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Until recently, I had no idea what CPS was about until they took my granddaughter away from her mother, who WAS abusive, both mentally & physically. Our 8-yr old granddaughter was released to us at the hospital and we had her for 3 months before CPS took her away from us. Why? Because we could not get along with the mother and we tried to protect our granddaughter. We religiously took her to supervised visits every week, her softball games where her mother was allowed to come see her and doctors' visits where her mother was allowed to attend. But that wasn't good enough and the social worker flat out didn't like us from day one. Have no idea why. We are in our 60s, have never had one thing wrong, not even speeding tickets, credit score in the 800s, etc. But the social worker liked the mother and gave the granddaughter to the mothers' friends who are gay (which the mother also is). Obviously want to keep our granddaughter with lesbians rather than with the grandparents. My son, who is the father, is deceased. CPS IS CORRUPT, along with the attorneys who have been appointed to our granddaughter. I have seen and heard them lie. They are free to say and do whatever they want. There is absolutely no oversight. Ombudsman - ha. What a joke. They all stick together, pat each other on the back and go to lunch - together. Something must be done but I know it won't be. I have zero faith in any politician doing anything. This whole government is upside down. Sadly, we pay them to abuse us.
My childern were stolen from me, so called investigation found nothing, yet my childern were abusive I'm foster care. And now are with their father who has active restraining order including childern and has six felonies.
I have never been arrested hold three jobs and cps gas never have complaints about my family, but because i sent them to a private school that did not accept my childern and would daily tell us we should choose another achool. Because i refused to leave the school, cps is called and my childern are taken without any notice. This cannot be legal
I am being harassed in a biased cps case against me brought on by lies of my step sister. They have violated many of my and my daughter's rights, lie in court documents about me, never investigated my purported case per agency policy/procedures and state law.
Is anyone in the government addressing these horrible situation. Senior, Congress or legislature The Guardian de litem program in South Carolina is an atrocity. The family court system is extremely corrupted and broken. We do family go to address what happening in family court.
This is the time for every parent and foster child that has grown upand has been a victim of this horrible corrupt system please have you and everyone voice be heard!!!!.
I'm trying to find help to get my grandbabies back with our family there were taken from the grandmother because of the CPS history and also taking away from my daughter said she neglects only thing my daughter was guilty of its lack of parenting so I'm trying to see if there is so is more to the story I'm trying to see if there is someone else dear there's a willing to lead us in the right direction so that we can get this judge the attorney and social worker off this case soon as possible because they are very cool they are very biased and Prejudice also please we need help thank you
A full investigation into CPS practices needs to be completed. CPS workers, judges, and the DA need to be held accountable and immunity for these government workers should be removed.
Found out a year ago I have a daughter in foster care, she is 15 months old. I live in TX. The foster parents want to adopt her, the mother already signed her rights away, I have not and will not signed my rights away period. From being cps has tried to bully me away from my daughter and my rights as a parent of this beautiful child, they have lied in court and lied to my family and myself about my rights as a parent. Had to hire a lawyer we been fighting this for a year now, my rights have not been taking away. Something needs to be done about this I do not and will not consent to theme selling my daughter or how they call it adopted. From the very start of this cps has already chosen from being that I was not going to get my child. They made me jump through all kinds of hoop's while the whole time saying if I don't do it I'll lose my child, knowing they already chose that for me,while I'm doing all hoop jumping, my constitutional rights my civil rights and my parents rights have been jeopardize. Something needs to be done asap
CPS is corrupt and having an ex whose ex is a CPS Head, does not help.
I have had several visits to court throughout the past three years during our custody visitation hearings. I am not sure how it happens, but any time my ex stands in front of the JD & R court judge, he manages to lie, sweet talk- admits to using drugs, has a history of assault and battery charges, is 38K in arrears and has been using crack for about 20 years, but the "unjust" judge refuses to acknowledge it and does not send him to mandatory drug treatment.
CPS did not protect the children from the abuse of their step mom when she entered the scene, now ex is divorcing her?
My plea is not to remove the children's father; it is to save him and the kids from any further trauma.
Help the addicted absent parent trying to renter the kids life receive the treatment they need so the children don't have to find him dead on a floor; as he did when he was 10.
Use your authority to stop the drugs entering our children's lives. Save our Kid's daddy!
What NYS CPS has done is cruel and harmful to not just my family!!! I hope this gets to Washington because I can only speak for myself but what CPS has done to my children's life as well as mine is horrific & I can't find help no where!!
My two children have been taken away from me behind false allegations. I have never abused my children but since my daughter was in the street with no shoes on, they said I'm an abusive, neglectful mother. I have been corporative with cps to do EVERYTHING they have commanded me to do and yet and still they keep coming with new recommendations for me to do, its going on a year now and I only get to see my 11 month old daughter Iola Sunshine Green 2 times a week for 3 hours. I am so disappointed in this satanic system. CPS is a corrupt system and they must be EXPOSED!!! I miss my baby girl so much and I feel like I'm falling into a state of depression because of these evil, demonic corporation.
All behind MONEY-The root to all evil.
I was a victim of corruption from CPS in Texas two different times back in 1995 and again in 1999. Both times I was cleared of abuse and it was determined that false claims were filed against me. Thank goodness, I didn’t lose my children. I never thought I would have to deal with this type of situation again in my life, but I was wrong. It is happening again, this time in Kentucky. CPS recently FALSELY accused my Son and Daughter in law of abusing and neglecting my two Grandchildren. CPS went to my Grandchildren’s elementary school and conducted an interview. The report they sent to my Son stated that my Grandson in mentally challenged because he wouldn't answer their questions. I CONSIDER WHAT THEY DID TO MY GRANDCHILDREN TO BE ABUSE. CPS DOESN'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT MY GRANDSON AND HOW DARE THEM MAKE THAT STATEMENT ABOUT HIM. NOW MY GRANDCHILDREN ARE VERY FRIGHTENED THEY WILL GO TO SCHOOL ONE DAY AND NEVER BE ABLE TO SEE THEIR PARENTS OR HOME AND FAMILY AGAIN. HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN TO INNOCENT FAMILIES? When is this corruption going to stop?
I am a single mother with cps threatening to court mandate me to attend services if I do not participate voluntarily. I was founded for a causing v emotional abuse to my daughters because while they were home in bed they over heard me yelling outside at a neighbor during a feud. There has been constant false reports on me and an o going investigation since the beginning of August. I was completely unaware of how corrupt the cps system is , until it happened to me and continues to be an issue in my life. I was thrilled to see people standing up to this corrupt system .
C.P.S took my situation completely out of context. They took advantage of the fact that i was having 'normal' family problems and i was a single mother in distress. Rather than helping me and my children get through our rough patch, they simply just took my children from me. They were placed with an aquaintence of mine instead of a foster family or a relative. Very soon after they were taken, a family member, who passed the background checks and home study stepped up and said they would take them. But after paying for all the background checks, and being told they would be getting the children, they were just forgotten about. C.P.S strung them along for months.
Me and my childrens constitutional rights were violated.
C.P.S has lied to us over and over.
Their guidelines and provisions change weekly to benefit their agency.
Any accusations made toward the woman who has my children are completely ignored. No matter if they come from the kids or other people.
The woman who has my children lets her underage boys smoke, and drink. She buys alcohol not only for them, but for their friends. Then holds 'parties' for them all at her trailor. I am an actual witness to her throwing a party at her home, while she was drunk, and jumping into the pond behind her house with another girl, her thirteen year old son was walking around drinking a bottle of cinnamon shnapps.
She has many diffrent people moving in and out of her house depending on the week.
She has diffrent men in and out frequently. Many times they are 20 years younger in age to hers.
She yells constantly at the children, she is very negative toward them.
Her sons classmates have reported them selling aderall to other kids at school.
My son is prescribed aderall.

