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i beg congress to have brian menzie founder of free charity reconized for his effort in recruiting dependable donated cars to give free of charge to people with disabilities and people which other wise could not afford a car to go to there get medicines and just everyday living needs like the goverment can donate cars that have been siezed from crimes commited and the law keeps theres a chance there for congress to give donations an b in good standings with ther voters thanks for reading usernames papi0757

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PLEASE check out this Charity, we truely need the support!!
i am totaly dissabled back on july 29 2011 i had my left leg amputed due to bad curcliton problems i am i dyer need of a good automible at this time i had top cancell all of my dr appoments due to that reason any help sure would be apprichited in this case if possible if there a way to get a free car i love to know
The manner of recognition, has not been stated by papi0757. However, I hope our congress will see how important, the release of seized vehicles could be, to help - the poor and disabled, bring much needed independence, back to their lives!
please help FCC receive vehicle for people in need
please help us all on,,isnt that what america is all about?one nation under god!i have been waiting for a car for 3 years on the website!i am in birmingham alabama and we need more place to donate cars!please!!!!thank you! 2054822686 is my number ,if you need to contact me about any cars that have been donated or about to be donated!thanks!and god bless america!oh,if i can find a job at the white house,,i would work there!i need a job too!thank you!email me about any jobs avaiable ,i have college background!,,of course id need a car when i got there!!haa!thanks!
We as low poverty income need viehicles and are with a site named if you have a vehicle you may be able to donate please contact FCC. It is unbelievable the thousands of people whom have no vehicle nor can they aford to purchase one. Please help out! Prayers to all! Deb Gregory
Hello, My husband and I and`12yr old son and have no transportation, we live in a rural area There is no one that even cares, I've asked many and had to beg for rides to many of our Drs. appointments, please I just hope our goverment will a.s.a.p look into this desperate problem facing so many Americans Bless you and hope someone could help or even try. Thank You M.R. 1,193.00 per month, and all 3 of us are disabeled and are only income is from soc.sec. dis. which takes care of a roof over our heads and the most basic of needs a human has to have but we feel so blessed that we have one another, we adopted our 12yr. old son since birth and thats what keeps us going and of course God Bless all thank you.