First Do No Harm: The DEA targets Physicians who treat their patients pain.

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This is yet another absurdity regarding the medical industrial complex. To categorically tell patents they do not prescribe medication but use epidural steroid injections is credible evidence that these "practitioners" prefer prescribing an expensive (and often ineffectual) course of injections. This way there are three people in the money chain: the doctor, the facility where the procedure is performed, and (at least) an anesthesiologist. It seems that there are more and more hands out asking for money. It's all about the money and the hell with the patient!

I have had a medical office who initially out me on a long term pain medication (who I had to stop seeing due to insurance changes), and who I called once they were back in network tell me "we do not prescribe medications -- only injections." This is inexcusable! They put me on this medication so they bear some responsibility in this matter. But to refuse to even look at my latest laundry list of MRI reports is criminal in my mind.

I have documented issues that I have had for over 15 years. To now deny me the medications that help me live an acceptable quality of life is insanity at its worst.

Ideally, I feel that any"practitioners" who categorically refuse chronic pain patients, for which they were prescribing said medications, deserve close scrutiny from a local medical review board and possible censure.

Please fix this fiasco! This is clear overreaction to this problem!
CDC needs to get their house cleaned. Profits from
illegal drugs are laundered thru the banks they use. This makes NO sense. America has one of the worst health care in the world. CDC knew years ago the No.1 cause of death here is from hospital care. Word got out, their budget was cut to a minimum, by our cheaply bought lawmakers.
I have been forced to have mandatory health care insurance , that will not ensure medical intervention of my nerve damage . Every doctor that has examined me has said my pain needs managed . They will not manage my pain due to possibility of arrest from dea . I have noticed in your response you have not mentioned the statistics of people with nerve damage being denied medical intervention only of those who may have abused or miss used of said medications . This is bias , you cannot possibly ensure that both addicts and those in need are getting treatment . This war on drugs is failure , the Dea needs to be disbanded for it will deny a medical doctor with a licence to practice medicine as needed . Street drugs still there only now they attack people with nerve damage . 25 states have at some level have made cannabis legal for medical reasons it is still a scheduled one substance . The dea schedules drugs and controls them , I call that making your own laws , every person in every state that uses cannabis needs to be arrested , sounds ridiculous ? The dea has not proved that cannabis has medical benefits nor has it proved it to be safe , they are neither rehab specialists or doctor yet they can deny medical intervention ? Congress has amended our Constitution with laws that will also deny medical intervention for people with nerve damage . We the American citizens had to reach out to the United Nations to get medical intervention for nerve damage they said the war on drugs is a failure , here I am in pain with no doctor basically being tortured from forced into untreated chronic pain . I strongly believe that Article V needs to be acted upon , When people loose Freedom of any kind it is no longer a Free country . To be forced against ones will is not Freedom . I am being forced to suffer , forced to have mandatory health care , not Free .
I'm 26 and feel like my life was robbed from me before I've even began to live it. I'm suffered from debilitating chronic pain for the past 4 years due to an auto accident and underlying autoimmune disease but am constantly told that I'm too young to be in pain and labeled an addict. My current doctor says he will likely have to stop prescribing my medication soon because of changing regulations. If so, I'll have to stop work working again and I will have zero quality of life...
It hurts to hug my children.
I was told that the pain medicine contract would not pertain to me. I was not a drug addict. I would still receive my pain medicine. Just like all the other lies that have been told. Like keeping my doctor and my visits not being so high, this also was a lie. So its better for me to kill my insides. That makes so much sense. Please stop lying to all of us. We are not stupid. We are in pain.
Ever since this "free" country started criminalizing pain patients my quality of life has been miserable. With proper pain mngt I was able to build a successful business, buy a property and maintain it and had great relationships with family and loved ones. All of this is gone and all directly related to the neglect of the medical community to adequately treat my pain. My guaranteed rights of life and liberty have been destroyed by the DEA and I think it's time for WE the people to take them back! I so truly feel for all of you in pain and am so ashamed of our country to make us live this way. LIBERTY NOW
Ive raced all my life and worked ungodly jobs to raise my family, i race moto
X alone for 18 years, i was hurt at work 100 + times, crashed in moto x. At least 500 times
Now my body is destroyed, blew hips out many yimes, back is a large mess, Knees are shot, on and on, ive had every pain med over 40 plus years, im 58 now, ive been on meds so strong they made hydrocodode like asprin, itook 8 10mm norcos 24 hours a day, im leagaly disabled, i dont want to be!!
I only need ta basicly get around each day!!

I took opanas while working nights at ski area, i quit on my own, almost died...
I asked my dr ta please put me on norcos like drs gave me 40 years ago, he did,
I now, being only child care for my mother whos 85, after dea started there shit, my new Dr , was affraid, i lost health insurance moving mother south,
1 year 5 months ago my Dr cut my med by two pills, now i cant sleep, do yard chores and struggle from month ta month,, i gained 45 pounds in one month, and spend weeks in bed at a time

