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Dyfs (changed name now) attacks families that are doin the right thing! They need to get there facts strait with each case but they attack families with my tax dollars just to make money or quota! Totally disgusting ,they must be stopped!,
Dyfs has been in my life for over a year and refuse to close my case and have repeatidly violated my rights and they have contradicted everything there suppose to be doing as an advocate. They discriminate and choose to do what they want when they feel like it without any just cause.
Need HELP please. I am not being heard and being discriminated and feel like I am being harrassed by Salem County DYFS. Made a complaint against me filled with lies. They need to be stopped and investigated. There was no referral for them to take my son but they did and the judge sees that as ok. They have my 1 year old daughter almost 2 years. I have my son back but they refuse to give me my daughter. They break up families and need to be stopped. Discriminating due to my mental illness though I have been cleared. I need my princess home. Please help
Help!!! dyfs must be stopped!!! I need my son to come home, dyfs did not do anything to help bring my son home i lost my children because i was homeless. They destroyed my family and its killing me everyday to know they said im a good mom and i did everything that needed to be done without the states help and they still decided they wanted to termiate my right.
"The division of child protection and permenecy" The irony is not lost on me. These people have no souls. They send in foreigners that can barley speak english who try to manipulate my children without me around. They are pathetic!!!
dyfs took my 3 kids even though grand jury was dismissed and after 2.5 years dyfs decided to close the case since they couldnt keep it any longer it was costing them $ but after closing the case they still kept my kids supervision open i cannot see my kids unless its supervised and this would go on till they are 18
my little girl is only 8
i just hope they is one politician is reading this and hopefully would do something about dyfs
Dfys has been harassing me ever since my Son started preschool. Garfield public school tried labeling my 3yr old with adhd.. My Son is a healthy normal active 3yr old. Since there involvement I've been accused of being depressed accused of abusing my medication by my ex husband who a restraining order against they have taken his word is my son iscurrently living with my abusive ex Dfys just placed my boy with my abusive ex all on false allegations. false allegations by someone I have a restraining order against this is tearing me apart the only reason I have been fighting getting up every day has been for my baby they have taken him from me. I can't afford an attorney a legal aid who works with the system I don't see a happy ending I need help they had said that I needed to be supervised with my son that my parents are unable to be supervisors since we had dyfys involved when I was a child. they placed me in an impossible situation. my son was sick and I kept him home from school my supervisor was at work the question to my 5 year old and he told them that we were home alone they left a note in my mailbox at my son has been placed in their care. have not seen my son for 4 days I thank god he is with my ex and not in a foster home. this is the United States of America how can something like this happen here loving parents having their children ripped from them my only problem is I can't afford a good attorney these are the type of parents they prey on I can't live this way I don't knowwhat to do.I need help reading some of these posts only makes me feel worse as I see no justice no happy ending I'm supposed to be enjoying life with my boy making happy memories his childhood has become a nightmare
dyfs service is wrong for messing with people kids for no reason
i want dyfs service to stop what they are doing to my kids
My dauter was removed due to a case worker accusing a family friend of being the father (me) after I've been removed due to wat has been said that I'm an obnoxious drunk....althought I have joint custody of my other three children 15 13 and my three month old is in custody...brianna searles tait of jersey city nj...
My dauter was removed due to a case worker accusing a family friend of being the father (me) after I've been removed due to wat has been said that I'm an obnoxious drunk....althought I have joint custody of my other three children 15 13 and my three month old is in custody...brianna searles tait of jersey city nj...
