Government Gang-Stalking and Electromagnetic Torture

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Millions of people across this country including myself are being targeted in various ways by a growing number of covert harassment groups.

I am a Middle Eastern studies scholar with a B.S. in Area Studies of the Middle East and North Africa. I have attempted twice to obtain a Masters degree in politics of the region at a European university in hopes of becoming a college professor and helping the citizens of the U.S. learn about this region in an accurate manor. Unfortunately, I was run out of the country both times. Everyday for 5 years people have been going out of their way to give me a hard time based on my political, religious and personal views about life and the world. They have also created several inaccurate situations in order to discredit me. I was lead to believe that this is a county that prides itself in allowing its citizens to have their own opinions and beliefs.
The oddest portion of this is that as they harass me through their mobbing techniques, or ‘gang-stalking’ and their electromagnetic gadgetry they have constantly attempt to recruit me to work for the government. I personally cannot take any more of what has been happening to me. They use an electromagnetic torture device on me causing me constant physical pain. They have tapped my phones, my computer, a tracking device and listening equipment in my car as well as listening and video equipment in every home I have lived in over the past 5 years. I have not had one second of privacy for as long as I can remember. I am positively aware that some citizens are told to do or say random things around me, but that they are not fully aware of why they are placed there or for what reason they are participating. Hence the governments way of using mobbing techniques to harass me with innocent people. It is obvious that taxpayer dollars are being wasted on this.
A method that will help possibly bring hundreds to thousands of people forward to speak of their limited knowledge about this would be to post articles in the newspapers as well as in the national news media. Help bring to the surface the rogue elements of our government that should be there to protect us and not torture us. I have met several character’s in the past 5 years that were placed around me to watch me or in most cases to question me to talk about the past, present and my future plans. A key few have even admitted to having government ties while I lived in Virginia and London, the two places that had the most activity and preparation. I need retribution and I have to know that all the people directly responsible with the decision making of this event either face prison time or at the least have their careers taken from them. Someone needs to make sure that this does not happen to another American again. This entire event is an obvious result of ignorant people not being able to make unbiased decisions having access to unlimited power without a concern for civil and human rights. This could be

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Cointelpro was developed by the Counter Terrorism Institute in California! Keith Harper - Special Threat Expert! Everyone needs to contact his office to have this stopped! He is an expert in computer monitor and covert surveillance!
I was totally just jacking with this website . No harm meant and please don't pay any attention to my joking post. I dont want to upset no one anyway. Internet used to be more fun . But everything upsets people so just forget about it all. I kinda had too much fun with the whole story line anyway. Geez tough crowd. LOL
So when I say I was joking around on some of my comments - it gets taken off this site, now SOMEONE IS PUTTING PORN ON MY HOME PC AND ITS NOT US. I HATE YOU TERRORISTS SO MUCH. I HOPE THE COPS TAKE YOU ALL OUT,
No it is not and really I just want everyone to get along and I think all Americans should stand against ISIS. After ,much thought . I believe we should all forget our differences and just take a UNITED front against the ISIS threat. I don't think I understood exactly whats going on and perhaps have made some mistakes . I actually wish you had the keys to the internet then you could erase every single last post on this page I made.I think we need to stand united against ISIS . I think thats where the real threat is dont you?
To: Someone from Aledo, IL
I have any keys and love your choice of words "Symphony". Who are these ultra lefts or woves in sheep's clothing? I don't know your family or who Weyerhauser is? I haven't deleted any comments or reported any jokes! I might be a hot potato and I'm glad you got my number? Is this a public threat? Violin or Harper?
Crystal C. from Sumter, SC writes:
These people are covert cowards! I don't need a gang of keyboard jokes! Counter Threat......Heck bring it on, I dare you!!!
Crystal, just because you got the keys to control the internet , does not mean YOU get to control the symphony. You may have erased my post about joking around but you cannot erase the simple plain facts. Yes there is gang stalking but it's not by the Weyerhaeuser family nor I. You didn't throw your life on the line to go undercover on the internet (hidden in plain site) and figure out why I was being gang stalked, why and who was threatening and blackmailing people. I did. So while I was doing my job as a great American citizen , you are running around the internet deleting posts you feel threaten the truth or your agenda. Truth is I have never found any solid proof that any of this mess was or has anything to do with my cousin Weyerhaeuser . What I did find out was that it involved many many ultra leftist and their undercover cohorts(wolves in sheeps clothing) that brainwashed , blackmailed, bribed and set them up. So anyone who claims some military weapon is being used on them- is probably full of it. Plus the posers whom pretend they are related to me and are not. I call them FAKE WOOD.Anyone who claims anything other then the foriegners working together with the ultra leftists are probably full of it. Just as many of them posed as police and other officials on the internet and in real life. Don't get me wrong some in our system are corrupt but when it comes down to it- the ultra left is trying to frame the right.So you can go ahead and delete my joking around post but in arrogance you showed your hand and I thank you. lol Go play hot potato some where else - I got your number down and you and your ultra leftest psychopaths better leave my family alone.
