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my mom was watching my son he was sleepn at 9am she was in the basement running the wash machine n folding clothes she didnt hear my 4 year old awake he went outside the neighbor called franklinville nj police i was there in 2 minutes told him mom mom was in the basement he didnt know i just had twins they were with me n my 9 year old was in school dyfs came n took all 4 of my children i cant afford an attorney and im sick i have no idea what to do HELP me now i know why young people turn to drugs are you serious is this a power struggle
dyfs i nj is outa control they r the most negative people in the world hey jersey step up what r they thinking they need their jobs so bad they r taking children from families its outa control
They kiddnapped my baby from her mother i was not allowed to take child because of false allagations they attorney general Renard Scott did nothing but slander and deplimation of charter i was not a tagert of abuse and they had till 2 days to provide proff of theses false police reports they said exsisted the case worker did nothing but try to take words and twist them i want my child back so dose her mother she is a good mother and im a good father they took her with no removeal warrant my child was never abused she went to doctors anddenist regularly please reform this terrible thing they talked about addopting my chuiild out with no unfound charges
they are by far, the most unorganized, untruthful, immunity protected state funded home wreckers that i have EVER come across! They abuse children far worse than any of our uneducated, young mothers growing up in their system! They ruin lives for the fun of it, for the money, control and the power. It is extremely sad and unfortunate and it needs to stop! it wont however if we dont take back our power as parents as well as exercise our legal constitutinal amendments. I no longer fear them, regardless of their court ordered presence in my home. I now have learned how to protect my children against them, and this comes from a post-graduate social worker who once worked with them indirectly. They enter the system as employees of our great state, and become numb, they turn a blind eye to their inconsistencies, their injustice and then deafen their ears to the truth in order to reach monthly quotas. A good social worker expands on their clients strengths, rather than fixate on their imperfections of years past. A fair social worker admits the truth; regardless of how it affects them professionally. As an indirect provider to them for over ten years, the research gathered proves that biological families who improve their relationships with each other have far better futures than children "stolen" then forced into foster care.
In NJ DYFS is the worse. The are abusing their power and need to be STOP!
i dont like how dyfs use there power against the parent it should be an law or something to stop this because it no fun in going back and forth to court just to prove ur case half of us could be iinnocent
My son Oliver was ripped from our loving home a year and a half ago. In the last nightmarish year and a half I have complied with every article in the service plan and tested clean on every UA given me by the programs I have been in. Yet, every test , 13 in all, CPS has ordered me to take through their lab has come back positive.Thus making it impossible for me to get my son back or even have unsupervised visitation with him. Oliver was placed with foster parents due to the fact that all of my family lives in New York and I wanted to keep him close thinking it wouldn't be very long before i had him home.. I felt it necessary to send him to a family member in New York around the 1 year mark at which point the foster parents decided to0 fight us for custody. we fought a long battle and finally won thank God. I think it is an atrocity what this branch of our government has become. The single most right as a human being is the right to be a parent and to raise our young as we see fit. Yes, there are some of us who need someone to step in and care for our children if we are unfit, i was not one of those people. I had a beautiful life, family and home before CPS took my angel away from me. They have ruined my life, squashed my spirit, made me move out of my home and continue to try and make money off our broken backs. I will continue to fight them until my last breath and one day hopefully very soon the criminals who are pimping out our innocent children will be held accountable for extinguishing the light in our children's eyes.
my son was 8 yrs old he had special need ok he said i hit him but which i didnt i remeber that day like yersterday all this chasos came out they told my children mom to put an court against me they alway tried to get something i do admit my children mom and i had problem but the children wasnt in no danger i been fighting up know my children mom past the aunt got temporary custody but when i goes to court they alway tried to put that i am a bad guy but i not they are the bad one they put my two olderst son in independant living but i dead against it they need to take that off
dyfs told my children mom lies and they use there authority against me and when my children mom past a way the aunt only had temporary they use the dyfs against
On January 2014 I got my daughter and grandaughter removed from the house because my daughter said at school that she had suicidal thoughts and because she told them that I was using the medication percocet(wich is prescribed by my doctor) but they say that I can not take care of them. DYFS and the judge told me that in order to get my girls back i was supposed to complete some programs and I did, but every time we go to court the send me to more and more programs. They've been in 4 diferent homes and recently put my grand with her dad and grand's house knowing that when my daughter got pregnant they wanted my daughter to have an abortion or give the baby in adoption. DYFS NJ is a real monster that instead of help families, they love to separate families. I cant believe this people are doing whatever they want(for money)....
