impeach Gov. Chris Christie

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I have lived in New Jersey my whole life, I am raising my children in this state. I am a low income family and Gov. Christie has forgotten about the little people. He has made cuts in so many areas that should not have been cut. Also with this snow storm how can both the Governor and Lt. Governor be out of state the same time. This state is a mess, so please for the little people help us. Help our state. I know that you guys are not blind and see what he has done and doing, please do not sit there and watch him take everything from us and destroy this state more then he has. one other thing why does he have a back up person if she goes on vaction at the same time. Thank you.

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Let get this ******* impeach!!!
He is a total embarassment
Chris Christie is an embarrassment to New Jersey. He is so busy sucking up to Donald Trump it's disgusting. While he's following Trump around the country, he's completely ignoring all the messes he created here in NJ. He should be thrown out before he can do more damage to the state.
He needs to get out of office NOW. He is oly concerned for himself and what he can do for himself.
McGrevy was a better governor!
If we stop paying Chritie, and take all his kick back money, we don't need the gas tax hike. Most corrupt governor - stopped the new tunnel, closed GWB, stopped roadway projects. Too busy campaigning for himself for the past year. Doesn't care about the state or the post of a governor.
Not only a horrible governor, but a horrible human being. Shows no respect for teachers, firemen, police, and Sandy victims who are the heart of New Jersey. Please impeach him asap!!
He needs to go.
Arrest and jail Christie for stealing his salary, pension and protection and not even showing up to work for the past four years!
He is too busy campaigning for Trump and not doing his job, but he sure is getting paid for it. He isn't even in the state 90% of the time. GET HIM OUT OF OFFICE NOW!
NJ citizens should not come second to the Trump campaign. If Christie cannot even attend his own events, why bother being a governor at all? We deserve better than this.