CPS family court corruption

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Families are being abused by State CPS and Family Courts through out the United States of America, this is a major issue that needs to be addressed, Families that have had their civil rights violated through family court proceedings and the fact that all due process and constitutional rights are violated and manipulated by family court judges, District Attorneys, and Commissioners of /social services departments as well as CPS workers, and court appointed attorneys that are not working for the clients but have helped incriminate parents. Also of extreme interest, is obtaining names/phone/location of CPS workers who are falsifying or have falsified documents in court and who have lied in a court setting. The people of New York State and the People of the United States of America demand a full investigation of all departments, and the termination of department until further the people also wish to sue for government entrapment as well as a suit brought against the case workers, family court judges, and district lawyers. The People through discovery have found:

1. The imbalance of funding is creating corruption

2. Corruption has filtered through all manner of government and related agencies

3. Judicial decisions violate the public trust

4. Laws are created and passed that give parens patriae unlimited power not provided by the Constitution

5. The pendulum has swung to create a monopoly strategy of funding extracted from dwindling Social Services that have been set up to help families in need is devastating families across America

6. Children's lives are at stake while in the care of government funded agencies, such as rape, sexual abuse, physical abuse and neglect, mental abuse, and statistics show our children are being killed while in government placements out side of the parental home/or close relatives

7. That the states are not following guidelines placing children with relatives but are screening them out using different criteria with foster families, or falsifying documents to entrap parents and not keeping the children in the home with parents but removing the children without due process or any true purpose other then to incriminate parents/family members and to insure family is unfit

8. That pockets of tyranny are going unchecked without recourse

9. Congress local government/ civil and family courts is not responsive to The People

10. That The People have been turned away from civil courts, and from family courts higher court of appeals, only to remain battered and bruised by the tyranny of these local government funded courts as the judges, case workers/commissioners and district attorneys mock the outraged parents and children of which they so willingly strip of their civil rights and liberties

The People are declaring a public health crisis and human rights violation as well as their Civil rights are being stripped and taken from them and their families, as a result of these above atrocities and also In addition, The People find the Parens Patriae to be more than a doctrine but a specialized position created by the government for the government that violates Article 1 Sec 9, 10: No title of nobility or honors shall be granted by the United States. The title extends to the courts, Childrens Administration and public education violating Amendment 14 depriving persons of life, liberty and property without due process. The position applies as a collective.

The People are ordering an investigation of the departments as well as Family courts through out the United States of America and most important in New York State the people of the United States ask that all family court files,case files, court tapes, and videos be put into the investigation, as well as there be a federal lockdown on all CPS and family courts so that no tampering of documents can be done by such agencies, the fact is family court documents will show the fact that they are mishandled and manipulated by these agencies to insure incriminating charges are inevitable and due process is not being carried out, civil rights are violated, all human rights are violated and the United States Constitution is not on the agenda of these agencies. And the people of the United States of America are being abused by these powers.

