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we the people have to stop the inmense abuse from social workers selling our babys
And to think that I questioned my intelligence and thought twice that maybe I was over exaggerating when I say that the division dyfs dccp whatever the he'll they choose to call themselves are heartless individuals that year innocent precious angels away from the people that can care and love these babies more than any other can imagine. This is my story

I have a drug history for abusing opiates. I've come to accept that I have a mental illness. For those of you who do not understand addiction, the only thing you need to know is it is a constant struggle and it will leave one to be misunderstood for the rest of there lives. I abused opiates to hide from reality. It was easier to process any feeling while being intoxicated. Than I gave birth to the most perfect human being I've come to lay eyes on. He was perfect and I found that missing peice that I have been searching for. Nothing felt better than to have someone you love with every inch of your soul, to rely on you. That was it..the love I was missing, and the peice that fit my perfect puzzle and magically I found my true love, which I had thought once was drugs, and I couldn't be happier. I didn't realize how much I was going to love him, but yet I used while I was pregnant. So my grandma moved in to supervise us, and I stayed completely drug free and she passed awAy suddenly for no known cause. She was my only support. So I had my boy removed from my custody. I relapse and finally came to conclusion that enough is enough. 6-9 month intensive in patient, where I get my boy back In my custody and found it I was pregnant with my second son. I Move out after completing, to a educational based program for homeless woman and children. A week later I visit my mom in nj, mind you I live in pa, and go into labor. They test me at birth and positive urine? Bs! But the baby's meconium tested negative for all illegal substances. What's wrong with that picture. I beg for another test but because of my section they gave me so much medication it defeated the purpose. I think okay, I have nothing to hide, snap I was caught into what they referred to as this drugs trap. My second son is almost six months old, court ordered to pay for me to move into an apartment. I've lost 800$! That I put down to hold a place because dyfs didn't do their dam job. It took them five months to place them with the previous foster guardian my first son was with. And 35 DAYS TO GET THEIR MEDICAL CARD SO THIS POOR LADY CAN HAVE THEM SEEN BY A DOCTOR. WHERE THE HELL DID YOU GROW UP BECAUSE IN THE STATE OF PENNSYLVANIA THAT IS MANDATORY WITHIN 48 hours. And I'm supposed to believe that they are in favor of the best interest of my children.?! These are my babies not a freaking check every month. I don't believe for a second that this place cares about my kids with any ounce of their body. They don't care about them in any part of their only toe let alone care and love them the way I do. I DoD drug and alcho evaluation; they came t
Back in October 22,2014 DYFS come to my house with false allegations against me and my boyfriend and upon these allegations the next day they went to court and took my children from me without any proof and fax Or proving anything my children are still not with me there with their father two of them are not even his children they're not even his stepchildren no longer that is my ex-husband they are still making false allegations against me and my boyfriend and on top of this I lost everything my car my job and my residency even discriminating against my religion they even violated all my constitutional rights as a woman as a mother and as a person. I always thought in the state of New Jersey you have to have Proof that a mother is Unfit Mother but they don't have that cause I'm a damn good mother. There is a lot more that has been done to me through these months that are unfair to me and to my children .
I get my ex husband's girlfriends always calling to hurt me. Enough is enough.
Anyone that has more time on there hands can call and disrupt an entire family...
I've seen dyfs take children from parents who did not deserve to have their children. I have also seen dyfs take children from parents or "investigate" parents for no reason other than some anonymous caller said something bad about the parent or parents. I personally had dyfs called multiple times because of childish people who had nothing better to do than try and cause me problems and wanted to hurt me. There was nothing found but I still had to wait until they said it was okay for me to move on with my life. They're ridiculous and need to get on the right track.
