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Families are being abused by State CPS and Family Courts through out the United States of America, this is a major issue that needs to be addressed, Families that have had their civil rights violated through family court proceedings and the fact that all due process and constitutional rights are violated and manipulated by family court judges, District Attorneys, and Commissioners of /social services departments as well as CPS workers, and court appointed attorneys that are not working for the clients but have helped incriminate parents. Also of extreme interest, is obtaining names/phone/location of CPS workers who are falsifying or have falsified documents in court and who have lied in a court setting. The people of New York State and the People of the United States of America demand a full investigation of all departments, and the termination of department until further the people also wish to sue for government entrapment as well as a suit brought against the case workers, family court judges, and district lawyers. The People through discovery have found:

1. The imbalance of funding is creating corruption

2. Corruption has filtered through all manner of government and related agencies

3. Judicial decisions violate the public trust

4. Laws are created and passed that give parens patriae unlimited power not provided by the Constitution

5. The pendulum has swung to create a monopoly strategy of funding extracted from dwindling Social Services that have been set up to help families in need is devastating families across America

6. Children's lives are at stake while in the care of government funded agencies, such as rape, sexual abuse, physical abuse and neglect, mental abuse, and statistics show our children are being killed while in government placements out side of the parental home/or close relatives

7. That the states are not following guidelines placing children with relatives but are screening them out using different criteria with foster families, or falsifying documents to entrap parents and not keeping the children in the home with parents but removing the children without due process or any true purpose other then to incriminate parents/family members and to insure family is unfit

8. That pockets of tyranny are going unchecked without recourse

9. Congress local government/ civil and family courts is not responsive to The People

10. That The People have been turned away from civil courts, and from family courts higher court of appeals, only to remain battered and bruised by the tyranny of these local government funded courts as the judges, case workers/commissioners and district attorneys mock the outraged parents and children of which they so willingly strip of their civil rights and liberties

The People are declaring a public health crisis and human rights violation as well as their Civil rights are being stripped and taken from them and their families, as a result of these above atrocities and also In addition, The People find the Parens Patriae to be more than a doctrine but a specialized position created by the government for the government that violates Article 1 Sec 9, 10: No title of nobility or honors shall be granted by the United States. The title extends to the courts, Childrens Administration and public education violating Amendment 14 depriving persons of life, liberty and property without due process. The position applies as a collective.

The People are ordering an investigation of the departments as well as Family courts through out the United States of America and most important in New York State the people of the United States ask that all family court files,case files, court tapes, and videos be put into the investigation, as well as there be a federal lockdown on all CPS and family courts so that no tampering of documents can be done by such agencies, the fact is family court documents will show the fact that they are mishandled and manipulated by these agencies to insure incriminating charges are inevitable and due process is not being carried out, civil rights are violated, all human rights are violated and the United States Constitution is not on the agenda of these agencies. And the people of the United States of America are being abused by these powers.

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It is pretty sad that these social workers want harass those that take care of there children cause they are the ones that will fight back for their children. As for those that do abuse their children will not fight.
does anyone know if capra filed lawsuit today
My husband and I are victims of a family court case in sc, along with cps services which were mishandled and manipulated.. violating our rights, ect. We are currently trying to figure out how we can prove this and who to turn to outside of the jurisdiction, that we can trust. In order To have the right to a fair trial.
My husband and I are victims of a family court case in sc, along with cps services which were mishandled and manipulated.. violating our rights, ect. We are currently trying to figure out how we can prove this and who to turn to outside of the jurisdiction, that we can trust. In order To have the right to a fair trial.
tomorrow is the big day capra is suspose to file the law suit at dccourt house was following the countdown how ever it disapeared hopefully we will hear that they filed itt they are our only hope seems nobody else cares enough,to do anything about our families lets pray they do i will be checking up to see im praying they are there for us
I am not a resident of Iowa, I am a legal resident of the State of Illinois, however Iowa has Abducted my children "Under Color Of The Law" violating US Statute 242 by way of Violating US Statute 241 "Conspiracy to Commit Deprivation of Rights". It involves CPS worker Lynn Hamel, Supervisor Niki Enderlie, and the District 7 Courts. The afro mentioned federal law violations are on top of US Constitutional Rights Violations, The Bill of Rights Violations, Iowa Codes, AND the Iowa State Constitution. I will be taking my children back without their permission. If I don't exercise my Constitutional rights myself, no one will do it for me.
I am currently involved with CPS and it has been the most terrifying thing I have ever had to face, especially being a product of CPS. What these people do to families is inhumane, cruel and unusual unwarranted punishment. It's not right to take children...why can't they help while keeping families together? I've never felt so helpless in my life.
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My children were taken while unwashed undiagnosed w MS,I had an unfounded report its been 3 years CPS & stuben county of MY is now telling me I have to surrender my parental rights! I need help have no $ for a real lawyer all i have is a public defender & know that he sides a CPS 607-378-7903 if anyone can help me !