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They truly have their own agenda. They don't care about families staying together. The ocean County office has placed my grandchildren in the home of the parents of the man who has abused them. Marsha the supervisior assured me this man would not have contact and that it was a safe home. She's a liar the man was there again with the mother of the children (they took the children from her because a cop found the children dirty, hungry, needles all over the house) these two low life's came to the begging for money for food. The children were traumatized by this and said they didn't want their mother to be hungry. Yet they continue to state that this man's parents house is best even though there are blood relatives willing to take the children in ( me being one of them) the ocean office just drags there feet claiming the kids are in a safe home. BULLS HIT.
DCCP is trying to take my daughter, my daughter fell from jumping around because shes two and two years jump around and because i didnt get her follow up appointment in the time frame they wanted because i had a newborn and was in the hospital for a week, they now want a physical from their doctor my worker wont give me her supervisor number, ive been dealing with these people for a year and couple months, the removed both my kids i got them back within a month and now over an injury that was accidental, im being accused of harming my two year old, mind you i have a three year old and a newborn but im only soposably physically harming just my two year old. How does that make any sense? Dyfs needs to be stopped ! The emotional distress these people have caused me is beyond repairable and my kids are effected by this !
Dyfs is attack me and my family they have taken my kid my girlfriend did wrong I didn't but the throwing me under the bus because of my past not fair!!!
In the last 2 years they've been at our door with new allegations, all unfounded, 6 times... this has to be harrassment at this point?!
I am a parent of this foul play as was my worker is not doing the job correctly adding lies to this regard drug testing me and it came back I have not used drugs taken my baby away from his family only for her own benefit
My girlfriend Haniffa Renner never gets angry unless you mess with her 3 kids an love ones,she's in a middle of her divorce an put her husband up for child support last October,2 days later he took her to court an judge try forcing her to go back to Carolina to live with a man who commit adultery there entire marrage for 13 yrs married but cheated 14 years on her.Worst is she tolerated him an taken him back over an over cause,he was her first love since she was 21 years now 36 years old an lost her mom last summer for her 13 years old bday weekend.long story short haniffa who known as Hannah,call child service to report her 13 years old son having Ring Worm on his face an they did nothing 2 months later Feb 19 she had court in Jersey in freehold monmouth county an after court found out her son was left in a hospital she,presued or an call cps report her son was cutting himself an left in a mental hospital almost 2 weeks for being point here she call an beg for help to protect her kids an they call her names,turn the table on Hannah saying she blame her son for the divorce.that's a lie,he husband was busted by her cheating 2 days before her terminal I'll mother of stage 4 cancer pass away....he was responsible of her leaving state for her mother funeral an never return home an soon file divorce after her husband shack up a 6 ft 2 beastly woman in there home.this woman attack Hannah an,she maze the gorilla in self defence...I was they put a restraining order on Hannah saying she pepper spray her kids it's all lies an they commit purjery lying under oat...she got letters from child services making false alligations saying she neglect her kids,she need anger management an times more accusing her,if things she's not capable of doing.She beg for drug test an they refuse to give her ex an his boyfriend who he says a lady scary one.where the justice...Hannah haven't heard her children voices this year an about to give up.She live for her kids.First she lost her mother to Cancer ,now 4 months later her kids to drug addicts in north Carolina.Please help her.Let her voice be heard.She told a supervisor from child services she's not doing her job& that **** Takelie Cobb supervisor of CPC off.she was being honest an that may cost her children.My daughter who's 8 mother was a junkie for years shooting up we only dated few months till 1 day she call me saying I'm having your child within a month or 2 an I have her since she was 10 months.I used to be a Medic in the Navy an Marine.Not easy being a single Parent but she deserve happiness an her kids.This is long but someone need to help her,she been having lots of Anxiety attacks an panic attack cause she cannot see or hear her kids voice,because judge Wayne boyette of Nashville nc grant him this false restraining order they lie about an added her kids so if she call her children she get arrested.All over mazing a gorilla in front of her kids.So if you'll get attack by a bitbull,would you
