First Do No Harm: The DEA targets Physicians who treat their patients pain.

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I am sitting here, suffering in my bed at 11:10 in the morning and in tears; I might add!
I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue in 2003. I worked a great job for a quasi state agency and after 20 years of service, I had to retire; disabled from my job a year later due to these debilitating illnesses.
I was bed bound for the next 2 1/2 years. 5 years later, I was then able to partake in my life in some capacity without the need from time to time of pain meds.
I have tried almost everything on the market to treat my symptoms and pain, the only thing that does help me get up and out of bed are the opiate medications.
People with these illnesses have drug sensativity especially and some drugs that just do not work for some reason! NSAID medications give me great stomach pain, as so does asprin. Tylenol does not work for me AT ALL!!!
Lyrica, Cymbslta, Savella, Nearontin, exercise, diet, yeah, run the list; I've tried quite a number of them... it doesn't matter with these illnesses!
Now, I'm in a horrible flare and on top of that have 4 disk herniations in my neck, 4 in my back as well as migrain like headaches! Not to mention a new discovery found from my cervical neck MRI of a 1/4" √ó 1/2" cyst in my head that could possibly be causing my most recent and frequent headaches and I can't get treated properly by my doctor because of this issue!
PLEASE!? For the love of God! Some empathy n compassion?! People DO have chronic issues who need these medications!! We are SUFFERING for the greed and stupidity of a smaller percent who take advantage?
What happened to the rule that was in place many years ago for it being impertinent to treat a patient's pain? Bring me in n count my pills on a weekly basis! But PLEASE, allow my doctors to TREAT ME, fully n completely?!
THIS is inhumane!
I have lumbar discs injury L3, L4, L5 and S1. I have Fibromyalgia and migraines. I have had numerous treatments of lower back with epidurals and trigger point injections as well of the lower back. I get Botox every 3 months to help control migraines that are diagnosed as seizure like and treated with anti seizure medications as well. I will have an Occipital nerve block injection for the first time ever in November. My doctors are afraid to treat me with my usual narcotics because they are under a magnifying glass now that Norco is a schedule 2 drug. Making it difficult for chronic pain sufferers to receive their meds. We must see the doctor now every 90 days to continue receiving our meds. That's an additional 160.00 dollars a year from a low income family pocket. I spend 160.00 a year on co-payment for botox alone. 40.00 every 3 months at 4 yearly visits and i need a driver to these appointments as I can't drive because of pain, so my husband loses work because of these added appointments. Losing work hours hurts our finances. The DEA is causing me financial hardships. Physicians are afraid of losing their licenses for continuing to treat patients with this drug. I can't walk without the medication or I am bedridden and have to use a walker to get around. This is wrong, to keep people from the medicine they need and scaring the medical professionals who treat us. I was in the ER just yesterday and the doctor was rude and treated me like a druggie seeking a high. I told him what I needed which was an anti-inflammatory non narcotic named (toradol), I also asked for Zofran for the nausea and Ativan for the anxiety. This combination worked. I never asked for a narcotic, yet the doctor went on and gave me the spiel on why chronic pain sufferers can't be treated in the ER with pain meds anymore. Every time they do that, it breaks me down. I don't need to be told that every time. I'm not chasing a high, I'm looking for relief. I injured my back while working as a private investigator for insurance fraud/worker's compensation. I know what liars look like, I have busted people in many fraudulent cases. I refuse to be treated as an addict. I am going to break the stigma with a campaign I am launching and working on and hopefully I can get support from the professionals that know how many of us there are that are legitimate patients.
Thank you for reading.
I'm a paraplegic and in cronic neuropathic pain. I have considered suicide and still do if i can't get help. My legs feel like they are on fire or i have pins and needles. I'm 58 and laying in bed screaming and crying. Yes, i have had to cut myself off of my family and friends because i hurt so bad that i can't get out of bed. So i am reclusive and no one to help me.
I'm a paraplegic and in cronic neuropathic pain. I have considered suicide and still do if i can't get help. My legs feel like they are on fire or i have pins and needles. I'm 58 and laying in bed screaming and crying. Yes, i have had to cut myself off of my family and friends because i hurt so bad that i can't get out of bed. So i am reclusive and no one to help me.
I am watching my husband deteriorate day by day. Why? He is a pain patient and is grossly under medicated for his condition. He has to be in bed, lying flat most of the day because the minute he stands or sits, the pain is almost unbearable. He has had 11 injections, 1 surgery, 3 sessions of PT in the last 15 months, with no results. In January, the pain doctor cut his medications. He was taking two long acting plus four short acting medications per day. Although not perfect, he could function. This was cut to two and two and it was explained that it was because of the regulations. He asked for an increase from two short acting to three, because when he is on three, he can at least minimally function. He has been turned down and may have been labeled because he asked. Why is this happening? Because the pain doctor is afraid of the DEA and other government agencies, both federal and state. I don't blame him; he is doing what he needs to do to keep his practice. However, as a result, my husband, and thousands like him, are treated as drug seekers and addicts. My husband is 78 and has been told several times by the pain management staff that he is an ideal, compliant patient who has never violated his pain contract. It is not like he has a long time to enjoy his life, and the government is taking any chance at quality of life away. Shame on you!
I've been on Pin medications for over 20 years. I have been a compliant patient and always have a good report with my Doctors. I will sign any pain management agreement, take any random drug test given by my physician, or do whatever my physician requires of me because I know I follow all requirements set before me while taking my pain medications.

