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They are baby sellers this is sick . we live in a sick wourld.
they steel kids they lie and we can say a word please help.
hi my fiancÚ and I just had a son in January dyfs got a phone call stating false allegations instead of them investigating they came in the hospital the same day I had him then the next day they came in an removed my son bc they said basically that I couldn't raise him bc I suffer from ptsd(post trimatic strees disorder) and bipolar which I was clear of both I went to see there physcritric who did everything based off my past not on anything current I have been fighting for my son for three months and they just keep adding stuff saying that I am not independent which I think I am if I can keep up with my bills and getting a job I may have had a bad past but can someone please tell me what that has to do with my sons future. I want to be a better parent then my parents I really need someones help they have been prolonging everything until my next court day which is in may 2015 thank you for this website I hope someone can help

shakera reed
My children were romoved from our home our fact finding took almost three years to get done. It was pushed off numerous times . we were found not guilty of abuse or neglect . we were hit two years in with child support . no we are in debt and need help legally to sue their pants off
Grandparents Broken Hearts, & River of Tears that never end, searching for justice. We were accused back in 1994 - 1995 of a sexual aligation, that was put on my husband with my daughter at the time we weren't married. My x-in laws did this being vindictive, there were no findings and we got her back 2 days later. But the records still re main to this day 4/1/15. Our 2 granddaughter are in NJ DYFUS care an they will not let us have them because of the old record. They will not return our calls. GOD is the only one who can judge someone. They need to see the truth in this. We are hurting so badly, please help us. I have put calls into a Roslin Daniels at the Camden City NJ DYFUS ofc to get the record expunged and we haven't gotten any calls back since 3/26/15. My ex-spouse even testified to DYFUS in Gloucester County NJ that the aligation should never of been done to hurt us. He also pleaed with them that we are the best love and care these 2 little girls can have in the world. I am writing this with tears flowing down my face.
Dyfs is bad my mother is denied to have my niece and nephew and claim that my father have a record of one incident of my dad playing loud music in 1992.... and When we went to clear it up at the police station the police station said there was no such record and when we told dyfs they said that there is and that we can't have the children and my nephew is very ill and he is still a baby and my niece is very scared and lost and my mother wants them but dyfs won't allow it.
dyfs needs to be stopped. somebody has to do something but going to speak for poeple with short arms and deep pockets. the system has the money and the law to back them
DYFS are evil kidnappers. They lie, steal hospital records, school records so you dont have proof to fight them. they did this to a close friends of mine. ripped their hearts to shreds, they are still suffering from the loss years later. one child was molested while under dyfs care and when the judge asked what happened to the molester foster father n his son he was told "they dont foster for us anymore" ok says the judge- they should be in jail! they lied about a scar the child had and said it was from a broken beer bottle and the mother stabbed him - no he had intestinal issues as a baby and was operated on! they are evil and I hope they all rot in hell! they destroy souls and lives of the parents and the children. one childs name no longer appears on any paperwork - died in dyfs' care apparantly! and the parents were wonderful and took great care of the kids and they all ate healthy and had a great life - before dyfs. Vengeance is mine says the Lord and these evil people's bad karma will follow them around like a shadow and it WILL catch up to them! And people should think twice about calling dyfs to mess with your ex spouse or ex in-laws becasue you are handing these children to the devil!
Children came from nothing in Newark and are now living a dream life in Livingston. I live like I'm in witness protection and nobody knows me or where I am. I have no friends or family and my life is dedicated to my 3 fatherless princesses. Who comes knocking?? Dyfs. Apparently they were sent by the "other woman" of the father who has never been in their lives except upon conception. This woman, with my children's father alongside providing presumed allegations and detailed contact information, told dyfs I have "juice stains" on my floor and I pull my oldest daughter by the arm. .. (I do not know this woman) yet the case is open and the threats are real. As I see it, the kids are already theirs. Smh. In any instant they can take them based on ******** apparently.

