CPS family court corruption

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Families are being abused by State CPS and Family Courts through out the United States of America, this is a major issue that needs to be addressed, Families that have had their civil rights violated through family court proceedings and the fact that all due process and constitutional rights are violated and manipulated by family court judges, District Attorneys, and Commissioners of /social services departments as well as CPS workers, and court appointed attorneys that are not working for the clients but have helped incriminate parents. Also of extreme interest, is obtaining names/phone/location of CPS workers who are falsifying or have falsified documents in court and who have lied in a court setting. The people of New York State and the People of the United States of America demand a full investigation of all departments, and the termination of department until further the people also wish to sue for government entrapment as well as a suit brought against the case workers, family court judges, and district lawyers. The People through discovery have found:

1. The imbalance of funding is creating corruption

2. Corruption has filtered through all manner of government and related agencies

3. Judicial decisions violate the public trust

4. Laws are created and passed that give parens patriae unlimited power not provided by the Constitution

5. The pendulum has swung to create a monopoly strategy of funding extracted from dwindling Social Services that have been set up to help families in need is devastating families across America

6. Children's lives are at stake while in the care of government funded agencies, such as rape, sexual abuse, physical abuse and neglect, mental abuse, and statistics show our children are being killed while in government placements out side of the parental home/or close relatives

7. That the states are not following guidelines placing children with relatives but are screening them out using different criteria with foster families, or falsifying documents to entrap parents and not keeping the children in the home with parents but removing the children without due process or any true purpose other then to incriminate parents/family members and to insure family is unfit

8. That pockets of tyranny are going unchecked without recourse

9. Congress local government/ civil and family courts is not responsive to The People

10. That The People have been turned away from civil courts, and from family courts higher court of appeals, only to remain battered and bruised by the tyranny of these local government funded courts as the judges, case workers/commissioners and district attorneys mock the outraged parents and children of which they so willingly strip of their civil rights and liberties

The People are declaring a public health crisis and human rights violation as well as their Civil rights are being stripped and taken from them and their families, as a result of these above atrocities and also In addition, The People find the Parens Patriae to be more than a doctrine but a specialized position created by the government for the government that violates Article 1 Sec 9, 10: No title of nobility or honors shall be granted by the United States. The title extends to the courts, Childrens Administration and public education violating Amendment 14 depriving persons of life, liberty and property without due process. The position applies as a collective.

The People are ordering an investigation of the departments as well as Family courts through out the United States of America and most important in New York State the people of the United States ask that all family court files,case files, court tapes, and videos be put into the investigation, as well as there be a federal lockdown on all CPS and family courts so that no tampering of documents can be done by such agencies, the fact is family court documents will show the fact that they are mishandled and manipulated by these agencies to insure incriminating charges are inevitable and due process is not being carried out, civil rights are violated, all human rights are violated and the United States Constitution is not on the agenda of these agencies. And the people of the United States of America are being abused by these powers.

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CPS took my kids for a safety issue. My floor had rotted out so they took them a month ago. They separated all of them to get more information about us. I took a drug test and also a hair test I know my pee test was clean but know im having to do a drug assessment. I'm clean also some other things they have said and done they trying to keep my kids. I will go to Supreme Court with this.
Someone Should investigate Manchester, CT Court And Attorney Chambers investigates Marcus Byrd III Case
Please for love of God, somebody help us with this.

