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R E A D all the complaints about how DYFS and ALL CPS services are dividing families all over the USA. In NJ alone parents are reaching for anyone who can help them from these people who take their children because of anonymous calls from disgruntle-spouses-neighbors X's'. Granted there are those who are BAD PARENTS BUT there are also who have had their children taken because of a rash or a mental parent(not-a-legal-signature)has been coerced into signing. In this case DYFS is reaching for straws accusing (neighbor)Cassandra D. of one unfounded allegation after another. DYFS has already threatened her with "TIME-PAST" in which THEY use this AFTER STALLING FOR TIME to CLAIM and KEEP her children!? This cannot be legal?! What is going on with the world and those who are bound to protect?
DYFS in NJ has a BAD reputation of using this "TIME--PAST" EXCUSE to TAKE CHILDREN!!! YES! The people running DYFS/CPS lie to judges, doctors and so forth to accuse innocent parents. Each child adopted brings the state $4,000, $6,000 and up to $8,000 if they are mentally's stomach turning.
We need to help Cassandra and many like her! Help us get DYFS/CPS services all over the USA on the right track!
UNFOUNDED CHARGES! If there is NO proof-You can NOT-ADD another
just to kill time ...and CLAIM-TIME-PAST"

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DCF Department of Corruption and Fraud!! They need to be stoped. They legally kidnap children for no Damn reason. All for money. They are hurting children not helping! No one is a perfect parent, but I'm a perfectly Damn good one!!!
I do have some mental illness. However the state fail me in more ways then one. I moved from Gloucester county to Atlantic county and I been on meds since my son was born. So when I moved my therapist told me they can not see me anymore and provide my meds so they gave me two months refills on my meds. So I waa running out and I kept calling and calling Atlanticare to get in for my meds they kept telling me they are over booked for months and I told them I cant go with out my damn meds. So then I was told to get in faster is to go in to the house so my dumb*****listened and went in and the hospital called dyfs. Dyfs came out and even say the my son was well taken care of and loved. So if that the case why removed him and now they keep playing around with my case. The drop the abuse and neglect charges on me bc they really dont have nothing. I had to agree that I am a family in need of services. Hello I only been saying that. All the service I got I did not dyfs. And now on top of it they want me to do a damn drug screening like seriously I have never picked up any type of drugs in my whole life. It going on six months and I be stable and everything. Like they trust me to have him over night and weekends. Like why cant he come home... dyfs is nothing but home wrecker and breaking all these families up. Please some one tell me what I can do...
we the people have to stop the inmense abuse from social workers selling our babys
And to think that I questioned my intelligence and thought twice that maybe I was over exaggerating when I say that the division dyfs dccp whatever the he'll they choose to call themselves are heartless individuals that year innocent precious angels away from the people that can care and love these babies more than any other can imagine. This is my story

I have a drug history for abusing opiates. I've come to accept that I have a mental illness. For those of you who do not understand addiction, the only thing you need to know is it is a constant struggle and it will leave one to be misunderstood for the rest of there lives. I abused opiates to hide from reality. It was easier to process any feeling while being intoxicated. Than I gave birth to the most perfect human being I've come to lay eyes on. He was perfect and I found that missing peice that I have been searching for. Nothing felt better than to have someone you love with every inch of your soul, to rely on you. That was it..the love I was missing, and the peice that fit my perfect puzzle and magically I found my true love, which I had thought once was drugs, and I couldn't be happier. I didn't realize how much I was going to love him, but yet I used while I was pregnant. So my grandma moved in to supervise us, and I stayed completely drug free and she passed awAy suddenly for no known cause. She was my only support. So I had my boy removed from my custody. I relapse and finally came to conclusion that enough is enough. 6-9 month intensive in patient, where I get my boy back In my custody and found it I was pregnant with my second son. I Move out after completing, to a educational based program for homeless woman and children. A week later I visit my mom in nj, mind you I live in pa, and go into labor. They test me at birth and positive urine? Bs! But the baby's meconium tested negative for all illegal substances. What's wrong with that picture. I beg for another test but because of my section they gave me so much medication it defeated the purpose. I think okay, I have nothing to hide, snap I was caught into what they referred to as this drugs trap. My second son is almost six months old, court ordered to pay for me to move into an apartment. I've lost 800$! That I put down to hold a place because dyfs didn't do their dam job. It took them five months to place them with the previous foster guardian my first son was with. And 35 DAYS TO GET THEIR MEDICAL CARD SO THIS POOR LADY CAN HAVE THEM SEEN BY A DOCTOR. WHERE THE HELL DID YOU GROW UP BECAUSE IN THE STATE OF PENNSYLVANIA THAT IS MANDATORY WITHIN 48 hours. And I'm supposed to believe that they are in favor of the best interest of my children.?! These are my babies not a freaking check every month. I don't believe for a second that this place cares about my kids with any ounce of their body. They don't care about them in any part of their only toe let alone care and love them the way I do. I DoD drug and alcho evaluation; they came t
Back in October 22,2014 DYFS come to my house with false allegations against me and my boyfriend and upon these allegations the next day they went to court and took my children from me without any proof and fax Or proving anything my children are still not with me there with their father two of them are not even his children they're not even his stepchildren no longer that is my ex-husband they are still making false allegations against me and my boyfriend and on top of this I lost everything my car my job and my residency even discriminating against my religion they even violated all my constitutional rights as a woman as a mother and as a person. I always thought in the state of New Jersey you have to have Proof that a mother is Unfit Mother but they don't have that cause I'm a damn good mother. There is a lot more that has been done to me through these months that are unfair to me and to my children .