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R E A D all the complaints about how DYFS and ALL CPS services are dividing families all over the USA. In NJ alone parents are reaching for anyone who can help them from these people who take their children because of anonymous calls from disgruntle-spouses-neighbors X's'. Granted there are those who are BAD PARENTS BUT there are also who have had their children taken because of a rash or a mental parent(not-a-legal-signature)has been coerced into signing. In this case DYFS is reaching for straws accusing (neighbor)Cassandra D. of one unfounded allegation after another. DYFS has already threatened her with "TIME-PAST" in which THEY use this AFTER STALLING FOR TIME to CLAIM and KEEP her children!? This cannot be legal?! What is going on with the world and those who are bound to protect?
DYFS in NJ has a BAD reputation of using this "TIME--PAST" EXCUSE to TAKE CHILDREN!!! YES! The people running DYFS/CPS lie to judges, doctors and so forth to accuse innocent parents. Each child adopted brings the state $4,000, $6,000 and up to $8,000 if they are mentally's stomach turning.
We need to help Cassandra and many like her! Help us get DYFS/CPS services all over the USA on the right track!
UNFOUNDED CHARGES! If there is NO proof-You can NOT-ADD another
just to kill time ...and CLAIM-TIME-PAST"

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While at a DV shelter, my daughter was charged with neglect because when case worker charged into the bathroom while my daughter was giving her child a bath, they started screaming which caused my daughter's 2 year old to loose function of his bowels. They stated that she was negligent because "she didn't ask them to leave" (she was frightened). Children were removed by DFYS failed to set up their requested psych evals, parenting glasses, etc. etc. so my daughter finally obtained her own from qualified professionals. She completed all her requirements and received favorable commendations. They are now moving for adoption on the grounds that, although through no fault of her own, it took a year for her to complete all her services and now they stated, "the child/children have bonded with their foster caretaker". The children were with their mother for two years, but only with caretaker for one year. Also, they have been harmed and medically neglected. Additionally, they are still screaming and even biting the case workers because they do not want to leave their mother and they do not want to go with the caretaker. DFYS justifies this by stating "all children cry when removed from their mother and this is not important because DFYS knows better than the child regarding what is best. Throughout the year, their reasoning from removal changing from " not changing a diaper while being questioned" to their ordered psych visit stating that my daughter is a sociopath and a danger. Yet, on the night of removal, 1 doctor, 1 social worker, and 2 RNs wrote that. "There were no signs of abuse, neglect or exploitation and my daughter showed no abnormal affect. They objected to the entrance of the hospital records and stated that my daughter will not even be considered until she agrees to be mentally ill. Why would these people lie - what would be their motive? What was Hillary's motive for lying about Benghazi or Holder's motive for lying about cheating on his taxes or Bill's motive for lying - "I did not have sex with that woman", or "I didn't inhale". Motive is the same - it's known as CYA!!!!!!
I need help, its been over two years and I have custody of all of my childern, but dyfs has taken away my visitations with my children. Please someone help me or lead me in the right direction of someone who can. PLEASE HELP
They need to be stopped
these people r horrible ! theyr a corrupt no common sence organization & they have to be stopped !!!
