First Do No Harm: The DEA targets Physicians who treat their patients pain.

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I am sitting here crying in pain - just had major surgery but docs would not give pain meds because I get chronic opiod treatment which by the way has been reduced so that my pain has not been controlled prior to surgery,. Docs think they have to follow CDC guidelines regardless of tolerance or pain level of individual pain patient
I agree with all comments made. I am a caregiver and know very well what people are saying.
I suffer from seven bulging discs in my back along with two crushed discs, a twisted and curved spine that has flattened my spinal cord in two places. Since my diagnosis every doctor I have seen has treated me more like a criminal than a patient because I require pain relief. This country has lost it's ever loving mind. I hope the ones who have instilled these travesties' upon the weak and wounded never have to suffer from chronic pain because they may have to put up with their own nonsense. " I can only hope that will be their just reward.
In process of a lawsuit filed under disability act. Get lawyers make consults keep all your records safe. Keep all posted on my progress. You are all in my prayers and I support Robert that the time has arrived to stop the government from imposing any further harm to responsible pain patients
I am a 59 year old male born with medullary sponge kidneys. I have suffered my entire life with this disease having well over 300 surgeries and or procedures over the past 30 years. I did not need continuing pain medication until 8 years ago. I never had an increase in my medication in 8 years always on a dose 3 times per day. My doctor recently lost his license and I have been without pain medication for over a year now. I have never been in pain management just my PCP and my nephrologist. My nephrologist is scared to death to prescribe opoids. I guess it's back to living in the hospital. I will now have to go to the er almost daily. I will apply for SS and welfare because I can no longer work or even function in this daily hell. The government is hurting themselves and driving up the health insurance costs instead of paying for a prescription once a month they can now pay all of the above said. I will not give to the cartels nor will I commit suicide like so many others. What is wrong with the USA? It's time to unite and make a movement and get our lives back
The criminal element in government wants to underprescribe patients so that they will turn to heroin and illegal drugs!
I have suffered 4 strokes, due to the DEA. Drs are afraid if losing their license, if they properly treat their patients. Then I was billed 135. 00 for a drug test.!! I have severe pain, ex rays to prove it and yet. Get the DEA out of our Healthcare. They are causing more harm, than good. Oour Government can't afford to continue, this needles witch hunt.
I have suffered 4 strokes, due to the DEA. Drs are afraid if losing their license, if they properly treat their patients. Then I was billed 135. 00 for a drug test.!! I have severe pain, ex rays to prove it and yet. Get the DEA out of our Healthcare. They are causing more harm, than good. Oour Government can't afford to continue, this needles witch hunt.
Born with cerebral palsy, I've had surgeries over my 43 years. Cerebral Palsy doesn't worsen. However there is effects from having C.P. like my back and hip have extreme pain now that I have reached this age. The pain is effecting my "normal" everyday life. I am on disability. this new law that prohibits me from simply causes more harm. I have to pay more co-pays and the doctors then pay for the medications. EVERY 30 days. I do not take the like having to take any medication, However in this Opioid medications makes my life better or "normal" if it wasn't for the medication all I have if to lay in bed and do nothing at all. I do not have to take the medications daily only during what I call "flare ups" during this time I am either suck without the medications because I can not afford going to the doctors and making a decision if I should take the medication and lay in bed and do nothing. I understand the risk of taking the medications. Thus it is why I only take it during my needs, Please allow my doctors and make the decision of my life and health care. Its my life. NOT yours
I am a victim of this witch hunt.
This is a huge injustice! I am mortified reading some of your comments! And our VETERANS? Being further included in this inhumane manner! Just WOW! The government has induced irresponsible guidelines that have become LAW! Pain patients suffer enough on a daily basis but now the government has crossed the line treating our veterans in this manner! Shame shame shame. Let's vote the bums OUT! We need to regain our rights!
i have spine damage from a car wreck. i am 62 years old and am a responsible person. i have been on hydrocodone for nearly 20 years. i take it as needed, everyday is different. i have multiple MRIs to back it up. but my doctor retired, now with these new laws, i cannot find a doctor in my town to prescribe my pain medication. i have a disabled son to care for and i have to be able to function . i cannot lay in bed all day in pain. i do not have insurance because my only income is social security, so i cannot go to those special pain management clinics that only see people with insurance and cost an unbelievable amount of money just to walk in the door. these medications give me my ability to function as a useful person and to not have to suffer. you people just do not get it. you are punishing the elderly, chronically ill and disabled--legitimate pain sufferers, not the drug addicts looking to get high. these pills do not make me high, they make me function. the only thing these new stricter laws will do is to drive honest and desperate sick people to have to resort to illegal means to relieve their pain, and i guarantee that will be the case if there are no longer any doctors who will help. it will be a booming business for the illegal drug dealers now! i know because i will now have to become one of these desperate people.
