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I am just another of the 100s of other stories I have read here. I am of the opinion of one thing differently, my own family doctor, who was prescribing me Morphine 30 mg. three times a day, did so until we could get me in with a pain clinic that would take my insurance. I have two. Cigna, through my husbands work, and Medicare, because I am disabled due to my back and hip status post injuries and advancing age. Yes, I am 48 years old, but live in a body that is 75 or more. I live in rural Appalachia, in a town that is still in the 1950s mentality. I finally got into a Pain Clinic in Nashville, TN. Evidently, its quite alright to be disabled, have occasional seizures, be on strong narcotics, but drive 5 hours EACH WAY once a month, every month to a Pain Clinic. The family doctor that was writing the morphine for me, says he is absolutely ready to throw the towel in on his medical practice. He is just as disgusted and dumbfounded as us patients, on how these government agencies have taken away his ability to care for patients. He is FURIOUS with the DEA or FDA, or combo of both, not allowing him to make the calls of patient's needs that he is examining and are not these dreaded 'DRUG SEEKERS' these agencies keep naming as their reasons for my and your doctor being unable to help us. I find it is truly ironic that I read in the paper and watch news reports constantly of "busts" they have made on drug houses that are full of pain pills. It seems to me that the people having trouble getting medication are us legitimate people, half crippled, and mentally coming unhinged due to the discrimination we are enduring by trying to find doctors to help us. The Pain Clinic I am in now also wants to do neuro-caudal injections, physical therapy, behavioral assessments, hypnosis, EMG (nerve damage testing) and also can fill my meds. at their own pharmacy right across the hall, but with a different name. My problems are 3 herniated discs in the lumbar region, pinched nerves at L-3, L-4 and I believe L-5. My pinky and ring toe on my left foot is completely numb, no feeling whatsoever. Behind the L-3 and L-4 herniations, with nothing in between to keep my vertebrae from rubbing together, the bones are crumbling, as they are in my cervical region. There are 2 large bone spurs and they are quite sure, another behind the 2 larger ones at L-3. L-4. All this information is from my orthopedic surgeon, who wants to do a spinal fusion immediately. I cant have a spinal fusion at this time because I live in TN, my husband is currently in Wisconsin working (he is a union pipefitter) and there is nobody here that can take care of me post-op. In addition to that, I also need a breast reduction, which insurance has approved, because I wear a 38 F, which is probably the reason for A LOT OF THESE BACK ISSUES. That and the fact that I worked like a man most all my life. I owned a home/rental property refurbishing company. I worked very hard, and it took its
I'm disabled due to a herniated disc, Ibs, severe migraines, epilepsy. I can't even get out of bed most days due to back pain and take care of my children, they say they miss their mommy. I have tried everything then the pain medication Norco makes everything I used to do possible again. I am looking at losing custody of my 12 and 8 year old because my doctor is too scared to prescribe the medications I need.
I have sat here reading story after story my heart being crushed each time. I feel so bad for each of you who have signed this petition. I am signing because I too have the same horror story. I have had 26 broken bones the worst of which was my knee which each insurance I have had, has always said they would not replace it. The knee continues to destroy my quality of life. Add to this in 1997 I fell ill, so ill in fact I lost 51lbs in less than 100 days. I was sent to 6 specialists ranging from gastrointestinal to RA to psych. Every one said that they could not figure it out and could do nothing for me. My entire family and I resolved that I would simple pass on. I wasn't done yet. I fought, I forced myself to use what few hours a day I had left to get my life in order for my wife and children. As it turns out they were not able to diagnose my Fybro and it was 4 years of hell in severe pain with no meds until I finally got diagnosed.

In 2001 having only 1 primary doctor ever in life and 6 failed specialist I got diagnosed and placed on Norco (vicodin) and the change was so drastic I felt like I was 22 again. I was able to go camping go bike riding I even started working out at the gym.

Now today I sit here facing the same thing you each face. The DEA has scared my doctor into dropping me. They may have falsified my records that I am a drug abuser and the new "pain management" clinic is telling me it wont take me.

1. I took the exact prescription exactly the same time everyday (you each know what a structured day is and why we do it.)
2. I took every urine test - passed every one since I dont take anything else not even alcohol, again you know what a change in the regiment can do to a Fybro patient
3. Took every blood draw test - passed those all too - because I live a healthy clean life - full of pain but clean.
4. Never saw any doctor other than the 1. I saw this doctor since 1997 and then he disappears and they wont tell me where only that I have a new MD period.
5. This doctor sees me for less than 1 year and now drops me without cause or reason.

Now 18 years later I am changing doctors for the first time ever and I get told they will not take my appointment. I just finished my prescription and I am crashing off vicodin as I write this. I fear the days ahead. I fear what is going to happen to me and wish I had never taken the damn drug to begin with. I have no hope no rights and now no future of a decent life without pain. All this and still I feel worse for some of the testimonies of people in worse condition than I am staring at the stark reality I see with the same outlook.