These people are covert cowards! I don't need a gang of keyboard jokes! Counter Threat......Heck bring it on, I dare you!!!
I am being gang stalked by the City of Cleveland and the Federal Bureau of Investigation 4/26 years they have gave me over 40 cases tampering with my trucks intimidate my family members and friends and putting me on the 24th 7 surveillance where they want me to opening no I'm being followed having people ride with the headlights and fog lights and following me all day long when I come out telling my neighbors to cut on the porch lights when I walk out my door sending folks to attack my trucks any form like cutting my light tail lights on my break lights depending on where I'll be parked I had to Lily face off my yard they keep people from coming in my backyard and tamperingwith my cars and trucks they having a light pole out front of my house where there Lily cutting off my TV inside of my house at wheel letting me know that they're harassing me I can go downstairs and cook me something to eat come back up my TV is off I can be sitting here watching TV make licking it off they have in my neighbors put on airline safe answer I'm sleeping downstairs to wake me up that black ball in me and blacklisted me and this is been going on for 26 years they have went so far as intimidating my daughters who had trucks and their names that belong to me and my one daughter who had a heart murmur died from all the stress I have any position that I started what you would see where people was signing my truck and trailer the trailer said this is a petition truck and trailer of abuse of power and thousands of people signed my trailer you will see this is an ongoing thing that started in 1989 no matter what law firm firm P they're taking my money and not refunding it and not performing anything on my behalf this is gang stalking at its finest an FBI director James Coney how's it going on which he had a grandfather into him Cleveland agent-in-charge Stephen D. Anthony continuously shows me that I have no rights as a citizen of the city of Cleveland and the United States of America it was grandfather to him they are retired and other ones are still picking it up like I am a terrorist which started in 1989 retired mayor Mike White started it him and Stephanie Tubbs Jones now it is someone on so long did they have stressed out my daughter Jamie Michelle Anderson who had a heart murmur and had one of my trucks and her name they will not stop because the government is so corrupt and has so much control over drug dealers and the public community leaders and people you would think they would never be involved with something like this are ultimately involved in helping them by riding in their cars with the headlights and fog lights when I'm out meet me at every stop light there is I have thousands of pictures of it to show you that and videos you will be seeing I am being black balled and black listed simply because I'm a hard working man and know how to make money I'm seeking relief in this because I am a citizen that obeys the law I had a very successful petition which tho
I have reported being gang stalked by what ever the **** this is that is invading my privacy, hurting my neck and back, causing me to see flashy colors, causing me to have migranes, making me quit my hormones over and over which is a hate crime and I am sick of this shit! Help me!
gang stalking is the Judeo-Christian gay and lesbian EVIL SATAN ANIMLS' god player TERRORIST VAMPIRE CRIME against humans
see im not the onli one who knows or has figured it out. after scrolling through comments i found this-

JONATHAN E. from Peckville, PA writes:
BTW- They have doubles and that is why people you know act different. YUP. But dont just assume - some are being controlled but if they enjoy your pain then most likely a double - but you have to have proof first. LIKE I DO.
This is not a real petition anyway this guy is most likely a mid eastern terrorist posing as a good guy. He narked himself off right from the start. Sorry if youre legit but I never hear about mid eastern people being targetted just Americans . They use the dark webs to have you write down your info so they can have their minions stalk you. My stalking has stopped cuz everyone knows who I am and what I will do . LOL CHICKENS. LOL BTW THEY MAY THINK THEY WILL GET AWAY WITH IT BUT THERE ARE MANY PEOPLE ON THE INSIDE THAT IS GONNA TAKE THEM OUT. Trust me - I know.
1. Proteges of William Ayers and William Ayers and Bernadine Dorhn are behind this.
2.The foreign teachers that brainwashed me and my children at the schools. YES I HAVE PROOF TOO.
3.Mass public blackmailing has brought more people into the fold on the harrassment.
4. Religious zealots - brianwashed into believing this is right and normal.
5.Social Justice warriors. P[SYCHOPATHS.
