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Along with signing this petition, I have contacted CNN News, ABC News, NBC News, Dr. Phil, a # of Government officials, the only one that responded was Robert Casey (United States Senator), his reply was "As a Federal official, I am unable to take direct action on matters related to these agencies" What a bunch of BULLS##T, I'll bet if were a family member of his, he would try and do something about it. Seems like nobody real cares about this kids' life's being destroyed by this CORRUPT agency CPS, They all fail to realize that the poor innocent kids are hurting more than the parents !!!! Let's all keep trying to find help, again, my email is,,, emackey1@verizon.net
My two girls were taken from me and OKDHS sold them to my neighbours less than a football field away in a closes adoption. ..
My two girls were taken from me and OKDHS sold them to my neighbours less than a football field away in a closes adoption. ..


im trying to get my grandbaby,
I have been in family court since 2006 on and off for custody,order of protections, child neglect and child sexual abuse allegations against the other parent. And yet after so many years back and forth and there is piles of evidence against the other parent. The queens family court are still turning a blind eye and pretending like the victim is almost to blame as they seem to sympathize with the ABUSER. THIS IS GOING ON FOR NEARLY 9 YEARS. ENOUGH TO MAKE A MOMMY LOOSE ALL HER FAITH IN HUMANITY AND COMPLETELY FEEL DESTROYED. THERE IS NO HOPE. DEATH TO THE SOUL SEEMS KINDER. :(
im 18 months into my cps problem. I have done everything they have asked of me and my fiancé the accusations were he was beating me, beating my kids and selling meth out of our home. these accusations were made by his ex girlfriend who has a false police report on her record. the day before cps showed up I had a state trooper named Mitchell dyer show up at my work about these horrible allegations. there were no bruises on the kids or myself. I told him that she was trying to start more drama. I told him he could bring a dog to our home as well. if someone was selling meth a dog would find it and I also said he could talk to my children, he said it was not necessary because HE believed me. the next morning cps was at my door. my fiancé and his ex had a cps case with their son then, they came back almost 2 months latter with a bogus petition. asking the court to remove my fiancé out of our home and they take jurisdiction of my children. they removed my kids from me on 09-26-13 and ive been fighting ever since. I love my babies and he did nothing wrong please help me cps is out of control!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all over false allegations they never proved! they must be stopped. proctect children that actually need it! since then my daughter who is 11 has said if she cant come home to mommy and daddy she wants to die.
They told me because I said I want to move forward they will keep the case open.
I was never given my due right to an article 78 during a 1028 hearing. Its been 4years and statutory time limit to request an article 78 has been expired. NOW I find out i dont stand a chance to get a retrial to prove my innosence of the false allegations forced upon me in 2010 by my perps DA attorneys. I am a victim of Domestic Violence and have a long paper trail of child abuse on my abuser going back to 2001 where ACS CHARGED MY ABUSERS MOTHER AND REGISTERED HER ON THE STATE REGISTRY OF CHILD ABUSE AND MALTREATMENAND DIDNT REPORT HIM OR REGISTER HIM FOR ABUSE AND CONTINUES HIS ABUSE ON OUR DAUGHTER NOW!. was forced to put my child into ACS VOLUNTARY PLACEMENT after I was encarcerated in 2010 or else I would be Registered in State central registry of Child abuse and maltreatment in NYC. ONCE I COMPLETED MY SERVICES, MY CHILD WAS DISCHARGED TO ME by ACS. ACS PLACED MY DAUGHTER AND I IN A DOMESTIC VIOLENCE SHELTER. I HAVE BEEN IN SHELTER SINCE BEFORE MY DAUGHTER was born. I WAS FALSELY REPORTED BY MY DAUGHTERS FATHER AS SOON AS I HAD GOTTEN MY DAUGHTER BACK FROM FOSTER CARE. MY DAUGHTER WAS IN FOSTER CARE FOR 15 MONTHS. I WAS NURSING MY DAUGHTER AT THE AGE OF 6WEEKS WHEN I WAS falsely ARRESTED and criminated against TO GAIN CUSTODY FORCED INTO SERVICES AND MENTAL HEALTH DIAGNOSES AND MEDS TO BE USED AGAINST ME BY MY ABUSER. Hes alledging ME HARRASSING,stalking,menacing