Government Gang-Stalking and Electromagnetic Torture

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Millions of people across this country including myself are being targeted in various ways by a growing number of covert harassment groups.

I am a Middle Eastern studies scholar with a B.S. in Area Studies of the Middle East and North Africa. I have attempted twice to obtain a Masters degree in politics of the region at a European university in hopes of becoming a college professor and helping the citizens of the U.S. learn about this region in an accurate manor. Unfortunately, I was run out of the country both times. Everyday for 5 years people have been going out of their way to give me a hard time based on my political, religious and personal views about life and the world. They have also created several inaccurate situations in order to discredit me. I was lead to believe that this is a county that prides itself in allowing its citizens to have their own opinions and beliefs.
The oddest portion of this is that as they harass me through their mobbing techniques, or ‘gang-stalking’ and their electromagnetic gadgetry they have constantly attempt to recruit me to work for the government. I personally cannot take any more of what has been happening to me. They use an electromagnetic torture device on me causing me constant physical pain. They have tapped my phones, my computer, a tracking device and listening equipment in my car as well as listening and video equipment in every home I have lived in over the past 5 years. I have not had one second of privacy for as long as I can remember. I am positively aware that some citizens are told to do or say random things around me, but that they are not fully aware of why they are placed there or for what reason they are participating. Hence the governments way of using mobbing techniques to harass me with innocent people. It is obvious that taxpayer dollars are being wasted on this.
A method that will help possibly bring hundreds to thousands of people forward to speak of their limited knowledge about this would be to post articles in the newspapers as well as in the national news media. Help bring to the surface the rogue elements of our government that should be there to protect us and not torture us. I have met several character’s in the past 5 years that were placed around me to watch me or in most cases to question me to talk about the past, present and my future plans. A key few have even admitted to having government ties while I lived in Virginia and London, the two places that had the most activity and preparation. I need retribution and I have to know that all the people directly responsible with the decision making of this event either face prison time or at the least have their careers taken from them. Someone needs to make sure that this does not happen to another American again. This entire event is an obvious result of ignorant people not being able to make unbiased decisions having access to unlimited power without a concern for civil and human rights. This could be

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I have been stalked for over a year. These people are nearly destroying my life. They have beaten me, stabbed my husband , rapped my daughter and if that wasn't enough they recently ran my husband over in a truck and he was caught under the truck screaming. He is currently in the Augusta Burn Center!
the federal government is insane treating americans so badley killing people in their own homes with electronic tortcer I hope sum one will stop thise soon they have no right
I am a victim of group stalking and harassment from 1999 to present.the things I've encountered since the are,destruction to property (mainly my cars)break ins, tampering with medicine(insulin)opened food,shampoo,liquid soap,toothpaste,Mail being opened and resealed,phone tapping,followed on a daily basis by police, sheriff,commercial air planes.and the list goes on.My home is bugged,my next door neighbor watches my every move through a computer, I was just recently implanted with a listing device.
I am being gang stalked and have been since June 2012 by my former employer. Like most Targeted Individuals I have friends, family members and neighbors that have been recruited to gang stalk me. Please listen to our plead for justice to end this heinous crime!
I am a victim and have been since 2003 and my five year old son has been a victim since 2009.
I'm being harassed and illegally stalked I feel like a lab rat a couple days ago I almost committed suicide due to the harrasment my phone bill has gone up I'm isolating myself now it's ruining my life! I didn't consent to this!
There are many gang stalking websites that are offering no solution. What we need is activism. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel at
by awantedwoman
I know I have been targeted for at least two years, but I believe it has been going on for much longer. I ask legislators to restore my faith in democracy and start speaking up on behalf of victims of this heinous crime.
Yes this is cover for tech trafficking / oldest profession. They take your job away for easy control. Also identity theft
i have been stalked and i have ran from pimps who were trying to force me into trafficking>>so to put the two together is interesting.I DO THINK THAT THEY ARE RELATED BECAUSE THE PIMPS STALK YOU TO KEEP TRACK OF ANY MONEY YOU MIGHT MAKE
This is torture
Why can't we all get together and do a march on Washington.
I do not dispute that this may be an issue. It is no secret that the government has used things like LSD and other tactics on its own people in the past to see what works well as a defense. My issue with this specific petition is that the posts have been on here for months, there is no indication of where/to whom it is being sent, and part of your description is cut off. Someone gave me advice on a petition I posted once and I will pass that along to you...shorten your description and get straight to the point. Mention who you plan on sending this to and state your time limit for such. Generally, I have seen this indicated on other petition sites; however, I have been unable to find this info on yours.
As far as your content, although I have dealt with some minor gang stalking tactics myself, it has been nothing compared to some of the descriptions I have seen online, which, as far as I am concerned can be the delusions of a mentally unstable individual or conspiracy theorist. That said, based on the experiences I have personally had, I will sign your petition simply because I think better to err on the side of caution with something like this. There are many good and honest government officials out there who have the means to look further into this sort of thing that most likely exists on some level. May I suggest that you direct this petition at multiple sources, just so you can increase the likelihood of finding one of those "good" politicians.
I do not necessarily believe it is totally a government run show though, as much as it is a bunch of rogue punks, gang bangers, or other sort of crowd. May I suggest that you direct this petition at multiple sources, just so you can increase the likelihood of finding one of those "good" politicians.
I have been harassed since 2005. Contstant V2K break ins car tampering vehicular harassment. Skin disorders, migraines and other health issues. Satanic forces are involved also. Very sick individuals attacking my life for some time now. God Bless us all with the Blood of Jesus Christ!
All this talk about torture in cuba . when right here in our own back yard (organised stalking) is harsher than what I have read so far.