The agency in Washington County Ohio is out of control. I desperatly need help. I cannot afford an attorney, and my court appointed attorney has not done anything to help my case. He does not even return my phone calls. I am feeling hopeless, and the thought of loosing my children forever over almost nothing is unbearable. I have posted on every website, I am out of ideas. My case has been going on for two years now and i am afraid. I need help. My children need help. They do not deserve this. i feel responsible because if only i had not trusted the woman who knocked on my door and told me she was there to help. If only i had known all these things that i have found on the fightcps sites. I myself never would have believed that a govement agency that has the athority of 'protecting' our children could or would be corrupt. Now that it has happened to my family i will be dedicated to informing other families of all the 'dirty tricks' and manipulation they WILL commit.
Need to start a class action lawsuit against cps and to include the civil rights violations and the kidnapping that can so easily occur, not to mention law enforcements hand in the "removals".
Child Protective Services are here to protect and save children from abusive homes. Yet, too many children are suffering or have died with their voices unheard. Children who do survive abuse within the home, from biological, foster, or adoptive parents, live life with the haunted scars of torture. Though time heals all wounds, the memories remain forever. Those who still carry anger and hurt in their heart, pass it down to their children or to those around them, creating a cycle that is hard to break. Something needs to be done to protect the future generation of America. This petition is for all 50 states of America. Let's give our future generation a better tomorrow.

