First Do No Harm: The DEA targets Physicians who treat their patients pain.

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I suffer from several auto immune diseases,as well as degenerative spinal disease. I have been in pain management for over a decade. Living in Florida at times i would have to go to as many as 30 pharmacies to find my medication. I was not taking near what others i know took. Because of the stress involved and the chance of not finding it at all. I ended up getting an internal mrphine pump, which has been nothing but problems and gives very little pain relief. My life is difficult enough trying to do the simplest tasks. Nobdy should have to feel like a criminal to Try to have some sort of pain relief.
I have been diagnosed with spinsl stenosis and many bulging discs that my drs have deemed petmanent. Surgeries can cause these problems to get severely worse or even paralysis. I am limited to my work abilities and employers frown on this making it extremely hard to find work. I cannot go a dingle day painless and my life has become hard to where even walking a few minutes causes pain. Taking my pain meds away will not solve the problem. I take as directed by my dr and do not abuse what is given. I cannot deal with pain daily and pain management only helps some. It does not take care of the problem. I do not want to go without something that is making my daily routines bearable. If Congress continues to deny people like me the pain medicines I need, I fear what my outcome will be. I have a family that needs me. I am only 51 years old and taking away something as much as pain meds could cause me to give up . Please, help us that need this help. If my dr didn't know I needed them, he would not have perscribed them.
It hurts to see the one you love thinking about killing themselves to stop the horrendous pain they go thru every day. Something has got to be done to STOP this insanity. Quality of life should be the first priority of every human being..but unfortunately the DEA are not human and now I'm wondering about everyone else in the government who is ALLOWING this atrocity to happen. So very sad.
We have to come together. Twitter,Instagram,youtube,tumblr,etc social media. We must stop the DEA and our state the federal. Lawyer up everybody this is our life we must defend.
really no words can describe the injustice that is happening. a violation of our god given rights.
The Veterans Admin doctor has cut off my pain meds AND refuses to communicate. It appears that V. A. has just blacklisted me from all medical care. I'll be moving back to Mexico so I can get what ever I need for pain. Screw the DEA and this administration. All veterans that get to the point where they're ready to take a bullet, please do it in the lobby of your favorite VA Hospital. Don't forget to call the news first.
Congress needs to back of health care!!!
I am disgusted that the DEA has decided to make it more difficult to get our pain meds. Not to mention a new report alleges that the DEA has no problem allowing drug cartels to finance sex parties for them. Really? What a joke they are. There are people in legitimate pain, they don't give a shit. You must be an addict right? Well I don't get in my car and kill people on my pain meds, if they really want to do something useful why not control alcohol. This needs to stopped. Patients in pain are not criminals.
Report: DEA agents had ‘sex parties’ with prostitutes hired by drug cartels....

News article today 3/26/15.

The very agency that is making millions of chronic pain patients suffer is getting what "they need" without consequences. Oh wait, article did say agent suspensions ranged from 2-10 days.
This is sick and demented! My quality of life is gone because of these restriction.. I told my doctor, do i look like i give a******about addiction. I can barely walk my dog most of the time or handle food shopping. The doctors these days don't listen to one word i say. I am afraid to be open to them these day. and the DEA is as much to blame. Say out of my health care!!!! I want a relationship with my doctor, NOT YOU!!!! I was thinking i should move to a more friendlier country but why should I? I am currently seeking to either start a class action law suit or join one. The doctors and DEA should be ashamed and my god help you...
The Dea think they found the solution.Well because of them watch the death rate rise. Because chronic pain will cause people to use far worse things yep street drugs.Yes drugs like meth.cocaine and heroine and whatever they can find.Why because they do not want to just exist they want to live. And its not fair . Doctors offer the new alternative method ( pain clinic) But why wouldn't they at the cost of 10000.dolars for injections and back nerve burns.After all we know by now that were just a number. THE OATH. they taketo do there best to help people is just a joke because once again were all just a number. Pam robbins
Imagine being in a car accident that was not any fault of your own, your lower spine broken and a rupture disc in your neck. Now imagine the pain, keeping you awake at night and keeping you from interacting with your family and friends.
Your doctors have told you that you are now disabled and can no longer work, imagine the loss of income and the stress of being disabled.
You went to physical therapy just to keep some modicum of mobility but it doesn't stop the pain and there is nothing more to be done for you except pain control medication regimen.