I am holding a benefit to help cases in NJ help fight against these Baby Snatchers. I have been fighting against them to bring my Girls home for three years. Help even the lawyers on there side. well we speake
n out. For the children by the children. Anyone have a case call m 73264 86212. I have a petition to be signed we are sueing DYFS./CPSe a t
I had a case open for neglect/abuse. DCP&P didn't find anything with that so they used my past against me and said they have to drug test me. I smoke marijuana for my own reasons (health wise) and they keep drug testing me. I'm not addicted to itnor does it affect me with my kids. Why keep harrassing me about what I do in my privacy. I dnt get in legal trouble. Why continue bothering my family if I'm not harming, myself, children or anyone else. My family is stressed. I refuse to take prescribed meds for my medical condition. Marijuana is way less harmful and it helps me. Looking at short term and long term affects. Just legalize marijuana please. It's so many itger things going on and this is really only about money bc marijuana wad legal forever until the government didn't get their cut. Hell the Bill of Rights was writing on hemp paper
In Feb. 2012 my ex-wife filed DV case against me in which she alleged that i sexaully abused our then 5-year old daughter. DYFS interviewed my daughter 2 times without disclosure. Then they interviewed my daughter for the 3rd time, this when DYFS siad my daughter matched the mother story. a month later we discovered that my ex settled a civil lawsuit against NY city and received half million dollar. DYFS named my ex as a defendant, however my ex agreed to testify for DYFS against me. DYFS dropped the charges against my ex. and until now i cannot see my daughter despite the fact that after a fact finding hearing a Judge dismissed all the allegation against me.

We have documents to show that DYFS has violated its own regulations......
I hate these evil satanic people!!!!
The lies and character assassination that DYFS is so known for needs to stop. The court system is also to blame. Why can't my judge see through them? They ruined my family and turned my seven year old against myself and husband. Can our state governor step in to help innocent families. Dr. J. Maddox makes up lies and twists peoples words around... He is not a credible forensic phycologist he is an egotist corrupted man.
Funny how the Division (aka cops aka dyfs or whatever name makes them feel better) always schedule my court day when there is no judge in that morning. Funny how I've had my kids back for 9 months and with no problems and they are still around. Hangin on to me like a leach. Funny how they took my 3 year old and months later my 5 day old daughter with no proof of abuse or neglect. Never did drugs or drank.
the courthouse that I built pro se for the past almost nine years, sits in limbo with no resolution and parental rights intact. Criminal charges can be pursued by me and will be for the alcohol and drug exposure in utero. Documentation was provided to the DCPP caseworker, and the end result was NOT what was in the best interest of the child and what he wanted, it was what was in the best interest of the mother and what she wants. Although her parental rights are still intact, her own lack of interest in her son's life lies solely on her conscious, while she swoons the DCPP caseworker with her tears, the one who is supposed to remain bias, impartial and not breech confidentiality, I know this because this is my major. I am a full-time student, I work, receive no child support from either parent and they still want everything? DCPP gives in to this nonsense providing any and all services necessary to her but doesn't govern the rights of the child? Contradicting. These caseworkers give aspiring caseworkers like me a bad name due to their lack of knowledge, education and compassion for the rights of parents, guardians, and the children, special needs or not. And at the end of the day, they can lay their heads down at night with no worries while we have everything to worry about. Yet, again, another phone message was left due to my grandson's paranoia and fear of being taken away from the family that provides him the love and nurturing he needs and stability and security he so richly deserves. I will continue this fight for he, and all children and parent/guardians and provide them the services they so richly deserve based on situation and necessity, not on ignorance, bias and what is in the best interest of the parent(s)