Our policy solutions are as follows:

1. Child Protective Services needs oversight and accountability. If there is a question of one or more social workers on the case, then the case should be transferred to another social worker until further investigation is completed.
2. Reports and information should be accessible on the state, county and federal levels so there can be someone or a designated place to file complaints, pursue investigations and deliver proof of evidence of criminal or unethical cases.
3. Dependency courtrooms need to be open, so that corrupt judges cannot have as much privacy as they would like.
4. There needs to be the standards as to what constitutes abuse and neglect, instead of only what seems like a problem to each individual social worker. There needs to be a written agreement on the definition of abuse, and all social workers need to be trained in the details therein.
5. Interviews need to be recorded. These interviews are presented in CPS court reports as evidence, and they need to be accurate. Every social worker should wear body cameras so that the situation, body language, tone of voice, reactions, and circumstances of the house can be seen and handled better if one person misinterprets.
6. CPS workers should take refresher courses to maintain an up to date knowledge of psychology, studies, and body language. They should be mandatory every 2-4 years.
7. Absolutely no courtesy calls. No family pending investigation should be given warning of a social workers arrival.
8. There should be random monthly visits to foster children, to make sure the children are safe.
9. If a child says they are being abused, social workers need to take heed and immediately take proper action for what is safest for the child.
I just wish people would wake up.We are fighting for our Grandkids and Children. This people lie on you tells the judge what they want them too hear.
It is truly horrifying to me that Cps has been able to hurt & rip apart families all over the country, as they have mine, with no regard what so ever to what's really best for the children involved. It sickens me & isn't something I would ever want any other parent or child to have to go threw. My oldest daughter, whom I have happily & wholeheartedly cared for with more help from my parents than her father, is going to b 9 yrs old this mth. Very recently I have had my 1st experience(s) with Cps. In the last 6mths I have been shocked over & over by what a government agency claiming their goal is to keep families together can & will do to totally undeserving parents & children should the parent not "jump threw hoops" and/or make up/go along with stories as they would like them to & as a person who has in the past filled 2 false cps reports is willing to. Shouldn't that right their, the fact that someone had filled more than one false report in the past, hold some kinda weight with these people? It's disgusting. Like, ok, he lied twice but he's for sure telling the truth this time...Ya, ok. Idk if my scarcasm is obvious or not but after all I have seen, felt & know I will still have to go threw I have to wonder if common sense is really that fleeting amongst the terrible people who work for this agency or if all incumpasing ignorance & disregard for humanity is the problem. I think the very 1st post I read when I came to this sight said it best when the person commenting wrote,
"11 hours ago link Davina L. from Valley Center, CA writes:
Cps is a tyrannical organization of egotistical psychopaths who have done more harm than good for families in the United States. They need to be removed as an agency all together, period."
Cps is a tyrannical organization of egotistical psychopaths who have done more harm than good for families in the United States. They need to be removed as an agency all together, period.
I'm in desperate need of help. Dcf ripped my newborn baby and two other kids from my arms.
I To have been a victim of cps's kidnapping, slander,falsifIng,premeditated judgement where the lawyerSs,CPS worker ,and of course the judge are all best friends.they already had mytheir minds made up before I ever walk in the courtroom or even looked over my paperwork.total and complete injustice I guess that's why the blindfold is missing off statue in front of courthouse in Redding California huh the one is supposed to stand for justice is blind
Something needs to be done ASAP
My story happened in McKinney Texas, Collin County
I would like to join in the movement for CPS reform nationwide. I have seen families torn apart, children isolated from parents and other family members, children and families rights violated by CPS own rules and regulations. I have also been a victim of the corrupt practices of CPS, as I work a position to keep children and families together in the community, with services provided in the community that CPS rejects or use against them, by ignoring that the family is trying and they as well as the child want to return and remain in the home with family. This has to stop!!!! My granddaughter and daughter were denied any reunification plans despite the plea of my granddaughter wanting to see her mother. My granddaughter was also isolated from me despite her plea to come live with me. CPS distorted the entire process. My granddaughter was also made to be sexually violated (by a doctor, “she was 10 years old, and had no business taking a pap) under false accusations of her being forced to have sex with a dog by her mother, and when they realized that her mother had allergies to animals and the dog my granddaughter has lived with me and was a female, they changed the story. Despite the Psychologist report that no sexual violations had occurred as well as the Psychologists recommendation to reunify my granddaughter with me until the proceedings were handled.