Is there anything we can do? Is there anything we can do to fight this? I know there is no short term answer and many of us on this petition will need to work very hard to not give up and do something terrible. A pain filled life is terrible and I wish it on no one, but please if you read my petition here - keep the faith, stay strong, sign this too
We have the right to live a life without pain!
I am a pain patient, rather was until a year ago, was forced to decrease (that ok) but, then fires me and leaves me in pain! Yeah thats so much better than being able to function. But better yet, dr puts on my record, "DRuG SEEKER?" "BROKE AGGREEMENT?"
After many years at same group, jumped all the hoops to get there, a dr that understood my pain, and I actually wanted to lower my meds, not the dr! I just want a facsimile of my former life! Be it with opiate/opoids, so be it, im 61 yrs old for gosh sakes, am I to live whatever time I have left in PAIN? Oh now I get it, it is the Clintons and Kal'eo, another part in big pharma! Yes she pushes for all to get off drugs, and who better than her and co. to have what ppl need, and antidote! I thought that personal interests and gains should not reflect political policies? Ba humbug! Money talks, and they have plenty. Hmm, now all the people that are forced to get some type of drug on the street, can now have nalaxone if they overdose on who knows what? And who sells it? H. CLINTON! Money greed, not the future of the pain patient that has to live in pain, oh, they will find another option, yeah, like suicide!? aw come on now, stay out of our and our drs lives, arent you controlling enuf of it already> hmm, kind of like the ussr, who decides all for its people!? Shame! And I used to love my country, but, now? IDK.Think of the paople that it affects, not just the numbers, but, real human beings that just are trying to live the best they can, whether it be with meds like vicodin. Why or how is it different than getting high blood pressure meds? Should they cut don on them also? Whats the difference, they both help a body to live as normal and function, what, pursuit of happiness, whats that?Will you take all of our freedoms and rights away in the name of, helping people? If we are to be scrutinized, then so should the politicians! Like Congress who will never know a hard days work and will be compensated until they die, for taking away any freedoms and happiness and semblance of a "normal" life .Politicians should take a class on how to be a average American and not take every advantage while leaving others inpain. So many of us have paid our dues, worked raised families, and now being older, have lots of medical problems and sometimes need opiates/opoids to allow them to function. This will never happen and the Clinton will become richer, but, I know of at least some people that wont vote for her.. But no, nothing will happen because she is in a powerful position that no one who benefits from her in any way want to rock the boat. Money is way more important than human pain and suffering. If it wasnt for her pushing it thru, with her pharma co, and money, we wouldnt be in this porition of looking like drug seekers when all we are seeking is to aleve some pain and be able to funtion, pay taxes, vote, go shopping, care for kids, family. But no we are NOT important enough.
I suffer everyday because a doctor.An i couldnt do anything about it an now the DEA.
I have lived in constant excruciating pain since developing RSD after nearly being killed by a reckless driver in 1986. For most of those 29 years I have been treated like I'm drug addict by many of my doctors and pharmacists over the years. The pain I suffer from has destroyed my life. I do not drink, I do not use street drugs, and I have never even smoked cigarettes. The least I deserve is to be treated with respect and receive adequate pain medications for my incurable disease without being hassled or demeaned when I seek adequate treatment for RSD. After all, this is known as the "suicide disease" due to being the most painful chronic disease known to medical science.
I have a chronic disease; I am not on prescription pain pills yet, but it is highly likely I will be eventually. I have friends who have metastatic cancer.

We are not criminals, we are patients.

Please be respectful and don't discriminate.