please HELP ME... dyfs showed up at of alcohol" due to a picture I posted of my daughter GiGi on facebook as she was sleeping as I wrote above the picture " GiGi is sleeping from her shots.:" she got 3 needles that morning from her Dr. and the shots referred to her needles for immunization. DYFS saw the shot records from that morning the picture was taken and they called the Dr. to verify her shots and everything was fine and DYFS admitted to the caller as spiteful person looking to cause trouble to ouyr family as they get these calls all the time. As I gave DYFS permission to search my home they found cases of unopened diapers which I keep in our room a closet full of clothes used clean clothes along with brand new clothes she hasn't worn yet also a lot of fresh fruit and veggies snacks formula and baby food enough for a month for my daughter. needless to say we trake well care of Gianna. I would like to note they found no drugs nor alcohol in my home for reasons I don't drink alcohol nor do drugs. DYFS left finding no abuse no neglect and a clean satisfying normal home with a great living environment. weeks later DYFS showed up claiming they have to keep the case opened and demanded my wife and I to take urines and go to classes and we did nothing to warrant these actions. ever since they I gave DYFS 2 clean urines and the urine site is 30 minutes away from home which caused trouble for me to get there like if DYFS does this on purpose. anyhow I missed a urine and DYFS said it was automatically a positive urine which caused a safety protection plan and they made my father who we reside with he is 73 yrs old responsible and he must supervise me with my daughter at all times. he goes to bed a 7pm every night so he can get up for work at 4 am. well one night I took my daughter fort a late nite drive around the back roads of our neighborhood driving slow to try and put her to sleep due to her sleep schedule a little off due to teething I ended up parking and we both fell asleep at the pond. DYFS and the police found out I broke the order and gave me criminal charges and made a bunch of false statements and lied in the charges saying I kidnapped my child lol . these people are evil and crazy. in court the dyfs appointed lawyer which are just as bad as DYFS made my dad a supervisor to Gianna without him being in court and providing the court details on his sleeping arrangements and work schedule which in return could've prevented all this mess with me being left alone with Gianna the night I got arrested. my mother in law and father could've worked as a team to take Gianna while my father goes to bed. but I was told in court not to talk when I wanted to ask the judge to postpone the matter to include my father and mother-in-law in court to make a better plan. so instead the judge and DYFS and my court appointed lawyer made the decision for my father. crazy right??? please help me I need a civil lawyer to investigate this case DYFS is not for the be
These comments will not do anything, it's like spitting into the wind.what we have to do is band together and get organizeAnd let the world and those in power know what's going on
I needed to go into the hospital for depression after leaving my abusive baby's father. I was told that I would get custody of my daughter back once I was out of the hospital. It has been over a year, and they just recently gave custody of my daughter to her father (my abuser). They do not discuss things with me, and wait until court to bring up an issue that could have been resolved before court had they brought up the issue before court.
A few years ago my nephew was in the system from birth until about the age of 3. When he initially went into dyfs care I and my boy friend were living at his mother's house. I was able to get an ok to have him released to me in hopes it would be a few months and my sister would straighten things out. For a couple months she couldn't get her stuff together and at that time I was on a personal leave from school to take on this responsibility. I thought at that time it would be best to have him placed in a foster home in hopes to give my sister a kick in the*****to get her life right. A couple years go by and my sister flip flops with getting close to getting him back then failing a **** test or some other reason they come up with. At this time I was fine school, had a child of my own and was in the process of getting my own place with my daughter and boy friend. We decided we wanted to try and adopt my nephew since we were now in a place in our lives we could handle this responsibility. We went through the training, the severe background checks, drug tests, etc, had supervised visits that for one reason or another they always found a reason to extend longer and longer and not ween him into unsupervised day visits and then over night. He lived me knew I was his aunt, lived my daughter and my boyfriend who he knew as uncle. In the end I was told that I was good enough to be a foster parent to any child in the system but I wasn't good enough for my own nephew. That I waited too long before wanting him. How dare they say I didn't want him before, I had circumstances that prevented me from being able to do so and when those circumstances changed and I had a place of my own and could make those decisions it was too late? ********!!! How am I good enough for a stranger and not my own nephew. Then I find out after he's been adopted that I was able to continue my visits and have a goodbye visit they never informed me about. The piece of crap woman who faught to keep my nephew from his blood family that wanted him then tried to say I could be in his life and about a month later stopped accepting my phone calls and so here we are 3 years later and it still hurts to see his pictures and know he's out there and know there's nothing I can do. The system is flawed. The worker on the case use to talk down to me, give me problem after problem, I kept everything from my fight so one day I can find him and make sure he knows the truth that I fought for him and that his birth family loved him and still does and will until the day we die. It's disgusting what these cases workers do. Makes me sick. I can't believe nothing is ever done about it to change this, family proven fit should not be told they aren't good enough but then asked to take in other people's children, other people's new born babies . Makes no sense and never will.