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The cps worker tells us one thing and changes the story. She has also told my kids i was so sick and would not make it so they where never going home and that is not true she also lies to me about how my kids are and will not let me see or talk to them. We have done everything she ask and she is still trying to do a terminate parent write please help us she is putting so much stress on our kids by lieing to them.
Annapolis Maryland, Circuit Court for Anne Arundel County is a jurisdiction responsible for unlawful decisions in family law cases. Please research past and pending recent cases and you will quickly discover how law and precedent are ignored and disregarded when one judicial member and lawyer are involved.
This is not just happening in New York.
It is happening throughout our great country, and loving families and children are being made to pay.
I think it's disgusting too profit by ripping kids out of there loving homes just too make an almighty dollar!
Stay at home father for 4 years after sacrificing Airline Captain career to protect the wife's. First airline pilot to fly a scheduled flight after 9/11, but also worked for the first airline, Vanguard, to go bankrupt after 9/11. The wife's job pays $300K, yet I have to pay her child support! In addition, after 10 years, she has used that money to slowly cut me out of my own kids lives. The courts refuse to recognize the 50/50 divorce decree becuase I speak out after her violations. How dare I speak up for me and my kids. wth?! This country is lost. Here you have great men doing a great job, but with this New Amerika, that isn't good enough. Wake the F up Washington.
Cps done us so wrong they came to our house on the pretence of checking on the children and she had already spoke to the children at school when melanie j moore showed up at our door she asked if she could come in and i told her no she pushed by me to get in she took pictures and she also took a picture of my fiancé laying in the floor in his boxers they took my kids on a bunch of lies that the schoolhad told because we were poor and couldnt afford a lawyer they wanted us to do other things that were not even required to do it switched hands from one to another two different times it went from Melanie j moore to james miller to Samantha rhudy she was our biggest down fall she brought a health inspector to our home i think cps should beer investigated and shut down
Cps done us so wrong they came to our house on the pretence of checking on the children and she had already spoke to the children at school when melanie j moore showed up at our door she asked if she could come in and i told her no she pushed by me to get in she took pictures and she also took a picture of my fiancé laying in the floor in his boxers they took my kids on a bunch of lies that the schoolhad told because we were poor and couldnt afford a lawyer they wanted us to do other things that were not even required to do it switched hands from one to another two different times it went from Melanie j moore to james miller to Samantha rhudy she was our biggest down fall she brought a health inspector to our home i think cps should beer investigated and shut down
Too many words,not enough time,or energy.I know it's not much comfort for the anguish for those who have been"touched",damaged,irreversible changes to the nuclear family and infinity of"costs"to your soul.It's like the old saying,"Absolute power corrupts absolutely.But,all involved will answer to the Absolute Highest Power,when what is left here is over. God bless all who have suffered from their life-altering ,lives permanently damaged from the hands of those involved with this"agency".
My friend Mark Noreyko from St. Helen Michigan is a wonderful father. He has been fighting for almost two years to have his kids back in his life. There is literally no proof of abuse or otherwise. But I guess when the mother of your child is married to a state trooper, the same rules do not apply. This is sickening what is happening.
This needs to be addressed I've worked with children for years and have seen this happen.
The Sacramento County Child protection services took my twins from me @ the hospital causing me to go temporarily insane. Why because the worker who came to investigate my reg flag in their computer because I had an open case that I was in full compliance with. Going to my classes and meetings and later they forced me to sign an open adoption ÷
My daughter is going through the same thing here in Lauderdale County MS. Her so called case worker is supposed to have an assessment. meeting with her one a month and last one was 4 months ago, has wanted to have a meeting with myself and my husband and hasn't yet and it's been 7 months. One time she failed to notify my daughter about a court date. The foster mom hasn't gotten a residual check in 3 months. The system is severely broken and needs to be fixed. No one has been questioned or investigated at all. I'm sure she is also falsifying records also.