Bonnie LaFleur
Im treated like a heroine addict everytime i try and fill my prescription for pain due to hip and back injuries which occured at work. Ive already had one surgery and expect at least one more. Im in pain 24 hours a day and the meds take it from a 8 or 9 to a 5 scale. Due to a shortage of Hydrocodone i have to call 5 pharmacies 3 times a week and hope 1 has a shipment that i will be able to fill my prescription. 1 month now and still waiting.
I am a patient in chronic pain due to my MS and Fibromyalgia diagnosis. I just want my pain relief. I am tired from my diseases and fighting for something that should be a no brainer to anyone and thats my relief and comfort. I understand people abuse meds and other drugs but it's not me sp something different needs to be done your making people feel even worse!
I'm a chronic pain suffer from full spine DDD, and OA, now I've been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I just want relief from the constant burning pain. Stop regulating the doctors they're suppose to help us not harm us. And right now all they are doing is harm. This is not quality of life living this is hell.
I'm. A 47 year old man in good shape ,I have no pains however I watch mmy brother in law. Go through mager pain every day because of all this, im from indanaplis ind but moved to Idaho at22 and just moved back,and I am totally amazed at how many people are hooked out on boy, boy here is the slang word herion, users everywhere when I grew up her yoou only hear about herion in the movies , and yes it is all do to yanking peoples meds,and trust me its only going to get worse!
It's humiliating for chronically ill patients to be treated with such disrespect by pharmacies and some doctors. On our worst days, we aren't able to defend ourselves. On our best days, we would prefer to spend our time more productively. Like enjoying our family. Instead we are forced to fight for the right to have the ability to live as decent of a quality life as is possible. The sympathetic doctors have their hands tied. The pharmacies routinely violate hippa policies speaking loudly about confidential information. Please help us.
Im going through an illegal forced pain reduction
They've denied me due processes at every level.
I am Livid. And I'm in pain.
Up until age 50, I never needed so much as an aspirin. The day after that milestone birthday, I fell ill with chest pains and the inability to breathe. Had my 1st ever ride in an ambulance. Cardiac cath; blockage. By the time I was discharged 3 weeks later, I also had a diagnosis of Systemic Lupus, Sjogren's, and Reynaud's - all of them being autoimmune illnesses. I was abruptly disabled. It's been a nightmare since that horrible birthday. Additionally diagnosed with Peripheral Neuropathy, Meniere's, Polymyositis, Fibromyalgia and I'm probably forgetting some others. Oh, most recently Multiple Sclerosis. I am hospitalized for at least 7-8 weeks per year, usually with chest pains with various reasons and differing treatments. the only common denominator with any and all of my ailments is the PAIN. Being in-patient at least they CAN manage my pain. I have had the same Primary Care Dr. for about 25 years. he see's me in such horrific pain but his hands are tied. he is "allowed" to prescribe me 2 pain pills per day. It went from 4 to 3 and now 2x per day. He said that all Dr's are under such scrutiny when it comes to prescribing pain medication. They could lose their license if they don't cut back. It's not his fault that I suffer debilitating pain 24 hours per day. I have ZERO quality of life without at least some relief from this horrible pain. I can NOT live like this. I am only 57 years old. I cannot do the simplest of things for myself (bathe/shower, dress, do my hair....) all of the things that we take for granted. WE NEED A VOICE TO HAVE A CHOICE TO ALLOW DOCTORS' TO MANAGE OUR CHRONIC PAIN!
This is just like strying to regulate illeagle drugs and guns. The ones who need pain meds wont be able to get them, the ones who are addicts etc will be able to get the illeagal ones. Those who need meds will be forced to either die in extreme pain, kill themselves or turn to illeagal drugs--watch opiate abuse go up even more and herion will make a BIG comeback. The regulations are so strict that going to a pain clinic, the people there make you feel like scum and an addict and God forbid you should drop a pill and not be able to find it again or it is ruined and not usable! You can be kicked out of the pain management program. This is private and should be always between the doctor and patient ONLY. I wish the people making the rules had to go through what people in chronic pain go through.
I have been a pain patient in the same clinic since 1992; I have fibromyalgia, 3 neck surgeries after a camper explosion leaving me with 3rd degree burns, several surgeries. I have chronic pain! I am almost 70 yrs. I was with the same Dr. in Seattle until my Dr. retired, then on his recommendation (3 choices) I went with another Dr in the same clinic. Both were Rheumatologists. The second Dr. did not read my previous Drs notes so he had no idea what kind of a patient I was. This Dr was not very willing to prescribe oxy for me and thought I was a drug chaser. I've been taking oxy since it came out about 1995. Before that I tried everything including going to the U of W study on Fibro (1 1/2 years). The new Dr. did continue to prescribe for me BUT, 3 months ago he decided to go to Overlake Clinic in Seattle, his reason was plain enough to understand. He did not want to deal with pain patience or prescribe pain meds so he left all of his pain patience. I asked if I could see him at Overlake and he said "they don't take pain patience". I want to let you know that in the meantime we moved to Northern Idaho (2001), I was surprised to find out that no Dr wanted to take a pain patient. I kept on seeing the Dr in Seattle quarterly....800 miles round trip. The past weekend I had an appointment with a new Dr. She is at the same clinic and has been a Dr for 13 years. (The government has had a hand in teaching new Drs that drugs are bad and we should see a shrink, exercise and eat healthy, really! She also claimed that the Dr I had been seeing since the early 90's was prescribing pain meds often...we tried everything before he did prescribe oxy. Anyway, this new Dr's appointment was short, she said she would not prescribe pain meds or take me as a patient. I had this appointment to see her for 3 months. This clinic has kicked all pain patience out! They are a huge clinic and are affiliated with the U of W, & Swedish I believe. I can only think that all clinics are getting rid of us? The government is making it terribly hard on Drs. They want us to go to pain clinics. That sound perfect except that those clinics are there to get you off pain meds and make you feel like an addict. Again, I am seventy in Jan. have taken oxy since 1995, same dose, it is the only thing that helps me. I've tried other meds before oxy. they had very bad side effects, were worse on your organs than most of these meds (Cymbalta & others) I know we are all different and some can't take oxy...many can and we could continue a fairly regular life. I own my own business (developed products used on airplanes, boats and homes) I tell you this so you understand I am not a person unable to function. What can we do? The government, Drs, people who believe in what people are writing who do not understand statistics or that few studies that deal with pain patience have been done. All the new medications now can be sold without the long process of making sure they
I was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Feb, 2001... I know every word in the above statement to be true and factual. We are in a Critical Time where many are suffering inhumanely due to them being denied Life Saving medications due to DEA...This has to change for the better.....
The medical community has completely failed chronic pain patients. Pain doctors are the most cruel and insensitive doctors you will ever meet. There is no such thing as a doctor of pain medicine yet many doctors out there put up their shingle saying they are pain doctors. It is total BS and should not be allowed. In my mind they are committing fraud and should lose their medical licenses.

This is just a big money making scam. So called pain doctors would fill their patients with narcotics and opioids and turn them into addicts. At least there are some regulations regarding these drugs now, however, I have no idea if this is being monitored by anyone.