Now imagine that you now have to jump through DEA hoops just to continue your regimen, filing a medical exception for the quantity of medication you require every year and the embarrassment of having to file that with the state and your insurance provider who automatically assume you are a "med seeker" or "long term drug user" even though you are very careful to not become addicted or over use your medication.
Now imagine your doctor hesitant to continue to prescribe your pain medication for fear of what the DEA might do to him and the added stress it causes you and your family.
I don't have to imagine it I live with it every day since my wife's accident in 1995. It has changed the life of our family, our children and our grandchildren.
Now the DEA has caused additional stress and the embarrassment of being scrutinized as a potential criminal drug user by our pharmacy, all because she was unfortunate and was struck by a habitual traffic offender. What was her crime? Why is she and others like her being treated as criminals? Because of the DEA over-reach and interference between doctors and their patients.
That is the real crime.
It's a nightmare...suffering from "chronic agonal pain" (description from my medical file) from an accident and several medical "missteps" when my appendix ruptured is only one of my concerns. In relating my story to others in our area I have found that our hospice can't get enough pain relievers to keep patients comfortable in their last stages of life. Today I found out that pharmacies are no longer willing to order enough hydrocodone for fear of a DEA inspection that will cite them for having too many on premises because...."well, ...what if they got robbed or broken into?" This is like saying folks shouldn't have any money on their person at the end of the day because, "well, ...what if they had a home invasion?". This whole thing is getting silly (that's stupid and dangerous silly not funny silly) and very, very close to true government over-reach.
I live in Mississippi and have had half of 2 and part of a third vertebra removed due to an infection. I was paralysed for almost 2 yrs . My pain is so bad I want to die but my doctor is so afraid of DEA til he only gives me a dose that keeps my pain at 8. DEA only allows Drs to give 2 pills a day and he has me on methadone so that is only 20mgs. If I don't get some relief soon I will be forced to buy drugs off the street.
Some of the Doctors need to be investigated . Likes the Ones that owns more the one Pain rehab center. Starting with GOLDSBORO NC , Family Medicine & Rehab Center , 1-919-751-5900 all around East coast . That's not from this country . Theirs drug screen is not true . or someone is lying . Dr. Ahmed is the one that's owns these places . (i think theirs 5 or more). He took me away from my Doctor.( Because Mr. Ahmed owns the Building). I just found out I am not alone . He cut people off theirs Meds. Trying make them have shots or surgery or both . If you don't He cuts off your Meds . He say he knows how you hurt or feel & that's he a SSI & SSA Doctor . So he can keep you from get SSI or SSA anytime he wants . Also can tell you or can't go to any other primary Doctors . They need to stay on this so call Doctor Ahmed & any connected to him .
I have had issues of doctors not taking me serious even though I have MRI that shows there are issues. They keep saying I'm too young but won't help me to deal with the issue.
I was a nurse for 27 years and taught my patients not to allow pain greater than 4/10 before medicating. This keeps the pain at a tolerable level. It also decreases the anxiety and tenseness when forced to stay in pain. The chronic pain patient deserves to be treated with respect. I have an MRI that reveals bone on bone. In other words, there are no vertebrae to cushion the back. My Internist strongly inferred my seeking drugs. I was humiliated and so angry with you and everyone else impacting proper patient care.
You are making people that already suffer, suffer more. We now spend more money, more time off work, and the injustice of this is infuriating. What crime have I committed? The crime of arthritis.
please hear us! Pay attention to this awful"UNTREATMENT"!!!!!!!
Been on Tramadol for over 25 years for IBS and later for Spinal Stenosis. Personal Physician (PA) referred me to Pain management Dr. because Phys supervisor would not take care of long term pain meds. Tramadol is a Schedule IV med, but Drs. are requiring Schedule II tests. Every visit costs $50 copay and then a $400 copay for the drug test. Totally unnecessary, but due to the cowards in the DEA being so lazy they want to sit at a computer and analyze prescription drug use instead of taking care of the problem on the street.
I have been suffering for two years now with a torn rotator cuff,"3tears". All the doctors will give me is ibuprofen 800, and only after flipping out on him. The worst thing is, is that I'm allergic to hydrocodone, cant take whats on dea list anyhow. So, i got to ask," WHAT THE HELL?"