It's terrible having Chronic pain. I suffer everyday and can't function. Sometimes I hurt so bad I can't get out of bed. I ache like I have a toothache in my body. I have to push myself to do anything and can't complete whatever it is that I started. I hate feeling this way!
You deny pain management so Americans die off your street drugs , I call this murder !
Since my Doctor said My pain medicine had to be reduced, I have lost my Jobe as a Manager at a large furniture warehouse in Salt Lake City. I can no longer support myself and lost my income of $20.00 dollars an hour. and can not stand on my feet for more than 20 minutes at a time. I have a Peripheral Neuropathy for 20 plus years, and am in constant pain, I have no quality of life or will to live since the took the majority of my pain medicine away. Please Help, I Beg of You!!!!
Addition to my last comment, for the ignorant the senerio I discribed in a previous post is called Dioclelian's, I think if the masses had any idea how often big brother uses it there would be rioting in the street, but that's must what the evil of this country do, and they have a strangle hold on public office like you could not imagine.
I've been taking a low level opiate for chronic pain for over 10 years. It has worked wonders for me being able to function in daily life. Now my doctor says she won't prescribe it for me or anyone else anymore. Doesn't give a reason, just suddenly decided she will no longer prescribe pain medication to ANY of her patients. I do not understand why I have to go back to living the painful existence I had before I was prescribed this medication. Nothing else helps me live a normal life. This kind of treatment seems totally barbaric to me. Why does our government want to force all of these people with legitimate chronic pain to live a life of suffering? It is completely inhumane!
1st it is the DEA that controls and imports the herion into this country. 2nd by eliminating PM Dr.s they can increase there heroin customer base. 3rd since the American public is generally dumb and apathetic we half just given up our right to live happy free lives as our constitution character's. 4th this works out great for the new world order Zionist because elimination of the population 2/3rd' of it by there own admission is there grand plan, WAKE UP SLEEPING AMERICA ITS TIME TO TAKE OUR LAND .MASS BACK!!! And honor God as our forefathers did. K,
I think that this is going way to far. They don't need our medical records why? Someone please explain why exactly why they need our personal information. They are a disgrace to the United States of America. This use to be a free country not anymore. We are not free they are just a bunch of big headed bullies. They lie they entrap people set them up ruin their lives it's all for them to get off believe me they get off on what they do. Nurses who worked at Dr's offices have told me exactly how they act when they think a Dr has went Rouge. They DON'T NEED TO BE OR HAVE ACCESS TO MILLIONS OF MEDICAL RECORDS. THE ONLY PART THEY HAVE A CLUE ABOUT IS OPIOIDS THEY DON'T KNOW WHAT A FREAKING CODE MEANS. I HAVE ALSO BEEN TOLD WHILE THEY ARE RAIDING A DR'S OFFICE THEY TAKE THE MEDS IN FRONT OF THE NURSES AND PUT THEM IN THEIR MOUTHS AND SWALLOW THEM
My doc of 30 something years retired and now I cannot find a doc to prescribe tramadol for me!! I have taken this for many years due to many problems the latest being nerve damage from chemo. I never hounded for more meds. I was content for the edge off the pain the trams gave me. Now I can't work and my life sucks! I don't want to buy off the street but I have been forced to. This is a sad state of affairs for a 55 yr. What does the gov expect patients to do when we r forced not to b patients but to b street addicts???? Y was it ok for me to take tramadol for 16 yrs and now it's not? If I was going to abuse drugs, trust me I would have before. But no, I worked with my doc and did my best. Now I can't even try to do my best cuz I can't afford whats sold on the street. And seriously? Heroin is cheaper and I truly understand y people start to buy that. Sad, sad state of affairs in the USA.
I am getting no pain meds at the moment . Thanks to my government controlling my Drs and not allowing them to do their job as a Dr with the meds my body could tolerate. I now have seratonin syndrome . I no longer trust the United States of Americas government or policy. I could have died. You are forcing us to inject non FDA approved steriods into our bodies. Bottle says not approved for spinal injections but a pt don't see that. Now I have osteoneurocrosis of the femoral head . Thank you CDC DEA. are worse then Hitler and are causing a genocide for true pain patients people who are truly sick.