I have heard the crap from doctors at some of the most prestigious hospitals in the country. Not only do these "all star" doctors have no idea how to help you, they have no problem treating you like garbage and making you feel worse about yourself. They take all of your hope away from you and squash it like you are a bug.
Pain medicine is this country is a complete embarrassment. Not until the past few years has any real work been done in this area as drug companies have realized the enormous amount of money they can make. The government just started taking notice because of the money it was costing the economy to deal with so many lost work days and loss of production due to chronic pain.
The saddest part of being a chronic pain patient is how your family and friends treat you. My support system is so small and getting smaller. I think the reason many people kill themselves is not because of pain alone, but the pain of having no support system in there life and all of the negative influences ranging from cruel doctors and the selfishness of people in the world today. The world has changed. Everyone puts themselves first and people with chronic pain are a nuisance to them. I wish those people can feel the pain we all do. Many of them sure deserve it.
I suffer terribly with Gastroparesis and chronic pain. No quality of life because no MD would help me, called a "drug seeker". I finally found a Pain Specialist that is supportive and not afraid to help with a few contract rules.
This is private and should be always between the doctor and patient ONLY.
Because of degenerative discs in my lumbar area, I experienced excruciating pain similar to that of a blowtorch being applied to my hip and down my leg to my ankle for many years. After having gastric bypass I was unable to take NSAIDs for pain relief. Because I had to wait for approval for Medicaid, it took me some time to find a specialist that could help me.I had to wait in order to get in because he was booked out for just over 3 months.. During that time, I had to go to several hospital emergency rooms to try to get pain relief. Just the fact that I had to travel from one ER to another, because I was either refused pain medication or given 4 pills, my ORRS report reflected red flags and soon I was simply turned away from the hospitals and was given nothing. In one case I'm certain that I was given a shot of muscle relaxer with an unecessarliy large needle in my rear end, in order to discourage me from coming back to the hospital and the doctor even so much as said to me," I know what you're here for and I know what you trying to get your not going to get any pain medication out of me! When i asked for a copy of my ORRS report, i was told they were not allowed to show it to me and that if i wanted a copy, i would have to DRIVE TO COLUMBUS in person to get a copy and that it would cost me. When is this insanity going to end?!?
I have watched my boyfriend suffer unbelievable, excruciating pain during 3 months he had to wait to for an appointment with a medicaid approved doctor ..... Going to ER to get relief and watching the ER doctor humiliate him saying "I know what you are up to and your not going to get any pain meds from me!" So, we went to ANOTHER ER where my bf ORRS report has red flags due to us having to travel to more than one ER and he was labeled a"Pill Seeker". Of COURSE he was seeking pills... for PAIN RELIEF! UNREAL. Just like some people abuse guns, alcohol, illegal drugs, .... There will always be those who abuse narcotics but dealing with those idiots should not prevent people, with verifiable pain causes, any difficulty in getting the pain relief they need!
How can the government be so cold and uncaring to take away the only relief one has when a person has chronic pain? My hope for anyone who thinks this is OK is for them to be stricken at some time in their life with an uncontrollable pain. Just because you cannot see something does not mean it is not true!
This is medical torture!! I have been living in chronic pain for 8 years due to several failed back surgeries that has left me with a slew of other problems. After teying therapy and every medication out there, finally with the help of opiods I was able to get my pain to a managed level and had some quality of life. Ive been on them for years up until a few months ago. My world as I knew it crumbled. My meds were all changed, given meds I cant even afford and do NOTHING for me. This is total BS!! The DEA needs to stay the hell out of my care and every legit patient who suffers in pain. I beg God to take me every day. I am a single mom of two, My kids see their mom suffering every day. I no longer make it to their games, to dinners, can no longer stand long enough to cook a meal, play a boardgame, nothing!! I am so sick and tired of pain patients being watched like a hawk from puss teats to pill counts, etc. I have NO quality of life anymore. Karma is a b****. I hope to God each and every one of you forcing me to live in excruciating pain every dam day, will know what its like to suffer and want to give up totally. SHAME ON YOU!! Stay the hell out of my care!! My health and what is prescribed to me is between myself and my doctor. I compare the DEA to terrorists. They are no better after all. People are killing themselves left and right so they will not suffer anymore, How does it feel to know you are the cause of it?!? Makes me sick! What happened to doctors taking an oath to do no harm?!?! You've fAiled the war on drugs on the streets so your answer is to go after legit patients?!?! Forcing them into a world of unnecessary pain and suffering, if not death?!?! Karma is coming for you all,