It's so sad then the FDA feels they can step in between a patients private visit with their physician and actually TELL the what he can or cannot prescribe for a patient! What ever happened to First Do No Harm? What happened to the HIPPA? The FDA shouldn't be involved in what a Doctor is prescribing a patient, that is between a Doctor and his patient!

Of course, the patients need to be "PROACTIVE" in securing their medications so that no one else gets to their medications. Every drug contract I have seen and signed has had reference to making sure the patient keeps their medications safe (even locked up if need be) so others in the household cannot get to them. I am one who did this just as a precaution, at one time I had many children in my home that I worried about. You can never be too safe.
"Opioid Crisis" I am so tired of this label. What happened to personal responsibility? Parents, lock up your meds so your tweens and teens can't get to them. Why has the DEA and FDA taken over my health care/pain care? Why do they presume to think they know what is best for me and have labeled me as inept to know how to take my meds so I can at least function day to day. My meds just made it so I could at least do my day to day chores...they didn't take away all the pain in no way, shape or form! I am a responsible adult. I don't sell my meds nor do I hand them out. Shame on the powers that be be influenced by scare tactics from the DEAFDA. I was on Norco and Soma...this worked for me but due to the pressure on my physician, he no longer will treat chronic pain and referred me to a pain clinic. The clinic will not prescribe Soma....what the hell?? Now I have been given Baclofen which does nothing! Welcome extreme pain...THIS NEEDS TO STOP NOW.
"Opioid Crisis" I am so tired of this label. What happened to personal responsibility? Parents, lock up your meds so your tweens and teens can't get to them. Why has the DEA and FDA taken over my health care/pain care? Why do they presume to think they know what is best for me and have labeled me as inept to know how to take my meds so I can at least function day to day. My meds just made it so I could at least do my day to day chores...they didn't take away all the pain in no way, shape or form! I am a responsible adult. I don't sell my meds nor do I hand them out. Shame on the powers that be be influenced by scare tactics from the DEAFDA. I was on Norco and Soma...this worked for me but due to the pressure on my physician, he no longer will treat chronic pain and referred me to a pain clinic. The clinic will not prescribe Soma....what the hell?? Now I have been given Baclofen which does nothing! Welcome extreme pain...THIS NEEDS TO STOP NOW.
I have signed this petition because I have adhesive arachnoditis, cervical spondaloysis with myleopathy, and am unable to use a walker because my hands don't work right and I can't walk for more than a few minutes if I don't fall while I am walking. I have been in severe pain for years now, have had 15 surgeries in all. When I had "real insurance" i could see a pain management doctor, now that I have California's medicaid I can't find a pain management doctor that will do anything to help me. I can't get the spinal nerve block shots as I am allergic to them and will have seizures. I am on Neurotin and norco for the pain which doesn't even touch it. My pain level is getting worse and worse and I am too the point of giving up. People that live in the amount of pain that I am in every single day shouldn't have to fight to get help. I wouldn't wish my everyday life on anyone but if one of you had to go through a day in my life I am sure things would change.
I have signed this petition, written to the DEA, CDC, FDA, The President, My governor, the Ambassador of the US Pain Fou dation, And ALL OF YOU IN CONGRESS!! You ALL are a bunch of greedy, cruel, despicable, horrible, terrorists who have DESTROYED our healthcare system! You are all responsible for the thousands of chronically ill people who have taken their lives because the pain won! There will be thousands more taking their lives as this unethical, inhumane, barbaric mistreatment continues on those suffering from debilitating conditions that cause them excruciating pain. Who are any of you to tell me what is good or not good for MY BODY!! Your target on legit patients and their doctors is unacceptable!! ALL of you should be ashamed of yourselves for causing great harm on innocent people who are suffering! Many of us have had these conditions for years and nothing more can be done other than the life saving medications to ease our pain and suffering. You think stripping us of our medications is going to solve the heroin addiction in this country!?!? That's the biggest ***** joke I've ever heard! By stripping us of our meds, you will cause thousands upon thousands of legit people to go on perm. disability. Where is the money coming from to take care of us then!?!? Many of the chronically ill are able to be productive members of society when given the correct dose of meds. It's not my fault kids are getting access to pills. Parents should be involved more in their kids lives and monitor what they do. I have a 15 yr old son that I am responsible for, he is noone else's responsibility and noone else should have to pay for bad choices he may make. Because some big shot who leads the PROP organization lost her kid to an overdose, the rest of us have to suffer for it!?!? Losing a child is horrific, BUT I DID NOT FORCE THAT KID TO PARTY WITH FRIENDS AND OVERDOSE ON PILLS!! I AM SICK AND TIRED OF BEING NEGLECTED, UNDER-TREATED. JUDGED AND LABELED AS AN ADDICT. I AM NOT AN ADDICT!! I AM A RESPONSIBLE ADULT WHO HAS BEEN THRU HELL!! HOW DO ANY OF YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT!?!? The chronic pain sufferers across this country are being ABUSED & BULLIED BY THE VERY PEOPLE WHO WORK FOR US!! It's no wonder this country is going to shit, with terrorsits like we have running this country, ignoring those who are chronically ill, making them suffer unneccessarily. God sees all, and our forefathers of this country would be horrified to see our own goverment reigning terror onto the chronically ill. I wonder what happens when you receive these letters!?!? Do you all sit back and get a good laugh, toss it in the garbage!?!? The addicts/abusers are not at all going to be affected by the unethical restrictions you are pushing for. The only ones it hurts are THE LEGIT PATIENTS!!! I really do hope and pray karma gets ahold of ALL of you!! i hope you one day know what it's like to suffer in pain so bad you beg God to take you, like I do everyday. That probably wont happen
Same pain doc for. 4 Years but drive was to far from where I moved to. Then primary took over and hasn't been able to treat me long term. Been going through this for. 7 Years now. Am 29 doc said I will prolly only live to 35. From my two auto immune hereditary dominate disorders. 8 Months now cut off cold turkey and am ready to end my life cause anothe. 6 More of this aint gonna do. The injections have cause one ovary to blow up while he was injecting the hypergastric plexus block shot. And also my left Femoral Head Vein has clogged from the shots in my hips. And has cause me to have to see more doctors pay more money for more tests at every. 3 Months to monitor the. Avascular Necrosis Vein in my Femoral Head. I totally get why all these people who were once on meds and cut off cause the dumb cash only pill mill deals that were 20+ on each main drag in every city. Now the regular doctors are in fear of giving there patients meds. I was only on 22.5 Mgs of percocet. And no one wants to provide them cause there doing surgery and shots. Well i wont let them do that stuff to me anymore. I have Marfans Syndrome Reverse Scoiliosis Mitral VALVE Prolapse Double Triple Jointed. Extra long bones fingers toes etc.. Pectus Carinatum arthitis and also have somehow developed SLE Lupus from all of this. And i am just so freaking miserable and wish my time would hurry up. I cant deal with the pain i feel daily. Been disabled since birth according to Social Security.
Our elected officials have no business interfering in medical issues! You were elected to represent, not rule! Its obvious people are suffering because of your ignorant involvement!
In a false effort to curb opioid abuse, new laws have been inflicted on chronic pain patients and their doctors, creating an air of suspicion which shouldn't exist between a doctor and the patient who seeks relief.