I have been found guilty of welfare fraud on September 22, 2013 because of DYFS and Family Court ordered me to apply for welfare benefits for me and my children on October 16, 2007 in order to get my children placed back in my home. My DYFS worker Jameela Gowings and welfare worker Stacey Turay talked and I was referred to a Special Victims worker who removed my sanction and noted my testimony on the computer. I was ordered by the courts to provide for the children and I comply with everything DYFS wanted. The welfare and DYFS computers are the same. My daughter was sexually assaulted, so we qualified for domestic violence and sexually abuse section under welfare called a Special Victims Unit, which states that the kids do not have to live with you nor do you have to go to work first program or comply with normal welfare restriction until your case if finished. On May 2008 my children were supposed to be returned one by one after my apartment was approved. However no DYFS worker even came to my apartment and instead they sent a letter to the Welfare Fraud Unit that they removed the children in 07 and that they would now be providing Medicaid for the children. That cause me to loose my apartment and income. So when we went back to Family Court DYFS said I did not comply with the one year rule and was seeking adoption of my children. I found out about Kinship Legal Guardianship and settled for that. I was arrested on my birthday February 1, 2012 because welfare was bring up criminal charges against me.I spent 54 days in jail until I bailed out. I tried to fight the case because everything in court is recorded and I have court order papers. However, I was told by Judge Walsh, couldn't get the recording from court, my court order paper were not allowed into trail, and my Kinship Legal Guardianship Papers were black out for the trial. Every single one of my worker got on the stand lying and testified that they do not remember me, and I or anybody in my family was not in the Special Victims Unit. So the jury was not allowed to hear about my DYFS case or able to see or hear the Family Court orders. Judge Walsh said he would make an example of me by ordering 5 years probation, 90 days jail time, and restitution of 8,000 dollars. And soon Medicaid will sue me also. I did what I was order to do for my children I go in January 17, 2014. I did nothing and have gone thru hell for years.We put unite together. Or the same things will happen to our children and their children and so on1
Many families that need the help , never get the help because there to busy tearing up families. If we lie to the courts, it's called PURJURY..
DYFS of NJ is a corrupt organization that is funded by the state and they receive a kickback from the state for every dollar that Trenton collects for child support, I believe it's between 60-68%. They are known for disregarding what's in the best interest of the child, and they will place children in danger's way for their own financial gains. They will do everything that they can to prevent the better parent from seeing his or her own children. They will see to it that the child resides with the abusive parent, as they know that the parent that is the bread winner & who truly loves their child, will fight for the child, and spend thousands and thousands of dollars which feeds the system and pays their social worker's salaries. To them, the best interest of the child, is in reality the best interest of the state. Shame on them!! That is one of the main reasons why so many innocent children have died under the care of DYFS.
DYFS destroyed my family. Would not allow me to use my own attorney. I lost money and could not get it back. Worker lied to attorney stating that one of my children was not my husband and broke my family completely up. I lost my job and home because of Dyfs
My family called dyfs on me. It was my aunt. She was not happy for me to be a mom. She told dys alot of lies. My oldest daughter got taken away from me when she was all most three years old. When that happened she start getting hurt and now she is ten and she wants to see me and they wont let her see me. Then they took my other kids from the hospital. I didnt even had a chance to be their mom. Dyfs told me they was going to help me keep me children they lied. That what they all do lie. They said they help but they dont. The children is suposed to come back to the parents but that never happeneds. I was in dyfs too and i didnt want that for my kids. My kids are safe with me and only me. Nobody knows how any body kids are. I have a ten years old girl i have a six year old girl i have a four year old son and i have a seven month old son. Some body needs to do something about dyfs before it gets real bad for all our kids . We need to protect what is ours. And what is ours is our babies. We need too fight to get them back safe in our arms.
dyfs are liars they just want your kids
Last week dyfs took my friends children away and gave them to her abusive ex based on completely false and fabricated lies by that worthless piece of trash. Myself and my wife have been witness to his mental abuse and he vowed to destroy her if she left him. The dyfs case workers on this case make me sick. I spoke with one and them they have this arrogance about them that they're above the law. They don't even care to speak with credible witnesses or recorded conversations. It's sickening. I know her children well and I guarantee they're terrified. She even has a restraining order against him! What I've read makes me firmly believe Dyfs is corrupt and needs to have their abusive power taken from them and put in the hands of a more capable authority. It seems they destroy more families than they help!
hi my name ann when iwas preg with my daughter my twin sister called dyfs on me saying I couldn't handle my daughter that I was retard dyfs took her 5 days after I had her place her with the one who called on me my sister after I come home from hospitalwith my daughter father my house in nj was a mess my house clean she said lies to get my daughter her bday dec 31 2008 she 4 gonna be 5 end of dec I need help get her back please get back to me what I went thought was wrong nj I need my daughter back dyfs told me u did nothing wrong I did everything they ask mei still didn't get my daughter back I miss my daughter so much still dealing with it with my sister wont let us see her
Dyfs is tearing my family apart 2 weeks before Christmas because of false allegations from my ex who I have a restraining order against!!! Devils will go down!!!