I just ask that the people who give our doctors greif live one day. With the pain Iam in from being hit on my motorcycle 12 surgeries on my left foot each one has made it worse feels like a red hot rail road spike. Hammered into the side of my foot just one day then they would leave all of us alone
I have a 4 year history of pain from abdominal adhesions, a surgery in April 2014 that removed them finally relieved this pain. They warned me they can return and 3 weeks ago I felt the pain again, I saw a local Dr a few days ago that actually told me "Adhesions don't cause pain, you're probably just constipated". I've lost 9lbs in a week because it hurts to eat, but I guess that's all in my head too.
I just get tossed from doctor to doctor. They don't believe a 22 year old could actually be in pain. they assume it's all in my head even though I'm diagnosed with scoliosis- with Harrington rods, spondolytheisisosis, and pars defect which hurts like a *****. The meds allow me to live a semi ordinary life.
Several people that I know have been forced to leave their own private physicians because the physicians are no longer able to write their Methadone prescriptions for them. Their own doctors know their history and know how to treat their pain much better than a pain specialist that has never met them and knows nothing about them. This should be unacceptable! Tell it to your judge on judgement day. Life is very short. The day will arrive when you also be deceived. How can you sleep at night?. Talk to a few pain patients! You have been misled. But I think you already know that. We were told to work beyond our physical limitations at a young age. As I said previously, you can't do to much more harm than you have already caused. Taking a chance on getting threw those pearly gates and risking hell on the other side sounds tempting when pain pushes beyond 8. You do it your way. If you are truly wanting us pain patients to die and save a few bucks on the system, we are not that weak. As you already know. I respectfully wish that you would do your own research and see for yourself the truth. I prey you will sleep well and remember us that suffer . Sincerely J Sanders
Apparenltly, hospitals in America can treat patients like non-humans, deny them treatment and even send suicidal patent's home to kill themselves. And there are NO repercussions whatsoever. I had Lumbar Plexitis and completely lost the use of my right leg. I went to the ER 4 times in one month, in excruciating pain. At this hospital (NCH in Naples, FL) I was threatened, lectured, scolded, and treated like a criminal. Every time, they sent me home with no diagnosis or reasonable treatment options. I became suicidal, and told a doctor there. He threatened to lock me up with no pain management, then sent me home. I was back a few days later, under the Baker Act (suicide risk, mandatory 72 hour stay). Steroids could have stopped the damage from becoming permanent. But they didn't even consider that my pain was real, and therefore didn't try ANY treatment other than pain medication. I am now permanently crippled and have lost everything. I am forced to be dependent on Disability income and now have a family member as my caregiver. Tried to sue the hospital and formally complained to every agency I could find. But nobody will do anything. It seems that our hospitals are now allowed to deny treatment to patients, even if there is nowhere else for the patient to go. Doctors and nurses are now trained to discard patients who complain of pain but no immediately identifiable cause for such pain. Even if the patient dies, the hospital will not be legally blamed, and most attorneys won't take a malpractice case because it is too difficult to prove that the hospital is at fault. In may case, the hospital staff had put nearly every local attorney on retainer, creating a conflict of interest for anyone who wanted to sue them.
The pharmacist told my son that all of his refills for pain were being voided and he wouldn't be able to get them. The reps at the hospital are treating him as if he is a criminal; one representative at the hospital told my son that he was on a dose that a cancer patient would be on. My son has wide spread fibromyalgia pain. So do I. I say to that, " Are you saying that the cancer patient is in more pain than I am? How do you know that? Are you in my body? Do you have to deal with this pain every day? How can that pain be measured? It can't!!!!! So it's wrong for you to tell me that my pain is not as bad as somebody else's." To take away my son's physician and tell him that he can't treat him anymore is appalling. He has nowhere else to go. His physician has been treating him for 8 yrs. He knows my son and his pain. The reason the physician put him on Methadone was because it is cost effective and all the other medications were too expensive or didn't alleviate the pain. Now he is going to a Methadone clinic, standing in line for over 2 1/2 hours, all the time with aching legs, waiting to get less than half of the dose he was on because he doesn't have $1500 to sign up with a pain management specialist. And besides that, he can't get into see one for 2 weeks. Is this the government's idea of good patient care? What happened to patient's rights? Do they not have any?
People drink alcohol. Some become alcoholic's Does the government blame alcohol company's or people who sell alcohol? No.