There has been a great deal of propaganda which has been trumped up by lobbyists for the large pharmaceutical companies, the large pharmaceutical companies themselves, the DEA, the FDA, large "managed care" groups, the media, and other misinformed interests. Only a small fraction of what's being spun is actually true, or being done in the patients best interest.

The FDA has removed less addictive pain relievers from the market such as Darvocet-N/Darvon - a drug which had been on the market since the late 1950's, and used very successfully in millions and millions of patients without a significant addiction problem. Instead of issuing a "Black Box Warning", which would have been far more prudent, and would've allowed the decision to be left to be made by a patient and their doctor. The FDA took the decision away from the doctor & patient, and made the decision that they know what is better for millions of patients. This is all part of lie being fed to us regarding the "Opioid Crisis" - which just is not based on fact. After one single so called "New Clinical Research Trial" done in the U.S., the FDA made the determination to remove the Darvon based medications from the market. That's just now how the pharmaceutical system generally works, UNLESS there's something else going on - which obviously there is in this so-called "crisis"

Although some might argue that other countries had withdrawn the Darvon based medications like Darvocet-N, based on heart arrhythmias, the United States has never been so patient centered, never concerning itself first and foremost with the patient. Ours is a selfish, greedy, money driven economy, supporting greedy, selfish, money driven corporations first and foremost. This was done purely because these medications, despite being of great benefit to millions of chronic pain patients for over SIXTY YEARS, were not making money for the large pharmaceutical companies. That's the ONLY concern that had any bearing on the removal of less addictive drugs, which had been on the market for decades.