Why live??? The dea took all my life quality,,,
Good job dea, am i suposed to find Heroin???
I unfortunately had back surgery that wasn't successful... My last Dr. told me to get insurance (I am barely above what the Medicaid allowance is, I find that odd because I live paycheck to paycheck and am barely surviving!!!) My last Dr. moved out if state, and at my appointment with my new Dr. was told she had an emergency (no phone call, I had to drive 30 miles each way with an unreliable car)... The Dr. who saw me told me nothing was wrong with me and would not even refill my ibuprofen or thyroid medicine... I'm living every day in hell...I've tried telling myself the Dr. was right and I was not in pain...WRONG!!! I wake up every day and pray it will get better, but it hasn't and I'm really doubting it ever will... I've tried to see pain management Dr.s, but I don't have enough money to even see them... I thank God I'm religious, because I'd rather be dead than live this horrible life... It's really great that I pay so much in taxes, plus get fined for no insurance and at tax refund time, I'm told I make to much money for earned income credit... Why can't the government find a way to help tax paying citizens manage the horrible pain???
I served my community even as a young Camp Fire Girl in the sixties and in pain from a fall in a neighbor's backyard. My family had good insurance and I couldn't find the help I needed. I grew as an active tern in the seventies, in chronic pain, a part time job at suxteen, my church and community. I became a medical professional but never obtained my final goal as someone whose body slowly deteriated. Family grows apart because pain is so isolated, no one wants to be reminded that invisible disabilities actually exist. I suffer daily, doctors are afraid they'll get "busted" for legally prescribing someone who is actually eligible for pain management treatment I'm southern California. Why are doctors busted for doing their job legally? I had actually been licensed by my state to hand out prescriptions with instructions I've seen the DEA grow into a monster. September, 1972 codeine became controlled. Suddenly Elvis gets a DEA badge from Nixon? It's crazy. I never wanted to be on medication but I choose life. Yes, I want to live, but not in pain, my family fought for our rights. I legally quality for C2 medication but everybody is afraid of the dea. It's crazy. Legal doctors getting busted? Not humane on any world you live in.
Over 18 years ago, I was rear-ended at approximately 60-65 MPH by an inexperienced & careless teenage driver who wasn't paying attention to the road ahead of her. This horrific auto accident caused me to have numerous injuries, including a fractured C6 vertebrae that could have resulted in my untimely death or a permanent state of paralysis from the neck down. (Both, my neurosurgeon and orthopedic surgeon, said how very fortunate I was that I didn't become a quadriplegic. When they performed my six and a half hour ACDF/operation, they were shocked to discover a fractured shard of bone from my C6 vertebra that was peircing against my spinal cord. Had the impact been any worse or if I was in the slightest fender bender on the way to the hospital, I would have been paralyzed from the neck down. I also could have stopped breathing.) As a result of this near-fatal accident & the numerous injuries that I sustained, I now suffer from chronic-intractable pain and I'll continue to for the rest of my life.

It's been over 18 years since this unremitting & debilitating pain began & every day has been a tremendous struggle! Needless to say, this accident has had devastating & lifelong consequences on my family & I. After the accident, I was diagnosed with five disc herniations, degenerative disc disease, a fractured C6 vertebrae, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (from my wrist being jammed against the steering wheel during the impact), a concussion/closed-head injury (which effected my short-term memory & caused concentration problems), Neuropathy, Sciatica, SI Joint Dysfuntion, Myofacial Pain Syndrome, Chronic Pain Syndrome, severe sprains & strains, Osteoarthritis, Scoliosis, & Cardiac Adrenal Pain Syndrome.

To date, I have had two major operations, an Anterior Cervical Discectomy w/ Fusion (ACDF) and an Endoscopic Discectomy with Radio-Frequency Ablation (RFA) on L3-4, L4-5, & L5-S1 in my lumbar spine. I've also had three smaller surgeries. Ever since my second surgery, the Endoscopic Discectomy at L3-4, L4-5, L5-S1, my condition has gotten significantly worse. As a result of this surgery & the smaller surgeries that came later, I developed a significant amount of scar tissue and nerve damage. Soon afterwards, I was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) AKA Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD). Now, I basically feel like my skin is on fire 24/7 and like someone is intermittently driving needles and firing nails into my feet with a nail gun! Since I am ALWAYS in a great deal of pain, I also suffer from insomnia because it's extremely difficult to fall and remain asleep. The ONLY class of drugs that alleviates my chronic-intractable & neuropathic pain is OPIOIDS but I don't rely on opioids (or Oxycontin & Oxycodone) alone to treat my chronic intractable pain. I also take a supplement called Nerve Fix. Nerve Fix contains alpha lipoic acid and benfotiamine, along with other beneficial supplements, and they help a great deal to alleviate the neuropat
I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis , spondalitis .some days I can't even get out of bed , I'm in so much pain that I can't say life is bad cause I have no life anymore my good days are being able to walk without suffering for hours because I tried .My us government that is supposed to help with my social security that I paid all my life says I'm not disabled and cause of their refusal to help I have lost everything even my will thanks U S A for ur betrail now ever day is pain from when I wake till I sleep because of some ignorant gov agency DEA who thinks they know more than the docs do , I can't get help for my pain , if a doctor cant be a doctor and help his patients then he might as well just find a new profession and just let DEA treat all medical issues if I sound angry its because I am ****ed off I have to live this way
52 year old female who has always exercised, eaten well, had a good job and paid plenty of taxes income and property, had the misfortune of becoming ill 4 years ago. I felt I did all the right things in life no drugs no drinking a pretty healthy lifestyle. Because I have become part of the unfortunate chronic pain population I too will be left to suffer. Will I be able to hold my job which allows me to pay those income and property taxes? I would never take pain medication to Get high I need to take it to participate in life. Would they rather we lay in bed and think of ways to kill over selves? because there are going to be plenty of people that carry through with those plans. My pain medication doesn't make me high it does exactly what it was created for, to take my pain away so I can be a participant of life and society. One of the disgusting things about all this crap going on is that the rich and famous, the doctors and people in the medical profession will continue to get what they need when it comes to pain relief. It will be, once again, the average joe who is screwed over. I had heard that George clooney had some kind of chronic pain problem, maybe his back, and he takes pain medicine everyday he said. Do you think his doctor, senator or congressman is going to take his pain medication away? No, he will be allowed to continue on because of who he is as will all other rich and famous people who get catered to.
I am one bad pain flare away from death. The key regimen keeping me alive is high-strength, high-dose opiate pain medications delivered through the excellent care and watchful eye of a top expert in Intractable Pain (IP) and addictionology in California.

I write because the current hysteria about opiate addiction is artificially lumping legitimate IP patients—who almost never become addicted or abuse their medications—in with addicts and a few rogue doctors who misuse these medications crucial to my staying alive.

Addicts have a number of options available to address their disease. Most IP patients like me—though we all employ a series of modalities to manage our pain—must rely primarily on opiate pain meds. Take these away and millions of innocent, vulnerable people who are doing nothing wrong will die miserable, premature deaths. And if they don't die rates of disability still will rise, at great expense to the government and our society.

I remind everyone that the definition of torture is the infliction of severe pain. Well, limiting or withholding opiate/opioid pain medications from legitimate Intractable Pain patients amounts to torture.

