First Do No Harm: The DEA targets Physicians who treat their patients pain.

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After 15yrs. of living in chronic pain I want my life back before I get to old to have one. Chronic pain has ruined the quality of my life and relationships with friends and family.
Because Dr's chose to try other alternatives to treat my pain rather than treating my pain with what works it has caused so much loss of my life and life of those around me. chronic pain not only affects the individual but it also affects my family especially my children. I can not begin to tell the side effects that will and are happening to myself and my family because Dr's are not sticking to doing thier job morally or ethically. What happen to not letting people suffer while dieing?
I was born with club feet, defects in my spine, back and neck. Many surgeries and years of working on my feet, arthritis and now my famiky Dr says he's not allowed to prescribe me the pain meds that enable me to shop, garden, go on vacation and make Thanksgiving dinner for my family every year. I understand addiction, I've seen it in my family, but I shouldn't have to pay for it. I take the same amount, I take my random tests, use the one pharmacy, why am I being denied MY quality of life?
I think they, the government, wants us to go on and die. Get out of their way, off their medicare and social security. I'm withdrawing now. The pain and weakness are unbelievable. I went gym three times a week and now have to use walker. My future is clear, I have none. I'm only 65.
Untreated and undertreated pain is a huge problem. And it points to a larger underlying problem of lack of compassion.
On my last doctor visit, my doctor told me, that the degeneration of intervertebral disc of cervical region (DDD) Degenerative Disc Disease cervical, and chronic back pain due to disc degeneration, and chronic pain syndrome. Will only increase in severity as I age. And I'm 58. He has lowered my pain medication because the DEA told him to. Because patients in nursing homes could fall because of medications then he laughed and says, "You're not even in a nursing home". So why is the DEA making a disabeled veteran life so much more unbearable? Due no harm? More like Make more money for the DEA. And I've been on the same dosage for over a decade, and never asked for any increase of dosage. And in the past three months since he started this, I barely leave the house, I can't play with my grandkids like I used to, and they are always asking "what's wrong papa", and my sons say "PaPa's sore"
I take my pain medication as prescribed, submit to random drug testing, I have never asked for an increase in my pain medication. I'm a patient of Dr, Gosy if I don't find another doctor my quality of life will be diminished. Primary care doctors will not prescribe pain medication. Because of his office being shut down most of the doctors in this area cannot handle the influx of Dr. Gosy's patients if I call to make an appointment it could take up to two months.
I have chronic pain from autoimmune diseases, a car accident and a work accident. I've been in pain all my life. I'm in my 50's and started taking pain about 10 years ago. I don't deserve torture and that is what are condemning me and other chronic pain patients to. Why? To make political points? To save people from addiction? This isn't the way.
In a sad way, I am very locket to have a medical disease that severe pain is normal and expected. I have no problem getting the treatment that I need. But many people do not get the same respect from physicians. They deserve this respect.
My Story

I am a 71 yr. old women with many pain problems. First I want you to know that I am not lazy and wish I could be like so many of my friends; healthy and active. I use to own the largest yacht detailing company in Washington State. I had a monthly column in Go Boating and Sea Magazine called ďDear MermaidĒ. I then developed with the help of a chemist, a line of cleaning products. Because of my condition it is hard for me to do my daily work. Iím sharing this so you have some idea of how impossible it is to be a pain patient. I am very fortunate that I have a good attitude. Many are depressed or worse.

In the 1981 I was in a camper explosion I had 3 degree burns. Two years later I had one of 3 neck surgeries related to that accident leaving me in constant pain (Iím a pain in the neck)/

There are many things that happened that were very hard including my wonderful husband who died at age 39. I then got hepatitis and Mononucleosis.

I fell and tore ligaments in my foot, I had a few surgeries on that foot. My left foot is now in pain and is contorted. The foot surgery was very bad because of a Dr. who is no long a Doctor.

In the early 90ís I saw a very qualified Dr at Minor & James Clinic in Seattle, he was a rheumatologist. After several visits he told me I had Fibromyalgia, my grandmother and aunts had this too. My FM is very bad and in my opinion surgeries and the burns probably made the FM worse.

My Rheumatologist tried several medicines; I could not take them. I took part in the Univ. of Washington Fibromyalgia Study, it lasted about a year.