I would love to see a full in investigation in West Virgina...my life was ruined by these people. My family torn apart and for what?! I was jailed because my lawyer didn't feel like going to trial my children were taken and documents were falsified to have this happen. I am extremely depressed living each day like a movie real. I just wake up and do the same monotonous things to keep me busy. I want my children to see a strong momma when they come home. It's sick that this is allowed to go on. Ripley West Virgina.
Cps in Omaha NE failed our 7 month old grand daughter in 2004 while in the schneckloths care. Indiana cps Failed to protect her as well. To all of you Nobodies that ignored her pain. I wish you all to burn in hell!. To all the so called gal lawyers & judges who ignore our grand babies your day is coming...All this******started in 2003 believing in a system where there is no such thing as justice.. she will soon be 13 & her molester dad & abuser took her to sarpy CO in Jan 2015...same goes for boys town CW... None of you have protected her after all these years... Your CW totally shut down when they hear the abuse word. WHY? It is very clear. $$$$$$$!
Sad and disgusting!
Juridical system corrupt!
Where is justice ?
Children lives matter
DCF are placing children in foster homes instead of family homes and luring in court to make this happen! I also have proof!
i have proof they created a case against us in retaliation for standing up for our rights and proof they falsified their documents full of lies.
My now 15 year old son who I haven't seen or heard from in seven years was taken under false allegations and adopted out while I was pregnant with my daughter and I have custody of my daughter and still can't see my son or even talk to him he has never met his 5 1/2 year old sister. And the whole case started because my son was at his dad's girlfriends house and got a hold of meth but the girlfriend got her kids back and case closed I feel it was racial profiling she was white I am Hispanic.
All of this is happening to me in roscommon Michigan as my coparent is married to a state trooper,they have suspended my parenting time even though I have support from c.p.s. psychologist and 4out of 5 counselors.I have been hit by their vehicle and sustained life changing injuries while they quarry these injuries prevent me from taking care of my kids.orders have not been enforce by judges and f.o.c.is falsifying info to c.p.s. psychologist and the court.a grievance I wrote to them with these facts backfired as they prevented testimony of these investigations filling the slot with an f.o.c.investigation in which she had no prior training and did not contact my witnesses. She entered false info and hearsay throughout.she even answer rd questions as she was recording and did not leave when all other witnesses. Sequestered furthermore prior to hearing it was ordered that f.o.c. was not to hear custody.I am currently appealing and have not seen or talk to my kids even with the support of all trained investigators,breaks my heart as we have a beautiful relationship up until there mother told them they were old enough to make their own decision and if they support her they will gain independence as an adult in her home and Monte I need a good lawyer if anyone interested and I have all documentation to prove it
From FLORIDA - please include us, too; they (Fla., D.C., etc.) haven't listened to me individually for l4 months; in this petition, we are many - you can't ignore all of us!!
In my case CPS reviewed evidence. Drawings done by my daughter depicting sexual images. Screenshots of child's Google history of searches for rape and torture and child pornography. Fathers fb with numerous references to pedophilia and pedoliophile "humor". Accounts of children's sexual behaviors. A recommendation by the courts favorite trauma specialist saying EXTENDED evaluations need to take place. Cps made appointments for these evaluations and the judge without reason repeatedly told the worker during recorded hearing to go tell her supervisor that the judge did not want evaluations. In my case Cps WANTED to help, recognizing the need. But after being bullied by an extremely biased and corrupt judge, backed out... Leaving these kids ENTIRELY unprotected. Cps needs changed. Family Courts even more so. Another Cps agency as well as a state police officers have reviewed entire case and are shocked. However, no one can do anything without disclosure and the judge has ensured no disclosure will be made.
I am a victim of having my son taken from me for no reason from the state of Fa. only because I had no money to fight the court. I have no idea where my son , Austin Lee Grimes , and never harm or abused him in any way, miss him dearly it effects my life in so many ways,let alone his sisters and brothers, he has Downs,and should have never been taken from his family, no one had EVER proved that he was abused or neg. but took my rights from me ,because my other son had passed from a seizure, so they took my other son with disabilities and gave me no chance to get him back ,CROOKED SYSTEM IS WHAT IT IS< BUT LET ME TELL YA
NC must be investigated and my cases are remarkable discovery of total corruption. I will wok with you in order to stop this corruption.