I didn't realize there were so many who felt just as I do. I have considered suicide many times due to inadequate treatment by doctors and abusive treatment from their staff and pharmacists. I was sent to a pill mill for my meager allotment of medication. When I tried to find a new primary care the current doctor twice told the new doctors I was attempting to secure that I was doctor shopping. Now the pill mill has been shut down by dea, primary care refuses any help and I am left to withdrawal. With my uncontrolled blood pressure issues maybe withdrawal will do the trick. The dea is doing nothing but hurting innocent pain sufferers. Addicts will always get their drugs.
The government is worried about the thousands that OD'd and died from combining HCPs with other drugs? Hmmm.
2 Percocet a day x 3 months profiled me as a "drug seeker", even though I have been disabled since 1991. Sending me to specialists means food for only 1/2 a month ... So I "refused optional treatments".
I'm sorry ppl abuse and OD, but don't make the "cure" punish those in need.
I'm to be punished because I'm in chronic pain and not an addict?!? Thanks :(
Not willing to live the rest of my life this way
100 million American voters suffer chronic pain. 20-odd thousand Americans committed suicide or accidentally overdosed on opioids over the last decade and no longer vote. All of us are unhappy. And the 100 million of us must be allowed to treat ourselves, no matter what is done for the accident and suicide problem.
I am a retired U.S. Army Paratrooper and was badly injured in 1993 during a parachute training accident. Since my retirement I have had multiple feet and back surgeries with the V.A. telling me that nothing else can be done for me. I have been taking opoid pain medicine since the 1990's and was able to function with reduced pain for the most part until now since the DEA has changed the class structure of medicines. Now the V.A. has stopped pain medicine prescriptions and recommends pain seminars. What a crock this is as I have been going through all of this with the V.A. since 1995 when I retired from the U.S. Army. I have been abandoned by the people who are supposed to look after the care of veterans. I just give up.
Not treating pain is bad medicine and once those who are not being treated start suing, then they will look at how they are demeaning these patients.
Personally I think the DEA has too much control. It's all Government control. I ask the same questin as a person in Ashland- Is it a new way to control the population? Let them commit suicide? Who cares? I understand the drug users/abusers. But the honest truth is there are people out here who DO NOT ABUSE our medication and we still get treated terrible. We NEED to change these situations! Help!
What's the answer? What can be done about the abuse of chronic pain sufferers? I have considered ending my life, if my only option is constant pain. Is this a new method of "population control"? Let physicians treat the patient without fear. Let the "war on drugs" target the crooks...not the sufferers. Shame on you, DEA.
stop the drug wars on doctors our vets and all pain patients . Forcing nuclear isotopes into our food chain results in horrific death and suffering as seen from all life forms contaminated . Pain management needs to lower the cost of opiates , stop acephedamine , as it destroys the liver . Stop the lies as it is the right of all citizens to take care of their pain due to horrific conditions . All plants should be legal as the salt wars , just taking back god given rights to the creation is a start .Teaching about addiction is the only responsable obligation on this issue , denying pain control is a sin to humanity
I suffer horrible leg pain everyday from a fall that herniated two discs. I have already had two failed back surgeries. I have told my doctor that the medication she has me on helps some, but I am still in so much pain. She refuses to give me anything else or to try a different medication. The only thing I am offered are injections that I had so many of...they don't help any. It's just a waste of money for the insurance company. The pain keeps me from doing housework, doing fun things with my family, etc. I am even bedridden at times because of the pain. I wish instead of telling the doctors not to to treat patients with the medications that help, please insist that they treat their patients with what needs to be used so they can lives their lives and contribute to the community.
