Make Cheerleading a Sport

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Make Cheerleading a Sport

Cheerleading is just as strenuous an activity, if not more so, than any other organized sport. It has competitions just like any other sport. Unfortunately it is not getting the proper funding or proper medical support that other sports enjoy at the junior high/high school levels. Furthermore the institution of competitive cheerleading is basically a monopoly run by Varsity Spirit. I urge Congress to act now to include cheerleading under Title IX as a sport to benefit the future generations of children who wish to pursue it.

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I am a cheerleader and I believe we work just as hard as any other sports team and I hate getting frowned upon at my school that I am not an athlete and that cheerleading isn't a sport. Cheerleading deserves to be recognized as a sport
My daughter competes with an extra curricular cheering team. I have been blown away by the talent and athleticism of the kids. Perhaps there need to be two categories of cheer? Competitive cheer vs. spirit cheer, giving the children the opportunity to experience it in either category
My daughter is a cheerleader. She has spent over a decade developing skills unique to the sport and excels at it. She will be attending college in a couple of years, but has no legitimate expectation of earning even a partial scholarship for her skills. She practices up to 5 days a week, has coaches, competes during a defined season, and isn't there to "excite the crowd in support of her team." This is a competitive sport and deserves to be recognized as such for both NCAA and Title IX. The fact that it is not recognized is merely a demonstration of the continued discrimination against female athletes.
I am a cheerleader both for my school and computationally. like most doctors say cheerleading should be recognized as a sport for more safety regulations, I agree with this.
There are NCAA colleges that offer scholarships for cheer. The only thing that these hard working athletes need is the attention of sports trainers. When I was in college, I was injured and needed to get medical attention from a trainer and by law he couldn't even give me ice. That is not fair to a activity that is under the direction of athletic departments and have to abide by the same rules and regulations but can't get the same attention as the rest of the activities. I suggest they look up the definition of sport and athlete.
Until it becomes a sport it will continue to be unregulated and unsafe