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There are many people suffering all over the US some hit by the economy, disabled,sick,abused,homeless,some lost everything, and they all need help, and a second chance in life.We need to get this country out of it's all time high of poverty, unemployment, and families living on the streets.We are asking that each state donate seized vehicles to,so that our citizens can go back to work, can get the sick to their doctors appointments, the disabled can have a vehicle that is wheelchair accessible., and that we can all rise above what this hard hit from the economy has done to this country.We need our lives back.

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I live on ssi benefits trying to raise my two daughters ages 9 n 10 I have custody with mo child support where their dad don't pay the state I'm in desperate need of a free car
You can help struggling american families by donating seized/forfeited vehicles to this wonderful charity. You lose nothing but help boost the economy by providing many with a means to obtain a job and keep it.
I am a 56 year old disabled widowed lady who lost both kids, and now without a car,on fixed low income. I will never be able to get one through anyone unless I win one. Credit messd up,no way on income to save down payment, have no real assests but household items. This isn't right in a country like USA. There a lot people in need. Pleasehelp it gets depressing, and iI've seen people loose hope, feel like failures,and give up. Thank you
I'm disabled single parent of a 4year old daughter and we are financially strapped and barely making ends meet. I applied for TANF and they said I don't qualify. Living off disability check that goes to the rent and some household bills.I've tried everything to get help to no avail. I NEED dependable transportation because I have to get to doctors appointments for me and my daughter. I have spinal injuries from neck down from a car accident in April 2007.I have scoliosis, fibromyalgia, nerve damage, herniated and bulging disks, degenerative disk disease, tmj, spinal stenosis, neoralgia, sciatica, major anxiety, manic depression, panic attacks and many more problems. I NEED to go to doctor appointments and therapy.I NEED a fully functional working vehicle to not only get to doctors appointments and therapy but I need to get to food banks and church. I've done volunteer work on my good days.but can't anymore because I don't have a vehicle and desperately NEED one.I NEED to be able to get around and do things for my daughter. PLEASE help us. We would be extremely grateful for your help. PLEASE I beg for help. Thank you God bless you.
I've been on FCC for over 4 years waiting for a donated vehicle. I'm a single mom if 3 children. I have an 8 year old with autism, a 6 year old daughter, and a 1 year old with myoclonus. I would love to donate my time to local charities, and drive my kids to school, and travel to see family. Please vote for me my4family on FCC.
Long story short my vehicle was stolen june 29th 2014 the guy was arrested but also with other chargesmore serious causing him to get time served for my car and hes serving 4 yrs in prison for robbery therefore I get no restitution or any closure. I lost my job and was forced to obtain food asistance due to this! At the time I was homeless. Now I am still struggling and my granny who raised me is very ill with alzheimers and I am unable to visit her like id like and it kills me everyday. I want to work again but I cannot without transportation and everything just keeps getting worse. I need a break but I dont expect it I can only pray and take it day by day
My daughter is in need of a car, her other car is shot. She is a single mom has 2 kids with rent to pay and food, but not enough for a car. Who can afford fiance payments 250.00-300.00 a month. With full coverage insurance and paying bills since jobs wont pay but above min. wage oh wow! And the mechanic shops in this country are dishonest, or they charge an arm and a leg for working on your vehicle, or they do more damage to the vehicle than before you even took it in to them. I just hope Congress will look into this matter. There are needy families all over the country that do need a free car. People need to start having a bigger heart that being filled with greed. Jesus Christ said help your brother in need, Have the heart of Christ, do onto others, as you would want them to do onto you! God Bless you!