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One person years ago got prayer banned from schools. We are a nation that was built on biblical principle and we should stand by that principle. Prayer in schools can serve to be a spiritual anchor for kids and help decrease bad behavior, espeically for those who feel no sense of belonging. Why did we allow that prayer be banned. Good people need to speak up! This is America! Let's own it!
The school districts in south florida allow homosexual clubs after school, but they're not allowed to pray during school....what message is this sending
God is calling America to be a holy nation and deliver the country out of wickedness
Our foundation was built and sealed on a trust in God. We grew and prospered under his guide. We owe t to our children , our self, and the world to return to God. Prayer in school, the Ten Commandments on display as the blueprint of our values, and obedience to his guidance. Put God and prayer back in our daily lives, and rid our systems of those who could try to lead us based on man made rulings.
Oscar and Tammy I thank you for your spot on comments! All things are possible with God and nothing without. Pay attention folks....how's it working since we have removed him from our schools??
This is one nation under God, when we look to God for our needs he provides. That's why so much evil is in schools today when they took God out , the devil came in. Jesus wants to bless the United States as he did when prayer Was in schools. We need God back in the USA today we have to look to him not man, if you don't believe in god I pray God show you his glory personally. The only God the creator of HEAVEN & EARTH.
Prayer should never have been taken out of the schools.
This land was blessed because god was in the hearts of the people who started it. Even our founding fathers who agreed with separation of church and state understood that god was the foundation and liberty was the fruit of faithfulness . Even if they didn't agree or believe they knew that it made people better. Congress even printed bibles for public schools. So far have all of us strayed. Never to late to go back home.
Schools would be so much better.
May the wind always be at your back and the sun upon your face And may the wings of destiny carry you aloft to dance with the stars. May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face; the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand.
I do believe we need NOT to forget God in our daily life.
If there ever was a time when this country and our youth needed prayer and divine intervention, it is now.
Thought WE WERE THE LAND OF THE FREE!! But You CAN'T pray to the God that gave you life, many blessings and beautiful earth that Our, once great, country sits on! God out of our schools has been start of our freedoms being taking away and downfall of our nation. Wake up and speak up before punishments to death start here in USA for expressing your opinion. Violence started when God was banned from schools. America watched the massacres of our children bt that still wasn't enough to put God back where belongs. Future brings great hardships now God is left out of inauguration oaths. Schools now our nation, that's a lot of violence!!!
If God isn't good enough for our schools then our government isn't good enough for our money and support.
This is offensive and violation of OUR rights to freedom of speech and right to worship and give thanks where the credit is due.
If 'in God We Trust' is the slogan we put on our tax dollars, the money we support our schools with, I will never understand why God does not have some kind of recognition in those schools in the form of allowing those who wish to pray the freedom to do so!
We need to bring God BACK into our Country before it is too late!
America has always been a country that I thought Honored God. That's why we have been so blessed and prosperous. You men in high places, don't even think it was you. We must continue to do the right things. And putting prayer in schools never hurt anyone. .....never. if anything it help and blessed us through Jesus Christ. My petition today I make known is to please put prayer BACK. If the represenatives and legislatures of Florida can approve gay marriages, then you can get prayer back. I'm afraid what could happen in schools if we don't recognize our maker, provider...and protecter. Jesus. What does it hurt?
Yes, we need to fight to bring prayer back in schools
If there are people who are still offended by God being mentioned in schools let them home school them! Instead of taking God out of our schools why don't you address the real problems such as the constant shootings that are going on in our schools instead of taking God out of or schools who is all about love!:-)
One person was able to have prayer taken out of school. We the masses would like it back. It's time that Christains take a stand.
Let me help as much as possible i have to kids and im trying to give them a future to look forward to
Ever since America has banned prayer from school our schools has been in total chaos. Donít the American people know that this great country that we live in was found and created on Christianity. Our kids are now saluting a gay flag, but they cannot salute God in prayer. I know our ancestors are rolling over in their graves right about now. This has to stop. Our kids need the protection and the anointing of God on their lives. My grandmother, your grandmother believed in the power of prayer and in the power of God. Only a fool would say there is no God, only a fool.

Our schools across America is going to get worst every year until we as Christian stand together as one to bring prayer and God back into our school systems and back into our job force. Those who believe that there is a God please sign this petition and letís start praying over our kids, our leaders, and our country, to put prayer back in schools. Lets join as one; itís time to take control of this demonic spirit that has swept across America in the last fifteen years. Itís time to put God and Prayer back into America. http://bit.ly/131cE7b
This country was founded on Christian Faith and is in the Constitution as such. The schools need a spiritual meaning to their lives while they are young so they will develop better morals and live according to the Constitutional Laws.
Please put prayer back in our schools children are being disobedient with teachers, law enforcement, and other people in authority.
Please put prayer back in school! Our kids have no respect for anyone, including our government! They need this! Our country was founded on this!
they took the Bible out of the public schools and now the prisons are full
Please bring back prayers to school this kids are out of control, they are no respect for parents teachers school bus drivers cafeteria lady's it's time we go back and let The Lord come back into are school. Why in prison they will aloud to read the bible and not in school. Show the kids about God went they kids sow they don't have to be in prison reading bibles. We wanted Prayers back in school.
