First Do No Harm: The DEA targets Physicians who treat their patients pain.

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What follows is a letter explaining my desperate situation that I wrote to my state's chapter of the American Medical Association as a last ditch effort to maintain my quality of life.
Dear Board Member of the Medical Association of the State of Alabama;

I am requesting your assistance as a last resort for the severe difficulties I am having locating a physician to manage the medication I have taken for many years. These medications have allowed me to live independently and have a good quality of life. I’ve been a patient of a responsible and knowledgeable physician since February 2007, but he changed the scope of his practice this with very short notice and has not been able to help me find another physician to maintain my current, successful program.I have always been conflicted about using opioids due to the values instilled in me as a child. For example, after bilateral derotational osteotomies at age 13 that resulted in MRSA osteomyelitis and wound complications, I received only ibuprofen and a few doses of ketorolac. I’m not a person who simply cannot tolerate pain. I have Primary Generalized Dystonia of non-DYT1/DYT2 origin. Multiple blood relatives including my father have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. I have tried many therapies over the past 15 years. An intrathecal baclofen pump inserted at the age of 18 caused complications leading to an atonic bladder, chronic CSF leak, neuropathic pain, and actual spasticity, and plantar flexion. Medication trials have included: baclofen, tizanidine, dantrolene, trihexyphenidyl, benzotropine, levodopa, pramipexole, ropinirole, botulinum toxins A and B, and tetrabenzine via compassionate use protocol. Most were helpful to some degree during sustained trials on high doses. However, many had side effects that were intolerable, including elevated liver enzymes and orthostatic hypotension.

After taking opioids for years, I was opioid-free by choice in the six months preceeding my appointment with my most recent physician. I was in the worst shape of my entire life – reliant on a power wheelchair, losing weight rapidly, with severe rigidity and intermittent episodes of myoclonus, unable to sit without support, with clenched fingers that rendered my hands useless. The comparison in my quality of life with and without opioids made one thing very clear. Although prescribed for pain, the opioids – by whatever mechanism – had a primary and significant effect on my dystonia.

Within an hour of resuming OxyContin I experienced a noticeable improvement. Over the years, my dose has increased back to my prior levels. Each increase has produced sustained, visible improvement in my dystonia and quality of life without intolerable side effects. I understand my dosing regimen (high dose oxycodone and fentanyl) makes me an “outlier” in the scheme of medical board recommendations. I am no longer a prisoner in my own home. I started coaching youth sports for inner-city children
This is inhumane!!! I am a chronic pain patient and I now no longer have a pain management doctor nor any medication as of next week due to failure to take drug tests for proving whether or not I am taking my meds when in all actuality I did take the tests not once, but TWICE!!!!As I am 100% permanently and totally disabled, am in a wheelchair or bed-bound would someone let me know what I should do short of sucking a pistol????? In my opinion the DEA has WAY OVERSTEPPED ITS MANDATE (whatever that is) and is targeting pain patients in order to justify its existence especially since medical marijuana is about to be legalized nationwide - maybe not right this second but in the next year or so. DEA is a menace, a health hazard of the worst kind (think atomic waste) and should be immediately dismantled and every one of its agents or members or whatever they choose to call themselves should be arrested and shipped to Syria or somewhere similar maybe even to ISIS where they would fit more appropriately what with their barbaric inhumane and unconscionable treatment of patients.
I'm in terrible pain and I cant get enough pain medication from my doctor to take it away, my doctor says he's afraid of the government. STOP THE DEA!
I want the government to leave my doctor ALONE and let him treat my pain!!!
I've been stuck in pain for a lifetime but the past 4 years have been horrific. Doctors just tell me to take ibuprofen and I have horrible stomach issues now from the NSAIDs. I'm ready to kill myself as I hurt so bad I cannot get out of bed or take care of my young kids. My endometriosis doesn't respond to the treatments offered. There is a pill out there that could help me get through my day however doctors leave me in pain 1000 times worse than labor. Please fix this.
Doctor has had me come in for a pill count, there were no problems of course but embarrassing to even be asked to do it. Pharmacist looks at me like I'm a drug addict every time I fill my pain med for chronic lower back sciatic nerve pain. This particular pharmacy will not fill narcotic meds until the 30th day even though doctor has authorized 29 day refill written on the script. I didn't even realize it was day 29 I could have waited until day 30 I had meds left but the pharmacist makes a smart loud comment in front of everyone in the store that "you are actually one day early for refill but I will fill it this time but you need to make sure you wait 30 days next time"! He said it in a smart condescending manner and made me feel like I was a criminal or drug addict! I am tired of going through things like this just to fill a script for a pain med. These laws have doctors and pharmacists running scared and a lot are refusing to even prescribe pain meds for people who really need them! These laws are.doing nothing but keeping legitimate people who need pain meds from getting them. It is doing nothing to curb the drug addict....he's just going to move to heroin or meth or something else....use some common sense and ease these rules doctors and pharmacies need to follow for heaven's sake!!!