The Department of Child and Family Services, has been distorted to tear families apart instead of assisting to provide services to keep families together by teaching, monitoring and counseling. The counselor, CASA and the Ad-litum all worked in collaboration with CPS to keep my granddaughter in Foster Care despite her plea to come with me. (I have a recording of the lies the Counselor of my granddaughter wrote in an Affidavit she submitted to the court) and they (Judge, CPS, Ad-litum, CASA) ignored it. The counselors have contracts with CPS and if they don’t go along they will not get any referrals. The counselor that they sent my daughter to recommended reunification and they never called her to testify, because the CPS case worker ask her to put in her report that my daughter was “mentally retarded with cognitive issues”, in an effort to terminate her rights to her child, and the counselor refused. They even came up with the lie that my granddaughter stated I violated the court order, in an effort to have me arrested as well as to keep my granddaughter from being place with her family instead of Foster Care, but had to recant after my new Attorney requested that my granddaughter testify in court. (she never made that accusation). I had to pay extra money that I didn't have to be defended on that criminal charge. These people need to be held accountable to these malicious injustices and attacks that they cause on families and children. These people are by any means necessary tearing families apart, with no regard to what the child is experienci
Orange county CA , the judge is as corrupt as it gets even by the low standard of the family court.
Shame Andre Manssourian
my comments have to do with children and end up missing while in CPC custody. Simply said what an outrage atrocity the very focused it took them for their safety have not lost them. Where did they go? Should we give him more to watch? When a child ends up missing the whole system should shut down until they find that one child. There should be accountability when this happens. Open up a whole new department to investigate this find that childand find out who dropped the ball here and just plain old prosecutor them. Human trafficking, sex slaves, satanic sacrifice, runaways, who knows! Who knows! They're missing. Could be these things mentioned or even a number of any other things. If it is corruption there needs to be a whole different department it steps in and investigates this. In some cases it seems to be out of the frying pan and into the fire. This right? Should we be taking more aggressive steps to find out what happened to these children, and not stop until each and everyone are found. If there is no trail that's a problem. To me seems to be a no brainer!!
CPS in Texas is corrupt and how do you think they are getting kids for their associated adoption agencies.. they are taking our children and grandchildren with no respect for the family and kin. Then they get money and bonuses for doing this!!1 Makes me mad as hell!! My grandchildren are in Houston and today they had an Amber alert.. another sleepless night!!
Cps says they have a pick up order to see my children and home Tonight at 6pm. Nothing to hide in home, but hate to have my daughters violated. Someone please help out.
We have been fighting for our three grandkids they got placed in cps august 2013..cps wants the fosterparents to adopted my grandkids.. i have told cps worker that if the parents dose'nt do what they have do to get the babys back home that we will take care of then..in janary 2014 we did a backgrond check and passed it.we ask for a ICPC and got denied. so we appealed it cps worker got caught in a couple of lies. and we got approved for the icpc,we did everythiong we had to do we had to get our foster license cpr/frist aid everything is done so what californa put on the report for utah to see we got deneid. we have put out 15,000 dollers for a attorny.please we need some help to get our grandkids home to us
Please add to my previous story, I want to mention and show the people how far I have went to save my granddaughter. I have created a fundraiser from gofundme. to help bring Cheyanne home and out of foster care. please read link.http://www.gofundme.com/jdufxg?forcedesktop=1
Marin Court Executive Kim Turner and AOC instructed Marin Court Mediator Supervisor “Leo Terbieten” and all court mediators: Gloria Wu, Meredith Braden and Christine Definbach to destroy the pending cases working files during State Auditor audited Marin Family Court. It was an organized crime.

