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Dcpp/cps needs all their fact check thoroughly.
In February 2015 my brother died at his home. Prior to his death he and his wife were separated and they were being investigated by DYFUS in New Jersey. DYFUS was so relentless in the pursuit of taking away his children with late night surprise visits with false accusations to having the police rail him to threating his wife that she must tell them when he left the house or else they would that the children away. This caused tremendous sress, depression anxiety on my brother. This needs to be fixed there is no way that this organization should have the right to harass and destroy families for a feather in their cap.
Hello I am currently complying with dyfs. They came and took my 2 daughters on false accusations against me. This was an Ex girlfriend of a friend of mine. They send I was under the influence. Then put a 10 day safety plan which has now going on day 17 without any supervised visits with them. My daughters were placed with their father and Dyfs failed to comply with the supervised visits. I literally had to track Dyfs down to get the so called 10 day safety plan ,which they had 72 hours to hand me. Which 6 days later they did not give me. The father went to the courts and got an emergency custody order on top of the 10 day safety plan which the Honorable judge said that we both had to comply to the order. Dyfs failed to enforce the rules of the order but I have to. They said I had to go through the courts. Nothing but circles and still have not seen my daughters. Because he will not allow them stating the allegations against me . I am so upset with their failure to enforce their own order. There is more. Please let me know what options I have. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you. I have complied to their drugtest 3 times now and my girls are crying to come home. The abusive father is now the judge telling them that they will never see their mother again. UnbelievablJersey
New Jersey
I havent seen my son in months!!! My sons mother listens in on every conversation and if she doesnt like what i have to say she keeps his phone for days!!! Shes been diagnosed as clinically depressed and does not take her PROZAC!!! She doesnt work, she left me four years ago!!! She went to a battered womens shelter and told my son at the time to say something bad about your father!!! DYFS was involved and was steering her so she could receive Section 8 housing, what a slap in the face to me because i work 2 jobs and have been sending my son to Catholic school since kindergarten. I had unlimited contact with him until she started building a case of lies against me with DYFS and dragged me into court. Now for the past two years I've had to have supervised visitation, psychological evaluations, etc. The last court appearance i was told by a POS family court judge I was mentally ill!!!! And now they want me to go to parenting class. I told my lawyer to GTFOH!!! No more this is destroying my son!!! Someone if you can please help me im begging and praying!!! Thank you!!!

Above is the kind of parent CPS and police authorities allow to KEEP their children:

"n 1997, she was convicted of misdemeanor assault and battery for injuring Davis when he was six years old, according to The Virginian-Pilot.
According to documents, he was in first grade at the time and had cuts and bruises on his chest and back, and Slaton was sentenced to no jail time on the condition of good behavior for six months.
A Virginia Beach Department of Human Services spokeswoman told The Virginian-Pilot she could not comment on whether child protective services investigated the mother regarding the incident.
In 2002, court records indicate she was charged with domestic assault and battery, however there are few details regarding that incident.

"In October 2008, Hampton police were looking for her and her black Mustang after she fired four shots through her boyfriend's front door.
She had become angry when he tried to break up with her and went and got a gun out of her car, saying 'neither one of them were going to leave alive', according to a report about the affidavit in that case.
The boyfriend escaped by climbing out of a window, cutting himself.
Slaton eventually turned herself in and wound up serving the better part of four years of a 15-year sentence for shooting into an occupied dwelling and attempted maiming.

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how about instead of complaining here ! how about every one get together and get our voices heard in Trenton and D.C. any questions email me
Im in the boat too. Anyone know a lawyer, Im all ears. I have been writing and calling lawyers an no luck.

The diseased parasites in the federal government claim they are "equal partners" for all families having children.

They see America's children as Property to be used up in every unholy way imaginable, then discarded into "mass graves"
This is what they've been doing to me for a year now. As well as false evaluation and doctored reports. Telling lies to family members and friends. Workers of cps threatening , intimidating, harassing me (bullying).
My wife is not only estranged but mentally ill and I called DYFS about a fight I heard my ex and 10 yr old daughter had in which she grabbed her arm and yanked her off the toilet in a rage.
DYFS talked to me, I even explained how my ex would show up over at my place in a rage screaming outside my building and even inside at manager.
So I posted it publically on youtube and included the DYFS worker and her supervisors name in the TAGS. LOL
When I informed them of this the supervisor screamed at me and threatened me with cops. I told her she sounded upset and someone should take her kids.
2 hours later, DYFS Called and said all charges were dropped. THANK GOD FOR VIDEOTAPE

