First Do No Harm: The DEA targets Physicians who treat their patients pain.

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There are many Doctors who label their patients unfairly, demean these patients and degrade them because they are victims of chronic life long pain.
This is archaic medicine and does more harm than one can imagine. Physicans are afraid to treat patients who are victims of pain. The DEA targets them and instills fear in how they choose to treat their patients and what they prescribe. More and more, Doctors are refusing to treat their patients who have chronic pain. Patients are far too often considered "Malingering" or "Doctor Shopping".

Doctors far too often refuse to even communicate with these sufferers and label them as a LTDU ( Long Term Drug User) This is unfair, harmful medicine, and and causes llife long damage, both physically and mentally. It has effects on family, friends, co-workers and often causes the sufferer to withdraw from society. Through no fault of the patient, they withdraw from daily activities with their spouses, family and friends.

Much like the Abortion issue, you force these victims of pain into back door alleyways, store front pain clinics and worse. They receive no counseling on how to take their medication and often don't know what they are taking. Like in the past, by treating victims of pain this way, you force them into seeking help and relief outside of the Law. It is one issue to target illegal clinics but another issue entirely to target Physicians who should be allowed and should be treating their patients who have pain. Instead, Physicians are forced, out of fear of prescribing pain medication, to send their patients off to some "Unknown" pain clinic where they suffer yet more humiliating labels and discrimination. Pharmacists often feel the need to "interfere" and embarass the patient when they pick up their medications. They are treated like second or third class human beings.

Why is it that Doctors are no longer treating the 'Whole Patient?" Not addressing the underlying causes of chronic pain? There are many instances when there is NO clear cause for pain but that is not to say it doesn't exist. Pain receptors malfunction. Injuries can cause pain years later.
Elderly patients who suffer every remaining day of their lives are told by their Doctors' that "They are concerned about a possible addiction". What happened to the quality of their life? Their right to live their life to live without debilitating pain? Their only option may be to consider suicide?
The damage caused is a horror. Elderly commit suicide rather than live with this pain.
Physicians are taught (since the very beginning of medical school) that any patient requesting pain medication is to be Scrutinized" and to be "Wary" of them especially if they tell you they can't take anti-inflammatory drugs, that is a sure "SIGN" of addiction.
I was told this by my own Doctor. "What to watch out for when a patient requests help with their pain." They actually have a class for new Doctors on how NOT to treat patients.