When I was 5 years old, my parents split. My mother deveolped a drug happen, so I was put into the care of my grandparents. When I was 8, myy father, wanting custody of us, called DYFS.
DYFS would come and pull me out of school to question me. DYFS forced me to submit to a physical examination, where I was touched inappropriately and borderline molested AT 8 YEARS OLD. They sent me to therapists, all which tried to convince me to live with my father. When they failed, they sent me to another. In total, I saw 5 different therapists. DYFS would try and manipulate me to say things against my grandparents. My father failed a pyschological evaluation, and it was finally decided I could stay with my grandparents.
TO THIS DAY, 11 YEARS LATER I still struggle with anxiety because of the trauma I endured. NJ DYFS are the scum of the earth and I spit on their office door If i ever pass it.
DYFS NJ is lying! they lie to the judge about allegations, medication, reports etc. They keep mixing up information provided. Public defender doesn't even speak up or help. They go by anonymous calls and run with it. they don't care about truth. They abuse power. No matter what you do or say they tell the judge or document that you are uncooperative
My girlfriends children were taken and are currently still in the custody of DYFS. They continue to issue her orders/demands in order for her to get her children back. After each order/demand is met they Continue to issue more for an ongoing never ending cycle. During this time, visitation is given and each time we go to see the children, we can see the mental toll its taking on them. Please somebody help keep DYFS from abusing their power . . .
i used to think dyfs was an organization designed to protect children from bad situations.. but dyfs is way too hard on people because theyr a business & actually make $$ out of taking children away & placing them in foster homes ! its terrible what these people can do to families evn when they cannot prove neglect or that ur a drug addict of som kind ! its terrible ! please stop these monsters ?! thank u !
I need help, I am a mother of 2 boys. My ex has made my life a nightmare, I was with my ex for 14yrs and I broke up with him 3 years ago. He has a long Dv history and is an alcoholic. Long drug addiction when I was with my ex. Stole from me and my kids. Because I don't want to be with him, he would always call Dyfs on me saying I neglect my kids, that my apt was filthy. He has called them on me about 4 times. All the times he called them and checked my home, they found no neglect or anything for that matter. He has a Gf who is currently pregnant and he has already hit her twice from what the courts said. When I met who is now my husband, my ex called Dyfs not knowing my husband's name and made a false accusation that my husband is a pedophile. Dyfs from NJ did their investigation and my husband had no record of any Dv or harming children. My ex kept harassing my husband and myself, which is why we have been back & forth to court. 10 months into the relationship with my husband, he called Dyfs again when I let my ex have visitation with my oldest son and made another false allegation that my husband burned my son. Dyfs from bergen county doesn't let me see my children and they to are now harassing me over the most stupidest things. They know my ex has a long criminal record. They look at him as he is innocent. Still makes false allegations to Dyfs. Because of my ex's lies my husband was arrested 2 weeks after the allegation which was in February 8th 2014. It's been 7 months that I have not seen my sons. My ex had a court date on August 15th 2014 and didn't appear in court. He has 2 warrants for his arrest that was ordered by the judge and one more for sending another terroristic threat. I don't know where my ex resides or the whereabouts of my children. Please I really need help
Please i need help My nieces were taken by DYFS yesterday afternoon,under the pertinence that their home was cluttered... heirs the house story from start to finish. my fiances nieces were placed in hes and hers grandmothers cares about 2 and half years ago, do to there mother being unfit. at first we followed all of DYFS instructions to get the house ready for the girls. we followed every out rages exception and met it.after fighting tooth and nail but we finally got them. when they came the youngest (6/7 months old) she did not make any eye contact or attempt to talk to anyone. further investigation proved the she was kept in a crib for almost a whole year. it seemed no one was truly taking care of her. It took my fiances grandmother months to get her to talk and