I was recently asked by a division worker to sign a petition. I hope it is this one and not the one to agree to terminate parental rights under state law.
Please stop this abuse that DCPP is doing to our children. You are breaking families up for no reason and causing emotional damage to children. This is all a business everyone in this system is getting richer off good families. This is not the America I thought I knew!!
How does our government allow such thing to happen as is happening in New Jersey! Where is the justice!
It's a shame that this type of unjust behavior goes on and nobody from the corrupt family court system wants to stand up and do what's right by the children. Everyone is getting paid from the corrupt judges to the lawyers, not All but you have many that only care about how much money they can milk from the cow( which is the parents that are involved) Nobody wakes up in the morning wanting to have the children that they have carried and nurtured for years taken for No reason but it keeps happening and nothing won't be done until somebody in this corrupt system gets seriously hurt, just like you the judge and DYFS have kids and love them dearly, we the tax payers of this Unites States love our kids too. What makes you any more better then the next person, I kept asking myself this all the time and come up with the same answer (nothing) so what gives you the right to destroy a mother or a father home when you had nothing to do with the birth of that child. I stay in prayer that one day that whoever involved with doing the wrong thing by families that (karma) comes back on you the one who allowing unjust behavior by these so called DYFS workers, lawyers etc. may the karma take its revenge on your family. May the pain of all the wrong doing come back on you and just maybe you have a clear understanding of what a mother or father goes through by this twisted and evil court system.
I had a baby boy in February of this year an Dyfs took him for no reason I didn't have no drugs in my system or the baby's an I have stable housing an I don't know what to do please help me
I know several case workers in NJ that needs to check themselves before trying to check someone elses household. You can see them in bars all drunk up and everything. How about a pop-up state wide drug screenings for the caseworkers. Hair folicals! Lets see how many of them fail. Gauranteed it would be catastrophic for the system and goverment.
I am a single father of 2 beautiful, well raised children for 6 years and counting now. My kids mother have had the children taking away from her due to her neglect of the children and the system. I had fought to have custody of my children for a whole year. Now, every year she calls dyfs on me with false allegations. I'm tired of it now. I complied and complied. It has to stop. I currently work 2 jobs and am supporting the best for my kids. It is very aggravating, and deformation of my character and parenting. I need help. Anyone please.
Dyfs now DCPP is the most corrupt, amoral organization in existence, especially when it's supposed to be helping children and families, not torturing and ripping them apart!
Dyfs needs to get workers that are qualified and should have to go to school and get a degree in being a worker because these ****ing people ruin children lives and mothers/father's lives for ignorant*****people who hate on others calling on people..they should dig deep and have common sense and no the difference between abuse, neglect, and just plain nothing is wrong with them children to be taking them away from their parents anytime they want to...dyfs is supposed to be an agency that helps real neglected and abused children not to assume on their judgment but to have actual evidence before putting families through hell and back for absolutely nothing...dyfs has become a disgrace to this country and hires ignorant ass, unprofessional people to determine people's sad and they are an embarrassment to america...
JOIN FREE: Federal Class Action for U.S. Child Custody Victims -