The pendulum is swinging too far. The key is to separate addicts out from IP patients. Even the new CDC guidelines do not forbid high-dose, high-strength opiate regimens for patients who truly need them; the guidelines merely urge caution. The federal government needs to stop lumping addiction and intractable pain together, get addicts into the treatment they need for their disease, and reassure us legitimate patients (and our doctors and pharmacists) that we may get the treatment that OUR diseases need.
After three years of being on a med that stopped most of my pain..I was cut off and thrown out of a practice. I never abused or misused any medication. I had to go cold turkey off a powerful med. I was given an oral swab drug test and my med didn't show up. My Dr believed me and wrote my monthly prescription. No pharmacy had it. So I went back to the office where another Dr took my prescription and tore it up saying no meds for me. I cried. He didn't know me. I was afraid of having to be bedridden again. I asked to be urine tested. He then threw me out. My Dr was crying and told him I take my meds. Its been over a month now in bed. I'm about to give up. I have a new Dr appt with someone new but he's in the same system. What are my choices?? Help.
That's just BS, plain and simple. I've had 6 spinal surgeries. If it weren't for the morning medicines, including pain pill) that I take everything morning I wouldn't be able to do ANYTHING. Luckily with the meds/pain pills I take everyday I can get up (sometimes with a little from my husband) and do the things I need to do. It make me a better wife, a better mother, better Gigi (grandmother), and a better daughter in law. I get her things when she wants them. I also try to keep up with her meds as well as my own. Oh and by the way: I've been on these meds for almost 16 years. They ease the pain enough so that I can function, they definitely DO NOT make me "high". They give me enough to help the pain and they give me enough so that I can feel and look like the woman the I am!
As a veterinarian I know exactly how bad, physiologically, chronic pain is for the body. In animals, we treat it without hesitation, because our most important job is relief of animal suffering. The DEA has made it impossible for human doctors to do the most important part of their job, out of fear that some of the drugs they prescribe might end up getting sold to people who don't actually need them. In return, the price of these drugs on the street has gone UP, not down; the popularity of these drugs on the street has gone UP, not down; and in addition, hundreds of thousands of humans with chronic pain conditions suffer needlessly! If that isn't abuse, I don't know what is.
I'm a 60 year old man that had suffered a horrible auto accident in the 70s resulting in my whole left side being crushed and my leg had to be attached back. Also have dessication of my disc in pretty much my whole spine no use of my hands and a hereditary brain disease. I once was an able bodied man because i was responsibly taking my prescribed opiate medication but now I was forced off my meds due to the new "guidelines" this is completely and utterly inhumane stop taking law abiding citizens medications away stop putting fear into our doctor's let them treat us without the stigma. The government has no business being involved in my health care people are dying and through no fault of their own.
I was born sick all my life I've had chronic pain. Up until recently I had quality of life but now I'm confined to a bed at 40. I have a brain disorder spinal stenosis degenerate disc disease nerve damage and severe osteoarthritis. I've done all the alternative therapies and natural so called remedies and nothing helped but an opiate prescribed medication. I always followed all the rules drug test which is a major invasion of privacy that alone makes a person feel bad the verbal abuse from doctor's and nurse's. We the people that follow the rules should not be punished. We are patients not addict's.
At 15 I was a passenger in a 7 rollover jeep accident that resulted in constant excruciating pain. I have bulging and degenerative discs, narrowing of spinal canal, and SM (a rare and very painful cyst inside the spinal cord) The doctor I saw prescribed morphine and percocet, and it helped.. But I didn't about tolerance, I was just happy to be back to myself . Little did I know this would be the beginning of a life long problem. I lost my insurance and was forced into instant withdrawal from benzos , Antidepressants, adhd medicine, and of course the opiates.i didn't abuse them or go out all high and partying, no I got to be like the other kids my age who could go to dances and school functions without hiding in a corner embarrassed by my pain. You don't have to abuse narcotics to feel the wrath of withdrawal, your body will sense that they're normal and necessary. I thought I was dying and at times prayed that I was so the pain would be over. My boyfriend offered me a pill he got from a friend and from there I just saw it as a more affordable way to manage pain. The lowlife junkies I found myself interacting with was not what I wanted from life. A girl I worked with had back pain and a love for heroin told me the methadone clinic would help with my pain. She told me what to say to become a patient. I put myself in a corner and there isn't really a way out. All I've ever wanted was relief... Had I known that 10 years later I'd get no more relief from a percocet than an aspirin, I would have told that doctor to shove it, just give me some vikes. My condition worsens seemingly each and every day and ironically less and less help is available. I've offered everything. Pill counts at the drop of a hat, drug tests whenever, field sobriety tests. Well the pains making me crazy and I'm about to pull out my hair, you might as well test it... Never tell doctors how pain is mentally impacting you. Because any sign of that and you're off to the looney bin. Hell yeah we need regulations... On both doctors and patients and insurance for that matter. Had there been some kind of regulation on tapering down and requiring that insurance cover it, I see a different outcome. Let doctors require more of those they feel maybe drug seekers and make them jump through hoops and if they decide they feel more comfortable it should be their choice to let up on requirements. There is no point in pain management doctors who aren't allowed to manage pain, and people committing suicide because no one would help with their pain. It's easy to call them weak but unless you face the prospect of pain that gets worse when you already feel like you're at max capacity then you don't really get an opinion. Is it better to have a person unmonitored buying street drugs. Please tell me who that helps other than the drug dealer making money on a man's down and out luck. Funny how the dea actually perpetuates the dealers.
I hate being disabled, sick and in pain. It took forever to find the dose, frequency and a medicine I could take. I have tried PT, acupuncture, chiropractor . I have had other setbacks in my life but my chronic pain has been mostly under control with a pain patch and nerve burns. They work together.