I am a grandmother of a 9 1/2 year old special needs grandson. My daughter lost custody of her son in October of 2006 due to neglect and abandonment, a claim made against the paternal grandmother and aunt from his father's side of the family. Shortly thereafter, a DYFS case was opened, leading to a four month investigation of the biological parents, with a case plan set forth, and substance abuses ( drugs and alcohol) added to the list. Needless to say, both parties were non-compliant to the case plan, forfeiting their custodial rights and eventually leading to the loss of their son, and a default judgement being placed in our favor in January of 2007. (The case was closed in December of 2006). Since that time, I had done extensive research on his behaviors, having been a mother of three children and a pre-school teacher of a class of 26 children five days a week, I was able to recognize there was something terribly wrong. After countless hours and days of research, it started to fall into place. By the age of 5, my hunch was right, he was diagnosed by the Children's Specialized Hospital in Mountainside NJ with FAS. (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome). He has multiple diagnosis ie: reactive attachment disorder, PTSD, ODD, Disruptive Behavior Disorder, etc.. his best advocate of nearly nine years now, is me, and my two younger children and fiance have been wonderful, positive role models for his growth and development. We have had parenting classes receiving certificates, been to support group meetings, had in home therapists, behaviorists, YCM, CMO, every acronym state organization you can think of in the state at our home, we've gone through family counseling, art therapy, play therapy, you name it. I have had false allegations made against me, as a missing child's report was filed when my grandson was 2 years old, and DCPP was the most recent (since 2006 and 2012), today. Not only are these children's civil rights being violated on so many levels, we as parents and guardians are as well. My grandson has been institutionalized nine times, eight of which were for homicidal and suicidal ideation. Prior to today's visit, (number 2, a follow-up so I was told and after visiting the mother), I phoned the assigned caseworker prior to today informing her of the anger and aggressive outbursts my grandson was having between home and school (and I was willing to print the emails for her) and leaving on her voice mail the threats he was making towards his mother. by the time she came to the home, her primary focus was on the mother and the supposed therapy she is receiving, how well she interacted with her current boyfriend's daughter, and what type of role the fiance plays in the home ie: takes care of the house, etc..mind you for the countless times my daughter (the mother) has filed court order after court order for visitation, at certain points custody, and being non-compliant with what the law guardians involvement had to be, a file almost longer than my arm at
Dyfs has done nothing but tear my family apart...
Put a stop to this. Lies false accusations their kidnapping our children and making a profit off this enough is enough.
CPS in Orange, Texas has been harassing me for years. I'm a good mother. My nine year old with autism is an A student. He does get confused with social situations at times because of his autism and may interpret a social scene completely incorrect. His been in therapy for years and continues to make progress. My four year old is incredibly sweet and hasn't started school yet. Why does CPS have the right to harass me, my kids, and extended family, grilling us all for information until they can prove my family isn't" good enough." The accusations are different every time. This third and last time they finally removed my kids and placed them with my aging parents. The supervisor of investigations refuses to return my phone calls. My so called case worker will not give me a date I can get my kids and is now saying my parents aren't fit so my kids will have to go to state. This is stressful for me and confusing for my kids. I'm trying my best to keep it together especially with the accusations not even being true. I'm utterly exhausted with CPS in Orange, Texas. Please help.
Ive had DYFS involved numerous times and they keep using the same reasons as to why. Its harassment and I'm beyond sick of them miusing their power.
DYFS is out of control. They clearly have too much power over parents who only want the best for their children.
For over 20yrs I've witnessed Truly Abused/Neglected children bypassed while Vermont Dcf Targets Innocent Families! As Former child in care and Now a Mother Targeted by the system I Turned to for HELP!
As a Former child in care and now a mother targeted by the very system who kept me from my Loving Father as a child! For 20years I have witnessed many children in need bypassed while Innocent children and thier Families are torn apart for little to No Reason at All! Leaving the. Truly abused to fend for themselves!
Stop legalized kidnapping, threats to kidnap and civil rights violations. Hold social workers, supervisors and the justice system accountable and criminally liable for illegal acts. Give parents the same rights in juvenile dependency courts as in criminal courts. Taking children is equal to a life sentence without parole or the death penalty. Change the funding- give parents the foster care funds of $700-1200 per child per month. Outrages? Yes it is that parents are forced to spend all their resources while foster people not parents get so much money per child!