My addition to this petition:
Sep.9, 2015, the Justice Department issued new policies that prioritize the prosecution of individual employees – not just their companies- and put pressure on corporations to turn over evidence against their executives ( Apuzzo,2015).

Sally Q. Yates (deputy attorney general) said - “Corporations can only commit crimes through flesh –and- blood people”; “It’s only fair that the people who are responsible for committing those crimes be held accountable. The public needs to have confidence that there is one system of justice and it applies equally regardless of whether that crime occurs on a street corner or in a boardroom.’’ (Apuzzo, 2015)

I would like to see NC Senators to stand what is right finally as the late Georgia's Senator Nancy Schaefer stood.
NC must be investigated and my cases are remarkable discovery of total corruption. I will wok with you in order to stop this corruption.
My grandkids got abused while in cps care they talk bout what they remember when they where in cps care I contacted cps they didn't remove them from the shelter they where in they took my rights away never had I had a record they do what they want just cuz it's government funded not fair
My family of 9 was torn apart for 7 months because of false allegations. They are thieves, and to this day my kids are affected.
Happening to a family member now in Washington state. Disgusting and parents trying to follow doctors guidelines but still calls CPS in . Now they have to "buy" their child and family back. The system is broken.
to many familys are being torn apart without having any evidence of abuse or neglect and no one to help us who don't have money for an expensive attorney not fair
I support a change is needed, because I too have been bullied by the system.
the next day. I got a call saying her and the baby had drugs n there system I rushed to the hospital because I was going to wait for a paternity test but when I herd they might take him I decided I would sign so that he could come live with me and my son if he was taken from her. After signing I got a text from cps they had a meeting Set up they wanted me to attend so I did at this meeting they accused me of either knowing or giving them to her I tried to explain we weren't together obviously they didn't believe me I submitted a UA I told her I had taken a vicoden and and old muscle relaxer she said that's fine just no "illicit drugs" Cocain meth heroin etc. I assured her none of that I Dnt smoke weed or drink 4 days later I get call from her yelling at me I'm a liar this n they throwing aligations that weren't tru then she said "I'll see u in court!!" and hung up A few days passed I sent her a picture of my perscilription for vicoden and she then text me at 5:39 at night and said u have court at 9 am with no lawyer no legal advice I was forced to go online where I herd scary crazy stories I had got in touch with a lawyer that day but they had a death in the family so they would b out of town till Wednesday so before she Text me I had court I had actually shared that with her big mistake she pushed the court date up wrote a lot of un founded un-true things and when I got to court she handed me her report n said the judge is waiting without any chance to read it and with my lawyer telling me if they give u court ask politely for a continuence I did just that and the judge said ok I'll give you a continunce but your child is to be turned over to the state by the end of the work day and placed with his biological mother or in foster care. But she lives in a clean and sober house and has only been off meth for 3 weeks I am clean and have never used any of that. I was shocked I herd gasps n the court room it was like someone I had never met just walked up ripped my heart out and ate it while I watched and then said have a nice day. My son had been throwing up that night and he stayed with my cousin/babysitter becaus his school starts at 9 and my court was at 9 sharp and he was sick so I waited outside the court room to tell the caseworker and the states attorney this they both walked passed me twice and just mugged me with no words so I left when I did I text my brother and sister and told them what happened and to let Kim kno Trea was with the babysitter trying to do the right thing before 4 pm rolled around and they wondered why he wasn't at school and maybe thought I kidnapped him but instead of. Thank you I got a text saying if you don't have him to my office in an hour I'm calling the police and saying you kidnapped him I couldn't believe it I Dnt kno what I did to this lady I had only met once and physically seen twice in my life but I knew she hated me from then it's just gotten worse and they continue to try to get me to just go with a court a
They took my kids and i did what I had to but the worker hated me I will let u see my case
Who are we protecting with sealed records?
