from the medications that helped prior to this rescheduling. Doctors STOPPED entertaining the idea of pain meds for fear of DEA prosecution.
Please REPEAL this decision NOW!
I have a lot of pain in my muscules and nerves because of CFS. Also I have arthritis and bone spurs and degenerating disks in my neck and back, but I have to take ibuprofen because Drs. are afraid to give pain meds. The ibuprofen is often not enough for my pain levels.
Something has to change.
I was told to take an anti-inflammatory for pain when my Doc refused to fill my ultram prescription, so I took one aleve, even I stated I was allergic, they didnt care, I had a severe allergic reaction at work, my Boss wanted to call 911, instead i left and got benedryl, just in time, cuz my throat was closing up, I reported it to my Doc at my visit, he still injected me with cortisone, Thank God I had benedryl on me I had to take it on the way home, I had a butterfly rash across my face for three days, The Doc obviously thought I was lying about the allergy, and almost killed me, all because he was afraid of the FDA new Rules, I still suffer everyday in chronic pain, and Im not a Drug Addict, But Im treated like one, This has To STOP.
I am lying here with chronic back pain, after moving around for a few hours. Today it has been 8 days that I have been unable to have my medication filled. We have cowards and judge mental know it all in charge are our lives. I refuse to accept this. Americans need to stand together and win this battle over pain medication Government control. Accidents, illnesses, surgery, etc., can happen to anyone at anytime. We must take back our rights and our freedom of choice and control.
In the DEA summary written back in 2013 to justify the reclassification of hydrocodone to C-II drug they quoted statistics dating back to 1950; when they say HCPs started being abused. If that isn't a waste of money funding this agency I don't know what is. This agency has been failing since back then, plus the so called "war on drugs" is, was and will continue to be a failure under the direction of the DEA. But, unbeknownst to many, they still operate without any checks and balances. Where and when will these failed policies by a failed agency END?
REPEAL this recent drug schedule change by the failed DEA......NOW!!
it is unfair for a person that has severe pain for reconstruction of the back to prosthetic kneecaps to cervical neck surgeries and they cannot get the pain control of the day need to live a decent life that's horrible never used tcocaine that's what the doctors are labeling people and I think that's unfair to people that uses their controlled substance
Chronic pain sufferer
My fiance's dr has told him no more pain pills after being treated for 3 years with the same dosage. No increase, no addiction, just management of some severe injuries from a fall. No his dr. says he doesn't need pills. Yet, his dr referred him to a pain specialist. What a bunch of BS. My fiancee wakes up at night screaming from the pain in his body. I didn't know fake pain could be so dramatic. That seems like a lot of effort to prove your in pain. So in addition to severe, chronic pain, he is now sleep deprived. He is becoming more depressed and his dr. is more worried about his license then he is his patients. Great Job to our gov't for being so ready to save 22000 people from dying from overdose, but not concerned about the increase in suicide from pain. What a bunch of morons.
I am a sixty yr.old man who has severe work- related injuries that were worsened by an incompetent surgeon.I am unable to walk (or sleep) without my pain medication(without which I have been for over a week now!!)I have slept only 3 hours this week!Severe muscle spasms wrack my body whenever I almost drift off into sleep.My coordination has deteriorated, resulting in 2 falls this week.My blood pressure medication (also mysteriously 'unfillable')hasn't been able to do its job,& my now dangerously high-I am left wondering if now, after a lifetime of working & paying taxes, the USA govt.& its regulatory drug agencies are trying to kill me(& others like me?)I am, after all, one of those troublesome Baby Boomers who hasn't had the decency to croak yet!
The Feds are punishing the innocent rather than prosecuting the criminals who abuse the system for profit. Repeal the current federal restriction on hydrocodone and encourage punishment of those who violate existing laws related to prescription abuse. Chronic pain is real and patient have the right to be relieved of their pain.
I am am 29 year old female from Washington state who has degenerative disk disease, asthma, subluxation, TMJ, facial nerve damage and fibromyalgia and is also allergic deathly to antibiotics, corticosteroids and pharmaceutical opioids. My constant pain and unbearable suffering prevents me from being a complete person or even a half functional wife and mother to my husband and four year old son for even one day out of a year. He has never seen his mother not in all consuming pain, instead of him knowing a normal happy childhood he is unable to enjoy his days because of my constant suffering. He tries with all his little heart to help me feel better, he draws me flowers and pretty pictures and spends all his days searching for something, ANYTHING that will help mommy stop crying and feeling so sad from her pain all the time. Worrying about his mother's health or how much worse her pain will be every new day has come to be all that he thinks about now. Now this sweet little boy who's only just turned four, all he wanted to get me for my birthday the first time he went shopping with daddy when he was big enough was something to stop his mommies pain. My suffering is ruining my sons childhood and slowly isolating him from meeting and playing with other children. My husband has to take care of all the running around and errands. I cannot socialize outside of my home or even go shopping or enjoy any possible aspect of life. When my degenerative disk arthritis flares up I cannot dress myself, bathe myself or even have someone else brush my hair. Its like my neck is broken and i cannot even get up to use the bathroom. When my TMJ flairs up I crack and break my teeth from my jaw clenching from the blinding skull crushing pain, it is unlike any pain i have ever felt like a white hot iron on my face burning through my upper jaw, it is not uncommon for me to pass out from the pain of my TMJ. My immune system has become extremely weak and compromised from the stress of the combined years of enduring this constant agony without any relief time in between symptoms that has been preventing any rest or sleep for months at a time. My skin tears like crepe paper when I get bruised or even bump into something, I also suffer from constant abscesses and dermatitis from a severe allergy to tide, soy protien, bounce and harsh detergents and chemical additivities, just going through the detergent aisle, hugging a friend who used tide or bounce on their cloths or walking past a dryer vent causes my entire body to be covered in blisters, hives, boils and abscesses that are sometimes the size of golf balls. If I go into my local ER if they become infected and the pain becomes unbearable (usually late at night) and they treat me like an worthless animal, some sort of loathsome junky just looking for narcotics, not someone who is afraid of dying from infection or the shock from the pain and genuinely seeking emergency medical help. When they look up my medical history and see
Dear Sirs,