Last week I found out my doctors leave of absence has turned into a gone from practice. I saw the temporary doctors a few weeks prior when my doctor was on leave. I had a nurse I didn't know and they had me sign all the new cdc forms and promises. I told the substitute doctor I was scared. No one I knew was there. I'm being deluged with paperwork that felt treating to my health. But I follow the rules. So I signed. I saw the temporary doctor last week. I made an appointment to find out why I lost half my hair. We never got there because I asked about which new doctor would treat me (the Internet provided answer for reason I made appointment. When you have a severe illness and are hospital ed, put on iv fluids over 2 weeks, then get anethisisa for gallbladder Dugger months down the road your body reacts and you can start losing hair). All the temporary doctor seemed concerned with was my life expectancy and the opiod medicine will cut it. He didn't read my chart or my medical history or my family's medical history. Every doctor has me fill out famy medical history but I don't think they read it. I was born disabled like my siblings (my dad was a Vietnam veteran exposed to agent orange. He is dead from it. My siblings and I were effected medically. My diseases and illnesses are a jail on my life. A jail I have learned to live with and I'm trying ing. But now I'm going to lose the fight. No one wants to be on pain meds. I don't want to be tied down to any medications but it's what I needed. I go to my GP every three months and see a pain specialist for procedure like the nerve burns. I'm trying so hard to have a decent life with every hurdle thrown at me. But now my temporary doctor says no one will treat me in their practice. He offered no help, no information other than the medicine is unhealthy. So are my illnesses and disabilities. He is part uog a famy practice covering a large area where I live under the umbrella of a hospital but no one will help me and I'm scared. The pain debilitated me for years. Ruined my sleep. Put me in a spiral of bad/no sleep and pain each makingg the other worse but it has been under control until the temporary doctor said no one will help. I am running out of options. I am losing trust in those people who promised I could trust them, the doctors and politicians. I am envieness of the people in Belgium. They have a right to die law. I live in NYS. No right to die law, I have read the medical marijuana program is a mess. My pain doctor mentioned it to me last procedure but I never had a chance to talk to my doctor. Animals are treated better then the disabled, and because I'm on op
I have been in chronic pain for more than 4 years due to an inoperable back problem and fibromyalgia. I have an amazing pain Doctor and PA who counsel me monthly, suggest new therapies, medications, and treatments and keep track of my general health. Over the past 4 years I have watched new government regulations creep into the way medications are handled. I have heard from other people about other pain clinics closing because they didn't meet one government standard or another. Please allow doctors to truly treat patients to the best of their abilities. Stop hog tying them in be autocratic red tap while real people are suffering. Until you have gone years with pain...pain that medication barely touches but doesn't truly will never know the suffering of chronic pain and what it does to your entire life. Please let doctors do their job.
I lived with Chronic pain for over 40 years. I only began taking medication as I got older and the pain was unbearable. Now I'm being treated like a criminal. This is so unfair. Without the medication, the pain can put me into shock. If this policy continues, I have no doubt it will lead to my death.
Having a very hard time coping without my meds......
Living in constant pain from a degenerative disease makes everyday simple tasks almost unbearable. Things such as showering, dressing preparing meals are difficult. Worse is being treated like a drug addict when all you are doing is trying to maintain some resemblance to a normal life. I don't drink alcohol or do illegal drugs and have been on same dosage for 18 years. Please recognize that lots of people suffer with chronic pain and a lot of us are labeled addicts for simply trying to have a life
I am a 33 year old who is an above knee amputee. The original surgeon messed me up and now have severe nerve damage and bone spurs that continue to grow. My only option is surgery every 6-9 months and pain medication. I was finally getting some relief being prescribed pain medication. I went back to work started feeling almost normal again until my pain management dr decided to cut my medication by more than half because of DEA guidelines. It is a struggle to keep my job with the intense pain I experience and has negatively affected my life by me not being able to do anything after I struggle through work but take off my prosthetic and lay in bed. I feel as if I am not getting pain "management" but withdrawal management. They prescribe be just enough to keep me hooked and coming back to refill but not enough to even take the edge off my pain. I have never taken a pain pill to get "high". I take my meds how they are prescribed but they are loosing their effectiveness. I am going to loose my job and be on government assistance due to the lack of pain management. Is this what the DEA wants? Another free-loader on everyone else? I refuse to be that man. I would rather die than have to accept handouts. I think people who are actually in need of pain medication should join together and file a class action lawsuit against DEA and doctors who refuse to help their patients regain what minimal normalcy they can with pain medication.
i am 60. I have CPS (chronic pain syndrome). I have severe OA throughout my body. I have had to have joint replacement surgery because of OA. Everyday exercise helps...but I live with pain everyday. Without opiod pain medication, my pain would be debilitating. An orthopedic doctor looking at my lumbar MRI this week smugly told me that pain is just part of life and that I just need to get used to it. In an angry tone, he told me that I should not be taking any opioids at all because I would become (or already was) just another addict. He slammed my primarily care physician for giving me Percoset and insinuated that he was probably just a pill pusher). He told me I could do rehab, and walked out.
This is the new face of American medicine. If you suffer from chronic pain, you are shunned by doctors and labeled as a junky. God help those of us with chronic pain, because modern medicine has the ability, but not the desire to control pain. I am sick and tired of doctors abusing sincere patients in pain. I am not just a lumbar spine. I am not just a cervical spine or a hip or a knee. I am not just a collection of body parts with a different medical specialist for each part. I am a person! I am a whole person! I am a human being!
We who suffer are calling out to you for help.
Who do you think you are to put people who live with pain every day to take there pain meds away number one if you are a constant pain patient you need you meds it's ok.what makes it not ok when a doctor retired. Or just stops treating a person that's where the problem come in I am 65 I hurt every day and for you to take away what helps me live a normal life it's wrong it's sad that one person can do this.what needs to be done is quit saying withdraws won't kill you because they can.that's where the schooling needs to be not taking away
I find that the quality of my life has fallen greatly because of physicians relutance, and sometimes refusal, to treat my pain with the proper medications.

