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We have to go back to our roots. Our Founding Fathers put God before everything. Why and when did we decide that we don't need Him?
Prayer in school is not a problem for anyone. It should never have been considered inappropriate. This was not a good change and should be reversed.
Those who want to pray in school should be allowed to and those that don't like it should have the right to not have it forced on them
There needs to be a grass root movement to get petitions signed in all fifty states to amend the Constitution to allow prayer in schools and to put the name of Jesus as the author of our faith andas the author of the faith of the original signers of the Constitution. Freedom to worship God (Jesus) should be free from government blocking in any form or fashion in any locality including schools and government work places.
It's our right! Prayer harms no one. They have a right not to, we have a right too! No one should have a right to take away another's right or trump their rights! Quit using separation of church and state when it does not exist and you know it doesn't. Its so the government can't do exactly what they are doing! Taking a right away!
America, Wake Up!!! We cannot let the minority ruin our country!
It is time for change. We need to help to and change the minds of our most precious treasure, and investment which is our children our loving kids. Prayer was taken out of schools, Now because of the effects of that move. It has brith a bad spirt in our schools. A disrespectful spirit. Fighting spirit, shooting in the schools, killings, our students are fighting their teachers and the school staff. It is now time to stop what we have allowed to come on our schools. Let us invest in our kids and our Schools to put prayer back in school. Even on our money we have we put in God we trust. Let us trust God with our kids in our school. We need prayer in our schools.
You know there are problems when violence and harm are entering schools! Lolk how many shootings happened so far in schools! So what they only happened in a few places you say? I pray in the bamr of Jesus that it wont happen again, but im not just going to sit back and wait for it to happen. These children need to know hod is nothing to fear! Hes the only one to help! I am not saying that we need to whip out the bibles in every class. All I am asking is that children and guest speckers be allowed to talk about god in schools! Is that so much to ask for? And dont tell me it only fits one religion because no it dont doesn't matter who you are or where u come from! We all believe in a much higher power then just ourselves! Jesus is not a religion he is our savior! Lets get these kids saved!
God is Who He says He is, it doesn't matter what you think. Bring God back in public schools where He belongs. In God We Trust.
Please see the urgency! Please see the need. When prayer went out; increased drugs, guns and violence came in. Please allow prayer back in the schools.
This world would at lease be a peaceful place, when we started to put prayers back in school
What wrong with our country? Obama for one and mainly taking God out of everything. Out prayer back in the schools.
I am founder of prayer at the flagpole at my school. I feel that God can change everything in our school if we have a student led organization of prayer in our schools.
Do you want God's blessings to be put back on our Country? Put prayer back in school and in our government!
when prayer was removed from school,that was the begining of the end.
when prayer was removed from school,that was the begining of the end.
Proverbs 29:18King James Version (KJV)

18 Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.
"the greatest obligation (to worship only God), the greatest injury to a person (murder), the greatest injury to family bonds (adultery), the greatest injury to commerce and law (bearing false witness), the greatest inter-generational obligation (honor to parents), the greatest obligation to community (truthfulness), the greatest injury to moveable property (theft)." The difference of right and wrong . What is so threatening to teaching our children moral behavior? What is so threatening to have a coach say a prayer of no injuries happening to children on a field? If people do not believe in God, why is this so threatening to them?
We need God in our Schools, in our Work, and also in our homes...We can not do this alone...we need all of God's help...Prayer is fading away but we can bring in back
didnt hurt me....
Pray send kids the right message it would help world wide
We are the American people one nation under what ;under God.Most children learn more history in the schools than anywhere else,Why was that taken from them?One might say that God is a choice.So is believing that Columbus discovered america.One thing you may consider being true is the power of prayer.If your children dont pray at night before bed or for there meal at meal time, at lease give them the chance knowing what it means to pray.
Pray is much needed for our students and teachers, it's a covering of protection over them.
Just remember kids don't let the preachers molest you
I love Jesus, I believe that this country was founded on Christian values, and that we should have the freedom to practice our spirituality wherever we are without being reprimanded for it. Children need to be reminded that there is hope and power in the name of Jesus, because He saves lives. Prayer is powerful!! On God I trust!!!
It is much needed. And it works. Simple and True.
This country needs all the prayer it can get!
even from the youngest generation.
No one is exempt.GOD honers all,all prayers.
The power of prayer from students and faculty
can stop the enamy .WE MUST TRIST GOD AS A WHOLE! 24-7 not just while the bullets are flying

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