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Cheerleading is just as strenuous an activity, if not more so, than any other organized sport. It has competitions just like any other sport. Unfortunately it is not getting the proper funding or proper medical support that other sports enjoy at the junior high/high school levels. Furthermore the institution of competitive cheerleading is basically a monopoly run by Varsity Spirit. I urge Congress to act now to include cheerleading under Title IX as a sport to benefit the future generations of children who wish to pursue it.

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I have seen so many people injured by this sport, I have seen so many degraded for participating in this sport, and I have seen so many other sports recieve free equipment while excluding cheer. This. Stops. Now.
All college level cheerleaders should be recognized and should be given the same opportunities as athletes , such as stipends, scholarships ,etc. We do more physical activity than many sports but are not appreciated for our talent , hardwork and effort.
i have been a cheerleader for 8 years and i just started high school and my school doesnt have a cheer squad so i tryed out for another schools team because we are aloud to and i made the varsity team but then when when my school found out they said that i couuldtnt do it cause it wwasnt a sport and that got me mad im sick and tiered of peoploe saying its not a sport well then if they want to say that then football baseball basketball soccer ect. they're not sports if cheerleading isnt so lets fight and make things right