Government Gang-Stalking and Electromagnetic Torture

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Millions of people across this country including myself are being targeted in various ways by a growing number of covert harassment groups.

I am a Middle Eastern studies scholar with a B.S. in Area Studies of the Middle East and North Africa. I have attempted twice to obtain a Masters degree in politics of the region at a European university in hopes of becoming a college professor and helping the citizens of the U.S. learn about this region in an accurate manor. Unfortunately, I was run out of the country both times. Everyday for 5 years people have been going out of their way to give me a hard time based on my political, religious and personal views about life and the world. They have also created several inaccurate situations in order to discredit me. I was lead to believe that this is a county that prides itself in allowing its citizens to have their own opinions and beliefs.
The oddest portion of this is that as they harass me through their mobbing techniques, or ‘gang-stalking’ and their electromagnetic gadgetry they have constantly attempt to recruit me to work for the government. I personally cannot take any more of what has been happening to me. They use an electromagnetic torture device on me causing me constant physical pain. They have tapped my phones, my computer, a tracking device and listening equipment in my car as well as listening and video equipment in every home I have lived in over the past 5 years. I have not had one second of privacy for as long as I can remember. I am positively aware that some citizens are told to do or say random things around me, but that they are not fully aware of why they are placed there or for what reason they are participating. Hence the governments way of using mobbing techniques to harass me with innocent people. It is obvious that taxpayer dollars are being wasted on this.
A method that will help possibly bring hundreds to thousands of people forward to speak of their limited knowledge about this would be to post articles in the newspapers as well as in the national news media. Help bring to the surface the rogue elements of our government that should be there to protect us and not torture us. I have met several character’s in the past 5 years that were placed around me to watch me or in most cases to question me to talk about the past, present and my future plans. A key few have even admitted to having government ties while I lived in Virginia and London, the two places that had the most activity and preparation. I need retribution and I have to know that all the people directly responsible with the decision making of this event either face prison time or at the least have their careers taken from them. Someone needs to make sure that this does not happen to another American again. This entire event is an obvious result of ignorant people not being able to make unbiased decisions having access to unlimited power without a concern for civil and human rights. This could be

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Its happening to me as we speak, no electromagnetic b.s. but Gang Stalking.
This is how the gov., spends our do is on an air plain to harass me?? make me loose my job, slander my name?? Im a construction worker!!!