Friends, I just joined CAPRA as one of the lead plaintiffs in an upcoming landmark federal class action lawsuit against all 50 States and the Federal Government, because I qualify as: (1) a biological parent whose child custody was unconstitutionally removed without due process; and, (2) I have been directly impacted by that during the last four years, i.e., within the statute of limitations. This class action is on behalf of *both* types of "family court" -- for wrongful victims of divorce-and-similar-with-kids *and* for wrongful victims of child protection services -- and includes suing on behalf of ANY parent affected by either "family court" type.

It's totally free to join, and the federal court relief being demanded includes the full restoral of my child custody rights under law, plus a nice share of the large amount in civil damages expected. Check it out!

It just requires entering someone's referral Code to join, so PLEASE use mine - 42085JL619 - in the CAPRA registration form, located on the bottom of the homepage at

Plus, check out their power-packed Legal Tips page for all parents fighting family court, too -- Wow!!

Lies, false statements and More lies!!! That is all DCPP has to offer! Not the Promised Reunification of my family!!!
Please Help!!! My children have been taken under false pretenses and Dcpp must be made accountable.
DCPP of Somerville, NJ has Legally Kidnapped my children! Please Help!!!
My grandchildren were taken from my home because my daughter had an addiction problem and because they are saying I should have known what is in my daughter is 40 yrs old why would I go check her safe in her room.. They will not give them back even though the children were happy and never abused one has autism . My daughter has agreed to a 6 month rehab and still no prevail all 3 grandsons are in different foster homes .it has been 1 month the children see each other 2 hours per week.the division lied as to what was found in my home so the judge would take them from us
They do this to everyone across the country they walk in and remove your children for something in your past even before you were married to the person you are with now. It is criminal
My children and I are being destroyed emotionally by DYFS. They took my kids from me over unfounded allegation and I have taken every drug and alcohol test that was requested and passed. Then couldn't find anything on me so they claim I am abusing my medication even though the toxicologist conformed the levels are normal.They need to look at the bigger picture and the motives behind the allegations and protect my children from those people instead of giving my children to them so real harm can be done to them. I feel so powerless, I don't have the financial means as my ex husband to be able to fight back and he knows this... Someone please help i don't know where else to turn.
DYFS or DCPP as they are called now. Name change because they were dropped from their insurance for all the law suits against them. They attack good foster parents when they expose them for harming the children they claim to protect. They never do anything in the best interest of the children. Even if they have taken a child from a good home they will lie and do whatever it takes not to admit they are at fault. They find reason/lie after lie to make the time run out. They hold court documents up so they can keep delaying the case. They do not care about the children at all, it is all about the win!!!! They have their contracted agencies that lie and destroy families too. Someone should go under cover and expose them. If you work for them and speak up about their abuse, they will lie about you and attack you. Look into how many workers sue them. Look into their so called experts. If a report happens to come out in your favor they try to have it not admitted into court. Look into Dr. Killer Cahill as the workers call her. She is known for biased psychological evaluations and lying in them. They use their position for harassment of good families and anyone they feel has wronged them. This corruption goes all the way to the top. In addition they attack poor and uneducated people just to steal their children to collect a bonus. I beg of some decent person in power to do an under cover sting. Stop these practices, investigate each and every case. EXPOSE THEM!
They are liars, manipulating and cruel. They use their ignorance of mental health as a guide to fabricating excuses when there is nothing for them to build a case. I live for my son, my love and care for him is how i enjoy every single day. Always. They are by far the darkest cloud i have ever seen, i didn't think they had they power to take a great mother like myself and just maul my character apart. Which creates stress for my 6 yr old boy and that has me so sick i dont have a word to describe it. THEY ARE MONSTERS, AND NEED MORE TRAINING OR A TIGHTER LEASH. THEY HURT THOSE WHO DONT DESERVE THEIR LOVE FOR THEIR CHILD QUESTIONED. IF I HAD THE ABILITY OR KNOW HOW TO FIGHT BACK I WOULD. THEY ARE WRONG AND FALSELY ACCUSED ME OF ENOUGH ALREADY
Continuing last letter, cut off.
NJ Child Protective Services, DYFS, family services is the single worst imaginable service possible, they do not protect children, make sick by failing to work on really bad and sick criminal women, then have police come by and say can't press charges on woman because family services is involved (real police say this is so backwards can't believe could be said, attempted child homicide is police matter and family services irrelevant), then Englewood police act crazy and get wrong trying to take my child away (they all would have been arrested if I didn't stop otherwise).

I repeat, New Jersey child services and in some areas such as Englewood, NJ, are the single worst and dangerous police in the world, and together should never be allowed to even be in anyone's house let alone near children, they will endanger them.

Anyone facing new jersey child services when they act illegally must call state police or other to stop them (top attorney had given me numbers when police ran wife and child off road), I would never let in house and call higher police in County or State if they're ever near. Englewood police have falsified reports in past and several times threatened me from making a police report and told me I couldn't say I had tried when they cover multiple cases of severe child abuse.

Good attorneys are hard to find, none in Bergen County, see many complaints will not handle, need to find good attorney or prosecutor to stop these services or else children will only continue to be made more sick.

This is also after complaining about bad police and family services at County court and when Englewood police were told they
were being watched and to stop mis-conduct, they only get worse and try to take children, they are monsters and do not be fooled, these are really bad people who want to see children tortured and even killed while threatening good parents and people to make it happen.

I'll be writing a more comprehensive report on the criminal complaints forthcoming against both CPS and local police, the worst people I've ever seen and by far most dangerous to children.

We do have a right to protect our families and children especially in o8ur own houses and when child protective services people and even bad local police act in an unprofessional way and endanger our children, police and family services people have no rights to harm our children, we have responsibility to protect our children from them, including calling superior police in state or otherwise and stopping them.