Dyfs/cps doesn't investigate they take sides on whoever complains first there the most incompetent workers around almost like weather men but this matters when they get it wrong
I have seen this agency do direct harm to children this is not a joke or me just being ****ed off. This agency has put children in direct harm. I have a documented case where children were placed with a known felon over their parents. The Judges that hear the cases give this agency too much credit and allow them to have power that is truly Unconstitutional. I am willing to share all the documentation with the proper people to put a stop to this corrupt agency. Thank everyone who supports this petition.
My children are in foster care, taken by ocean county dyfs. They are now threatning to place them up for adoption all because of false allegations by my boyfriends crazy x wife. I need help!
They are bullies who have nothing better to do than harrass good people who are legitimately taking care of their children. It is heart wrenching the amount of stress that these people place on families who are struggling stay together.
NJ DYFS (now known as DCP&P) are committing crimes against families. Agregious and unacceptable brokering of children. Their system is designed to perpetuate a cycle of lawlessness and self-justified abuse on families? A defective one.
my fiancÚ ex husband has called DYFS/CPS 12 times on us in the last 3 years, everything was unfounded. Last time I let them talk to kids and unfounded again, then I immediately removed them from my home, now they are taking me to court cause they think I need anger management for telling them to leave, these people are uneducated morons. And are paid well for there stupidness. The DYFS/CPS should be corrected with better employees.
DYFS has been in my house 3 times. Twice thanks to my husband ex-girl friend (we know for fact she was the one). The third call was made from the Daycare that my daughter was attending to in Paterson NJ. These investigations are very intrusive, they want to know all your business and even though, everything is okay, they continue looking for things that do not exist. Flash news for you DYS investigators, kids run and they hurt their legs well, " they are kids". Once a case is reported, they need to investigate more about the person who is making the phone call and the real reasons they have.
They need to have callers identify theirselves
when calling and making these accusations about someone...
They remind me of nazi Germany. They have totally destroyed my son and daughters marriage , financially bankrupt them, caused huge damage to my grade kids who now fear that any adult is going to take them. They are totally ruined by these lying bastards. We went from a happy well adjusted family to destroyed and it only took these scum one year to do it.
I have experienced all this and more. I would love to include my case if there is a group of cases to be investigated. DYFS has consistently broken their own policies and slandered me and my family, and libeled our names on paper as well. Their case is full of lies and inconsistencies, and though I have done EVERYTHING, no matter how proposterous, to regain custody of my children, they are still holding out they should be adopted to strangers, and have held them in abusive foster homes for over two years.
I am disgusted by DYFS (AKA DCPP) they don't care about children.
I need some help I feel as I im being snowballed
For the past 4 yrs DYFS has been to my house at least 6 or 7 times regarding false accusations that dyfs has closed the cases on immediately. The question I always ask them and get no answer is thsee accusations are from my ex husband girlfriend who has it out for me for whatever reason and even after a yr and a half that my exhusband has deceased she still calls. So my question to DYFS is "You are here to protect children....why are you not protecting my kids and myself from a pschool who wants to harrass us.... she may just snap one day and want to hurt me or my hurt/kidnap my kid" of course I get no answer from dyfs worker. ..... also to add that my 8 yr old son who has been dealing with dyfs since he was 4 for false accusations and lost his father 1 1/2 yrs ago......this is not fair to him.....he has been thru enough....I know I don't have to worry about dyfs taking my child because I take very good care of my kids but this harrassment and having an unstable person doing this scares me.....why is there no way to get the proof I need to put harrassment charges against this woman???? This woman can call every day for the next 9 yrs till my son is 17 and dyfs will just come out instead of investing on this person calling? That's out of control and ridiculous....there are children being beaten, rapped and killed but your gonna keep checking homes with out checking the person calling? Crazy just crazy
My self and my family are present victims of DCP&P! From day one of dealing with them they have misconstrued what they claim to be and represent! THEY ARE HOME WRECKING, LYING, INCOMPETENT OVER FUNDED ANIMALS WITH MORE RIGHTS THAN ANYONE COULD EVER IMAGINE!!! The amount of money spent on the division's behalf and the amount spent out of our pocket for lawyers, missed work for court hearings, home visits and the list goes on and on is nauseating! Can't tell you how many times I've heard this quote now... "For every 1 family or child they save..... 100 families have been wrecked!"