This whole system is insane. I have been caught up in this trap, never saw it coming. I have wedged & compressed vertebrae, herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, scoliosis and a rare one eating holes through my spine syringomyelia. I was with my Dr close to a decade, never had issues, always did everything asked of me. I had a falling out with him, his head was on the proverbial chopping block because apparently the DEA influences your Dr/patient care and he was scared and let me go. I'm only 30, have come so close to ending it. I had notes written out to my fiance & mother and was trying to figure out if the banasters on my stairs would support my weight. I live in unbearable pain, life just isn't worth living anymore. I had a nice run, got 30yrs but if i don't find a nee Dr by the end of Sept i can't go on this way anymore. I pray for anyone dealing with pain that you find comfort and help. The DEA ruined my life by controlling the Dr's and not allowing them to treat THEIR patients. Unless anyone has lived with unbearable pain, than you'll never understand. We do not live in the 1700's have medicine to help folks; we only get 1 life, it's unfair to make anyone suffer if they can prove they have legitimate pain. If my dog had an issue walking, the humane thing to do is put it down, why is it ok to let humans suffer? I know others abuse drugs, they will never stop it. It's up to the individual, many that lose their Dr graduate to heroin. I thankfully wouldn't go that route, but many have. I don't think asking to live pain free (for the most part) is a crime. Folks will only understand when it's them laying in bed for days not eating, dreading getting up to use the restroom. End this cruelty.
Mr from ft myers this has gone to far cant find a chain pharmacy to fill my script with my medicade so i have to go to a private owned pharmacy and they are charging $ 10.00 each for the oxycodone 30 mg ,,over $ 1200.00 per month/ please hold a gun to my head!!! Something needs to change it isn't fair that i cantget my medicine on my medicade i can't go without my meds I'm 54years old been under doctors care for 6 years,, lets all of us get ugly and bring a change to this unfair control they are using ;
The system punishes the patient that needs treatment like any other illness. Broken, fused back ruined my health.
I'm not a junkie, need pain meds for RA,Lupus and disk pain. No surgery will correct my problems. Tired of pharmacy treating me like a criminal. No guality of life living this way. Worked since I was 16 and had to retire from a good job.we need help thank you
constantly in pain from gastro, shoulder, neck problems and my doctor will not give me anything other that cyclobenziprine, my pain is not fair i never asked her but i'm assuming it's cause of this i can't use the restroom without cronic pain and i'm only 33 years old owie.
I am a long-time pain sufferer (since 1990) and I have always used my pain medication responsibly. Since moving to OH, I am no longer able to get the small amount of pain killers that I need to live comfortably.
My mom suffers from a bad knee that no doctor will operate on because she needs to lose 70 pounds, which kinda hard to do with severe pain in her knee. No doctor in our local area will prescribe or treat her pain, and when I call my constituents offices all I get is "well there is a lot of deaths because of pain meds and a lot of people have died because of them, that's why they have tightened the regulations amd ate doing this"
I don't mind them going afterthe shady pain clonics but when they go after doctors to the point no one wants to treat the whole patient that is when there is a problem. I mean really when did our government and the dea become physicians
I can't get any pain medication for my debilatating back pain because my Dr hasn't been "approved " to write a prescription for a class II narcotic. I thought that was one of the reasons for the 12 years of schooling. The DEA is turning law abiding citizens with legitimate issues into criminals because it's easier to buy morphine tablets on the street than at a pharmacy.
I am sick to death of doctors who will not prescribe me the pain medication I need to actually help me because they are scared of the government or DEA. I am done dealing with these idiots who only think of themselves and have no compassion for people in my situation. I said at a doctors office for over an house then she had to go talk to her supervisor which walked in, told me he wanted me on Cymbaltia and ability which I cannot afford nor will I take anything with a thousand other side effects when the meds I take now works for me and doesn't cost me an arm and a leg. He was NOT in the room, he did NOT listen to my issues but yet in 3 minutes he was able to tell me what I should be taking and completely ignore everything I was telling him. Then his smig*****got up and walked out. Wonder how much they get paid to prescribe these very expensive medicines with more side affects than chemo in the meantime, they are screwing the patients are were sworn to help and protect.!!!! It's disgusting!!!!!
Omg !!!!!!!!!!!!!
I live in Chronic Pain, Mental Issues, arthritis and more! I'm sick of the government (DEA), telling doctors to STOP treating patients. The Pain Clinic where I have been going for treatment/medication has caused me to have 5 withdrawals in less then 2 yrs that has now caused me to have an irregular heart beat and again I'm bedridden! I have always followed my prescription intrusion but now I'm taking 12 to 15 over the counter pain relievers just to try to h e lp but I already know that isn't good for my body but NO body cares but the person who is in such PAIN they don't even want to move!

Before the Pain Clinic STOP, I had a quality of life to where I was able to go for a walk with my dog, go do grocery shopping and more BUT NOT ANYMORE! I'm so sick of this mess that if something is NOT DONE SOON, I don't know how much more my body, mind and soul will take because I'm ready to end it ALL right now! !