they are disgusting people and this needs to be stopped, my case is open right now and I'm looking for a lawyer because I'm almost positive what there doing is illegal
Unfortunately, I have been stuck in the "dyfs trap" for 4 yrs now. During that time, I've had at least 15 different case workers. I've had enemies retaliate against me by calling Dyfs making false claims against me. Nothing was done to them as punishment, even after Dyfs concluded that the call had no standing. The caller who made the call was given more rights then I, as Dyfs protects their anonymity. Yet, we receive non back; such as recently yet another 'new case worker' just put on my case, went to my 17 yr olds school, parading her down the hallway as other children were all around,talking very loudly that she was a "Dyfs worker" & other questions. My teen came home in tears as the other children overheard & laughed at her for having a Dyfs worker. This has not been the first time this has happened. Besides that, we were told from the very beginning that our case was only to be closed but they would drag it out stated "We are just waiting for one more thing." The NJ Dyfs has ruined my life & caused me to cringe with fear every time the door knocks or phone rings. I am a loving devoted mother to my children and it saddens me that these last 4 years wasted on me could have been spent on helping children who really are being abused. Please, change the way the NJ Dyfs runs,how they stall their cases, and how they treat the parents who are wrongly accused! Also, make a law that those making false allegations be punished in some way!
Thank you,
Mrs. Robbrina Archer
It's the dyfs trap. The whole organization needs to be re-evaluated and more regulatory limits need to be set. The parents need more protection. Dyfs case workers and their supervisors set unnecessary demands creating a living hell for the whole family. Even if the allegations have not been substantiated, they still keep digging and making demands on families and continue to violate their rights. When false allegations are made by people, they should suffer the consequences not the families.Thousands of letters have been sent to congress. A change in this system is over due.
CPS has basically kidnapped my child and destroyed my life. They are the most incompetent horrific organization I have ever come across and I have been rendered powerless to do anything to protect my child from them. I can't even begin to tell you how insane this whole thing is. They are monsters not people who protect children.
Much of everything child services does violates our constitutional rights as citizens of the United States of America. Many are not aware of their rights and furthermore do not know how to stand up for themselves due to dyfus/dcp&p/dcf child protective services manipulative lying tactics. Please help us citizens protect our rights when abused by these agencies with fabricated allegations to discredit good parents and tear families apart just soo they can keep the money flowing in the never ending family court systems. As a parent whom is also a victim to child services abusing their authority will stand up for my rights as well as fight for those whom are not familiar with the proper procedures to advocate on their own behalf. Attached are just a few links for others to read .
I remember in court on an occasion an important lesson conveyed by a respected judge saying "ignorance is no excuse for the law and no one is above the law ,not even myself".
Please view the 2 links below.

N.J. Child Services Case Highlights Why Every Citizen Needs to Know Their Rights | American Free Press
They are manipulative liars who falsify reports and violate our rights to keep cases open and deliberately break up families.
Dyfs took my son away and wants me to go 3 times a week to an outpatient rehab and once a week drug test when I never failed any drug tests and have no health insurance and no transportation. They will not pay for the tests or help me get to the appointments either and I have never fail one test. I want my child back.
Just saying half of the woman on here deserves their kids taken .,druggies lol
Dyfs is a legal way to kidnap destroy hopes dreams futures n most lawyers won't take cases its a set up . if your poor your screwed no matter what. Public defenders work for them n basically do there work so they all get paid be a single parent who takes child support they twist around n say your dependent on him .lol its a scam a legal scam n you n your child suffer .
They need reorganization, and I myself am a victim of a disgruntled boyfriend that called on with the sole purpose of making my life miserable. This takes focus away from children that are truly in need!

