First Do No Harm: The DEA targets Physicians who treat their patients pain.

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There are many Doctors who label their patients unfairly, demean these patients and degrade them because they are victims of chronic life long pain.
This is archaic medicine and does more harm than one can imagine. Physicans are afraid to treat patients who are victims of pain. The DEA targets them and instills fear in how they choose to treat their patients and what they prescribe. More and more, Doctors are refusing to treat their patients who have chronic pain. Patients are far too often considered "Malingering" or "Doctor Shopping".

Doctors far too often refuse to even communicate with these sufferers and label them as a LTDU ( Long Term Drug User) This is unfair, harmful medicine, and and causes llife long damage, both physically and mentally. It has effects on family, friends, co-workers and often causes the sufferer to withdraw from society. Through no fault of the patient, they withdraw from daily activities with their spouses, family and friends.

Much like the Abortion issue, you force these victims of pain into back door alleyways, store front pain clinics and worse. They receive no counseling on how to take their medication and often don't know what they are taking. Like in the past, by treating victims of pain this way, you force them into seeking help and relief outside of the Law. It is one issue to target illegal clinics but another issue entirely to target Physicians who should be allowed and should be treating their patients who have pain. Instead, Physicians are forced, out of fear of prescribing pain medication, to send their patients off to some "Unknown" pain clinic where they suffer yet more humiliating labels and discrimination. Pharmacists often feel the need to "interfere" and embarass the patient when they pick up their medications. They are treated like second or third class human beings.

Why is it that Doctors are no longer treating the 'Whole Patient?" Not addressing the underlying causes of chronic pain? There are many instances when there is NO clear cause for pain but that is not to say it doesn't exist. Pain receptors malfunction. Injuries can cause pain years later.
Elderly patients who suffer every remaining day of their lives are told by their Doctors' that "They are concerned about a possible addiction". What happened to the quality of their life? Their right to live their life to live without debilitating pain? Their only option may be to consider suicide?
The damage caused is a horror. Elderly commit suicide rather than live with this pain.
Physicians are taught (since the very beginning of medical school) that any patient requesting pain medication is to be Scrutinized" and to be "Wary" of them especially if they tell you they can't take anti-inflammatory drugs, that is a sure "SIGN" of addiction.
I was told this by my own Doctor. "What to watch out for when a patient requests help with their pain." They actually have a class for new Doctors on how NOT to treat patients.