People smoke. Knowing the dangers of smoking, people continue to smoke.

People know the dangers of tanning and not using sunscreen.
Is the government going to arrest those who tan?
Why not? Because there is a thing called FREE WILL.
As others have said, vilifying Physicians and patients for real medical conditions, is simply wrong in every way imaginable.

Facts: (1) Chronic, Noncancer Pain Boosts Suicide Risk
- Large-scale studies show that at least 10 percent of suicides and possibly as many as 70 percent are linked to chronic illness or unrelenting pain.
(2) Untreated Chronic Pain can cause the unthinkable.
I'm not going to list fact after fact. Just listen to what one physician said:
Dr. Daniel Carr, director of the New England Medical Center, put it this way: "Some of my patients are on the border of human life. Chronic pain is like water damage to a house - if it goes on long enough, the house collapses," [sighs Dr. Carr] "By the time most patients make their way to a pain clinic, it's very late." What the majority of doctors see in a chronic-pain patient is an overwhelming, off-putting ruin: a ruined body and a ruined life.


all new to me i had no idea! My back is shot from hard labor!I live in Ky,here no pain meds period unless your dying or just had surgery,spine shots an nerve blocks!they need new statistic,people who kill themselves from from untreated pain,sadly this is looking like best option for some of us! good luck to you all
A month ago I was totally degraded, disrespected, and treated absolutely horrible by a PM Nurse Practitioner. I had my pain medicine cut to practically nothing and was accused of being an addict. This has happened to a number of people I have spoken to as well. Those of us who live with chronic pain simply have NO voice! This abuse of patients by doctors MUST cease!
My brother is a war veteran who goes through intense pain every day due to his hardships from being in Iraq. I am appalled to know how difficult it is for him to see a military doctor. He ended up having to see civilian doctors who took him off of his medication. The way we treat our veterans makes me sad and sick.
My France's appointment for pain management has been canceled. They will see him but no doctor there will write his hydrocodone prescription that he has been taking since he was hurt at work in 2009 and was diagnosed with a chronic pain condition called RSD (CRPS). They told him that his best bet is to go to a drug addiction clinic to be taken off hydrocodone. Basically saying that he's a drug addict.
Pain meds are needed for certain conditions.
Refusing surgery as the pain after could be worse
This is population control for our government to kill off people with disabilities. They know what their doing don't worry I'm sure nobody in congress or government have any problem getting these medications. And the rich can just buy what they want. It's not we the people it's where's the money!!!!!
I have been on the same medications for the past 10 years. All of the sudden the doctor wants me to take a urine test. so i do. then says i cannot prescribe me any medications because i have T.H.C in my system. Well they prescribed me marinol which is synthetic T.H.C I only take medications prescribed by my doctor. but now due to federal regulations I am no longer able to get the medication that i need to lead a normal life. Now that my meds have been cut I cannot work i cannot do most daily activity's. How is this helping anyone? It is making people with chronic pain miserable.
I just have seen a new phycatrist thats degrading me and humiliating treating like the scum at the bottom of a trash bucket!?that wrong I have been hit with a machetty at age of 14just before graduating8grade I could not walk but I forced my family to guided me.then because of that very bad situation and being rsped young male only 14 ' but I have been on the most effective medication most help full happens to be a long termmedicstion known as kelatopine.2nd problem was a very bad on they change meds around 5days later off kalatopins I feel sobad about being me and felt hate so I took a 20 gaugde buck shot rifle to my he was in comma and on a respirator close to six mouths well a lot more has happed be 40soon my phycatrist actually needs one pill fer herself to calm down she's taking the only medication that stopped me from thinking I'm no good I'm losing my mind and this lady is Martha Ruth she is going to mess my 14years of feeling actually like a humen being again I was seeing a understanding phyc. But he left leaving me with a old groumpy lady thats taking me off the l meds i want her in my shoes for l f....en day she will then understand my pain and if I die because of her misstreatment my dad will make sure she pays but I don't want that
The use of the drug statute (or better said Misuse) with its draconian penalties against doctors who are not profiting through the outright sal of drugs or prescriptions has forced many doctors away from the treatment of chronic pain patients and exposed the few remaining to the whim of prosecutors and DEA Agents who are not the people who should be making the decision. Our Veterans are suffering, or elderly are suffering and men and women who have dedicated their lives to caring for others are suffering too. I am defending a number of doctors and pharmacists who are charged for running "pill mills". The Government agrees they were not doing it for profit, however the sentencing structure is so henious that these people risk tens of years in jail. Patients are protected by med mal insurance and by licensing boards. Many of these cases are "battles of experts" no one sees the patient. Part of this kind of treament relies on the patient's self report of the pain they are in. Doctors are not lie detectors. They can examine, they can drop patients when they see issues but these doctors are asked to be mind readers. Let 's not forget even drug abusers have pain. Doctors need greater protections and a better statute than 21 USC 821.
I suffered a .45 caliber gunshot wound to the face in January of 2009. Last year I started with intense facial pain. It took many doctors until I finally was able to reach a surgeon that was able to treat me. After two failed surgeries, my pain remains. I am now trying to find a pain management physician who may be able to help. The first thing he did was pull up my prescription history and tell me how he will not prescribe any narcotics because the DEA monitors everyone so closely. What he did not know is that I also has three surgeries within the last year (5 total) due to 3 separate rectal abscesses. I needed up at urgent care multiple times. Also, after surgeries residents of my surgeon were prescribing the medication. On paper it looks bad. I do not enjoy taking narcotic pain medication, but it provides significant relief for my condition. It helps bring my quality of life back. Now with these new horrible regulations, patients in TRUE pain are being treated unfairly. The DEA should have a better system to where doctors can treat legitimate pain, while tracking those people who are seeking drugs. These people are literally destroying the quality of life of legitimate people in pain. This is a big issue to those of us who suffer everyday. The DEA should not be scaring physicians. Doctors are here to help people and now they are scared to prescribe certain medications.
