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“We VOW to protect American Children & their Parents from becoming future Victims of Children Protective Services, “CPS.” By CLOSING the doors of every CPS Office permanently.”

In 2011, NCANDS database reports that; 1545 children were killed from child abuse. 1000 of those children were killed in the Custody of Children Protective Services; “CPS” experts believe the real number is significantly higher. Children Protective Services report that 1000 children are reported tortuously murdered EVERY YEAR in the Custody CPS, by the hands of “foster parents.” There are thousands’ of more that are not reported by the CPS caseworkers. Additionally, every year thousands of children are lost in the system while in the Custody of CPS.

In 2008, Ohio alone had 1284 children lost/missing and never found while in the Custody of CPS; in the same year Washington State had over 1261 children missing in Custody of “CPS,” presumed to have been sold or killed. In five years, that’s 5000 children reported murdered, while in the custody of an American government program. In ten years that’s more 10,000 children tortured and killed while in the Custody of Children Protective Service, “CPS.”

Ironically, the Federal Government has also been manipulated and is a victim of this broken CPS Industry, by these local communities.

Our American society has become numb to the numbers. These children did not die of cancer or a disease, but with cruel intentions and at the hands of their federally funded foster parents. Between 650,000 to 1,000, 000 American children were taken (legally abducted by CPS) from their homes in 2012; the majority were abducted from safe & loving homes. A high percentage of children in foster care are brutally beaten and abused, violently raped, locked in cages, tortured, tied up, handcuffed to objects, are not given adequate water or food, 80% of these children are sedated with medication paid for with Federal Funds, the majority are sedated 24 hours a day, unfortunately several of them are left in locked dark rooms for most of the day, while the “foster parent” leaves the residence. A large majority of these children should have never been taken from their safe and loving homes; Children Protective Services funding is directly linked to how many children they place into the foster care system. Due to this broken system, there’s blood that runs through the hallways of every CPS Office; the CPS Industry has attracted unwanted perpetrators in their administration, and in their numerous CPS affiliates. It has been estimated that the majority of foster “parents” are emotionally unstable, financially desperate, unable to hold a job; their personal failures motivates them to register as a foster parent, to put food on the table and pay their rent. These “foster parents” view this prospect, as “babysitting” unwanted children, which provokes’ resentment, in these already unstable adults, resulting in sadistic abuse towards the inno
It is a shame that people don't realize records are kept indefinitely children taken today are their jobs for the future they make sure they bring the allegations unsubstantiated as family history you are guilty never to be proven innocent you will do as they say or never see your children or grandchildren again.You get more rights in criminal court than dcf court.God save us all from this entity.
I am going through a custody battle for my son against the state who wrongfully took jurisdiction over my son under false pretenses.
They told me I had to finish all the stipulations they set forth in order to obtain custody over my son, but even after I completed said stipulations they still won't return my son to me. Their reason for not giving me sole custody is because a social worker doesn't like my personality or how I answer their questions.
The whole family court, CPS, DFS and any intentity that works on their behalf in my opinion are the biggest threat to our liberties currently.
It's truly a outrage that they can consistently get away with legally kidnapping our children or holding them hostage from us, especially in the land of the free and the home of the brave.
Cannot Trust them.
CPS gets a call from your child's school does their investigation of a loving home, well cared for children with two parents with full time jobs. Involved in Scouts, Football , Baseball. All for their children. Now they want to take legal action if We don't follow their "suggestions" Talk about a gun to your head F U CPS!!!
Several things most of you don't understand. Judges,Attorneys CPS know that you or I do not have the money to hire especially a out of state attorney so your screwed. Corrupted Judges, Attorneys and CPS can do what they want when they want. Not knowing for years that their was a thing as a Attorney and Judge Disciplinary Counsel, DHHR Commissioner, DHHR Deputy Commissioner, DHHR Inspector General you can call to file a complaint. Not knowing CPS Rules, Regulations, Procedures, Constitutional Rights. Other very important things you need to research and study is Prosecutors, Guardian Ad Litems rules they must abide by, common guidelines they must follow.

Without knowing knowing these laws your done period. The Courts, Attorney's and CPS knowing this they make up their own and new laws. This is a fact Wood County WV - Prosecutors, Guardian Ad Litems Court Appointed Attorney's and CPS Caseworkers
sit around for weeks discussing cases before the 1st hearing goes to court and before evidence is entered. Your Fate in court is all ready decided for you.

