First Do No Harm: The DEA targets Physicians who treat their patients pain.

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There are many Doctors who label their patients unfairly, demean these patients and degrade them because they are victims of chronic life long pain.
This is archaic medicine and does more harm than one can imagine. Physicans are afraid to treat patients who are victims of pain. The DEA targets them and instills fear in how they choose to treat their patients and what they prescribe. More and more, Doctors are refusing to treat their patients who have chronic pain. Patients are far too often considered "Malingering" or "Doctor Shopping".

Doctors far too often refuse to even communicate with these sufferers and label them as a LTDU ( Long Term Drug User) This is unfair, harmful medicine, and and causes llife long damage, both physically and mentally. It has effects on family, friends, co-workers and often causes the sufferer to withdraw from society. Through no fault of the patient, they withdraw from daily activities with their spouses, family and friends.

Much like the Abortion issue, you force these victims of pain into back door alleyways, store front pain clinics and worse. They receive no counseling on how to take their medication and often don't know what they are taking. Like in the past, by treating victims of pain this way, you force them into seeking help and relief outside of the Law. It is one issue to target illegal clinics but another issue entirely to target Physicians who should be allowed and should be treating their patients who have pain. Instead, Physicians are forced, out of fear of prescribing pain medication, to send their patients off to some "Unknown" pain clinic where they suffer yet more humiliating labels and discrimination. Pharmacists often feel the need to "interfere" and embarass the patient when they pick up their medications. They are treated like second or third class human beings.

Why is it that Doctors are no longer treating the 'Whole Patient?" Not addressing the underlying causes of chronic pain? There are many instances when there is NO clear cause for pain but that is not to say it doesn't exist. Pain receptors malfunction. Injuries can cause pain years later.
Elderly patients who suffer every remaining day of their lives are told by their Doctors' that "They are concerned about a possible addiction". What happened to the quality of their life? Their right to live their life to live without debilitating pain? Their only option may be to consider suicide?
The damage caused is a horror. Elderly commit suicide rather than live with this pain.
Physicians are taught (since the very beginning of medical school) that any patient requesting pain medication is to be Scrutinized" and to be "Wary" of them especially if they tell you they can't take anti-inflammatory drugs, that is a sure "SIGN" of addiction.
I was told this by my own Doctor. "What to watch out for when a patient requests help with their pain." They actually have a class for new Doctors on how NOT to treat patients.