I am in the advanced stages of Spinal Adhesive Arachnoidits, I have two failed Charite Discs in my lower spine that have already destroyed my facet joints and that are crushing my endplate, constantly cause fissure fractures, I have permanent and incomplete nerve damage that causes intermittent epileptic type seizures in my arms and legs.....but the intractable pain it causes is so severe, that Oxycodone and the extended release version OxyContin, have been the ONLY medications that take away my pain and have given me most of my quality of life back. I hate having to beg for these medications and I hate more what the media does to Demonize them without having the facts!! Morphine, Fentanyl, Dilaudid and other opiates are ALL derived from the same Poppy, have the same chemical makeup and therefore are all structurally the same as herion.....and this info has been around for the past 50 years. Less than 10% of people prescribed these meds by doctors for legitimate needs become "addicted"'s the addicts from the stress who are the issue and mainly the ones dying. But for me, I no longer tell anyone about my spine or my meds, as I'm automatically viewed with major bias and skepticism and it's only added to my already stressful life dealing with a horrible debilitating disease so painful, it's referred to by doctors as, "Having to live a life with end stage bone cancer ......without the benefit of death." That pretty much sums it up.
The DEA sucks*****and so does this fake , propaganda machine of a government we have here in the the grand ol USA. Makes me sick.
Control everything you do with your life and so many individuals in the country think they live in a free country. They control wether you are going to suffer in pain or not. You have to love a government who lies horribly to its citizens daily and controls everything you see and hear via
the media , which of course is controlled and used against us by the governing idiots in DC and the wealthiest families in the world. Keep on watching your CNN and believe everything you see and hear. Controlling your pain relief is just another
brick in the wall. That wall is getting really big too.
Shortly after the two pill mill Doctors (Schneider Clinic) in Haysville Ks were busted for running a "pill mill" all the other Dr's were then afraid to prescribe pain meds, even to their patients who have been diagnosed with chronic pain. I am one of those casualties whose Dr's treats them like common criminals, regardless of the supporting tests like X-Rays, MRIs, Cat Scans. I have been on Hydrocodone 10 (generic Lortab) 4X daily due to fluid on my spinal cord. I am in wrenching pain every day and have intervals of excruciating spasms in my back, seeking relief with Chiropractors since in my early 20's until a neurosurgeon diagnosed me with Syringomyelia. Now that obamacare has kicked in, my insurance (employer) increased 3 times what it was, I was forced into an inferior program that presented me with a huge deductible. Also, now I Pay $60/120 qty, per month for the same prescription I was paying $7. per month. The pain has now spread to my budget! I can't afford to quit my job, but may be forced into early retirement due to my debilitating condition. My Neurosurgeon told me not to let anyone do surgery to remove the fluid, leaving me at the mercy of my pain management Doctor. Physical Therapy is not an option as it only aggravated my condition, causing extreme pleurisy pain the next day. I called a lot of Doctors who turned me down at the mention of pain management. I finally begged a Doctor who didn't normally take PM patients, however because of my MRI and the fact that my neurosurgeon is in the same medical network, he reluctantly agreed. (Other doctors in the same network said NO). I signed a PM contract and began my journey as a medical inmate. At first my Dr. called in the prescription, then he said the law changed and now I have to drive 40 miles through heavy city traffic to pick up the paper prescription and drop it off at my appointed pharmacy. Since I work nights I sent my husband to pick it up and told them he was coming. They said fine and he needs to produce his ID...Fine! But the next time he went to pick it up they made him have me call up to announce who would be picking it up EACH time. They did not tell me this and when they did the nurse was so condescendingly rude. Again making me feel like a prisoner rather than a patient. I always thought the Doctor was MY employee, but no longer. Now that obamacare has sunken its teeth into us, we are ALL screwed. We have been left at the mercy of the health care industry, and they know it! Shame on our Government for turning to socialized medicine! It has caused more harm than good for the working class.
I moved from. georgia to alabama lee county. i cannot finnd a family doctor i get refused evrytime i call. i took pain pills in my paecause of back problems and have antenity problems this gives them no right not to see have a lot of medical problems
I have been in pain management for 4 yrs now. My pm doctor just cut my drugs due to prescribing laws being changed in Tennessee. Now I am going thru horrible withdraw and I also have a heart condition. I just hope im able to make it till tomarrow. No sleep, no appitite,, skin feels like its on fire. Mabey I should search for some heroine so I can at least die comfortably.
I have lived with chronic pain for 5 years and the hoops I have to jump through, along with the scrutiny of some doctors and pharmacists is ridiculous. There are many times I have gone without narcotic medication due to doctors not wanting to be under the DEA microscope. Just last month, I went 5 days without my prescribed narcotic medication, not from taking improperly, but from a change in insurance and my primary care physician not prescribing narcotics due to the DEA. This 5 days was excruciating, waiting for the referral to my long time pain doctor, and due to the DEA intervening in legal medical affairs, my primary care physician could do nothing.