7. Colleges that tell their people that its only an experiment when its not.
8.whoever made doubles and sent them out into the world. YES VIRGINA THERE ARE DOUBLES.
Let me revise my last comment , if by electronic harrassment you mean - cell phone and home phones redirected to other people whom are not who you think you are talking to- then yes. Weird noises like a person humming or singing over my computer- then yes. Put all that aside cuz they only do it to make a person sound crazy. It's a giant gang of weirdos that love to point their fingers at someone else when it was them doing it . The only reason the USA gov wont do anything about it is cuz a BUNCH OF FOREIGNERS TOOK OVER THE USA AND WILLIAM TERRORIST AYERS AND HIS PROTEGES ARE BEHIND ALOT OF IT. If you think you are beign targetted by your own family members - maybe their NOT really who they say they are. Finger prints can help alot . I have a set of fignerprints from years ago and tried to match them with current figner prints from the same person and guess what- NO MATCH! So it's probably not your real family anyway. America is under attack and only the innocent will be murdered by these low lifes- I consistantly say to them - bring it. They are the chickens that cannot face me and say the truth - they only bibble babble cuz thats all the THINGS know how to do. THESE ARE THINGS PEOPLE - JUST THINGS. BTW IF you are on this page your probably just narking yourself off as a whistle blower they dont really care anyway. Plus you have probably been taken captive by a corrupt internet service provider whom is trying to either set you up or extort money from you . The dark webs is where you are. Hiyas fellow tortured individuals . Oh and yes because Im related to weyerhaeuser this is another reason why im being targetted. ONE EVEN TOLD ME SO. I know you like your foregin terrorist mr. president but i hope the ones that built this country STOP ALL OF YOU FOREIGN TERRORISTS .
I don't know how they get away with it , but yes gang stalking is REAL.They make a person so mad that they wish they would all die. Since I took one realtor to court for what she did to me and yes I did win my case , she has somehow turned an entire realestate mafia against me. A cult like (scientology) has also kidnapped my 2 oldest chidlrens minds and tried to turn them against me. I am related to WEYERHAEUSER AND suspect also that foreign terrorists have targetted me, most likely because of who I am related to. They seem to come in from the chicago area too. They blame the USA governement but it is them that have you on a strangle hold and it is probably the ISRAEL LOBBY forcing people to do things or else they will be blackmailed with all sorts of threats . They pretend they are cops , government officials, and they are very good at gaslighting people. Making people so angry and real police have their hands tied to do anything about it, it would seem , although I can say that I believe certain ones are in on it too. Not all are corrupt but there is alot of them that are. I know you dont care nor will you do anything about it, but im tiered of being harrassed by psychopaths. If you want to allow foriegners to come into this country and destroy it then I guess you did a great job because no one is stopping the terrorists . I have FINGERED foreign teachers as part of the problem . But hey it's your country and if you approve of this psychotic crap then this is the world you have now. I'm ashamed at the lack of law enforcement in all this. WHERE'S OUR HERO?????? P.S. I dont believe the electronic harrassment theory as much as I KNOW ABOUT THE BRAINWASHING and yes I do also suspect there are look a like doubles in place as well. These people are inhuman and very disturbed individuals. I would say please help - but I feel Im wasting my breath on that. Sick world everyone has created through blackmail , brainwashing, bribery and so on.
I am targeted individual that has been gang stalked and electronic harassment by the US government a shadow government within the US government controlled by the Mishpuka the jewish mafia.. Israel and mossad agents r the ones behind 9-11 Mossad agents demolotion experts where the ones that put explosives on the 47th floor ground level and bldg. 7. The reason to create a war on terror and of course create DHS which is run by Mossad agents and Zionist globalist establishment the House of Rothschild.. The DHS budge will be 40 billion in 2015 with 250,000 employees they use taxpayer dollars to buy communities to spy and become perps harassing innocent us citizens who are truth tellers, 9-11 conspiracy theorist, poor, minorities and 70 % woman. The NSA CIA use remote neural monitoring satellite that cooks the cells and organs of TI.. This shadow government fabricates lies big lies about the TI claiming they r national security threat or domestic threat
DHS does not follow radical terrorist they harass innocent US citizens who are dissendents truth tellers or a threat to exposing this satanic luciferian anti-god anti-Christ criminal organization that involves 2 main groups Zionist and the Bilderberg group all who worship Lucifer the enlightened one SATAN..Israel is called Little SATAN...DO YOUR RESEARCH USE YOUR CRITICAL REASONING WE R LIVING IN A WORLD THAT IS CONTROLLED BY A SMALL GROUP OF VERY SICK INDIVIDUALS