interact with others. there was also another incendent with her when she had bite marks on her beautfil face which i have photos of btw, she was bite by a dog near her right eye , she was around 1 when this happend under dyfs care. they put her and her sister in a foster home that did not care for them and didnt even report when the dog had bitten our child. when we brought this up to DYFS they made no big deal out of it . these people didn't even lose there fostering license . DYFS told us there was nothing they could do or could have done. and it my our 1 year old fault she got bite!!!!!!. im sorry no that's there fault. anyway. when the girls came to us. the oldest which was 3/4 at the time told us about her younger sister sitting in a crib. no harm came to the oldest thank god. they both loved living with us and they got everything they needed and wanted from us. they room which i also have photos of . are bright pink with posters of princesses and other Disney movies accessories they had lots of toys and games that both were fun and educational. they never went hungry and were never hurt with us only others. a few years have gone by and now our nieces (oldest now 7 and the youngest now 4) have been ripped out of there home by force once again for false reason. DYFS never told us about our court dates and when they did they told us different times or dates they were not true. they told the judge lies about our house like its unsafe or cluttered(what ever that meant) there grandmother was planning on movies to a bigger house so they girls could have more room and they one rooms. DYFS considers packing up to move as clutter. not only did they do this Yesterday they had been lying to us from the start. telling us we were doing good but going back to the courts and telling them that we were not fit to take care of the children. finally we stopped playing DYFS games and told them just what we thought of what they were doing to the children. in response they took a opportunity to take the children out from under us. Yesterday my fiances grandmother lost a child to brain cancer after a 4 to 5 year battle. on this day she called DYFS to tell them that she had to make funeral arrangemen
While at a DV shelter, my daughter was charged with neglect because when case worker charged into the bathroom while my daughter was giving her child a bath, they started screaming which caused my daughter's 2 year old to loose function of his bowels. They stated that she was negligent because "she didn't ask them to leave" (she was frightened). Children were removed by DFYS failed to set up their requested psych evals, parenting glasses, etc. etc. so my daughter finally obtained her own from qualified professionals. She completed all her requirements and received favorable commendations. They are now moving for adoption on the grounds that, although through no fault of her own, it took a year for her to complete all her services and now they stated, "the child/children have bonded with their foster caretaker". The children were with their mother for two years, but only with caretaker for one year. Also, they have been harmed and medically neglected. Additionally, they are still screaming and even biting the case workers because they do not want to leave their mother and they do not want to go with the caretaker. DFYS justifies this by stating "all children cry when removed from their mother and this is not important because DFYS knows better than the child regarding what is best. Throughout the year, their reasoning from removal changing from " not changing a diaper while being questioned" to their ordered psych visit stating that my daughter is a sociopath and a danger. Yet, on the night of removal, 1 doctor, 1 social worker, and 2 RNs wrote that. "There were no signs of abuse, neglect or exploitation and my daughter showed no abnormal affect. They objected to the entrance of the hospital records and stated that my daughter will not even be considered until she agrees to be mentally ill. Why would these people lie - what would be their motive? What was Hillary's motive for lying about Benghazi or Holder's motive for lying about cheating on his taxes or Bill's motive for lying - "I did not have sex with that woman", or "I didn't inhale". Motive is the same - it's known as CYA!!!!!!
I need help, its been over two years and I have custody of all of my childern, but dyfs has taken away my visitations with my children. Please someone help me or lead me in the right direction of someone who can. PLEASE HELP
They need to be stopped
these people r horrible ! theyr a corrupt no common sence organization & they have to be stopped !!!
