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Gloucester West has been failing my children for years and there lieing. When I call to report what has been messaged or what they tell me they yell at me call me names asked me if I took my meds cause I sound depressed. But the man there leaving them with my ex husband is already known and receiving ssdi for mental reasons, failed his drug test, got busted for drugs during a previous case, his ex now deceased got a dui and was charged with cds with my daughter in the car "his car" she told me that dosnt matter since she isn't here no more. I have all the messages but they won't even let me email them. And the worker goes and dosnt talk to my kids either but writes she does. Anyone please help
i am writing this letter on behalf of my friend Micheal. I have known Mike for a few years now and even though he speaks before he thinks his attention is truly focused on what is best for his daughter the mother is an admitted drug user who is more concerned at how she can live off of the state than she is with the well being of her daughter my friend Mike is not a drug addict he holds a job has a home and truly wants nothing more than to be a father and spend time with his daughter which in these times a kid needs to be supported and around their biological family all of their family not just one side of their family. as i stated before Mike does on more than one occassion speak before he thinks but if somebody would just take the time to actually speak to Mike and listen to the facts and look at the documents he has they would see that his attention is on spending time with his daughter and supporting her to deny this guy and his daughter the chance to grow as a family is just morally wrong just because the guy does not know how to say how he feels without someone taking it the wrong way is just wrong Mike is just very passionate about this and is not vocalizing it right DYFS from my personal experience only sees one side of the situation and they form an opinion on someone before knowing the facts and get involved with families and cause more grief than relief bottom line is take a look at everything before taking a loving and well meaning man away from his daughter Thank You
Someone help me please.

I'm desperate for help please I really needs help dyfis are manipulating me in saying I'm a danger to children please help me I never harmed kids I don't have a case cause of abusing kids I got a case for suicide and I haven't attempted anything ever since and now I feel that they might force me to a paych ward please me help me please I'm on my knees begging anyone.
I'm pregnant and they might want to take my unborn child I haven't don't anything for them to tell me they want to open another case please I don't have any money to offer for help but I'm urging you anyone that can listen to me please help me.

For the sake of my daughter and my unborn child I don't want to lose them I've done everything I was told to do I went to the clinics and take the medications I'm urging anyone that can lend me a ear that can hear my story please anyone .
My friend is in a similar situation with DYFS they took the mothers side and the only reason she had the baby was so her and her parents can live off the state. Her parents even thanked her for manipulating the father into getting her pregnant. Then she birthed a baby who had to detox from whatever substance she was on for 4-8wks. DUDS has also manipulated their personal psychiatrist to say the father was unfit, the father then went to see a psychiatrist of his own and they said he was perfectly fine.
I have been mis-treated by a dyfs worker within the past year
Dyfus needs to focus on the "true" child abusers. They should not be taking the focus away from a drug addicted parent just because they don't want the other parent involved. This puts a child in danger, isn't dyfus supposed to prevent that?
I would love to know how DYFS can keep my brothers daughter from him just because the mothers family made accusations with no evidence. The mother karen levenskie was on drugs while pregnant, gave birth to an addicted baby. Then as if that was not enough, while on methadone she was involved in an accident with the baby in the car and dyfs is having those charges dropped. And my brother who has done nothing wrong can only see his daughter supervised a few hours a week. How is this fair?
Please do something and help stop ininnocent fsmilies from being ripped apart! My children where just takin from me, from a bs report made by an angered family member! I was in middle of seeking substance abuse treatment from self medicating ptsd husband has done no wrong other than fail a drug test that was easily proven a false positive from Naproxen. ..and they didn't care..and always find new reasons to devastate our family. My children are hysterically cryin and clinging to us at end of our visits.
.my daughter is begging me to steal son cryin off and on whOle time...clinging tighty to a family photo book he and his sister cherish more than there favorite toys we jus bought them. My son proceeds to cry sayin I love this book so mucj, but It doesn't talk back, tells me it loves me, and holds and kiss me. He said he feels so sad in his heart and wants to come home! My daughter saying maNY heart wrenching many ppl cry seein our videos..cuz they know how well our kids where taken care of and loved, but now are being abuses In the so called perfect foster home! Please help restore our rights protect thw innocent children, whose lives are turned upside down and are devastated from dyfs ripping loving families apart and forever tormenting their lives..and the children! What ever happened to helping families? Why rip them apart before even Givin a chance to understand and see the parents make improvements on whatever mistake they where accused of ..
