Repeal the unconstitutional Patriot Act, the Real ID Act and oppose Internet ID and FCC Control of the Internet.

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The right to freedom of speech is under attack, and it’s only a matter of time before we loose our right to speak out against government. Unless we repeal the unconstitutional legislation that has already been passed, we are in danger of loosing all of our Constitutional rights.

In December, unconstitutional power was given to the FCC to regulate the Internet, and enemies of the Constitution are proposing an Internet ID to monitor and censor individuals. It is accompanied by the Real ID Act that creates a “national database” of our personal data.

Under the Real ID Act, the Department of Homeland Security was given the power to decide what kind of card will be required and the extent of individual information that will be included in the database and on the card. The most shocking thing about the Real ID Act is that citizens will not be allowed to even open a bank account without this national ID card.

Moreover, the unconstitutional Patriot Act is once again up for consideration, and rumors abound that Congress is trying to re-authorize the so-called "PATRIOT" Act without scrutiny or debate.

The Patriot act is unconstitutional because it authorizes government wire-tapping and searches without due process or a court order. The Patriot Act took away our Constitutional right to freedom from unwarranted and unreasonable government searches, and it opened the door to abuse of power by government agencies.

You see the results of the Patriot Act and how the Department of Homeland Security, (vis-à-vis the TSA), has abused that authority. The DOHS used the Patriot Act to circumvent our Constitutional right to freedom from unwarranted and unreasonable search.

As a Natural Born citizen of the United States of America, I ask that you oppose reinstatement of the Patriot Act. I also ask that you support the repeal of the unconstitutional Real ID Act, and that you oppose the Internet ID Act, and demand that the FCC relinquish any and all claims of power to regulate or control the Internet.

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Cannot take my God given rights away in which these acts are interfering with those rights now we don't need an I.D if the first place because there is no law that requires me to have one only in prima facie law in which we have to consent...I am the living man not this fictional character on that paper.
these are unconstitutional acts
real Id violates one's fourth amendment rights. the patriot act violates even more of your rights.internet Id violates even more of your privacy rights.I urge all of you to contact your congress men in all of your respective states to repeal all of these acts that allow are government to exert totalitarian control over us. our country was never meant to be a fascist or oligarch state.
The Patriot Act was created BEFORE 9/11 and was activated AFTER (3 hours or so after the event)

So that tells me, the Patriot Act was PREMEDITATED TREASON Against the American People....

With such Traitorous actions as stockpiling Billions of Rounds of Deadly Hollowpoint Ammo....

Militarizing State and Federal Law Enforcement into some kind of Gestapo "Goon Squad"

For purchasing hundreds of Mine Resist Light Tanks for DOMESTIC USE...

The HALFWITTED PERVERTS who comprise the TSA......

The DHS has NO Business trying to STRONGARM Americans into taking REAL ID (e.g. Mark of the Beast type technology)

And the FCC is yet another compromised Federal Agency that should not have dominion over a child's walkie-talkie....

All ACTS thereof MUST BE Repealed and/or Negated IMMEDIATELY.....
Your scaring my children
....this is not America....this is not who we are to the world. This is something you would expect from China and Russia....
Defund and abolish the DHS and all actions. The patriot act, real ID act, gun control, press intrusion, government growth, healthcare act, Explosion of the IRS to oversee healthcare, bank bailouts, martial law upon Boston, raised taxes, abuse of eminate domain, BP oil spill, monsanto Genetic modified food exemption, no accountability, Fast and Furious, Beghazi, illegal war's, non-prosecuting HSBC drug money laundering, no border control during a supposed state of war, judicial treason, states now corporation's, corporate law replacing constitutional law, millions of pages of law, regulations explosion, statue and code law explosion, no bid private contract, non-prosecution of banks, non-prosecution of business's that hire illegal's (which is the fix period), lobbist writing bill's, department's writing bill's, not reading bill's, the Federal Reserve, Treatment of wounded soldier's, treason, domestic enemies in government, breaking the oath's taken, killing American's, due process, drone's, phone records of million's of American's, crushing whistle blower's, campaign fund's, two party domination of canidate's and ballot's, Federal land grabs, excessive spending everywhere, executive and legislative branch unaccountability, etc..... Lawless America is upon us. Crushing the constitution they swear to uphold until invoked for their protection. The royalty class is alive and ruling us we the people. The Federal government has become tyrannical and needs to be abolished as we have the right to constitutional government. Rights becoming privilege's to be licensed, on and on, this is unacceptable and irreconcilable.
I will no longer take part in it's rule and action. Enough is enough with socialist, Facist, and oligarchical oppression. Remedy and redress is for those with money, and position of power (royalty class) enjoy right's. The rest of us fight to survive the two regime's that call themselves partie's. We are a two party dictatorship, unacceptable and demonstrative to the Constitution, Bill of Right's, and the truth and fact in the full of law.