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There is no more heinous crime, short of murder, than child sex offenses. Actually, molestation/rape of a minor child is nothing short of "murder of the soul of a child", a crime against nature that robs young, innocent children of any "normalcy" that they may have had in their lives, robbery of their God-given right for a fair chance at a good life. It robs them of something deep inside of their character, of who they are, that cannot ever be replaced. South Carolina has, in an unprecedented case, granted sole custody of an innocent minor child to a REGISTERED CHILD SEX OFFENDER. The public here is outraged at this bizarre ruling, and we view it as nothing short of blatant child endangerment. The registered child sex offender in question also lives across the street from a middle school and a major park. Why does the SEX OFFENDERS REGISTRY exist if it is not to be enforced? The mother of this unprecedented case took this case all the way to Supreme Court only to be told that the Supreme Court refused to hear the case without reason why. Our concern is not only for the helpless child that was placed in the care of such a "thief of innocence", but that this unprecedented case opens the door to other cases of minor, innocent, helpless children being placed in harm's way! We respectfully ask for a law against REGISTERED CHILD SEX OFFENDERS being granted custody of minor children! The "best interest of the children", as the Family Court System claims, should override any "rights" that an individual who has shown him/herself such a threat to children may claim. We speak out for the children who have no voice! It is the duty of each parent and state to protect our children!
Sherry Ramsey Branch
1827 Matthews Drive
Rock Hill, SC 29732

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September 21, 2016
Someone from Claremont, NH writes:
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Sex offenders need laws and rules to follow and the public needs access to more information. The public registry does not give enough information to know if your child is safe. I'm dealing with one now that has attempted sexual assault on child less than 14yo back in 2004. Someone said in comments that the rate of repeat offense is low? Well maybe but this guy has done it again. I watched him have a "fling" with a 15yo up until someone finally stopped it. I would have sooner but I was lied to as to how they knew each other. I also was not informed of what this guy was and my 9yo child was with him under the supervision of the neighbors while I was at work. It was finally brought to my attention that this guy is a registerd sex offender and I was finally able to get his full name and partial info. Now my neighbors are trying to convince me he's safe with kids? Why the hell did he have something going on with a child under 14yo over the past two months if he safe. My child is safe. She no longer allowed over there. I'm not taking that chance. They brought this guy to the beach with little girls! He failed to register for the entire year of 2015 and served 90 days for that. I do know some that are one the registry for reasons they probably shouldn't be..but out of 54 offenders in my area- 3 are on there for that reason and this guy obviously is a repeat offender. He just hasn't been caught yet on the repeat offenses. The public needs more access to make an informed decision about their kids safety. The offenders need stricter laws about being around kids. This guy hangs out at a house 20 feet from a bus stop...why does he crouch behind stairs when bus comes if there's nothing to worry about? Why did he fail to register from February 2015-November 2015? He's hiding something and no one can find out what or why because these offenders have more rights than common citizens!!! The only info we can get are lies from my neighbors who try to protect him. Those are confirmed lies since I had to dig for info and confirm them. Something needs to be done so we can keep our child safe. I was not aware of what he was. Never told his last name and couldn't look him up because I didn't know. No one would tell me when I asked. Then once I found out and called them out on what was going on with him and the child under 14yo ..they all blamed the child...but not one adult over there stopped it, the offender included.
September 12, 2016
Someone from Somerville, MA writes:
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The judge at Middlesex Probate Court sided with my child's father, a registered sex offender who was charged rape of a seven year old girl and was convicted "Indecent assault and batter a child under 14". After discovering a physically abuse of my child and the filing of an emergency restraining order, this probate court judge denied my request for a "supervised visit", sent my child back to the father and increased visit period and time. He also awarded father shared legal custody despite the history of domestic violence and restraining order between father and me. Everything that was written in the rational of this judge's judgement were distorted facts that crafted by father. My child has been abused emotionally since the judgement three years ago. He has been suffering from server depression. Most recently, father also denied my child's wish for attending a high school that he wished. Once again, this probate court judge refused to hear my child's voice by appoint an attorney for my child who is 14. Granting parental right to a registered sex offender is putting a child or children's at risk and is a violation of children's constitutional rights.