Sometimes people jus need self help. .doesn't mean that they are bad parents. My kids where so loveso so close to each other, and us. We always did everything together as a family. .and now I am lost without them. Please help!
Signing this petition because I have seen in recent events how unfair dyfs can be. Thought dyfs was here to help people, not make your life 10x harder then it has to be. My uncle, Michael LaVecchia has been put through hell all because he wants to be able to see his precious baby girl. This has been taken from him due to selfish, drug addicted, lying female. Who in fact used drugs while pregnant and continued to use even after the baby was born. This same person, for some odd reason is not questioned about her parenting what so ever but my uncle who does not use drugs or drink is made out to be such a bad person. To even be denied the right to see your own child is unbelievable to me when there is no real reasoning behind it. My uncle is someone who has a home and is an established adult. No one deserves to be put through what this man has been through. Hoping a changed is made sooner rather than later so this little girl can have a Dad in her life that actually truly wants to be there.
Give deserving fatherrs a break.
There are bad parents and then there are parents who make mistakes, they shouldn't be used against them if they are better....
Don't be bullied by dyfs. Get a lawyer and stand your ground. Don't agree to anything until your lawyer approves it. He talks to the dag and that's how u get the case closed. Going through this bs now
DYFS is always taking kids away from there families before they find out what is really going on. Other people call and say people are beating there kids or something because they are mad at that person. They need to make sure its true before they brake a family up.
I think it's wrong what dyfs is doing to my uncle, I think every man if willing to be a good parent should have the opportunity same as a woman.
my good friend Michael lavecchia is being prevented from parenting his daughter.he is a good man , he does not use drugs at all. but the babys mother used drugs while she was pregnant. she is continuing to abuse drugs and has had a serious car accident with the baby scarlet in the car at the time of the acident caused by the mothers drug intoxication. mike is a conciderate person he was my boyfriend for 5 years but he wanted to have a child of his own and we broke up so he could. we are still good friends and i do wish the best for him and his daughter. he would be a better choice for a custodial parent.
Someone HELP us PLEASE!!! We are trying desparetly to get my niece out to the system. It is in appeal right now, my sisters rights have been terminated. we have been fighting to get her into our home almost 2 years now. A home that she was at every weekend, major holidays & birthday. They are wanting to adopt her to the foster family she is in now who just came to our country in 1997. They didnt rule me out but I got a placement letter stating since I didnt sit with a case worker in 2011 & since my niece also grew a bond with her now foster parents they will not be placing her in our care. Are you serious? This is why you are taking my family, my niece and giving her a whole new family?? They kept her away from us for 6 months until they did a bonding assessment with my husband, I also the foster parents, of course she was gonna play shy but she warmed up to us. Then the judge ordered visitaions with us. They also wanna use the fact my husband is 100% diabled how are we going to afford her?? He & I both have a great amount of income that comes in a month, Sorry not all people are rich, people do get by and if someone has to find a better job or get another one to support a family thatís what you do. What in the world is going on here? We need help! What happened to family being with family?? We have cried out to the Governor and I get letters from his people saying we sent a copy of your complaint to the advocacy that sent it to the division!! Yea the division that is fighting against us!!! I write to the Governor for his help not to send a copy of my letter to the enemy hows that helping? Its not!! Im losing my niece and its breaking my heart!!! We had such a close bond and they took that away. Shes 3 years old, I know that she will readjust I know she will if she comes home to us plus i told the Division that we will go to any programs if needed. Please dont give my niece to a whole new family when her family here is fighting so hard for her!!!! They just turn a deaf ear. Please help!! We cry all the time, hard to breath, i get anxiety when I think of never seeing her again. HELP!!! Since our Governor "The Family Man" is doing all that he can to help, NOT!!!! We love her very much, its coming up to a year since we last saw her. We cant lose her!!! We are her family!!!!! I can see if there wasnt family fighting for her, then adopt her out, but we are fighting!!!!! We are continuing to fight this fight, her Grandmother is distraught over it, shes always upset, I hate to see my mom like this I really do. I have reached out to the newpapers, senator, councilman, etc.... We are not giving up, but need the publics help. I even started a fund me so we can get an attorney to help us fight this fight, us not being the parents the courts dont listen to us. Thank you to all who took the time out to read this.
