Stop Bestiality in states that it is still legal

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This petition is brief because I really don't think it needs anything but an explanation to why this is still legal. Bestiality (having sex with animals) is the most disgusting thing there ever could be. To think it is still legal in 17 states, including the District of Columbia, is a disgrace to humankind. Why is this even in the books as being a law, well that's what we want answered. The act of doing this to an animal is terrible. God Bless America, we need to sit back and look at that phrase. Do you really think this should be happening. I speak for millions who believe that this is something that makes America look terrible. Take notice in this because it goes against the belief of God our Creator and America.We are supposed to praise the place we live.Well with this being still legal, many millions are starting to reconsider. I have received many letters from people stating that this could not even be true,but it is. Give us an explanation as to why this is. Stop this unbelievable act of animal cruelty and change the laws against animals because they are here for us to give them unconditional love, not take their dignity along with everyone who is for the rights of animals. Our animals are people to.
In justice for all, I think,
Doyle "oh wa shtay" Stone
In The Name Of My Pet

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Cannot believe a petition has to be signed involving such a horrific disgusting act !!
In the civilized USA? This behavior/crime needs to be illegal in all States!
Ban beastilaty now!!it's distinguishing,cruel&never should be allowed. It's morally &ethically's time to be the voice for the helpless animals who have to endure this sickening cat Enough is enough!thank you on behalf of all animals
Make this Illegal in all State's today!!!
This is so disgusting! How anybody can do this to a poor helpless animal. It's right up there with molesting or rapping a small baby. These people are sick.
Why would you allow monsters like this, to rape animals? You should be ashamed to allow show atrocities to be taking place. How would you like to be raped into death?