impeach Gov. Chris Christie

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I have lived in New Jersey my whole life, I am raising my children in this state. I am a low income family and Gov. Christie has forgotten about the little people. He has made cuts in so many areas that should not have been cut. Also with this snow storm how can both the Governor and Lt. Governor be out of state the same time. This state is a mess, so please for the little people help us. Help our state. I know that you guys are not blind and see what he has done and doing, please do not sit there and watch him take everything from us and destroy this state more then he has. one other thing why does he have a back up person if she goes on vaction at the same time. Thank you.

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This man will receive a state send federal pension. He is a deceitful person who hurts every occupation that helps society and the poor. His wife stands by and smiles.
Please impeach, he's my boss and he's picking fights with poor people, please impeach as soon as possible.
There is no words to explain how bad this person is, ten years ago New York had an economic problem caused by private corporations picking on the little guy, I moved to New Jersey to get away from that it seems like Jersey is ten years behind New York. Please impeach him as soon as possible.
Hoping to get rid of this corrupt Governor ASAP
He's done nothing but hurt in Jersey is a state
He Is an absolute waste of huge space. He certainly had something to do with the bridge closures. thats why all of HIS people involved plead the 5th. Now he is taking bribes and tickets to the cowboys game. PLEASE get him out of power. these are small examples of what we know is corruption.
corruption must go in american politics