Pay attention to what happens when a doctor stops treating the patient. Spouse from Denair, CA, is a prime example of what alternatives patients will seek once under treatment occurs, they turn to heroin. This is exactly what the petition is URGING you to avoid by REPEALING the current rescheduling hydrocodone decision. Lest you get more letters from worried spouses who've waited a LONG time to ask for help.
Frustrated beyond believe my spouse has been on pain pill for 4 1/2 years after back operation has abused them from the get go used heroin when younger now is total addicted has lost all touch with real reality walk out of the house a month ago filed restraining order divorce what can be done about pain doctor giving way to meany pills help
I am a victim. I stay home every day in pain without treatment. My Dr. told me her licence to practice medicine was more important to her and refereed me to a pain clinic. She stated the DEA was watching closely to Drs. who prescribe opiates and was not going to take the chance. I stay at home in pain. I refuse to go to a pain clinic and be humiliated anymore. I give up.
First marijuana isn't an option for alternative pain relief because it's illegal to possess it in Florida. Now the VA is telling me they will not treat my service connected chronic shoulder pain unless I elect to have surgery to try to 'fix' a possible labrum tear...HOW IS THIS ETHICAL?!

This war on patients needs to end. I can't take a month or longer off from work to recuperate and I have three children (one infant) at home -- it's so wrong to leave me to significant pain without proper treatment options, stop this witch hunt at VA facilities that are targeting people that are abusing their medications, don't sure street drugs...including marijuana because it's illegal, and have documented injuries that result in chronic pain. Please care about us!
The "War Against Pain Patients" was initiated by CVS and Walgreens. This is a retaliation against innocent "Pain Patients" because they was implicated in crime from the Florida Pill Mill epicenter.

To Learn More About How These Corporations Are Demolishing Your Rights To Get Treatment For Pain, Go To: www.RXABUSESOLUTIONS.ORG. The have joined the TEVA, AMA, Cardinal, and some very powerful corporations.

From Their Website:
Our mission is to raise awareness of the issue of prescription drug abuse, partner with legislators to craft achievable solutions, and serve as a resource for policymakers and the media. We have come together to form the only coalition focused on this issue that includes representation across the domestic supply chain, resulting in a unique and comprehensive perspective to addressing the prescription drug abuse epidemic.