CPS closed child sexual abused inconclusive. At that time, child had Speech delay. Doctor Jane Meill wrote several letters, "For Jonathan, the exposure to animal dander in his fathers household is abusive". It set him up for allergy attack. CPS refused to intervene with child's medical negligence and child endangerment.

Marin Court Mediator “Gloria Wu” PSY 16785 testified under cross examination on August 17 and 20, 2007 admitted she was not aware any local rules, Family Code Section and laws to perform the most basic of her duties. Dr. Gloria Wu had an Ex Parte Communication with the court appointed minor counsel “Scott Lueders” in violation of PC 216 (a)(b). Marin Family Court Presiding Judge Verna Adams commented Dr. Gloria Wu’s malpractice was fair and appropriate in FL 995107 James Heierle and Yupa

Attorney Barbara Kauffman: are you aware of any rule, or procedure, document issued by Family Court Services that lets the parents who come through your office know that their attorneys are allowed to send documents to you?

Marin Court Mediator Gloria Wu: I–I don’t know.

Attorney: Could you tell me what the best interest factors are in Family code section 3011?

Gloria Wu: I’m unable to do that for you.

Attorney: How about child sexual abused and domestic violence. Is there any relationship there?

Gloria Wu: I–I don’t know that so–

Attorney: You haven’t been trained in that?

Gloria Wu: I–I am unable to answer that questions.

Attorney: I’m asking you right now, are you aware that a CLET restraining order was issued in this case?

Gloria Wu: I don’t-I don’t know.

Attorney: James' reaction with our son very inappropriate, He plays with our son very roughly, roughly that our son, when he was two and a half years gets bruises and often ends up crying. James got very angry and slapped him on the face. I got very upset at James and told him not to discipline him that way. James then slapped our son twice on the face. Although there was no bruise, you could see finger marks. Does this concern you?

Gloria Wu: Yes, that concerns me.