You've already ran my families name down throughout the community/State. Contacted every family member .
Everyone knows everything you assert. Yet records are sealed when we attempt to protect ourselves?
Jackson county CPS,,sucks,,,,they do what they want n follow no rules,,,my sons rights was ripped from him while he was doin time,,,n based on a few decisions,,the 1 that ****es me off the most,,they said he had never signed up for the RSAT program while he was incarcerated,,,but it was on his paperwork,,n they,,(prisons),,said he didnt qualify n a couple of them n said it wasnt on gis paperwork,,,but i called everywhere they sent him,,,hell,,1 place didnt even have anyone to teach the class,,,,said everyone had quit,,,n they couldnt offer the class anymore,,,but whos fault is it,,when the Judge ordered him to do the RSAT program,,i was sittin n courtroom n heard it,,, ut when he finally makes it to prison,,,,its not on there,,,????????
8 months without my son.. my case involves government fraud obstruction of justice tampering with evidence covering-up of child abuse extortion I'm in the state of Virginia someone please contact me I can share my story. The same judge that gave me full custody of my four-year-old daughter which I have with me now full time is the same judge who ripped my son from me and her. Judge Edward Dej Berry
Albemarle County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court located in Charlottesville Virginia.
Family court is corrupt indeed I completely agree. I was hardly given a fair chance, the judge decided I was to have joint legal custody of my boys, but their dad could have physical, their dad is manipulative, and a pill Popper, along with the abuse I suffered, however, courts seemed to think he was more fit then I am. I do not do drugs, the judge treated me unfairly and paid thousands of dollars for an attorney, nothing worked. The family courtd need to change, or be stopped this is terrible what they do to families and get away with it.
This is the 2nd time I have signed this petition and still now they took my two great grandchildren out of my home and there mother who lives with me, she is my granddaughter They are saying she did not take them to a doctor and she did They are now in foster care somewhere We have done nothing but cry and no sleep. Her daughter cried the whole time they were putting her in there car, and her son just did not know what to do or even cry, he tryed to be so brave, the girl is 8 years old and her son is 10. My granddaughter is in a special needs school. It was the judges decision to remove them from their home. I am so ashamed to call New Jersey my home. Taking children out of their homes for stupid stuff. My granddaughter does not do drugs or even drink..so because she waited so long for her medicaid as they mistakely took it away for almost 8months..like now its her fault. And the judge did not want to hear any of this.Like he loves taking children out of their home. This has got to STOP..........LAST TIME I SENT LETTERS TO THE PRESIDENT.ETC STILL NOTHING IS BEING DONE....I AM SO ASHAMED OF MY COUNTRY.....CRYING,CRYING SAD...SAD...SAD....I HOPE I LIVE TO SEE MY GREATGRANDCHILDREN BACK HOME.. THEY WERE TAKEN YESTERDAY APRIL 20,2016
Our ONLY grand babies were ILLEGALLY removed on false allegations and play ed in a foster home. We was given no chance or opportunity to get them back either!!! :( :( Now they reside in forced adoption and they changed my babies first and last names!! PLEASE HELP MY FAMILY GET OUR CASE REOPENED AND FULLY INVESTIGATED!! Time is of essence and we want our #TAKENCHILDREN returned !!!!
This has got to stop now and I do mean NOW. To many families have been hurt and torn up by this on gowing and continuous problem, that I would call a tragedy. How many more kids, babies, parents, and families have to suffer before someone stands up and does something about it. We, as a nation have to excerise our constitutional rights and our freedom of speech and SPEAK UP and be the ones to end this corruption once and for all! So please join me in signing this petition! YOUR VOICE MATTERS SPEAK UP NOW AND SIGN! THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MINE AND MY FAMILIES HEART, IT IS MORE THAN APPRECIATED! GOD BLESS YOU AND YOURS!
I have dealt with c.p.s. for too Many yrs. Too count maybe someone should take third children ,then they would know what we all go through

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