I WANT WHAT QUALITY OF LIFE I HAD BACK BEFORE DEA, OBAMA CARE, AND GOVERNMENT CAUSED. At least I had a life, new ai have nothing but wishing me life would end!
I 100% agree with all of it. The people dying from overdoses every year are mostly the people in such severe pain, thier doctors dont give them enough medication to help, so the patients take what they think will relieve at least some pain, which wind up taking too much. If the doctors could prescribe enough medication in the first place to help us there'd be a lot less overdoses. I have severe RA and Lupus, my dr says they want everyone to be on equivlent of 120 mgs of Morphine or less per day. I dont get ANY relief unless I take 100 mgs 3 times a day. I wish there was somewsy to lrt these people experience just 5 minutes of what we live with constantly. It would cure all of thier thinking. I would rather die than to continue living this way.
The health care system is really messed up for people in pain.
I have both chronic pain and chronic ADHD. I was very functional, required less pain meds, and had hope for the first time in my life. My success is documented, both physically, mentally and functionally by 4 independent doctors. The nightmare began with the health care "reform" bill and it's proceeding "DRUG SHORTAGES" Then the Terror Psychology began to both my doctors & self. Because this is "war psychology", it began with notices [post 911], on EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS; [but only for the elderly and disabled]. The non-profits must be under a Gov Gag-order as NO-ONE admits to knowing anything, which in itself is harmful. I have an only sister who has chronic lyme disease. She became re-bitten, acquired Bartonella, and is not being treated; only pain MGT where she has to take her life in her hands driving so far. But consider being told by an expert in the field, "I am not going to treat you, but I will help manage the pain" Every month for a year my cheap, generic Dextroampthamine sulfate for ADHD was a miracle. It lowered my blood-pressure to the "New Normal", helped give me hope when I had tried almost every antidepressant available for years but only became worse. I can't accept that my Government in the USA in the year 2015, has gotten away-with [chipping-away of our constitutional rights], partially by the current administrations desire to not eliminate "The Patriot Act". That's just the beginning of the SHELL-SHOCKING OF AMERICAN CITIZENS, especially those of us who struggle with broken systems. If I can not find an honest doctor, pharmacist, president, local politician, drug manufacturer, or powerful human rights lawyer; my life is over...WHERE ARE YOU GERRY SPENCE ? I have RETURNED 30 MEDICATIONS Labeled as something it's not. My younger and only sister almost had a stroke from a "SUBSTITUTED-FOR" pain med...not-real. I called the FDA but never received the paperwork. I faxed OBAMA, GILABRAND, COUMO.......however, 2 of the 3 had responses I was offended by. I hate my life, as no-one can ever know what it's like to be poor, sick, and fraudulently given TOXIC "MYSTERY MEDS" that are labeled as-to what we are used-to. I blew-up with EDEMA so bad I couldn't wear socks. I called the NJ manufacturer who lied when asked what changes did you make to my meds ? from when you bought-out BARR pharma.....lies after lies, meanwhile I am becoming very sick in ways never experienced before. I found-out I was right. All OVER GOOGLE's FIRST PAGE WAS TEVA= ARSENIC, TRIOXIDE, CEPHALON, [all 3 synthetic forms in combination with "natural" POISONS" ARSENICS And OTHER NANO-crazy ingredients. Imagine finding-out that CEPHALON is the HEADS of ANTHROPODS=[heavy-metal' creepy hard-shelled bugs ??? I can't write any--longer-as this is still too unbelievable to accept
I suffer from chronic pain after having a lifesaving brain surgery. My doctor is struggling to find something to take away my pain. He does not want to give me any narcotics or anything that is like a narcotic because of this reason. It is very frustrating being a person with chronic pain. I have already been accused of drug seeking in drug addiction just because I have chronic pain.
This time, I expect more than a cookie cutter email response that was written years ago and sent over and over and over.
My doctor who has treated me for DJD for years is now afraid to prescribe Tramadol. I have never abused drugs, and I resent being treated like a drug addict!