HIM USING ACS and police reports ect. All to be true. Yet hes shaken my daughter as a newborn even shaking my pregnant belly,bashing my head while pregnant, shaking me while pregnant by my front bra strap,choking me,imprisonment in his apartment,cohersion in video tape of sexual acts and even uploading them, even trying to hit me while my daughter was in my arms,threats to kidnap,put me in jail to take my daughter away,using military and islamic religion power to control me,stealing money,cohersing me 25%Of weekly earnings to him with threats of reporting me to public assistance. Having children out of wedlock with me while in military without my concent or knowlege. Even using his family friend as a conflict of intrest as a parent afvocate for CHILD WELFARE ORGANIZATION PROJECT. An organization that reunites families in child welfare cases. Wheres my confidentiality on my address and my confidentiality to seek services from an organization to help families? Theres even a finacial sceme going on i believe with his current Parent advocate in the past...I definetly believe theres court coruption because they forced me to waiver AN ORDER OF PROTECTION AT BRONX FAMILY COURT STIPULATION VISITATION SETTLEMENT. MY DAUGHTER COMES BACK WITH UNEXPLAINED BRUISES,BELT MARKS,AND UNKEPT HAIR LIKE NOT WASHING AND BRISHING FOR DAYS ALLWHILE MY CHILD RETURNS SMELLI.G LIKE A HOMELESS PERSON. HE WALKS AROUND 75%OF THE TIME SMELLING HOMELESS HIMSELF. AND IM EXPECTED TO TURN A BLIND EYE AND PLAY BY THE DEVILS RULES AND SUBMIT TO MY ABUSER TO GET RID OF THE CASE AND OR CONTINUE TO MAKE MORE MONEY O
Sampson County North Carolina DHHS, GAL, CITCI, Inc., and the Sheriff Department have been working diligently to destroy a Croatan Indian Family. I have witnessed these atrocities occur since 7 March 2014 and no one seems to notice or care to act on our pleas for help. The FBI, SBI, Senators, NC Commission on Indian Affairs, local law enforcement in adjacent counties have all been notified but nothing has happened to put a stop to this insane network of government paid corruption. An unbiased official with the power and authority to hear the evidence. U.S Attorney General Holder, please look into the matter of Croatan Indian Felicia Cheyenne Davis in Sampson County North Carolina and you will have the bar set for all other cases to be put up against. Never in your life would you believe the amount of criminal behavior could be taken against one family.
Again, I beg that this country will act humanely. Think about your OWN children suffering.How would that make you feel? How would you react? What if you had no voice and had no choice but to sit alone idling while your children suffered needlessly. I have. My children have! and NO ONE seems to care. I will put it this way. If people think that these lives are separable. (regardless of why they were taken) People might want to start thinking outside the box, at the bigger picture. These poor helpless families who have been up rooted will grow up with multiple personality disorders and even crime against the rest of America. Every citizen who is a parent or not is responsible for the future of lives. Please help me. I promise you will reap your sow through fame alone. Region 4, West Seattle and Greater King County must be audited by the Government and a new policy (or middle man) implemented in their dealing as a " Protective Service". It's Malarkey ! Sincerely, JT Williams
I am currently going through the finalization of a custody case where the GAL refused to talk to any of my witnesses or look at the photos of my 2 year old daughter after she returned from her father. The court told me that I could settle the agreement or they would give the father more. After they awarded him overnight visiation my daughter came home talking about sleeping with a big nasty sword when she is with daddy. She continued moaning and thrusting in a sexual manner. She then told my sister that only boys have swords and proceeded to point to her privates. I immediately got DFS and the Law involved only to have DFS remove my child into protective custody with no realistic explanation. They have had my child for almost 24 hours and have not contacted me in regards to getting my child back. I called to report abuse to protect my daughter and I got her taken away. No wonder people aren't reporting abuse. You get punished for protecting your children.