Conclusion: Prescription medicine is a big problem and it's probably a lot worse than THC because of the overdose deaths associated with these medications. There are so many patients on these medications in the U.S. that the manufacturer's have to purchase a lot of the "OPIUM" from China and other countries. Who let these pills kill all of our people like this. These are the people that should be arrested and not the innocent patient and doctor who think they are doing the right thing. This is what happens when you introduce an illegal drug into our society for legal use. This is how we ended up with the Florida Pill Mill Epidemic. Now, "Heroin" is taking over the people of our country. What a drug trade to see...
I am a 36 years old woman. I have been having a lot of pains with scolosis, burstis, osteoarthritis, hip, knee, back and ankle pains.....i suffered several broken bones that never healed properly. I have tried several cortisone shots that did not work for my bone and joint pains. It worked for my muscle pains. My doctor wont treat me for the pains. I am sensitive to NSAIDs. I have gone to pain management and his attitude to me was awful. He laughed at me. left me in the room for a while. Forgot all about me. Refused to answer my calls nor calling me back.....My PCP always tll me to go to the emergency room and then yell at me for getting meds from many doctors i told my PCP that she told me to go to the ER and there were no same doctor. It is really frustrating.
I am 28 yrs old and have been a CPP for almost 5 years. I had the same doctor for 6 years until he decided to move to another state, my most recent dr I was with for 3 yrs. I have Fibromyalgia, Syatica, Scoliosis, and Bursitis. Today after calling me to reschedule an appt I got a second call by the Office Manager stating that I was being discharged from their practice. I was side-swiped; I don't abuse meds, I use 1 doc, 1 pharmacy. I (of course) asked her why; it stated I was not open to other medication options. Funny thing is he never once discussed with me on switching medication. I told her as much and asked "Which medication?" She stated it does not say which. Seems a little strange and vague don't you think?? I have a theory that alot of CPP will be getting dropped soon by long-term doctors. They are scared shitless by the DEA. Why else would I really -not- get a REAL answer? It's great that they put us on these meds, all but encourage it and then tell us to **** off when it fits them. I now have to find another doctor -and- try to figure out where to get my pain meds (since pharmacies seem to always be out nowadays). This puts me through several days of withdrawal even though I took my meds right. & God forbid you call a pharmacy to ask if they have it in stock; that's against the law now! What ARE they doing??? I find it odd that this comes right after the whole "arming the cartel" thing and 2 wks before Zohydro being approved. If they're so concerned, why has this extremely strong drug (5x more potent than what i currently take) been 'okay'd'??
Now the comments from Cathy and the lady from Lakeland FL.
. My family Dr of some 20 years was forced to retire and work for Baycare, Dr Silver. I never abused my meds, I had spinal fusion Going on 4 years ago I am at the point of ripping the rods and screws out of my back. I hate , that is AWEFUL word, my new Dr. He just needs to feel endless pain, I am tired of begging for help. I know the FDA AND ALL THE GOOD OLD BOYS MADE ALOT OF MONEY , AND KICKED GOOD PEOPLE TO THE GUTTER. SO FIND A SOLUTION OR ALL YOU HOSPITAL ARE GOING TO BE FILLED WITH PATIENTS THAT CANT GET HELP AND FLIP OUT!
Doctors have an oath to treat their patients, here as follows;

Declaration of Geneva of the World Medical Association

(adopted 1948, amended 1966 and 1983):

