Give Felons The Right To Join The Army/Military

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I am asking congress to support letting felons into the army/military. I think that if someone has proven to change there ways in life and be a role model citizen then there is no reason to not let them join. This is descrimination against USA citizens. These people are trying to better there life and that is what the USA stands for.

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I believe that it should be an option. Prison or joining the military. Why refuse help from a citizen who wants to serve his/her country? Especially when they want to turn their life around. It makes sense to me...
No brainer.
I have a lot to offer this country. Lets see what men and women that have fought for something there entire lives could do. Most people that enlist are soft and unworldly at the tender age of 18. Take a chance on some seasoned veterans in our own right. We will need individuals with different skills and different ways of getting things done to win this whatever is coming.
I have one felony from 8 years ago i paid my debt to society and now want to prove my worth as a United states citizen and serve my country....i am not a hardened convict i made a mistake when i was still basically a kid that was a different world ago i want a chance to prove ive changed and the opportunity to serve.
Not all felons are savage afenders and need a sense of discipline and a reason to further themselves in a loyal commitment. This is a need explored option for ppl to show that the system does work in rehabilitating ex cons and a chance to prove to society that we are able to commit to the good natures of being productive members of society!!!!!! Thank you
This is discrimination I made mistakes as kid 19 years old and that one mistake should not haunt me for the rest if my life
I have also made many mistakes and have regretted those bad decisions everyday since!! I believe I have a lot I could give the military if I was given the chance!!! If I could show my family and my loved ones that they didn't make a mistake by believing in me then the US Armed forces would have my undying loyalty and I would give my life to serve my country!!
I made a dumb mistake a as a kids I always wanted to be a navy seal my dad was in the navy but I'm a felon I think I'd be a asst to my country
If given this chance I'd sign up for life
I believe that felons should be able to join the military and bear arms
First time and only time offenders of non violent crimes should be given a chance to serve, work for the government or be in law enforcement. With nearly 8 years since making one bad decision at the age of 19, the title of "felon" still follows me around like a sign above my head that reads, "can't be trusted, don't waste your time on me." If your punishments have been served and the debt to society repaid, shouldn't that be enough?
I have a felony and I have completed all the requirements asked by the judicial system and im no longer on parole/probation. If I could join right now I would without any hesitation. So please correct this problem with the rules so people like myself eho would be proud to serve can.
I was convicted at age 21, after following blindly behind my boyfriend at the time and taking charges for him. I went from no record to 4 felony convictions. Nearly 8 years later I lead a completely different life. I went down the wrong road but since have gotten my life back on track. I have gotten married, had a child and my priorities in life have changed. I believe that everyone who WANTS to serve our country after having rehabilitated themselves should be allowed to. I served my time in jail, I served my probation and made the necessary changes in my life. Yet my sentence in society is ongoing, because I will continue being judged for a mistake I made nearly a decade ago. People can, and often do change for the better; these people often tend to be better leaders as they've been put in many difficult situations first hand.
Felons should be given a second chance, career criminals are obviously a risk but I think criteria can be put together to accept the brilliant minds out there that have just been tossed aside by society. I am a felon, that's not easy to always say. Since getting a felony I have graduated from college with honors, excelled in my career path and have a daughter. I sometimes long to serve my country but for now I just need to do it at home, maybe someday I can join the team. God bless
I was 17 years old when I got into trouble, charged as a adult. Witnesses to prove my innocence, but I had impatience on my side. I always wanted to join the military, wanted to be a navy seal. Family lineage of people in the military in wars since the civil war, to WW2. I am 35 now, college degree on my belt, have not been in trouble since for any new crimes. I still have the passion to join, and serve. I pray and hope for the chance to prove myself like many others here.