Europe withdrew these medications, but Europe is FAR more advanced with regard to the use of what would be considered alternative pain treatments in the U.S. - treatments which are not covered by insurance companies in the U.S. Europe uses treatments such as PEMF or Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy, which has been used successfully in veterinary care in the U.S. for a long time, but even after endless evidence based studies is still considered "experimental" in mainstream medicine. Why? Because it's not a money maker for big pharma. Europe and Canada are also far more sophisticated in the use of nutraceuticals, and are FAR less dependent upon pharmaceuticals, and thus the need to placate, support, an
Cut and dry , the number one obstacle I have faced regarding my injuries is the healthcare system itself. EVERY step that has been taken(and proved to relieve my pain in the least) has been MY doing , MY research MY trial and error. I fear prosecution daily(leagaly and socially) for what I MUST do. If I did not take things into my own hands I would be dead. I have been through everything from verbal abuse , to life threatening treatments which resulted in very close calls. These lawmakers are greedy ,selfish people who lack the slightest bit of compassion. I often get written off as many untrue things , while all the while I care for my dying father , and watch my personal business crumble due to neglect. I am doing all I can while they take my money and do nothing. This situation has destroyed my life , my family , my relationships and much more...and for what? So they can feel powerful and avoid admitting they made a grave mistake in judgment. The addicts always have and always will exist ...stop making us pay for others issues ...if parents are scared for their children tell them the truth , it is their job to watch and educate them. I cannot even describe how sick and angry I am over this and you have a line of people behind me that feel the same. Valuable "resources "(to speak YOUR language) who you are tossing aside because you feel they are too stupid to know whats good for themselves. A majority of the folks here have been dealing with their situation for longer than most doctors went to school , to think that they don't know enough to atleast take their meds properley is a joke. I have gotten ZERO relife (from a doctor) in 7 years. And I am fighting for what? So that I can be given BARELY enough medication to make it through the month? So if there is a hold up/mistake/ emergency that ill be SOL? How can you call yourselves professionals ? I get better service at Mc Donalds...the girl at the drive through sees I have no cup holders and asks if I need one at least. You push me out trying to giving me as little as absolutely possible and its a crime, at the prices you charge to sit their and be snide. I don't care if you think I am bitter ...I AM...AND I SHOULD BE.
I am afraid to give my real name - fearful I or my doctor will be targeted by the local DEA. How sad is that? It is like a Nazi state.
The physical toll it takes on me, jumping through all the hoops put in place, bring it to the point of not being worth it anymore. The only reason I continue is,because I have a family that relies on me to be there for them. Otherwise, I would've given up out of frustration years ago. Giving up my pain medication would mean no quality of life. No quality of life means suicide. Why live if all you see are the same walls from the same bed? Please stop punishing us for the transgression of others. There must be alternative ways of tackling a perceived problem, than by kicking the crippled people.
None of us are doing anything illegal. In fact, we go out of our way to follow the rules. Instead of being rewarded (or at least ignored), we are instead targeted. We have been made to carry additional stigma on top of the stigma that often comes with our disabilities, one of drug seekers, and addicts. We are made to justify ourselves repeatedly. We are treated like criminals, and forced to pee in cups, or face being refused further treatment.

This is NOT humane. This is dispicable. This is bullying someone who can't fight back. This should be shameful. Instead, many push for more, and more regulation, attempting to take it away completely from those who only wish to live a life as close to normal as they can. Often, this means a few hours a day that they can get out of bed, or it can mean the difference between being able to continue working. At what point do we decide to take our humanity back, and to the right, and compassionate thing? A society will always face problems, and those problems don't define that society. It is how that society chooses to tackle those problems, that define it. Let's choose to be a compassionate, just, intelligent society. Not a brutal, unjust, and reactionary one.
Thank you,
Julia R.
Ditto to all of the above. I am so upset with the way they are treating us real live people whom do no harm just want to be able to live as normal a life as possible. It is so embarrassing to even talk to any doctors any more as they treat you like a drug seeker rather than a 59 year old woman with 2nd time cancer, spleen removed and intestinal adhesion's among other serious pain diagnosis's. I pray to be healthy and live pain free but at this time it just is the way that it is. Why do we have to suffer and be put into a category that is looked down upon? We should be treated with kindness and respect and a little compassion vs the other would be nice. I don't have a doctor at this time because of this and have to go to a methadone clinic just to be able to have a somewhat normal life but it took a lot of courage to walk in that clinic to begin with but had to have something for the pain. Things need to change as I can not continue to afford to do this and have no doctors whom have declared, "First do no harm", and treast me appropriately. I am somewhat shy and I've already got that drug seeking stereotype which makes me nervous like I am guilty of something automatically when I am speaking to a doctor. I just don't know what to do, maybe the cancer will take me and I won't have to have this extreme stressor in my life 24/7.and just don't handle the pain any longer even with the methadone my pain is so prominent that I sometimes count the ceiling tiles or walk around the house counting my steps trying to get a distraction. This just is so very wrong and no answers. I pray for human compassion and care from our once trusted doctors.
I used to work as a medical professional, prescribing pain meds when required. I then became a patient and can no longer work. I avoid pain meds mainly due to the stigma and humiliation that providers and pharmacists readily "dispense" to anyone reporting pain, especially chronic pain. If only 1-3% of chronic pain med users are "abusers" why must we make the honest and suffering 97% suffer even more?? Maybe I will be damned for saying this, but I actually wish upon condescending medical providers and DEA workers that they end up suffering with intractable pain and are denied relief and made to feel like criminals and the "scum of the Earth" the way many of us are. All we want is some relief so that we CAN work, we CAN raise our families and we CAN be productive members of society and maybe have a half decent quality of life. Pain will make anyone or any animal desperate to find relief in any way possible. "First do no harm" is being superseded by"first refuse any opioids or benzos in order to keep the DEA at bay even if my patients suffer terribly, so I will not risk my license". Very sad...very very sad.
I could not agree more with the label that the DEA has put on patients with chronic pain. There are people out there like myself with chronic back pain and need the pain meds to get by day to day. Some people opt for surgery which is fine but for those who don't want to have someone poking around their spine should be able to have other options such as pain medications. And it's very difficult to find a doctor these days that will prescribe them for you. My doctor has recently moved out of state so I find myself rationing my current supply till I can find a doctor who will prescribe them. And it hasn't been easy. And I've yet to find one. So where does that leave me? I have no choice but to find alternate sources to get my pain meds which is where this is leading to because doctors are too afraid to prescribe meds for reasons like my own. This isn't fair to people like us and something should be done about it!
The cost for ligetamate cronic pain suffering patients, many of which, like me, are permanently disabled and on limited income because of our disability are being put through the wringer with all the extra costs for doctor visits. It is also a major inconvenience of having to see their doctor each month (NEWS Flash: it's difficult for most disabled people to travel) just to get the medacations needed to live a as close as possible normal quality of life. This new regulation by the DEA targets them and their doctors and needs revising sooner than later.