I am a Patient who's lived over 35 years with severe pain,,I've had to go to many Pharmacys to fill one pain med,,this is not as much the trauma I suffer as what I am dealing with now on a day to day basis ,,I will suffer with tremendous pain and still will not go to a Hospital even tho my Family begs me too,,I went when I was suffering with severe stomach pains and was treated so badly and with such humiliation that I will no longer go to any Clinic or Emergency room even tho it could lead to my death,, I was treated like a drug seeker before they the Doctors even knew weather I had a valid illness,,they with held any pain treatment at all,,they let me lay there for hours in such pain that I begged for death to take me,,I had my own pain Meds that I could have taken to relieve at least some of the horrendous pain I was suffering but was not allowed to,,yet they wouldn't help me with pain relief at all,, Come to find out I was suffering with a severe stomach blockage that did almost end my life,,Because of this experience with the Doctors and Hospital I will no longer go in for any life saving treatment because they treated me with disrespect, and they humiliated me and tortured me more than a Human Being should ever be ,,I am suffering daily as I post this letter now with such pain theat at times is so unbearable that I still wish death would take me before I'd put myself through that kind of humiliation for anything,,Thd Doctors and most Nurses are on such a power trip that they could care less if we're laying in a room in pain,, they treat us all as if we're drug seekers,, What a shame and travesty of justice this world has come to,along with the Hospitals and Clinics and a lot of the Doctors who now we cannot trust to treat us with any kind of compassion much less dignity ,,Going to a Hospital or Clinic here in America is worse than going to Natzi Germany with Hitler in charge,,
I am one of those unfortunate people that cannot take anti-inflammatory or Nsaids. Suffer from GI problems. Also suffered a heart attack in 2012. I hate having to take pills everyday of my life but without the pain medication I cannot live. I have tried on a number of occasions. My doctor tapered me down. But the lower dosage dropped I wasn't able to function the pain reminded me why I was on them. Always have thoughts of suicide in the back of my mind. But if I cannot get my pain medication I will have no choice either turn to street drug's or end my life. The answer would be to end my life. Chronic pain isn't something that anyone wants to deal with. You go to see the dentist and you let them know your under pain management they treat you like your a drug addict and will not give you anything for pain. But you didn't request anything from them for pain. A doctor here's the words Pain Management and they talk down to you and mistreat you. They think your doctor shopping or an drug addict. We are punished everyday by the pain coming from our bodies. I don't get high of my meds. I don't call in and say I lost my meds. I take them as directed and try to maintain the level of medication without reaching tolerance. Maybe they need to sit down and talk with the people themselves that have Chronic Pain. The pain is really not in our heads.
I'm a long time sufferer of chronic pain. I have sciatica, 3 slipped disc and I have a plate and pins in my neck. I also deal with arthritis in my hips, hands, and feet. I know pain and I hope that everyone of the ones who are against pain meds get what I have then go before a doctor who labels you a drug user
I'm a long time sufferer of chronic pain. I have sciatica, 3 slipped disc and I have a plate and pins in my neck. I also deal with arthritis in my hips, hands, and feet. I know pain and I hope that everyone of the ones who are against pain meds get what I have then go before a doctor who labels you a drug user
They are going to have more od due to the fact people that truly need the pain meds to get thru the day are going to have to seek drug dealers to get what the need
It's all about money. The people that write these bills to keep people off of "dangerous" opioids end up killing people with NSAIDS! Addiction is somehow worse than death in their little brains. I take something for pain, have to come off it; sure I feel like death for a week or two, but I don't die, like with NSAIDS, which are NOT scheduled, and considered safe.

I also have a huge problem with alcohol. This should be a SCHEDULE I drug. It has NO MEDICINAL VALUE, and a HIGH RISK FOR DEPENDENCY. Why is marijuana Schedule I, yet things like cocaine are Schedule II. MJ doesn't destroy someone's life like alcohol or cocaine will do. It's all about busting stupid alcoholics and then fining them over and over since they cannot quit it. It's one of the most addictive and dangerous substances on earth for a select group of people.

I've had pain from lyme since I was 14 years old. Never been taken seriously, so I found some ways to get legal herbs that have the same effects of morphine, since some doctors and these law-makers are complete dicks that have never had this pain, and never will. I have constant all the time pain, with flare ups. If they could touch me like in "The Green Mile", they'd be crying and begging for their old body back within 5 seconds. No empathy or compassion for the sick... I can't afford to see expensive doctors, but I know these doctors will prescribe anything that may help my pain, based on others I know who have gone to them.

It's simply legal drug dealers - sold to the highest bidder! That is what many doctors have become. You don't pay enough, you don't get anything. If you're poor, then nobody really cares about your pain, and they just hope you'll off yourself, so that is one less person on the system - even though the REAL leeches are the ones who collect large amounts of interest in the banks and don't put that money back into the system, making the rest of us fight over the 3 - 5% of that money that still is in the system. It's laughable that something isn't done about THAT problem. The elephants in the room never get noticed. Let's nit-pick on the small stuff instead and screw people's lives up as much as we can by making them have to go to even more doctors and get prescriptions every month by not allowing refills, and let's make these scheduled medications as hard as we can for people to get, so they will have to live a life of pain and misery. Karma will get these greedy bastards... and when I am free from my pain one day, I will laugh at their misfortune when I finally get to the other side.