We prayed in school all my life. Those prayers never killed anybody. I think others need to be tolerate of us Christians. If you don't believe, that's fine. If we choose to believe, that's our right. Praying is a critical behavior recognized in our society; therefore should it not be a part of our education.
Praise the Lord I that God for moving on your hear I have gospel radio talk show I need more information about this petition.
God has been good to America,America used to be the most respected countries in the world,I wasn't born here but in England before WW11,American people were our heroes,a Godly,Godfearing country,when I became a citizen I was very proud to say the pledge of allegiance,for my children to grow up knowing right from wrong!America has lost respect from other countries,we need God back in our schools and lives!
I believe a moment of silence should be allowed back in the school systems. Each person should have an opportunity to reflect before the school day begins. I don't believe anyone ever told anyone who to pray to or whom to reflect upon. In the spirit of fairness to everyone a moment of silence should be allowed. This is fair to the ones who want to reflect on the Evil powers , the ones who want to reflect on Good powers, and everything in between, that is fair. The way it is today is one sided and prejudice as if only group of people matter.
taking prayer out of public schools was a huge mistake that negatively affected the nation. School violence; bulling and shooting escalated, dropout is at an alarming rate, the number of teen pregnancies has risen, and teen suicides has increased. Prayer and meditation can help one achieve balance in their life. If the state can allow the use of prayer in the criminal justice system, as a way of deterrence, then we should have it in the public school system, both are state fundedĒ. The use of Prayer/Meditation in the public school system can be used as a method of deterrence. It can help cultivate and restore respect, values and morals to our society as well as unity in the nation.
It is essential that we get prayer back in our schools!!
Yes, the last comment (email) was sonriseranch7@yahoo.com To the President, "I have written letters to you, the Senators, and the Representatives this country (USA) is falling apart because God and prayer has been taken out of our country and He should be put back in this land. Can't you understand this? God is speaking to you about this. If you don't, you will regret it at the end."
Yes, the last comment (email) was sonriseranch7@yahoo.com To the President, "I have written letters to you, the Senators, and the Representatives this country (USA) is falling apart because God and prayer has been taken out of our country and He should be put back in this land. Can't you understand this? God is speaking to you about this. If you don't, you will regret it at the end."
Yes, as we are in S.C. in Chesterfield County we are reaching out in a Group "PUTTING PRAYER BACK IN SCHOOLS." cliffleonard80@yahoo.com for more information. We will be having a parade in Florence S.C. on the 20th of Dec. about this and a lot more will be taking place. Also email: sunriseranch7@yahoo.com We are all together.
Please bring prayer back into schools. I have 2 year old twins, and fear for their future in USA.
Do you remember when we could walk the streets without fear? NO! Because we have forgotten Jesus! Make prayer mandatory in all of the schools (public and private) in all of the Unites States, and see the economy rise in positive ways. We have tried everything else and failed, but God has never failed us... PRAY!
prayer is vital, prayer is very important, prayer brings strength, prayer brings guidance and wisdom. our Father in Heaven tells us draw near to Him and He will draw near to us. we need His presence in our schools. Jesus Christ says not to suffer the children to come unto Him, for such are the kingdom of God. working at a school as a custodian, I see and hear some real concerns. some real needs. we need Him! as I work every night I mop and sweep the halls the rooms I play my praise and worship music to the King of Kings. our God inhabits the praises of his people. being an associate pastor I welcome Him, His presence in every night at school. there's nothing our school couldnt accomplish or do with our God. for with God all things are possible amen!
its so easy now to stop anything that has to do with God we have rights and just because someone doesn't believe its not fair to us to not be able to pray, worship and spread the word of God if people don't want to hear it they don't have to listen if they don't want to give praise they don't have to but stop trying to take it away from the ones that do
I believe each school and each teacher in class should have the right to pray and the freedom to. New School rules and student handouts must be handed out to inform each child parent that we have this freedom instead of behind the door threats that we do not. Each person in communities that wishes not to pray then they have the right not to.
As Christian's we need to take a stand for Christ.
We made a disastrous decision as a nation in 1962...it's time to rectify it. God is a "gentleman" so to speak, if you tell him to leave, he will, what we seem to have forgotten is there is someone waiting to take his place (Satan), and that's exactly what happened with our schools. If some children don't want to pray, that's fine, let other people pray for them!!
In 1962 I was 12 yrs old when prayer was taken out of school. We use to sing a song "Let There be Peace on Earth and let it began with me. It started the day off right. The words are Let there be peace on earth and let it began with me. Let there be peace as it was meant to be. With God as our Father brother all are we. Let me walk with my brother in perfect harmony. We were sabotaged years are and out children and grandchildren have become the sacrificial lambs! Prayer must go back!!!
If we don't put God back in our school systems, there will be more school killings. We ties God hands up when we don't put him first and Satan can run a crazy in our kids.
Though pray is personal it is effective. If my child is taught to salute a flag and recite a mantra of pledge, surely she should be able to openly give thanks to her God!!!

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