this message is my opinion and my goal is not to make anyone feel uneasy just understood in cause of the many break down's in the system. Where I come from we always roll with the punches never being heard and hoping for the sake of victims in society everywhere and the obvious break down. I am a survivor of hereditary issues with pain and being a Breast Cancer Survivor and lived with pain as long as possible in my early 40's and in no way shape or form a Drug Addict! there is a line and at times may be a fine line depending on the observer? needing and wanting are two totally different words with their own meanings. remember you are doing a self injustice by listening to a powerful person's telling you something good nor bad but the real people who live it are the source of the truth! and a decent quality of life they are the real deal. if a person takes it upon them selves to break the law or commit suicide is not in any way the Public's Fault. Doctors helping their patients pain and suffering need to actually defend there patients not just taking their Bread and Butter and eating it at a joyous level with the knowledge they have on their hands. example the severe mentally Ill being swept under the rug in 2015? unreal to me! and then these untreated people take it out on the innocent ones in society not the guns are at fault here. the medical society needs to address these issues as well and fight for the victims and if not will create more tradgedies in our home towns and backyards. The so called powerfull and Rich are not excluded nor discriminated here. Laws need to be mandatory to control the Greed of Insurance Companies and the (quote) legal victimizing they give to you as if its a gift while taking your rights away and being a main contributor of a crippling society. people who have to live among these so called bad people as the group Guns and Roses shared the reality in their song Welcome to the Jungle we have fun and games and we have to live like animals? well me or my family should not have to? or the people who don't have much choice? but do have a choice to protect themselves as well as chronic pain patients should as well people who are the real deal in the shadows all the time and are positive contributor to society.Yes there should be back ground checks ect.. a whole different story.
but the point is the Government and the doctors have to understand and cannot take the easy way out! in helping the people who truly need help with pain and try to comprehend the actions of some does not mean we should all pay for it and in turn create illegal activities and hateful and recentful otherwise quote pull societies weight middle class americans. to change and bring about the faith in our government and Doctors needs to start somewhere? why not where its absolutely needed and not for just the chronic pain society but for the over all safety and wellbeing of society? to build and reconstruct not destruct.
yours truly: proud to be my H
I have had neck and back surgery and I have pain all over. In my back which goes down to feet. I can hardly walk and I cannot take anti-inflammatory meds. due to an ulcer. What bothers me is so we have to pick up our prescriptions so who's to say that we are not giving it to someone else. Giving a person and script and they can just give it to someone who is addicted. I feel the safest way is to fax it and find a way to keep the hackers away. Shame on you people. I don't want to go clear out of my way to pick my script up all the time. I suffer from panic attacks and it's hard for me to get out!! This just sucks! Just because of the ones that are addicted, the ones who really need it have to go thru hell to get what we need so desperately. Change the rules for the people who need help!
The DEA should not have the right to scare Doctors or Pharmacy in treating people for legitimate chronic pain issues. Florida put the Data base in place in 2011 and stopped people from coming from out of state to fill illegal pain medicine prescriptions and to stop doctor shopping. This is discrimination against people with legitimate pain and prescriptions for them. All this has done is made people find other means to deal with their pain which can be illegal or worse using drugs or getting drugs on the street. Pharmacies should be allowed to order your medication as long as it comes from a Doctor period. Your primary Doctor should not have to send you to a pain management clinic so that it cost more money for you and your insurance company if they even accept insurance or your insurance pays for it. The DEA has gone to the extreme. They let things go crazy for years and now the legitimate people who need the medication now can not get it. What is wrong with you people. I am a Veteran in severe pain and have to jump through hoops to get my medication if I can get it at all sometimes.
I am a 26 year who has multiple surgeries and will require more in my lifetime. I get horrible excruciating headaches where I hide in my bed for weeks at a time. Every time I think things are getting better I Seem to have another problem. I have been taking Norco for awhile to deal with the pain so I can try to live a normal life. However with these new rules my doctor gives me 20 days worth of pills to last a month. I Have NEVER abused meds yet I am the one suffering and no one seems to understand. i find myself counting out the number of pills I have and rashening them trying to make them last.
I am a disabled adult with severe RA with joint deformity, muscle and nerve pain. I take small doses of Vicodin so that I can do basic functions in the home. Without pain meds I cannot get out of bed or perform basic tasks by myself. Slowly over the years I've watched as Drs have gotten increasingly scared to prescribe pain meds and I've watched with a heavy heart as the minority of abusers and junkies have made it hard for the people truly in pain to get help. I don't think we can afford to visit the Dr 12 times a year and I've been told my Dr might actually stop pain meds entirely for his whole practice because of the scrutiny by the government. Since the new laws went into affect, several times the pharmacy has "lost" the script the Dr mailed in, and one time the pharmacist associate refused to fill my script, and provided no reason. It is no existence to be in pain all the time, and made to feel like a drug addict because you legitimately need pain medication to move. I don't know what to do and I'm scared. I don't want to spend the rest of my life confined to a bed in pain. It is unfair to punish us for the actions of a small irresponsible minority. Thank you for listening. God bless.
If anyone that works for the DEA had a diagnosis of a disease that is known for causing chronic pain like the one I have Adhesive Arachnoiditis, we wouldn't be needing to sign this and fight for our right to receive some comfort from our meds. Anyone with a definite diagnosis of a known chronic pain disease should have the right to have what they need with no questions asked. All we are seeking is a little compassion and understanding of our condition. We only wish they could wear our shoes for just one day and they would quickly understand...
I checked with the postal service and they say ok to add a petition web site address below our return address lables. Catch much more attn.