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Penalizing the people who are truly in pain!
DR Howard Taylor is a doctor who thinks he's god with that prescription pad does narcotics! If you need a neurologist yet for neurology is not the place to go the doctors are hypocrites the treat you like your hair went addict Tori is some kind of junkie and you're just shopping for pills and all you want use the pills to get high no matter how long you were with the same opposite the same doctor had no problems I was with them for 28 years he took over my case because my doctor retired and he's hated on me every sense! He's a horrible doctor so was the rest of them I suggest that you support neurology not be your urologist office and stay away from him he's Adventist medical center
With multiple abnormalities in my spin and sacral / pelvic area, I have tried every remedy known to man. I have a spinal cord stimulator implanted and still require opiate medication to achieve any semblance to a "normal" life. The unprodutive "war on drugs" accomplishes little because abusers will circumvent the law, or move on to a different drug of choice, while placing undue burdens upon the medical community and those unfortunate souls that suffer needlessly. Why not just put a gun to their heads and pull the damned trigger?
I hope all these precious people remember their power to vote. If any senator or representative was in pain all they would do is snap their fingers and they would have pain meds. Lamar Alexander I will not vote for you! I pray for all these people. In CHRIST
Please do not do this because you know what I have 14 start off with a mesh rejecting inside of me an knees the need work on ,back neck ,shoulders,fibermielga.If I spell that right an so much more wrong with me already to much write here one step letting go I cant stand the pain an cant fine anywhere to fill it. Not fear to people like us who take like there told too.please dont, hurt the ones that need.Oh my please as writing I cry so hard because another night with pain.Got go hospital because cant handle the pain.I think you don"t care if people end the life because they hurt so bad please.
I have had a broke leg, foot ,shoulder knee collar bone which sticks up under the skin about 1 inch and I was told by a dr at Sutton wv that I just need extalac or Tylenol,.dr doug given then sent me to a pain clinic where I was completely humiliated again. How is it that these supposed doctors can want to even live when they let people live in pain throught there lives.. A dr takes a oath to keep people healthy and free from pain. Yet look at what they are doing and how they are treating people..i can not even live my life normally because of suffering with pain because of heartless people like doug given . I cant play with the kids much I cant do my house work and my life was greately effected by this.. I am ashamed of these so called doctors for not standing up for the good people that live in pain and suffer. THIS IS WRONG THEY ALL SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEM SELVES. I feel let down by America its self. and to think how my family has fought so hard in combat and war. I am just at a loss for words . I can tell you this . no for giveness to any one that has taken gods plant that was put here for us so we do not have to suffer. and say we cant have nothing for pain. I would not want to be in there shoes when they die and face god. and I hope every one of these heartless beings one day wake up and realize how many people they are letting suffer through there lives THIS IS WRONG.. What is happening to America? I am so let down and sad. Ones that are involved in allowing suffering will never be for given. It is a fact that people that take a low dose oppiet pain medicine can live there lives happy healthy and pain free.. Allowing suffering and not treating patients right for pain is WRONG. WRONG...
I've read countless stories of people in excruciating pain being denied anything more than Advil (which, if it worked for them, no need for a doctor visit!) writing their suicide letter, explaining exactly why they did it, lest the cause of death be written up as "heart failure" or other reason. Here in America, we can't even tell our physician our symptoms due to "red flag words!" I was personally "suspected" for attempting to get a TICK removed! What did I say wrong by asking Doctor to take a look at this tick bite, I couldn't see if I got it all out? This is beyond hysteria. Oh, but run those TV ads for all manner of strange medicine to stop you from urinating & holding up your friends at the mall! All with side effects-sudden death. Superior American Medical Care? I don't think so. Was Thomas Duncan, ebola patient, tossed out of ER because he said his stomach hurt, thus the "drug addict red flag" and cutting ebola loose in the country? I'd bet money on.yes, that happened. Sickening, literally.
To live your life in constant agony is horrible. To be afraid to talk to the doctor because you are afraid of being "red flagged" is terrible. To need medication so that you can sit at your desk and do your job, to be able to support your 3 children. I don't want to go on disability. I don't want to depend on the government to take care of me. I only want enough relief to be able to function like a normal person. To be able to participate in my children's lives. I want my physician to treat me. All of me. That is why they go to school for so long. I don't want to be going to multiple doctors that may give me medication that interacts with something I'm already taking. I am aware that it is my responsibility to inform doctors of my meds that I am on but have you ever forgotten something ? When you deal with constant pain it interferes with memory not to mention the fog that accompanies fibromyalgia. Please reform these laws! Allow our doctors to fully perform their jobs!
Drug dealers and their kingpins target people and cause "chronic pain" so they either go to street drugs and or/ big pharma for pain meds.

Those with chronic pain are not always caused from drugs - some are a result of broken bones and other car accident like injuries; including ski injuries. As shown in Am Jur Proof of Facts concerning "futures"from medical injuries.

Why do you let these criminals gang stalkers on meth and other drugs among us in the U.S. and torture our U.S. citizens?

Are you even aware of the corruption probelled by lies, fabrication, greed and out right cyber esponiage?

My identity has been stolen at least 8 times pursuant to notifications from big corporations: banks and insurance companies. The records are fabricated; I was just pulled over and harassed in that this officer said my car records to don't match the plates? Is he that ignorant? Or does he have a Christmas bonus riding on the gang related activities?
I have chronic pain from a genetic "orphan disorder" and have been taking pain meds for years to get me through the day. I have never abused the drugs and I have never gotten "high" from them, they relieve pain, nothing else. This new rule means I am forced to pay at least one co-pay per month now. A hefty increase in my monthly budget with the $45 co-pay. That is in addition to the visits to the dermatologist ($45) & opthomologist ($45) which starts to add up. This is just another stupid reaction to drug abuse. Treat drug abuse as a disease instead of a criminal act and leave the rest of us alone. Stupid stupid DEA.
I have been called a criminal and Dr shopper. My former pain Dr was more worried about the DEA than his patients pain. It is bad enough having to live with chronic pain. It's worse when Dr's cand pharmacists are giving you the fish eye whenever you fill or pick up a prescription. Whatever happened to the Hippocratic law. "First do no harm"
veteran here who can't get proper pain control for his injuries