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R E A D all the complaints about how DYFS and ALL CPS services are dividing families all over the USA. In NJ alone parents are reaching for anyone who can help them from these people who take their children because of anonymous calls from disgruntle-spouses-neighbors X's'. Granted there are those who are BAD PARENTS BUT there are also who have had their children taken because of a rash or a mental parent(not-a-legal-signature)has been coerced into signing. In this case DYFS is reaching for straws accusing (neighbor)Cassandra D. of one unfounded allegation after another. DYFS has already threatened her with "TIME-PAST" in which THEY use this AFTER STALLING FOR TIME to CLAIM and KEEP her children!? This cannot be legal?! What is going on with the world and those who are bound to protect?
DYFS in NJ has a BAD reputation of using this "TIME--PAST" EXCUSE to TAKE CHILDREN!!! YES! The people running DYFS/CPS lie to judges, doctors and so forth to accuse innocent parents. Each child adopted brings the state $4,000, $6,000 and up to $8,000 if they are mentally's stomach turning.
We need to help Cassandra and many like her! Help us get DYFS/CPS services all over the USA on the right track!
UNFOUNDED CHARGES! If there is NO proof-You can NOT-ADD another
just to kill time ...and CLAIM-TIME-PAST"

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They took my children and lied on me now they have my grand baby she came to the visit with blood on her clothes newark nj is the worst
my mom was watching my son he was sleepn at 9am she was in the basement running the wash machine n folding clothes she didnt hear my 4 year old awake he went outside the neighbor called franklinville nj police i was there in 2 minutes told him mom mom was in the basement he didnt know i just had twins they were with me n my 9 year old was in school dyfs came n took all 4 of my children i cant afford an attorney and im sick i have no idea what to do HELP me now i know why young people turn to drugs are you serious is this a power struggle
dyfs i nj is outa control they r the most negative people in the world hey jersey step up what r they thinking they need their jobs so bad they r taking children from families its outa control
They kiddnapped my baby from her mother i was not allowed to take child because of false allagations they attorney general Renard Scott did nothing but slander and deplimation of charter i was not a tagert of abuse and they had till 2 days to provide proff of theses false police reports they said exsisted the case worker did nothing but try to take words and twist them i want my child back so dose her mother she is a good mother and im a good father they took her with no removeal warrant my child was never abused she went to doctors anddenist regularly please reform this terrible thing they talked about addopting my chuiild out with no unfound charges
they are by far, the most unorganized, untruthful, immunity protected state funded home wreckers that i have EVER come across! They abuse children far worse than any of our uneducated, young mothers growing up in their system! They ruin lives for the fun of it, for the money, control and the power. It is extremely sad and unfortunate and it needs to stop! it wont however if we dont take back our power as parents as well as exercise our legal constitutinal amendments. I no longer fear them, regardless of their court ordered presence in my home. I now have learned how to protect my children against them, and this comes from a post-graduate social worker who once worked with them indirectly. They enter the system as employees of our great state, and become numb, they turn a blind eye to their inconsistencies, their injustice and then deafen their ears to the truth in order to reach monthly quotas. A good social worker expands on their clients strengths, rather than fixate on their imperfections of years past. A fair social worker admits the truth; regardless of how it affects them professionally. As an indirect provider to them for over ten years, the research gathered proves that biological families who improve their relationships with each other have far better futures than children "stolen" then forced into foster care.
In NJ DYFS is the worse. The are abusing their power and need to be STOP!
i dont like how dyfs use there power against the parent it should be an law or something to stop this because it no fun in going back and forth to court just to prove ur case half of us could be iinnocent
My son Oliver was ripped from our loving home a year and a half ago. In the last nightmarish year and a half I have complied with every article in the service plan and tested clean on every UA given me by the programs I have been in. Yet, every test , 13 in all, CPS has ordered me to take through their lab has come back positive.Thus making it impossible for me to get my son back or even have unsupervised visitation with him. Oliver was placed with foster parents due to the fact that all of my family lives in New York and I wanted to keep him close thinking it wouldn't be very long before i had him home.. I felt it necessary to send him to a family member in New York around the 1 year mark at which point the foster parents decided to0 fight us for custody. we fought a long battle and finally won thank God. I think it is an atrocity what this branch of our government has become. The single most right as a human being is the right to be a parent and to raise our young as we see fit. Yes, there are some of us who need someone to step in and care for our children if we are unfit, i was not one of those people. I had a beautiful life, family and home before CPS took my angel away from me. They have ruined my life, squashed my spirit, made me move out of my home and continue to try and make money off our broken backs. I will continue to fight them until my last breath and one day hopefully very soon the criminals who are pimping out our innocent children will be held accountable for extinguishing the light in our children's eyes.
my son was 8 yrs old he had special need ok he said i hit him but which i didnt i remeber that day like yersterday all this chasos came out they told my children mom to put an court against me they alway tried to get something i do admit my children mom and i had problem but the children wasnt in no danger i been fighting up know my children mom past the aunt got temporary custody but when i goes to court they alway tried to put that i am a bad guy but i not they are the bad one they put my two olderst son in independant living but i dead against it they need to take that off
dyfs told my children mom lies and they use there authority against me and when my children mom past a way the aunt only had temporary they use the dyfs against