I solemnly pledge myself to consecrate my life to the service of humanity;
I will give my teachers the respect and gratitude which is their due;
I will practice my profession with conscience and dignity;
The health of my patient will be my first consideration;
I will respect the secrets which are confided in me, even after the patient has died;
I will maintain by all the means in my power, the honor and the noble traditions of the medical profession;
My colleagues will be my brothers;
I will not permit considerations of religion, nationality, race, party politics or social standing to intervene between my duty and my patient;
I will maintain the utmost respect for human life from its beginning even under threat and I will not use my medical knowledge contrary to the laws of humanity;
I make these promises solemnly, freely and upon my honor.
These brutal new tactics of denying patients pain (& other life-saving medications, such as ephinephrine inhalers for asthma)-seem aimed at causing the deaths of all citizens who are no longer physically perfect.Welcome to the Brave New World of Neo-Nazi America! Those citizens who do not die from medication withdrawls might choose in desperation to use illegal drug sources. Legal authorities profit via fines & confiscated assets.Private industries (such as Corrections Corporation of America)-also reap fat rewards-prisons filled kept filled by the efforts of each state that contracts with CCA to buy US prisons at 90% guaranteed occupancy rates.In a time of falling crime, making more citizens criminals(& increasing mandatory prison terms)-is the only way to guarantee high prison occupancy rates.Our Founding Fathers would be appalled by the America of 2014! A country once famous for being a beacon of hope & personal freedom to the world has now become a police state in which law abiding citizens are forced into prison or the grave whilst simply trying to live with debilitating pain & illness.I doubt many legislators lose sleep over the human costs of such depravity-but they should be concerned about the considerable economic costs of killing citizens that are still helping to support an embattled economy. The dead buy no consumer products,& generate no profits for mega corporations!
The same doctor that told me my mother needed to be taken off life support because she was DYING
said they could not give her too much pain medication because she could get ADDICTED. This happened at Johnston Memorial Hospital in Abingdon, Virginia
i have chronic pain been suffering from it since 2004 and i was put thru evry therapy you can think of nthn helped i was put on 30mgs of oxycodone and i cld tolerate my pain then 1day my doctor was shut down and i cldnt gt my pain meds for 3months thats how long it took 2 find a doctor that wld treat me and i hav had a fusion done slap repair of my rite shldr i hav deg. deteriating disc desease fibromalysia arthritis bulgin n herniated disc the list goes on and witout the pain meds it interfers in my evryday life i cant do things that i wld like 2 with my son and i gt 2 hear mommy your mean cuz he does not understand wat im goin thru when i finally did gt in with a doctor they knockd me down 2 10mgs when my old doctor opened bac up i went bac 2 him and he put me on 15s said he cld not giv me bac the 30s cuz of DEA regulations then i had trouble gettn my meds filld pharmacies were scared cuz all i had was narcotics they sd i had 2 bring all my scripts 2 them i sd other then joints disc muscle n nerve problems i was healthy i wasnt on anything else so im bein punished 4 bein healthy other then physical pain or id gt turned away cuz of my doctor i gt treated like an addict when i went 2 the ER i didnt go 4 pain meds i already had some and my appt was in 2days wit my pain doc bt the pain had gotten so bad my meds werent workin so i went 2 find out wat was goin on but the doctor at the ER treated me so bad sd i was withdrawlin i told him i jus took my meds so theres no way then he told me i needed 2 go 2 rehab i went off they actually calld the cops it was crazy when i went 2 my pain doctor i tld her wat had happen at the ER and why i had went in the first place she told me it was my fibromyalysia flarin up ive nvr had a flare up like that and im not the type of person to go 2 the ER also my doctor told me im not the only 1 who has come 2 her and complained about that same ER doctor mistreatn them somethin needs 2 be done cuz im tired of gettin treated like an addict bcuz i hav legitimate chronic pain
I have been going to Minor & James Clinic in Seattle. After being on pain meds since 1994 that worked well for me and stayed on the same dose all those years, my Dr retired. I went to another Rheumatologist that was recommended and he left the clinic within two years. He did not want to deal with pain patience and he ended up with most of my original Dr's patience. Going to another clinic would allow him to leave us behind. I then went to a 3rd Dr at the same clinic last Friday. She said she would not prescribe my pain killers and that I need to go to a pain Clinic. After reading about them most want you to get off of drugs and regard you as an addict! I am 70 yrs old, my grandmother and aunts had the same illness, my grandmother was one of those people in pain that could not take it any longer: she did kill herself. I don't want to be put in that position. I am sure that Minor & James Clinic in Seattle are getting rid of all pain patience, just as you mentioned...they are battling the government. See this article....
