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My father recently died July 15, 2011, he was a inmate at the federal medical center in Lexington Ky. I know this will not help him because he is gone now but I am hoping that this petition will help others who have loved ones in prison that are being denied medical attention, expecially when they are begging to be seen by a doctor because they are in so much pain, as my dad was. I have read many horrible things about the FMC Lexington F4 unit ( a locked prison inside a prison). In this part of the prison, the men are mostly bed redridden, and should be receiving around the clock care as if they were in a nursing home.
My dad would frequently complain to me and my sister that he had repeatedly asked for medical attention and would not receive any until he was rushed to the ER, with a heart attack or stroke. I am asking for congress to support the position of having all federal medical center prisons inspected regularly to ensure that inmates who are already sick, do not get neglected and die in prison. If they are not going to give them decent treatment/care, they should send them home to let their families deal with the issue. The government will save the tens of thousands of dollars being spent on medicine, treatment and surgeries for inmates. If the inmate is very sick and do not pose a threat to society, why not send them home and save tax payers dollars.
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There are former employee's talking about the neglect that goes on in the F4 unit in lexington Ky, FMC. Please look into this it would mean alot to alot of people including me!

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This is against their civil rights, my son has been there for 5 years. They have gave other inmates surgery for their hernia and my son Ricardo Dyson is a hemophiliac and they don't want to pay for his factor Vlll for a month or six weeks it cost too much and they aren't able to care for him after his surgery. Lexington FMC have black mold and asbestos, my son has asthma, HIV and Hepititis C from the government and now it is a cure for hep.C I will pay for it. Just let my son come home he has only about 7 months that might save his life if he come home. If Congress know what is going on at Lexington FMC it need to be close down. I will also send e-mail that I got from Topix Inmates dying at Lexington Fed. Med. Center Lexington Ky. to the President so you all can help him close this place down. Thank you Brenda Mitchell
I was there as a regular inmate. Staff and Mercia Infections are throughout the Prison and left untreated by the staff. Many of the sick cancer patients have little or no immune systems to combat these types of infections. If they deem you a complainer they will either over medicate or under medicate to try to kill you. If you die of natural causes or are beaten to death - no one officially dies at FMC Lexington to protect it from legal woes from the families. Official time and place of death is in the ambulance as soon as it is off Federal Property. It is nothing more than a American Concentration Camp and the Nazis would be proud of it.
My brother received an 18 month sentence for his part in a white collar crime committed by his boss. His 18 month sentence is now turning into a death sentence. He has Crohn's disease and needed immediate health care just prior to incarceration. He lost 70 pounds in 7 months and lost all bowel control and we needed to contact our congresswoman to get him seen by a doctor. Diagnosis is malignant neoplasm. However, there is no prognosis and no treatment. He is 47 and his children are 3 an 2 years old and he is probably going to die in prison.
I have heard this same comment over and over about sick getting no medical attention until it is to late. Why is this happening? Why is this medical center getting away with this. I have read many letter and topics about the bad condition of this prison. Someone please do something about this. No one deserves to be treated like this. Help these people, please, or close down the facility.
My brother is experiencing the same miss treatment in 2014. They are doing nothing to control his diabetes. I have an attorney. A class action suit is needed. I sign.
I was there from1979 to 1983! I often seen things that were illegal as well as cruel treatment. It back then wasnt safe. The food was notorious. Got sick many times! If you let a guard have his way with you, you were safe and taken care of from the things they would bring from outside! I have seen a man from Haiti dragged from mens bldg bleeding profusely from slitting his wrist. He was raped the night before! I was truely hoping that things had changed. Not! I am sorry that some people dont know that you are there for punishment not to be punished. I did the crime for what I did and came out with a new view on our system. It is bad! Shout out to the ole dental lab. I will pray for change!
If we are going to place sick inmates in custody they deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. We need to provide them with competent medical care. Hence they are calling these places Federal Medical Facilities for a reason. Or so I was lead to believe. Please put legislation in place that requires frequent monitoring of these facilities. It sounds like we treat prisoners of war better than our own.
These inmates in here needs our help. Dear God please.
my father who is in very bad health will be in thier until im 16. im 14, if anything EVER happens i want to help bring awareness to this.!!!!!!!
Lexington Fed. Med. Center, in Lexington Ky. Isn't giving m y son his proper medical care. My son Ricardo Dyson need surgery for a hernia since 2009, they say it too risky for them to do. because he is a hemophiliac, Lexington stop giving him his fractor VIII, because there is another hemophillac there, my son is in pain everyday because he needs his surgery. My son has asthmas gone without a inhaler, he needs PT for his elbow and foot and they will not send him for PT. I hope and pray that someone will read this and give me a answer, why Congress will not do anything about the inmates dying in Lexington Ky. Fed. Medical Center.
my bf is being sent here for bullets.. why would they send him here?
my bf is being sent here for bullets.. why would they send him here?