please HELP ME... dyfs showed up at of alcohol" due to a picture I posted of my daughter GiGi on facebook as she was sleeping as I wrote above the picture " GiGi is sleeping from her shots.:" she got 3 needles that morning from her Dr. and the shots referred to her needles for immunization. DYFS saw the shot records from that morning the picture was taken and they called the Dr. to verify her shots and everything was fine and DYFS admitted to the caller as spiteful person looking to cause trouble to ouyr family as they get these calls all the time. As I gave DYFS permission to search my home they found cases of unopened diapers which I keep in our room a closet full of clothes used clean clothes along with brand new clothes she hasn't worn yet also a lot of fresh fruit and veggies snacks formula and baby food enough for a month for my daughter. needless to say we trake well care of Gianna. I would like to note they found no drugs nor alcohol in my home for reasons I don't drink alcohol nor do drugs. DYFS left finding no abuse no neglect and a clean satisfying normal home with a great living environment. weeks later DYFS showed up claiming they have to keep the case opened and demanded my wife and I to take urines and go to classes and we did nothing to warrant these actions. ever since they I gave DYFS 2 clean urines and the urine site is 30 minutes away from home which caused trouble for me to get there like if DYFS does this on purpose. anyhow I missed a urine and DYFS said it was automatically a positive urine which caused a safety protection plan and they made my father who we reside with he is 73 yrs old responsible and he must supervise me with my daughter at all times. he goes to bed a 7pm every night so he can get up for work at 4 am. well one night I took my daughter fort a late nite drive around the back roads of our neighborhood driving slow to try and put her to sleep due to her sleep schedule a little off due to teething I ended up parking and we both fell asleep at the pond. DYFS and the police found out I broke the order and gave me criminal charges and made a bunch of false statements and lied in the charges saying I kidnapped my child lol . these people are evil and crazy. in court the dyfs appointed lawyer which are just as bad as DYFS made my dad a supervisor to Gianna without him being in court and providing the court details on his sleeping arrangements and work schedule which in return could've prevented all this mess with me being left alone with Gianna the night I got arrested. my mother in law and father could've worked as a team to take Gianna while my father goes to bed. but I was told in court not to talk when I wanted to ask the judge to postpone the matter to include my father and mother-in-law in court to make a better plan. so instead the judge and DYFS and my court appointed lawyer made the decision for my father. crazy right??? please help me I need a civil lawyer to investigate this case DYFS is not for the be
These comments will not do anything, it's like spitting into the wind.what we have to do is band together and get organizeAnd let the world and those in power know what's going on
I needed to go into the hospital for depression after leaving my abusive baby's father. I was told that I would get custody of my daughter back once I was out of the hospital. It has been over a year, and they just recently gave custody of my daughter to her father (my abuser). They do not discuss things with me, and wait until court to bring up an issue that could have been resolved before court had they brought up the issue before court.
A few years ago my nephew was in the system from birth until about the age of 3. When he initially went into dyfs care I and my boy friend were living at his mother's house. I was able to get an ok to have him released to me in hopes it would be a few months and my sister would straighten things out. For a couple months she couldn't get her stuff together and at that time I was on a personal leave from school to take on this responsibility. I thought at that time it would be best to have him placed in a foster home in hopes to give my sister a kick in the*****to get her life right. A couple years go by and my sister flip flops with getting close to getting him back then failing a **** test or some other reason they come up with. At this time I was fine school, had a child of my own and was in the process of getting my own place with my daughter and boy friend. We decided we wanted to try and adopt my nephew since we were now in a place in our lives we could handle this responsibility. We went through the training, the severe background checks, drug tests, etc, had supervised visits that for one reason or another they always found a reason to extend longer and longer and not ween him into unsupervised day visits and then over night. He lived me knew I was his aunt, lived my daughter and my boyfriend who he knew as uncle. In the end I was told that I was good enough to be a foster parent to any child in the system but I wasn't good enough for my own nephew. That I waited too long before wanting him. How dare they say I didn't want him before, I had circumstances that prevented me from being able to do so and when those circumstances changed and I had a place of my own and could make those decisions it was too late? ********!!! How am I good enough for a stranger and not my own nephew. Then I find out after he's been adopted that I was able to continue my visits and have a goodbye visit they never informed me about. The piece of crap woman who faught to keep my nephew from his blood family that wanted him then tried to say I could be in his life and about a month later stopped accepting my phone calls and so here we are 3 years later and it still hurts to see his pictures and know he's out there and know there's nothing I can do. The system is flawed. The worker on the case use to talk down to me, give me problem after problem, I kept everything from my fight so one day I can find him and make sure he knows the truth that I fought for him and that his birth family loved him and still does and will until the day we die. It's disgusting what these cases workers do. Makes me sick. I can't believe nothing is ever done about it to change this, family proven fit should not be told they aren't good enough but then asked to take in other people's children, other people's new born babies . Makes no sense and never will.
