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R E A D all the complaints about how DYFS and ALL CPS services are dividing families all over the USA. In NJ alone parents are reaching for anyone who can help them from these people who take their children because of anonymous calls from disgruntle-spouses-neighbors X's'. Granted there are those who are BAD PARENTS BUT there are also who have had their children taken because of a rash or a mental parent(not-a-legal-signature)has been coerced into signing. In this case DYFS is reaching for straws accusing (neighbor)Cassandra D. of one unfounded allegation after another. DYFS has already threatened her with "TIME-PAST" in which THEY use this AFTER STALLING FOR TIME to CLAIM and KEEP her children!? This cannot be legal?! What is going on with the world and those who are bound to protect?
DYFS in NJ has a BAD reputation of using this "TIME--PAST" EXCUSE to TAKE CHILDREN!!! YES! The people running DYFS/CPS lie to judges, doctors and so forth to accuse innocent parents. Each child adopted brings the state $4,000, $6,000 and up to $8,000 if they are mentally's stomach turning.
We need to help Cassandra and many like her! Help us get DYFS/CPS services all over the USA on the right track!
UNFOUNDED CHARGES! If there is NO proof-You can NOT-ADD another
just to kill time ...and CLAIM-TIME-PAST"

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In February 1, DYFS was put into my life because of a mistake I made as a human. My son ingested some of my medication. I have no knowledge of how he got it I guess I dropped some on the floor and him being a normal 16 month old that picks everything up off the floor and puts it in his mouth. i took him to the emergency room because he was acting funny and I didn't know what was wrong with my son. The doctor called DYFS on me because he had gotten into my medication. Since that day a protection plan was put into place and neither I or my husband are allowed to be with them alone. They were prepared to take his twin sister out of the home at 11 at night but my husband suggested that he leave instead of them taking her at night. First of all, I don't see how that's helping my daughter who is used to being around a few people during the day by taking her out of her bed at 11 at night. I was en route to the other hospital that he was being taken to (the doctors had already established that he was going to the children's hospital for observation because he was a 25 weeker preemie). I was questioned at the hospital and my husband at home and then all hell broke loose. We were recommended to go to substance abuse programs and take random drug tests. We went to court and the judge felt it was too soon to lift protection so he gave us an expedited court date so we could get more drug screens and program under our belt which I agreed with. We went to court a second time and the protection was not lifted although we had done everything they asked and that it was stated in the last court date that it would be lifted. Now we have to take a hair follicle drugs test and pray that the protection gets lifted and now our next court date isn't for two months. I'm only human and mistakes happen and that's exactly what it was a mistake but I feel like I'm being condemned because of it. All this has done is become an inconvenience and tear me and my mother apart (she is an approved supervisor). I don't think I should be placed in the same category of people who don't give a crap about by heir kids and actually do real harm to them. I'm a stay at home mom of 19 month old twins mistakes happen and you learn from them. I love my kids and I would never let anything bad happen to them which is why I took my son to the hospital once I realized something wasn't right. This whole thing almost makes me regret going the right thing. I see there being no end to this any time soon and it's hindering us from moving and starting a new and better life for our kids. My husband has a child from another relationship and that child's mother is a bonafide drug addict she's had an open case against her since I was pregnant with them in 2013 and she still can't get her******together but they give her chance after chance and although she can't even be around her son after she was given more than one chance to move back in th house they had to kick her out again. On top of that my husband ca
I was found not guilty in criminal court my son stated i had not hit him,it was later agreed upon that he would go live with his father. My youngest son who i had never had a complaint filed for harming him i have had my parental rights taken.
I have lost my job due to these proceedings.
I had a worker Lashawn Peterson even come to my home and say who did you **** off this week we have another call against you. At the time this was supposed to have happened my child were visiting their god mother in another state. I was told we have had twenty calls against you something must be wrong. First they tried to say i was a drug addict when that was proven to be untrue,now i am unstable with mental issues from two test i had to sit at a computer and take. Each test was scheduled in the morning after i had worked the night before without getting and sleep. Some of the words i did not understand and left blank i was told that i had to pick one. Due to being a single mother i left school in the ninth grade i don't read to well. All throughout this trauma i had told the public defender that a lot of things are being said about me are untrue he would in return say DON'T worry about it or after complaining about unfair treatment he would say look just say you did it and your sorry and your kids will be home soon. He never look into anything i told him about my childrens documented mental history. No one was allowed to testify on my behalf as to how i was with my children just a ex friend my estranged bio polar oldest daughter and a half sister whom i never got along with were able to talk to the judge behind closed doors but did not appear at trial. I had two Uncles that lived with me and saw interaction between myself and my children but they were not allowed to speak my oldest son came to speak but was not allowed.
All this due to calls from people who had dislike for me and could find no other way to hurt me.
They thought i was on welfare and that i would lose my home if my children weren't there. Funny thing isafter all this time I am the only one still at my same address since the start of this in 2008
Everyone else has moved at least three times including the foster mother. I might be uneducated and a little slow on understanding somethings but i have always provided the best for my children by working hard and being a role model even though i am dumb my girls wete not teenaged moms out of six children five grown three black boys with high school diplomas and no criminal histories.
One Ged and she is in college to be a Chef.
I still can't understand how this happened to my family our home was a home like my mother's and Grandmothers and Aunts and Uncles even though i was poor you would not know it by looking at my children and home. They took my baby from me when he was five alot of missed visits from them he does not remember me singing to him and loving him all he knows is what they have said about me which is so untrue i never hurt my childr
the state came in and took my son which has alot of health issues my daugther since she was 14 has cause so many problems with me with the state so one day i ask them to remove her from the home since her and my mom wants to file false reports the state says we cant not remove her so i said every time she gets mad or my mother they can just call they say yes so by now im in three years deep with the state the worker is a piece of crap she never do a complete report then she lies on stand im so done i need help they say i kidnap my own son
2007 El dorado County came in my home stole my three girls yr in a half ago I was given sole legal and physical custody of my oldest daughter and I thought I may be able to cope and give my daughter a normal family unit with out being in terror. I was so wrong . It has now started over again I am in fear all the time my daughter is in fear my husband is in fear and i can pay a attorny and cps has smeared our reputation, due to my daughters fear to go to school cause she is afraid they will take her away again I am being bullied by S.A.R.B . This county has ruined our lives our good name, our relationship with family members, it has smeared our names local law enforcement We are powerless know one will help us or stand up for our civil rights. We are scared to death have know where to turn to PLEASE HELP US.
i am a grandmother with custody of my oldest grandchild, my daughter now has two of her youngest removed from her they want to involved the child I have. We are the most loving of grandparents n not only do I want/need to protect the one I have, I always want to freely love n have the other two with their family whom show love support n encouragement, this is ruining my family.
hi my name is craig I was fasely assucessed as a child and the case was close and its been five years since this incident now dyfs is holding it against me and holding stuff against my fiancé stuff that happened to her as a child they are saying since she has ptsd that she would not be able to raise him even though it wasn't her fault we were friends with a girl in our complex and she called to be vindictive bc she lost her child and they took her word over ours they say we wont be good parents but they never gave us a chance he was taken from us two days after shakera had him. and now we are fighting for our son they keep adding stuff even after we complete something our court date is next month we only have a year are to get him back once that happens we are screwed shakera and I are fighting it seems like no matter how hard we try its not good enough please we need help time is running out.

