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As an investor in the Reserve Yield Plus Fund (RYPQX), I was pleased to hear of the recent court order adopting the SEC's distribution plan in the Reserve Primary Fund case. As you know, we (the investors) in the RYPQX Fund are still awaiting distribution of our remaining funds. In addition TD Ameritrade helped make the investors whole to cover the Lehman loss.

As our plight is in almost all ways similar to the Reserve Primary Fund, I am hereby requesting for the RYPQX fund a similiar order from the court as in the case of the Reserve Primary Fund. Such an order would give injunctive and other relief and a pro rata distribution of the remaining RYPQX assets as expeditiously as possible.

TD Ameritrade was the main force behind the RYPQX marketing to investors as a money market like fund with solid return. RYPQX turned out be nothing but a hoax and its been almost two years that over 4000 investor's money have been tied up by Reserve. TDAM has washed its hand off this deal and points to Reserve as the problem. Investors need accountability from both TDAM and Reserve funds in order to receive 100% of our money invested plus interest and penalty for holding money illegally beyond the sale of the Lehman shares. I appreciate prompt attention to this matter and request an immediate inquiry into the TDAM/Reserved relationship and the hardship to the RYPQX investors.

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We had money in IRA and another account as RYPQX portrayed as safe,. Money market fund. Very unfair!
I am at retirement age and is waiting for my money back from RYPQX since 2008.
I am sorely disappointed in TDAM for marketing this bogus security as a money market fund when your funds are uninvested /parked on the sideline.
RYPQX was presented to my by phone from TD as a "money market" fund.
Seven years and no resolution--impossible to believe' where is the accountability
How did our legal system go so far off the rails that a Federal judge cannot make such a simple decision in seven years, with no end in sight ! I could make this decision in fifteen minutes!
Since 2008, the funds of Reserve Yield Plus Fund (RYPQX) have been tied up in court with no action being taken. The balance of the funds need to be distributed to the investors in this fund. Your assistance would be appreciated.
How long can this take for closure? I have basically ended my relationship with TD Ameritrade due their hand washing. Continue to wonder how long something like this can linger before it finally dies completely.
my son and I were both ripped off!
It has been a scandal. TD marketed this fund to me not as a fund but a money market account where I could safely hold (temporarily) funds as I allocated them elsewhere. TD is the culprit, innocently claiming they have no ownership, yet their salespeople have lied to earn their commissions!
I don't mind the monetary loss loss as much as the unreasonable delay in achieving a final settlement, so that the investors could at least use their non-IRA losses to offset other gains. Shamefully, TD ADAM has provided absolutely no help to investors in getting this matter wound down.
Peter Roskam please help...
i have written Judge Gardephe twice
Congress, to no avail.
the only winner here is the lawyers and how much money the Bent's can take out of this.

delay only means padding Wall Street. the concepts are the same as the Primary Fund which is over and done with. Please help