Give Felons The Right To Join The Army/Military

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I am asking congress to support letting felons into the army/military. I think that if someone has proven to change there ways in life and be a role model citizen then there is no reason to not let them join. This is descrimination against USA citizens. These people are trying to better there life and that is what the USA stands for.

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My name is Travis Whidden and I became a convicted felon at the age 15. I was charged as a Adult and it has ruined my life, I can not get a steady job to support my family. I have tried to join the Marines several times but keep getting rejected. I am 33 now and I still want to join some form of Millitary. Please pass this bill before I get to old.
I am 24 and took the wrong path most of my life and it wasn't until I had my first kid that I decided I wanted to do good and be a good person. I wanted to join the military my whole life and I was actually DEP'd in to the Marines before. I screwed up a lot in my life but all I wanted to do was be a marine and now because of my mistakes I am thrown away from doing what I've always wanted to do. I feel it is wrong to deny a person access to protect there country and want to be apart of that in that matter. I've changed and a lot of people have and I think we should all get a second chance if we want one.
It is fair enough to give all willing ,a true chance to support their nation without holding their past against them while continuously punishing them for the rest of there lives, that goes against American dreams of becoming better people within the greatest nation and then becomes discrimination against the people of our country. We all make mistakes and it is those that realize their mistakes and seek a change in behavior towards life that deserve a chance to do more for themselves and their country. felons are denied access to vote or fight to defend their home and denied good opportunity to catch up to the lives we lost to prison leaving us basically prisoners for the rest of our lives, this wasn't part of my sentencing in court and is wrong treatment to those that realize their need to progress as a functional member of society.
I always wanted to join the military and I messed up with the wrong crowd, wish I could change it, I want to give back to the country and be able to have my dream back of being in the military for this country.
I will join the military thr same day they make it able for felons to join. I have always wanted to join and I messed up once and caught a felony snd now my life has gone hill. Unlike if I was join or able to I would be living a better life and take care of my family better.
We All Need To Make A Stand For Our "RIGHTS AND COUNTRY"...
I personally have made mistakes, in fact, multiple mistakes from which I regret. I have also, in the same lifetime, completed a bachelors degree and a pilots license. With the bad not going anywhere but with me throughout life, I have tried to offset with good. Regardless of how much a person changes or how far they go to right the wrongs, it seems impossible to serve in the military.
It has been proven in psychological tests that persons with above average I.Q. and E.Q. have records that are not up to the military standards but also that these people have no real purpose or path to follow. It is thought by many according to online forums that I have read that if these people were given goals and or a "reason to exist" that their minds would go to much better use. When a smart person doesn't use their gift then the mind wanders and not always in the best direction. I'm personally a person who would give everything to join a cause as great as the US Military, as ensuring freedom for millions would be my sole focus. I have taken the Pre ASVAB test and placed extremely well according to averages researched. I have always wanted to fly in the military so I went to get my pilots license. With only a license to fly and no mission I still feel like my life lacks purpose. I feel smart, successful within, and I know with the right calling I could be everything that I know I can be. Isn't that the mo to of the Army? So let me be.........
I support the military in employing felons based on their crimes. I don't think it's a good idea to allow violent criminals into the military but minor offenses should bar a person from military service. Stop punishing people after they have paid for their crimes.
I personally was charged with poss of marijuana with intent to distribute of 3 grams when i was 19. I used my first offender and completed my probation with no problems and havent been in trouble since, im now27. I can understand multiple offenders and people being caught with large quantities of drugs but in my case i was charged with intent for 3 grams of weed because i would not snitch on the person i bought it from.