Put PRAYER Back In Schools!

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As our students start each day with the Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag, we should also start each day with a quick word of PRAYER!

As a country, we are moving farther and farther away from the principles and values in which this great country was founded and established upon.

It is in GOD we trust! What better way to recognize that than to communicate with God and express our appreciate and petition continued Mercy, Strength and Direction.

It just makes sense to pray and intercede daily on behalf of those in authority; our President and his council/ staff, every elected official, our Armed Forces/ Military, Schools and Educators, Health and Safety Personnel (Police, Fire, EMT, etc) and our Worldwide Family.

We must remember what has made us such a strong country... it started with PRAYER!

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we need God to be in our children's lives as much as possible, for they are our future.
We need God back in schools because the younger generation is going to go down hill before we know it. Not all of us teenagers feel like we belong somewhere but with God you feel like you belong. And I think that opportunity needs to be presented to everyone.
Prayer is very necessary!!! Ohio
America has put itself into Satanic times when God is needed back in our country, where He belongs. The new Obama Law about restrooms is terrible. Our faith is constantly being attacked. Congress, if you stand for God, if you stand for religious freedom and not letting God die in America, PASS THIS BILL!
Prayer is the key and change everything. I want to spread it to all my friends and family. When we said "God bless America " we must to show our children how to do it...just by prayers. Open to be an Ambassador. God bless y'All ☝🙏
I want to be an Ambassador to this movement. Please reach me by email.