Tell President Obama that Bernie Sanders MUST be part of the Super Committee

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We, the undersigned, are requesting that Senator Bernie Sanders be part of the Super Committee. Bernie Sanders will fight for the Middle Class, for Social Security, for Medicare, for Medicaid.... He has earned the right and the respect of his constituents to be part of this Committee!

Among the members of this Super Committee there must be a real representative for Progressives, Democrats and Independents who at this time in our nation feel that have no real representation other than that of Senator Bernie Sanders.


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We Want Bernie,,,The man who cannot be bought!
Something has to be done to protect the middle class and poor.
Bring it on Bernie!
If Senator Bernie Sanders backs my President Obama and his jobs bill, taxation for the rich, then and only then do we support Bernie Sanders.
Super Congress goes against the Constitution to begin with, at least let us add a VOICE OF REASON in Bernie Sanders!