My husband and I are fighting my husbands first cousin who has guardianship of my stepson. They have a ton of mutual family that she could choose to supervise visits but wants to make things hard on us and make us pay an agency to see him. The judge went along with it like a little puppy dog and the funny thing is we have a 5 year old together who is happy and healthy and taken care of so how much danger could my stepson be in? The judge didn't listen to our side at all. How does somebody who is not even the parent of that child get to make all the decisions like that? My stepsons mother is nowhere around you would think that the courts would appreciate a black man stepping up trying to get his child cause most would say "come find me when your 18". This needs to stop and the goal should be reuniting families as long as its a safe environment the child will adjust because its his dad and he loves him.
I watched my best friend lose her 2 children to CPS, FOR NO GOOD REASON!!!!! They said she was unfit because SHE HAD CANCER!!!!! REALLY??? They stole her babies, despite the fact that she was a good mother, was going through Chemo, and doing what she had to do. She went to all the classes, all the appointments, WAS FORCED TO HAVE SURGERIES THAT SHE DID NOT WANT TO GET IN ORDER TO BE "COMPLIANT" and in the end, after she just had surgery and was at home on medication, she was called and CPS demanded she get down there THAT DAY because they had important paperwork for her to sign so the kids could "start school." She got a ride, was heavily medicated, and went into the office and asked what she needed to sign. They put paperwork in front of her and would not give her time to read it, and she could not focus well because of the pain medication she was on. She asked them to let her rest a bit because she just had surgery and said she did not want to sign anything she could not read, and they threatened to terminate her rights, so she signed. She later found out, she signed ADOPTION PAPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She was immediately placed under a gag order, and told that she was not going to be able to fight this. They were right, she was too poor to fight it, to weak and had no help. He court appointed rep was working against her. It was not fair. She lost her two toddlers, and it was not her fault. This is corrupt to the core and this department needs to be investigated and SHUT DOWN! They are filling orders for babies on the black market, and getting away with it. No way should we turn a blind eye to this any longer.
Everyone from san Antonio, leave your email I check site regularly..we as a nation will fight CPS to get our kids home...
Shasta county has torn my family apart .they have taken my grandbabies under false pretenses ,they ,need to be stopped .plz help
Shasta County has put women in charge that are married to other women that have been abused by men
they stole our babies too
I am very disturbed and angry at the government for taking rights away from good parents. The idea that you cannot even get a second opinion from another medical source is an abomination.

Francine J. Mendoza
my grand son told lies and because of him they took all 3 of them away from me he even beat meup and I did not file any charges on him but they should of
Anybody interested in marching with me to fight against cps family court corruption
CPS is a runaway power train with no oversight, no credibility, no recourse for innocent victims. They take children for profit and they do not provide or coordinate services to help these children get through the change. I WORKED both at DSS...and alongside these "professionals" in a related agency for 40 years. They operate in silos even within their own workforce. In our county, most CPS workers do not live locally - our county pays less than surround counties, so if we get these individuals who have transferred from surrounding counties; WHY would they take less money unless they are the bottom of the bucket.. It is a job with a salary, power and innocent children are just a number meeting their quota to secure funds to get paid. They ironically "sleep" in the same environment as the court and all court-related programs, mediation, Guardian Ad Litem, 50B programs and especially the judge and attorneys. CHAOS is their livelihood and they could care less about the welfare of children. WE, THE PEOPLE pay their salaries through our tax dollars.....yet there are no procedures in place for review or complaint.
I will gladly pass these webpage along to others so that out signatures can be obtained!!! My three boys were removed without court orders and now I have to go through judge Graham who is from another county but have court in our county's courthouse !!!! Now they are talking about foster placement for my boys. When u meet my boys you can see they live in a loving home. and now they want more therapy for the
My granddaughters were taken by CPS, alienated from their brother's, along with myself. Placed for adoption through force. My grandchildren are suffering emotional and developmental setbacks, along with nightmares. I'm grief stricken. No family, no child should ever go through this nightmare!
