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I believe that the US Congress has a responsibility to the donating public. For years people have donated hundreds of millions of dollars to the ASPCA, PETA and HSUS for animal rescue while these three groups have intentional mislead the general public about the outcome of their "rescues and puppy mill raids".. They have intentionally mislead the donating public into believing that they were using their hundreds of millions of dollars in donation money to "save puppy mill dogs". Nothing is further from the truth. Peta kills an "average" of 90% of all animals that they rescue. The HSUS doesn't even own ONE dog shelter. The HSUS sends many of these "rescued animals" to certain death. In many instances these animals are sent to certain death in large city "pounds/humane societies. The ASPCA also has sent thousands of these dogs and cats to certain death over the years. These groups have intentionally lied to donors while leading them to believe they were saving these animals. This is nothing less than fraud. The HSUS and ASPCA do NOT keep any records of how many of these Puppy Mill dogs that are actually killed. All while lying to the public while proclaiming themselves to be "puppy mill rescuers". I believe that these three groups have frauded, lied and manipulated the donating public for decades in an effort to gain support and have done so while profiting BILLIONS while lying to the public. The USGov is responsible for seeing that these people spend our donation money to save these animals.. NOT abandon and kill them .. I believe that it is time that the USGov investigate these groups and install some kind of oversite to require that these groups spend our money in an ETHICAL manner. These three groups have lied to the public for years about the outcome of these raids. We are asking that you investigate their illict raid tactics, their attacks on breeders, farmers and other rescues that they have defamed in the name of "animal rescue". It is your duty.

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We need more transparency from these organizations. Are they misleading donors?
Animal abusers should be ordered by the court to pay monetary restitution to their victims..helpless animals. This money should be paid directly toward animal rescue and care. Michael Vick should have been ordered to pay a percentage of his earnings as a pro football player to animal rescue and care. Abusers who are said to pay their debt to society didn't abuse "society"...they abused their victims and should have to pay restitution to the victims.