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Doctors should not be bullied by DEA and and should have the ability to diagnose and treat their patients without fear. In the govt/DEA's zeal to legislate pain medications they are hindering patients with legitimate medical needs from receiving the care they need and deserve.
I have severe kyphoscoliosis and I'm sick of people watching me pee when I'm NOT doing illegal drug's and I take my meds exactly as prescribed! It makes me in more pain sitting on the toilet for along time just to prove myself to anyone and it's wrong plain and simple...
I think the only way to fix this is as patients to go to Congress and chew them out and let them hold hearings and call the dogs off of us because this is not only the violation of our constitutional right but also a human rights abuse. We have the right to enjoy the scientific breakthroughs of our country. Not the gov't org. but a private entity.
I am a pharmacist, I love helping people, I know that the DEA is behind this discrimination of people seeking pain relief. The wholesale company that sells my pharmacy medications has told me that they are considering not selling to me anymore because of the number of controlled substances my pharmacy dispenses. The drug
wholesalers hire ex-DEA agents to come into our pharmacy to "talk" and try to strong arm pharmacists into their model of compliance. I have spoken with pharmacy benefit management (insurance companies) who openly admit to discrimatory practices of opiate meds in refusal to pay or putting the patients through unneeded reviews prior to approving coverage of the medications. Please tell all your friends, loved ones, co-workers to sign this petition. We will all suffer at some point in life if we continue to remain silent!
The DEA is responsible for my husband's death after they investigated him for being a "piill mill" doctor. He lost his practice, declared bankruptcy and left the practice of medicine for four years. Then, out of the blue, they informed him that their investigation was closed and that he had been cleared of any suspicions. Of course, he had lost his health due to the stress of those years of fear, distress, and financial ruin. Six months after learning that he could get his DEA registration back and he anticipated getting a KY medical license, he died from complications following open heart surgery due to CHF. He knew that the mind, body, and spirit were integrally connected but apparently the DEA only worries about its conviction record and getting hides on the wall. I have lost faith in my government and in the country that I once proudly served as a Naval chaplain. Thanks, DEA
diagnosed with a kidney stone my doctor told me he cannot give me any pain medication. i should take Tylenol. well if you look on the bottle Tylenol it can cause liver damage. i have been in extreme pain and cannot get anything for it. there is all the proof and tests done to show why i need a pain medication yet he said he no longer gives out prescription narcotics. he sent me to a specialist, who in turn sent me back to him. .
diagnosed with a kidney stone my doctor told me he cannot give me any pain medication. i should take Tylenol. well if you look on the bottle Tylenol it can cause liver damage. i have been in extreme pain and cannot get anything for it. there is all the proof and tests done to show why i need a pain medication yet he said he no longer gives out prescription narcotics. he sent me to a specialist who sent me back to him this is ridiculous.
Absurd. Totally absurd. Here I am age 65 and facing a future of going to 7-11 corners or taking up drinking which I do not do, to alliviate pain. The DEA IS NUTS.
I had back surgery 3 years ago and has since had constant back pain since the surgery. My doctor prescribed me with Hydrocodone and it helps eases the pain throughout the day. With the use of the medication, I am able to work full time again with minimal pain. I have never requested more than my doctor prescribed to me. Now my doctor refuses to refill my medication. I had to go to emergency just to ease the pain but the Tylenol 3 are not working. I have missed days from work because of the pain and just don't what to do right now. How will I continue to provide for my family when I am missing so many days from work due to the pain? It's just not fair! Until DEA feels the pain that I go through on a daily basis will they understand how wrong they are for treating us like this.
If it weren't for the courage of my pain management Dr. to prescribe me adequate doses of narcotic pain relievers i would not be able to work, fish, hike, or play with my children. Shame on the DEA
I have had chronic, intractable pain for almost 50 years, due to congenital spinal deformIty. I was misdiagnosed, for 10 years, having my first corrective surgery in 1973. After the birth of my first child I lost the reflexes in my lower extremities and needed emergency surgery to prevent permanent damage. I did loose some function but was able to return to work. My pain was successfully controlled with propoxyphene 65, which worked well and was pulled from the market in 2010, Between 1981 and 2001 I ended up needing 6 more, "reconstructive" surgeries, which were disasterous. I acquired flat back syndrome, from Knodt rod insturmentation inappropriately used for spinal stabilization. Had a surgery to repair this damage, suffered a spinal fracture, post op from over distraction of the Texas Scottish Rights Hardware, placed to realign my spine. I then got a nosacomial MRSA osteomyelitis in my spine, which nearly took my life. When the infection cleared I had another surgery to repair the spinal fracture and further stabilize my spine. The pain from these surgeries and the spinal infection necessitated an increase in pain medication to MS Contin, with propoxyphene 65 for breakthrough pain.In 1998, the hardware broke and the MRSA osteomyelitis recurred. I had that hardware removed and in 2001 needed a 7th surgery for spinal restabalization . I lost bladder function, developed a drop foot, wore a leg brace and used a wheelchair