I hate dyfs! They r ruining my life!
I'm on a dyfys case I can't really explain it but I'll try to make it short
I was alone at home one day and I had no one to talk to and I felt lonely my daughter was with her father that time I was going through a deep depression and I tried to commit Suicide
Now when they got involved I feel like I wasn't a good mom to my child. When I never neglected her abused her or have her rapes or molested
I love my daughter to death and they send me to a psychiatrist which I go to
And I continuously go
I'm on medication and I do my best to my ability to maintain my mental stability now I'm pregnant and they want to keep me in dyfys cause they accuse of me hurting myself again and I said " you can't intervene if I harmed myself when the baby is born then you can tell me you need to get involved not involve now and then my case will never close"
Dyfys is supposed to help and support the person that's on a case with them frankly I don't think I've been getting that "quality help "
I'm not a women that lost her mind 100% just cause I had a small episode and I regret it
I have goals and dreams and I want what's best and I need support and I can't even show emotions on how I feel with them cause they might think I'm having a total meltdown when I'm hormonal and emotions going up and down from pregnancy
I've improved in my own way and I take that step to push myself up they take me back one step down to make me feel like my efforts where inferior
Pls get in touch w me asap! Im dealing w the same type of issues hun, u r not alone...maybe we can help each other. I call it legalized human trafficking. Makes me SICK2MY STOMACH!
Pls get in touch w me! God bless.
Dyfs/cps crime has to STOP i lost three kids two i know i messed up on but i was NEVER EVEN GIVING A CHANCE with my youngest they took her bc someone said i cut myself yes i have a past history but i didnt do any harm to myself i had my 2month old daughter taking from me two years ago i did EVERYTHING THEY SAID TO DO CLEAN URINES PROGRAMS EVERYTHING BUT IT WASNT ENOUGH
Please someone help my family from Dyfs they took my granddaughter away from my 15 year old daughter saying my daughter past history they lied and broke my family up someone please help they had no proof and lied on me with my case
Please someone help my family from Dyfs they took my granddaughter away from my 15 year old daughter saying my daughter past history they lied and broke my family up someone please help they had no proof and lied on me with my case
dyfs committed crimes against me and my family,for the last 12 years I have been fighting them, the state of new jersey has kidnap my children, denied me having a trail, tamper with every lawyer I hired, abused my 18 mo old daughter, dyfs kidnap four daughters the two oldest now 16 and 18 has found me after 12 years and they both say they been rap and treated as a slave, I could really use some help they still have my two youngest daughters and I don't know if they are dead or alive, I never did anything to my children, this is pure racists, if I don't get help soon I wont be responsible for my actions, I surprise nobody hasn't went crazy yet,
I am a diligent professional, loving mother and I lost my child due to a conspiracy between the State and my ex-in-laws, who have tried to take my son away from me for 10 years. There was never any physical evidence offered against me. He was my only child and my life has been completely ruined. Now he is in some boarding school in Georgia somewhere and will never see his mother. It is inconceivable that something like this can happen in the greatest democracy in the world. Despicable!
I had a similar situation and huge issue with the DCPP (DYFS) In Camden County, NJ. The whole entire thing was ONE SIDED, FIXED,SET UP,ETC. AND I CAN PROVE IT! I think they need to be investigated and shut down. I personally want North Jersey (Trenton) to investigate South Jersey (Camden) and shut them down.
The people that really are doing horrible things still have their kids, and the people that are not bad are losing their kids and it's not right.
This situation Needs to and MUST be looked into.
I will gladly leave my name, phone number, address, etc. I want to have an interview with one of the news channels. I have proof of what they did was wrong and is still wrong! My address is 101 East Beechwood Avenue # 2. Oaklyn, NJ 08107. Angela Ferriola.
Ps. I wish someone would contact me! And I will not rest until this is taking care of!! (I really hope they help this poor girl too). I have paperwork that would have them lose their jobs. That's why their name changed in the 1st place bc of law suits, well they are going to have another and another and another law suit. It's far from over! Some of these workers don't even have children, I know the one we had didn't and she broke the law and so far has gotten away with it but she will NOT get away with it for long, not if I have anything to do with it.
