Government Gang-Stalking and Electromagnetic Torture

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Millions of people across this country including myself are being targeted in various ways by a growing number of covert harassment groups.

I am a Middle Eastern studies scholar with a B.S. in Area Studies of the Middle East and North Africa. I have attempted twice to obtain a Masters degree in politics of the region at a European university in hopes of becoming a college professor and helping the citizens of the U.S. learn about this region in an accurate manor. Unfortunately, I was run out of the country both times. Everyday for 5 years people have been going out of their way to give me a hard time based on my political, religious and personal views about life and the world. They have also created several inaccurate situations in order to discredit me. I was lead to believe that this is a county that prides itself in allowing its citizens to have their own opinions and beliefs.
The oddest portion of this is that as they harass me through their mobbing techniques, or ‘gang-stalking’ and their electromagnetic gadgetry they have constantly attempt to recruit me to work for the government. I personally cannot take any more of what has been happening to me. They use an electromagnetic torture device on me causing me constant physical pain. They have tapped my phones, my computer, a tracking device and listening equipment in my car as well as listening and video equipment in every home I have lived in over the past 5 years. I have not had one second of privacy for as long as I can remember. I am positively aware that some citizens are told to do or say random things around me, but that they are not fully aware of why they are placed there or for what reason they are participating. Hence the governments way of using mobbing techniques to harass me with innocent people. It is obvious that taxpayer dollars are being wasted on this.
A method that will help possibly bring hundreds to thousands of people forward to speak of their limited knowledge about this would be to post articles in the newspapers as well as in the national news media. Help bring to the surface the rogue elements of our government that should be there to protect us and not torture us. I have met several character’s in the past 5 years that were placed around me to watch me or in most cases to question me to talk about the past, present and my future plans. A key few have even admitted to having government ties while I lived in Virginia and London, the two places that had the most activity and preparation. I need retribution and I have to know that all the people directly responsible with the decision making of this event either face prison time or at the least have their careers taken from them. Someone needs to make sure that this does not happen to another American again. This entire event is an obvious result of ignorant people not being able to make unbiased decisions having access to unlimited power without a concern for civil and human rights. This could be

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Me and my Family are attacked daily with NSA Direct Energy Magnetic Weapon's !
I am being V2K'd day in and day out for almost 8 months and just want an end to it. Not sure if my "life" would return to "normal" but it's a Constitutional violation of my rights and it's not fair.
My name is Susan sluyter and I have been stalked for at least six months now.sleep deprivation.noise campaigns as they call it.brightening.I mean they have pulled out all the stops.I'm a stay at home mom.I have no friends.everyone thinks I'm psychotic.they follow me when I do get out in large trucks.I see them in the trees outside.I see. What I believe to be holograms in my home.they see me when I bathe.when I'm intimate with my husband.they watch me from my back yard as they are all dressed in camo.I had to tell my name is Susan sluyter...I am someone.I love life....and I don't want to die in silence.
I am from Cincinnati Ohio and have been gangstalked going on a year now. It's now escalated to 24/7 electronic harassment. I have no criminal background. I know where this originated, it was between the local Neighborhood Watch and the Loveland, Ohio police department. I wrote a complaint to the chief of police that said the neighborhood watch captain was using the police dept to harass me.

I believe this is all about money and funding and since there is not enough criminals or terrorists out there we become sacrificial lambs or TI's for a program that needs justification for continued funding.

The amount of money being spent to stalk and electronically harass me is extraordinary. I would like to see the DOD and Homeland Security look into these programs. This program that was supposed to protect US citizens from terrorists has in fact created terrorists and criminals that are exploiting innocent citizens for money.
im sick and tied of the federal government torturing me in my own home god damit I want it stoped cant even watch tv
Federal Bureau of Investigation's
Midwestern Child Abduction, Serial Murder, Violent Crime Division
The Illinois State / Chicago Police Infrastructure