At nearly 60% disabled for life (official on my medical records) I wish to seek an attorney to start a very large global class action lawsuit against the DEA (YES. It's your fault DEA) for changing hydrocodone products to a schedule 2. I had a functional life. Now I do not. I am absolutely miserable. I was switched to Tylenol 3. It does nothing. Well, the first dose made my head fuzzy and did nothing for the pain. I am livid and want it changed back. Every time I get online, I see more and more patients adding their frustrating comments along side of mine. This is just insane and ridiculous. It's time to go after the DEA now!
I have several chronic conditions; crohns, fibromyalgia, arthritis, cluster headaches, carpal tunnel, peripheral neuropathy in all 4 limbs, depression, general anxiety disorder, and I'm sure I'm missing some. I have had doctors, PAIN DOCTORS, who are supposed to be helping me let me leave their offices in tears over the way I've been treated. Those of us who truly need the help, have followed all the rules, never failed a test, and are treated like addicts and refused help HAS to stop. When you take pain management away from those in true pain we don't just withdrawal, a lot of us are more likely to commit suicide because our pain is too much to manage without help.
I hope the DEA Would leave legit Doctors,and go after the bad stuff.
It is midnight, and I have spent the past 2 hours crying in frustration. The rest of the night will be spent in hot baths, leg rubbing, hot baths, crying, and hot baths. Around 5 am I'll fall asleep exhausted rolled up tightly in a towel. With a single Norco I can take a hot bath at 10 pm and be fully asleep by 11:00. I sleep through the night. I take tramadol twice a day for daytime pain. This is NOT an exhorbitant amount of medicine, but it is enough to scare my doctor as of October 6th! HE REFERRED ME TO A PAIN CLINIC!!! My first visit there the doc wants me to STOP the tramadol and increase hydrocodone to 4x per day. Uhm NO! The hydro/Norco makes me nauseated with sick headache. I take it for sleep but no way in hell can I take it during the day. ARE YOU PROUD OF YOURSELVES? YOU HAVE RUINED HOW MANY LIVES WITH YOUR STUPID*****RESTRUCTURING OF THE DRUG SCHEDULE FOR WHAT REASON?!?!?! Who overdoses more often? Legitimate, geriatric pain patients or substance abused teens/young adults who could just as easily kill themselves by driving drunk or overdosing on cocaine! I hate the Obama administration and eric holder's ******** for imposing their Muslim hate for pain relief on Americans. YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO REMOVE LEGITIMATE MEDICATION THAT HELPS PEOPLE WHO ARE SUFFERING. I will pray that all of you DEA *******s will end up watching your own families crying & suffering with physicians who FEAR your stupid rules!!!!!
I have chronic pain. End of story. My PCP of 4 years has been managing all of my pain issues effectively with lortab. I have to see him every month to get a prescription and he never calls them in. In addition I also have a cardiologist and a hemitologist that checks my hemoglobin as I have a bleed that can't be found and every few months have to get a blood transfusion and iron infusions. I live on 1000.00 a month. Rent, utilities (no cable), copays, medication and what's left goes for food. I am on my own, so be it. I take the bus to get around and now my PCP will no longer prescribe what works because of this dea change to Schedule of my prescription. He told me I would have to go to a pain management Doctor. Having been thru pain management twice already and treated like its all in my head no thanks. Been dealing with chronic pain for 30 years even had the highly recommended spinal fusion hat was to change my life only to be living with the repruccions of that for the past 10. I can't afford another doctor in terms of money or with any hope that treatment will be in my best interest and not just how many tests can be billed to insurance. After 30 years of seeking medical treatment for my chronic pain i don't have the mental or emotional capacity to jump thru hoops again to receive inadequate pain medication and labeled a drug seeker from those who judge me because i have pain. I fear for all of us because we don't have the pocketbook to give us a voice. Hey, anybody from Anonymous out there? Be interesting to know how many DEA and elected officials get their pain meds without any problem...But we already .know if you have the means then pain is legitimate

