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We the people of the United States of America wish to petition the U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, and President Obama to remove Attorney General Eric Holder from office. He has exhibited irresponsible behavior in his actions and shown that he does not have the good judgment needed to fulfill the responsibilities of this office. Under his leadership we the Citizens of America have been subjected to undo stress due to his lack of regard for the laws of our country. We site his poor judgment in his desire to hold the trial for the 9/11 terrorists in New York City, costing the tax payers millions of dollars, and causing undue duress to the citizens who have suffered from terrorist acts of war. We the people site that such trials concerning acts of war by Islamic Radical Militants should be conducted in a Military Court. We the people further site that Eric Holder's handling of the Christmas Day Bomber, the Fort Hood Shooter, and the most recent Times Square bomber have been misguided and show his lack of expertise and seem to display a sense of confusion on his part. We the people also site his most recent remarks concerning the Arizona Illegal Immigration law as unethical to say the least. His questioning before Congress clearly shows his disregard for the law by issuing negative public remarks that incite and negate a law that he has not even read. This along with other remarks he has made before Congressional questioning committees have given us cause to call for his resignation.

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Innocent until proven guilty!!!!!!! You are a racist!!!
RE: Mike Brown shooting investigation...It is totally unconscionable for AG Holder to call for a "vigorous PROSECUTION" of a person who is pending a Grand Jury investigation. This puts enormous additional pressure on the Grand Jury members to come forth with an indictment. This is a totally inappropriate use and ABUSE of the AG office.
We want Eric Holder gone. Its time we get responsible people in office not bullies.
This man is a racist disgrace. He has managed to divide this country in a way not seen since the 1960's. He has no concept of justice, but would rather support his "brother" no matter what crimes have been committed. He is an artist at spinning the story to make it look like those trying to defend themselves are guilty. There is no truth in justice with this man. Remove this abomination from office.
All Holder cares about is that blacks get away with crimes. When blacks get punished for their crimes, he calls it racism! Him and Obama got to go!
Please do the right thing and step down!
You and El Dorko in the White House have cause more problems than ever. You both need to go.
Take your activist*****and leave the country!
This attorney general needs to be removed yesterday !! His non involvement in Justice Dept. Issues is a sham of America's top defender is pathetic and vile to American tax payers, not tax recipients ! God Please Judge this man Today, in Jesus Name amen and Amen !!!!
This goes without saying he has committed several crimes and is in contempt of court. He is going after someone for free speech. Flexing his power on a float in a parade instead of the 30 million illegals he is doing NOTHING ABOUT