The Federal Bureau of Invetigation's and Illinois State / Chicago Police, operating a unlawful project of their Missing Children/persons Bureau in a State of Illinois / City of Chicago joint task force using deranged nationality stalking unlawful Enhanced Interrogation tactic, wielded the powers of the dangerous state of Illinois corrupt infrastructure, exploiting children, and unsolved rimes using geograghical profiling, and after Daniel J. Laveau, has uneathed the original profilers to have undermided the law enforcement astablishment to operate a Multi million dollar DOD, NSA, and FBI, Satellite Bio Metric Advanced Roving seveillance Behavior Science program via the FBI's Behavior Sciece division (Quantico W. Virgina ), to do an experimental project ....
The Mid Western Federal Bureau of Investigation's ( Chicago ) and State of Illinois State Police, Unlawful enhanced Interrogation programs, involving the complete Illinois state law enforcement establishment "State Police du Page/Cook County, and Federal Bureau of Investigation Serial Murder/Child Abduction/Missing persons, Violent Crimes. net work/division", of operating in numerous planned series of events to Impede/Hinder , and keep Me; "Daniel Laveau: , in a continual controlled malicious dangerous environment using unlawful "Dark Ops FBI Behavior Science Unit" Programming/Conditioning tactics and techniques using on a daily basis direct threats of death via Nationality Polish, Puerto Rican, stalkingt agents of Illinois/Federal government, Etal, to where they believe by keeping in a controlled continual environmet of a 24/7/365 direct saturation surrounded environment using DOD, FBI, and NSA advanced technologies of Satellite Imaging and Bio Metric Voice Print Technology their going condition/program me to believe I committed Kidnapping and Homicides I never committed to get aquittlal of the serious 25 + year operation involving 100's of Millions of dollars Federal/state unlawful funding and deployment, I am diligently trying to expose and seek comemsation/punitive damages for of a unlawful 25 year Roving Enhanced Interrogation involving the Midwest Federal Bureau of Investigation's and the Illinois State Police operating a unlawful project using saturation units consistig of approx, 30-100 agents and their personal corrupt deranged family members...
Factual Documents Stone Walled By U.S.A. / Illinois Government
Wanted volinteers and free lance writers, to help investgate the Chicago field office of the F.B.I., Illinos State / Chicago Police Departments, Etal, for in numerous planned criminal events misleading the public. operating in a malicouis design to conceal the factual issues involving the attached Petition filed in the United States Inspector generals office and with congressman,etal********************Needed Colle
I too have fallen victim to this grotesque hollocaust in which everyone I know n love seems to be a part of! Here's what I've learned thus far...ALL 1ST RESPONDERS/NURSES/DOCTORS/COPS/FIREMEN, ETC. are a part of this evil! Trust nobody but yourself because even my parents n sister find it entertaining to f**k with my head! I'm not sure how many years this has been going on, but it's been 3 since I noticed or realized that nobody can have such horrible luck! It breaks my heart people are so gullible to believe the deception, yet turn around and yell at me for being gullible for believing everything I read on the internet!
These people have given me so much radiation my hair has fallen out in clumpfuls and my kidneys are failing! I'm a 41 yr old single mother who was so full of life, but now prays to God to get me the f**k outta here! I know my family and friends are well aware/participates in this, but I still love them!
I'm amazed by the fact that these atrocities are being dished out to us undesirables, yet it seems we just sit back n ***** about how sh***y our lives have become on these stupid posts rather than join forces with each other and bust some Luciferian/Freemason/Satanic ass! C'mon my targeteers...think about it...WE'RE DEAD EITHER WAY! I know I'd rather check out LETTING THIS WORLD KNOW:
If ANY of my fellow targeteers r ready to stop *****in to people who won't do crap to help u and want to stop feeling sorry for yourself, (i do it too) I'm totally down to do whatever it takes to EXPOSE this (i think everyone pretty much knows tho) and group up n fight for our right to LIVE while we still have a wee bit of time left! God gave me my life, I believe it belongs to him to take it...not these Satanic owned, Elite enslaved *****es!
If anything, I'd like to at least make a friend who can relate n not call me crazy or play's been so long since I've had a decent conversation with another adult without having judging eyes upon me! Take care everyone!
Ok well if this is about the illuminati bloodlines...why me? Technically I think k I'm kin to Obama and the royalty of england as well. My family helped find the United States, was president, signed the declaration of Independence and fought (many died) in every wasr there was on this soil......and if its cause I'm an enemy of the state then why did they do it with my grandpa and grandma home......he was a war vet he died in January not in his right mind this has been going on for at least three years that I am awear of.....everyone ****s up at least oncr in their life like not being married having a kid going through domestic violence and ten year custody battle that felt more like chess.....most people couldn't have made it far as I did.....I just wanted to be numb stress free have a breather I still have nightmares when my x held me captive in my own home I locked myself in a room one time rocking back and forth praying to God don't let him hurt me no more. I had to take a break from college I was one full semester one summer semester away from two bacholars math science 4-8 edu. I can handle be around my own kid anymore cause he is too loud and moves too fast it suc having to tell your kid that he scared you come back in five so I can be ready mentally and for him to talk in a rreguar voice and not to move so quick....PTSD is what they call it doctor was surprised how strong I must have been before all this cause if it had been anybody else they wouldn't have been there living to tell him all I been going through. Well paw needed care so I moved in w granny but I wasn't allowed on that side of house cause he would wake up and start prowling have dementia. I lost my paw this Jan last Jan it was my 26 yr old baby moms numb gran and tab r coo coo and me the neighbors don't even know and butted into my life my house is bugged they can see me naked I get sexually assaulted and threatened by them. They wanta make me look crazy but duh I'm loco by now......shit all I need is like a year vacation to get my life on track no ones leaving me alone everyone's ****ing w me******keeps happening this has been the worse 12 or 13 yrs of my life.......why am I scaldes by the same thing over and over why am I made to look like a criminal when I'm scared of my own shaddow.......I can't function they turn the rf up to point my ears hurt I hear them laughing pray to your god now maybe God will save you and laugh they follow me every where I go they take pictures of me I record them recording me recording them. I'm on litiun trazidone clamazapam aka kelonopin and adderal why does every one wanta hurt me ....I understand need for depopulation why can't you just make some kinda weather or tragidy happen...this isn't worse....its like a haunting kinda but electric.....and they are ametuers.......rd frequencies cause gene mutation cancer and problems w the whole ecosystem from the animals to the trees.. f
I have hep c. I'm being mind controled by gangstalk weapons make me screw some guy I don't know who showed up on my door step and I never met him I was on my rag tooo. And I actually heard he voice say for me to take another one my friends pants off I fought that one ......this ain't free will I'm being forced to do ****ed up******I wouldn't ever do I was I. The car one day I had urge outa no where to drive into head on traffic .....iim a Christian thank God God had my back I didn't do that one either sometimes I can hear um try to suggest things for me to do and sometimes I can't I keep repeating Humpty dumpty. Wasn't that used to unprogram mkultra......whose my handled somebody stop them
I am a target by electric stalking. If I use any of my products, day or night they drive by. I have seen laser lights in my home. Once on my forehead. I have been shot by a dart that made me very sick. I he an allergic reaction to it. My nose swelled up, my eyes and on to my throat. Luck I had Benadryl and antibiotics. I have several plate numbers. Airplane flies overhead when I do yard work. Or when someone comes to visit. Telling me what to wear. What purse to carry and when to bush my hair. Vehicles follow me everywhere I go. Please stop this insanity.