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Something has to be done to protect the honest people who need opioids for pain relief.
The drug addicts will still get their drugs on the street. Unfortunately the dealers "business" will increase now that doctors will no longer put their patients ahead of the Nazi-like laws inflicted upon us by our own government...the DEA.
These laws are hurting the good people and making the bad people rich.
My doctor is on trial as we speak. He will not only lose his licence to prescribensure all controlled substances and no longer allowed to practice medicine in Utah and the rest of the country! WTF! His patients on pain mess will be cut off unless they have found another doctor willing to treat us, which is highly unlikely that any of us will find a doctor who will treat us. I personally will not be bounced around and get a felony charge for doctor shopping, how else do you find a doctor to treat you. I will not go through this, I've broken 8 vertebrae s in my back, 3 in my thoracic area and 5 more in my lower back. If I have to start suffering again I will not do it! The pain is to much for me to the point I go for days with no sleep, I can't eat, I can't stand or walk for very long or even lay down. I have been to pain clinics and have been subjected to so many different unknown medications shot into my spine only to suffer with the side effects from them. I am not a lab rat to do experiments on, I am a human being, my legs start shaking having the thoughts of going through any of that again. I only suffered worse! We need to stand up to *****holes going after our doctors who are DC oung what they were trained to do. What about the oath they took? I have been treated badly in the past because I have chronic pain. Suicide is my only option, they take my doctor from me they will also be responsible for taking my life. Do they realize they will be making these drug lords even richer . I will not resort to heroin, I would rather die first. The government will be seeing massive amounts of people taking their own lives. Maybe this is what they want? This is just so wrong! The people need to stand up to these brainless law makers and make a stand, we have that right, we have to do something before people start killing themselves. Also I won't be able to take care of my elderly mother if I'm in all of that pain and she has no one else please we have to fight thi@
I have 3 fractured vertebrates, and compond wedging to my disc, and in living in torment and almost bed ridden and yes we have to put up with either lying doctors or a lying government all pointing the finger at one another as an excuse, but if there making these laws while real people are in agony its ridiculous, while drinking there scotch maybe, wait till they need help! This is probably going to have more people looking to the streets and going who knows where to get there meds or usuing street drugs just because its easier then watch the Emergency Rooms. Sometimes makes you wonder if thats what they really want. No wonder Heroin has spiked in New Hampshire and all over. THINK BEFORE YOU ACT! Understand being careful. BUT DON'T PUNISH THE REAL ONES IN NEED OVER SOME BAD APPLES! GET OFF THE DOCTOR'S BACK, THERE CALLED PAIN SPECIALISTS FOR A REASON! Thanks, BE WELL!
My wife has been an chronic pain sufferer for over 11 years. She has never exceeded an prescribed dose and has adhered to all patient contracts. This month 8/2016 her doctor told her she will no longer be treated with Opioids and that she should take 1ea. 800mg Motrin weekly and take muscle relaxers 3 times daily. Muscle relaxers do not work for her pain and makes her far more groggy than the Opiods ever did. Chronic pain sufferers that have been treated legally with Opioids and follow all signed agreements are not addicts. They depend on these drugs to manage their pain at an tolerable level. To be treated as an addict is demeaning and grossly unfair. The Doctors now tell us that Opiods are not the way chronic pain should be treated. I wonder if a malpractice suit against the Doctors that prescribed the Opiods for over 11yrs would be in order.
My daughter suffers from a possible Chiari malformation. She is in excruciating pain almost daily and because she is young, it is automatically assumed she is going to abuse any meds given to her. Meanwhile, every week there is a story in our local newspaper of a doctor shopping TennCare recipient being busted for selling the very medicine that would allow my daughter the quality of life not only to be not disabled anymore, but not in pain and able to re-enter college. You are focusing on the wrong people. If you do anything this year (which I suspect you won't-more of the same partisan b.s. gridlock we've come to expect on issues that would actually HELP American citizens), rethink your policies on pain medication and any supplements available naturally that can ease the health problem. Addiction isn't a criminal issue. It is a health and education issue as well as a mental health issue. Look to Peru, who decriminalized drugs and started treating it as a health issue, or any of the Nordic nations who have done the same. Their approach works. Ours doesn't. All it does is actually increase violent crime, addiction and enrich cartels. Have some sense and for God's sake have some compassion for those even worse off than my daughter.
I believe that most doctors refuse to see the power they have or are cowards.I talk with one of my life long friends last night.His 12 year old daughter had a kidney stone.He took the child to the ER.The Doctor at the ER ordered an x-ray and confirmed it was a kidney stone.Told him "sorry I know she is in pain but our policy is not to write narcotics".Take her home and give her Ibuprofen.He was so angry he was in tears.I have had a kidney stone and know how excruciatingly painful they are.I Don't wish harm on anyone,but I hope Karma catches up with this doctor.I live in Indiana.There have been 60 deaths this weekend alone.People are turning to Heroine and drug dealers are lacing it with Elephant Tranquilizers. Catafyentinal. There are a lot of cowardly doctors with blood on their hands.
I am a chronic pain patients who suffers everyday after a roof fall of 25 feet!! The DEA keeps shutting down legitimate doctors leaving us pain patients suffering and begging for doctors to see them!
This is sick!
Criminals always get their drugs
But us valid pain patients can't even find a valid doctor that the DEA doesn't come after for helping suffering patients!
This is a horrifying situation that needs to be
Addressed immediately!!
Leave us alone and go after criminals!!
AMEN! I am a recovering alcoholic (10 yrs sober), and I have suffered chronic pain for the past 12 years due to an accident. Ive had surgeries, MRI's, and all manner of painful and sometimes humiliating procedures. It is impossible for me to get a prescription for even the most basic of narcotics. I was told y one Dr. that I should consider moving to Colorado and start smoking pot everyday. I am running out of reasons to stay alive. Please help...
We the taxpayers,and Believers in Jesus Christ,as the one to "fear",for only His word is the way,truth and life.We have no problem suffering for Christ Jesus's name;but the Bible warns about the Evil powers in this world,whose only job is to:Steal,Kill, and Destroy. I will pray,this DEA,which I personally witnessed intimidate outstanding physicians and pharmacists,over a year ago,in suburban Detroit,which makes me wonder why this was a waste of your targeted population.Why?At that time, a wave of heroin flooded Detroit,and now there are few arrests on the deadly street pills laced with fentany,killing more,except alcohol,than all year to date prescription opioids.I research my facts til I'm blue in the face,before I decide what the injustice is and who and how many are affected. I pray whoever may read my comments,understands we are late in coming together as broken and desperate people,searching for causes and solutions beyond taking pills.No,this petition involves dignity and compassion.We are beyond fed up with The current President Obama and The Affordable Care Act,is no longer viable.Thank you for your time,as you surely have employees with chronic pain,who understand.Hopefully we can meet a senior member of your team soon,before more damage is done. I am praying for ALL our government agencies and feel only by a face to face meeting,will we have the best outcome for all.
I have a genetic disorder that causes daily multiple dislocations of major joints. My pain is real and documented. Without my medications I cannot get out of bed and function as a mother to my 2 children. Now I am being denied the prescription meds that Ive been on for years (with not one overdose or misuse) I cannot bear to have my children see me bedridden every day. I cant live like that. You are discriminating against a large population because of the actions of others.
I've only needed pain control medications in the past year and they have helped me to have so much better quality of life. I can't imagine going back to where I was.
Nobody should have to suffer unnecessarily.
1st pain clinic would do nothing but opiates. I am allergic to opiates and told them that but just shrigged their shoulders. The 2nd pain clinic has already profiled Me and I had to sign a drug contract. I will allways test clean as I do not like or do drugs! Not sure where to go from here as I am tired of being profiled!! For the record, I have Tattoos covering both arms