I have experienced 11 surgeries. Four shoulder, six knee (two knee partial replacements), and one back surgery.

I have been prescribed two tablets a day and very soon be given none.

Chronic pain is wearing and demoralizing. Why should addicts dictate my medical care? I don't seek a high, just pain relief.
To add to the person from Plainview, TX.
We are all going to die anyway, so what's the point?
Those who abused hydrocodone and death was the end result have no worries.

They may have also used numbers in the double digit millions and percentages as high as 45% or just above that, BUT that pales in comparison to the 100 million + (AMERICANS) that suffer from pain, be it acute or chronic, short term or long.
Some say that they wish pain on those making these decisions. To that I say, that's wrong to wish ill on anyone. Anyway, since they are connected, in some form or fashion, to the DEA, FDA, HHS all they have to do is flash their name badge, agency ID card, and POOF, they are set. The "rule setters" rarely, if ever, suffer.
My husband and I are elderly with severe chronic pain that would far prefer taking advil but are contraindicated from taking it. We are treated like drug addicts. I have lived too long to be treated like this by medical professionals because of the federal got. I AM NOT A DRUGGIE. I AM IN PAIN.
People who have orthopediac procedures are in need of pain medicine and are being denied relief. Some have joint replacements and the pain never ends. Daily life becomes unbearable. GOVERNMENT RUNNING DOCTORS OFFICES! Suicides will be on the rise. No mental health care either!
absolutely ridiculous ..I have a chronic pain condition and was actually told by a "pain management" doctor, a term I use loosely, that he could take me off of pain meds but could offer no alternative treatment plan. Then gave me a list of doctors to try to see if they might do something. I have had every test imaginable have a high paying job and now am faced with possibly having to quit and go on disability. Not all of this is just because of this law but this doesn't help. I'm not sure when the government is going to pass a law forcing doctors to actually treat patients because I haven't encountered a doctor that has ever attempted to treat whats going on they would rather throw pills at the problem. In fact every bit of the treatment I have received is due to my research on the internet. Do I want to be on pain meds? NO. Has anyone offered any alternative treatment, I mean Ill take anything, a hint, a glimmer? NO ... Why do I pay 500$ a month for medical coverage when it does me no good?..Welcome to the merry-go-round .. ..I could go on but what good would it do ..
I'm sitting here in tears, not sure how or where to turn. I'm in constant pain yet I take only enough to get the level to a level I can function.. 7or 8. That's only 2-4 hydrocodone (1.0's) normally. Occasionally I must give in and take stronger meds or go to an ER.
Now I can't get my medicine, and even a pain management doctor won't prescribe pills, only injections of steroids. WTF ?!?!?!
I have never abused anything in my life, yet I'm being left to deal with pain and emotional distress because others abuse? Take my blood, urine, hair, whatever! You will see that I don't abuse my medicines.. Come in randomly and count them, then check my blood (etc..) you will see the only missing pills are in me. I don't sell them. I need them. I refuse to get to a point of being suicidal over pain, so shall I hit the streets or is American government going to get involved and stop this nonsense.
I am sadly feeling betrayed by the system.
Only the legitimate honest pain patients are being punished with these laws. I am horrified to think of how many will turn to drugs like heroin in desperation because they cannot acquire the legally prescribed medication they need just to live a happy normal life.
I agree with the individual from Plainview TX. This is a done deal by the DEA/FDA and with Federal Government complicity. As usual the stats and experts used to make their hearing case(not for the publics interest I take it because I never knew that any hearings were held, either) were from a closed group and setting. In other words, secret. Some transparency! Some truthfulness! This is after all consistent with the way this over reactionary government operates. Not in the best interest of people. What's to be done? What is the agenda behind this ruling? What has happened to our freedoms in this country? I wish I knew what was going on, truly. None of us will get the truth. One thing si for sure......the ordinary person in pain is the one who pays the price.
Folks, we are participating in a lost cause. The DEA , FDA and HHS have made up their minds and no amount of letters will matter. They've held their hearings, they've had their meetings, they've had their recommendations approved.
I, for one, never knew about the hearings, meetings or voting on the rescheduling of hydrocodone. I don't recall it ever being made public knowledge via commercials, radio ads, mailed flyers, Facebook, Twiitter, Craigslist, etc, etc. Maybe it's because they didn't want the general public to know. Yes, they had letters and speakers from data specialists, doctors, committees and MAYBE even an actual patient or two, or what have you.
They voted and based their decision on data submitted by professional organizations. NOT ONE, source listed or used was from a patient or individual stating they abused, were addicted to, or dispersed their medication inappropriately, or the opposite, for that matter; that it actually helped alleviate the pain to function almost normally.
Sometimes they used actual numbers like
(in 2011, data indicated that abuse of HCPs, including ER visits and Addiction Treatment facilities in SELECTED states, were listed in 3376 admissions for Emergency Depts, and 6601 listed for Drug Treatment facilties.)