This also fact about the Wood County Court System. This from a liable source. About 5 years ago maybe less. He had to come to Parkersburg for a hearing because he filed a complaint or something to take a police officer to court. The Wood County Courts would not allow or wait for his attorney. He goes into court the Judge, Attorneys and police officer where all ready discussion the complaint. The Judge all ready dismiss the case 10 minutes before the hearing started. He had an investigator investigate to what went on.

Within a few days the investigator contacts him and said his case number did not exist wasn't on file. This is dirty stuff they do in the Wood County Courts. When you file a complaint and doesn't get investigated because the disciplinary Counsel can't find your case number and think you made it up.

So who ever is investigating the complaint doesn't believe your case never happened. 5 attorneys tell who ever is investigating " I don't know what he's talking about?" Who is the investigator from the disciplinary Counsel going to believe just you or 5 attorney`s?

Rich Provost
cps in az needs to be looked into they are on a child taking spree since they got caught up in some trouble recently.
ATTENTION: I will try to help Families that are dealing with Judicial, Attorney and CPS Corruption.

----- West Virginia ----- Only -----
Below are the Persons to contact and make a complaint. Make sure you call all of them. Describe in detail what is going on in your case.
File complaint: DHHR Employees, CPS Caseworkers, Attorneys such as Court Appointed Attorneys, Guardian Ad Litems
and Prosecutors.

FBI Pittsburgh, PA
3311 East Carson Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203
Phone: (412) 432-4000
Fax: (412) 432-4188
File complaint: DHHR Employees, CPS Caseworkers

Governor: Earl Ray Tomblin
Office of the Governor
State Capitol
1900 Kanawha Boulevard, East
Charleston, West Virginia 25305
Office Telephone:
(304) 558-2000 or 1-888-438-2731

Governor’s Mansion:
(304) 558-3588
File complaint: DHHR Employees, CPS Caseworkers

Karen L. Bowling : Cabinet Secretary West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources

One Davis Square, Suite 100 East
Charleston, West Virginia 25301
Phone: (304) 558-0684
Fax: (304) 558-1130
Email: DHHRSecretary@wv.gov
File complaint: DHHR Employees, CPS Caseworkers

Office of Inspector General
DHHR Inspector General: Investigations Fraud and Managment
WV State Capitol Complex
Building 6, Room 817-B
Charleston, WV 25305
Phone: (304) 558-227
Fax: (304) 558-1992
File complaint: DHHR Employees, CPS Caseworkers.

Nancy Exline, Commissioner
DHHR Bureau for Children and Families
350 Capitol Street, Room 730
Charleston, West Virginia 25301-3711
Telephone: (304) 558-0628 or (304) 356-4521 Fax: (304) 558-4194
file a complaint: DHHR Employees, CPS Caseworkers

Tina Mitchell, Deputy Commissioner
Address: 350 Capitol Street, Room 730
Charleston, WV 25301
Phone: (304) 356-4542
Fax: (304) 558-4194
If you live in Wood County WV, ask to speak with Joan Kirby. Mrs. Kirby is investigating a Wood County Attorney - Earnest M. Douglass

Office of Disciplinary Counsel
City Center East
4700 MacCorkle Avenue SE, Suite 1200C
Charleston, West Virginia 25304
Office: (304) 558-7999
Fax: (304) 558-4015
Judicial: file complaint on a Judge

Teresa Tarr, Counsel
Steven L. Snyder, Assistant Counsel
Nancy Black, Executive Secretary