Screw all of 'em. They'll get what's coming to them. Hopefully pain like mine for all eternity. They all deserve it. I was hit with military weapons that got loose - ticks. I should be making fully military disability and SSI + an anual check for pain and suffering until my last days on earth, unless they find cures for these things.... But nope. Only the rich *******s that send th
The quacks, the cops and especially the legislators DO NOT GIVE ONE RATS*****rats*****about us, our pain or our quality of life. PA's and dr's have no right to treat us like second class pcs of******or accuse us of dick! **** 'EM ALL! I'm totally tired of being treated like******because I have ankylosing spondylitis and just want to have a little relief so I can do my job a get an hour of sleep once in a while. I'm sure there are no high and mighty doctors and pa's out there who dare lower themselves to listen to any of us "drug addicts and "drug seekers" just wanting a little relief=F U C K Y O U! F U C K your big*****house. F U C K your money grubbing spouse! **** your $100,000 car that you "worked" so hard for! I HATE all of you for making us feel like less than zero for wanting a small resemblance of our lives back! And real fat **** YOU AND BURN IN ****ING HELL all of you smug*****chain pharm mutha****ers out there! I know all of you overpaid and US economy thrashing maggots associated with the pathetic "healcare" industry are laughing at each one of us. Nothing will change as long these insects continue to bleed us dry and rakie in their precious $. I can only hope karma gets you, your entire family every other pig you know. Thank you and may all you white coat wearing crooks suffer a fate worse than death! I ****ING HATE YOU ALL!!!!!
I never took pain medication until I had a terrible car accident at the age of 41. I am now 51 and can't find a doctor that will treat me properly. I am in constant pain - lower back, neck, legs. Some days I can barely get out of bed. I was a contributing member of society prior to the auto accident and for several years after. Once doctors began to be scrutinized for prescribing pain medication to people who are actually suffering, my dosages were cut way back and here I am today, not able to do much of anything.
It is such a shame that honest people who truly take their medications as prescribed to help their pain so they can try to have a life worth living are treated like "drug seekers" immediately when discussing pain control with physicians. Chronic pain is life changing and only those who suffer from it truly understand how desperate people are to try and get some relief. I try so very hard to take my pain meds as infrequently as possible but can only take the pain for so long before breaking down. Why are we being punished for something we have no control over? I, for one, would absolutely love to be pain free and have no need for pain medications!!!
Not treating chronic health conditions is a violation of my rights as an American. It takes away people's ability to work and live in any reasonable manor. Not to mention how dare you stick your nose into my private health care decisions! Well you've done it. Now we have a health care system that is sick with psychopaths. My prayer is that you have the need to see one of the amazing gutless wonders called the new physician very soon. XO
That's what I'm asking. It's time we ban together and fight this in every state. I've had 6 abdominal surgeries, I have 2 sets of Meshes in abdomen. The surgeons X 3(opinions) ALL said that there's nothing they can do to take Meshes out. I'm told because of ALL the surgeries & positions of both sets of meshes, it's ruined my stomach. The meshes have grown into my organs. The multiple surgeries have produced adhesions and scar tissue. I had splenic cancer & had my spleen removed along with 41 small nodules. I can't sue because no attorney is doing abdominal mesh because of Laws that blocked the law suits. I was hospitalized so many times for weeks @ a time. And now they want to mess with my pain meds because pain clinics are scared of DEA. I've read the law for my state which actually says(sorry 4 caps) IT IS AN OPTION to reduce pain meds or change. Well my pain Dr. Decided they didn't want to fool with the new laws so they closed office & opened up another biz. Wow! I'm so flustered because the new meds the pharmaceutical companies haven't heard of them. They are over $800 no exaggeration BUT they do give u coupon that reduces it down to only $15 BUT there's a catch, if your on Medicare or VA it doesn't apply! What??!! Are you serious? I've been to every Dr I can and they ALL SAY PAIN MGMT IS YOUR BEST OPTION. Now, Because my spleen is gone I get sick a lot.And my white blood cell count is always up or dwn. Well this eliminates me from injections because if I have an infection and get the spinal injections I will die per the Pain Dr. They said it would be spreading the infection thru my body quicker & in my spine. I keep up with my flu shot every year and Pneumonia every 5. I have to stay on antibiotics off and on. I hate the New pain meds, one is long acting and I'm not totally opposed BUT the short acting one they gave me is not enough and doesn't work. Also, the short acting slows down the digestive system more and that's the last thing I need. My GI IS FURIOUS & My Surgeon & have advised I go to another office. I've been under the change now for 2 months in TN and that's just too long to suffer. I can no longer take Ibuprofen etc because GI Dr. Says it's bad for my gut due to the meshes. The meshes have grown into my organs and it's causing a lot of pain. I cried & became depressed because I couldn't find anyone to remove them. I've prayed and ask God to intervene for us all. I'm just doing my best to live for my daughter, I take care of my mom, I'm a supportive wife, I work in community & church. I mean I have to live. I can't just lie down And Die. My spouse is a nurse, bro in law a Dr. And let me tell u my brother was just like the folk who was judgemental UNTIL HE got injured and sick AND NEEDED PAIN MEDS. I've tried everything to help me live a full lifestyle & be somewhat pain free. I realize I can't be fully pain free but I was on a regime that worked for me. And now some boot legged philosophers have decided to punish me and the world
I live with Fibromyalgia & Gastroparesis. I had a career, a college graduate, & a mother of 6. I have now been having such a hard time receiving the medications that once had living at least a somewhat normal for me life. My Doctor is scared & for that me & so many others have to suffer.