Please stop targeting doctors who try to assist chronic pain sufferers. So many like myself who could be at least somewhat productive are relegated to a life of agony, persecution, anxiety, destroyed relationships etc...In my case, I'm going to lose my home because I can't take care of it anymore due to chronic pain and the anxiety that comes with it. Why can I not get help? It's because the government has their nose in my and my doctors health care decisions and that must stop. Either figure out a way to help us who require these meds to live without limiting our lives due to the actions of those abuse the system or just stop worrying about it. It should not be my problem that addicts and opportunists abuse the system leaving the rest of us really sick people to suffer. Do not treat me or my doctor like criminals because I need help for pain to live a productive life.
The new law for pain management doctors violate patients rights its an unfair practice against the war on drugs dea/fda are going about it the wrong way ! It needs to be redone with chronic pain suffers input not with what dea/fda suggest ! I undersrand the fight against the war on drugs but if a patient is legit with med history of chronic pain dont make them suffer. Because of true drug adducts ! And if someone smokes pot its there buisness not the drs right to kick them out of pain management clinc because of a serious health problem ! GET THE******RIGHT !
I have been in horrible debilitating pain since 2005, when I was hit by a drunk driver and it rolled my car eight times . I have several compression fractures , bulging disks, herniated disk, disk degeneration , smorls nodes , i have horrible pain in my middle back that wraps around ,y ribs into my chest !! Every breath hurts . I have pain that goes across my lower back into my hips and down my legs . My legs go numb with sharp shooting pains . I have been on chronic pain meds for over a decade until last month my doctor said " new rules came down " he's had to lower my medications significantly . I have spent the last couple weeks bed ridden , I can't even stand up straight ! I walk hunched over. My husband has to help me to and from the bathroom , he has to wash my hair . I have an eight year old daughter that has cried every day asking me why they can't fix my back again ?!?! This is horrible and I know it's not just me that's suffering ! I've been turned away from surgeons because the surgery needed is to invasive and they refuse to do it !! The medications I was on where the only things helping me live a normal life and now that's being taken away . The government says it wants to stop these medications being on the streets and I understand that . But I myself have routine urine screens ( I've never failed in ten years ) I get called in for medication counts ( I've never been short ) I've never gotten medication from someone outside of the doctor I've had the contract with . But to take away medications that are helping people to live somewhat normal lives is a disgrace . What do you think people that are in serious pain are going to do ? I'm not saying I myself would do this because I wouldn't but there are people out there that will turn to street drugs because they can't handle the pain or that their lives are turned upside down because of this ! I think this is just going to make things worse !
I have been dealing with chronic pain for about 10 years! I suffer from chronic bursitis in both hips, osteoarthritis all over my body...I also have Fibromyagia that creates immense nerve pain! My doctor has worked with me for this entire time trying every med out there for these conditions! I have endured every side effect that these drugs have to offer....which in turn means I can't take any of them! My pain meds allow me to get out of bed every day....since the DEA has bogged down on doctors... My doc has cut back on how many he can give me a day! I'm able to do less and less because of the pain! This craziness has to stop! Our doctors should be able to work with and prescribe what he thinks are needed for his patient without interference! Our doctors have gone to school for a long time to learn how to take care of patients like me! Please let them do their jobs!
I have been in chronic pain since I was 14 years old. I have seen many doctors and specialists throughout my life. In my 20's I was treated horribly by doctor's saying it's all in my head. Now many years of suffering with, tmj, migraines and fibromyalgia I was tested for Multiple Sclerosis due to severe pain and fatigue. After my spinal tap and further blood work I was positive for M.S... Yesterday I saw my pain management doctor and for the 1st time I was yelled at for an error she made not me. This doctors office has gone through so many new employees since his last doctor in his practice left him high and dry. They NEVER check how I'm really doing it's more about there money. I know there are better pain management specialist out there I just don't know where .Also they have lowered my pain medication & a non- narcotic muscle relaxant. The dea and any other agencies needs to stop trying to control our medicine that we need. Go after the people who don't suffer from chronic pain or a disease. Spend your time on drug pushers on the street. I wouldn't wish anybody to suffer the way pain patients do. It's a debilitating, depressing existence. I pray for all of us who suffer 24 hours a day 365 days a year.
My dr just stopped writting all triplicate prescriptions to all of his patients. This dr knows my history, my health, and everything about my life. For the first time in 16 years I was back to being able to function and actually going to work. Now I am unable to even get to the restroom unassisted. I am seriously contemplating taking my life. I am unable to live. I just exisist.
