Decrease US Unemployment – Find a Cure for Herpes

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Employment Stimulus – Find a Cure for Herpes

The United States is a great place to live. We help the world each time there is a disaster, most recently Haiti. We have also helped the world by exporting and outsourcing manufacturing and service jobs to other countries and in so doing we have hurt our own citizens. We have high unemployment with no end in sight. If you listen to the experts, the consensus is that the jobs that have left aren’t coming back.
The world has a BIG problem with Herpes – it is an epidemic! According to the World Health Organization (WHO), “The estimated total number of people aged 15–49 years who were living with HSV-2 worldwide in 2003 is 536 million (” Further, “the estimated number of new HSV-2 infections among 15–49 year olds worldwide in 2003 is 23.6 million, of whom 12.8 million were women and 10.8 million were men (” Combine the 2003 numbers with the rate of new infections and likely over 700 million people worldwide are infected by herpes 2.
Herpes is a terrible disease by itself. It ruins lives in more ways than one. “In addition, genital herpes is associated with an increased risk of HIV acquisition by two- to threefold, HIV transmission on a per-sexual act basis by up to fivefold, and may account for 40–60% of new HIV infections in high HSV-2 prevalence populations (” Moreover, the CDC estimates that 16% of the US population between ages 16 and 49 are infected.
HSV-1, oral herpes, affects up to 90% of the US population over the age of 50 ( Further, HSV-1 has been linked to another debilitating disease – Alzheimer’s. The University of Manchester has proven that approximately 90% of people with Alzheimer’s have HSV-1 and HSV-1 is believed to be “a major contributor to Alzheimer’s disease (” Alzheimer’s is the 7th leading cause of death in the US and costs approximately $172 billion annually in associated costs (” HSV-1 can and does cause blindness in newborns.
Let’s kill two birds with one stone. How? Let’s find a cure for herpes here in the United States. No new material drugs for herpes sufferers have come to market in nearly 30 years – since Valtrex. Hence, herpes continues to rise, HIV continues to increase and yes US unemployment continues to increase. Several US companies have promising drugs to treat or even cure herpes, including, but not limited to Vical and Antigenics but they do not have money to move forward. Additionally, many researchers are in the same predicament including Dr. Bloom at the University of Florida and Dr. Cullen at Duke University.
I encourage you as an empowered official to increase funding for herpes such that we can:
1. Put an end to the suffering of over a billion people worldwide.
2. Put our citizens back to work in good, high paying jobs manufacturing a US made herpes cure.
3. Put an end to the transmission of herpes and reduce the transmission of HIV and the suffering that goes along with it.
4. Greatly reduce the number of people afflicted with Alzheimer’s and blindness caused by herpes, and
5. Dramatically improve the lives of billions of people throughout the world.
Please think of Americans first, while also thinking of the world. Curing herpes and employing our citizens is a win-win situation for the US and the world.
May God Bless you to make the right decision for the billions of herpes sufferers and for the US economy!

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Please help researchers and scientists discover a cure for herpes. We are desperate for one, and our lives have never been the same. Please make this a priority. We need help and we deserve a chance at a normal life.

Am April from Romania,i want to tell my little encounter with DR MIRROR,who helped me get rid of my Genital herpes with his herbal root and herbs,well my herpes started after 12 years of my marriage,i start having cold sore from my lips,shoulder,and my arms,at first i went told my husband about it and he told me to go and see the physician and getting there the physician gave me some drugs which i apply continuously and it didn't go away and i used this medication for 3 good years and it didn't go away and the physician advice i see the doctor which i did,and the doctor confirmed that i have herpes virus,i was sucked and i was afraid and very scared to let my husband know about it the doctor advise i tell him so he will also come and do taste,which he did he was also a herpes positive,then we trace it where i got it from and it was my husband who stepped out of our marriage and gave me the virus,the drugs the doctor prescribe for both of us which i have been taken already didn't work,doctor said there is no cure that i will continue buy the drugs so we went home,so my husband check on the internet and saw several comment about DR mirror who has helped a lot of herpes victim to get better and he collected his email address and contacted him,he replied and said yes that he can cure both with just little effort ,we abide by his words and we paid for all he needs to prepare the cure,after that he sent us the cure and we used it and we were cure from that herpes virus without much spending,we went to the doctor the doctor was amazed and said how did it happened we told him everything,he said so there is cure out there,he advise me us to post it online if maybe someone out there need the same help , contact him
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It was more complicated when it was affecting my skin.I desperately look
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