They continously prescribe alternative medications which have proved harmful to my system in the past

I was recently berated by a PA who told me that I couldn't come in and attempt to tell them how my health should be managed. This person continued until I was in tears.

I do not "lose medication" and ask for more. I have only once asked for a higher level (5 mgs to 7.5) and after using this medication for a week, asked to be placed back to the lower dosage.

My pain is real, severe and continous. I only ask that I be allowed to control it to a point where I can function on a daily basis.

Before the new laws I actually hardened, golfer and walked about a mile per day. These days because of the extremely limited number of pills allowed, I am lucky to be able to get up, take care of my pets and do minimal housework.

When switched to the alternative drugs before I broke my ankle, the next time I broke my shoulder and I also suffered a mini stroke due to the fact that my body does not respond to these chemical alternatives.

We work our whole lives and now the doctors and our own government wish to take what we have left.
More and more of the elderly are dropping out of society. We no longer want to be with family and friends, we don't participate in activities and we are sinking into deep depression. Our only alternative now is to die and I'm beginning to believe that this is exactly the outcome the government wants.

In pain and in our later years, we should be allowed some comfort and the ability to control the worst of the pain.

Something needs to be done before many of us decide death is best or the alternative medications do it for us.

Thank you.
as many other signers I have osteoarthritis, knee replacement, degenerative disc disease, herniated and calcified discs in lumbar back, lost use of two fingers right hand, cervical arthritis, and new diagnosis of bilateral hip degeneration, no cartilage left on left knee. I had Spurs removed from lumbar spine in 1999 to alleviate nerve pain in sciatic nerve. I have been on pain medication since 1999, never filled early, never doctor shopped, and never abused. The pain medication allow me a minimal amount of normalcy, minimal. I have not been working since 3-16 related to inability to stand greater then one hour, difficulty sitting for any length of time, and spasms. I have been referred to a pain clinic. I asked my PCP about Ohio's new medical marijuana laws and was told in no uncertain terms that he will not be prescribing. Super. 17 years of narcotics have been fine though. I agree we have a horrific problem in the country which WAS CREATED BY PHYSICIANS IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES. Now that people are being cut off their solution is heroin and death. Stop abusing the citizens of this country, citizens through no fault of their own developed repetitive motion injuries and hereditary problems by removing their lifelines.
May 5, 2016
lSomeone from Memphis, TN writes:
People will find other means of medication or worse, end their lives because of chronic pain.
SOMEONE FROM SAN JOSE - CONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS POST:.... but over the past 3 wks, all my painful issues have returned, and the gabba isn't helping...neither are the 800 mg Ibuprofin's Kaiser prescribed. Also bad for kidneys on a long-term basis, per another Kaiser physician who warned me earlier this year - not my PCP or Pain Mgmt folks.

SERIOUSLY; this is the solution for me going forward? The past 3 wks I've spent every night lying awake in pain all night; lying around all day -- I understand I needed to stay off ankle so it heals properly but the rest of my unresolved pain issues have remained consistent. I was told I could expect the pain to get "better", i.e., that my brain might be experiencing "hyperalgesia". BS. My pain is exactly the same, in the same places it was BEFORE I started the Oxycontin; i.e., back, knee, arthritis, neck/shoulders, etc. If I am to believe the "hyperalgesia" theory they're hanging their hats on now-a-days, why didn't I experience new pain to random areas of my body? Why ONLY those known areas diagnosed by my doctors therein???

In summation, I am HUGELY concerned about my future health or lack of quality of life. I try to stay positive; I've never abused drugs nor have I ever been an addict. Kaiser knows this. I've passed random urine testing too. WHY SHOULD I BE RECEIVE THIS TYPE OF TREATMENT OR LACK OF PAIN MANAGMENT HELP with what WORKED for me in the past??? I plan on contacting Kaiser's PMP folks on Monday and tell them I continue to suffer with debilitating, unresolved long term pain and ask them to release me back to a PCP who will re-prescribe. WHY should people like me, who have always complied be left with NO workable solution for pain? I also suffer from Fibromyalgia; I have read Opiods are not considered helpful for that disease, but they helped me. I had quality of life; I could help my elderly parents; I could move without feeling the intensity of the pain I suffer with now (typically 7-8 out of 10 every day). That wears your down, physically and emotionally. My legs and body feel so heavy at times, I feel like I've been walking in sand for hours. I just have to go lay down. But these same doctors don't feel I'm one willing to write that report either. I guess I should start thinking about other ways to relieve my pain in future? How long do you think people like me, who have always been strong minded, tough and independent can go on, day in and out, like this? BTW it's no 4:29 am and I'm still up, awake - my shoulder joint/neck areas are killing me, the oestoearthritis in my fingers is hurting already; my lower back is seizing up, and soon as I stand up my knee and ankle will plague me with more pain. Maybe I should run out to the liquor store? Even the strongest willed people who have never abused anything can be broken down by this type of constant pain...and for what? Is this what you really want for your senior citizens; the baby boomers who've paid
Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

Does anyone remember the 18th Amendment to the Constitution? Prohibition? Because that worked out so well for us.

I am a patient with multiple chronic illnesses which cause intractable pain. I have been on opiate pain medication for 12 years. I take my medication as prescribed. I do not abuse or sell my medication. I use the same Doctor & the same pharmacy every month. But every time I try to pick up my prescriptions, I'm treated as if I'm committing a criminal act.

Every time I leave the house with my prescriptions I risk arrest for possession. Every time I get behind the wheel I can get arrested for driving under the influence.

I am not a criminal. I do not break the law. Neither does my doctor in prescribing these medications.
I have unresolved, long term pain with documented medical diagnosis from Kaiser in Northern CA due to: 1. Total knee replacement 2011, 2, Osteoarthritis 3. Degenerative Disc Disease + Neuropathy in low back 4. 2001 Anterior-Cervical Fusion w/titanium disc surgery which has left me with painful neuropathy across shoulders ever since 5. Scar tissue pain after Breast Cancer Stage IIB partial mastectomy + RAD trtmt, 6. Overuse of Left Shoulder most recently diagnosed + total joint replacement recommended by Board Cert. Ortho Surgeon AND 2 herniated discs in neck (again) from trying to help a family member past year who is non-ambulatory, 180 lbs dead weight, off the floor. I am in constant pain, every single day.
My PC physician put me on Oxycontin in 2011; time-release 20mg x 2 per day. I did experience break through pain, esp. when 10th hour rolled around while I was sleeping at night; pain would wake me up as well as the physical withdrawal symptoms. I explained all this to my PCP; always been honest with him and even voluntarily showed him my Oxy Rx I'd bring with me when I'd see him, so he'd know I was never abusing my pain meds. I'd be scared to death I'd run out and really be up a creek. I've never even thought about abusing them; I'm not interested in getting high...just out of enough pain to have some quality of life and be able to function daily without having to go lay down every few hours in miserable pain.