The rights and power belong to the parents. Total violation of our constitution. Stealing children for profit is disgusting. Take the power from this organization.
January 2 2014. All parents being harassed by dyfas needs to come together n. Picket every dyfas office in n.j.they took my baby's n I did nothing wrong
January 2 2014. All parents being harassed by dyfas needs to come together n. Picket every dyfas office in n.j.they took my baby's n I did nothing wrong
DYFS stole my kids in 2006 and finally closed my case that has been open since 2001, November 13 2013 is when they closed it, DYFS workers should all get an evaluation, and get drug tested. NJ is a very corrupt state and instead of familys being investigated, these workers should too
Being falsely accused of things child said and suffering from anxiety. They don,t want to provide him with home instruction when he can,t cope Go ng to school. They are causing more harm than good when I am doing everything possible to help my child. Please put a stop to this.
Being falsely accused of things child said and suffering from anxiety. They don,t want to provide him with home instruction when he can,t cope Go ng to school. They are causing more harm than good when I am doing everything possible to help my child. Please put a stop to this.
were being falsey accused for the2 time after their were no findins the first time its destroyin us.
Me and my daughters experienced abuse by dyfs workers after a worker used false allegations against me to place my daughter with "her friend" (formerly from Somerdale, Nj)

bend over and pray !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
shame on all of you !!!!!!!
you stole my daughter from me ...ah but one day we will be together again !!!!!!
god will get you all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is the 5th petition signed so far...I am sure there are hundreds who have come before us. I pray to God there need be no others after us. The people MUST be heard! They are the voice of the children...They are responsible to protect them and to uphold the constitution of the United States of America...Give us a reason to honor our government as in times past..SHOW us justice and please, in God's name, HURRY!!!!!!!
Dyfs destroyed our family through their false, deceiptful, withholding, neglectful practices. Awful what they get away with "being immune" from the law. I intend to sue them in federal court. Lawyer shopping, maybe pro se. This needs to be changed. I'm shocked to see how many others have been hurt by them too!
anybody can get mad at you and because you have kids they call dyfs to hurt you but its really hurting the kids
DYFS lies to get money!!!
My daughter is currently being accused for Medical Neglect on her baby girl who is sick with a rare liver disease(which the baby was born with) and DCP&P out of Asbury Park office have taking her child away from her due to allegation from the baby's other family and absolutely NO investigation was done on my family or my daughter they just went with the what the family said so now my daughter has been without her sick baby since march. The baby had a transplant in April this is not about the family it's about a sick baby who needs her parents. My daughter comes from a living caring family who never in my 19yrs as a parent had dyfs in our lives until my granddaughter was born. This needs to end ASAP and DCP&P can not get away with this.
I am dealing with DYFS currently and already know about the "TIME PAST" a little to well. They have not help my family in any way, all they did was lie about everything and anything.
my vindictive sister in law made false allegations and now we are jumping through hoops trying to defend ourselves. Test after test is false and they just want us to keep going in for something else. Its always something else. My children are missing activities that they want to participate in because dyfs will be coming and they want to see my unharmed, un abused children every time. Letters from them say everything is unfounded, but yet they still keep coming to my door. This is harassment. We have complied with everything and now I'm starting to get fed up and ready to hire a good lawyer even If it means going into debt to keep these people from harassing my family anymore. Something should be done about FALSE ALLEGATIONS and the anonymous people who report them should be held liable for the false accusations that they report. Especially when they have past assault charges on their record. When people are jealous and evil beings they call and make up fictitious information just to hurt you. However, they are only hurting the children, that they have now drug into some crazy feud that should of never involved dyfs in the first place. Something needs to change in NJ and it needs to change NOW. I've read most of the comments and I am horrified that this is happening all over. The only good thing that I have taken from it, is that its not just me who they are doing this to. This will eventually wind up in court and NJ will be paying dearly for the awful things that this so called department of the state is doing to good people who do not deserve to be harassed especially when there is no evidence of wrong doing. They just want your MONEY!!! They will keep on doing what they are doing until someone has finally had enough and has the money or power to stop them! Good luck to all, because unfortunately we all need it.