and crutches. I slowly got myself to a point where the meds were working well enough that I was able to, eventually loose the brace and walk with crutches. Eventually one crutch, then no crutches. I returned to my profession, as an R.N. in an acute ICU care setting. I worked for 7 years, continuing to take my MS Contin and Darvon 65. I never had any side effects,or,"high", from the meds. It made me.functional and able to concentrate on the very critical condition of my patients and give excellent care. In 2008, I was struck by a car, inside a.local store, when a murderer, fleeing from police, crashed into the store running me down. My doctor said that I was lucky to have survived. It took me 5 years to recover. All Propoxyphene was pulled from the market, in 2010. I have an inability to tolerate many other pain meds, so my MS Contin needed to be increased. It worked for me, along with an anti seizure drug, for a non epileptic seizure disorder, and an occasional sleeping pill, as I suffer from PTSD, secondary to being a victim of a motor vehicle assault. Between 2010 and now, I have had more andore difficult getting scripts for MS Contin filled,.often having to go without, for several weeks, due to stock shortages or unavailability. I moved back to my home state last fall, tried for 3 months to get in to see physicians I'd seen and been treated by during all of my spinal surgeries. It took 4 months to get an appointment, which is in a week. I ran out of my pain meds almost 2.months ago and couldn't get any help. It so
For the most part I've been lucky. I now have a great doctor who treats me as a patient not a drug seeker, and a wonderful pharmacy. But I did go to one pain clinic that did monthly urine tests and was supposed to send patients out for blood tests 2x a year. I went and had a blood test and failed. They said I showed negative for my pain med in my system so I must be selling them. As if. I'm in pain and dependent upon them I can't give them to others. I knew that had to be wrong and discussed with my clinic and they sd the test didn't lie so I called the lab that did the test and they looked into it and got back to me saying the test done was for abuse of and shows negative unless I'm using more meds that I should be. My dr said that I was wrong they ordered a test to see if any meds were in my system and refused to look at the written proof from the lab as to what test was administered on my blood and what the results mean. They refused to speak to the lab on the phone or even accept a fax and refused to give me their office fax number. I have never felt so angry, hurt, and offended in my life. Luckily for me it was a good thing. While I had some anxiety and such til I was able to see a new pain doctor my pcp filled my meds until my appointment at the new dr and it turned out to be the best thing that could have happened. The dr who terminated me (yes that's how they put it too, due to your abuse of our service and your medication we are terminating you. Lmao) saw me 1x a month and I peed in a cup and she asked how I was feeling, and wrote me a script all in all 10 minutes. Yet had to wait hours to see the dr as she scheduled many people for the same time slots. My dr I have now is amazing. He doesn't just write me a script, he has performed a number of procedures trying to help things, and spends 15 to 20 minutes with me at the least every appointment. Which is now every 3 months as things are somewhat stable right now. Currently options have been exhausted as far as anything but medication but at least he tried many things b4 just saying here's your meds. And I have other meds besides just narcotics to help. So while it sucked being treated that way I was lucky and found a great pain specialist, but even so I have been there and I think it is atrocious to treat people as all the same MIT should be an individual basis, innocent until proven guilty n all that rot. If we were treated like this, like a criminal at say the market or the bank just because someone had shoplifted or robbed them you'd have a hell of a lawsuit. It's time drs are left alone and allowed to be doctors, and not expected to act like detectives or probation officers.
since I've moved to Florida 3 years ago I have had nothing but problems trying to get my prescriptions filled.. I have been asked by the pharmacist for my MRI, my xrays and other treatment that my doctor has tried. I've been told I have to have two non narcotic prescriptions for every narcotic prescription or they will not fill them.. I've been told they won't accept my insurance because they take too long to pay they want cash only. Recently on a Thursday the pharmacist said I would have to wait until Monday since my doctor was closed on Friday because she has to verify with the doctor, however I only had enough pills for the rest of Thursday night which is why I was getting them filled. pharmacist said it was not her problem. however without my refills I would begin withdrawal within 24 hours. I have also been told the pharmacy is no longer accepting new patients. I have been embarrassed in front of my children ,who already suffer because of mychronic pain. I moved here from Michigan and I never had a problem with my prescriptions in Michigan. I am mortified that my life is left in the hands the pharmacist who is already prejudiced against opioid treatment and a doctor who is terrified of losing their license. if people were unable to get there heart medication or diabetes medications there would be an uproar, it's time somebody did something about this before we have mass suicide of chronic pain patients.
Years ago there was no long term treatment for pain now that there is life is so much better. It's so hard to get a good doctor my last doctor would refuse to hear any of my issues she was so worried about my pain Meds. Doctors are too scared to treat pain and yes I get treated like a drug addict at the pharmacy.
I AM DISABLED, Live with chronic pain daily . Intense daily pain is totally disabling. Horrible. Government DEA should stay out of Doctors and Patients business. We need help not censoring.