In March 2016, this PCP suggested, out of blue, it was time I got off the Oxycontins and referred me over to Pain Management Program - he cited the length of time I'd been on them as the reason and assured me he knew I had never abused them. In tears and scared to death, I reluctantly agreed to work the program - I successfully tapered off and took my last Oxy on wk 3. 2 days before I finished I fell (on wet tile floor) and rcv'd my first sprained ankle (at age 60). I had it x-ray'd; looked at by Ortho dr. NO pain pills for me, even though I sat there complaining of HUGE pain; yes, I fell very with leg bent where top of my foot was under me and bruised/skinned on top of foot, clearly. I never called the Pain Mgmnt Folks; I had stopped the pills and I was not able to drive (my right foot unfortunately) to their required 3 wk daily "meetings" where I understood I'd learn new "techniques" to manage my pain, breathing techniques, etc. First they suggested "Effexor" for me - I said no (WAY too many side-effects) and then "Cymbalta" - another no. I'm not willing to destroy either my liver or kidneys because Kaiser thinks it's a better solution. I disagree after reading up on these ridiculous psychotropic poisons. I tapered down with the help of another more common drug I researched online and suggested to them, i.e., gabapentin. That took the edge off the withdrawal symptoms well enough to make it somewhat easy to taper off Oxy's with. I continued taking it as they recommened, for the forseeable future, but over the p
These new rules are forcing good people to suffer and will end up creating a demand for illegal drugs on the street! Way to stop the war on drugs, all you law makers are idiots and should have to suffer a day in my shoes!!!
These new rules are forcing good people to suffer and will end up creating a demand for illegal drugs on the street! Way to stop the war on drugs, all you law makers are idiots and should have to suffer a day in my shoes!!!
You have no idea what it's like till you become consumed with pain that leaves you feeling awful for life my meds. we're taking away bcz the doctor was doing his job but they took away his pain prescription for a year everyone from that office suffered. Maybe the folks that make these laws should walk in our shoes.
This assault on the rights of pain patients to obtain the vital narcotic medications that allow us to live and function as well as possible given our own individual circumstances is a HUGE VIOLATION OF OUR CIVIL RIGHTS AND THE RIGHTS WE ARE ASSURED OF IN THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION!!! It is unethical to TORTURE PAIN PATIENTS BY EITHER LIMITING THE DOSAGES THAT CAN BE PRESCRIBED PER PATIENT or by ELIMINATING THESE DRUGS FROM USE BECAUSE A SMALL SEGMENT OF THE POPULATION BECOMES ADDICTED TO THEM!!!! Our pain treatment allow may of us to work and interact with other people and enables us to have a better life than we would have without them. We comply with all the rules and regulations that are set down when these medications are prescribed and are monitored on a monthly basis by a Physician or other Health Care Professional for the duration of our treatment. We sign pain contracts, submit to urine testing. In most States, we are in a computer database to make certain we are not getting prescriptions from more than one pain practice and/or pharmacy. There are also unbreakable prescription bottles with combination lock tops that are available that would also limit the access of these medications to only the patient that they are prescribed for. The use of these bottles is not currently mandated in the United States but it should be. This action along with the other rules currently in place as set up by our pain practitioners would allow another layer of protection for those that ar most vulnerable(children and teens). It is important that we as a compassionate and intelligent society realize that elimination of the use of these drugs for severe pain is not a realistic or needed goal. To even attempt the elimination of these drugs and to let people suffer inChronic undertreated or untreated severe pain is a National Disgrace. The only thing that this will accomplish is an increase in the use and sale of illegal drugs which is already creating a crisis of overdose deaths and deaths due to drugs being combined with other substances to increase the profit margin or even with the intent to inflict harm on people. It is safer for society as a whole if we continue to have our pain treated within the safety of our medical care system. If the USA will be forcing pain patients to take very large risks to treat our pain it would be much safer still to just place this medication on store shelves without any regulation whatsoever. A very limited availability not only increases the HAZARDS OF OBTAINING PAIN TREATMENT ON OUR STREETS but guarantee that the drug cartels and the dealers will soon be getting extremely rich and the healthcare system will be overloaded not only with addiction issues but with the increase in Emergency Room Visits due to tainted drugs. IS THIS REALLY THE BEST WAY TO HANDLE PAIN? I DO NOT THINK SO!!! We need to treat pain effectively and intelligently. This is best done by our doctors that have taken care of us for decades since
Can someone help me find where on "Human Rights" is anything that pertains to us? Thanks
I vehemently disagree with the federal regulations, as well as the doctors who agree with the regulations, against legal use of prescription drugs...some of which are not specified as non-narcotic.
People, including the elderly are having their civil and human rights denied. When physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and those without chronic pain make decisions for those who do live in constant pain, it is a criminal violation, and should be treated as such. I believe a class action suit should be filed immediately! We have been publicly humiliated long enough. These regulations are NOT stopping the drug abuse problems we see around the world. They are only abusing the victims.
Decades long sufferer of Fibromyalsia, ruptured discs and bursitis. Pain meds recently cut to nearly nothing and cut abruptly so fighting withdrawls now. We have to fight this insanity. We are not addicts, we have sickness just like MS, diabetes etc...STOP REFUSING OUR MEDICAL CARE it is against our rights.
Someone has now labeled me a drug addict instead of a chronic pain patient. This insanity must stop!! I cannot walk without pain medication--if this ridiculous way of thinking continues, I will soon be an invalid. STOP THE WAR ON PAIN MEDICATION!!!!!
Someone has now labeled me a drug addict instead of a chronic pain patient. This insanity must stop!! I cannot walk without pain medication--if this ridiculous way of thinking continues, I will soon be an invalid. STOP THE WAR ON PAIN MEDICATION!!!!!
I am a Chronic Pain Patient with Degenerative Disc Disease and Cubital Tunnel Syndrome. I'm on Disability due to the above: retired in 2006 from Aviation Engineering, since I was denied Teleworking by my Directorate. I receive a pension from the Office of Personnel Management, as well as Social Security. I'm one of the lucky one's. Congress keeps slipping Bills in, that have been approved, which denies us, as taxpaying Americans to receive the necessary medications, treatments, physical therapy. Our rights to proper medical care, medications, and treatments are getting cut every year, while those of us with private insurance, our premiums go up, and our out of pocket expenses increase. People on the Exchange are getting worse treatment than those on SSD/SSI. I've met my Congressman, written to the "Ways and Means" of my state; in addition the "Ways and Means Congressional Website." Nobody is listening. While Congress see's an increase in pay every year, those of us on benefits see very little of a COLA, some years zero. There are enough Americans with legitimate diagnosis, like me, that are being Discriminated due to our medical conditions, this is out of our control. We are at the mercy of our Pain Management doctor's; which Congress, CDC and Surgeon General are currently attacking, without cause. The numbers they have been given, are over inflated. Chronic Pain Patients take their medications responsibly. All the Government is doing right now, with just this years Bill's that have been passed, is padding the pockets of the Illegal Drug Dealers who sell our medications on the street. More legitimate patients, will eventually be following these illegal routes, if Congress keeps going. Our civil rights, medical rights, are being violated. PITA has the right's for Animal Protection. Patients do not. We are at the mercy of the next Law that Congress passes. This has to stop. The government would have to answer to a Class Action Law Suite; since they answer to little else. There are several places that peopled can go to, email or write a letter in order to petition the courts for a Class Action Law suite against the federal government for this. One is Human Rights Watch the other is the ACLU.
I am an under treated patient that is ignored and shoved to the next pain clinic to be poked and prodded. Listen to your patients!!! I PRAY for death most days because of my pain and loss of strength! It is NO LIFE to live this way.