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System is corrupted
I was lied too by cps workers , and sheriff , and now my children have been taken away . it was by an , I believe that some happen . when they came took my children away . lie too me many times and the casework lied, as well as the judge just doing what even they want with out proof . they are our lazy and out of control and something needs to be done
6 of my kids was taken by Cps they gave me a case plan I finished it I don't know why I still don't got my kids and I just found out that my youngest daughter is getting abused by the foster mother somebody help me where do I doI
My one year old granddaughter was living in my home and had been since February. CPS came in and took her dad had protection order against him and mom went to jail, they come and took her away from me. They said it was the worst case of abuse they had ever seen. We have pictures from when she was born no bruises no marks just a happy baby we were not even given the chance to place her with family. My sister fought and had a high dollar attorney and they were refused custoxy. My brother-in-law makes six figures and my sister runs daycare; the reason they were given was because they couldn't prove any harm to baby while in foster care. None of us are allowed to see baby they keep putting up more barricades and hoops to jump through to see her.
Fighting for my granddaughter over a year! There was no neglect or abuse. This is bs!
Illegal kidnapping is exactly what is happening. I'm a teacher with a very exceptional 6 year old and cps deemed me safe and "fit". 20 days later they yanked her from my care claiming that my current boyfriend was dangerous. I offered to remove him from the household and they refused to let me have my baby back.
I had my son stolen at birth by Kim hoskins CPS worker from Michigan she didn't stop there they also said that because they were opening a case my almost 2 yr old beautiful daughter was removed to. I was taken to court for being on methadone which never got into my son's system there were no other substances in mine or my son's system I have hospital documents to prove that. After 3 yrs of beating there reasons to take my parental rights I was asked to drug test weekly go to counseling have a mental evaluation which I passed go to inpatient to come off methadone and then outpatient for 2 yrs it wasn't enought I seen my children every Monday for 3 yrs the last day of court I wasn't even allowed to say goodbye. There reason for taken them failure to complete parental guidelines. No abuse no naglect I want my baby's back.
My four children were taken from me the month of May 2006, by my county cps/cws. Recently my niece did some digging and found my two oldest. made contact with them. My children have been abused by the foster mother, neglected by their social worker, and separated just so they would have bonuses in their pockets. I need help to expose what Tulare County cps is really about.
I am a victim of domestic violence. I called the police to report it and get a restraining order. CPS not only blamed me for allowing abuse but threatened to take my children and made me take a drug test.
Visit us on Facebook AeOvrTx.com, Rosie vicent @ Facebook.com, jlasalinas@ Facebook.com,
Corupt cps Judges and attorneys stealing childrem from patents
We watched over 50 children in one day get removed from their parents and grand parents! Including mine. My step son called CPS on me and his mother because we wouldn't let him stay with his grandmother where he is spoiled rotten. She has 13 grandchildren and only does for this one. He goes there and gets whatever he wants and then some. He wants it, she buys it. My fiancé and her mother do not get along, so she, my fiancé's sister, and my step son all thought calling CPS would be a great idea. This way they would make up insane stories and that way CPS would say that he couldn't go home. Not realizing that it would get the other children removed from our home. On hearsay, CPS came and took our 7 children from us. We went to court, they gave them back after we both passed a urine test. They did a hair follicle test on my fiancé and I agreed to one, but they said my hair was to short and gave me a negative indifference instead, as if I refused which I didn't. We had our children back a little over a week. The next court date I went alone. My fiancé had to stay home to get the children off the buses. They were taking our children AGAIN! Because there were drugs in my fiancé's hair we never even heard of! I know she don't do drugs! She hates people who smoke pot! And puts down drug addicts on a daily basis. So they told me I had to sign my children over to them, I refused and left. I called her and she already had all children off the buses and was at a friends house for a play date. I went there and told her they are coming for the kids. She called the CPS worker and told her we are refusing to give our children to them over this false hair test! And we will find a place ourselves for our children until this is resolved. The CPS worker said ok and we did find a place. We called the worker and told her we are going to break the news to our children tonight and we will call you with their location tomorrow as long as you leave them where we took them. She agreed! That night our neighbor had called and said it was an emergency we call her back. My fiancé did and 5 minutes later at 11pm cops were breaking into our friends house and began dragging our children from their beds. They took me out right away and took me to riverhead. My fiancé had to dress our screaming crying children for CPS to remove them after we were told that wouldn't happen. After they took the children, they took my fiancé to riverhead also. Neither one of us were read our rights. The next day we were transported to Central Islip Family court where we weren't seen until 5:30 by 2 lawyers we didn't know. Ours were on vacation. They told us we have to sign our kids away now or we stay in jail until the next hearing in 2wks. We were forced in our cells to sign the paper. We were let go at 6:30pm. Couldn't get our belongings because it was too late, so we were stuck in Central Islip with no money & no phone! We live in Port Jefferson! We had to walk home! It took us 6hrs! IN THE FREEZIN
CPS took my 8 children on hearsay!! They lied to the judge in court in every court date, they took my children when there was no reason to take them. They were not being abused or neglected in any way what so ever. It's been 3 months and I have not seen or talked to my babies not once! They want to come home! I missed my baby's 1st birthday and my son's 6th birthday, now I don't have them for thanksgiving either. They took a hair follicle from me and they said there were things in my hair I've never even heard of! I am not a drug addict! EVEN IF I WAS KEEPING MY KIDS FROM ME? AND TAKING THEM OUT OF MY HOME INSTEAD OF KEEPING THE FAMILY TOGETHER? I am being treated like a criminal and I'm far from one! I feel bad for those who are actually drug addicts! I gave 4 clean urine tests and still don't have my children. I WANT MY KIDS NOW! I was also given a lawyer who did nothing for me. He said "I make over $200 an hour, I only make $75 for you, how hard do you think I'm going to fight for you?" Give the children back to their families! GET RID OF CPS!! Suffolk County courts are the worst! On top of that my judge, Karen Loguercio runs the adoption day in November. Along with the 2 other judges. My now ex lawyer and my fiancé's lawyer Lynn post-Zimmerman all hang out together! CPS and the judges all make profit off every child they kidnap and every child they adopt out! THIS IS FACT! I am going public with this! I better have my kids before Christmas! HELP PLEASE!!
It's getting out of control!