Give Felons The Right To Join The Army/Military

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I am asking congress to support letting felons into the army/military. I think that if someone has proven to change there ways in life and be a role model citizen then there is no reason to not let them join. This is descrimination against USA citizens. These people are trying to better there life and that is what the USA stands for.

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People make mistakes. Felons are looked down on when it comes to getting jobs, or when it comes to joining the military and it's unfair. If we want to better ourselfs we should be able to. Think about it.
I am currently 21, 4 years ago I made a bad decision. Now I have a record which the marine corps keep denying me for. I would love to serve my country, have never been in any trouble with the law prior. I hope Congress could assess that not all felons are bad people and find a way to let us in. Even if us felons have many more stages to go through than the average person, Im sure we would be willing to go the extra mile just to be able to get a chance at joining the military. We could prove that we are willing to go the extra mile, and do 10 times more work than the average person serving, that we are capable of serving our country with full potential
there is no reason why a changed man shouldnt have an opportunity to serve his country.
I'm a felon and would love to join the military/Army.
I have a record but have since changed my ways and would live to serve my country...
I'm a felon I just turned 24 in April! I would fight and die for my country proudly! Just because I am a felon does not mean I would not make a great solider! I want to make a difference in this world! I want to keep my home USA MY
While in the service, I met many people, some with juvenile felonies, that bettered themselves through military service. Many times, the military provides the structure and gets them out of awful environments that enable individual change. Taking away this chance to better oneself through military services hurts America overall.
We all have a past but shouldnt be discriminated to join our nations fight. If employers are practicing EOE... why shouldnt the military do the same?
I'm a felon and would love to join the military.
I got myself in trouble over 15 years ago, have since remained in good standing, obtained state licensing as a contractor in Florida with no marrs on that record and they still wont let me serve
We've all made mistakes in the past and I think if a person has shown they changed, why not give them a shot. Its a way to take care of our families and make good money. We are not dangerous people and shouldn't be looked as such because we made a bad choice. I would gladly serve in the military.