I broke my back in 2010 and the fusion was a fail.. I have seen others go on and on with back surgeries only to get worse.. I can barely walk... I have a family to take care of and have NEVER abused medication.. I take as directed... and if I can skip a dose .. I will do just that. I livei wth Chonic pain.. if it was not for the meds I would be stuck in bed every day.. all day.. and the meds help me to get out of bed and care for my family as a mother should. I am not a lazy person.. I have always worked hard all my life.. and now I cant sit.. or stand for long.. when sitting I am propped up by pillows. No one knows what it is like to live with chonic pain till you have to live with it on a daily basis.. and yet people like us are targeted. Please reconsider the actions you are taking. Yes I know there are people that abuse these kind of medicines.. but a primary Dr if they are honest can see through the smoke screen of these people.... I am not one of them.. I just want to live a productive life and never will I take more then what is prescribed.
My daughter suffers excruciating pain on a daily basis from RSD that has completely affected her whole life. To watch a loved one suffer needlessly is inhumane and a crime. I have need seen a more corrupt health system than that in the US. It sickens me to see my daughter cry and be debilitated. Something MUST change!!!!
I have EXCRUCIATINGLY painful diseases. I have pain every second of every day. Pain that would bring grown men to their knees. Who are you to judge the pain my body goes through? Are you there when my daughter comes flying in the room because her mother is screaming in pain while still asleep? If you go to the hospital too much, you're a drug seeker. If you don't go enough, you're faking! I'm tired of being judged unfairly! If someone can take my pain away I would gladly discontinue my medicine! I have considered suicide multiple times because the pain is so bad. When I go to the ER I prepare for war because I know there will be one. Wait until it's you that's suffering.
I was told on my last pain management appt that they are stopping my meds I have been taking for the relief of my chronic pain for 12 years. I am devastated! I have 2 herniated disc, a disk protrusion, sciatica, and my spine is deteriating. I did not ask for this pain and I did not ask for the medications but it gave me a life back. I lost my husband due to a sudden heart attack and awhile back and still raising our minor son and must work to keep a roof over our heads but now I am being faced with being homeless and how will I take care of my son and his needs as well! I am scared and now falling into major depression just thinking about not having my medication that has giving me the ability to keep working and living after my husband's death. I have no family to help and knowing I won't be able to get out of bed due to the pain or go to work to pay the mortgage or even drive my son to school. I am facing loosing everything, even my son and he is all I have! How can they do this to us people who have worked hard all our lives and payed taxes and supported them and now we are being thrown to the wolves! Not only will I be left alone in chronic pain but am facing the pain of detox as well alone and all I can think about is, my poor son! How will he deal with all of this? Where will we live, how will we eat, etc... I clean houses and work for several doctors. I see their pain meds in there bathrooms all the time! I bet they will always be able to get there's! I have 1 week left of my medication and that's when they are going to start weaning me completely off mine. It's just not fair to treat us like we all are criminals but to be honest, since I will be facing losing everything, where will my morals go? That is also a big fear of mine! The Government is trying to kill us law biding citizens and they think they are doing the right thing? Crime will only get worse as they force people to make tough decisions. It's all about money and power! Like I already mentioned, these doctors taking our medicine away will still get there's as well as the people higher up! All I keep seeing in my mind is, my son and I living in a cardboard box in a gutter somewhere and I will be in such chronic pain, my honor student son being forced to commit crimes just for us to eat! I only have 8 more years till our home is paid off! I guess I will be looking at losing it just because I won't be able to function and I won't even have a bed to detox in! Not only are they taking my life, but my sons life also! This is a down right shame!