Something needs to change NOW! This is America and as citizens of the U.S. we should not be bullied around by a failed government funded organization that had to change their name to continue their failed game! Know YOUR RIGHTS if you ever have to deal with them because they will surely make you believe they are there to help you (lmao)
"not hurt you!"
I was just coerced into signing my rights over to my mother instead of going through with the trial. My lawyer did not prepare me at all.Dyfs had all there evidence ready against me but I had no evidence submitted for me and I had lots of it. I was not told I could Have wittnesses but they had theirs. I was told i would'nt win and if I did'nt sign I would not see my other four children. I am totally devastated and it has'nt been a week yet. I am ashamed and I want to appeal. Dyfs believes everything they are told and everything they read as long as it helps their case. All the bad things or wrongs are all thats stated. What about the good things i've done for my daughter. My mother is the foster parent and works for them all of the things she has done wrong with my child is ignored. They believe her and nothing i say. They are not fair to me but are they being fair to my daughter to just take her parents from her without knowing the whole truth. I believe that it is all about the money as mentioned. Instead of terminating parents rights come live with them and their kids for a week a month even before tearing a family apart on hearsay.
Not whats best for the child but for capital. Everlasting damage to good families
Please sign my petition as well. I am sorry for the grammar and spelling, I forgot to check before I posted.
I had dyfis called on me in 05 I completed everything they asked of me and they did not give me 3 out of 4 children back and the only reason they gave me my son back is because he was being abused in a foster home dyfis put him 07 they gave my cousin kinship of my 2 daughter's witch one is with her and the other they put away and have her labeled as bipolar and rebellious because my daughter wants me and my son was a run away and reveled because he wanted me as well he is 15 now home with me now and is doing a lot better. daughter Marissa is now a runaway and I worry about her safety. ..dyfis is to protect children not to be used against parents who do take care of there kids. ..kid's should feel safe where ever they are I still have my rights but I am not aloud to use them I have no understanding I don't trust them I feel like they purposely take kid's away and they give you diagnoses just to keep your children away. Believe child services does not work for the best interest of a child I believe our children are just a pay check for them. ..

Dyfs needs to be stopped. Our family has been proven innocent by multiple psychological/psychiatric evaluations, pediatric and mental health professionals and doctors, but Dyfs won't stop their claims of "concern about child neglect/abuse" and therefore wants to subject us to additional, dyfs paid for allegations and continued supervision. They're bothering with the wrong people. What we've learned is that you have to lie to protect yourself from them. This is corruption to say the least! Please stop them!
Dyfs doesn't care about kids at all. I called on my childs mother. I get to see her for 4 hours every two weeks and she always has a redness in her private area. Then several photos surfaced of her aunt grabbing her their so I called and showed them the photos and they said that was fine they saw nothing wrong. Never stopped her aunt from being around her.
My dyfus story, they took my son from me, they broke the hepa law by threatening me with calling the cops and getting a court order. I had nothing to hide so I went and got them. In front of my family and friends were saying what prescriptions I was on and how many. Then counted them all out on my kitchen table with my 2 1/2 year old running around. I'm also on a cds do to a major car accident. I kept telling her this is unprofessional this should be done in a office, back room etc. also I said what if yous drop one and my son gets it!!! I told her supervisor and nothing was done!!
2.) I got a new case worker and she slipped and told me my son got out of foster care and made it to a horse stable and was playing with the horses!! He could have been killed!! She could not tell me how long he got away for,if the cops were called,etc. Then she said he also got out while the husband was taking the trash out! My son missed his psychiatrist appointment and the case worker blamed the foster parents and I told her that is not true dyfus provides all transportation and then she didn't say anything!!