I tried Biofeedback, swim exercises and the Tenís machine, they do not work. Finally in the 90ís oxycontin became available and my Dr. started me on this. I have been on 20 mg 3x day for all these years; I never took extra pills in all that time. Eventually I hurt more and oxycontin wasnít working as well. I read that if you decrease the pain medicine for a little while the medication would return to normal relief; it worked! My Dr thought that was a good idea; I repeat this program when I need to.

I remarried in 1988, I have been lucky twice in a lifetime; he is very supportive.
We moved from Seattle to Northern Idaho in 2011, no Dr would take me because I was on oxycontin, not even a GP. I finally picked a GP, she didnít want to take me as a patient. I had to be pro-active so wrote her a resume as if I was trying to find a job. I wanted her to know me and hopefully accept me as a patient; she did but she would not prescribe my oxycontin. I had to travel to Minor & James Clinic which was 800 miles round trip every three months. Then my Dr in Seattle retired; real hell began. The Dr that took over for him did not want to prescribe oxycontin but since he took over for my retired Dr he did kept me on his program. This new Dr then changed Clinics because he did not want to deal with pain patients and drugs. The other Dr took his place and she
DEA coercion has NO business coming between my doctor, my treatment, and my dignity! Responsible use of opioid pain medications and addiction are two separate things! Offer effective and compassionate treatment for those who suffer from addiction and allow pain patients access to medications that quite literally keep us alive. Access to the small quantity of oxycodone helps me live a life worth living, This hysteria and witch hunt mentality is extremely stressful, destructive, and humiliating to responsible patients! How dare you!
I find it apallimg that our politicians are making it impossible for doctors to help out people who are in chronic pain and unable to get the meds that actually help them be able to function. My spouse has severe neuropathy and nerve pain that only his oxycodone can cut which will allow him to be able to walk and not muddy his mind. Yes there are people wh abuse their drigs with others whch causes death. These people whoare being highlighted are a few in comparison to the millions these meds help. The doctors are so afraid of the regulators they Re leaving millions of people like myself suffering in bed unable to often move between ther bed and the kitchen and reliant on others to help. With proper meds includinf opiates and doctors working with people at least they have someone to walk them thru these stages of their lives with dignity and not be judged by people who are passing bills who have no understanding of what people go thru on a minute by minute basis. Heroin usage has gone up parallel to the lack of doctors prescribing pain killers to chronic pain sufferers which is far worse and dosage amounts far higer than most might need. Any Pain meds shouldnt be mixed with alcohol and other hard drugs and those that do are the ones that often get messed up and end up with overdose situations.

Point is, why is it now acceptable to leave people with such a low quality of life living with extreme pain with no relief in site. Personally, i wish there was a way for politician to feel the pain and have to live with that pain during one year before they are allowed to even consider such bills.
Addiction is not a more important issue than all the people who are suffering from chronic pain! I am the victim of a failed back surgery, the surgeon broke my back and put me back together wrong. So I have had one hip replaces and will need another, and a new knee, all because a doctors mistake, it happens EVERY DAY! I am also the mother of a autistic child and I am unable to get out of bed with out pain medication. I have tried every form of alternative treatments and this is my last option. Please consider how many people will be harmed by this if it is allowed to pass. Thank you for your consideration.
I am a clinician working out of Gosy and Associates and am infuriated how my patients are being treated as second-class citizens. I fully understand there is a criminal case pending against Dr. Gosy. I refuse to engage in arguments whether he's innocent or guilty as we should defer to the adjudicators and allow the legal process to play out. Yet at the same time, there is a significant percentage of the 10,000 patients he has that are left without analgesics and have diagnoses associated with chronic pain, ranging from fibromyalgia (ICD 10: M79.7) to arthrodesis (Z98.1). I mention ICD codes because we certainly believe their diagnoses when billing; Is it not also expected that we extend the same benefit of the doubt when prescribing?

At this point I don't care who treats these patients, I just want them to receive the respect, dignity, and support we would provide to the heart failure, diabetic, or cancer patient. Would it be acceptable for a collection of medical providers and government officials to turn their backs of the those types of patients? On the contrary, we'd be socially appalled and find intervention that would address their ailments. It's inevitable that when discussing the chronic pain patient the skeptic is going to make the very convenient reference to addiction, as stigmatizing the patient somehow makes disparity in obtaining treatment okay. They are not addicts, they are chronic pain patients. Said distinction should not only be recognized but be approached much differently clinically. Furthermore, aren't we as health care professionals legally obligated to treat the addict?