I have been in 2 car accidents. 2009 and last year 2015. Both not my fault, 1st one I was T-boned in a semi truck that my ex was driving with a log Trailer coming back from the mill. 2nd was when I was parked in the Walmart parking lot in the handicap spot and plowed from behind which left the neck and back totally messed up completely to the point where if I go grocery shopping, when I get back to the vehicle, it takes me 5 minutes to sit down and cry before I can even get the key in the ignition to start to drive!! I am in immense pain ALL OF THE TIME!! And when I was talking about coming out of the store, that IS ON MEDS!! I take oxycodone 30mg and methadone 10mg. Along with the muscle relaxer, flexeril 10mg and ibuprofen 600mg, etc... I had a fight with my daughter, she moved out and she set me up, I informed my dr. And even have her threats on my phone, she called my dr and talked some crap, knowing that I smoke a hookah, and dirtied it by adding Marijuana to my supply of tobaccos. Of course, I failed my test. Being that I do NOT SMOKE IT, I of course, took another test 3 days later, CLEAN!! DR REFUSED TO WRITE MY PRESCRIPTION. A WEEK LATER, DID ANOTHER TEST!!! DAUGHTER MUST HAVE CALLED AGAIN CZ DR REFUSED AGAIN TO WRITE MY PRESCRIPTION, TOLD ME HE HAS TO SEND THE TEST IN TO THE LAB AND THAT THE LAB RESULTS TAKE A WEEK OR SO. WROTE A SCRIPT FOR a bogus med like a NSAID AND IT IS HORRIBLE!!! NOW WAITING. LADY AT THE DESK TOLD ME THAT SHE IS STILL WAITING FOR A RESPONSE TO A TEST GOING ON WEEK 3!!!!! I MAY HAVE TO WAIT 3 WEEKS!!!! BEEN ON THESE MEDS, OXYCODONE AND ALL, SINCE 2009......OMG!!! IF I LOSE MY MIND.....WILL THE DR GIVE A F$#^ THEN?????? 😢

I am in the same situation; as is my husband. I was taken off one of my medications that I had been on for years because the DEA doesn't want doctors to prescribe it. They can but my doctor is scared to. The others he has put me on don't work and have terrible side effects. My quality of life has greatly suffered but no one seems to care.
My pain dr. of 3 yrs decided to discharge me. im 62. Ive been treated for a bad back and discs since 1997. Ive never missed an appt. or asked for more drugs. ive always been there for a pill count and for a urine test. ive never dr shopped. i always use the same pharmacy. i dont self medicate or give my pills away. or sell my pills. ibr done everything right. ive not violated the contract i had to sign. i keep my medications safe. i had my medication stolen last week end. i called the police. i have a police report. the contract i signed does state lost or stolen medication will be replaced one time per year. i never asked ever for medication to be replaced. i did everything right. by the book. and yet my dr discharged me. why??! I followed the contract and did everything right!!! My dr did just hire a pa assistant. i had her at my last appt. i didnt care for her at all! What am i suppose to do? Without my pain medication, i cannot get out of bed!' Its so unfair!! Especially when you do the right thing and you still get discharged. there are people that dr shop. People that i DO KNOW that brag about how many ptescriptions they get for pain medication. and how they get someone else to pee for them when they have a urine test!! How much money theyre making selling pain medication!!! It makes me so mad because here i am disabled and i desperately need my one pain medication to be able to move, to live and i was discharged because my medication was stolen!! Its so unfair...linda
I suffer from Arnold chiari malformation pains and lower back pains from spine disease's surgery and multiple mva's the doctor constantly tells me how she knows another doctor who got shut down and will never help me with any more than what she is giving me in fear she as well will get shut down .. I suffer every day and suicide lingers on my mind from years of pain doctors don't care nor does the DEA if only they knew the suffering they are causing trying to help...i can only pray to God that one day i'll get a doctor that listens and is not afraid to prescribe me the pain medication that works.
The excuse for this immoral treatment of legitimate pain patients in order to save others who put any kind and amount of unknown drug into their systems is the same as comparing apples and oranges. There is no logical comparison. The ultimate appearance and, in fact, result of this government refusal to allow up to 100 million people to receive the pain medication they need for real physical pain is that it is an intended. "AUTO-GENOCIDE" of all disabled people who suffer from intractable pain, all elderly who have conditions causing such pain, all those in pain but still managing to work but who may become disabled by it in the future and all others who may not yet have met the cause of their future intractable pain. This is the achievement because thousands of lives are needlessly being ended either by intentional suicide or the overdose of unregulated street drugs that the crackdown is claimed to be preventing. Our government must utilize experts with top credentials and experience in treating chronic severe pain patients to establish reasonable and effective care of these patients who are not addicts and are guilty of nothing save inhabiting a mortal body that has been assaulted by injury or illness causing extreme and forever enduring pain through no fault of their own.
The excuse for this immoral treatment of legitimate pain patients in order to save others who put any kind and amount of unknown drug into their systems is the same as comparing apples and oranges. There is no logical comparison. The ultimate appearance and, in fact, result of this government refusal to allow up to 100 million people to receive the pain medication they need for real physical pain is that it is an intended. "AUTO-GENOCIDE" of all disabled people who suffer from intractable pain, all elderly who have conditions causing such pain, all those in pain but still managing to work but who may become disabled by it in the future and all others who may not yet have met the cause of their future intractable pain. This is the achievement because thousands of lives are needlessly being ended either by intentional suicide or the overdose of unregulated street drugs that the crackdown is claimed to be preventing. Our government must utilize experts with top credentials and experience in treating chronic severe pain patients to establish reasonable and effective care of these patients who are not addicts and are guilty of nothing save inhabiting a mortal body that has been assaulted by injury or illness causing extreme and forever enduring pain through no fault of their own.
Pharmacists are also doing harm..GOVERNMENT HAS NO RIGHT TO BE INVOLVED in any medical care .