They are LEGAL KIDNAPERS!! That need to be stopped!! WHO has the right to tell people how to live there lives when the children are just fine but the ""DEPARTMENT" have a personal agenda for making up LIES to steal children from the people that LOVE and CARE for them. I pray someone can stop them.
February 7th will be a year that I have not seen my children. What's not fair is DYFS allow my ex-boyfriend to have supervised visits when he was in jail, and they still allow him to have supervised visits. My ex-boyfriend has endangered the Welfare of my children and its established by Dyfs. I have proof of everything my ex has done. I have paperwork to prove, that I never neglected or abused my sons. The judge even granted my ex-boyfriend supervised visits. I was supposed to have been have gotten supervised visits. They treat me as if I have no rights. My ex-boyfriend is on probation and has been in and out of jail. Almost 2 years my husband and I been going to court for the charges against my ex-boyfriend. Now my ex-boyfriend is getting his girlfriend involved. She too has made false allegation towards my husband and myself. A month ago I was in jail because of my ex-boyfriends false allegation towards me. His girlfriend and himself accused my husband of the same thing. His girlfriend and himself made the false allegation towards my husband first. He tried to make my husband go to jail first, it didn't work out that way. I got arrested first, then January 2nd 2015 my husband went to the court to defend me and he got arrested the same day. My ex-boyfriend still harasses my husband and I cause he is miserable in his life. Neither of us has physical custody of the children and its nonstop with what my ex does. Dyfs keeps treating my ex as If he didn't do anything wrong. The judicial system does nothing. I can go on and on. As I said I have all the proof my oldest son was Never hurt by me or my husband. But because I'm not rich they treat me as if I'm nobody. I really want Bergen County Dyfs exposed for taking away people's children without enough evidence. It's about 12 different stories. WHOEVER it was checked my son and saw that there is no marks of any kind on my son.
Real people, real needs!
Here is are story are daughter was 3 months old when are case started. Of course like many other families are daughter is a happy loved healthy baby, but as many others someone wanted to try and destroy are family as a grudge. Cps of course came in without a warrant questioned us ,and requested a drug test. They searched are room because one of the allegations was we had a gun, but of course it was registered but it wasn't put up. So they took a picture and tried to use it against us which is illegal, the 2nd amendment gives us the right to own a gun! Are case was mainly about marijuana, apparently if you smoke your neglecting your child/ possibly abusing your child. They made us go to drug classes , and parenting classes, it took 6 months to close are case. But in the end are case wasn't ruled out it was labeled as unable to determine! So why did we have to drug classes? of course so they could prolong the case so they could continue to get paid! My advice is if cps knocks on your door don't let them in , bring your kids to the door show the investigator your children are in no immediate danger. Then tell them to come back with a warrant, get a lawyer immediately and tell your children if a cps investigator try's to question them at school don't say a word. It is illegal to make your children talk without you and a lawyer present, also look up Carlos Morelas on YouTube he is an ex investigator who is now helping families who are on cps ! We hope this petition helps to change how cps operates !
My 14 month old son hurt his finger when he felt off a bed I took him to the emergency room in Overlook hospital where the dr. Called DYFS and said he was abuse. They took my son and added about ten other fractures to his body. I am fighting hard to get him back. My daughter baby sits for me when I work and now they're trying to take her kids too. It's crazy how they make up cases and the court tends to believe them. But God will be the ultimate authority. But I believe DYFS need some federal intervention. How do they get away with this?
My 14 month old son hurt his finger when he felt off a bed I took him to the emergency room in Overlook hospital where the dr. Called DYFS and said he was abuse. They took my son and added about ten other fractures to his body. I am fighting hard to get him back. My daughter baby sits for me when I work and now they're trying to take her kids too. It's crazy how they make up cases and the court tends to believe them. But God will be the ultimate authority. But I believe DYFS need some federal intervention. How do they get away with this?