Dr Jaime guerreo louisville ky and his other office in jefferonsonville indiana,this dr was very unfairly treated by DEA,arressted,now to the big coursts with alot of hear say,just because he wasn't a rich dr. He was smart,not in a poor area,a moderate office,so he was targeted, he was just the poorest is all,if he wasn't there to be used as a example they would find the next in line,He is considered a young Dr,in his early 40's but a dam good one in my opinion,and others i have talked to also,he graduated from college at the top of his class. He was chosen out by the DEA because he was low on the totom pole in the business less than 8 years,he was no back alley cronic pain dr, he was a young early 40's dr that was really helping people in pain,he in my opinion of all my times i observed him and people in the office, he helped the really in need of. I was one of his first patients,when he started his practice on south 1st street, then he got a bit bigger and moved to off chestnut street in louisville to broadway in louisville,and then an office in jeffersonville indiana, he lived in sellersburg indiana. Dr G is a good Dr,honest, caring and kept me out of pain the past almost 8 years,i wasn't drugedlike I feel now,i always took the 3 little pills a day he gave me for my cronic pain condion and never asked for more and he never pushed more.He was nice to me and always praised me as his first patient, and he treated me with respect and I like wise. I lived a better life,now I 'm not,I'am left in pain and with a new pain Dr my dear 20 year primary dr got for me,the thing is I know that he doesn't want me,he is stressed from the DEA also,he is richer older dr, he has a prominant office,so in my opinion he is safe,for now, but I feel he is very very stressed.,from the DEA OF change patients pain meds to lower doses lower schedule drugs, i couldnt believe what I was hearing and what i was given i will leave that out,dont want to be known,i need my current dr.I feel I am at least blessed to have a lesser pain dr,but in pain again. I most definitly feel like i will me thrown to the curb very fast,the DEA is probally forcing these pain dr's that are given refferals from general drs with good insurance patients and I mean MEDICARE patients YES thats me,My new dr he is giving me all different pain medication only 8 different pills a day to Dr.G's 3 plus epidual injections,which Dr g did also, in which guerreo did,doesnt make sense so many pils to dr G's 3,that worked,it's all in the name and the DEA's eyes.the medication I am on now is considered a regualr pain medication to the DEA, but leaves me tired,ect,unable to do what i did when i was dr g's patient,I cant work now, what dr,g had me on was only 3 small milgram pills a day and i went down to 2 a day not long ago,was working,not now, not since he has been taken out of his practice and used as a target. All This started over government take over, but they took over in the wrong place, they a
I survived a deadly car accident in 2002. Over the past 13 years I have had 11 major surgeries from my big toes to my hips. Though each surgery fixes a particular acute pain problem, the post surgical chronic pain remains as the new or fused joint effects the other parts of the limbs. I have had thoughts of suicide over the recent fear of prescribing the very drugs designed to to treat pain. Please help stop pressuring doctors from doing their ethical responsibilities out of fear of prosecution.
My mother has had debilitating pain from Post Polio Syndrome for many years. Her condition is chronic and progressive. Along with the pain she suffers every day she is losing strength in EVERY part of her body. Why should this 79 year old woman have to suffer pain because any new doctor she goes to is SO concerned about addiction potential but have not learned a thing about her condition?
I've had 2 blown knees for 3 years, I am a California Work Comp. Victim.. My Claim has been accepted too..~!!!!!
Still no surgery date yet, My original Doctor retires and a "RUSSIAN" Female Doctor takes over and cuts me off, cold turkey, sends me to a non prescribing RUSSIAN ran/owned Pain management clinic.
You no longer can find a doctor to treat pain and it causes a serious problem on the person who suffers with pain. The government looks at your age and it has nothing to do with your age at all. No doctor will treat a patient due to the laws and rules and then you have bad doctors but if a doctor is treating a patient to save a life that is what needs to be done. The government should be thankful for the America lives in this country but they are not thankful for us. They are now about hurting us and the government does not think clearly about what the ones who truly hurt them patients that hurt. Also it is hard to say if you look at xrays and see broken bones and say they are not in pain and they are doctors that need to be put out of business. Some injuries take time to come out but a person who is trying to seek treatment will do what they can when they are able to prove to the doctor that they have issues.
This insanity needs to stop now. Commonsense, please.
I ask myself how doctors can look at someone obviously crippled with pain and do so little. I was care-giver to my brother who had crippling Psoriatic Arthritis and Ankalosing Spondylitis. And today, my partner has spinal degeneration. I can confirm the stigma around chronic pain management. Patients fear to ask for help, or even bring it up. Doctors hope patients WON'T ask, and get very nervous when you do. My Partner's Primary Care Doctor tells him to talk to specialists. The specialists are so conservative in their treatment of pain that someone reporting chronic pain (from a known painful medical condition) at a level 7 or 8 WITH medication, is treated in a manner that does nothing more to alleviate it. While the pain is not being reduced, the pain medications ARE reduced. As a patient, or care-giver we're afraid to bring it up...afraid of being labeled as trying to get drugs for abuse. Doctors are afraid to prescribe for fear of scrutiny by regulators. So...because about 16k people die from opioid overdoses each year in the US, millions* suffer debilitating, life-crushing chronic pain that is not adequately treated because doctors fear for their careers. It's morally wrong. it needs to change. I am not insensitive to the problem of prescription drug addiction. But it's wrong for so many to suffer so much to protect a few. There should be medical ways to determine the difference, and EVEN IF someone in chronic pain IS dependent on pain medication, the doctors need to help manage their health as they do with ANY ongoing medications. Not take the medication away, or refuse to prescribe it. THIS forces people in REAL pain to "doctor shop".