Can anyone in the state or federal government help investigate the criminal misconduct, torture of children and attempted child homocide or children and obstruction of justice by corrupt and brutal police in New Jersey and DYFS/family services in New Jersey? Please contact me.
Worst family services in the world. at first tried to help with wife, who is a viscous Russian criminal type with serious problems. Schools reported her, psychologists said needed medical treatment and psychiatrist to give drugs to help/stop. Tortures children, makes sick. Englewood police are the worst in the world, worked with her. Long history of them working with bad criminal women, this one is the worst. Bergen County family services so bad looked into several incidents where she tried to kill children and continue making sick, they were not only worthless they closed cases and when called again, Englewood police said could not bring up because family services had closed the case. Englewood police are not just incompetent, since child services case has nothing to do with police matters such as attempted child homicide. Englewood police do not handle correctly, since they should charge, as any other police department.

Can anyone in the state or federal government help investigate the criminal misconduct, torture of children and attempted child homicide or children and obstruction of justice by corrupt and brutal police in New Jersey and DYFS/family services in New Jersey? Please contact me.

Further, when family services came by they said needed someone to be with children in house or would take my sick daughter, made that way by the ill russian criminal women in house. When told child is sick and taking away would jeaparize her more than family services had already, made no difference. So had bad police who would not take woman because said child services had closed case although that is wrong, a police matter. Then police officer started acting berserk saying I didn't understand
and that child services said would not take child away if didn't find neighbor to stay around, the officer was acting dangerously and I was concerned for myself and my children, he was an animal and misconduct hardly described it.. Police are not only incompetent for failing to handle a real charge (this is a serious matter), they then couldn't understand what child services said and repeated that wrong. I found neighbor and would have had police and family services arrested by new jersey police otherwise, should have anyway.

NJ Child Protective Services, DYFS, family services is the single worst imaginable service possible, they do not protect children, make sick by failing to work on really bad and sick women, then have police come by and say can't press charges on woman because family services is involved (real police say this is so backwards can't believe could be said, attempted child homicide is police matter and family services irrelevant), then Englewood police act crazy and get wrong trying to take my child away (they all would have been arrested if I didn't stop otherwise).