I'm on SSD. I've had 4 lumbar surgeries and fusion. 2 plates fusion and 8 screws on my cervical spine. Went to pain clinic for injections on lumbar to avoid another lumbar surgery which would include Rods. My family physician and the pain clinic cut me off my medicine abruptly. I'm almost 55 and can barely walk sometimes. This is ridiculous. Why do I get thrown in the same pot as drug addicts? I need an attorney
My nightmare started over 35 yrs ago, maybe more. They have already cut my pain med down to 3 percocets a day, barely touches any pain. But if I complain, well we all know what will happen. I just moved to a new st and my new dr hasn't requested my records yet, it's been a month, he doesn't care, I need those pesky blood tests as I have lots of issues. Already wrote up a list for hubby, so if something happens, he knows who to go after. This is total ********!
Our intelligent educated civilian Doctors do not need a bunch of lackey government losers looking over they're shoulders!
It is unfair to punish people that are in chronic pain, that take their opioid medication responsibly, for the actions of those that do not. This would be akin to taking automobiles away from everyone because of those that drive drunk. It's not fair and it's not right. This needs to change. We are #PatientsNotAddicts and we need to start being treated as such.
The concept of fiduciary duty, if taken seriously as it should, requires physicians to heed this call. Since 2000 the Joint Commission has maintained patients have the right to proper assessment and management of their pain. This should be noncontroversial; it is flat-out unethical conduct which violates the standards of the profession. For those unaware, see the Chin case (California, 1998 or thereabouts) for an example of legal recourse for patients.
This is outrageous! I suffer from multiple myeloma, thyroid cancer, and severe osteoporosis. I suffered a burst fracture in my L2 because my bones are so brittle. My primary care physician retired. I have been on narcotic pain meds for years. Narcotic pain meds give me quality of life that I wouldn't have without them. I would have to give up work. I'd would lose my home, and be unable to provide for me and my children. Now I'm forced to get my meds through other doctors who seem reluctant to give me anything and they make me feel like a common criminal. Doctors are so afraid of the government they just tell patients no. Leaving us who need these types of medications to suffer because of this over reach of government. This disgust me to the core and angers me beyond belief!
Deplorable! I took the young person who I care for who is like a son to me to his new Primary Care Physician today. He has a rare genetic brain disease known as Fahrs Disease, Parkinsons, Gait and Balance Abnormality, Generalized Dystonia throughout his body and he is Autistic. His physician saw that the Neurologist prescribed Hydrocodone for pain and Ativan for anxiety and she blew a gasket! She told this young man that he was going to be a "druggie" and that the medication would cause him to "loose his mind" and he would never be able to walk, etc. The Neurologist obviously thought there was a medical need or he would not have written the prescriptions. The Primary Care Doctor, Ms Lee stated that she refused to write any narcotics for any of her patients as she was not a "pain clinic" and did not want to have any problems with the authorities citing the CDC as one of the authorities she was frightened of having trouble with. I told her we could switch to a different Neurologist but that the other Neurologist had told me that the Primary Care Doctor was suppose to write all prescriptions for the patient. After I told her this is when she told me that it was ok to have 2 Neurologist. Anything was ok as long as she did not have to write Scheduled medication prescriptions. She even had the nerve to tell me that the patient needed "professional" care instead of the care of his Caregiver/Advocate/Friend/Attorney-In-Fact because I dared to stick up for him and his right to be treated with medication that would help his pain and anxiety problems. It is clear to me that this Physician cares more about herself and her medical license than she does for the patients she is treating. She would rather a patient stay in pain and take Tylenol than to have prescription medication IF she is the one who has to write the prescription. This kind of behavior is DEPLORABLE and is causing great harm to patients. I thought Doctors were suppose to help/treat/care not harm, humiliate and horrify patients. Someone please....stop the madness! Scheduled Medication was developed to help those who need it and there is no reason why any person should be forced to suffer in pain when medication exists to treat them.
Obviously this new cdc rule is not the best way to restrict access of prescription pain meds to drug addicts or people taking pills to get high.
I take my meds to survive and function as best I can. With the technology we have today why can't we use it to track people filling scripts to often, from many Drs. Let's use a fingerprint to track them The people such as myself that have obided by every rule happily are the true people being affected.
I have gone to 1 pain management facility, take.regular urine tests to make sure I am Taking all drugs as perscribed aND nit sEllington them or ta king to many. I have has 37 surgeries. Many n knee surgeries aND fin all a toral knée replacementl, 4 back surgeries fusing multiple levels in my low back. 3 surges in 3 weeks because the surgeon gave me a staph infection in my spine around the metal hardware and in the bone as well as placed the metal hardware up against a nerve. I have major scar tissue in my knee and back. I have many herniated or bulging discs even in 3 levels of my neck all causing massive pain. I have been unable to work at all for the last 8 yrs. I suffer from depression because of all of this as well as massive anxiety if I leave the house. I am on a lot of different medication. It took awhile to find out what worked, how often to have certain procedures to help with pain and scar tissue. I am on a pain patch I change every 2 days. I found out instead of a 1 week grace period to pick up I now have 2 days. I went to fill opoid meds and was told I could only get 1/2 the amount I have been taking. The meds I take mean that I can be out of bed for a few hours to hang with my children and grandson. This new law is hurting many people. Even when I see a dentist or any Dr. and they offer me pain meds I refuse only letting my pain management Dr
To be the only dr in charge of pain related meds. I have several other medical condition that are affected by these new rulings. They are hurting the good people. I would like to file some sort of complain or ruling with the many docume, people affected. People needing Marijuana have a card why can't we do something similar. If you are on certain specific meds for a specific amount of time or longer it needs to be from a pain management center that moniters you regularly. We'll have a card with our hard copied scripts with watermark and show id. I think we do most of these steps already. This way it makes it harder for the right group of people. How can we fight back. Soon I'll be to exhausted fighting pain. Please help. I'll do what I can to be heard.
Thanks for reading my long long plea and suggestion.
Lorrie S
Phoenix AZ