*Chronic Pain = 100 million Americans (source: Institute of Medicine of The National Academies)
Diabetes = 25.8 million Americans (American Diabetes Association
Coronary Heart Disease = 16.3 million
Stroke = 7.0 million (American Heart Association)
Cancer = 11.9 million (American Cancer Society)
I ask myself how doctors can look at someone obviously crippled with pain and do so little. I was care-giver to my brother who had crippling Psoriatic Arthritis and Ankalosing Spondylitis. And today, my partner has spinal degeneration. I can confirm the stigma around chronic pain management. Patients fear to ask for help, or even bring it up. Doctors hope patients WON'T ask, and get very nervous when you do. My Partner's Primary Care Doctor tells him to talk to specialists. The specialists are so conservative in their treatment of pain that someone reporting chronic pain (from a known painful medical condition) at a level 7 or 8 WITH medication, is treated in a manner that does nothing more to alleviate it. While the pain is not being reduced, the pain medications ARE reduced. As a patient, or care-giver we're afraid to bring it up...afraid of being labeled as trying to get drugs for abuse. Doctors are afraid to prescribe for fear of scrutiny by regulators. So...because about 16k people die from opioid overdoses each year in the US, millions* suffer debilitating, life-crushing chronic pain that is not adequately treated because doctors fear for their careers. It's morally wrong. it needs to change. I am not insensitive to the problem of prescription drug addiction. But it's wrong for so many to suffer so much to protect a few.
*Chronic Pain = 100 million Americans (source: Institute of Medicine of The National Academies)
Diabetes = 25.8 million Americans (American Diabetes Association
Coronary Heart Disease = 16.3 million
Stroke = 7.0 million (American Heart Association)
Cancer = 11.9 million (American Cancer Society)
To whom it may concern: I bet no one who came up with these new laws sitting at the round table in chronic pain. None of your close family and friends couldn't possibly be suffering. I want my quality of life back. I'm tired of unnecessary sufferings at the hands of someone else. If you want to play with a life let it be yours not mine.
I have complex regional pain syndrome. I spend 100 percent of my day in pain. I get treated like a criminal because of this. Doctors, pharmicists question me with no regard to HIPPA. I have been called a drug addict in the middle of a cvs pharmacy waiting room. This insanity has to end.
I am so sick of feeling like I have to beg for one hydroco per day. I have cirrhosis and cannot take any thing but for pain. The DEA is turning Doctors into enemies of patients that have pain
I am a grown woman and I resent being told what I can and cannot do for myself.
As I sit here and write this post, I am in a lot of unnecessary pain and feel very upset with a system that has the responsibility of keeping folks well. Understand that constant pain can break even those with a very high tolerance to pain after awhile. Affecting the spirit, taking away the joy of life and making a person wonder if life is even worth living... A system that claims to protect and keep folks well has changed the kind hearted person that I once was into someone with a nasty attitude and despite the pain, not a single tear in my eye because I had to get use to it... To cry only makes it worse. So, whoever pushed this law through, trust me it will backfire on you because your body can feel just like mine. 5 long years of this... almost every day, they see my left side swelling, see that my blood pressure is high, see that I went from 172 lbs. to 104 pounds and still losing because the pain won't allow me to eat or keep anything down. I am angry and do not want to be in my own presence because I do not like the person that I have become. Struggling to keep that tiny microscopic flame, representing my desire to live, burning. This law is probably responsible for the deaths of many... Because this country has "illegal drug issues" the good must suffer and this is not morally or ethically correct. Yes, I am angry and expressing my thoughts and at this point I have nothing else to lose. Now, the tears are coming for the first time... How many others are going through what I am going through and how many others will face this in the future? Will it be your child or grandchild, parent or best friend? Will you stand in a hospital room and watch a loved one cry in agonizing pain or can you turn your back and walk out? One persons overwhelming physical pain affects each of their loved ones. What about this law, pointing the finger at a doctor who has taken an oath to heal but, must watch a patient deteriorate emotionally, psychologically and spirtually as well as physically. The real drug issue is not being addressed because drugs are still sold on street corners and drug addicts still buy them. I do not see any logic in monitoring those that specialize in monitoring... Something is wrong with this picture...