My Son and his Girlfriend just had their parental rights terminated in Texas , by Judge Montemayor, the CPS worker was even caught lying by their attorney, but their rights were still terminated, if you view the Judges profile online for Bexar county Tx they even more or less brag that they "lead the nation in Foster Children Adoptions" this is an outrage how they can destroy families to make a name for themselves, if anyone has any help to offer please email me at emackey1@verizon.net
This agency of the CPS is out of control, I have watched them destroy families in the courts here in Washington State for many years, its time for the people with the power to put an end to the Tierney, too many of our innocent children are being abused at the hands of those put in charge of their security, rape and molestation are rampant in these foster homes.
This agency of the CPS is out of control, I have watched them destroy families in the courts here in Washington State for many years, its time for the people with the power to put an end to the Tierney, too many of our innocent children are being abused at the hands of those put in charge of their security, rape and molestation are rampant in these foster homes.
Cps has illegally removed my son from my care and gave him to abusive father and grandparents in 2013. Now they will not remove my son from his abusive father and grandparents 12/5/14. I will sue this evil mafia organization and release record conversation to the media.
My daughter and her son were victims of sexual and physical violence by the boy's father. He has committed violence against another woman while we are still in court. He has and is still abusing alcohol and drugs. He attempted suicide/murder against parents. His parents lied in court. He is dangerous and the court wants to hand over my grandson. And the CPS officer lied and said my grandson didn't tell him about what his dad did to him.
My Son and his Girlfriend just had their parental rights terminated in Texas , by Judge Montemeyor, the CPS worker was even caught lying by their attorney, but their rights were still terminated, if you view the Judges profile online for Bexar county Tx they even more or less brag that they "lead the nation in Foster Children Adoptions" this is an outrage how they can destroy families to make a name for themselves, if anyone has any help to offer please email me at emackey1@verizon.net
This is true
Curruption by authority figures should be treated in the highest priority. Just as domestic violence issues are given a high priority, so should the curruption of courts, judges, and/or any other authority figure be treated with the same high priority. Curruption is a form of domestic violence against all humans that affects far more than the simple definition that we currently give to domestic violence.
CPS LIARS BABY SNATCHERS, in our family alone they have taken 5 & soon to be 6 of our grandbabies in less than a year. Just yesterday they took our newest grandson saying his mom (our step daughter) had pain meds in her system, she had a tubal ligation and was prescribed pain meds, they claim the medication should've been gone in 5 days 7 days at the most. Well I'm sorry but pain meds stat take as needed for pain....NOT TAKE TIL GONE! Any excuse they come up with even tho she has complied to all their BS as they detained her other 3 children prior to having her newborn. Promises made not kept by CPS. Corrupt BCCSD, they removed our granddaughter from my daughters home even tho they found nothing unsafe in the home on 5 consecutive visits in one week and they are trying to take our unborn granddaughter when my daughter has her on this coming Monday, HELP STOP the CORRUPTION by CPS
My boys was abused I'm Foster care mentally and physically and there was no treatment giving to them after they came back home.. I've on my own tried to help my own sons.. but sadly to say One of my sons just got 16yrs charged as adult 85% cause his mental illness he developed as he Went into Foster care.. he on meds for phychotic.. and depression... he hear and see things..but he wasn't treated for it til he came back home to me.. but seeing the kids psychologist wasn't enough time before he committed a crime.. he didn't kill noone Thank you Lord but the teen as his self could of died.. my son was 15 going on 16 When he was charged... instead of getting him the help he needs they rather send Him to a adult prison he is 5'1 and just a little over a 100lbs. Not a bad child he was in school... but the point is cps didn't Give my boys the treament as needed after the abuse while in there. Not only that.. investigator for cps two yesterday later made me remove my two years Old son from my mother home.. and placed him with a man she Never met before.. just talked to him on phone.. Yes I have proof.. and my son Never been part of cps nor awarded to the state no courts.. documents nor nothing.. So much to this story.. if anyone willing to help me please contact me.. Cps which we Call them here dcfs has took my son from me illegally.. and again the guy she gave him to the lady Never met him.. and he lived in another city.. I knew the guy.. but investigator didn't.. and again he wasn't in system Or part of it.. I can't wRite everything but it gets bigger.. Cps needs to Stop being hateful and ruining family lives..
Stop harming the hard working divorced dads. No surprise that America is slipping in on the world stage and its own people do not trust the government.
Someone has to step in and shut them down before there are more lives destroyed.!!!!