I couldn't agree more with the following post:

POSTED BY MARY ON 9 / 27 / 2015:
Iím convinced this war on pain patients is all about money. Opioids are not patentable and very inexpensive. My opioid medications were $50 a month but every alternative pain medication offered to me cost over $500 per month and isnít even effective. Add costs of drug screening and requirement to see doctor monthly, thatís another $400 per month. I went from paying less than $100 per month the beginning of this year (splitting doctorís visit cost every 90 days 3 ways) to paying nearly $1,000 a month. Iím paying 10 times as much for 1/10th the relief and spiraling down into abject misery and poverty.
IMHO big pharma is behind this whole war on opioids and pain patients. They want to demonize opioids because they canít patent them to make big money and then take advantage of suffering patients by forcing them to take and pay for their expensive drugs and drug screens. And doctors go along with it because itís making them money too. I have a good friend that is a drug rep and doctors are paid kickbacks for prescribing these expensive patented drugs to us.
As far as the DEA and the US Government, if they were so worried about lives being lost to substances, why donít they go after alcohol and tobacco manufacturers? Alcohol and tobacco causes far more misery and death than all other controlled substances combined! I canít smoke cannabis that will never kill me or get enough pain meds to go fishing with my husband but I can get all the alcohol and tobacco I want just about anywhere I want??? Is it only me that sees the hypocrisy in these policies?
How can US policy on substances claim any credibility as long as this type of hypocrisy exist?
Besides, Iím a consenting adult, I donít need the government and/or DEA telling me what I can and can not put in my body!!!
America is now fully under the control of wealthy corporations and all laws are past to benefit these corporations. They have infiltrated and manipulate every aspect of our government to suit themselves. If you donít believe that just FOLLOW THE MONEY!
I have fibromyalgia and severe back problems that are proven with MRI s and cat scans. It is so hard to get doctors to listen because of people who misuse the system. Why make it so hard on physicians to do there jobs. There is a such thing as long term pain. I suffer in pain daily even with my medicine. I feel like a criminal everytime I go to my doctor. I have to give a urine specimen and pill count. It's ridiculous. I've been told by my physician he does not know how I'm functioning but his hands are tied with the amounts of meds I am receiving, because of the DEA!
I have fibromyalgia and severe back problems that are proven with MRI s and cat scans. It is so hard to get doctors to listen because of people who misuse the system. Why make it so hard on physicians to do there jobs. There is a such thing as long term pain. I suffer in pain daily even with my medicine. I feel like a criminal everytime I go to my doctor. I have to give a urine specimen and pill count. It's ridiculous. I've been told by my physician he does not know how I'm functioning but his hands are tied with the amounts of meds I am receiving, because of the DEA!
25 years of pain over 50 years of my life with a debilitating disease called interstitial cystitis and I have tried every single solitary option any dr has given and nothing has helped but pain meds. I've gone from prayer and holistic options to surgery and narcotics and worked until 2008 when it was just unbearable before I took a single pill. I'm now disabled and went from working 2 jobs to nothing! Stop harassing Drs. over the 16k who illegally overdosed and help the 6 million who follow their Drs instructions to the letter and have to drive and sit in line and be inspected like a criminal every 30 days just to get a script filled. Oh.. then filling it is another story!!! If I wasn't Christian...I'd off myself because my crappy quality of life will go from a 4 to a 0!! I wouldn't wish this on anybody but if they could just live in this much pain for a few days..they'd surely feel different about it.
Well after all these years of being a good patient I made some bad decisions due to the trauma of a death in my family now I will probably have the only thing taken from me that gives me any relief at all. Sad but I just wish I were dead and may have to resort to putting a bag over my head and taking what ever few pills that are left with a******load of vodka. Thanks for all the compassion this disease took all my money and chance at a better life now they want my lousy pills???? I hope you all know what this is like one day. My life now I think is pretty much over you have won and now you will probably have another suicide. The sad part is no one is keeping score of how many people have to take their own lives over this ********
My wife was recently cut off from her Opana prescription due to recreational marajuana use in her saliva test. She is going through bad withdrawl and the Dr wont even ween her off the med. So headed to Mexico to stock up, this law is ridiculous and is hurting people who are already hurting, wtf
I have been in pain for most of my life. At the age of 18, migraines began. At 20, after my first child the back pain started. Everything just went downhill from that epidural I had. Causes ms to have Adhesive Arachnoiditis. It is so unfair for true pain patients to have to go without or jump through hoops just to get pain relief. It is demeaning also because we get treated worse than the actual addicts do. I'm so tired of fighting this system that is so against us. We did not choose this life of pain.
ďUnless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorshipÖ the Constitution of this Republic should make special provision for medical freedom as well as religious freedom.Ē ó Benjamin Rush M.D. a signer of the Declaration of Independence