I'll close with a final plea for Capitol Hill to intervene on behalf of the patients I have referenced above. It doesn't have to be me, it can be literally anyone who is professionally credentialed and willing to do their job. Spouting out the same dead-end directives (go to your primary care, the ER, or wean yourself off of medications) a multitude of times does not make it acceptable and clearly a new plan needs to be formulated.
I am a chronic pain patient. I have had Crohn's Disease with fistulas for over 25 years. If you would like to learn more about this disease, here is a video: I have been on opiates at a TENNESSEE STATE LICENSED PAIN CLINIC for the past 10+ years. Since then, I have been able to function, buy groceries, ride in a car and somewhat function in society. Don't get me wrong, I will never be able to work again, just from the amount of doctor's appointments that I must endure. But the medicine keeps me from laying in my bed or on my couch and not participating in life at all! I believe that I am being discriminated against from the Americans with Disabilities Act! It is also Human Rights and Civil Rights abuse. My health is being harmed because I am being denied the medicine that helps me to function. I am dependent on the opiates just like a diabetic is dependent on insulin. There is a reason why people cause other people extreme pain and call it TORTURE! That is what the chronic pain patient feels, we are being tortured and many are committing suicide or turning to street drugs to ease their pain! We show more compassion to our pets than we do the people of this world. If we have medicine that works, why not use it, obviously in a controlled manner. My pain management clinic, even though they closed from DEA pressure, already conducted pill/patch counts (some of them surprise), urine tests, etc. I NEVER failed one of the counts or urine tests (meaning I NEVER diverted any of my meds) yet I was tortured by constantly having to reduce my medicine (that had me stabilized for years) for the last 1+years before they closed. Now I am being weaned off totally. I will now go through withdrawal and be back confined to my home. The cause of my pain cannot be cured and I will live with it for the rest of my life. I will live with the pain of it for the rest of my life - from my bed or my doctor's office.
"The pursuit of happiness" is in the Declaration of Independence.. It's hard to be happy when i suffer needlessly. My Grandfathers and their Brothers fought for this country. I want to pursue my happiness but unable because of my pain.
Stage 4 Cancer. . Blotched failed spinal fusion 1989.. 64 years old never doctor shopped. .same pharmacy 35 years. .DENIED any type of pain treatment. Suicide rates are up SSI up.. the government has a failed war on opoids or narcotics
I live in pain every day and now I'm told by my Primary Physician that he is not allowed to prescribe the medication which I have been taking for several years to control my chronic pain..Why can't a Doctor prescribe what the patient needs, not every one is an addict. Now I have to see where I can find a Doctor that will help me.
I am 57 yrs old, with Fibromylagia, CRPS, Arthritis, Anxiety,Depression, Degenerative discs. I have been on several different medications. The only ones that allowed my any sort of semblance of life were Avinza, lorazepam and Flexeril. Not a lot of drugs. And the avinza was a once or twice a day pill. I never got high, never sold or gave out my meds. Now, after my Drs office closed down, I am on hydrocodone 7.5 flexeril zanax /3 times a day, doesn't touch the pain. And my pain specialist also gave me Lyrica which I know is not good for you, but I have to do what she says. I'm moving this month from SC to FL, do you think I will hav any chance in hell of getting what I need? I have been calling for a primary care dr for a month, nothing. Cause you people have every doctor running scared. Thank you for that. So I will be just another chronic pain patient that gets slipped through the cracks!
I am at my breaking point... i currently am not on ANY pain meds.. i am bedridden ... i cannot do anything for myself... when i was on pain meds i was able to function, but this has gotten soo bad, now i cannot recieve the kind of care that i not only demand but deserve...
I've been seeing Doctor gossy for 9 yrs been on pain meds since now they shut doors I'm on opana and roxocodine cannt find doctor to help me don't know what to do very disappointed how Doctor gossy just left his patients hanging we should of been told that we should be looking for other pain managment Doctor afraid of withdraws I'm 60 worried about what it could do to heart any advice please need help to what to do
I am writing to let you know about the severe pain I feel every second, of every min of every day. I fell from a gym bar as a child and required several rods and screws to repair my spine. I have severe unrelenting head and neck pain. It limits my ability to function very much. The pain medication I am proscribed takes a bit of the pain away so I can at least shower and do light cleaning. Without the meds I am bedridden, rithing in pain praying to die. If my pain medications are taken away, living in that severe pain is not an option.
Welcome to the world of psychopathy Howell, NJ. Is this your first foray into dealing with politicians and some law enforcement agencies? Two identifiers of psychopaths are 1) chronic liars 2) lack of empathy for others. They DO NOT CARE. Forbes magazine stated psychopaths are DRAWN to positions of power over others.