This is outrageous! I suffer from multiple myeloma, thyroid cancer, and severe osteoporosis. I suffered a burst fracture in my L2 because my bones are so brittle. My primary care physician retired. I have been on narcotic pain meds for years. Narcotic pain meds give me quality of life that I wouldn't have without them. I would have to give up work. I'd would lose my home, and be unable to provide for me and my children. Now I'm forced to get my meds through other doctors who seem reluctant to give me anything and they make me feel like a common criminal. Doctors are so afraid of the government they just tell patients no. Leaving us who need these types of medications to suffer because of this over reach of government. This disgust me to the core and angers me beyond belief!
I think it is a shame that we are told what we can and can't one knows your pain.i have two chichildren and a single mom I do CNA work where I hhave hurt my back doing my work trying to provide ffor my family.i have also been in two wrecks where I have hurt my knee and kneck.with out my medicine I would not be able to work and provide for me and my kids.there father does not work and I do not get child support.before I was treated for chronic pain I laid on my couch for three months could not get up and cried I was at the point I wanted to kill myself.i have since been able to go back to work and work a full time job.if they keep closing paim clinics down in our area then it just hurts us who really needs it.and plus addicts will always find away to get it some how please as a single mother I beg please help keep the ones who truly need the help of chronic pain management available for us.i don't know what type of situation that can be done but it's not fair to ones who does need it
I'm a person who has a ruptured nerve in my lumbar spine. Scar tissue grows into the rupture. Have had two back surgeries 17 years ago. The second one was to attempt to fix the rupture. The only way I've been able to stay out of the emergency room and live a decent life with moderate pain is by taking time released pain medication.Along with other medications to treat nerve pain,muscle spasms. I see a pain specialist. He is part of a pain treatment group of specialist. I gladly take urine test to prove I don't take any other meds or more then prescribed. None of that matters now. Yesterday he told me I will have to cut my time released pain meds in half .Because of the DEA regulations.I don't know what I'll do. I see the writing on the wall. I can only see horrible unlivable pain in my future. I'm glad my children are now grown so that I will not be a burden to them. The addicts will still be addicts and seek heroin and overdose. We the law abiding citizens in chronic sever pain will pay the price for the addicts.
The changes made to pain management has dramatically affected my life, I suffer day in and day out with severe chronic pain , my pain gets so overwhelming that it effects my quality of life my ability to carry out normal daily activities. I am not the only one that suffers, my family does as well having to watch me live in pain, not be able to get out of bed, do simple daily chores or work or take part in my children's and grandchildren's lives. This has also caused doctors to profile their patients and they are treated unfairly. I don't want to take these drugs but I need them to be able to be somewhat functional in my life. I have had two back surgeries and now have a back fusion and stenosis in the level above my fusion along with other back issues, my pain is real, I can understand if you have no documented or do not have a pain causing illness to be cautious but those of us that do should not have to suffer because of the irresponsible actions of others. I worked hard all my life sometimes having two jobs at a time along with taking care of a family and now that I can't doesn't mean I'm lazy ,a faker, a liar, a drug addict it means I'm in severe pain and I am going to the doctor for help to relieve some of my pain so I can somewhat live my life.
These changes have affected my Quality of Life horribly! I am a tax paying, law abiding citizen that has never caused any problems in my country. Why is it that you have made the choice to take away some of the pain medications I NEED? These changes should NOT affect the chronically ill in any way! I could understand if people who violated the law regarding the medications were affected; but I am NOT one of them! I am not a Junkie or Drug dealer. I am just a CHRONICALLY ILL person and that is verifiable through my medical files. It is wrong that you have taken away the medication I NEED! Now my quality of life is affected in a bad way! Do what's RIGHT-- allow me my RIGHT to the pain medications I NEED!
My voice will be loud and clear until you do! This is just WRONG!
These changes have affected my Quality of Life horribly! I am a tax paying, law abiding citizen that has never caused any problems in my country. Why is it that you have made the choice to take away some of the pain medications I NEED? These changes should NOT affect the chronically ill in any way! I could understand if people who violated the law regarding the medications were affected; but I am NOT one of them! I am not a Junkie or Drug dealer. I am just a CHRONICALLY ILL person and that is verifiable through my medical files. It is wrong that you have taken away the medication I NEED! Now my quality of life is affected in a bad way! Do what's RIGHT-- allow me my RIGHT to the pain medications I NEED!
My voice will be loud and clear until you do! This is just WRONG!
I am a combat-disabled veteran that has broken my back twice, hurt my hip, and has been blown up. Now my doctor has lowered my meds. I am 44 years old and I now have no life. I spend a big portion of my days in pain and in bed. My marriage is suffering as well as not being able to do anything with my child. This insanity should not be happening and it needs to stop. If a doctor feels their patient should have medicine then they should be able to treat them.
I'm sure I'm only one of millions who are victim of the DHE and government overreach. Who is fighting this injustice? Ok so there is a drug epidemic. Who is protecting us? The ones who are actually in pain? My wife is in the close minded damaging care of the neurological community that stereotypes everyone into the same group as "narcotic" medication does not help migraines. Well my wife's are caused by a "mechanical" bone problem that exists in her neck, it's NOT chemical and she has NEVER had a "rebound headache". They have let her scream and writhe for TWO FING DAYS!!! Trying all they're witch doctor remedies that do NOTHING!!! IT IS A CRIME WHAT THE GOVERNMENT HAS DONE HERE!!! They are forcing doctors to do harm every day and trust me as I watch my wife suffer hour after hour, day after wretched day. It's doing harm. Who is fighting for us?
Somewhere in all of the advances through modern medicine, the fact was lost that while our life spans are being extended when they would have been cut much shorter even as recent as 50 years ago, that extension of time left on earth comes at a price that's being ignored! Euthanasia for humans is not legal but would be so much more humane than allowing us to live in excruciating pain daily when there are ways to offer some form of relief to allow us to achieve some sort of quality of life. It's not easy for our loved ones to sit back and watch us in pain every day knowing they cannot do anything about it.

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