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Breed Specific Legislation(BSL):
What is BSL?

Breed specific legislation(BSL) is designed to place restrictions on ownership of certain breeds of dogs.
A breed ban usually requires that all dogs of a certain appearance (targeted breed) be removed from the county, city, state, or Province.
Breed-specific restrictions may require an owner of the said targeted breed do any of the following or all.
1.Purchase liability insurance ranging from $100,000-$500,000
2.Muzzle the dog of said breed while in public
2.Mandatory Spay or neuter the breed in question
3.The breed in question may not leave the owners premises
4.The dog must be contained in a kennel with specific requirements (6' high chain link walls, a lid, and concrete floors)
5.Place signs on the outside of the residence where the dog lives with vicious dog on them
6.Make the dog wear a vicious dog tag or other identifying marker
7.Some county municipals require you to buy a special license for each dog ranging from $100-$200 per year

Why BSL doesn't work?

Breed Specific Legislation is the campaigns to ban dog owners from owning a certain breed of dog deemed dangerous. And it doesn't work. By making these dogs illegal you make them more desirable to criminals and people who want to own the breed for the wrong reasons. This leads to terrible breeding practices which can lead to temperament and health problems and in turn only support the stereotypical version of the breed.

A more effective way to deal with a dog breed deemed to be aggressive would be to use the energy put into Breed Specific Legislation campaigns and redirect that energy into campaigns to enforce ethical breeding practices. Dogs bred from backyard breeders or puppy mills or from other illegal activity, are much more likely to have behavior problems due to poor genetics. Responsible breeders take great care to select and breed only the dogs with the most sound temperaments and sturdy structures. Puppy mills and backyard breeding only furthers the bad genes.

BSL is ineffective. It will not solve the problem. It will only make the banned breeds more attractive to the people who should not have them. An make it where the people who deserve to own them unable to.


Who does BSL effect?

It is my belief that BSL affects all the good pet owners the ones of us who are doing right by the breed an being responsible pet owners. When I hear the phrase BSL it makes mad it is the same as being racist, And deeming a breed in it self as bad is wrong people only tend to focus on the bad certain BSL breeds have done.....Most people think only the bully breeds are in this category but they are wrong many popular family dogs fall into this category an mor

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We no longer discriminate against race, religion, or sexual orientation. Why don't our progressive beliefs reflect in our legislation toward animals?

Don't be a bigot, end BSL!
This is a mess. It is discrimination. It is hate!
It is a real struggle owning a "pit bull". I don't think too many people understand or even care how real this problem truly is, unless you face it yourself. (You can call me crazy obsessed.. Doesn't bother me, but this is why I'm such a strong advocate) As a proud "pit" owner I feel defeated. I feel hopeless, because this problem isn't being resolved anytime soon. Because of the ignorance of so many people, THOUSANDS of "pit bull" breeds are being excluded, suffering, and DYING every single day. Then to " add insult to injury" the pups who actually get a chance; who get loving homes, still can't live normal lives. Their owners are also being discriminated against and face daily challenges. In some states these innocent family pets are being ripped out their homes and euthanized, just for having "pit bull characteristics"
Someone please tell me how is this justified? Someone please tell me why it is a "punishment" to love such a loyal and loving animal?

Here are some facts.

There is no such breed, as a "pit bull" it is a nickname for American Staffordshire Terrier and Staffordshire Bull Terrier's, who are (most of the time) mixed with breeds such as boxers, American bull dogs, Bull Mastiffs.. Etc.. Do the research.
Ready for the real eye opener?
Most of the time mixed breeds such as American Bulldogs/boxers highly resemble "pit bulls" with NO trace of a "pit bull" breed..but are treated the same and KILLED too!
Again, how is this legally justified? Shouldn't DNA tests be performed? I mean if people want to take it to this extreme and act so RIDICULOUS, then why not?? We still have no idea what Mae's real breed is. And nor do we care. She is just our Mae and we love her. She is the best dog. We are so lucky and proud to have her.
Either way, a loving animal is a loving animal, no matter what the breed.
Because of this mess, and speaking from personal experience, I am FED up! Here are some examples.
#1 we have been asked (in the past) to vacate from our "pet friendly" residence, or get rid of Mae. (Of course, we moved, this was our first experience with this crap!)
#2 we can't get renters/home insurance. Because of Mae.
Most apartments/neighborhoods look down upon the breed and usually say NO
#3 there are certain dog parks, day cares and other facilities that prohibit "pit bulls"... It's the story of our lives anytime we want to do anything fun!

...And then today, what I experienced. The main reason for this post...why im so upset. (I've simply had enough)
So, Carie wants to spend his 30th bday and our anniversary at Ohiopyle this year..hiking and camping..enjoying the outdoors with our girl, so I've been doing my research on a pet friendly lodge or B&B, or a cabin which I've found many... And I was really looking forward to a nice little getaway..But of course, as expected... "breed restrictions apply"
"No pit bull breeds"
Our sweet little pup, who loves everyone
please stop with this discrimination .. its not the breed it the Animals that raise them to fight ...
Ban irresponsible owners not loving, LOYAL dogs
The fact that BSL is a thing is appalling. I own both a German Shepard and a Pitbull, both of which have been targeted by BSL at one time or another and in all honesty my dogs are the sweetest you'll ever meet. It's the owners not the dogs so don't blame them.
For this to even be a thing, is absolutely mind bottling for me. A specific dog breed should not be taking the fall for what humans have done to them. I understand some dogs can be dangerous, but not just these breeds are the ones doing so. Judge the deed, not the breed.