There has to be a rally or our voices will not be heard. POST if anyone knows of a rally. Has anyone tried AARP?

DO NOT allow anyone to push you into antidepressants - they are linked to cancer.


Senator Chris Smith from NJ...I rec'd your letter stating that a bill PL 114-145, S483, was to ensure legitimate chronic pain pts access to the meds they need. WHAT A SICK TWISTED JOKE! In your letter to me, you made it seem like pain pts will be able to receive the meds they DEPEND on for a QUALITY OF LIFE! Wellupon further reading the mumbo jumbo in that bill, I don't see where it states anything about pain pts having access to the meds they need. It states that certain entities have a YEAR to evaluate what the CDC guidelines are doing. WE LEGITIMATE CHRONIC INTRACTABLE PAIN PATIENTS DON'T HAVE A YEAR TO WAIT AROUND FOR YOU PEOPLE IN CONGRESS TO GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER OVER THIS NIGHTMARE YOU HAVE ALL CAUSED! Legitimateain pts are KILLING THEMSELVES DUE TO INADEQUATE PAIN RELIEF! I was on the SAME DOSE for eight years with success. I was able to take a daily shower, walk my dog, be in a car more than ten mins, cook for my kid, do laundry...Now, I sit or lay on a couch or in my bed all day/night. Im in severe pain and b/c of the actions of addicts my pain meds were lowered to ineffective doses that leave me in agony. THIS IS NOT LIVING AND IT SURE AS HELL IS NOT PURSUING HAPPINESS, LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS..THATS WHAT OUR FOREFATHERS SIGNED OFF ON RIGHT?! MY RIGHTS AS A CITIZEN OF THE USA ARE BEING VIOLATED. IN FACT MILLIONS OF CHRONIC PAIN PTS RIGHTS ARE BEING VIOLATED! I am being FORCED by our very own government to SUFFER IN SEVERE PAIN, I AM BEING DENIED MEDICATION THAT WORKS AND BRINGS MY PAIN DOWN TO A TOLERABLE LEVEL AND ALLOWED ME SOME QUALITY OF LIFE! Clearly none of you CORRUPT pen pushers in Washington, the DEA, CDC and FDA, all CORRUPT entities, none of you thought about the consequences of what is happening to INNOCENT LAW ABIDING CITIZENS WHO ARE EXISTING IN SEVERE PAIN AND ARE HAVING THE ONLY FORM OF TREATMENT THAT HELPED, DENIED, OFFERING US NOWHERE TO TURN..WHAT'S THE BACKUP PLAN!? THROWING MILLIONS INTO SEVERE WITHDRAWAL, HOPING WE TURN TO KOLODNYS PHOENIX HOUSES!? HOPING WE TURN TO SUBOXONE, WHICH DR KOLODNY IS A HUGE SUPPORTER OF, BUT SUBOXONE IS JUST AS ADDICTIVE, IT HELPS WITH WITHDRAWAL BUT DOES NOTHING FOR PAIN. THE CDC GUIDELINES NEED TO BE BURNED! LEGITIMATE CHRONIC PAIN PATIENTS CAN'T EVEN FIND A DR TO TREAT THEM. YOU CORRUPT PENPUSHERS HAVE ALL OUR DRS RUNNING SCARED!! THIS IS GENOCIDE! CHRONIC PAIN KILLS WHEN LEFT UNTREATED. FOR GOD SAKE THE CHRONICALLY ILL ARE TAKING THEIR LIVES AND THOSE DEATHS ARE ON YOUR HANDS!!
In addition, with complicated cases like mine. I have had misdiagnosed Lymes disease for 10 years. When I ask each doctor to treat the horrible intense pain, they play pass the buck and do not have any responsibility for treating pain. This list includes neurologists, long term pain management doctors, psychiatrists, ear nose throat, primary care and sleep doctor. It is insane. Can't they treat the pain in a manner where I don't get addicted? I have taken painkillers in the past and have never become addicted or even tried to up the dose. Shouldn't there be a way to distinguish the truly in pain from the fraudsters. Do I have to suffer intolerable pain to the point that I am ready to commit suicide because some addict tricked a doctor into giving him pain killers. Do I not deserve to live?