This new agency is just as bad if not worse then the other, (name changed due to lawsuits) they receive their grant money from NJ based on how many children they steal and place. Never have I seen a legal black market industry such as this. Yes an outside agency must look into this agency. No child left behind does not mean lying, stealing and hurting good parents who truly love their children. Two days of training does not make these people qualified to bag groceries. Taking well-adjusted happy children and making them become fearful and untrusting is NOT helping the children or the future citizens and voters of NJ. Just wait until these children grow up and vote..and they will vote out every political person that did nothing to stop this travesty and destroy their lives. Follow the money.
They took my children and lied on me now they have my grand baby she came to the visit with blood on her clothes newark nj is the worst
my mom was watching my son he was sleepn at 9am she was in the basement running the wash machine n folding clothes she didnt hear my 4 year old awake he went outside the neighbor called franklinville nj police i was there in 2 minutes told him mom mom was in the basement he didnt know i just had twins they were with me n my 9 year old was in school dyfs came n took all 4 of my children i cant afford an attorney and im sick i have no idea what to do HELP me now i know why young people turn to drugs are you serious is this a power struggle
dyfs i nj is outa control they r the most negative people in the world hey jersey step up what r they thinking they need their jobs so bad they r taking children from families its outa control
They kiddnapped my baby from her mother i was not allowed to take child because of false allagations they attorney general Renard Scott did nothing but slander and deplimation of charter i was not a tagert of abuse and they had till 2 days to provide proff of theses false police reports they said exsisted the case worker did nothing but try to take words and twist them i want my child back so dose her mother she is a good mother and im a good father they took her with no removeal warrant my child was never abused she went to doctors anddenist regularly please reform this terrible thing they talked about addopting my chuiild out with no unfound charges
they are by far, the most unorganized, untruthful, immunity protected state funded home wreckers that i have EVER come across! They abuse children far worse than any of our uneducated, young mothers growing up in their system! They ruin lives for the fun of it, for the money, control and the power. It is extremely sad and unfortunate and it needs to stop! it wont however if we dont take back our power as parents as well as exercise our legal constitutinal amendments. I no longer fear them, regardless of their court ordered presence in my home. I now have learned how to protect my children against them, and this comes from a post-graduate social worker who once worked with them indirectly. They enter the system as employees of our great state, and become numb, they turn a blind eye to their inconsistencies, their injustice and then deafen their ears to the truth in order to reach monthly quotas. A good social worker expands on their clients strengths, rather than fixate on their imperfections of years past. A fair social worker admits the truth; regardless of how it affects them professionally. As an indirect provider to them for over ten years, the research gathered proves that biological families who improve their relationships with each other have far better futures than children "stolen" then forced into foster care.
In NJ DYFS is the worse. The are abusing their power and need to be STOP!
i dont like how dyfs use there power against the parent it should be an law or something to stop this because it no fun in going back and forth to court just to prove ur case half of us could be iinnocent
My son Oliver was ripped from our loving home a year and a half ago. In the last nightmarish year and a half I have complied with every article in the service plan and tested clean on every UA given me by the programs I have been in. Yet, every test , 13 in all, CPS has ordered me to take through their lab has come back positive.Thus making it impossible for me to get my son back or even have unsupervised visitation with him. Oliver was placed with foster parents due to the fact that all of my family lives in New York and I wanted to keep him close thinking it wouldn't be very long before i had him home.. I felt it necessary to send him to a family member in New York around the 1 year mark at which point the foster parents decided to0 fight us for custody. we fought a long battle and finally won thank God. I think it is an atrocity what this branch of our government has become. The single most right as a human being is the right to be a parent and to raise our young as we see fit. Yes, there are some of us who need someone to step in and care for our children if we are unfit, i was not one of those people. I had a beautiful life, family and home before CPS took my angel away from me. They have ruined my life, squashed my spirit, made me move out of my home and continue to try and make money off our broken backs. I will continue to fight them until my last breath and one day hopefully very soon the criminals who are pimping out our innocent children will be held accountable for extinguishing the light in our children's eyes.
