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We want prayer and our Christian faith back in the schools!
Christian prayer along with Christian love, repentance(a change of attitude and actions from sinful behavior) is what will help us all world wide. Fully submitting to Jesus Christ in our hearts is what will bring about true love which equals change in our neighborhoods, hollows, buroughs, provinces and states .
GOD needs to be back in our schools, its time for a change, and its time to stand up.
Over the past several thousand years history has clearly proven that when a nation is seeking God they are greatly blessed and rise, when a nation has turned from God, history has shown that nation does fall.
Since prayer has been omitted in our schools, it's been nothing but a negative impact let's put prayer and God back into our world
God needs to be in our school systems. There is POWER in PRAYER!! Come on brothers and sisters in Christ! Let's unite and bring back prayer into our school system.
I am so tired of the minority changing all of our laws and taking more and more from me. We as Christians need to stand up for our rights as well...apparently there are not enough of us willing to stand up for what we believe...however, most of us want to complain about it. I have rights as well and I do not want them taken away from me or my beliefs. I want my child to be able to pray in school....if others do not want to, that is there choice. I should also have a choice to go into a bathroom that is ONLY for women or send my child into a bathroom that is safe! What is this world coming to? Please Allow God back into our schools!!!
I believe that every religion should be allowed to pray in school. And, people that don't follow a religion or faith don't have to partcipate.