I have been sick for 19yrs,Bedridded for 8 I finally was able to have some semblance of a life with the aid of certain pain medications.I did not look to get sick!I come from a hard working middle class family.we owned a small business.pd lots of taxes over 32yrs,yet now im being treated like a criminal because my doctor has decided after 15yrs with her ,to stop treating the pain of her patients. Now I cant get certain medicines that were made to treat pain[NOT DRUG ATTICS] Its amazing that people are more worried over drug attics than sick people?Why does man have to pervert and rule everything ?Does anyone believe scarring doctors and denying pain medicine to the sick is going to stop drug addiction? Everyone should look into when the dea started cracking down on medicine and doctors ive read it happened over a budget report around 2000 that the budget didn't fit the arrests, if that's the reason [money and power] well that is then pure evil. and sick.with pot going mainstream I guess another target was needed! Well please move on to something else, innocent good people who suffer so much are now suffering even more. Chronic Pain never goes away, Horrible pain is like being tortured 24 hrs a day. Medicine can help at least make life more bearable. Give sick or chronic pain suffers a chance at some type of life.How can this I still feel a great country, do this to its people. How have we gotten so turned upside down. It seems evil rules and we react to it even to the point of hurting good. How does this make any sense? Some things cant be controlled or won or cost to much. Taking medicine from the sick to try to prevent bad people from doing bad things is NOT the answer.
At 22 I was told I was a prime candidate for neck and lower back surgery due to the degree of disc degeneration within my spine; as well as many other factors. My quality of life was terrible- basically get through the day and try to hide my pain & suffering. I was poked, prodded, given shots, you name it, but I refuse to be cut on until it's my only option left. I regained my quality of life when I was prescribed a combination of medications that have helped subside my pain to the point where I can live my life on an everyday basis without being miserable. I have been working with my pain clinic for a few years now and even though I legitimately need these medications, I have been treated very rudely by many people & scrutinized by pharmacists and the techs. The rude under-the-breath comments about how I'm young, etc. is ridiculous- the people who judge me have absolutely NO idea the extent of my condition, nor what I've gone through. The scrutiny has become even worse due to the DEA "tightening down" on medication that SO MANY legitimately need. A trip to the pharmacy shouldn't be so deeply depressing & a visit to the doctor shouldn't be a monthly waiting game. All of this bc the DEA may just decide to make it even harder once again for patients to be treated in the manner that works/has been effective for them...all while making doctors worry constantly instead of doing what they are there to do- treat their paitents in an effective manner that works for both of them.
I don't know how much longer i live like this. 2 not at faulf
The only doctor I've ever met in the State of NJ that had an ounce of compassion for people who are in chronic pain, with no hope of a surgical or rehabilitation for their pain, has finally become a full victim of this unjust society. Thank you DEA, doctors who are more concerned about their license than their patients, politicos who stopped getting the checks from the pharmaceutical companies, you've finally forced me into withdrawal after 9 years. Now I have two herniated discs with arthritis and no pain medicine. Well, the detox has gotten to the PAWS stage, and now I have to apply for disability. I cannot sit for long periods of time, which my career requires. I cannot lift or bend without assistance, and without the pain medicine I cannot stand straight and walk any longer than from the house to the car. I hope the government doesn't fight my disability application or I'll be homeless. Our country should be ashamed of itself. Too bad I can't get a job in Canada.
My fiancé has a severe ear infection that is causing her debilitating pain, so we went to the doctor to get antibiotics and something to relive the pain so she can function, well she ended up having a severe outer-ear infection that is spreading to her jaw, her ear was so swollen that the otoscope had to be forced in her ear causing her to cry, I've never seen her in so much pain and when she asked for something to relive some of the pain, the doctor said that he is sorry but under new law they are being strictly regulated, so she is still suffering and the ibuprofen that was recommended is not making even the slightest difference in her pain, so I decided to do a little research on these "laws" and I have just stumbled across this petition, and now looking back on it I belive that this physician was being over cautious with these regulations to not get penalized by the DEA's ridiculous new law, so I figured I will contribute to this petition considering not only my situation but for others that I'm sure have worse experiences with these new laws.

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