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A new trend has started amongst our teenagers an increasing numbers of youths are turning to an herb-based product to get high, and unlike marijuana, it's perfectly legal. The product consists of herbs that are sprayed with synthetic substances that mimic THC, the high-causing natural chemical found in marijuana. If your child was given a gift card for a birthday or any other occassion they can purchase K2 over the internet. A disclaimer on a K2-selling Web site reads: "K2Herbal products are novelty incenses and are not for consumption." but yet are children are smoking this. Please help me ban this susbstance.

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I am a mental health worker I have seen and dealt with k2 spic issues in my work and with friends whom have used and almost died from it. u might as well drink Clorox it is not meant to be consumed and will kill and has killed. remove it from the community
Band this k2 it is destroying lives the kids cant function in daily lives so sad it needs to stop band it now !!!!
My son and i smoke about 10 grams of k2 rolled up in some king size RAW rolling papers and man that******had us foaming and puking blood every where !! It was great ! **** marijuana who would ever make that******legal ? The devils lettuce if ya ask me ill stick to my -'pot'poury- (K2,fake weed,americas trap for the youth) it was all put here by the government for us anyways hey roll-up some K2 for all the kids and adults let all see where it goes...they sell it at pretty much any******hole gas station so you dont have to make a phone call to any sketchy 'dealers' its your own community that helps kill your youth ! Yay K2 the answer to americas 'problem' with marijuana...
- Thanks for reading-Love : The guy who ****ed your mother ;) PEACE
last i checked it was still a free country.alcohol and tobacco are not any different.can we ban minorities from the usa if i sign a petition????? ur all communists
This almost killed me! I have been suffering health problems since.
My son just got out of the hospital having taking K2... He had a seizure and could of died, it was however his first time doing this.fortunately he is alright.