I had a total hip replacement July 13 2015 this is August 27th,I had some issues so was no weight bearing for 30days,my pcp gave me a script for two 5-325 pain killers really?so now I suffer in pain, can't do my pt because of the pain ,7days till I can get refill so I suffer thanks obama
Even as I write this and sign this petition I know nothing will come of it. It's just another letter that goes nowhere but with shut us all up for a while. I never thought I was someone capable of even considering suicide. I also never knew there was a pain that existed at this level that wasn't deadly. I watch my family suffer and know each day I try to muffle my cries is another day they also suffer and I am powerless to help them. Unless, I wasn't here anymore. I have never once heard of this atrocity and torture perpetrated by the American Government on it's own citizens mentioned anywhere but arenas like this. Never on the news, nothing brought before congress by our local officials getting most of these letters. I was so surprised when a friend of mine was shocked to hear about This. My neighbor never heard of any of this either. They are both disgusted with the way pain sufferers are being treated. Both said they would picked, March, just tell them. That might be the problem. Our govt. bullied the group of people too sick for the physical fight. And by keeping our medicine doses lower than needed our mental capabilities are just as poor as our physical ones. There is no way I am able to organize what's needed . Most of the time recalling words is so exhausting I don't want to talk TO anyone. Lowering my medication is extremely painful and mentally exhausting, depressing, and lonely. If anyone knows a way to get our abusers into the spotlight for trampling our rights to peruse happiness and a decent quality of life please SPEAK UP. It really is our only chance for help.
Even as I write this and sign this petition I know nothing will come of it. It's just another letter that goes nowhere but with shut us all up for a while. I have never once heard of this atrocity and torture perpetrated by the American Government on it's own citizens mentioned anywhere but arenas like this. Never on the news, nothing brought before congress by our local officials getting most of these letters. I was so surprised when a friend of mine was shocked to hear about This. My neighbor never heard of any of this either. They are both disgusted with the way pain sufferers are being treated. Both said they would picked, March, just tell them. That might be the problem. Our govt. bullied the group of people too sick for the physical fight. And by keeping our medicine doses lower than needed our mental capabilities are just as poor as our physical ones. There is no way I am able to organize what's needed . Most of the time recalling words is so exhausting I don't want to talk TO anyone. Lowering my medication is extremely painful and mentally exhausting, depressing, and lonely. If anyone knows a way to get our abusers into the spotlight for trampling our rights to peruse happiness and a decent quality of life please SPEAK UP. It really is our only chance for help.
I'm 21 years old and due to an injury developed debilitating pain. I am in pain 24/7/365 yet because of how I have been treated with regards to my pain management I spent years unable to live a productive life. With the proper medication I was ahead of the curve, at 16 in college halfway to having a BSN. Now I'm only recently going back to school and just got my first job(albeit a******one). My life has been made so much harder because I was treated like an addict. It's hard enough being in perpetual pain, being so young, yet looking healthy. Please keep what happened to me from happening to others.
People who suffer with chronic pain are not criminals!!! The doctors who treat people suffering from chronic pain are not criminals!!!

The DEA is driving poor, old, crippled people who live with constant unremitting pain to suffer even more! Why?? Why is the DEA persecuting doctors who are trying to help these people have some quality of Life??

I have severe osteoarthritis and have lived with increasing joint destruction for over 15 years now. Only pain medicine has allowed me to have a Life instead of being crippled in bed with pain and depression. I want my Life please!!

Now people like me across the country are being pushed over a cliff into lives of more and increasing pain because our doctors are being hounded out of their practices for being compassionate and practicing medicine properly.

This attack on doctors must be stopped. Please stop the DEA's persecution of doctors who help people live with less pain. History will show this to be a huge mistake and that people will die as a result of this mindless drive of DEA War on Drugs focused on pain medicine.
I originally feel, crushing both kneecaps and herniatingthe discs. I was on 10 mg to 20mg Norco every four hours for almost two years. I never became addicted. When I didn't need it anymore I had already cute down on it myself and I just quit taking it. As a result if the fall I have degerative discs for which I periodically rely on the same dosage of Norco for a period of time and then stop taking it. I recently had a car accident and broke both bones in my arm at the wrist. I am in horrible pain. I NOW find, since this new law, that I'm limited on how many pills I can have a month and today when I got my 2nd RX for them, I found the Dr cut it down to 7.50 mg! I am in this incredible pain due to the fact that I couldn't be operated on and just got a cast on my arm because I have no insurance. This injury always requires plates and screws so as if that weren't enough, now I can't even control the pain! The Dr told me this injury would be more painful and take about a year to heal due to no operation but because of this paranoia that legitimate patients are going to become drug addicts, he is cutting down on something that is so necessary at this period in my life. I am so angry and this is do wrong! I won't need this forever but I need it now! And many will need it the rest of their lives! Please do something to protect we legitimate patients and allow us to have the pain medication we need!
I am not a drug addict!!! I am 80 and suffer chronic pain. What right does the DEA or FDA have to interfere with my doctors evaluation of my suffering.. is this some conspiracy to get us to kill ourselves because we cannot get adequate pain relief. Someday they will be in the same position and then will want pain relief. With proper med I can do for myself . Without proper Ned's I am useless to aver one including meself.
