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There are many people suffering all over the US some hit by the economy, disabled,sick,abused,homeless,some lost everything, and they all need help, and a second chance in life.We need to get this country out of it's all time high of poverty, unemployment, and families living on the streets.We are asking that each state donate seized vehicles to,so that our citizens can go back to work, can get the sick to their doctors appointments, the disabled can have a vehicle that is wheelchair accessible., and that we can all rise above what this hard hit from the economy has done to this country.We need our lives back.

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My spouse of 30 yrs.started drinking after not drinking for 28yrs.became violent and the DA was pressing charges.I didn't have to go Cuz they had pictures. In MA.there is a law called marital privilege.I did it two times last March2015 and MAY2015. I said I'd never do it again. Well booze won. I came home July20 to a empty house except my beagle. Abandoned they call it. I found a program to put my beagle with a foster family.and finally found a domestic violence shelter for myself.
I was left with the car that was 48 payments into a 60 month loan. I paid every payment and a message came from spouse saying he would make the payments.He didn't and the vehicle was repossessed. My credit is being fixed cuz I made all the payments except for the two he didn't make. I'm reunited with my beagle who my psychiatrist said is my emotional support dog.
I have paid off three new cars in my lifetime. I'm 54 yrs old. Can't get anywhere for doctors visits.looking to rent , and now I'm homeless. Please help me.
Im disabled ive had neck surgery and due tor back surgery sometimes i cant walk not even to the mailbox . I have so many doc apt.. i feel bad always asking for rides . Plz can someone help me idc if its a ugly old car i need one bad im on ssi and since i cant work its been 9 years since ive owned a car ty.
Education is one of the most important things to me. I am a student-athlete at Green Mountain College majoring in Education and Biology, and I am also a sprinter on the track & field team. Just a few months after I starter my first semester I received a phone call saying that my family and I were evicted and eventually lost our home. Unfortunately all of my belongings were gone and I was forced to find a alternate places to lay my head over the holidays and breaks. Sometimes I could not even get a chance to go home for the break because I did not have the means. My school is located in the Mountains of Vermont so transportation is scarse and my closest family member and friend lives at five hours away. I love what I do. I love running track and getting my education. One day I aspire to be an elementary school teacher because there are so many social issues and universals problems that can be fixed and implemented in K-12 schools. But because of the lack of transportation that I desperately need, I will have to drop out. Unless I can receive Help From You!!! With Student loans, Homelessness, and lack of transportation all on my plate, sometimes life can seem unbearable. But I would be so grateful and humble if I received a car.
I need a car been so sick and need on to have my surgery done...Was at 80%on my free charity .com car need my password been deathly sick and have had 48 file and friends very few...I need help please or someone could help fix the old car it looks terrible and can't depend on anyone don't have anyone...God bless...Nora Wallace Barber...9857320358....
I need a car desperately,I am a single female, and I had to live in my car for years, and sell all my good clothes and jewels and leather shoes and bags just for food and gas, etc.. then, had to give it up to the finance company finally...I am now living in an apt. with no furniture and no way to get out and do things, and find a job or get to the doctor, I fell and hurt my let and need surgery and can't even get out to do anything or go to the doctor...
I have been on workers compensation for around a year and am now able to return to work however I do not have a vehicle and it is very hard to find a job in which I could ride bus to and from. Bus routes do not go everywhere in this county. I am desperate to return to a productive career prayerfully back in health care.I love caring for the elderly. I cannot continue on without a vehicle. Please help me and allow me to return to work. I despise not working. I don't have a dime to my name accept on the weeks I donate plasma for money and certainly could not afford a vehicle.
I am a sixty-nine year old lady, two times cancer survivor, who needs a reliable car because where I live we call it the boom dock because it is so far back and there is no bus that pass my way. I want to work part time but i need a car, to get to my medical appointments and church. I cannot afford a car note on the salary i get monthly. I desperately need a car of my own.
Me and my wife and 3 children are in need of a car. Ours blown up . And got a lot of doctors appointments and no way there. Thanks and God bless.
How do you get help in tn on getting a car bc I need it 2 b able 2 get me a job
I am a working mother of three children that provides for my family the best way I know how. I am a independent woman that do for myself and family. When my car broke down three months ago it has been very difficult to move around like I used too. I still have bills and rent due I have to work to make ends meet. It has been very challenging to figure out how I am going to get back and forth to work. However, I have no choice but to walk. It takes up to an hour to get to work and back home. It's very scary walking, especially when there are areas with no sidewalks around to safely walk on. I am forced to walk on the side of the street and hope that noone doesn't hit me. People get hit and die every day by motor vehicles. It's very scary. All I can do is to be honest and continue to pray for a change. My prayer is that God will provide me and my children reliable transportation before the winter time arrives.
Thank you for your help and understanding.