Where to begin, BERGEN COUNTY, NJ's OFFICE !!!
Let's start off by saying that my ex wife worked for the BERGEN COUNTY FAMILY DIVISION where she worked for mulitple judges. The judge she worked for is the same judge that handled our divorce case and denied me a change of venue and a change of judge even with an attorney. Now that she is still a Government Official no one will go against her. She used to hang out and party with one of the DYFS workers.
I have been fighting her for 10 yrs, about the abuse of my 15 yr old son !! These are no accusations !! This is the truth and witnessed, as far as DYFS them lazy *******s don't do anything but put those kids in more danger. My son has been left back 2 times, thrown over a bed into a radiator where he bruised his back, thrown over a kitchen table, called a piece of shit, my son cut his wrists and ended up going to a cookoo house where he was diagnosed with clinical depression not that long ago along with my 12 yr old daughter. Recently while on the phone with my son, For an hr straight 2 nights ago 10/28/13 my ex wife was calling him horrible names, I called the police to go do a well check to stop it. DYFS went to my son's school to talk to my son and my son trusted DYFS when the DYFS worker told my son everything would be kept Confidential and then she turned around and told his mother everything that was said on his part where she then turned around and approached my son with it. I will help anyone take DYFS down in BERGEN COUNTY, NJ so they can no longer hurt our children.
CPS should be prosecuted for their criminal behavioral towards parents and the out right of Civial law and violation of Amendment rights!
There is so much I could say but I'm going to leave it at this.... New Jersey DYFS is a joke... a horrible joke... they think they are untouchable...They take healthy and happy kids away from there parents who love them yet they leave the kids who are being abused or the parents are involved in drugs... dyfs lies in court and to everyone. They turn family's against each other... they try to run your life and if you tell them no or don't do as they say even when your doing what's best for your child and everyone around you agrees you become a bad parent!!! It is time to stand up against them and remind DYFS how to do their job!!!!!
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I have been trying to go through the system to protect my children and they have stated to me numerous times that they don't even want to see the evidence. I have recordings as well as pictures and they outright say they do not care to hear or see it.
I feel all this pain and sadness as well . Missing my grandbabies..
Julienne and others - I'll be calling you. Enough is enough. Let's get some big time law firm and let's go punitive damages, big time. Children taken away for - diaper rash (unfounded at Dr. exam), being too fat (and the baby is only 4 months old!!), they said mother was crazy because mother was crying and was upset when her children were taken (guess she loved them). Now family visits (supervised of course) and what do we find? Little 2 year old boy with black and blue marks on his back and on his head. Little 4 month girl dirty, stomach distended, diarrhea, and her formula was so dirty it smelled like fish. What was their explanation? " Oh, that's normal". Also, the little boy had two seizures in under 2 weeks time, which he never had before. What do they say? " Oh it's nothing". When you have visitation, bring your cameras!!! Check them out. Any little mark, photograph it. Any abnormality, demand a Dr. visit. If you are denied, document it. We need to get this matter in the news media. All Dyfs workers must be IMMEDIATELY DRUG TESTED!! Backgrounds checked, not only for felonies, but for any conceivable allegations made about them. Their facebook accounts and emails read for any improper behavior and they must be completely free of alcohol - not even one drink should be tolerated. They must not be on any prescribed drugs, they must have perfect credit ratings, they must never have been in counseling for any stress related issue, they must have pure morals, they must come from good families, they must be financially stable, drive nice cars and have big homes, they must never know poverty, they must never know anger, and most importantly they cannot be fat!!!!! In other words, they must not be hypocrites. They can not charge to sell babies - that is illegal. If Congress does not respond - we should go on the news - they'll take the story. Any Judge, Doctor, etc. that does a poor job in investigating the real truth should be held liable as well. If we all chip in, we can not only afford an enormous and reputable law firm, but we can bring it to the Supreme Court. It's time they serve prison time for child abuse.

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