Marin Court Mediator Gloria Wu recommended the batterer pervert father has sole legal custody even he did not ask for it.
Children's Home and Aid in Des Plains, il has a social worker Laura Zambello that was new on my granddaughter's severally abused case. I am the baby's grandmother and took her from the hospital. I went through home inspection and family criminal background checks. I followed all rules, this lady is ignorant and has no clue how to handle children's placement. She came into my home for the 1st time and new nothing of the case, her statement was that she did not have time to read the case just show up now read later. WHAT!! Cheyanne was 2 in hospital for 1 week and in intensive care with head trauma and multiple bruises, both of her eyes were completely shut she groaned for 2 weeks. And this social worker had no clue. She wins she got the child taken from me and placed her in foster care, the mother was convicted of abuse and neglect not once but twice. Still gets visits and I love her gave her safety nurtured her and she gets taken away. I have spent 16,000 in this last year and the justice system finds her to be better off in foster care. You tell me what I could do when the worker has the power to ruin a family's life. When a child can be safe and there is family who want them why are they in foster care????? I have to keep self control in the court room and listen too all the lies when I have facts to prove them wrong. The 3 lawyers I went through told me do not say this or that, don't show anger be on their side for what it got me no where my little granddaughter lives with strangers. I have notified every political person I know and they shut me down. Who fights for our children if we can't get any help. I have talked to so many families that are fighting for their child or children and they all say that DCF works for a paycheck it's just a job!
Shiawassee county cps is extremely corrupt
I just graduated a 30 day impatient program and looking into housing at the salvation army in which they need a reunification letter from cps and yet my worker is out of her office and refuses to get me the letter I need in order to asstablish housing and get my 3 children back in my care. Since the removal my 10 year old has had multiple suisidal tendencies in which isn't safe for my kids to be out of my care.
Morgancounty dfacs needs to be investigated my son belongs with his family not fostercare. Babette Stephens wrote false reports and she tranfered after kids were placed into states custody.
I lost my three grandson because a judge was paid off she did not go by the laws so I have sleepless night wondering how my grandson are and if they are being taken care of
I am dealing with CPS now. They opened a court case to prevent me from gaining custoty of my other son without contacting or even to bother to talk to me. Not only that they refuse to let me know where my son is even tho I still have rights to my son to talk to him and see him. They are helping dads family hide him so I cannot see or talk to him...I really need your help. my child's father died in the middle of a custody battle. That makes me his only surviving parent and no garden was named. My son's family said they do not want him and Cps not even bothering to contact me for any hearings, put him in foster care
I am dealing with CPS now. They opened a court case to prevent me from gaining custoty of my other son without contacting or even to bother to talk to me. Not only that they refuse to let me know where my son is even tho I still have rights to my son to talk to him and see him. They are helping dads family hide him so I cannot see or talk to him...I really need your help
Cps tried to bargain my kids...."we'll give two older ones back and then we'll keep the baby".
They forced me to visit my children in the same room w/ my D.V. abuser "or else you wont see them at all".Once the T.P.R. was final , i had to write my children a letter to get them to behave, they were very upset cps asked me to calm them down via a letter for the adoptive parents. Im barely able to speak out on this even years later.
Original lawyer said would work through "case plan" because accepting it would be a total admission of guilt. Everything kept getting postponed for a year, and ended up with the same exact case plan, except since it hadn't been started, penalized with the start of TPR hearing. All because advised not to because it would be an admission of guilt and it ended up not changing in one aspect. CPS worker had to be the most self righteous in all CPS history, told me repeatedly it didn't matter what I did, it was to late, it was over and the kids were going to be adopted out. One of the very first adoptive prospects was a single, unmarried man who lived in another state. My children are all girls. He was allowed to take them to dinner and have them overnight. Caseworker constantly belittled me with commentary about my mental capacities and said I was stunted in my thinking which prevented me from knowing the consequences my poor decisions had on my children. Which didn't matter because they were to be adopted anyway. The tactics were brought up to the Judge/Hearing Master and they were upset, not because of the worker's actions, but that such accusations could possibly be leveled against such a fine outstanding coworker that they've known and had a working relationship for years. You would think they'd recognize their own standard of an abuser doing the unthinkable behind closed doors, while committing unspeakable cruelty behind closed doors, and putting on a facade for others they must report to in daily life. Please, get anyone and everyone around you can to care enough to sign this, to not want one part of our government to operate above constitutional law, don't let this become the next 1930s Germany were the people don't care unless it's them, because it can easily, under these circumstances, become exactly them...