City Center East
Suite 1200 A 4700 MacCorkle Ave., S.E.
Charleston, West Virginia 25304
(304)558-0831 FAX
Call, call and call until something is done.
I will try to get help for other Families in other States that are also dealing with Judicial, Attorn
This is rampant in Missouri, my niece after three family court cases had her parental rights stripped by DFS and was placed on the Abuse Registry. There was no trial, no due process and the judge in the case illegally appointed GAL's that did not qualify under the Misssouri Supreme Court Rules! There are cases similar in the 26th Judicial Court Circuit that are currently open where in they are using the same playbook. This is a revenue stream created by Federal Grant Money given to the States and in turn the states are utilizing this money to fund a Cottage Industry to traffic families and children! This needs to stop and it needs to stop NOW!
I have been fighting cps for almost 2 yrs and they call themselves the ones who protect children. My kids were ripped from my home based on what my x wife told cps. My children came to me when there was something wrong and cps never did nothing about it except side with my x wife. These people are bias and should be dealt with stricter laws and be held liable for ALL THEIR ACTIONS
My family have been destroyed by this organization that claims to be there to help families stay together, I have spent 9 (nine) months in jail on false charges, and its not over yet, they took my children and did have not let and family or friends visit them, a 14 yo an 8 yo, and a 2 yo, they have been away from us for 10 months and our baby boy does not even know us, they were taken away when he was just a year and a half. CPS MUST BE STOPPED!!!, we as Americans can not let this continue. we all must stand and FIGHT. What has happened to this country that we have let it go this far. the courts are right in there with CPS, they let the illegal action of CPS go unpunished, they all make money off our children and care nothing about how they tear our lives apart, we had a very happy home till someone made false accusations and CPS ran with it, we have to stand together right now or they will continue to do it to s and more families in the future.
My family has been destroyed by this extremely flawed system! My grandchildren are suffering and their lives forever tragically altered! This system needs reformed!
I'm a mother who has a 2 yr oldthat has been removed, for what reason?? I had a lawyer last wk look my case up in the Smith county courts were it was taking... his words were i can't find anything, then he said what i see is you have ****ed somebody off and now they are punishing you, i said their not just punishing me they are punishing my 2 yr old daughter. Somebody needs to check on we the people's cases. My daughter is not a paycheck for these people she's a human with feelings that God gave me to love a take care of and not for a uneducated cps case worked to take to the courts and have her taken away because i ****ed them off, in a country were "I THOUGHT WE HAD RIGHTS" please fix the sick system and the power these uneducated cps workers have been given our children need us there parents, and you the government to protect them as they can't defend themselves. Thank you.
Cps does not care about children. They are evil, corrupt and seem to be immune to our judicial system. The family court judges don't care about American children. America has failed our children by not looking into what cps does to them. America is supposed to be a free country. Yet American children are victims of slavery and have NO RIGHTS at the hands of the these demons that call themselves child "protective" services! Our government has become a disgrace!
Cps does not care about children. They are evil, corrupt and seem to be immune to our judicial system. The family court judges don't care about American children. America has failed our children by not looking into what cps does to them. America is supposed to be a free country. Yet American children are victims of slavery and have NO RIGHTS at the hands of the these demons that call themselves child "protective" services! Our government has become a disgrace!
Cps does not care about children. They are evil, corrupt and seem to be immune to our judicial system. The family court judges don't care about American children. America has failed our children by not looking into what cps does to them. America is supposed to be a free country. Yet American children are victims of slavery and have NO RIGHTS at the hands of the these demons that call themselves child "protective" services! Our government has become a disgrace!
Well, today is the first of summer and we should be going to fun things as a happy family as we once were before I asked for help for the school and the school called cps on me and Normal, innocent people do not tend to be suspicious and defensive, so they usually cooperate when social workers knock on their door. This mother offered no resistance believing that truth and justice would prevail and that we had done nothing illegal and therefore had nothing to hide. Citizens should NOT be removed from their homes and family members based on nothing more than hearsay I have done everything they asked counseling which I started in Jan My counseling wanted caseworker to set a parent assessment for me and caseworker never did I volunteered to take a parent class in Feb cause they keep saying underline issues but didn't know what those were I then filed a complaint and caseworker and supervisor came out a few days later an talked about great I was doing and just needed to do one more service a psych exam cause they were trying to say mental issues never had any so I did may 22 on may 14th we had our meeting which I had to fight to get to bring all kids together at this meeting everyone agreed it would be fine for little bear to come home since he has been abused while in foster care everyone but CPS so little bear was moved with his brothers and sister and the goal as I was told at meeting once exam results came back they would set up family preservation services so I ask caseworker and her supervisor they said soon then i keep asking them as it's been so long my family has been torn apart then caseworker said we wont set it up at this time I asked to put in writing the reason why my kids can't come home as everyone else agrees and today during my visit she showed up to talk about issues what a joke she's looking for a reason to keep my sweet babies she said i should get rid of my dog I asked about having someone who understands autism come and see our family she said No, big shock
