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Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.. I want our next generation to be full of wishdom with fear of God: Jesus Christ.. please bring prayer back to school...
We Need To Put God Back In All Public Schools To Have All The PErversion Junk Removed From All Public Schools to Have Transgenders Removed From All Public Schools TO Have Jesus And Prayer and Bibles In All public Schools To Be LAunched Permantly Across America Especially In Hillsboro,Mo. Right Now.
We need prayer back in schools like it was in the beginning. This Nation falls when we take God from it. People who do not want God, prayer, our Flag, Constitution, or anything else that represents our Country should go back to their own. If we go to a far country they do not change for us. God hears our prayers and He protects our children in schools and this country. I stand for Him and what is right!
We can do this! Greater is he that is in us than he that is in the world.
God will bring prayer back in the school system!!!
put it on car tags, bumper stickers, hats, t shirts.
We need pray back it school all over the world AMEN
Praying will help our children become better focused before, during and after school; it will give them strength through bullying to know and believe that they are not alone; and will help our teachers get a better grip of their classrooms.
1.After prayer was taken out of school (1963) pregnancies increased 187%.
2. For younger girls, ages 10 to 14 years, pregnancies since 1963 are up 553%.
3. Before 1963 sexually transmitted diseases among students were 400 per 100,000. Since 1963, they were up 226%.
4. Before 1963 divorce rates had been declining for 15 years. After 1963 divorces increased 300% each year for the next 15 years.
5. Since 1963 unmarried people living together is up 353%
6.Since 1963 single parent families are up 140%.
7. Since 1963 single parent families with children are up 160%.
I have been cheated out of knowing Jesus Christ through prayer because my family didn't take me to church growing up. I was introduced to the Lord's prayer in 6th grade, but didn't think to ask what it meant. That is my fault. In 7th grade I went to public school, and it was just "Silent Meditations" again didn't think to meditate on God's Word during that moment. However, I feel that our country has fallen apart since prayer has been taken out.

For the one who led the charge to take it out. I can only say "I feel for you. Christians can and will hurt you. I feel your pain if that's what happened to make you stop believing in God so much that you wanted it out of our schools. I'm sorry if a Christian hurt you. We are supposed to be striving to be more like Jesus, and not cop out by saying "Focus on Jesus not on me." My generation for the most part grew up not knowing the peace and beauty of prayer. We forgive those who didn't step up and defend it better in the church. I only know I want it back even though I am no longer in school. I want to see it back as we as a nation Turn our backs to come home to the Lord.
Prayer and home economics needs to added back to all schools.
Teach our children to set priorities, Put God first!
Matthew 6:33 seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added unto you...
Train up a child in the way they should go and they will follow. Pledge and Prayer is vital for our schools.
God is the way the truth and the life, prayer changes everything and it's what our country needs right now
God made this country and His people honored Him in the forming of this nation. Public school students read the Bible as their first school book before publishers got involved. Let's honor Him again and keep our public schools free of violence.
I believe that school prayer should be back in schools. I am for any presidential candidate that has a plan to do that and not just talk about it but fight for it.
With GOD back in school, it's a positive presence to help guide and direct our youth. With God by our teachers and parents, it is positive HOPE for the future of our children! Its the right thing to do!
Need prayer back in our school and everywhere we go.With God in our side we can do great things.
Let's put prayer in back in school!
Our schools and our Children Needs Prayer as we need the Lord!
Put prayer back in our schools so our nation can return to God before it's too late.
This day and time with all going on in the our UNITED STATES......shootings, killings, drugs.....our kids, grandkids NEED GOD BACK IN THEIR SCHOOLS......PLEASE, if you have a heart and love God and Kids......get this added back to school and times may get better.....Gj
If we don't put God in the center of our lives, we will succumb to the devil.
We need PRAYER!!!!

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