I have had DCPP, formerly know as DYFS to my house on several occasions all on bogus "anonymous" tips. I chose to exercise my 4th Amendment Right to be safe and secure in my home (private property) and my 5th Amendment Right no to incriminate myself. I also, refused to answer the door when the police were dispatched to try and coerce me to speak to DCPP and to try and serve me with papers to appear in Court so they could argue before a Judge to have to have an Order granted for me speak to them. It is very simple, if DCPP comes to your house tell them it is private property and unless they have a Warrant from a Judge to be there, they must leave. The same goes for the police.
DYFS/CPS is a government agency who has total power and abuses it. In NJ are supposed to be under the Governor's Office. A quote from his assistant "The Governor does not get involved with DYFS" These people answer to no one. A worker told me that they do not answer to anyone, Judges, Courts or Lawyers! Of least concern to this organization is the physical and mental effects of their actions on CHILDREN. They need to be held accountable for the mental abuse they inflict on a child when they snatch them for no given reason.
I ve been dealing with dyfs for the last nine years, they have been out to my house many of times. not to mention I ve done everthing they have asked me to do,this time Im done with dyfs i m no longer afraid,just anyone can make a complaint and I m living in hell... No more
My kids where remove from my custdy and I have a mental problems I need the porper help I van get to get them back in a manual program for 2years and my appeals are getting denied can any one help me 760-265-2175
One bogus organization.Its for Government profit.The Lives of Children do not take precedence.What else can you expect from a State government operated system!......yay I want to be a Social Worker and break families apart! This system is a disservice to families!
One bogus organization.Its for Government profit.The Lives of Children do not take precedence.What else can you expect from a State government operated system!......yay I want to be a Social Worker and break families apart! This system is a disservice to families!
Amen!!!!! I would have signed this 6 years ago!!!! Dyfs took my Grand daughter from me due to false accusations and they new it...I was told they did it because the mother would call the office 20 times a day and in order to keep her from calling they decided to disrupt my granddaughters life to shut her up....thanks for disrupting our lives to satisfy an unbalanced troubled girl.
Dyfus is disgusting and out right wrong!!!! They try and twist words and the truth... They assume and have no concete facts .. They say they are for the children that's ******** they are for themselves and money .... Poor children getting there lives turned upside down for the most rediculous reasoning ... We need to stand up and fight for our children !!!
DYFYS COMMITTED IN COURT Documents a hippa violation and character deframation and Broke the law in my case in court zdocuments on for my friend's case. DYFYS IS TAKING CUSTODY OF MY KIDS AWAY BECAUSE MY ANGRY NEIGHBOR LIED TO THEM AND SAID MY AUTISTIC SON RUNS AWay twice a week. And said I'm a drug dealer. These are all lies. I am a published children's board book author and illustrator. I am a single mom and at the time my family was going through a bad divorce. I see my kids once a week supervised and in January I may very well loose custody when I'm a wonderful loving nurturing mom who did animal rescue and bottlefed kittens for an animal rescue agency for 10 years.
I worked with children with Autism for years before I had an Autistic son. I left the job to be a stay at home wife and write 9 Childrens books. My husband at the time was a builder. We built our house and I designed it. My horrible neighbors who said these things about me are in a bike gang and rent the house next door. They hate me and zi beat them in a harassment case in court. They still harass me by calling the cops and breaking my property and stealing my dogs off the leash and calling the pound. THIS WENT ON FOR 2 YEARS AND NOW THAT I WON IN COURT AND TOLD THEM I installed an outdoor security system, it's been maybe 5 months with my dogs not being set to pound. The harassment stopped and Dyfys still believes them and is taking custody of my kids away and making me have 1 day a week supervised by Dyfys in an office visitation with my kids. My children are devestated they are so young and want and need their loving mommy. I never did anything to have my kids taken away and the judge seems to be in their favor.
My son was accused. After 2 years the charges were dropped. The judge told us that he could be around kids. Dyfs refused to except the court finds. There is no such thing as double jeopardy with a dyfs. Now let me say that the kids to this day still Swiss nothing happened
Dyfs destroy families
I am 64 years of age, raised 3 children alone after my divorce due to spousal abuse on myself and child abuse on my children. We were never in the system but now I am older and see the news filled with cases due to DYFS not doing their job, i find it disgusting and there needs to be more done to protect these innocent children who are being abused, neglected and often killed with nobody on their side. It is sad and it needs to stop now.....talking about it does laws need to be in place and followed through by the state for all DYFS/child and family service more excuses excepted. Time to step up and prove to these children the USA is a land of the free......including being abused.
I passed every drug test hair and urine and I still have to do weekly urine test which I pass! They removed my daughter September 11th 2015 and still have not gotten my daughter back and they make me do all these classes and physc evaluation, and random urines but since they can not get anything on me now they are going after my mother cause they supposedly got an anonymys phone saying she is using drugs which we know who called we are not stupid but yet my oldest daughters father leaves state and violates court order and now today visitations with my youngest daughter gets cancelled because the worker is not in so now they are violating court order also! I received a letter from an investigation office that sexual abuse allegations involving my daughter against the foster parents who dyfs had placed my daughter with and this was 2 weeks after dyfs placed my daughter with them. Dyfs never informed me of any of this and this is now November not once did dyfs inform me of any of this and my daughter is still in this home! Dyfs has me in an anger management because dyfs feels I have an anger problem how stupid is dyfs when you remove someones kid for false allegations do they really expect a mother not to have an anger problem and now these sexual abuse allegations on my daughter they have not seen anger yet!