They need to find a way for chronic pain patients to still receive the pain medication that works for them. What is wrong with a patient that suffers from chronic pain to tell a medical professional that one medication works better than another? They are taught to view that as a drug seeking behavior. So what if Diluadid works better than Morphine etc... Chronic pain patients have followed all the rules and regulations to recieve the treatment that works best for them. This has been devastating to their quality of life. The government should not have a say in the dose , medication or frequency in treating chronic pain. They don't do it for diabetics or any other disease. Something has to change for those who are taking their medication as prescribed, are not addicted and follow all the guidelines. They should not have to suffer more because someone else decided to abuse the system.
Iv been being for chronic pain for 20 yrs. every time I turn around there is some problem with medication. It took many years to find the right combination of meds. Now I'm being told DEA says no. My amount of meds per month sure low, I don't think it is fair to make us suffer, and make doctors so afraid to treat someone with chronic pain. I know there is a problem but quit going after the doctors who really care about their patients, and the people who are suffering because of these outlandish laws and rules. I now have no quality of life because of anouther recent cut. I think this must be rethought quickly before you start seeing a rise in suisides. I'm just saying it could happen, I know my pain is so bad some days it's crossed my mind. Iv never acted on it because I have people who need me, butt not everyone does. Please government you need to back off a little and let the good doctors do their job.
I am a caregiver and agree with all coments.
When I was 21, I was hit by a pickup truck who ran a red light and I was on a bicycle in the crosswalk on a green light. I was thrown 3 car lengths and my bicycle was thrown four lanes. Needless to say, I was injured. From that point on, my back and neck were constantly in pain. I do not drink alcohol, never have taken "street drugs." I have had migraine headaches since I was a child, so I took aspirin and Excedrin constantly. I was diagnosed with 5 stomach ulcers at age 40 plus acute pancreatitis. I was given Fioricet. I became allergic to it so they tried Norco. Also became allergic to it! My back has 3 herniated discs and my cervical spine is bone on bone.

Finally at age 55, I found a doctor who diagnosed me with malabsorption disorder, which is why pain medications don't work, plus any "coedone" gives me a rash. A buckle swab test showed that medication just goes through me like water. So I was given Methadone, 10 mg tablets 4 times a day and I could manage my days. I was only on it for two years, as my doctor left town and my family threatened to disown me! Then in 2010, I fractured my patella, tibia, tore my ACL and both meniscues. After suffering for 4 years, I found another pain clinic and went back on Methadone, 40mg per day for a year. Then we moved to another State and the DEA poked their nose into everyone's medical business.

I am now 65 years old and spend 99% of my life in bed. I get out of the house maybe once a month. I am going to another orthopedic surgeon for my knee but am allergic to metals, even gold. I am also going to another Gastroenterologist for my pancreas. And because I have been using Advil and a proton-pump inhibitor since my 40's -- stomach acid medication -- I have kidney disease. But over-the-counter medications are legal and safe! Yeah, right! And one can buy all the alcohol they want! There were 88,000 alcohol-related deaths last year and only 18,000 opiate deaths last year!

I can understand regulations on pain medication but every BODY is different! Doctors should look and do tests on each patient and not just make the assumption that we are ALL drug addicts! Yes, I agree that there are a lot of people who get "high" on opiates, but when I take methadone, I do NOT feel high, good, fuzzy, nothing. The pain is relieved about 70%! That's all. And it even takes away my daily migraine headaches! I sleep better and clean my house and get out of bed. At this point in my life, I feel as though I have nothing to live for except my parrots, which I can't even take care of; my husband has to do it, clean the house, cook and do laundry and shopping. Sad. Let's petition the DEA and CDC to look at every BODY as an individual and not clump us all together as dug addicts!
My wife has been suffering from atypical facial pain for over 10 years, the past 2 years have been the worst. All meds prescribed have not been able to bring the pain down to a manageable level. The only med that brings te pain from an 8/10 to a 4/10 is Dilaudid 2mg. My wife has been hospitalized 9 times this year due to generalized seizures that led to 8 comas, all because of the adverse reactions to the "anti-seizure" meds she has been prescribed to deal with her atypical facial pain. We found out about Dilaudid by accident as the hospitals have administered it in the hospital setting to relieve pain. We were so frustrated that even the doctors who originally prescribed Dilaudid said they could not prescribe it outside of the hospital setting due to DEA regulations. I hate to consider how much more pain my wife can take as her constant facial neuralgia pain CAN be managed by low doses of Dilaudid but CANNOT be prescribed by doctors who want to help but cannot. The DEA needs to enforce these controlled substances against people who peddle and abuse them and ALLOW doctors to prescribe when it is medically and ethically necessary for those who NEED their pain managed. How ethical is it for doctors to be allowed to prescribe Dilaudid in the hospital to manage the patients pain and then dismissing the same patient with the same pain from the hospital with ABSOLUTELY NO OPTIONS to get a valid legal prescription for Dilaudid?