Someone should have listened, now the DEA is terrorizing our Dr's into Discriminating against us, treating 90 year old ladies like criminals, not to mention the rest of us. it was so sad to see that poor little old lady in her walker trying to make it to the rest room in the land of the PEE, Why does the DEA still exist after being selling GUNS to the Mexican drug cartels that got at least one border guard killed, not to mention all the dead Hispanics,sorry I get carried away with our criminals, I Mean Government, they say Medical Cannabis isn;t medicine, while blocking 26 MEDICAL PATENTS on medical cannabis, etc

By the time they get this through congress if will be epired

H.R.1940 - Respect State Marijuana Laws Act of 2015 114th Congress (2015-2016)
Sponsor:Rep. Rohrabacher, Dana [R-CA-48] (Introduced 04/22/2015)

House - Judiciary; Energy and Commerce
Latest Action:
05/15/2015 Referred to the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security, and Investigations.

Summary: H.R.1940 ó 114th Congress (2015-2016) (Except Text)
There is one summary for this bill. Bill summaries are authored by CRS.
Shown Here: Introduced in House (04/22/2015)
Respect State Marijuana Laws Act of 2015
Amends the Controlled Substances Act to provide that provisions of such Act related to marihuana shall not apply to any person acting in compliance with state laws relating to the production, possession, distribution, dispensation, administration, or delivery of marijuana.
Text: H.R.1940 ó 114th Congress (2015-2016)All Bill Information (Except Text)
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Text available as:
Shown Here:
Introduced in House (04/22/2015)
1st Session

H. R. 1940

To amend the Controlled Substances Act to provide for a new rule regarding the application of the Act to marihuana, and for other purposes.

April 22, 2015

Mr. Rohrabacher (for himself, Mr. Cohen, Mr. Hunter, Mr. Blumenauer, Mr. Young of Alaska, Ms. Titus, Mr. McClintock, Ms. Schakowsky, Mr. Massie, Mr. Polis, Mr. Amash, and Mr. Pocan) introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on the Judiciary, and in addition to the Committee on Energy and Commerce, for a period to be subsequently determined by the Speaker, in each case for consideration of such provisions as fall within the jurisdiction of the committee concerned