CPS are a bunch of liars n believe everything people tell them. They take your children away on he said she said. With no concrete evidence. Then they mk money on ur children n Mk up stories that ur children don't want to talk to you. Please sttop these people from kidnapping ur children and putting things in their heads. That is very criminal on their part. Its a damn shame this madness has to stop in Hackensack NJ n all around the united states of America.
I'm currently under investigation for a complaint from my neighbor whose children were bullying my son. I contacted the school to inform them of the bullying on their property. Long story short my neighbor called in retaliation for my response to her children bullying my son. All allegations are unfounded and have been proven beyond a reasonable doubt , yet dyfs/cfs still continues to investigate . Supposed court date approaching but no one at the court house can give me any information. This nonsense HAS to STOP!!! Innocent parents and children are being deeply affected and traumatized by the false allegations if people to weak to confront those they wish to destroy!!!
DYFS creates more problems than they solve!
My autistic daughter was taken from me on false allegations I was using drugs. But it was proven in court with all my negative random drug screens I wasn't. I was to be given custody back as long as everything was completed that the judge ordered. It was completed and she was to be returned. Here I sit 3 months later and now they want to do a reunification. Y? My daughter calls me every night, I see her on my visits. I go to all school functions and doctors appointments. So y r they making me and her suffer she's autistic. Someone help me please
I passed my drug test twice and dyfs still pressuring me into doing an assessment program!!
Dealing with DYFS now and they are smart talking lying individuals that ruin families. When they are needed in cases they don't do their homework and a child dies. For the lesser cases they lie and go all out. In dealing with them some males used sex for their female cases, have been drunk on duty and in other cases have used individuals on drugs to get drugs for themselves. They are over rated and have even tpld individuals they have morte power then cops and even judges. Working in law enforcemernt for over 30 years, I have never met a DYFS worker I even respected.
i live in n.y. state. Back in April of 2015, dyfs came into my home stating that my oldest niece had admitted to "behaving sexually with her siblings". Since then they took her out of the house, requested that the other 3 children be in separate bedrooms, got to counseling, and be watched at all times. I was told by the lead investigator that it had been happening while i was out of the room. But then she turned around and said it was happening while everyone was in bed. First, i am with the children constantly. The only time they are alone is when i go to the bathroom. Second, the children were put to bed at 7pm. I was staying up till11pm to make sure all the kids were asleep before i went to bed. The boys were in one side of the house the girls on the other. Since this i am up till well after midnight before i go to bed only to wake up at 6am to get the kids up for school. In july, my youngest niece was pulled out of our house. Someone hotlined us stating that my youngest niece and her brother kissed. My nephew swears that they only hugged. He has stated in therapy that they hugged. But no one is listening. The boys are not allowed to talk to their sisters, not allowed to see them. My brother and myself are allowed to talk to them and see them but everything is supervised. And to make matters worse, my brother, his 4 kids and myself were living with our mother when she passed. Because she had a reverse mortgage the house went to the bank upon her death. But we were not made aware of that until recently when we had to go to court reguarding the home. We are now being evicted from the property. WE are looking for a place to go, but with a small budget there isnt alot of places we can go. Yesterday my one nephews lawyers showed up at the house to speak to him. He asked him if he wanted to stay with us. He said yes. But now my fear is that dyfs is going to come in and take the 2 boys as well. We have done everything they demanded we do. Drug test, phys evals, therapy, preventative workers coming to our house every 2 weeks. My brother even took the advice of his crap lawyer and took blame of abuse even tho there wasnt any just so they wouldnt take the kids and they still took my niece any way. I wish there was a way to request that we get a new investigation. This has to stop
I hate it when I hear that changes are being made and they shuffle some people around but no real change happens. Even if they could totally reform it's not a good idea they should just be shut down and we can go back to the days when families worked things out and if I crime was committed then cops were called and a trial by jury can be had. How can they take kids away without even trying you it's a serious accusation to say you aren't fit to have your kids? How can they just do this without a trial with a jury? It's total B.S. and if people knew it could happen to anyone at any time this could get stopped but they have such good P.R. and they work so secretively they have escaped the spotlight.
I have been 100% compliant with everything they have asked me to complete. Now for the past five months they have been only having me see a councilor once a week, but now they have more requirements for me to do. They stole my daughter from me two days before Christmas and we were found not guilty of any abuse or neglect. Every court hearing they have something else they ask me to do.

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