Put Children's health Above Politics: Vote to pass Trevor's Law- Senate Bill S.76

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I support S.76- Trevor's Law- because it is time that the local, state and federal governments finally acknowledge that when 46 children a day are being diagnosed with cancer, many of them in the same neighborhoods, that toxins in their environment may have played a part in causing the illness, and the innocent children deserve to have their government entities care enough to seek out the causes in as transparent a fashion as possible. S.76 will do this. Please put children above politics and vote for its passage now.

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Water safety and cleanliness needs to be at the top of problems to resolve as water is so essential to survival. After all the studies done in which we can see the harm contaminated waters cause, it must be addressed ASAP.
I support S.76 trevors law i believe itll benifit not only our children but us. I take part in trying to be a part of passing this law we can help not only find cure for illness and helping to maintain our water supply. Its up to us that live in this world to try and help save our humaity. Please seriously consider to pass this law for all of man kind. I think we could all benifit from it. Thank you!! Sincerly, Kayla Link