my son was 8 yrs old he had special need ok he said i hit him but which i didnt i remeber that day like yersterday all this chasos came out they told my children mom to put an court against me they alway tried to get something i do admit my children mom and i had problem but the children wasnt in no danger i been fighting up know my children mom past the aunt got temporary custody but when i goes to court they alway tried to put that i am a bad guy but i not they are the bad one they put my two olderst son in independant living but i dead against it they need to take that off
dyfs told my children mom lies and they use there authority against me and when my children mom past a way the aunt only had temporary they use the dyfs against
On January 2014 I got my daughter and grandaughter removed from the house because my daughter said at school that she had suicidal thoughts and because she told them that I was using the medication percocet(wich is prescribed by my doctor) but they say that I can not take care of them. DYFS and the judge told me that in order to get my girls back i was supposed to complete some programs and I did, but every time we go to court the send me to more and more programs. They've been in 4 diferent homes and recently put my grand with her dad and grand's house knowing that when my daughter got pregnant they wanted my daughter to have an abortion or give the baby in adoption. DYFS NJ is a real monster that instead of help families, they love to separate families. I cant believe this people are doing whatever they want(for money)....
When I was 5 years old, my parents split. My mother deveolped a drug happen, so I was put into the care of my grandparents. When I was 8, myy father, wanting custody of us, called DYFS.
DYFS would come and pull me out of school to question me. DYFS forced me to submit to a physical examination, where I was touched inappropriately and borderline molested AT 8 YEARS OLD. They sent me to therapists, all which tried to convince me to live with my father. When they failed, they sent me to another. In total, I saw 5 different therapists. DYFS would try and manipulate me to say things against my grandparents. My father failed a pyschological evaluation, and it was finally decided I could stay with my grandparents.
TO THIS DAY, 11 YEARS LATER I still struggle with anxiety because of the trauma I endured. NJ DYFS are the scum of the earth and I spit on their office door If i ever pass it.
DYFS NJ is lying! they lie to the judge about allegations, medication, reports etc. They keep mixing up information provided. Public defender doesn't even speak up or help. They go by anonymous calls and run with it. they don't care about truth. They abuse power. No matter what you do or say they tell the judge or document that you are uncooperative
My girlfriends children were taken and are currently still in the custody of DYFS. They continue to issue her orders/demands in order for her to get her children back. After each order/demand is met they Continue to issue more for an ongoing never ending cycle. During this time, visitation is given and each time we go to see the children, we can see the mental toll its taking on them. Please somebody help keep DYFS from abusing their power . . .
i used to think dyfs was an organization designed to protect children from bad situations.. but dyfs is way too hard on people because theyr a business & actually make $$ out of taking children away & placing them in foster homes ! its terrible what these people can do to families evn when they cannot prove neglect or that ur a drug addict of som kind ! its terrible ! please stop these monsters ?! thank u !
I need help, I am a mother of 2 boys. My ex has made my life a nightmare, I was with my ex for 14yrs and I broke up with him 3 years ago. He has a long Dv history and is an alcoholic. Long drug addiction when I was with my ex. Stole from me and my kids. Because I don't want to be with him, he would always call Dyfs on me saying I neglect my kids, that my apt was filthy. He has called them on me about 4 times. All the times he called them and checked my home, they found no neglect or anything for that matter. He has a Gf who is currently pregnant and he has already hit her twice from what the courts said. When I met who is now my husband, my ex called Dyfs not knowing my husband's name and made a false accusation that my husband is a pedophile. Dyfs from NJ did their investigation and my husband had no record of any Dv or harming children. My ex kept harassing my husband and myself, which is why we have been back & forth to court. 10 months into the relationship with my husband, he called Dyfs again when I let my ex have visitation with my oldest son and made another false allegation that my husband burned my son. Dyfs from bergen county doesn't let me see my children and they to are now harassing me over the most stupidest things. They know my ex has a long criminal record. They look at him as he is innocent. Still makes false allegations to Dyfs. Because of my ex's lies my husband was arrested 2 weeks after the allegation which was in February 8th 2014. It's been 7 months that I have not seen my sons. My ex had a court date on August 15th 2014 and didn't appear in court. He has 2 warrants for his arrest that was ordered by the judge and one more for sending another terroristic threat. I don't know where my ex resides or the whereabouts of my children. Please I really need help