But perhaps prayer time could be in a corner of the class room for just a few minutes for practicing religious students.
A house divided against itself will fall without God it will fail put prayer back in school you can contact me at my number thanks and may God bless
1:The United States was not founded on the bible or Christianity."Christianity neither is, nor ever was, a part of common law"-Thomas Jefferson. 2:Kids are allowed to pray at school but the the school cannot require it. 3:America is a secular nation so it can't promote any religion over another.
1:The United States was not founded on the bible or Christianity."Christianity neither is, nor ever was, a part of common law"-Thomas Jefferson. 2:Kids are allowed to pray at school but the the school cannot require it. 3:America is a secular nation so it can't promote any religion over another.
My understanding of democracy is a majority rule with this being said I'm sure if it were put to a vote as it should be the conversation of prayer being taken out of school would not be a conversation and you would see a drop in school violence thus achieving even what non believers want. How then can we say we are a democracy considering anything to do with Christ is done away with no vote or no discussion needed just gone. Yet every immoral thing out there will be added likewise no vote or discussion. Seems like a devil in the woodpile to me if you know what I mean.
We need our children praying to God in schools, not praying to Allah.
We are seeing what happens with out God and it's not good
The reason why I am writing this letter is because we as Americans use to be one nation under God. What are we now? You took prayer out of the schools and its time to put it back into the schools and in other places. We shall not be ashamed of God. The world has took away God in our schools and its time for you people to help us bring God back into our schools. How do you think God feel. This world will never become right again until we bring God back. But we as Americans need your help. Don't just look at it. Help us make it happen. God bless you
It was wrong to take God out of everything when He is everything. Yet still we can have on any form of money "IN GOD WE TRUST". Let us give ourselves the chance to make it completely right and watch how things begin to change.
We need to right what was wronged and it takes this nation.
Jesus Christ is the most influential person in world history so how can he be left out of our schools. Every day our world revolves around Jesus Christ whether we know it or ignore it. Please pray for those that choose to ignore it!
I am a believer in God, and Jesus Christ. I believe that every student should have the option of praying with their peers. We have freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and also have freedom of choice. It is wrong to deny our children the right to pray out loud in school, from FEAR of offending someone. Don't we teach our children to stand up for what they believe in? To fight for what's right? How can we teach that, yet tell them that they cannot pray verbally in a school setting? That is hypocritical, and it's wrong. If a child comes from a family that doesn't have the same beliefs, then they don't have to pray with the ones that do believe. It's a CHOICE. We cannot make them feel as if their religion or praying is wrong, and by denying them that right to pray out loud, we are going against the very thing we teach them. Which is to stand up for what you believe in, and do it with pride. I stand behind prayer in school. Maybe with it back in schools, and having the option of joining a after school group that pertains to their religion, they would be doing something positive instead of some of them being led to do things that get them in trouble. Today people are changing everything. Beliefs and traditions that we've had for many years are being stopped because of the opinions of a select group. If they can have their way, and get to stand up for what they believe in, our children should have that right as well.
Christianity starts when were born. Our young ones need to continue learning at school all about
FAITH, HOPE, & LOVE to grow up embracing, respecting, our homeland with dignity!
Bullying is another example of no Faith/Chrisitanity in schools! We need to bring christianity back!
We need to know the truth!! It's supposed to be one nation under God! This is the country that was founded on the Bible! I'm a senior now at Lakeland high school and the morals and what we are taught is absurd. Christianity should be back in schools not just learning about cults in our school, we need Jesus!!! Not Muhammad or Buddha
I really hope they put prayer in school . Kids need to know the truth . ITS ONE NATION UNDER GOD . This nation started with God . We need him back now
it's important we continue to stand up and fight for the name of Jesus, we need prayer and the Bible back in schools, we were founded on the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Bible, kids need to know the truth.
"This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us." 1 John 5:14 prayer is a powerful tool, our kids need to know about Jesus, it's our communication to Him.
Prayer will never truly leave school...but the more we shove it out of students the more chaos, like now, will grow.
All faiths have prayer and an atheist can have respect. This country was founded on christian principles.
God Bless you!!!
"Prayer secret, fervent, believing prayer lies at the root of all personal godliness."~ Williams Carey America needs to get back to the biblical foundations we were founded, we went these kids to grow up knowing about Jesus.
I think every school should acknowledge God first thing in the morning because thats who wakes us up every morning and have us in our right mind. If the schools have prayer the enemy couldnt throw his fiery darts at them cause their is power in the name of Jesus!!!!!!
Trousdale County School System
Jesus is a polite God. He will not come into our lives uninvited. I'm very tired of sitting back allowing other religions and organizations to openly mock and insult my Christianity over and over again.
What about my freedom of speech? What about my rights as an American citizen to practice religion how I see fit? What about my right as a parent to be the one who educates my child on their morals and beliefs.
How do I explain to my children that they aren't allowed to pray to God when they are in school several hours a day? How do I explain to them that we need to be tolerant and kind about other people's religions but they do not have to return the favor? How do I explain to them that Freedom of Speech will only be upheld for the loud and aggressive person who wants to spout their minority views on things, no matter how offensive and vulgar they are to Christians? That if you are sweet and kind and just want to say a little prayer to your God, you will be denied that and made to feel less than for even complaining about it?
Not only do we need to welcome God back into our schools with open arms, we need to deeply repent for sitting back quietly while our Lord and Savior is ignored, marginalized and mocked.
I'm not going to take this anymore and I pray to God that no one else who calls themselves a Christian does either.
Lord, I Bless your Holy Name now and forever and I personally beg your forgiveness. We have not forgotten you and we will not stop fighting for what is right. By your grace please give us the faith and wisdom to know how to turn everyone's hearts and heads towards you very quickly.
For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline. (2 Timothy 1:7)
Let God arise and every enemy be scattered as we pray in The Name of The Lord Jesus Christ. We desperately need His care and direction for our great nation, The United States of America.
please lets get together and put it back .
It doesn't hurt anyone, In God we trust..without that we are oblivious..God is who u want him/her it to be..it doesn't harm anyone unless you let it
Put God first and we can stop the destruction
of America. Ever wonder why the world is
so crazy, why the weather is out of hand.
Simple, God will not be mocked, He is a
jealous God and we must put Him first.
Faith is what made this country strong. Removing prayers from our schools has weakened the values of our younger generation. If we do not put the Lord back in their daily lives, we are going to raise a generation of individuals who do not love or care about anyone but themselves.
Prayer Works!
As a 24 year old mother, with a 2nd grader, I push for prayer because nothing is safe without it. Our safest places have been demonized since WE took God out.
Our children and teachers have the right as citizens of this nation to pray, individually and collectively, and should not have these inalienable rights prohibited.

Our country, and our schools, have adversely suffered in direct correlation to the removal of prayer from schools.

PRAYER IN SCHOOLS will only HELP, not harm or cause conflict, and therefore is a right we should reinstate.

Justin J. Jordan
Please get this passed so we can come together and the children will understand how important it is for us to be prayed up and to out in the full armor of God
We must always praise God!

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