To amend the Controlled Substances Act to provide for a new rule regarding the application of the Act to marihuana, and for other purposes.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress ass
We're tired of suffering, because some people abuse the meds we need to live a normal life! Do no harm! If we are diagnosed with debilitating diseases, GIVE US THE MEDS WE DESERVE. Junkies, go to a street corner, and get your drugs. Not the MD's office.
I am not on any pain medication, however have loved ones who need to take for chronic intense pain. These people are not drug seekers. They are trying to live their lives with a lower pain level. Most people never get a relief even on pain meds but it lowers it enough to live a semi normal life!!
Doctors should be able to look at each patient as a whole and have the ability to treat that patient as the dr sees fit.
I live in pain 24/7 I've been in 6 car wrecks I can't walk with out a Cain I get pain meds up until this month I got a script to fill to day that has 120 Percocet 10/325 in them I got called in for a count and pis test I past the test but had to take 2 extra pills. That gave me what I needed for this month and told me to find a new dr to go to before these was gone Now if I didn't need them would thay gave me this one so I could make it but where do I go to be treated now I live in ky the drug capital of the us I Gess I'll by my pot moon shine 30 s off the streets like everyone else is doing I've got to live I can't kill my self u go to hell for that no mater how u do it
I have extreme pain from the neck which feels like an icepick is permanently lodged to my lower back. Stenosis, compression fracture, arthritis, knee andfeet. It took my dr a year to get me to manage my pain lin order for me to get back to work. My pain was a 12 he got me to a 2 to 5. Unfortunately i need high doses due to my super high tolerance. Surgeries are out of the question. Only by medication am i somewhat productive. For 5 years i was able to work.. now that i am being forced to decrease my dose i am back on disability and i need to go on permanent disability. Wht should people lile me suffer because some people misuse the medication. The number os 16k. Of 59,000,000 million people only 16k overdosed.. of those 16k it turns out not 1 was a chronic pain patient that took as directed. They all took too many pills or mixed with other medication like valium and muscle relaxers and a large portion were acute patients that were untrained and took extras because the 1 or 2 pills didnt work so they took 10. They also drank alcohol. WE ARE DEPENDENT ON THIS MEDICATION TO HAVE ANY TYPE.OF QUALITY LIFE AND IT TOOK OUR DRS A VERY LONG TIME TO GET US TO A LEVEL OF MINIMUM PAIN. We are legitimately in exrreme pain without the help. PLEASE LET OUR DRS DO THEIR JOBS. THERE WILL ALWAYS BE ADDICTS. MOST OF THE ADDICTS ARE FINDING HEROIN NOW anyways BECAUSE OF THE GOVERNMENT BEING IN THE DRS OFFICE. THAT IS THE EPIDEMIC!! DONT BE STUPID! DONT TORTURE THE MANY TO FOOL YOURSELF INTO THINKING YOU ARE HELPING. IN WASHINGTON STATE WHERE THESE "GUIDELINES" are in effect HAS SEEN A 300% INCREASE IN HEROIN DEATHS IN THE LAST YEAR ALONE AND A HUGE NUMBER OF THEM WERE CHRONIC PAIN PATIENTS THAT HAD THEIR PAIN MEDICATION UNFAIRLY AND UNCONSTITUTIONALY TAKEN AWAY. IF A PERSON IS STARVING HE WILL FIND FOOD NO MATTER WHAT. IF A PERSON IS IN EXTREME PAIN HE OR SHE WILL DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO MAKE THE PAIN STOP. IMAGINE WALKING AROUND WITH AN ICEPICK IN YOUR NECK THATS WHAT I WILL HAVE TO LIVE WITH ALONG WITH HAVING TO BE DRESSED BY MY WIFE AND BE BEDRIDDEN 20 HOURS A DAY. I HAVE BEEN THERE AND I DONT WANT TO GO BACK. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP US!!!
The sad part of All this nonsense is that the Drug addicts, & criminals will Always find a way to get whatever they want . While us people who suffer needlessly every day in chronic pain~ Are the ones who suffer !
I had a good Dr. who had me fairly stabilized after seeing her for 5 years. She then moved out of the country, & I had to start all over . I did find a Dr. who recognizes that FMS is a real problem, but he Still changed what had been working very well, and put me on a Not as good pain med, & I've been at the same dosage now for 3 years ~despite clean drug tests, & taking my med as prescribed, NEVER running out early, Etc !(it's better than nothing I suppose , BUT I merely exist........ have no quality of life anymore! Just trying to get thru a day is a challenge EVERY DAY ! It's Bad when You don't even feel well enough to shower every day ! I Tell my Dr. I'm not doing good, But he's afraid of getting in trouble.....So I continue to Suffer !
Not to mention when it's time to go to the pharmacy and pick up my pain med, & to be treated like a criminal ! It's an Atrocity what we ( pain patients) have to go through !
Shame on the DEA & CDC !! What you are doing is Not fair to us people in true pain !
i found out after being without meds for chronic pain for 8 days that i was laughed out of an anestesiollogist i had an up to date MRI showing serius spinal conditions including my right hip at 53 i was treated for 13 years my doctor doesnt tell me all this ios going on i spend 3 complete days trying to find a doctor i am sick of being treated like an attick i am truly disabled biut had this positive thinking the MRI is telling what the problem is why did my doctor suddenly move away Everybody knows i have suffered so bad in the past until pain management i think the usa sucks and DEA needs to feel the pain of chronic people i have been run in circles i think Obamcare was the worst thing and the dea i have lived this nightmare and now its here the doctors see the problems but laugh at you pout the door after stealing you money please do something but harrass doctors pharmacists and insurance companys
While I recognize that reducing drug abusers' access to prescribed opiates and other drugs is a legitimate goal, failing to recognize that a number of Americans legitimately suffer silently and invisibly from chronic pain, is reckless and irresponsible. I am directly involved in law enforcement, and I also suffer from severe musculoskeletal chronic pain caused by a degenerative condition. Despite this, I work full time, I'm raising two children, and I try to use non-narcotic methods of pain management as much as possible, such as limited exercise, heat, ice, stretching, meditation, and so forth. At night, however, when the pain is at its worst, there is nothing other than a prescribed opiate that can bring any relief. And for someone who has suffered for more than a decade, knowing I have that escape mechanism at the end of the day allows me to keep moving forward against all odds. If my access to these prescriptions that I legitimately need and rely on to function are removed, I don't know how long it would take before I resorted to ending my life. Obtaining drugs illegally is not and has never been an option for me, given my profession. It could result in disbarment or, at the very least, loss of a law enforcement position, which allows me to protect others. I ask that before you adopt any overly broad regulations that you consider there is a segment of the population for whom these drugs are a necessary and completely appropriate form of therapeutic treatment and relief. None of us want to have to take these medications. I would choose to be free from this degenerative condition, which has robbed me of a quality of life I enjoyed as a college athlete and physically fit law student, in an instant. No one wants to suffer from chronic pain. But that does not mean it doesn't happen. As written, your regulations would cause irreparable harm to legitimate patients. I respectfully ask that you reconsider.