My ex husband is in the secret service- wanted to sever his parenting rights several times over the past 9 years- but when I got remarried last year, he fought for custody- the court (good old boy network at best) separated our daughter and son who have grown up together- one in Arizona and the other in Maryland. After reporting falsification of progress notes to the social work examining board in MD, (it was black and white- notes were dated for when my daughter was in Arizona- saying she "was here today with her father"- 5 falsified progress notes- swept under the rug). Custody evaluators ignored every FACT I presented. I am a chemotherapy nurse, He left for another woman when I was pregnant with our son...he has made up false allegations to cps, saying "medical neglect" - case was closed two days later, declaring unsubstantiated. My ex made my 9 year old son believe he lost his cell phone- when in fact he had all the data extracted from it at his work, and then at an IT home business- I tracked the phone when my son was distraught looking for it. He later presented text messages in court, from the extracted data- because my son's phone was once my phone, even though I wiped it clean before giving it to him. My children and I have become victims of this horrific system. We are in disbelief with the evil that has engulfed us. It is a crime story, for sure.
I am in the U.S.Navy (12 yrs this year) and have an outstanding record both civilian and military as well as a superb mother and friend to and for my little boy Bryce. I was highly involved in my baby boy's life, church, school, and within our community. My son had dreams to become a jet fighter, astronaut, and rocket scientist. But this all came to an end when my Child was "illegally" LEGALLY KIDNAPPED when he turned 6 years old by a corrupt court, by a well-known Court Evaluator - Amy Velasquez, and her best friend the Court Mediator both of Merced County in California, as well as my ex's attorney who comes from an "well-known family and husband who is the D.A." all lied and manipulated the information in order to hand over my son to our abuser. Oh, also, the judge didn't read the court record, because if he did he would find the truth and see that I come directly from Native American heritage as well. With the main fact that psychologically and physically my baby had been raised with me 100%. When my little boy was kidnapped he became very devastated and didn't want to live or go be with a stranger - his father. my son is now 9 years old. Yes, it has been 3 years since I have seen my son. I have ZERO communication. I, strangers, friends, family, doctors, etc, including attorney's want to know why was my son taken away from me when he lived with me 100%, they say that my son should be with me not my ex. There isn't anything in the record which states or shows I was a bad mother or my son was ill, etc. There was no abuse whatsoever on my part. Just 200% happiness between me and my little boy. The second problem was with his father - the abuser and liar. Since our son was in his care my little boy has truly gone down hill in every way. Just as other children have been through by a terrible corrupt court system.
So my story can go on, but there are more war stories of children being kidnapped in order to financially support this corrupt injustice within our legal system. However, only your vote can help stop the madness and protect your child from being damaged. SIGN THE PETITION. PLEASE !!!!!!! The more votes the more power and we can PROTECT OUR CHILD(ren) and have accountability requested toward these corrupts courts.
My daughter had a Deaf and Dumb devil inside her. She became so out of control that Texas DCF took custody of her. She has a true case of demonic possession. An invisible force clawed her bed. She has been in and out of mental health hospitals from Benton, Arkansas to Texas. Your agreement in hell has been annulled. May the victims be set free like birds set free from a cage. May the Lord of Host send a powerful ruler to judge thine enemy. This petition is a good way for millions of parents to get their story across but it is not going to return the children home to their families. It's time for a revolution. Their are more us, than them. Are you one of the many families who have filed petitions, legal pleadings and motions to no avail? Go to the enemies camp and take your children back by force! Be careful because you are fighting against spiritual wickedness. They are a witchcraft agency who practice sorcery, magic and Freemasonry rituals inside and outside the Masonic Lodge. If you see a Masonic Lodge, Eastern Star or Knight Templar's, then Satan's children are in your neck of the woods. Put on your whole amour of God. Make sure you are equipped with the angels of the Lord. They send your children to their therapist so they can reprogram them. The Arkansas School For the Deaf and the Child Behavior Mental Health Hospitals are ran by 5 Star Freemasonry www.cuttingedge.org/free15.htm Women. CPS aka DCF twist the law to rob from families allowing them no justice. Parents across the country are having their rights trampled each day by CPS and the Juvenile Court. Families have been torn apart by Juvenile Courts and their Social Workers. Judgments are made on the whim of supervisors who have never met the families involved. This system needs to be abolished. They twist the law allowing good families no justice. Money is the motive behind state sponsored kidnapping. It's a guaranteed pay check in an unstable economy. Any Quack can set up a bogus psychiatric practice and bill Medicaid what ever you like. These uncultured vagabonds are useless people. They don't grow their own food nor produce their own products. They get financial kickbacks when they adopt orphan children from China and Russia by adding these kids to their tax returns as dependent's. This system does not exist in any other parts of the world. http://www.petition2congress.com/3499/cps-family-court-corruption/view/2#comment-10387328

MY GOOGLE PLUS: https://plus.google.com/114669480570426716628/posts
I pray that something is done about this growing crisis in our country.
They remove the children from parents that have not done harm, so that their service stats are high and jobs stay secure.
After the adjudication, where the lying final report is sent to the judges, then they move onto their next victims.
Which social workers work on "founded" child abuse cases are unknown. Perhaps, they are so busy trying to keep these non-cases going, that's how the newsworthy cases (awful) fall thru the cracks. Repeatedly.
This will be the next issue for people to band together to stop these injustices to continue. I want to participate in a national and "world-wide" movement to bring this to the attention of the entire world. I also want to bring the case workers, attorneys and judges to the people also. It needs to start at the Federal level and extend to the states and governments. Don't forget those who supported these policies at the polls and jail for those found guilty of gross misconduct
This will be the next issue for people to band together to stop these injustices to continue. I want to participate in a national and "world-wide" movement to bring this to the attention of the entire world. I also want to bring the case workers, attorneys and judges to the people also. It needs to start at the Federal level and extend to the states and governments. Don't forget those who supported these policies at the polls and jail for those found guilty of gross misconduct