They are baby sellers this is sick . we live in a sick wourld.
they steel kids they lie and we can say a word please help.
hi my fiancé and I just had a son in January dyfs got a phone call stating false allegations instead of them investigating they came in the hospital the same day I had him then the next day they came in an removed my son bc they said basically that I couldn't raise him bc I suffer from ptsd(post trimatic strees disorder) and bipolar which I was clear of both I went to see there physcritric who did everything based off my past not on anything current I have been fighting for my son for three months and they just keep adding stuff saying that I am not independent which I think I am if I can keep up with my bills and getting a job I may have had a bad past but can someone please tell me what that has to do with my sons future. I want to be a better parent then my parents I really need someones help they have been prolonging everything until my next court day which is in may 2015 thank you for this website I hope someone can help

shakera reed
My children were romoved from our home our fact finding took almost three years to get done. It was pushed off numerous times . we were found not guilty of abuse or neglect . we were hit two years in with child support . no we are in debt and need help legally to sue their pants off
Grandparents Broken Hearts, & River of Tears that never end, searching for justice. We were accused back in 1994 - 1995 of a sexual aligation, that was put on my husband with my daughter at the time we weren't married. My x-in laws did this being vindictive, there were no findings and we got her back 2 days later. But the records still re main to this day 4/1/15. Our 2 granddaughter are in NJ DYFUS care an they will not let us have them because of the old record. They will not return our calls. GOD is the only one who can judge someone. They need to see the truth in this. We are hurting so badly, please help us. I have put calls into a Roslin Daniels at the Camden City NJ DYFUS ofc to get the record expunged and we haven't gotten any calls back since 3/26/15. My ex-spouse even testified to DYFUS in Gloucester County NJ that the aligation should never of been done to hurt us. He also pleaed with them that we are the best love and care these 2 little girls can have in the world. I am writing this with tears flowing down my face.