I repeat, New Jersey child services and in some areas such as Englewood, NJ, are the single worst and dangerous police in the world, and together should never be allowed to
Dyfs needs to be stopped. They are evil people who are power hungry. There last concern is children
Dyfs needs to be stopped. They are evil people who are power hungry. There last concern is children
Dyfs needs to be stoped. They are out of control. My wife suffers from bipolar deppression and anxiety. I call ed them to try to get counseling for the whole family. But now there helping her get sole custody of or 10 13 year old children to help her move to fl from nj. Mind you she has been in the spych ward atleast 7 times in the past 5 months for mental break downs do to severe depression. Or wanting to commit suicide on atleast 4 5 occasions
I think the time past law should be against the la dyes r only here to ruin tailgate don't Cate about the Kids that they remove from their family let somebody take there kids n them they can see how it feels not to have their kids people need to het on the head of dyes a wake up call n see what n who he hired n how his places r being ran n what type of employees they hire
Dyfs put my nephew from one home where is was we'll taken care of and gave him to another women tat already had a 12 year old dyfs kid my nephew is autistic and shares a room with the other kid and my nephew is being abused by the 12 year old and dyfs says its OK that the 12 year old does this because he is under age so there is nothing they can do about it I need to no how to get him out of that house so he does not get abused by this other kkid that is 12 and my nephew is only 8 he is in ocean county I do not want this older kid 2 abuse him anymore
I had my children removed from my home when I was their sole provieder and caretaker. At the time, I was married and my spouse was the reason of their removal. The caseworker involved tried so hard to remove them from me and even lied stating my mother consented to permently keep them so that I may not have any involvement. Of course, my mother was present in court and when told, she confronted him. He along with his lawyer changed their motion. Luckily by the grace of God, I later on my children were allowed to return home. Mind you, my youngest who was only 2 at the time, was placed in a home. when he was back home, he was mentally distraught and never wanted to leave my side. Now that he is 10, he still talks about the event. Thinking my life can be normal again, NOPE NOT IN NJ. Bc I have been placed in the system, for any little mistake or accident, they are at my door. Looking for reasons. My heartaches... I am an emotional mess bc of it. But bc my faith is higher than my faith in Man.... I know that they will never prevail!!!! There has to be a change. There are cracks in the system. Must we all pay???? Must we always be discriminated against???? When can parenting be done without interference of the State? They popped up at my child's school without proper notification or consent. How embarrassing is that for your child's school and friends to see them just show up there?
I'm the aunt of two children who where taking from me because I failed a drug test (on a perscribed medication by a doctor )not for street drugs they said children where at danger. I thought they where going to put kids with my mom instead send them of to a stranger.
Dfs court kodnappings not involved wrote false alugations
Dfs court kodnappings not involved wrote false alugations
Dfs court kodnappings not involved wrote false alugations
Hello Everyone,
I am supporting the effort, and will support, and encourage the courageous people that are assisting, the petitioners in all of the above matteres mention...
Someone certainly has to, My family has unfortunately been victimized, from DCPP, AKA DYFS, as well.
Dcpp/cps needs all their fact check thoroughly.
In February 2015 my brother died at his home. Prior to his death he and his wife were separated and they were being investigated by DYFUS in New Jersey. DYFUS was so relentless in the pursuit of taking away his children with late night surprise visits with false accusations to having the police rail him to threating his wife that she must tell them when he left the house or else they would that the children away. This caused tremendous sress, depression anxiety on my brother. This needs to be fixed there is no way that this organization should have the right to harass and destroy families for a feather in their cap.
Hello I am currently complying with dyfs. They came and took my 2 daughters on false accusations against me. This was an Ex girlfriend of a friend of mine. They send I was under the influence. Then put a 10 day safety plan which has now going on day 17 without any supervised visits with them. My daughters were placed with their father and Dyfs failed to comply with the supervised visits. I literally had to track Dyfs down to get the so called 10 day safety plan ,which they had 72 hours to hand me. Which 6 days later they did not give me. The father went to the courts and got an emergency custody order on top of the 10 day safety plan which the Honorable judge said that we both had to comply to the order. Dyfs failed to enforce the rules of the order but I have to. They said I had to go through the courts. Nothing but circles and still have not seen my daughters. Because he will not allow them stating the allegations against me . I am so upset with their failure to enforce their own order. There is more. Please let me know what options I have. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you. I have complied to their drugtest 3 times now and my girls are crying to come home. The abusive father is now the judge telling them that they will never see their mother again. UnbelievablJersey
New Jersey
I havent seen my son in months!!! My sons mother listens in on every conversation and if she doesnt like what i have to say she keeps his phone for days!!! Shes been diagnosed as clinically depressed and does not take her PROZAC!!! She doesnt work, she left me four years ago!!! She went to a battered womens shelter and told my son at the time to say something bad about your father!!! DYFS was involved and was steering her so she could receive Section 8 housing, what a slap in the face to me because i work 2 jobs and have been sending my son to Catholic school since kindergarten. I had unlimited contact with him until she started building a case of lies against me with DYFS and dragged me into court. Now for the past two years I've had to have supervised visitation, psychological evaluations, etc. The last court appearance i was told by a POS family court judge I was mentally ill!!!! And now they want me to go to parenting class. I told my lawyer to GTFOH!!! No more this is destroying my son!!! Someone if you can please help me im begging and praying!!! Thank you!!!

Above is the kind of parent CPS and police authorities allow to KEEP their children:

"n 1997, she was convicted of misdemeanor assault and battery for injuring Davis when he was six years old, according to The Virginian-Pilot.
According to documents, he was in first grade at the time and had cuts and bruises on his chest and back, and Slaton was sentenced to no jail time on the condition of good behavior for six months.
A Virginia Beach Department of Human Services spokeswoman told The Virginian-Pilot she could not comment on whether child protective services investigated the mother regarding the incident.
In 2002, court records indicate she was charged with domestic assault and battery, however there are few details regarding that incident.

"In October 2008, Hampton police were looking for her and her black Mustang after she fired four shots through her boyfriend's front door.
She had become angry when he tried to break up with her and went and got a gun out of her car, saying 'neither one of them were going to leave alive', according to a report about the affidavit in that case.
The boyfriend escaped by climbing out of a window, cutting himself.
Slaton eventually turned herself in and wound up serving the better part of four years of a 15-year sentence for shooting into an occupied dwelling and attempted maiming.