My heart is breaking for my friend who has been fighting to get his son back for 6 years. It doesn't even matter that he is a government employee and well know artist. I pray daily that you all get your children back. THIS NEEDS TO END and the TRUTH TO BE TOLD.
My family has been ripped apart we as people have to stop this . please everyone come together and help each other congress please hear our voice . thank you so much.
OMG...I don't even know where to begin...This division does nothing but rip children out of loving and stable homes...They twist the truth, put words in our mouths and make us look like monsters...I am a grandmother who is trying to get her 5 grandchildren out of foster care and they keep fighting me, court hearing after court hearing....This organization, well wait a minute, I can't even call them that, there isn't an organized thing about them, except for the fact that they ruin children's lives on a daily basis....this "division" needs a total shake down....I am at a loss of words for the way this system his handled....My grandchildren are worse off today then they were 2 months ago when they were ripped away...My 9 year old grandson has had suicidal thoughts and has been admitted to psych ward and my 5 year old granddaughter is in the hospital as we speak, due to her diabetic condition that no one can get under control...My 8 years old grandson feels unsafe and can't sleep at night in the home he is in and my 4 year old, twin, grandbabies have been moved to 3 different homes in 2 months...HELLLLLLLPPPPPPP !!!!!!!
cps has bugged me for 7 years. they came after me be for my first baby was even out. trying to take him at birth. but they did not get him! they have come after us 7 time in the last 7 years. every time they left with out my kids.
my daughter needs help with an attorney every lawyer we talk to once $5000or $7,500 thiscaseworker from Cape May County has ruined dard work my daughter was doing and has removed my grandson from my daughtershe needs a real lawyer the court appointed lawyer will not return phone calls at all please let me know if you can help 6:09 233 38 98 thank you a loving grandfather
I honestly believe that Dyfs does fabricate the story and incidents and also uses the past against the parents as well as a grandmother. I am trying to get custody of my grandchildren now because of them being in the foster care system for the 4th time in theiri young lives
This organization needs to be put to an end! They don't abide by the law. They don't want to be video recorded, I wonder why. Cps corruption. Children are 6 times more likely to die in cps care than in an abusive home, how does that help and let me say " abusive" by their definition or at risk at future risk? For something that has not yet happened?
Gloucester West has been failing my children for years and there lieing. When I call to report what has been messaged or what they tell me they yell at me call me names asked me if I took my meds cause I sound depressed. But the man there leaving them with my ex husband is already known and receiving ssdi for mental reasons, failed his drug test, got busted for drugs during a previous case, his ex now deceased got a dui and was charged with cds with my daughter in the car "his car" she told me that dosnt matter since she isn't here no more. I have all the messages but they won't even let me email them. And the worker goes and dosnt talk to my kids either but writes she does. Anyone please help
i am writing this letter on behalf of my friend Micheal. I have known Mike for a few years now and even though he speaks before he thinks his attention is truly focused on what is best for his daughter the mother is an admitted drug user who is more concerned at how she can live off of the state than she is with the well being of her daughter my friend Mike is not a drug addict he holds a job has a home and truly wants nothing more than to be a father and spend time with his daughter which in these times a kid needs to be supported and around their biological family all of their family not just one side of their family. as i stated before Mike does on more than one occassion speak before he thinks but if somebody would just take the time to actually speak to Mike and listen to the facts and look at the documents he has they would see that his attention is on spending time with his daughter and supporting her to deny this guy and his daughter the chance to grow as a family is just morally wrong just because the guy does not know how to say how he feels without someone taking it the wrong way is just wrong Mike is just very passionate about this and is not vocalizing it right DYFS from my personal experience only sees one side of the situation and they form an opinion on someone before knowing the facts and get involved with families and cause more grief than relief bottom line is take a look at everything before taking a loving and well meaning man away from his daughter Thank You

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