I have only used ONE pharmacy, ONE pain specialist and ONE course of treatment over the past few years, with documentation of the same medicines being taken correctly. Even when I "do it right", I am scrutinized and made to wait, in pain, because of the DEA's shotgun approach to minimize illegal narcotic usage ... well, it's extremely poor aim, as the blast is hitting chronic pain suffers too.
I am a vet.I am shocked at the treatment I receive at pharmacy
My wife has chronic pain and they're cuting her meds in half. They started her on physical therapy and she would hurt worse. Now she can't sleep can't do any activities and is going into depression. I feel helpless and think that she may have to leave Elise pain clinic to go to methadone clinic where they give her twice what she was taking. She went to the pain clinic and asked to be given 8 instead of 12 now they want to take her to 2 or 3 a day shame on them.I don't see how they live with themselves
I have been a chronic pain patient for over 30 yrs. among Lupus and chronic pancreatitis , I am also in remission from a blood disease called TTP. I was hit head on by a semi- tractor trailer in 1999 and sustained life threatening injuries ie; coma, virtually every bone on the left side of my body. Since the new laws in indiana have passed on narcotic prescriptions, I have been turned down by every pain management facility available in my area. I have never denied my opioid dependence , however I'm treated like dirt by every doc I see. Now I recently received information that I have been reported to the DEA as a possible drug abuser or "doctor/hospital " doctor shopping. This couldn't be further from the truth. If I never receive a narcotic pain killer(schedule 2) it will be too soon. I Believe I will be too afraid to fill it and I'm NOT DOING ANYTHING WRONG!! I could possibly be arrested for this. How does the DEA ARREST CHRONIC PAIN PATIENTS, some who can't even walk. I for one am fed up and will be contacting the ACLU and any other agency that can serve as an advocate for me. It's none of the governments' business if one decides to commit suicide due to chronic pain, depression, anxiety, mental illness, or any other chronic illness. Living with chronic pain everyday of your life is no life. These new laws have done nothing but harm patients and destroy any kind of quality of life they may be able to enjoy. What about grandma who is too sick to play with her grandchildren ? What about the girl who was hit by a semi at 34 yrs old and never experienced any quality of life .
Thereafter??15 yrs in physical therapy
I have been a chronic pain patient for over 30 yrs. among Lupus and chronic pancreatitis , I am also in remission from a blood disease called TTP. I was hit head on by a semi- tractor trailer in 1999 and sustained life threatening injuries ie; coma, virtually every bone on the left side of my body. Since the new laws in indiana have passed on narcotic prescriptions, I have been turned down by every pain management facility available in my area. I have never denied my opioid dependence , however I'm treated like dirt by every doc I see. Now I recently received information that I have been reported to the DEA as a possible drug abuser or "doctor/hospital " doctor shopping. This couldn't be further from the truth. If I never receive a narcotic pain killer(schedule 2) it will be too soon. I Believe I will be too afraid to fill it and I'm NOT DOING ANYTHING WRONG!! I could possibly be arrested for this. How does the DEA ARREST CHRONIC PAIN PATIENTS, some who can't even walk. I for one am fed up and will be contacting the ACLU and any other agency that can serve as an advocate for me. It's none of the governments' business if one decides to commit suicide due to chronic pain, depression, anxiety, mental illness, or any other chronic illness. Living with chronic pain everyday of your life is no life. These new laws have done nothing but harm patients and destroy any kind of quality of life they may be able to enjoy. What about grandma who is too sick to play with her grandchildren ? What about the girl who was hit by a semi at 34 yrs old and never experienced any quality of life .
Thereafter??15 yrs in physical therapy
I am a recovering opiate addict, who was Valedictorian, have a Bachelor of Science degree until I had medical issues and then denied my medication as described above. Now I am considered a "derelict" in my community. My addiction began as a medical issue. And I am currently having medical issues and the local medical community is treating me like I don't deserve the same treatment as everyone else unless I am absolutely dying and that may be a possibility but they want proof. I think that's why Oregon passed the Death with Dignity Act.
10 years of chronic pain. 14 compression fractures in the spine called lumbago kyphosis. Have lost almost 5 inches of height from this. I am 40 now and my pain management doc was shut down. I now have been rejected from being treated with opiates because of the fear the DEA has put out. I am now in fear for my quality of life! How is all of this going to play out? I am very concerned.....
This is an order to the DEA to cease and desist the actions immediately!! Under comon law, I have no business or contract with you, I did not give you the authority to represent me, as a Native Born of the land of America, I me myself and I, have the right to seek medical help from medical professionals. This order is to Cease and Desist IMMEDIATELY!!!!
This is an order to the DEA to cease and desist the actions immediately!! Under comon law, I have no business or contract with you, I did not give you the authority to represent me, as a Native Born of the land of America, I me myself and I, have the right to seek medical help from medical professionals. This order is to Cease and Desist IMMEDIATELY!!!!
My son suffers from degenerative disc disease. There is no cure for this disease and fusions are the only option. This does not cure the pain; however, and he has no quality of life. I want to thank the idiots who are controlling the medications that he needs to control his pain so he can have some quality of life. I hope you develop a disease such as this and we will see how much you will suffer and whether or not your idiotic decision will change.
I was born with a very thin cervical spine. I have had 2 neck surgeries, the first one failed, and I'm still recovering from the second one. I'm still in a lot of pain, & bedridden. the DEA closed the clinic down. I found another Dr, he basically cut meds ,when I went to fill a VALID prescription, the DEA limited the amount of pills the pharmacy could order, therefore making me wait even longer. ER Dr's actually scold you, my primary Dr was to afraid to help. I hurt so bad, I can't do ANYTHING any more. I think the hardest part about being in so much pain is, you don't have a voice, and your so emotionally drained you don't have any fight in you. I don't want meds, I want to get better. So DEA, for all the people you think your helping, your hurting just as many, and shame on you, for not have something in place for people, who need help so badly. I thought I had the right to not suffer. I'm over 50 I know the risk, why do I have to suffer, because of others.
Well I am sol! My dr. Fired me after 15 years. Where do I go now? I know it's because she's afraid ,intimidated by the dea. She even said it on several occasions. The dea is tightening up on us. I feel the Dea thinks they are doing the right thing. Obviously they are not. 15 years with same Dr. Does that make sense to anyone? She fired me I think because I went in 3 days early twice in the last 7 months and because I had to stay on her office for a PA. Form after paying for meds could not afford any longer. Also something is very wrong with these new norcos. Wth? I have been retired to my sofa in pain so long now . I cry some days all day because I can not take the pain any longer. I would rather die than live like this the rest of my life. This is not living it is merely existing. I have been on my pain meds for nearly 30 years. I haven't od yet. I use to be able to at least walk the dog , at times even ride my bike. Life is over. Please fix t.his. We are begging you. I had 4 drs before this last one. We're they all wrong with their Mri s and diagnosis? All the sudden it's a miracle I don't need my meds. When an entity has so much power that a 30 year diagnosis can be thrown out with scare tactics it is either about money or power or both. Either way it's dangerous and critical to the suffering multitudes. All I can see coming are more street users. Maybe that's your goal. More profitable. Cut out the middle man. The MDs. My last visit with my dr she said you are addicted. F@34 yes I'm addicted I have been on pain meds for nearly 30 years and my condition worsens every day. Do you think a person can take these med s without becoming addicted? It takes 21 days to develop a habit. You need to go back to your drawing board. I pray you and none of your people need these meds to survive. You will be SOL too.
To the DEA, WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!!!! To tell me an AMERICAN CITIZEN, that I can not live a normal and productive life and be pain free? HUH? You have no right to tell me or my Doctor that took an OATH to help me "the patient" live a normal and productive PAIN FREE life, to go to work, pay taxes, support my family. Who the **** ARE YOU TO DENY ME THIS RIGHT TO NOT SUFFER PAIN!! Bastards!!!!!
I have no idea what you people are thinking or if you are thinking. I can guarantee all of you this. You just opened Pandora's box. People are going to find ways to treat their pain and those with other physical or mental issues will too. Decriminalize medical marijuana and all drugs. They were legal for years until immigrants other than Puritans came here. History repeats itself. Y'all just messed up.
I have been suffering from chronic pain for the last decade. I have tried many (countless) different medications to treat my pain. Most medications either over sedate me or flat out don't work at all. I was prescribed Norco (hydrocodone) and this type of medication is the only medication that keeps my pain under control enabling me to have a good quality of life. I realize that I will most likely have chronic pain the rest of my life but I should be able to keep my pain under control.
This year no doctor will perscribe me the medication that I need to keep my pain under control. They tell me the reason why is because of the regulation changes. All I want to do is have my pain under control so I can work so I can support and enjoy my 3 children.

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