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I have lived in New Jersey my whole life, I am raising my children in this state. I am a low income family and Gov. Christie has forgotten about the little people. He has made cuts in so many areas that should not have been cut. Also with this snow storm how can both the Governor and Lt. Governor be out of state the same time. This state is a mess, so please for the little people help us. Help our state. I know that you guys are not blind and see what he has done and doing, please do not sit there and watch him take everything from us and destroy this state more then he has. one other thing why does he have a back up person if she goes on vaction at the same time. Thank you.

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It was Christie, always going for the short end money, always on the make, going for the sweet price on every deal. It wasn't our year? We could have taken the state apart and put it back togther right. We could have had class, we could have been somebody, we could have been a contender, instead of rolling around like a bum in the gutter with sociopath sadistic fat man governor, let's face it, that's what its come to, wrestling a bum, that's what we are. It was Christie, it was always Christie. Tell him before we get to 139th street.
This man should be removed from office for abuse of power, lack of care for the citizens of NJ, and his attack on public employees.
Worst Governor ever. He's a total bully. He needs to be impeached!!!!!!!
The guy is egocentric, he only has his personal interests at heart.
christie is the worst governor EVER! Get him out of New Jersey!!!
Our governor is a sad excuse for man, its been unexceptionally borderline criminal behavior during his stint in office.