Read more:
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how about instead of complaining here ! how about every one get together and get our voices heard in Trenton and D.C. any questions email me
Im in the boat too. Anyone know a lawyer, Im all ears. I have been writing and calling lawyers an no luck.

The diseased parasites in the federal government claim they are "equal partners" for all families having children.

They see America's children as Property to be used up in every unholy way imaginable, then discarded into "mass graves"
This is what they've been doing to me for a year now. As well as false evaluation and doctored reports. Telling lies to family members and friends. Workers of cps threatening , intimidating, harassing me (bullying).
My wife is not only estranged but mentally ill and I called DYFS about a fight I heard my ex and 10 yr old daughter had in which she grabbed her arm and yanked her off the toilet in a rage.
DYFS talked to me, I even explained how my ex would show up over at my place in a rage screaming outside my building and even inside at manager.
So I posted it publically on youtube and included the DYFS worker and her supervisors name in the TAGS. LOL
When I informed them of this the supervisor screamed at me and threatened me with cops. I told her she sounded upset and someone should take her kids.
2 hours later, DYFS Called and said all charges were dropped. THANK GOD FOR VIDEOTAPE

they are disgusting people and this needs to be stopped, my case is open right now and I'm looking for a lawyer because I'm almost positive what there doing is illegal
Unfortunately, I have been stuck in the "dyfs trap" for 4 yrs now. During that time, I've had at least 15 different case workers. I've had enemies retaliate against me by calling Dyfs making false claims against me. Nothing was done to them as punishment, even after Dyfs concluded that the call had no standing. The caller who made the call was given more rights then I, as Dyfs protects their anonymity. Yet, we receive non back; such as recently yet another 'new case worker' just put on my case, went to my 17 yr olds school, parading her down the hallway as other children were all around,talking very loudly that she was a "Dyfs worker" & other questions. My teen came home in tears as the other children overheard & laughed at her for having a Dyfs worker. This has not been the first time this has happened. Besides that, we were told from the very beginning that our case was only to be closed but they would drag it out stated "We are just waiting for one more thing." The NJ Dyfs has ruined my life & caused me to cringe with fear every time the door knocks or phone rings. I am a loving devoted mother to my children and it saddens me that these last 4 years wasted on me could have been spent on helping children who really are being abused. Please, change the way the NJ Dyfs runs,how they stall their cases, and how they treat the parents who are wrongly accused! Also, make a law that those making false allegations be punished in some way!
Thank you,
Mrs. Robbrina Archer
It's the dyfs trap. The whole organization needs to be re-evaluated and more regulatory limits need to be set. The parents need more protection. Dyfs case workers and their supervisors set unnecessary demands creating a living hell for the whole family. Even if the allegations have not been substantiated, they still keep digging and making demands on families and continue to violate their rights. When false allegations are made by people, they should suffer the consequences not the families.Thousands of letters have been sent to congress. A change in this system is over due.
CPS has basically kidnapped my child and destroyed my life. They are the most incompetent horrific organization I have ever come across and I have been rendered powerless to do anything to protect my child from them. I can't even begin to tell you how insane this whole thing is. They are monsters not people who protect children.
Much of everything child services does violates our constitutional rights as citizens of the United States of America. Many are not aware of their rights and furthermore do not know how to stand up for themselves due to dyfus/dcp&p/dcf child protective services manipulative lying tactics. Please help us citizens protect our rights when abused by these agencies with fabricated allegations to discredit good parents and tear families apart just soo they can keep the money flowing in the never ending family court systems. As a parent whom is also a victim to child services abusing their authority will stand up for my rights as well as fight for those whom are not familiar with the proper procedures to advocate on their own behalf. Attached are just a few links for others to read .
I remember in court on an occasion an important lesson conveyed by a respected judge saying "ignorance is no excuse for the law and no one is above the law ,not even myself".
Please view the 2 links below.

N.J. Child Services Case Highlights Why Every Citizen Needs to Know Their Rights | American Free Press
They are manipulative liars who falsify reports and violate our rights to keep cases open and deliberately break up families.
Dyfs took my son away and wants me to go 3 times a week to an outpatient rehab and once a week drug test when I never failed any drug tests and have no health insurance and no transportation. They will not pay for the tests or help me get to the appointments either and I have never fail one test. I want my child back.
Just saying half of the woman on here deserves their kids taken .,druggies lol

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