I was hit by a drunk driver broke over 20 bones so I have chronic pain and nerve damage causes pain and my internal doctor office refused to help me and called the police because I told him I won't leave till he refills as if I run out starts with withdrawals seizures stoke and up to cardiac arrest Dr Name is Prem Salholtra we live in a small town and most the offices are owned by him I've only have a few days of meds left and we're I live the doctor offices won't except me as a new patient I don't know what to can you help please
thank you westly arnot
phone 760 660 2822
thank you
This is crazy I feel like a name is hidden due to impending disability.I am a nurse. Took me 2 years before I would even accept pain medication.i have seen the addicts,the true chronic pain victoms.and have dealt with the drs.the last thing I wanted was pain meds.ifinally accepted due to I was unable to focus or concentrate.started with lots of low dose I know the pain comes from fibromyalgia,brain tumor,diabetes neuropathy,lupus RA,degenerate spine disease,I love working. Really the state actually thinks I want disability.that is like asking would you like a icecream cone or a hotdog. No one wants to quit working.and how in the world do peeps get high off of opoids I still don't understand that.i hurt continuously at night is unbearable.i would rather not live than to have to live like is not that I want to die or am suicidal.but imagine if you had constant pain. I get get nothing stringer than hydros.was sent to pain clinic.where I get urine tested and have to sign a paper saying I won't go to ER due to pain.still they just want to give nerve blocks.with me my pain is everywhere so that is alot of injections.i just want to live with minimal pain.yet I am characteristics as a long time high potency perscriptions addict.this just causes more suicide v and drug addiction.some have to buy off the street.and some are actually addicts.please reconsider.ladies could you imagine going through childbirth 24 7? With just tylenol.that is how it is for is not fair that I have to suffer.because others abuse their meds. I have the tests results that prove I have pain.HELP please
Please reconsider as there are lots of us out there that need these Meds to get thru the day.
I'm in sever pain every day I can't get out bed dew to a lot of back and torn rotator cuff without these meds I'm unable to work or get out a bed. We all r going to die from something. Why not let us live a life we're we r able to move.all it's going to do is make us all die or think about suside cause the pain is to much to handle.we should not be punished for those who do can make it to we're thoseof us who do the right thing can keep our painmeds.
Thank god for my doctor who understands my chronic pain. I have had two back surgeries first one was a laminectomy lumbar it was great no pain mess for a year, the about a year and a half later the pain came back but this time much worse I ended up having a spinal fusion l 3,4,5 ever since that surgery I've had nothing but pain, I also go for steroid injections monthly around the area, which has left me with osteoporosis my doctor prescribes the Minimal amount of pain mess monthly for me I take no more or less I stick to the plan, it really angers me when you see on the news about the prescription pain use over dose in this country, it should not hurt the people who are responsible with our medicine.
Stop making innocent people suffer due to the stupidity of others. 1 bad apple ruins the whole bunch. Not everyone who takes opioids are addicts, drug seeking, abusing or lying. At least most found a manageable way of life working with their doctors. Now they're being turned away, refused care and left to suffer and try to find a way to just survive. Please stop this inhumane treatment of American citizens.
May God continue to bless those who do not suffer from chronic pain. I've had brain surgery, neck surgery, 5 bladder surgeries, and other surgeries. I've tried everything I can that's suppose to work in the "alternative medicine category", nothing has helped. I have 3 conditions that there are no cure for. This is terrible for us that truly hurt. We are being punished by those who abuse drugs and I truly don't understand. Please reconsider some things for those of us who need pain management. I can promise you this, this ain't the life I have dreamed of since I was a child. But it is my reality. For those that think they are helping folks, yall ain't, yall are only hurting us that need help. Thanks for reading.
My adult daughter is considering suicide due to lack of chronic abdominal pain treatment and the stance the medical/pharma/DEA have taken. I have truly come to HATE your arrogant behavior. Why? Your policy of attitude in the medical schools is fascist and anti-science. and not to mention chemical poisons and metals, saturated and manipulated virus and vaccines that have no doctors or even allowable testing because the insurance corporations are only in business for profit....facts are facts...Peace
My wife has had an excruciating pain disorder. During that time we have spent over $100,000 in medical costs including literally hundreds of
tests and medications trying to find out what is causing her pain and treat her various symptoms. The first two years her pain was so bad that she was completely immobilized by it, which caused emotional distress for her, for me and for our newborn son. Over these past years, the only thing we or her doctors have found that allows her to function as a human being is a combination of slow release and immediate release opioids. (Which we have been very careful to monitor to ensure she does not become addicted to, and her dosage has not increased over the last four years.)

While I do understand that strict guidelines are not intended for
patients like my wife, for those who have no other alternative to
manage their pain, the actual statistics show that addiction and overdose among actual pain sufferers is extremely low, below 5%. People such as my wife, myself, and our young son are going to suffer for these new guidelines if published.

Please do more clinical research before publishing strict guideline and speak with many, many more pain doctor's and patients first. I
absolutely guarantee that denying pain relief would hurt more people than it helps.

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