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There are many people suffering all over the US some hit by the economy, disabled,sick,abused,homeless,some lost everything, and they all need help, and a second chance in life.We need to get this country out of it's all time high of poverty, unemployment, and families living on the streets.We are asking that each state donate seized vehicles to,so that our citizens can go back to work, can get the sick to their doctors appointments, the disabled can have a vehicle that is wheelchair accessible., and that we can all rise above what this hard hit from the economy has done to this country.We need our lives back.

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Father of two laid off no income can't find a job close to home without a car I don't know what else to do so I'm trying anything that may help
This will be the perfect opportunity to help those in need of vehicles that are unable to purchase one on there own. How do I know? Because this is my situation as of now due to an unfortunate situation.
It's the right thing to do.
So many Really need this Help, to get back on there feet, to FIND JOBS and go to DOCTORS Please Help
I highly believe all siezed cars should be given to the those in need instead of being sold for profit.
I lost my first job taking care of my mom who actually died in August of 2013 an been job searching since the on February 22 of 2014 my house burned to the ground and the very next night my van was stolen. And because my van was stolen I lost my new job. And I haven't been able to drive to see my son for a while and I miss him! So if you could help me i appreciate it. Thanks for hearing me out!
Please help us! The disabled that cannot afford to finance a decent and safe car are in real trouble if they cannot have reliable transportation for Doctor appointments and I have to see more than one doctor every other month. But I cannot find an affordable residence close enough to use public transportation. So it takes about one and a half hours one way to UPMC where the specialist are all located. I don't know how I will be able to go to all of my appointments without reliable transportation so please help me and others in similar situations. Thank You for your time.