I also have a case with DYFS and this people, more than trying to help, they keep me away from my kids and always giving me excuses because of my medications.
Please help ! I'm 16 years old and I've been removed from my beloved family for about 7 months now, simply because my mother takes prescription drugs for her chronological pain ! Nothing was ever wrong with my home. Nothing was ever wrong with the people in my home . And they ruined that ! I hate them so much, I've been so depressed. My family has been literally crying every day since I've been removed for these past months . I hate dyfs so much, I run into kids my age and younger that don't even know what dyfs is and are going through hard core neglect ! Every time we overcome one of their services, they always find another excuse to throw us another service and keep each other from being together again . I dearly hate them . They took my child away , too , with no proof of anything ! They took my daughter away because of other people's allegations !! This is not fair !
the "investigators"from this agency use the divide and conquer method in an attempt to turn families against one another. tips come in anonomously so who knows whether they are valid or not YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SPEAK TO THESE PEOPLE. TELL THEM TO GET A COURT ORDER.
My tax dollars pay these monsters the least they can do is help the children who need it. And stop this kidnapping kids from good people on our dime!
when i was a kid dyfs hurt me can i do "any thing" about it
DYFS Bergen County NJ is the most corrupt organization in America! They keep me from being with my girlfriends kids because of both of our exes making up false allegations about me that are NEVER TRUE! They continue to ruin our lives and my girlfriends kids lives with all their lies!!! Someone please help us get them out of our lives and especially the kids lives!!!
I as well as the rest of my Family are dealing with this serious injustice the best we can, but it's hard when there are so called civil entities ABOVE THE LAW that claim they are protecting our Children! When in fact they are ripping Families apart by stealing our Children from Families and selling them to couples that can't have children of their own! That is legal KIDNAPPING and SLAVERY in my book! And it seems the organization formally known as DYFS which changed their name to DCP&P due to being sued many times in court for over $200 million and possibly more! Which I'm glad to see that not all Lawyers are bought and paid for by evil unseen puppet masters in the system. Why is the state of NJ on their side when they are incompetent to perform the right and MORAL duties and keep losing the States money? There goes more Tax Payers' money down the drain. And the twisted accounts and gross lies that DYFS claim in Court is an OUTRAGE! The Judges and Jury actually fall for their lies on an Oath? If we all ban together and stand strong, only then can we make a difference and reverse the damage and loss of which they have caused. "We shall bring them to justice; or we will bring justice to the Children and Families!"
I am a Grand Parent and have been HEART BROKEN that my Grand Children were taken and when we did see them Joey had scrapes on his head and Marah had bad sunburn PLEASE HELP US GET THEM BACK
When these things do happen the immediate family should have custody. I as a grandparent of a child who is in DYFS care was not given that opportunity. I was told its too late you cant.
DYFS feels they are doing the "Best for the Children". In some cases that my be true but in the majority of the cases I don't see it. In our case it has caused more harm than cures. My daughter and her husband have been homless in over a year due to their depression from having their sons taken away. They have been placed with relatives but we have not being able to see them, hold them, talk with them or interact with them in any way. We've missed Holidays, mildstones with the youngest who is now two and not sure if he even remembers Grandma and Grandpa. Missed birthdays and have not had summer vacations. The case keeps dragging in court, the DYFS case worker has been changed, judges have been changes, public defenders have been changed, drug tests have been taken as ordered and still have no great feeling that they are ever going to give the chidren back to us no matter how much cooperation or hoops they jump through to please DYFS. DYFS had it in their mind that the children would be better off adopted to different parents from the first day they took them away. I had to retire from my job of 40years because I could not function on anything else than how to get my grandkids back into my arms. I'm still waiting for that time and I hope I live long enough for that joyus reunion.
HELP HELP HELP HELP!!!!!!!!!!!.........


A mother who wants justice
Thank you.
Sick organization- putting my children and I through much pain and agony all because I left my very abusive ex and he calls them every week as a control tactic! They are as crazy as he is!!
Im hurting
Don't Trust
This makes me sick. Will I ever get my grand babies from cps.Its all about the MONEY.I cannot afford a lawery they no this.They told me get a house we will give u the kids.We will see.What I have read it is up hill battle will they got one.They have messed with the wrong mema

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