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Cheerleading is just as strenuous an activity, if not more so, than any other organized sport. It has competitions just like any other sport. Unfortunately it is not getting the proper funding or proper medical support that other sports enjoy at the junior high/high school levels. Furthermore the institution of competitive cheerleading is basically a monopoly run by Varsity Spirit. I urge Congress to act now to include cheerleading under Title IX as a sport to benefit the future generations of children who wish to pursue it.

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Cheerleading is and needs to be recognized as an official sport we deserve the same rights as other athlets and we need to be recognized as a sport so we can get the safety regulations we need
Cheer is a competitive, power tumbling sport. Not other way around it. It should be recognized as such.
This sport has one of the highest rates of catastrophic injury, the reason no one is aware is because the lack of support cheerleading receives as and official sport.
I think cheer should be a sport because I dislocted my knee broke my toe Sprained my arm and wrist it's not fair and it's dumb you should make it a sport because it's not worth it cheer is a sport in my eyes you should make it in everyone eyes people laugh at me and say is dumb and it's not a sport are you happy about that I'm not you need not should need to make cheer a sport and If Its not going to be in going to be very mad it's fair to everyone that has done to their body like broken something or worst its not fair think about it