Arizona DES CPS took my children no matter what I did and more. A roller coaster of emotional , mental, physical and sexual abuse that I could not even fathom for four and a half years My children suffered while in state custody. " A safer environment" As CPS DES defined as to where they placed my children. What a crock of sh!$! DES CPS did not give me a farewell visit with my children. With out a word of explanation or a see you later they cut me off from my children! It was like my children were being punished double! Being taken from home without any real cause , cutting off my visits with them, no communication with them at all. Who knows what they were telling my children why our visits stopped. And that's not all!! While in states custody my children were sexually molested!! Tell me how that home was a safer environment? The state of Arizona DES CPS destroys family's! They sure did destroy mine. We need to STOP them so they stop ripping family's apart, destroying hopes and dreams and for what? Financial gain? Because I know for a fact from personal experience DES CPS inflict more harm than any good for family's. At least not my family, my family suffer a great deal and most likely still. These people that work for DES CPS on my case not one of them had any kind of degree in child psychology or social work. They are just Joe Shmo from the street with out any type of schooling. My case worker was not even married and did not have children and try to tell me how to parent my children! The supervisor was homo sexual (not that there is anything wrong with this) with no children and supervising my case! With no formal schooling or training! Now that was a joke! These are the people who are deciding the future of me and my children. And you and your children! ..REALLY! This is the way our government works for the people! Now I wait for my children to come of age and hope they look for me and find me, because my hands are tied until they are 21! Then when or if I reunite with my children who is going to mend the years we lost ? Get some social workers and child psychologist to work for DES CPS so they can determine what is in the best intarest of children and familys! I do not think any one can fathom this is how our Government works.
This is beginning of a Civil War! This Government is full of Idiots they need to go. Shoot them and claim insanity. Only way they will ever Listen. This Gestapo practices are ruining our country. No EVIDENCE and they remove children.What a joke!
Yes, I feel that my rights where violated, and Alameda county cps should be sued, I need an attorney, because I know my rights , and my 14th Amendment was violated..
To whom this may concern:
This is a plea for help from parents who have been wronged and whose children particularly are still going through agony and undeserved mental and emotional cruelity that will affect them for the rest of their lives. Please take the time to read this our families livelihood and survival depends on ...
My name is Dominick Desimone and ill try to make this is short as possible..
My wife and I rented a home with our children Allyssa-2yrs/Richie-6yrs/Eddie-12 yrs/And last but not least Josh-10yo.. Around early sept 2014 we came to the terrible realization that the home was under foreclosure when the electric went out and we called to see what was up and found out that the house was foreclosed on and the house was now in the banks name up for sherriffs sale. We then tried to get the bill out of the landlords name and into ours but the home never had a renters license and was now converting into the banks name.After some research we found out the house was placed under foreclosure in january of that year when we signed the lease!! We were in constant contact with the attorneys who said they would honor the lease so we again called peco who told us we have to assume the 2500 dollar debt that the owner accrued even though he was paid by us every month so we called the attorney who said he would call peco and assume the debt which they called and got a no from peco!!!
While all this was happening,in comes edwin melendez estranged father of eddie and josh who decided to take a crack at fatherhood after his absence of 12 yrs and not a penny of support during that time which was fine because my wife shannon and myself had no problems raising the kids. They got whatever they needed and then some and proudly they were all straight a students and the most respectable kids you would ever meet. We would stay home ,me and shan ,24/7 and raise our kids which is a rare but good commodity nowadays.
Well then the nightmare begins...
My wife asks melendez while picking the kids up one day to start paying child support after all this time and especially cause we have to move into a new home and fast due to the foreclosure, and gets a temper tantrum and threats of calling dhs. the very same day he returns the kids.......
We get a knock at the door and its DHS who gives us all of one hour to find living arrangements for our kids or they go into foster care!!! THIS WORKER ERICA MOORE WAS NOT LISTENING TO ANYTHING WE SAID!!! I had just got a 5500 watt generator for the house when i came up on my wife and her in my house and she says "thats not sufficient " .I then asked her how many rooms do we have to get to go to a hotel.."thats not sufficient",When i tell you thats the only words this woman said to me... and i stated I know of many families who lived in hotels for a while and kept together.. i know ppl who still reside in hotels by choice.And for all that matters when theres a blackout do they take all the businesses and ppl who are us

I would love for everyone wear a green shirt in memory of Nancy Schaefer on March 26th start gathering parents and families who are victims of the corruption go to courts tell those who have open cases to wear a disguise if they choose too and gather for prayer vigil at the juvenile courts across the nation!
Custody for Cash: Sen. Nancy Schaefer
http://wilkesbarrescrantonig.com/ The late Georgia State Senator Nancy Schaefer speaks about the abu...
In Ohio CPS can do anything they want. CPS actually took my 14 year old grandson and my 10 year old granddaughter for "MEDICAL NEGLECT" from my daughter who has NO substance abuse issues, has never been charged with anything. My 10 year old granddaughter is in remission right now from leukemia and has had surgery on her knee because the steroids they gave her destroyed her bone tissue and we have had supervised visits since they took them on 9/4/13 so we can't even go to the hospital and see her. My daughter is a very good mother and we are devastated.

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