3.) The guy case worker that removed my son had no reason to!!! They called the cops on me and said I was not allowing them to do there job. Then the case worker was smiling behind the cops backs, then after his co worker got my son out he walked by me and said I told you I am taking your son!!! I freaked out and got arrested for disturbing the peace/sum stupid bs. And they gave me a $25,000 bail with no 10%. Then he was at the 1st court date and while we were walking out of court he smiled at me and followed me out the court harrassing me while everyone there was telling him to stop to leave me alone. I have called every supervisor,regional supervisor and they all said its there word against mine and I can't do anything. I passed all 8 random drug tests and pill counts,psychiatrist and they still won't give him back!! Now I got to do parenting classes!! Does anyone know how to get in contact with someone in Trenton?? Any help would be appreciated soooo much!! PLEASE help me!! I have a lawyer that is costing me a boat load and hasn't done anything to help!! I agree %100 New Jersey Dyfus needs to be stopped!!
Dyfs is a entity with too much power allowing inexperienced worker to cause trauma and devastation to families in NJ. They use bullying and intimidation tactics to ruin families. Worst of all they use the mothers love of her children as a pawn to keep them jumping through hoops. When does it stop.....
In my case in Jefferson County Colorado the division purposefully used time delays of five plus months in providing for services and working on reunification efforts to run down the court restricted time clock legally permitted to keep these cases open n a manipulative tactic to intentionally create a case for termination.
Cps tore my family apart they took my granddaughter from my daughter she is 16 she is bipolar my home is stable my granddaughter been to 6 fosters home she came to the visit with a swollen leg that same foot not does not walk right and she is shaking till this day now they turned my daughter against me she started acting out now they have custody of her they have her in a foster home she don't eat and she is pregnant the mattress they gave her has blood stains on it my worker she lied on my reports
Its been 15 months that I haven't heard or seen my children. I was just in court 2 weeks ago and my lawyer was in awe when I told her I had no contact with my children in any way shape or form. Due to my lawyers request she told the judge that in one week to have contact with my children. The judge granted it. CPS/Dyfs still hasn't done anything. I was supposed to get supervised phone conversation along time ago and til now still nothing. My lawyer was doing everything possible, I appreciate my lawyer for that. It's court ordered that dyfs has to let me speak to my children and still nothing. Dyfs lawyers instead of saying that I should have reunification with my children, kept saying over and over again that my children don't want to speak or see me. I had told my lawyer instead saying my children don't want to see me, they should be pushing reunification. How do they expect for my children and I build a relationship again if they keep saying that. It was proven by CPS investigator that I never neglected my children or endangered their Welfare. It all started with my ex-boyfriend who made a false allegation towards who is now my husband. It was proven that my husband is not what my ex-boyfriend said my husband was. In between all the harrassment by my ex-boyfriend, then he goes and makes another false allegation towards my husband and said my husband was burning my oldest son. My husband went to jail because of my ex-boyfriends false allegation. Then Oct of 2014 my children were removed from my ex-boyfriend because he was using my children's money to abuse drugs and alcohol. They till this day let my ex-boyfriend have visits with my children. WHATS WRONG WITH THAT PICTURE. It was proven that my ex-boyfriend endangered the Welfare of my children. Then back in December of 2014 when my ex was released from jail after 2 months. He came up with another false allegation, this time towards my husband and myself. My ex-boyfriend even got his girlf riend to make a false allegation towards my husband. My husband and I have so many criminal charges against my ex-boyfriend and now his girlfriend. For false allegations to authorities. Mind you neither of us have the children and he still does everything possible to ruin mine and my husband's life. My husband spent 10 days in jail and I 2 days. My ex-boyfriend tried to get my husband arrested first, it didn't go how he planned it. On January 2nd my husband went to the court in Passaic to defend me, instead my husband got arrested. Spent 10 days in jail. My kids are in foster care. They were both in Hasbrouck Heights. As of the past month my oldest was placed in another family in Camden NJ. My oldest son is multiply disabled and my son has Ocd. A picking disorder called dermatillomania. I have the same disorder. I told them everything about my ex-boyfriend and his long criminal and drug history. Ofcourse they think they know it all. Everything I told DYFS/CPS they heard it from my ex-boyfriends mouth. They sti
I am currently in litigation with DYFS and trying to keep my children. I have an 8 year old daughter and a 5 month old baby girl. DYFS is harassing and bullying me constantly. They are pushing for my ex-husband to take custody of my 8 year old. My 8 year old is diagnosed with anxiety and pica. A custody change would devastate her, and they do not care. They lied to the judge on the stand several times and we've only had 1 hearing so far! My second hearing is tomorrow and I am petrified! They said I tested positive for opiates on their drug test. But it has to be a false positive, as I have not done any drugs! My case worker showed up with a co-worker unannounced at my house bullying me and insisting that I admit I did drugs and ask the for help, as well as sign releases for my daughter's medical records!