Other times they quoted percentages (out of how many? is my question).
A medical examiner's data from 5 states from 2004-2010 represented an increase of 63% and 133% of deaths RELATED to HCPs and oxycodone products. What number was the % derived from? 5? 50? 100?
Also, in 2012 HCPs were ASSOCIATED (not the cause of entirely) with 777 deaths while oxycodone was, again, ASSOCIATED (not the primary cause of) 1426 deaths.
You get the point.
I live with chronic severe pain... I dare you to live a day in my shoes.
I'm 60 years old, with spinal stenosis from C-5 to L-3, every disc in my spine is ruptured, severe pain stems into my arms, legs, hips. I've had back surgery 2004. The surgeon stated it would only be good for 5 years. I've been seen by 2 different neurosurgeons they won't touch me, therefore I'm inoperable. Prior to my surgery in '04 I was prescribed oxycotin until they could do the surgery. While taking the aforementioned pain medication my pain subsided, I didn't feel high, loopy, I felt normal. My god it was a miracle. I could walk, smile & lead a normal life. Fast forward to 2014, my life is a living hell due to my deteriorating spine, all my joints hurt, I have osteoarthritis in my spine, spinal stenosis, hands, shoulders, hips, toes. No surgeon will help me. What the hell can I do. My doctor is a very caring doctor, he's wonderful. I am prescribed Percocet but that doesn't free me of my pain. I do want to say back in '04 when I took oxycotin I didn't become addicted to it. When I stopped taking it after my surgery I was fine. When the DEA states people become addicted to oxycotin guess what DEA, I did not! Not everyone becomes addicted to pain medication. Right now with my agonizing pain & a life that is hell, at times I wish I would just die, because I don't have a quality life. My pain is so damn bad I cry, scream because the Percocet is only short term where as oxycotin is time release. That is what I need a time release pain medication. My doctor hesitates to write the prescription because of the DEA. Cancer patients get help for their pain, people near death get pain medication. I honestly can't believe the DEA dictates to physicians how to treat their patients. I thought we had a privacy act in place. Is this not a fact? So isn't the DEA violating the privacy act by hounding physicians not to treat their patients who have chronic pain with the proper pain medication. To this I say who in the hell does the DEA think they are? We are talking about a doctor & patient confidentiality law & privacy act. I'm shocked that the DEA hounds doctors. I invite the DEA into my home. Send one of your thugs to stay with me for 48 hours you will see a crippled, pathetic old lady in chronic non stop pain! I'm a U.S. Citizen how dare you deny me a medication that would make my life better! I can't enjoy anything! I can't be a wife to my husband, a mother to my children, a grandmother to my grandchildren! I am angry at you DEA thugs! I have nothing to hide from the DEA. I don't sell my medication, I have severe pain. For the DEA to deem that patients sell their medication is insane. I need help for my pain, I want my doctor to treat me with the medication that will be most effective for my pain. The DEA thugs, you must be laughing at people like me, do you enjoy the fact that you cause people to live in shear hell? I've nothing to hide, I don't do anything illegal. The DEA needs to stay at the border & deal with the illegals there. Do not harass doctors
I comply with all drug testing,tests ordered, and treatments advised by my dr. I have never diverted or misused any medication given to me.yet now I am unable to get my opiate therepy meds filled by any pharmacy in michigan due to threats by the dea and fbi. If they cannot directly shut down a pain doctor they blacklist them through the pharmacy how is this fair or just behavior? What are we who suffer with sickness and pain and follow all the rules suppose to do,who is going to help us? Intractable/ chronic pain is very real, It is not a psychological issue it is neurological, please help us.
The DEA and Pam Bondi are NOT stopping the drugsddicts. Any with street/club/ police/or ER doctor knows that the NEXT DRUG Is every few months, FOR THE DRUG TRADE goal Is to get into US borders/cross state lines and sell for profit the newest chemical combo BEFORE the DEA Is aware of Iit and classifies it as an illegal drug. Pain I both humans and animals Iis a medical condition that can put so much stress on a body, can kill. Pain either increases or decreases blood pressure lesding to heart attack or critical shock. Pain is a stressor that relapses and worses almost every condition, disease or injury. This war ag the disabled, injured and sick is inhumane cruel snd unusual punishment that VIOLATES UN HUMAN RIGHTS LAW, CUVIL RIGHTS, DISABILITY RIGHTS AND CONSTITUTIONSL RIGHTS. I do not need to tell you how illegal or inhumane; nor how it easily endangers medical conditions or life!! There is already AMPLE EVIDENCE OF THAT FROM THE NAZI HOLOCAUST, EVIL LAB TESTING ON MAMMALS INCLUDING PRIMATES AND GOVT RESEARCH IN EVERY DECADE UP TO NOW. THIS IS GENOCIDE, HOMICIDAL SUICIDE AND A VIOLATIONOF YOUR PUBLIC TRUST RESPONSIBILITY; CAUSING UNNECESSARY STRESS, DISTRESS, COST, BURDEN, LOSS, impact, endangerment, cruelty, medical negligence and non consent, malpractice, malfeance, death, and GENOCIDE. SUICIDES are already happening , trauma, ptsd, dangerous withdrawals, substantial grosd violations and this is going to hurt do many that this is going yo go out of control. Thid is a terrotist sct sg the citizens of the united states. This is not liberty or dignity or civil this is evil.
And Bondis general email sent to all who erite in is a lie. Pain meds are Not accessible by all legit psin pstients. At the low income clinicd, health dept clinics there have been signs up for years that no patients will be given any pain meds regardless of condition. This war against the sick poor is how and why drs and rich bix men saw a market niche to create psin meds. And even withblegit dcropts ones cannot get it filled ny even gping to 27 pharmwcies in a month. Homebound, unable to drive or wslk far are forced to work like slsves to no avsil desperately trying to get their scriptd filled. Stop lying to the public. You are not serving your constituents and I bet the Florida voter ballot was rigged or frauded. Too many people and the environment have been hsrmed by you and Scott. As you waste our time and taxes discriminating the gays, a gay tourist could be injured and you will not even let their mate be there to say goodbye. All fisability rights are not enforced and these are federal aand UN violstions. Disability agenciesbon federal funds do not even have thevrequired disabled on board or staff ad ceo pay and bonuses profit off the disanledbpoor elderly and unemployed. Florida has been hiding the largest medicare scandsl in the nation ovrrbilling medicare like a atm as refusing to diagnose patients and writing false mefical records and severe retalialiatiins and in
The DEA and FDA have punished the innocent true pain sufferers because of all of the drug heads and drug dealers. ( Prescription pain meds ). The Doctors started this crap by prescribing opioids based on patients claiming that they are in pain without medical proof. Now, they are refusing to honor their oath as a medical doctor: To put patient above all. Do not refuse to treat patient to better health. DO NOT CAUSE HARM TO ANY PATIENT.
This is ridiculous!!! Return the medication back to Schedule III. Many pain sufferers will be undertreated and there's not a damn thing they can do if their doctors are scared of the DEA. Nothing. Many, I believe, will turn to illegal street drugs or pay ridiculously high prices for black market hydrocodone; which could mean the difference between food on the table or paying the electric bill, just to get some relief. At the least that should've been done is to allow doctors to "grandfather" in their long term patients, e.g. 1 year or more being a pt with chronic pain.
Restrictions should be put on those who go to a new doctor and are given hydrocodone at the first visit and may or may not come back. Especially if their doctor becomes suspicious of their story for the need of pain meds. Those who have confirmed illnesses causing chronic pain SHOULD NOT BE PENALIZED. But, again, big government KNOWS what's best and the little peon politicians who line their pockets from PAC's will stand by and watch people suffer lest they reduce contributions to their campaign funds.
I doubt any change will occur because IT IS WHAT the government says IT IS.
To iterate:
1. NO hydrocodone on first/new dr visit.
2. Allow doctor's discretion to "grandfather" in legitimate chronic pain patients. ( minimun of 1 year having been treating the patient)
3. Require pharmacies to contact doctor only IF that patient is new to their database ( if pharmacy has NEVER filled for the patient).
4. Possibly require pt to show photo ID at Rx pick up.