I have everything they asked jumped though all the states hoops and now my kids should come home so I going keep on fighting for my kids rights like they not been getting the diet they were gluten free dairy free I told caseworker many times and foster family pinkie pie was potty trained during the day not any more my family has suffered and now the state is trying to bully us all my kids want is be home where they are loved and belong this has been so hard on my sweet babies no child should ever be ripped from a loving home and not let to go home
These people are evil and this plague must be stopped!!!!
These people are evil and this plague must be stopped!!!!
I am dealing with a open case as we speak CPS has made serval false accusations about me! I was kicked out of CPS office to exercising my rights, I was told by the CPS case worker that the constitution and CPS laws have nothing to do with each other. I was blown back by her lack of education 32 years the worker has worked for CPS and knows not one amendment!
My son openly admitted he lied and they still put it as a true statement. Also Social Workers say a child's disabilities do not matter when being questioned.
My son openly admitted he lied and they still put it as a true statement. Also Social Workers say a child's disabilities do not matter when being questioned.
And why is this taking so long to be corrected. The children are the future. And everyday another child is hurt maimed and abused. Capital hill must make all responsible party's accountable for the children ..and no mercy should be given to anyone whom has put a child in arms way.
no due process of law in any shape or form,,,civil rights violations in every case...where is the debate?
My wife was a victom of cps. She was tossed from on child molester family to another. She said every home was a sexual nightmare. Way to go USA.
i am fighting a case now , in which I completed all requirementsand got my children back just to have them takrn again after 6 monrhs when the case was supposed to close, they cited school attendance and missed drug tests. this happens to be immediately after dealing with breast cancer and chemotherapy with several surgeries.after being removed my five year old began exhibiting sexual behaviors, masterbating at nap time in hjs new preschool, something he DID NOT DO at his previous preschool. now we are dealing with a police investigation as well as cps investigation and we are not allowed to contact our kids in any way. We have seen our five year old once since March 19th and twice for my eleven and twelve year old. It is difficult not knowing whats going on and having no communication.I really think I need a better lawyer and not a publicdefender. I know I am not the most perfect parent but who is? But I definitely wasn't a bad parent The same goes for dad. We actually consider ourselves to be pretty good parents and we knew they were safe. Now we don't know anything.
Parens Patriae was not meant for this! The power of the state and scope of this "philosophy" has became entirely TOO broad. In the states mind I'm not responsible for my children's well being until they are 18 and no longer children? Something has to be done before it's too late! The fascism in this country is in your face America! We have to make our collective voices be heard!!! Otherwise we'll wake up to a communist society where we'll have no voice, identity, or minds of our own! United we stand!!!
I believe Smith County CPS is running some kind of legal black market adoption ring with our children people stand up for your right as a parent these cold hearted demons called... CPS & JUDGES. Could care less about our babies and children
SIGN SIGN SIGN!!!!!!!!!!!...........
I am personally watching this happen to a freind of mine. It seems they just want to take his kid, not that they are doing what's right or best.
I miss my kids i have my lil girl and not my son . My dsh worker is wrong she didnt let my family have him. She did things her way
My children were removed last year aftee I called cps to help my children and myself out of an abusive situation, instead they ripped my kids from me rarely allow visitation. Lie falsify documents, attack and cohorce me with threats. I was given a one year acd and the case was dismissed laat year yet my kids were never returned home. Im fighting a losing battle and being raped of my constitutional rights and my god given right to be the good mother that I am!!! Mind blowing and heart wrenching:'(
This corruption must be stopped! I cant believe this is really happening to me i want a FAIR hearing, lie detector test or anything i can use in my defense. i love my babies and will do anything to win my kids back. i work hard everyday to break my back for my kids. please help me with these false allegations against me. nothing at all to hide but this must stop!!!
the GAL in court today said that its more important for my child to go with the foster parents to walt Disney this aug instead of reunifying her with me WOW and then cps insisted on me signing the release for her to go
you release threats to our country but dont do anything to people sittin in jail on false charges made up by your own government offices. and the we have proof of lies, but yet you have not even tried to get to the legal kidnapping going on . what is wrong with this world, you allow cps and doctors to lie to get federal money and lock innocent families in jail very sick world this has become
no matter how hard you try cps will destroy your life even after your case is closed you will be forever marked. unfair unjust un American
Being harrased by cps while living a straight life and taking care of my children is overbearing
The Judge reads the petition and acts as if the unproven statements are as true as can be. The Judge does not ask where is the proof is or has a conviction been handed down on parents. This is so wrong!! I tell you that the snaching up of children does so much damage to a child. CPS will/is so responsable for the next heavy drug dependant generations.Adoption incentive payments is just one money issue that has been taken to the state of GREED. Members of our Government/Congress you are will educated people so all you have to do is take a look and your bright mind will see it so clear. Now act fast and put a stop to CPS and the violation that happen every day. Put a stop to it before someone else does.
Sherry Peabody

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