As a injured worker with a permanent disability, the ability to be a functional part of society, as well as a functional part of my young daughters life, are my priorities.
How many people conducting these proceedings against LEGAL opiates know what it is like to raise their child from your couch, while laying on your back in conic pain. How many have had a three year old child kiss your forehead and tell you " it's okay daddy, you stay there and feel better "?
Not only do the injured workers, whom where put into unsafe conditions, deserve quality of life BUT, so do their children.
It is atrocious that government officials, many of whom do not have medical degrees, can make decisions on how people with chronic ailments should be treated. I have numerous documented physical and mental conditions for which I take prescriptions. I am a respected, educated professional who has held the same job for the past 27 years. It took many years of tests from many doctors to finally get a decent amount of relief from my pain, but unfortunately it was too late to save me from having to retire early from a well-paying job that I loved. I am not a junkie. I am not a drug addict. I am a responsible adult. I am a mother and a teacher who would just like to be able to function with a minimum quality of life. I did not choose to be disabled. I did not choose to have adverse side-affects from a substantial number of pain relievers. When I finally did get the appropriate medicines, I was lectured about the dangers of not taking them as prescribed. The decision to abruptly and forcibly deny patients the narcotics they are prescribed is a dangerous decision that could become disastrous. To have no contingency plan is completely reprehensible.
This is just another example of how the government is overreaching into people's lives! The only thing that keeps me able to work are the medications that are prescribed to me! If I get the rods they want to put in my back now I will be disabled and done working at 43 ! So either way I will need them but now I am still able to work! So I say good job to the government, u just added an person to SSDI ! Great job , glad to see u guys thought about the aftermath of what you've done, or u just don't care!👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼#weneedlessgovernmentinourlives!!!!!!
Is this NOT a form of medical malpractice?
This is so sad , this is a war on the disabled , elderly and handicapped people . Shame on you DEA.
I thought we lived in America? They are treating us like scum. We are voters . we pay taxes. We did NOT ask for this life. And we are not addicts. There is a difference of some one taking to get high/ someone taking that needs to function day to day. (FYI...there is no high when u r in pain ) so we r suppose to live in bed the rest of our life. That's not life! Thanks for not setting something up for 10,000 patients at Dr Gosy. BTW he was the only doctor that actually cared to help people live a life.
Definitely will make many resort to early social security. Sad
The DEA's war on drugs is a known abysmal failure - they are unqualified to make life-altering decisions for Americans. I was left in severe pain following surgery and did not know why. I researched online and learned of this nonsense. The hospital warned me my blood pressure shot up from pain. A relative in healthcare advised me that being left in acute pain, thereby raising one's blood pressure and heart-rate:

1. puts you at risk for a stroke
2. puts you at risk for kidney damage.

I want to WARN pain patients whose healthcare providers have not enlightened them of these possible consequences. The rules the DEA has implemented are NOT innocuous. Pain is not the only thing you're facing. THE DEA HAS PUT US ALL AT RISK FOR A STROKE AND KIDNEY DAMAGE.


A co-worker of my spouse came into work complaining he had a knee-replacement and the DOCTOR DID NOT TREAT HIS PAIN.

THIS HAS GOTTEN WAY OUT OF HAND. The government has usurped authority they should not have.
Am a pain management patient of Dr H Gosey recently indicted in Buffalo NY We have been left with no access to treatment and Officials lie to us and only care about the fact they closed a clinic down and no contingency plan for 10,000 patients
Am a pain management patient of Dr H Gosey recently indicted in Buffalo NY We have been left with no access to treatment and Officials lie to us and only care about the fact they closed a clinic down and no contingency plan for 10,000 patients
People who become dependent because of chronic pain are not the same as addicts and they should be treated differently
10,000 people are sent to the emergency rooms for over the counter nsaids. Thats not on the local news. Source TBN network.
100% true how we are treated petition to withdraw CDC guidelines. SIGN! SIGN! SIGN!
I am 59 and live daily,all day and night with chronic severe back and leg the age of 31 i was a deisel truck mechanic that had a transmission of a truck landed on one my back. I have never used street drugs. Since time has past close to thirty years,i have had 3 surgerys and 3 heart attacks from stress of living this way. Too many doctors and my present .
I am 59 and live daily,all day and night with chronic severe back and leg the age of 31 i was a deisel truck mechanic that had a transmission of a trust land on my back. I have never used street drugs or have even smoke weed i have asthma. Since time has past close to thirty years,i have had 3 surgerys and 3 heart attacks from stress of living this way.
After failed cervical surgeries, in need of another. My Dr. Gave me a l-spine chiropractic adjustment which sent me to the emergency room, MRI shows 2 l-spine herniated discs, I've been taken by ambulance because I couldn't feel nor move my legs. One disc is hitting the nerve, I just had another MRI cause I can't feel my foot. Dr stated I have loss of muscle in that leg. The pain is unbearable, instead of helping me, or referring me to a specialist, after the Dr did this to me. He is unwilling to treat me any longer and sending me to a puppy pill mill. To protect his license I assume. I have not taken legal action for the injury he caused, but now due to the cdc DEA and every other entity, I'm without a Dr, just because he's afraid to prescribe medication. After years of being on different medication we finally found a combination that gives me some quality of life. I'm disabled. How is it ok to take my Dr away? How is it ok for my Dr to be rid of me after years. People become desperate when they reach their pain limit. The emergency rooms do not help the Dr's are not helping. It's a wonder or just ignorance why people are "accidentally overdosing", when in so much pain you can not tolerate any longer you become desperate. Desperate people do desperate things, the choices are go to the streets for help or take your own life. The blood of these individuals are on the hands of the cdc, DEA, and everyone else that had tied the hands of Dr's. Htpocratic oath has been thrown in the garbage. The ONLY people who understand are those in severe pain, which escalates to a breaking point. We are law abiding citizens being treated like criminals. We have no where to go, no one to turn to. I have never told my Dr. My medications were lost, stolen, or the dog ate them. I've always kept them locked up. As of yesterday - I've been deemed some sort of criminal by the actions of the cdc. My life is about to take a drastic turn, I'm very afraid because I know my breaking point, it comes often. Now I'm completely alone to suffer. I hope for my children sake I never become so desperate again to take my own life - the most selfish act one could do. Congress needs to help the helpless. I'm positive this is a waste of breath. But, I can try to be heard - unfortunately the only thing that is heard are the accidental overdoses. And the story as to why, is buried. One sided stories, affect the ones who are following all the rules. But it just doesn't seem to matter.
We need our meds for our medical conditions this is so crazy please help us. I am full of medical but never copped out on Disability as I want to try and work. I can function on my medicine it allows me to go and shop for my Mom and my partner as she is very sick right now. We need to stop what they are doing they just don't care stop treating pain patients like the Drug Cartel. Some of us work on our meds so we can function in pain. We are at the mercy of the DEA not fair this is not 40's. Please respect our concerns at it is becoming a problem across the world.
Thank you,
Chronic Pain Patient
Stop the policing of my wellness
Please help with this I need my meds to work. No work no taxes no work, I will be forced to go on SSDI and get government insurance. I am trying to avoid that believe me. I have so many medical issues. We are God's Children help us have somewhat of a life don't take that independence away from me! I cant struggle in pain that is inhumane. Think this out before you decide to hurt us people. We are only trying to get through life living in pain like this. With all this pain I struggle daily it is horrible. Don't make the doctors treat us like Animals we are human beings.
Understand the fear of not having our medication it makes us all scared. Knowing how our bodies are going to react we know our bodies better than anyone. Let our doctors treat us they know if your taking your meds or not when they do tests on you.
I known a doctor for years that help people for many years who as chronic pain, Dr. Santos in russiville, al. My husband had 5 back surgeries and his spinal is falling apart. About 16 years ago another doctor told my husband by the time he hit 50 he be in a wheel chair. Well, I found Dr.Santos and interduce my husband to him... My husband as server chronic pain... The doctor prescribed him meds to help ease the pain so he was able to walk instead being in a wheel chair.... Since his doctor had to stop because someone I guess was getting on to him my husband lays in server pain. Can't hardly get around. Eatting BC powders and tyolonle night time pills like there freaking candy.... So, I don't know yet who is responsible but if my husband dies to eatting all those meds or would up in a wheel chair... I will take immigration action and Sue the******out of who ever and they will pay for all his treatments or pay all his funeral expenses plus pay for my up keep rest of my life cause someone decided to take my husband away from me..... My husband as proof of server chronic diease and u took something away that helped him.... My heart breaks that I'm not sure if I can find another doctor for him and his in server pain 80% of the time.... Someone should be held responsible for this mess and I'm sure if ppl get lawyers and take these these ppl to court we can stop ppl from trying to cause trouble....
Just a reminder to anyone who hasn't yet - please also sign the petition to withdraw the CDC guidelines at - just about 250 more signatures needed to go directly to the President, Senate, and House of Representatives. As Mary W. from Wisconsin writes: "United we stand,,divided we fall,,"

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