I don't know if any of the above were considered during the FDA/DEA hearings. It would be nice to have a transcript of the hearings.
But my biggest concern is that legitimate patients are going to turn elsewhere to pain management and it may have severe, long lasting consequences like the ones this new requirement was meant to deter.
Good luck everyone.
My uncle has been taking hydrocodone for a year and a half now. His quality of life improved tremendously since starting it. Prior to that he had been given various medications for pain that did not help him at all. Countless times before this he made doctor visits after doctor visits. He went to family doctor, rheumatologist, allergist....all to no avail. He was finally referred to a pain management doctor who started him on conservative therapy like trigger point injections, Tylenol 3, physical therapy, steroid injections....after about 6 months with no relief he began the hydrocodone ONLY after having his pain source verified through multiple MRI's. What a world of difference this has made in alleviating his joints pain and giving him a quality of life that allows him mow the lawn, clean house, wash his car without having to inconvenience or pay someone else to do what he could've been doing all along. I mentioned the different doctors above; they were all referrals from the previous doctors he had visited to no avail. I would also like to mention that my uncle has used the same pharmacy for over 15 years; just to dispel any thought of doctor shopping or jumping from pharmacy to pharmacy.
What the DEA and FDA have done to innocent pain sufferers is CRUEL and UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT!!! politicians and lawmakers, alike, should jump in and get the REPEAL process started now since they're underlying political platform is; "we care about our constituents".
If they don't do anything about this their true colors are showing and PEOPLE should remember this come election time.
My uncle is back on Tylenol3 and was told by his doctor to give it at least 6 weeks before the medication would give him the relief of hydrocodone. In anticipation of this change the doctor started him on Tylenol 3 early. It's been 3 months and his pain is not even edged off so he just lies in bed and gets around enough to eat and use the restroom, luckily he sleeps just feet away from the restroom. His doctor, knowing full well the lack of relief for my uncle, will not budge for fear of prosecution.
Pain is the number one cause of suicide. The dea is ridiculous and should be sued. Pain is real just like high blood pressure and diabetes. The concern should be for the patient not the probable of addiction. If patient takes medicine as perscribed then addiction should not be a problem. If anyone becomes addicted can get better by going to addiction classes. It is not fair that the dea is more concern about the addicts care then the people who suffer so much in pain. Why do they stop selling alcohol because some people are alcholics?????
I don't know who should be more insulted the doctors or the patients! This new reclassification of pain medication assumes the doctor is incompetent and the patient is either a liar or a drug seeker. Didn't they learn anything from prohibition? People that have the agenda to get drugs for a high will find a way! All that the DEA has done is ensured more hardship on people already suffering. Meanwhile drug cartels are moving evermore into America and what about all the illegal drugs sold everyday on the streets? Why doesn't the DEA get that mess cleaned up before they come after law abiding tax payers who are only taking legitimate prescriptions prescribed by their doctors. I think all the people affected adversely by these idiots should file a class action law suit against the DEA and anyone else that has promoted this intrusion into American citizens personal health issues and their rights to make choices on their courses of treatment with their doctors. It is completely offensive that Americans privacy is being completely betrayed without any indication of wrong doing. Why should the DEA have access to our medical records? I hope the senate and house are giving consideration to all this because when people start feeling the pain and are increasingly impacted by the indifference of the very people elected to protect them from government intrusion, there will be a backlash like nothing seen before from angry sick people who do not have anything to lose because they are already pretty miserable! The last comment I want to make is that since all the articles in the paper and media on the dangers etc of prescription pain medicine many people are now noticing a notable prejudice in people's attitudes towards them. Everybody better wake up and realize that sooner or later they or someone they love will have pain and need medication!
i suffer from RA and Connective tissue disease and am seem monthly by a Board certified Anesthesiologist specialising in Pain Mgt. To help control the chronic pain that I suffer from daily. In order go me to have a somewhat normal day to minimise my pain I am prescribed Hydrocodone which just this month has become almost impossible to fill my legit presc because I was told by 3 different pharmacies that they were out of stock and on backorder and have no idea when or if they would have it in stock! This has caused me needless stress and high blood pressure and endangered my life from abrupt stoppage of my Meds. After refusal to fill my meds from 3 pharmacies due to their excuse of it not being available I finally (as sick as I was) I did get it filled this month but it frightens me to think this will become the norm because some people are addicts, I did not chose to have an incurable and painful disease and now I feel I'm being punished because if my desire to have pain control for which I feel I'm entitled as a disabled american to. Why is nothing being done to help us? I feel that there needs to be some way to identify chronic pain sufferers so this doesn't happen to us. We are not addicts and deserve the right to treatment and if out Drs prescribe meds we should be able to get them! Would you let your child or your dog suffer? We are taxpayers and want the right to a decent amount of pain control which is the humane thing to do. someone please help us!

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