I have had chronic pain issues since I was about 27 years old due to degenerative disc disease and now spinal stenosis and osteoarthritis. I am on 30mg ms-contin twice per day and 20mg oxycodone HCL uoto 6 times per day for breakthrough pain. And yes, I need every bit of it. What I am tired of is being treated like a drug seeker by the Resource Nurse, Nurses and even pharmacists! My doctor doesn't treat me this way thankfully! My point in all of this is to tell the DEA to stay the hell out of patients private relationship with their doctors! I understand that there are things happening with people abusing their meds but I'm NOT one of them! Sending all that are going through the same thing much Love and many Blessings. I wish to manifest this into our realities: We will NO LONGER be treated like drug seekers and the DEA will stop putting fear into our doctors that they will lose their licenses for treating their patients! First DO NO HARM is what they are taught when they go to Medical School. They want to abide by this; most of them; but they can't when the DEA is breathing down their necks! Stop the madness! PLEASE!
Please stop harming the people that need pain management. I was in a pain treatment clinic for a year then all because of one person's not me stupid mistake I lost much needed care. I suffer from a rare brain disorder and many other health issues. This is wrong and inhumane to be treated like some criminal for seeking medical care.
I just got home from a dental appointment that involved 2 major extractions (including cutting out root tips). I have chronic health issues that keep me in chronic pain (5 herniated discs, severe arthritis, vitamin deficiencies causing pain and ulcers in my mouth & on my body, etc.). My Internist gives me 30 Vicoden per month. The past 2 days I had a tooth abscess that went into my jawbone...I had to take pain meds every 4 hours, at twice the usual dose in order to simply not be screaming. When I asked the dentist for 19 Vicoden (which he's routinely given me in the past) to make up for what I used for the abscess, he accused me of "drug seeking." I have never abused this medicine; I never took a Vicoden until I was 45 years old! This inane freak-out about abuse/addiction is HURTING people! Certainly doctors & dentists are more capable of assessing a person's need for pain control than the DEA! So put the decisions back in their hands, and keep the government out of it.
Have multiple cronic pain problems in lower back from major injuries and from botched surgeries to major injuries caused by defective parts used for hernia repair. I am being forced to have another surgery if I want to continue on my medicine. I have reponsibly taken my medicine for 23 years now and am having to find another dr now? I am so stressed I feel sick to my stomach.
Chronic pain causes depression and depression leads to suicide. I would rather be dead than live a life of suffering. PLEASE let the Doctors do what they were trained to do. The DEA should be fighting the drug dealers on the streets not the Doctors. PLEASE DO THE RIGHT THING!!!!!!
I have had chronic pain due to a painful autoimmune disease, fibromyalgia, and chronic migrInes for 10+ years. I do everything to try to keep my pain tolerable but pain medicine has proved critical to my quality of life and ability to function. How do I know that? Because for the last few years I have had to go without much pain treatment and it is literally making me consider options that I would never before - this war on legal drugs is ruining the quality of life for many people and certainly not helping in the area against illegal drugs. Please help me and millions of others get the treatment we need!
As a chronic pain patient for almost 20 years I've been very lucky (re: this issue) until recently. Now I'm afraid of a horrible withdrawal, even more intense pain and added costs as my pain dr is insisting on drastically reducing my meds (even non-narcotic muscle relaxant ) and seeing me in 10 days instead of 30. I'm a patient who's said no to the additional meds I was taking for breakthrough pain more than I've said yes. I've weaned myself off meds without being told. I even asked to get off the narcotics a few years ago and it was disastrous. I also suffered with pain for the first 8 years without narcotics - my point is I do not have any history of been a "pill seeker" and my medical history fully supports my current regimen which is being ripped away from me. I had a very low quality of life before all this ... This just increases stress which increases pain... PLEASE stop the DEA's misguided "war on drugs". It's really just a war on patients that are already battling enough.
let doctors treat pain !
I have chronic pain from fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis. I hate when doctors lie to you and say there worried about you getting addicted when you could go to rehab if the addiction was out of control. I am physically addicted to fentanyl but not mentally addicted. I have gone a few days without it and was fine except for my pain. To me if someone has pain that will never go away due to disease it should not matter if they get addicted because they will be happier that their doctors are actually treating them and caring instead of the doctor doing nothing in fear of losing their license. I am 17 and have decided I want to become a physician. I love to help people and I know what people are feeling/going through.
I am 58 year old navy veteran honorably served my country and now because the VA Health system quit giving me pain meds july 2014. Now I am considering End of Life Hospice care so I can pass without pain so severe since 2002 that without the pain management drugs which work wonderfully and allow me to function normally, I became a Certified SCUBA diver on the same medications I am now being denied. If you experienced this pain for 5 minutes you would understand, I deal with it 24 hrs a day and it never stops.