August 28, 2016
Someone from Urbana, IL writes:
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At what point do people get to move on with their lives? No matter what all of you people think the recitivism rate for a sex offender is 3%. The only crime lower is murder. Some people make mistakes, some are on the registry because of a false accusation from a vindictive ex, some peed outside, some are Romeo and Juliet cases and some are simply children that didn't know better. Please educate yourselves on the actual facts. Focus on your own case and stop the witch hunt with other people's lives. There are over 850,000 registrants across the US. A colossal waste of money to keep the registry going. Many families are never able to move past and there are more innocent people being held for collateral damage because of the restrictions and the registry. Many are put in danger, wives, children, mothers, sisters, fathers, brothers, etc. there are far too many vigilante people that have access to addresses, license plates, job locations, etc. The registrants have been alienated from society because of many of these restrictions and laws. Not only that, but they have no civil rights and many laws are unconstitutional! A thief does his time and moves on, a sex offender doesn't have that option because society and the ridiculous AWA doesn't allow them to do so. Congress needs to realize the affect it has on people that are trying to be good reformed productive members of society and abolish IML, AWA and these ridiculous registries and requirements. Not all sex offenders belong on that list and many, many of them are rehabilitated. Open your eyes already.
August 22, 2016
Someone from Rock Hill, SC writes:
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It saddens me so to see that the abuse, neglect and injustices are still being forced onto children/families by not just individuals who have proven themselves unfit to ever have custody or even access to any child, even their own, but by the very system that was supposedly put into place to protect our children! The Family Court System and Child Protective Services have shown a gross abuse of power and position, with some Private GALs using our children as a money-making venture instead of protecting the children's rights! The only way that change can take place is for all to let their children's voices be heard through them. What would a truly loving parent not do for his/her children? Fight the good fight, for what is right, and never, ever give up! Our children are the most precious gift that God, in his infinite love, has blessed us with. Let us never give up on them. Remember, the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men/women to do nothing!
August 21, 2016
Someone from Saint Charles, MO signed.
August 20, 2016
Someone from San Diego, CA writes:
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Do you think this is the only one? Look up Nicholas Elizondo and Manuel Saavedra. Family Court has become male entitlement of children as property, closing their eyes to fathers criminal histories, evidence of sexual or physical abuse, etc. It takes huge numbers of victims for men to be held accountable and prosecuted, the Catholic Church, Bill Cosby, Penn State, on and on. The courts and those in power protect the status quo, closing their eyes to abuse of women and children, protecting the perpetrators and victim blaming the powerless. How Family Court operates when child safety and abuse is an isse is a huge scandal and stain on our country.
August 16, 2016
Someone from Oshkosh, WI writes:
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I. Testified at age 6 against Thomas Wollenberg for sexual abuse. He only got a year in jail her he did it every day . He did it to my brother and i. My min protected him by eating nothing in court although she saw and knew most of it. They divorced because he be at her bad. He was a monster who be at us and killed our docs sometimes even. So he strangles my min on a. Visitation and loses visitatiom rights .years later judge kirk in waupaca cty just lets Thomas Wollenberg have custody of my little brother . He said he only does it to girls so he was not worried. Well thanks judge. He tapes my brother every night. He made him rape his kids from his new stupid Wife .He almost killed him several Times he be at him so bad and negle red him. He taught him how to beat women .now because os judge kirk from waupa cty my brother is a Sex offender hurting his son. He has broken his ex's ribs. His Dog tan away he beat it so bad. He and i Don't talk because of his learned behavior. Ir he had not done what tom told him to he would have been killed. So. It is a no brainer and any damn judge who gives a convict custody of any child is just as much a criminal. I have no brother or nephew thanks to judge phillip kirk of waupaca cty. Who cares he just Hurts girls he said to me when i called him when i das 15. Go to hell
August 13, 2016
Someone from Frederick, MD signed.
August 13, 2016
Someone from Versailles, KY signed.
August 9, 2016
Someone from Jacksonville, FL writes:
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My daughter is one month old. Her father is in a military jail facility awaiting trial for raping me, as well as another woman a year before we were married. Now I find out he is being offered a plea deal, in exchange for pleading guilty to the other charges they will drop the charges of the case involving me. So in 3 years maximum he will be out of confinement and able to have shared custody of my daughter. A man who raped a drunk woman while she was passed out, and then less than two years later raped his wife at 8 months pregnant. The law says he is entitled to shared custody of a child. This is wrong. Regardless of the fact that this man was not convicted of an offense involving a child, he should not have a part in shaping the woman that my daughter will become. He is not responsible or remotely safe for her to be with. These laws must be changed.