CPS... They act when they shouldn't and refuse to act when they should. I personally have seen this time and time again! Is it not their job to protect the America children? CPS, do your job, educate yourselves properly. I find your actions incompetent at best. You have hurt and destroyed the lives of so many parents and children. ENOUGH!!!!
Don't know why this is still going on
I don't understand how these people sleep at night knowing that they are tearing apart familes.
Please help these ppl. Cps is corrupt. I am blessed enough to have my children but some may not be so. Cps targets ppl they consider weak and the wronfully destroy families. My mother is dead because they kidnapped her eight children
i have tried to get apeal cause the first time i went to court i was not ready ,i have not done one before ,i have new paper work to show them and they will not give me one chance to go to court to talk or they do not have one program to help in fresno ca ,i do not know what to do
Wake Congress we need your help.In the state of Georgia we need help bad.
I just wanted to say that I had to preform involuntary servitude and peonage and for what. Well it seems that if your not in the right religion DCFS will not work with you and they will commit any tort just to get paid. My wife was almost killed because of DCFS. And the courts acted despotic to say the least. I would like to say that I am not perfect. I don't claim to be anything other than a loving man. However I have ran business all of my life and I have never depended on anyone to take care of me. I am extremely smart and I can figure out things ordinary men can't. I have tracked the reorganization and the superfunds around the United States and the Sky network and I would like someone to explain why this is not being ran correctly. I have been tracking this for about 1.5 years. I understand Maritime, Admiralty, Law but the courts are causing injuries and people are re-presenting me with no record of such. I put in an unlimited bond in my case and they stole it. I am looking zero degrees on the scales of justice. But the actors have created a serious imbalance in the system. I came in good faith but I have bad faith in the so called government. I would like to share my story in whole whenever someone has the time. I have spent over 8000 hours of my own research into the subject. So when someone on that end wants to talk give me a ring. 337-515-8795 jason
Judge Paul l. Seave should be investigated as well as the whole CPS (Sacramento). Their blatant disregard for the law is a disrespect to our civil rights without retribution. CPS workers lie, the judge knows this. My child is mentally drained and my newborn doesn't even know me. All while violating my right to due process, my 14th amendment, and numerous other violations. I've endured a spoke by being stressed over my children being removed without a shed of evidence nor any investigation. When does this end?
Judge Paul l. Seave should be investigated as well as the whole CPS (Sacramento). Their blatant disregard for the law is a disrespect to our civil rights without retribution.
you could start here in Indian river county..and even if you expedite the urgency here to investigate children and families. i still believe you will be to late.. allot of damage has been done in this county from them...and not to mention they always meet there yearly quota in kidnapping and human trafficking for profit.
maryland courts are corrupt and misusing federal grant money for billing to prolong litigation...and rig custody cases to help abusers gain custody and have there child support case closed..i am a victim of this court abuse
there is no hope if there is no help for the people who have no money ,what happen to all the programs , i have done in aplie but did know what i was doing ,i tried to get any one to help me but no what to ,i want to sue cps cause i call them years ago and still up to this day they have done nothing ,but to get a lawyer .they dont want to talk to you unless you got money where is all the help
This is nothing short of organized crime funded by government with your tax dollars. This is a war on children (the innocent). Our elected officials have a obligation to uphold the rights of the people. Remember PROTECT AND SERVE? This should be on all main stream media. If you have a job in the media please bring this to the forefront.
If someone (other than someone with a piece of paper) came into your home and tried to take your kids ( which is kidnapping) there would be consequences.
Took two of my grandson from a good home.
They are stealing every dime we, our kids, grand- children, and our great- grandchildren can make over the next 100 years.

And they are stealing our kids to collect the “Federal Funding Streams”, which is also stolen money.

These “government and dope-raised” children the government has stolen cannot function or produce as adults, only consume.

It’s deliberate, as is the DUMBING DOWN of America, so people don’t even know their Constitutional Rights or what being an American WAS.

They are using the stolen money to destroy our families, sabotage and sell out our liberty, freedom, civilization, culture, and Sovereignty.
This is a scourge on our nation, we have rights that are violated. Family is the foundations of our great country.

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