I'm writing on behalf of my husband. He had surgery about thirteen years ago. He was playing with my daughter and twisted the wrong way and thought he pulled something. Later, as time went by we noticed he was dragging his left foot and had slight pain in his left leg. He had a job as a pharmacist and worked long hours (12 hours a day). This pain was bothersome but he could get by okay. His doctor recommended a specialist to have an EMG on his leg and back to check for nerve damage. The specialist found significant nerve damage and recommended surgery. In 1998 he went to Hershey Medical Center and had a quack for a doctor. This doctor was supposed to do a laminectomy on the L-5 disc with an incision being under an inch long. My husband came out of surgery with an incision about 5 inches long. I asked why and the doctor hem hawed around until he finally admitted going in on the wrong level. Instead of pulling out and moving down to the correct level he tried to cover his mistake, continued cutting down making a much larger than necessary cut. Remember the only pain my husband had was what felt like a pulled hamstring in his leg. To make a long story short my husband came out of that surgery with a pain level like he had never felt before. He continued to work with the debilitating pain anyway until he could no longer function. He went to Johns Hopkins University and had a second surgery, where again promises were made to help him. This doctor promised him that he could reduce his pain by 70%. This was very enticing since he had endured at this point five long, tough years of pain following his first surgery. He was in surgery for 8 hours, during surgery the doctor used cadaver bone between his vertebrae and two rods connected to his hips to stabilize the back. Needless to say his pain was not reduced, in fact he was in more pain after the surgery and still is in horrible pain. He just recently had an x-ray that shows further degeneration of the vertebrae in his lumbar section from the L-1 to the L-4. This whole horrible experience has been extremely stressful and affects the entire family. In my opinion surgery should be a last resort, like only if you are going to die without it. Now my husband is in horrific pain, at the mercy of the doctor for pain medication each month, treated like a drug seeker which is so absurd after what he's been through. I think the surgeons who screw patients up and promise pain relief but can't deliver should be held accountable. Since these surgeons make a criminal amount of money for these unnecessary surgeries, I truly believe more needs to be done about the way the surgeons prey on innocent people to make a living. Treating the patient like a drug seeking criminal is not the answer.
Our country is a complete mess. I blame the Obama administration and its Not-Affordable Care Act . Since it took affect, like most people, I haven't been able to find a decent doctor, and have been treated like a "drug seeker." I understand Medicaid expansion, that makes sense, but don't force people into your socialist programs. Because look at the situation now, people who are suffering from pain cannot take a vicodin or codeine, really? Why? A patient has to bend over backwards getting every test and expensive images to prove their pain. Doctor's cannot look at a patient and tell a difference between an addict and real legitimacy? As for the DEA keeping an watchful eye on over prescribing doctors, maybe the focus she be kept in rich Hollywood and Las Vegas practices...surly that would keep agents busy.
CHRONIC PAIN PATIENTS MATTER!!! I am thru with my rights as a citizen of this country being stomped on because I suffer with chronic intractable pain caused by several failed back surgeries and a slew of other excruciating conditions. Just got my brain mri results the other day, Ive been having many anxiety atracks with what the results are. My dr called me before and basically told me to ignore the results. Results that show I may have MS. How does a Dr just ignore findings?!?! The DEA has put enough scare tactics into our dr.'s that they dont even want to treat you properly anymore. I told my dr why are legit patients being forced to suffer?!?! He ignored what I said and went onto something else. My gut is telling me because I stood up for myself, when I go for my next visit, I wouldn't doubt I'll be told he cant help me no more. Our healthcare in this country SUCKS when it comes to pain sufferers. Ive given up hope. I cant live like this anymore. The reason for the rise in heroin and deaths is be ause YOU are forcing LEGIT pain sufferers to turn to the streets, Then when they overdose because they could no longer get the controlled meds they needed, the sufferer is looked upon as an addict, instead of someone who could no longer live in pain. Medical terrorism at its finest, brought to you by the good ole USA! Id pray for your souls, but I already know where those forcing others to suffer are going.
I have 2 failing organs, have suffered in severe acute & chronic pain for over 16 years. EDs, hospitals, doctors & pharmacists alike refuse to treat chronic pain. They all say it is bc they fear the DEA. They discriminate, humiliate, and create tactics to avoid proper treatment. I have been told that by a doctor that my medical treatment was unethical. I have lived with this illness since birth, diagnoses confirmed. I am tired of being torchered & suffering needlessly. Yet they are concerned I will die from the pain.
Change needs to happen now!
17 years of severe pelvic pain caused from Endometriosis. The last 8 years I have been under contract and random drug test to recieve pain management... It saved my life. Within the last year the Endometriosis took a drastic turn for the worse. Under the advise of my Gynocologist I underwent a hysterectomy, removing mu uterus, both ovaries, and Fallopian tubes at age 30. RIGHT after surgery my Gynocologist refused to give me proper pain relief. I suffered through pain like I have never felt before... Worse than childbirth. He told me he would not give me more pain medication even though my pain docter had RX a higher dose for recovery. He told me I was too used to narcotics and had to just deal with the surgical pain. He refused to release me to my husband and to the access of the proper medication that was RX by my pain doctor at home until I could walk and fake that I was not in sever pain. Now almost recovered I still feel pain. Not as bad as before. Not by a long shot, and have reduced my medication significantly. But I am traumatized. How can I trust any other doctor now other than my pain management doctor? How?

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