impeach Gov. Chris Christie

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impeach Gov. Chris Christie

I have lived in New Jersey my whole life, I am raising my children in this state. I am a low income family and Gov. Christie has forgotten about the little people. He has made cuts in so many areas that should not have been cut. Also with this snow storm how can both the Governor and Lt. Governor be out of state the same time. This state is a mess, so please for the little people help us. Help our state. I know that you guys are not blind and see what he has done and doing, please do not sit there and watch him take everything from us and destroy this state more then he has. one other thing why does he have a back up person if she goes on vaction at the same time. Thank you.

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This man has wicked intentions and his position of Cannabis validates his gluttonous nature.
Christie is a disgrace to new Jersey. He has focused mainly on himself and used the media to twist our society's minds. Truth is Mr. Christie, you care only about yourself. Look at the epidemics in Monmouth County and all throughout new Jersey. Your false education and knowledge on the war on drugs has been shown and you should consider changing your momentum now. The people of new Jersey need a governor who will be for the people, educate the youth on what really matters. It's time to step up and realize that the simple legalization of Marijuana will show children that this herb is designed for mature adults only, and teach them about the dangers of heroin, Cocain, or meth . The minute we declassify a drug that's less harmful then both tobacco and alcohol from scheduled one, the faster this "gateway drug" title is removed from the harmless plant. It is designed for adults! . Time to educate ourselves NJ.
I'm embarrassed to say that I voted for him in the last election. What compounds this is that I'm a lifelong Democrat. I just wish the Dems had offered up a stronger candidate who was about reduction of property taxes and reigning in spending.
He is a disgrace and embarrassment, it's infuriating. He has already failed repeatedly at representing the beliefs and opinions of the residents of New Jersey. I'm counting down the days he has left in office with hope for voting in someone I will have hope for. Christie is a fraud and I'm beyond over him.
Down with Christie up with legalization