I was in a bad car accident and the jaws of life was used to extricate me from my vehicle. I have some residual issues with my neck,bone spurs,degenerative disk disease,bulging disk, frozen shoulder and frozen elbow. I've been prescribed a pain medication because of these issues for over 9 years now. My doctor closed his office and I was referred to a new doctor which doesn't show my lower back issues and he doesn't feel comfortable prescribing this pain medication unless the pain management specialist agrees to it. He explained that congress is restricting him from prescribing my pain medication and he'd lose his license if he didn't comply with this new law. My doctor doesn't have any other treatment that would work for me now. Congress needs to find another way to crack down on these drug abusers besides limiting physically ill patients from a treatment that provides some sort of normalcy for them. If our government officials could understand how these physically patients feel on a daily basis then maybe they wouldn't have been so quick to pass this law. It's a shame that I have to feel demoralized and ashamed to request my pain medication to getting some temporary relief to my pain. I didn't know that our own government could get into patients medical records thus violating the HIPAA Law to see why our doctors are prescribing these pain medications to us. It's an outrage and they're should be a lawsuit against our own government.
I suffer from Chiari Malformation, syringomyelia, DDD, & EDS. I have chronic pain, my medical conditions will kill me, there is no cure except death . Now the DEA wants to take my medicine away. Why not just kill me now. This is in injustice to the chronically ill. Disgusting.
To whom it may concern,
My name is Cindy J Deim, I was a part time psychotherapist and worked in hospice until I got to sick to work any more. I have Fibromyalgia, degenerative disk disease and chronic fatigue. I have been in chronic pain for about 20 years now.
It has been very difficult to live this life I have been dealt. But I have not given up, I worked out each day, meditate and walked daily. I force myself to do these things, so that I could live the best life I could.
I had a regiment of pain medication I was on that relieved my symptoms enough that I could have some semblance of a life. I used that medication exactly as it was proscribed. It helped me be able to take walks, stretch and help me try to keep physically strong.
Now with the new regulations, I am left with little. I donít exercise, my walking has gone down to a couple times a week. My life has become very bleak.
Honestly I feel confused. There are 100 million people in chronic pain. Iím not saying that there are not people who abuse pain medication, but that is not me.
Most people who are apart of a pain clinic are constantly monitored to make sure they are not abusing medication. I am apart of one of those clinics. You will never see in all the years I once abused my medication in any way. I had a great relationship with my doctor.
Now, it has all changed. My medications are being taken away for no reason other than the new DEA scheduling. It has changed my life and not for the better. I struggled for years because I had to take medication, but if you need it you need it. I did it because I was able to get out of my house have friends, run errands, have a life.
I truly donít understand what this is happening to people who are legitimately in pain. I did my home work, I new what I was doing and why. I decided to take pain medication for quality of life.
My undergraduate degree is in Drugs and Alcohol and addictive behavior. For way too long we have misunderstood addictions and it has led us to this. We have tried over and over to learn the same lesson and we still haven't learned it. Prohibition doesnít work and it wonít work here. People that are addicted will find a way to use drugs. But people in pain, will just suffer.
There is a difference between being addicted, the misuse of drugs, and the use of a drug that is needed for pain. I took the same drugs for years. I rotated drugs so I wouldnít become dependent on one drug. I used my education to help me use these medications properly. Iím not going to go threw a diatribe on addictions. There are many different ways of dealing with addiction other than taking away medication from people that are in pain.
Honestly, Iím not sure if someone who is not in chronic pain can truly understand. Pain medications helps many people. If you take these medications away, what are we left with. Nothing. How can you take away the only thing that helps people in pain and
Seems this is all over now days. I'm somewhat lucky my doc does give me enough to manage, but only because I refuse to take strong doses myself. There is another medication I have a very hard time getting and it's the only one that treats me without side effects. They will give me the one with a dozen serious side effects but not the one with no side effects. I think this is a drug company fix. They get a kick back on that prescription. I refuse the one with side effects and told when I'm bad enough I'll be glad to have it. Isn't that nice? The whole system is bad and only the drug abusers are able to get prescription after prescription because they know how to work the system. Most also get a check every month to buy their drugs while we work and suffer without them. This has to change! It's not fair to us who really need medication and don't take them more then we really need. I just hope that everyone that denies a patient the help they need knows the pain someday. That maybe mean but it's the only way they will know the hell they put their patients and public through.
I have been suffering from chronic pain from a spinal fusion surgery that helped me walk again, but I still have chronic pain EVERYDAY, I can not even find a family doctor that will take me now because of back pain!...I understand there is a problem with abuse, but for all the people that do have a legitimate problem with pain this treatment is unacceptable! If I didnt have some form of pain management for my back, I would not even want to live, the little bit of relief it does provide , is enough for me to want to get up and do daily chores. The fact that not one DR. in PA will take me as a general patient shows that this has gone too far and discriminates people with disabilities! THIS IS WRONG AND AGAINST THE LAW, OR ONE WOULD THINK!

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