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There are many people suffering all over the US some hit by the economy, disabled,sick,abused,homeless,some lost everything, and they all need help, and a second chance in life.We need to get this country out of it's all time high of poverty, unemployment, and families living on the streets.We are asking that each state donate seized vehicles to,so that our citizens can go back to work, can get the sick to their doctors appointments, the disabled can have a vehicle that is wheelchair accessible., and that we can all rise above what this hard hit from the economy has done to this country.We need our lives back.

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hi im bobby i live on ssi of 749 dollars a month and after paying all bills i have no money left to buy a vehicle and i have a child and a girl friend that i need to get to the doctors grocery store its hard for me walk with all my disabilitys i have and really need a car can some one please help me out it would be very appreciated
I'm a pregnant single low income mom trying to get help with getting a car for my needs and for my unborn child. I have always been able to provide for myself I bought a new car in 2012 1yr old started to have issues with it that weren't cheap and long story short I had a ex boyfriend and my dad fix it and well they blew up the engine and I couldn't pay the money to fix it. I am in a recovery based Program and I need to be able to have a car to get to doctor an to store and get around. Please I'm begging you to be someone that I haven't ever seen before in my life that is willing and able to get my prayers answered by god. I can make low payment for I only get SSI disability every month to cover all the things I need every month and not what I want. Thank you and god bless
Hi I am a 51 year old grandmother who is raising her gradaughter. I made my career providing geriatric services to the elderly for 30 years. I was very caring and compassionate to the residents that I provided care for.In June of last year I was diagnosed with a disease called transversemyleitis which causes you to be paralyzed. I have nurses that come into my home to cook and provide my care.I am thankful to God that I am no longer paralyzed from the neck down, but I have limited mobility throughout my body which is why I require around the clock nursing care.My doctor thought it would be a good idea for me to try physical therapy in hope that this would help me to gain more mobility to my body.Unfortunately there are no transportation services that will provide rides to therapy appointments. You have to be legally blind,, pregnant, Or under the age of 21. These are just a few of the stipulations. I have named. Therefore I am in desperate need of a van with a wheelchair lift on it.Please help, Thank you and God Bless.
Grandmother who raised 5 grandchildren by herself and still have two to go, on fixed income , have to pay to go to grocery store, cannot get my grandchildren in school actitives because old car always breaking down needs good running dependable car. Please someone help.!
Hi my Troy.S I live area were no public transportation is I have walk every day get to store, doctor appointment, or ask someone for a ride and paid them gas money each time. My rent a month cost less to save money meet a spend down each month cost is 497.00 every months. Also it will help me get to Church and enjoy my community and see my daughters stay in a different state there Mother I can help someone who need a ride to Church with me if you thank you in Jesus name Amen.
Hello my name is Randy and I'm disaabiled. I live off ssi $740 per month. I'm in desperate need of a vehicle that has a wheelchair lift. I don't have much at all but I really need a handicap accessible vehicle. Please help. God bless
This is an easy thing to do to help a bunch of people who are struggling.
my names tracy i am 26 and have a 6yr 8yr and a 10yr. im on welfare . trying to make it like a lot of people .I need a car because i have to take my kids and i to and from therapy. and to school and back. im in desperate need in a car for my kids and i. so i can start looking for a job
I live on ssi benefits trying to raise my two daughters ages 9 n 10 I have custody with mo child support where their dad don't pay the state I'm in desperate need of a free car
You can help struggling american families by donating seized/forfeited vehicles to this wonderful charity. You lose nothing but help boost the economy by providing many with a means to obtain a job and keep it.
I am a 56 year old disabled widowed lady who lost both kids, and now without a car,on fixed low income. I will never be able to get one through anyone unless I win one. Credit messd up,no way on income to save down payment, have no real assests but household items. This isn't right in a country like USA. There a lot people in need. Pleasehelp it gets depressing, and iI've seen people loose hope, feel like failures,and give up. Thank you