I did not qualify for a public defender, so the first day of court I hired an attorney to represent me that day for $250. I found that she worked with DYFS and did not help me at all! DYFS acted like I am not having my daughter treated for the anxiety or the PICA, and my attorney said nothing to defend me regarding my daughter's diagnosis and treatment plan. I cannot afford an attorney, so I am stuck trying to fight these evil people all by myself, which is perhaps better since the attorney didn't speak up for me! DYFS refuses to let me see the lab results for the drug test and are refusing to allow me to see my file or obtain Discovery! They are a horrible agency and must be stopped! I can only pray that the Judge listens to me tomorrow.
I am trying to get my 3 grand daughters out of foster care , cps and the courts denied me custody I have an appeal hearing but I doubt it will do any good , why is cps being allowed to rip families apart this way ? It has become a business , its sad and so many children are being hurt , something needs to be done
I just found out from lawyer that I was made to be on child abuse registry and I never abused or neglected my child. There lies made up be dyfs. This is outeous. Someone needs to make a petition on stopping dyfs from having immunity. This why they are getting away of stealing or kidnapping our children. They also need to learn when a child is lying to them. This is what happen to me.
They took a child over what the father's family said.
In February 1, DYFS was put into my life because of a mistake I made as a human. My son ingested some of my medication. I have no knowledge of how he got it I guess I dropped some on the floor and him being a normal 16 month old that picks everything up off the floor and puts it in his mouth. i took him to the emergency room because he was acting funny and I didn't know what was wrong with my son. The doctor called DYFS on me because he had gotten into my medication. Since that day a protection plan was put into place and neither I or my husband are allowed to be with them alone. They were prepared to take his twin sister out of the home at 11 at night but my husband suggested that he leave instead of them taking her at night. First of all, I don't see how that's helping my daughter who is used to being around a few people during the day by taking her out of her bed at 11 at night. I was en route to the other hospital that he was being taken to (the doctors had already established that he was going to the children's hospital for observation because he was a 25 weeker preemie). I was questioned at the hospital and my husband at home and then all hell broke loose. We were recommended to go to substance abuse programs and take random drug tests. We went to court and the judge felt it was too soon to lift protection so he gave us an expedited court date so we could get more drug screens and program under our belt which I agreed with. We went to court a second time and the protection was not lifted although we had done everything they asked and that it was stated in the last court date that it would be lifted. Now we have to take a hair follicle drugs test and pray that the protection gets lifted and now our next court date isn't for two months. I'm only human and mistakes happen and that's exactly what it was a mistake but I feel like I'm being condemned because of it. All this has done is become an inconvenience and tear me and my mother apart (she is an approved supervisor). I don't think I should be placed in the same category of people who don't give a crap about by heir kids and actually do real harm to them. I'm a stay at home mom of 19 month old twins mistakes happen and you learn from them. I love my kids and I would never let anything bad happen to them which is why I took my son to the hospital once I realized something wasn't right. This whole thing almost makes me regret going the right thing. I see there being no end to this any time soon and it's hindering us from moving and starting a new and better life for our kids. My husband has a child from another relationship and that child's mother is a bonafide drug addict she's had an open case against her since I was pregnant with them in 2013 and she still can't get her******together but they give her chance after chance and although she can't even be around her son after she was given more than one chance to move back in th house they had to kick her out again. On top of that my husband ca
I was found not guilty in criminal court my son stated i had not hit him,it was later agreed upon that he would go live with his father. My youngest son who i had never had a complaint filed for harming him i have had my parental rights taken.
