Give Felons The Right To Join The Army/Military

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I am asking congress to support letting felons into the army/military. I think that if someone has proven to change there ways in life and be a role model citizen then there is no reason to not let them join. This is descrimination against USA citizens. These people are trying to better there life and that is what the USA stands for.

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Im 26 years old and never had a drug charge in my life untill 2010 when I was charged with f5 drug trafficking only because the guy in my passenger seat had a mcds bag with weed and he was wired up for the cops and because of that day my childhood dream of serving 30yr in the U.S.M.C are gone I was in boy scouts jrotc and martial arts ever since I could walk just to prepare for it and nothing to show for it and it ****is me off if someone wants to serve this country and ther right of mind let them I would give anything for one day in that Marine Uniform
I know a kid (21) he came from a doped up family and the kids were wild. He got caught up with the wrong bunch and got into drugs, from there robbing little things then into breaking and entering. He's not a bad kid. He's done his time in jail but had to come back to the same enviroment. He's really trying but it's hard because there's not much around in this small community. There's not many jobs available so almost impossible for someone with a record. If he could join the military, he would have a chance to get away and make something of himself. He has no other way out. He has nothing but the life he had before, I'm afraid for him. He's going to go back or worse. One chance for away out is all some people need.
Help our younger generation before it's too late. Thank you
My dream is to join the avtive duty army but my felony is stoping me please help i want to join for me my family and my contry
After someone has served there time the punishment should be over not on going. So yes I say let felons in.
felons should be allowed to join the UCMJ would then cover any crimes committed by said felon who was allowed entrance into the armed forces
It is ridiculous how this country holds something against you from 14 years ago. My felony was from 2003. I paid my dues to society and what better way to learn discipline and have a second chance to prove themselves. It's many who are in the military who have committed felonies and not get caught. It's all about money though. They got to keep the prisons full. So they deploy the same troops over and over. What if a major war jumped off I bet they would hurry and let you sign up if things got out of control. The recruiter laughed at me and said they have plenty reserves . Lol. I think they are a little besides there self . Nothing is gonna change unless all the felons of the US take a stand . I'm down. It's enough of us . Not saying all felons should join but at least have a law that if this human being is not perfect as is no human being they should be evaluated. Who knows what that person may do or accomplish or save In a conflict. Until we unite and stand up to the crooked politicians nothing will change. Trust me they aren't all perfect. The Secret Service sleep with prostitutes,goveners in sex scandals. President that admitted to drug use in their younger days. The list goes on. Anyway our hands are tied behind our backs out In this society that locks all it's men up and ostracizes them for life. No wonder so many countries hate the US and people here are sick of it
I believe that letting someone who has a felony should be able to join the military regardless of the charge, if he/she wants to help their country so be it, i do understand that the military is not a right but still,i think the military should give felons at least a chance, to make their life better and be the better person they want to be.
I feel the same way if a person has shown that they are truly changed and want a better life and there conviction was non drug and sex related as well as gang affiliation the military should help provide a fresh start im already signed up for selective service so I don't see why I cant get in the military especially seeing as how my crime was criminal damage to property and it was my first offense im not a bad person at all I love flying airplanes and love helping people my dream is to fly for delta airlines and the military can really be a big help in accomplishing that dream and goal.