Organized Gang Stalking, also known as Gang Stalking, Cause Stalking, Organized Vigilante Stalking, Stalking by Proxy, Community-Based Harassment, and Covert War, are essentially harassment and discrediting campaigns waged against a targeted individual Citizens, are recruited or coerced to participate, often from extremist groups and cults, but also from among employees Coordinated psychological warfare attacks, consisting of Harassments, Organized Stalkings, Noise Campaigns Sensitizing Operations and the spreading of lies slander and rumors, are executed in an effort to virtually neutralize and destroy the victim. "Mainstream USA believes that if Organized Gang Stalking hasn't happened to them then it is not happening to anyone else. Or if someone is 'Organized Gang Stalked' they must be a horrible person who has committed horrible acts and that they deserve it, thus creating more 'Organized Gang Stalkers'. "Organized Gang Stalking is a hate crime erected in a system. The different actors can be used and manipulated in order to produce a specific action. But all those involved are not necessarily aware that they are being manipulated. In fact, most are not aware of that. The lie being the base of the Organized Gang Stalking, everything is done to ostracize,violate and destroy targeted individuals. To do this, perpetrators use several techniques for manipulating public opinion. And, due to false evidence to support their lies, innocent targeted individuals are perceived as outcasts of society". Organized Gang Stalking is a catch phrase name that is being used as a label and name to describe the Organized Harassment and Stalking of a single individual by multiple individuals or groups.
The crimes committed through Organized Gang Stalking and Technological Harassment against an individual are covertly done, hence little in evidence is left behind of the crime, and the target is left with little in the way of resources to defend himself or herself. Isolation, through disrupting the targets or victims life, in an intense slander campaign, is usually achieved once the actual stalking and harassment begins. A pervasive slandering campaign takes place, painting the target as an unstable individual, child molester, a person with hidden dark secrets, or a person prone to psychopathic behavior. The criminals planning a Organized Gang Stalking endeavor, study the target long before the stalking and harassment begins. Psychological profiling is done, and this is to assist in the overall campaign that includes intense psychological harassments and demoralization's. The accumulation of all the tactics and events in this dangerously hurtful organized crime against an innocent human being can led to trauma and will emotionally bankrupt the targeted individual, and may lead to death ,as suicide is often induced through the assaults. The perpetrators of Organized Gang Stalking are serious criminals who do gr
cival war wi/.ll arise to met the government torcher you need to grow up your so afraid
FBI KCMO Tactical aviation Pilots using energy weapons from their fixed wing jets
For over a decade now many government (and Corporate) organizational agencies and other concerned civil Humanities organizations concerned with the rights of global citizens have received letters from millions if not billions of tortured individual of whom are known today as Targeted Individual all around the globe. Dr. John Hall has also mailed letters/e-mails to the same organizations contesting for all targeted individual as well, authored books and many interviews in relations to the same. Today I am sending this e-mail in support of every targeted individual around the globe and in support of all the arguments that has ever been made by john Hall and Targeted Individuals.
The Bio-damage that is caused by Energy Weapons
A lot of the information I found during my research pointed to these weapons being used as a slow-kill weapon of mass destruction. After going through this for almost six years now…and through the years, keeping notes, analyzing their actions, and the progression of the changes in their approach to torturing individuals…I am sure that the capabilities and use of this weapon is:
1) Attack individuals from various perspectives…such as mimicking the biological functions of various disease and illnesses, and if the individual have any disease that they can duplicate they will make an effort to control and the progression of the disease or make it appear worse than it really is. For example, my wife is a cancer victim and after her operation she uses to be nauseated a lot but recovered from it after about a month and a half. After about three weeks of being able to eat without becoming nauseated she began having the symptoms again, but only in locations (such as particular family member homes) where they have followed me over the past five years…they follow her around causing her to be nauseated all the time just as they follow me around and torture me 24/7. However, we do have several friends and places that we can go they do not perform such acts for a period of time.
2) Monitor individuals thoughts and if any particular area of torture triggers some type of fear (e.g. Thinking something is wrong with their brain, heart, are any other body part, etc.) they will set up a tent in that individuals mind right there where that fear is and use it against them 24/7 and if possible that will be the avenue used to pave a road to their disease and death. According to all of the information I have read and reviewed in relation to Energy weapon torture it denotes that once an individual is targeted they will continue to perform such acts on that individual for the duration of their life…the ideal is to master the art of killing with this technology so they stay with the individual to make updates improved calibrations to the system. If you look over my last three e-mails to you I mentioned up-grades that have been made to their methods used and the manner in which they approach individuals. Today the system appears to
It's so sad when people want to get paid to do low life thing to other human beings. But if thats there choice to hurt innocent people then it's my rights to take them to old school and back. Because this guy I did businesses was greedy and tryed to double Zdip then lied on me and said I got there money but never did that was in 2001- 2014. Because I came in to some money, but who do they think they are to destroy my life and other people life.These are our god given right as a human being, but I know it's my turn to give them a what for and why. They have violated everyone of my civil right and human right to live in this world in peace. THEY HAVE******ON ME SPIT, SET ME UP IN CAR ACCIDENT. KICKED, STOLE, MY CAR BUGGED, HOUSE TO. DESTROY MY CAR, OUTSIDE AND UNDER MY CAR I HAVE LOSTED THREE CARS DO TO THE HELP OF THE U.S.POSTAL SERVICE ONE CAR WAS REPO FOR NONE PAYMENT. Because a Compton Post office eirker decide to send my payment in when she wsnted to so you know the story I got up and my car was gone. This is just some of the horrible thing that has happened to me and my son. I lost another car in 2006 Oct, 20 total out, the car I have now has been hit got it in, 2008 Jan 14, by March 25, 2008
It was wrecked hit and run sitting at a stop. Nov 25 of 2008 sitting still waiting for a car to pass a man parked told his insurance 21 Century that I hit him and he was parked and he open his door so hard he bent the inside of my door. This one car has been hit more than 15 times one way or another
They let me know they are doing, Because I want join them, so I was told by someone I know told me if I dont do the right thing I will be run out of town they have GOT ME F UP. I HAVE BEEN GASLIGHTED EVERY WHERE I LIVED. I can't take care of my business, every time I file my taxes someone else gets it this has gone on since 1988 - 2014. I keep lossing money, then the IRS keep making me pay for money I never got. I have been going to Compton College and Elcamino Torrance trying to better my life they have stop that by destroying under my car bent two rems bent otherthing where it wares out two front tires this happend. Nov 1
2013 got 3 F's and 1 B I, lost all this time waiting on money that should have been mine long time ago. I WANT MY LIFE BACK AND ALL THE MONEY THAT WAS STOLEN FROM ME THE MONEY THEY HAVE MADE OFF OF ME, THE MONEY I HAVE SPENT OUT.
MY LAWYER, OVER PAID HIS SELF AND EMBEZZLED OVER $214,000 in 2007-2008 and did think I would find out then he went back to court so he could close the bank account but by then it was to late because I knew the he tryed to cover it up by playing the lawyers game what are you talking about Robert M. Baskin my lawyer in Ventura county. Their are other well known business that have cheated me so if they cheated me how many other people have they done HELP ME PLEASE. Most of the people around me I know who they are and live from the guys who pulled guns on me to some of the same ones from my first accident and
It is a 'Giant Electronic Concentration Camp', it is nothing but a modern day Slavery.
Can someone start a database for entering names of the stalkers?
Can someone start a database for entering names of the stalkers?
This is a very serious issue in minnesota state wide. But in my case, the fort snelling reserve community In Minneapolis gave me a bad experience. My troubles initially started in minesota then made its way to Minneapolis.
gang stalking has violated me and my life ... it has cost my more than 5000 thousand doller.. affected my life and i lost my place to live.. as well as other.. important... important thing that has been affected and lost in this time..
marina r. i too am from sebring florida and am alsoa victim of voice to skull and cointelpro. we must meet and join forces togethber we stand devided we fall. make sure your b vitamins and d vitamins are at good levels and i suggest mood stablizers. i work at dunkin donuts and am named mike please meet me we can fighbt back.
WTF why is everything I read on this subject seems like their talking about my life and what is happening to me? Now I believe we can fight these companies and the people working with and for them! I have A couple of production companies we can start with on Law Suites!!!!!
I have pictures names schools people are recruited from. I have found multiple devices in my home as well as some type of high tech capsule in my arm! I also believe I still have one in my leg? View my pics on my Facebook! Names of unions, churches, politicians, and some very BIG BUSINESESS! I am also learning this is not just local or nation wide, but International. For instance I was approached by A neighbor if I would merry A women from China for $30,000 for two years of marriage. I called the FBI to be told not of their interest? This was the week of 911 this year!!!!
NSA, bulldogs, and church groups. I literally have hundreds following me. It seems like the whole world is in on it.