I have lost my job due to these proceedings.
I had a worker Lashawn Peterson even come to my home and say who did you **** off this week we have another call against you. At the time this was supposed to have happened my child were visiting their god mother in another state. I was told we have had twenty calls against you something must be wrong. First they tried to say i was a drug addict when that was proven to be untrue,now i am unstable with mental issues from two test i had to sit at a computer and take. Each test was scheduled in the morning after i had worked the night before without getting and sleep. Some of the words i did not understand and left blank i was told that i had to pick one. Due to being a single mother i left school in the ninth grade i don't read to well. All throughout this trauma i had told the public defender that a lot of things are being said about me are untrue he would in return say DON'T worry about it or after complaining about unfair treatment he would say look just say you did it and your sorry and your kids will be home soon. He never look into anything i told him about my childrens documented mental history. No one was allowed to testify on my behalf as to how i was with my children just a ex friend my estranged bio polar oldest daughter and a half sister whom i never got along with were able to talk to the judge behind closed doors but did not appear at trial. I had two Uncles that lived with me and saw interaction between myself and my children but they were not allowed to speak my oldest son came to speak but was not allowed.
All this due to calls from people who had dislike for me and could find no other way to hurt me.
They thought i was on welfare and that i would lose my home if my children weren't there. Funny thing isafter all this time I am the only one still at my same address since the start of this in 2008
Everyone else has moved at least three times including the foster mother. I might be uneducated and a little slow on understanding somethings but i have always provided the best for my children by working hard and being a role model even though i am dumb my girls wete not teenaged moms out of six children five grown three black boys with high school diplomas and no criminal histories.
One Ged and she is in college to be a Chef.
I still can't understand how this happened to my family our home was a home like my mother's and Grandmothers and Aunts and Uncles even though i was poor you would not know it by looking at my children and home. They took my baby from me when he was five alot of missed visits from them he does not remember me singing to him and loving him all he knows is what they have said about me which is so untrue i never hurt my childr
the state came in and took my son which has alot of health issues my daugther since she was 14 has cause so many problems with me with the state so one day i ask them to remove her from the home since her and my mom wants to file false reports the state says we cant not remove her so i said every time she gets mad or my mother they can just call they say yes so by now im in three years deep with the state the worker is a piece of crap she never do a complete report then she lies on stand im so done i need help they say i kidnap my own son
2007 El dorado County came in my home stole my three girls yr in a half ago I was given sole legal and physical custody of my oldest daughter and I thought I may be able to cope and give my daughter a normal family unit with out being in terror. I was so wrong . It has now started over again I am in fear all the time my daughter is in fear my husband is in fear and i can pay a attorny and cps has smeared our reputation, due to my daughters fear to go to school cause she is afraid they will take her away again I am being bullied by S.A.R.B . This county has ruined our lives our good name, our relationship with family members, it has smeared our names local law enforcement We are powerless know one will help us or stand up for our civil rights. We are scared to death have know where to turn to PLEASE HELP US.
i am a grandmother with custody of my oldest grandchild, my daughter now has two of her youngest removed from her they want to involved the child I have. We are the most loving of grandparents n not only do I want/need to protect the one I have, I always want to freely love n have the other two with their family whom show love support n encouragement, this is ruining my family.
They are baby sellers this is sick . we live in a sick wourld.

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