Please i need help My nieces were taken by DYFS yesterday afternoon,under the pertinence that their home was cluttered... heirs the house story from start to finish. my fiances nieces were placed in hes and hers grandmothers cares about 2 and half years ago, do to there mother being unfit. at first we followed all of DYFS instructions to get the house ready for the girls. we followed every out rages exception and met it.after fighting tooth and nail but we finally got them. when they came the youngest (6/7 months old) she did not make any eye contact or attempt to talk to anyone. further investigation proved the she was kept in a crib for almost a whole year. it seemed no one was truly taking care of her. It took my fiances grandmother months to get her to talk and interact with others. there was also another incendent with her when she had bite marks on her beautfil face which i have photos of btw, she was bite by a dog near her right eye , she was around 1 when this happend under dyfs care. they put her and her sister in a foster home that did not care for them and didnt even report when the dog had bitten our child. when we brought this up to DYFS they made no big deal out of it . these people didn't even lose there fostering license . DYFS told us there was nothing they could do or could have done. and it my our 1 year old fault she got bite!!!!!!. im sorry no that's there fault. anyway. when the girls came to us. the oldest which was 3/4 at the time told us about her younger sister sitting in a crib. no harm came to the oldest thank god. they both loved living with us and they got everything they needed and wanted from us. they room which i also have photos of . are bright pink with posters of princesses and other Disney movies accessories they had lots of toys and games that both were fun and educational. they never went hungry and were never hurt with us only others. a few years have gone by and now our nieces (oldest now 7 and the youngest now 4) have been ripped out of there home by force once again for false reason. DYFS never told us about our court dates and when they did they told us different times or dates they were not true. they told the judge lies about our house like its unsafe or cluttered(what ever that meant) there grandmother was planning on movies to a bigger house so they girls could have more room and they one rooms. DYFS considers packing up to move as clutter. not only did they do this Yesterday they had been lying to us from the start. telling us we were doing good but going back to the courts and telling them that we were not fit to take care of the children. finally we stopped playing DYFS games and told them just what we thought of what they were doing to the children. in response they took a opportunity to take the children out from under us. Yesterday my fiances grandmother lost a child to brain cancer after a 4 to 5 year battle. on this day she called DYFS to tell them that she had to make funeral arrangemen
While at a DV shelter, my daughter was charged with neglect because when case worker charged into the bathroom while my daughter was giving her child a bath, they started screaming which caused my daughter's 2 year old to loose function of his bowels. They stated that she was negligent because "she didn't ask them to leave" (she was frightened). Children were removed by DFYS failed to set up their requested psych evals, parenting glasses, etc. etc. so my daughter finally obtained her own from qualified professionals. She completed all her requirements and received favorable commendations. They are now moving for adoption on the grounds that, although through no fault of her own, it took a year for her to complete all her services and now they stated, "the child/children have bonded with their foster caretaker". The children were with their mother for two years, but only with caretaker for one year. Also, they have been harmed and medically neglected. Additionally, they are still screaming and even biting the case workers because they do not want to leave their mother and they do not want to go with the caretaker. DFYS justifies this by stating "all children cry when removed from their mother and this is not important because DFYS knows better than the child regarding what is best. Throughout the year, their reasoning from removal changing from " not changing a diaper while being questioned" to their ordered psych visit stating that my daughter is a sociopath and a danger. Yet, on the night of removal, 1 doctor, 1 social worker, and 2 RNs wrote that. "There were no signs of abuse, neglect or exploitation and my daughter showed no abnormal affect. They objected to the entrance of the hospital records and stated that my daughter will not even be considered until she agrees to be mentally ill. Why would these people lie - what would be their motive? What was Hillary's motive for lying about Benghazi or Holder's motive for lying about cheating on his taxes or Bill's motive for lying - "I did not have sex with that woman", or "I didn't inhale". Motive is the same - it's known as CYA!!!!!!
I need help, its been over two years and I have custody of all of my childern, but dyfs has taken away my visitations with my children. Please someone help me or lead me in the right direction of someone who can. PLEASE HELP
They need to be stopped

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