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Breed Specific Legislation(BSL):
What is BSL?

Breed specific legislation(BSL) is designed to place restrictions on ownership of certain breeds of dogs.
A breed ban usually requires that all dogs of a certain appearance (targeted breed) be removed from the county, city, state, or Province.
Breed-specific restrictions may require an owner of the said targeted breed do any of the following or all.
1.Purchase liability insurance ranging from $100,000-$500,000
2.Muzzle the dog of said breed while in public
2.Mandatory Spay or neuter the breed in question
3.The breed in question may not leave the owners premises
4.The dog must be contained in a kennel with specific requirements (6' high chain link walls, a lid, and concrete floors)
5.Place signs on the outside of the residence where the dog lives with vicious dog on them
6.Make the dog wear a vicious dog tag or other identifying marker
7.Some county municipals require you to buy a special license for each dog ranging from $100-$200 per year

Why BSL doesn't work?

Breed Specific Legislation is the campaigns to ban dog owners from owning a certain breed of dog deemed dangerous. And it doesn't work. By making these dogs illegal you make them more desirable to criminals and people who want to own the breed for the wrong reasons. This leads to terrible breeding practices which can lead to temperament and health problems and in turn only support the stereotypical version of the breed.

A more effective way to deal with a dog breed deemed to be aggressive would be to use the energy put into Breed Specific Legislation campaigns and redirect that energy into campaigns to enforce ethical breeding practices. Dogs bred from backyard breeders or puppy mills or from other illegal activity, are much more likely to have behavior problems due to poor genetics. Responsible breeders take great care to select and breed only the dogs with the most sound temperaments and sturdy structures. Puppy mills and backyard breeding only furthers the bad genes.

BSL is ineffective. It will not solve the problem. It will only make the banned breeds more attractive to the people who should not have them. An make it where the people who deserve to own them unable to.


Who does BSL effect?

It is my belief that BSL affects all the good pet owners the ones of us who are doing right by the breed an being responsible pet owners. When I hear the phrase BSL it makes mad it is the same as being racist, And deeming a breed in it self as bad is wrong people only tend to focus on the bad certain BSL breeds have done.....Most people think only the bully breeds are in this category but they are wrong many popular family dogs fall into this category an mor

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Some of the most famous dogs of war are Pitbulls!
Sargent Stubby is well as Sallie, whom was with the Pennsylvanian in the Civil War!
Were in America where we are suppose to be for rights of individuals and against discrimination.But yet why does our government buy into media hype and allow BSL to exist. The mass killing of a whole breed for many years because of misinformation and fear. The Pit bull breed and American Staffordshire terrier ect... has been around longer than any other breed . How come we did'nt see them as such a danger before? Because it is not true. For many generations this breed has had the same character traits as they do now. Let's bring Humanity back to our country and STOP BSL!
I have been bitten by 3 different breeds of dogs, none of which was a pit bull, and they were all at different ages in my life, and in different states as well. they never made the news. we need more dangerous dog ordinances...that are NOT breed specific.
A pit bull saved my life!!! They deserve the same from us Enough is Enough end BSL... Please!
My pit-mix is the best dog I've ever owned. When people ask me what breed she is and i tell them she's a pit they are always shocked and amazed at how great she is with people, kids and other animals. Ban the deed, NOT the breed!! End BSL before it spreads into something it never needed to be in the first place.
Discrimination, whether it be people or animals, is so wrong for many reasons. Any animal or person, in the wrong hands, can become or be trained/taught to be cruel. Please eliminate Breed Specific Legislation against the commonly and erroneously-named "breed" Pit Bull. It isn't a breed, merely a large category of many breeds that all have prestigious heritage and are known for their gentle behaviors, loyalty and love. In the hands of a good Guardian, dogs learn appropriate, acceptable behaviors. With a bad "owner", dogs who are abused, mistreated, go without food, water or shelter and are beaten will exhibit survival skills. Those do not come from being a mean breed. Those skills are instincts sheerly for the purpose of staying alive in an horrific situation. We are a generous nation and learned our lesson when we discriminated against ethnicities and religions. As a nation, we have worked diligently to eliminate discrimination. We now need to end discrimination against defenseless animals and the Guardians who provide them with loving homes. It is time to step up and do the right thing - End Breed Specific Legislation now, throughout our great nation.
End BSL. It's nothing but people who aren't educated about the breed(s). The government doesn't know what they're doing to people. How can you sit there ams and push us to get insurance on our best friends?! Especially when you can't afford it. I lost my dog. I couldn't afford the insurance. It's ridiculous. We're just normal people trying to live our lives with our dogs. I bet if you spent ONE day with a pit bull, you're life would change. End BSL. End discrimination against these amazing dogs. I feel safer when I'm around a pit bull then I do with a gun. It's not fair that these amazing dogs get to suffer because people are uneducated and just flat out ignorant. The media does nothing but target pit bulls or any other "dangerous" dog. There is no such thing as a bad dog or breed, just bad owners. It's just like a baby! Dogs don't know any better then what they're taught. You can't blame the dog for doing what it's told. And they don't deserve to suffer in dog pounds getting killed because the city doesn't allow pit bulls. And yet here, the government is telling us it's for the safety of the community? If you want safe, make the *******s who raise the dogs like that suffer instead of the dogs and beloved dog owners. End BSL.
My 6 month old pit/rott mix was the best dog I ever had until I couldn't afford the insurance on him and my new apartment had breed restrictions. I was pregnant when I had him and he would not leave my side. Only time he would attack someone was if he saw us getting attacked. Best dog ever.
My 11 month old pit bull is the biggest baby you will ever meet! Vicious isn't even in his vocabulary However, watch yourself around my 5 year old mini chiuahua!!
A Staffie (commonly mistaken for a pit bull) saved my life!