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As an investor in the Reserve Yield Plus Fund (RYPQX), I was pleased to hear of the recent court order adopting the SEC's distribution plan in the Reserve Primary Fund case. As you know, we (the investors) in the RYPQX Fund are still awaiting distribution of our remaining funds. In addition TD Ameritrade helped make the investors whole to cover the Lehman loss.

As our plight is in almost all ways similar to the Reserve Primary Fund, I am hereby requesting for the RYPQX fund a similiar order from the court as in the case of the Reserve Primary Fund. Such an order would give injunctive and other relief and a pro rata distribution of the remaining RYPQX assets as expeditiously as possible.

TD Ameritrade was the main force behind the RYPQX marketing to investors as a money market like fund with solid return. RYPQX turned out be nothing but a hoax and its been almost two years that over 4000 investor's money have been tied up by Reserve. TDAM has washed its hand off this deal and points to Reserve as the problem. Investors need accountability from both TDAM and Reserve funds in order to receive 100% of our money invested plus interest and penalty for holding money illegally beyond the sale of the Lehman shares. I appreciate prompt attention to this matter and request an immediate inquiry into the TDAM/Reserved relationship and the hardship to the RYPQX investors.

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These funds need distributed before attorney and bank fees use the remainder of the funds. It seems a bad deal just continues to get worse.
The notion that the principals of the Reserve Funds can and have retained residual investor monies to pay for their own legal costs is patently outrageous. Ditto, the amount of time (5 years and counting) that it is taking to declare RYPQX legally defunct. Regardless of whether investors see another dime, authorities need to resolve this matter ASAP so at least they can utilize their investment losses in RYPQX for tax purposes.
TD Ameritrade and the Reserve should be held accountable and return any available assets to the shareholders who were lied to when sold this fund. I have several thousand dollars tied up and am interested in any help to recover some of this investment.
There is no doubt that TDAM misrepresented this fund and is guilty of gross negligence, if not outright fraud, and is required under equity to make the investors whol.
What is our next step in getting our money back.
Agree with many. This vehicle was sold by TD as safe. Their profits should be attached to make us little guys whole. Where is congress on this one. They sure are helping the big guns on the Madoff deal.
We need a closer on this fund, it has been more ten 5 years.
Just talked to TDAmeritrade, and they have no advice on what the heck is holding up closure of this debacle.

Would be nice if we could get closure of this by year end and at least get a writeoff of whatever is not collectible.
Why has this issue not been resolved? Investors need closure.
TD Ameritrade should make investors whole and they can sue and collect from the Reserve Fund assets. The little guy is getting the shaft and government is doing NOTHING !!!